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  • Virginia Speleological Survey (VSS) - a non-profit volunteer organization that collects and maintains information concerning the caves and karst resources in Virginia. — “Virginia Speleological Survey (VSS)”,
  • Affiliated with the National Speleological Society. Dedicated to study, exploration and conservation of caves. Includes information about projects, meetings, membership and contacts. — “Minnesota Speleological Survey”, mss-
  • Encyclopedia article about speleological. Information about speleological in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “speleological definition of speleological in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • speleology n. The scientific study of caves. Exploration of caves. [French spéléologie : Latin spēlēum , cave (from Greek spēlaion ) + -logie , because of the stimulation of public interest and awareness, and the fact that most speleological field-work has been conducted by sport cavers. — “speleology: Definition from ”,
  • The Texas Speleological Association is a internal organization and region of the National Speleological Society (NSS). — “Texas Speleological Association | TSA | NSS Region | Caves”,
  • WVASS introduction, organization, accomplishments and publications Progress in the West Virginia Speleological Survey is continuing at a steady pace. — “West Virginia Speleological Survey ( WVaSS )”,
  • The term speleology is also sometimes applied to the recreational activity of exploring caves, but this is more properly known as caving, interest and awareness, and the fact that most speleological field-work has been conducted by sport cavers. — “Speleology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It coordinates activities of caving clubs in Croatia, provides permissions for speleological explorations, and has important role in speleological education (speleological schools, seminars, speleological exams and titles, publications). The Committee was founded in 1956. — “The Speleological Committee of the Croatian Mountaineering”, public.carnet.hr
  • Dominican Republic Cave Diving Organization, Focused in Research, Exploration, Survey and Map the caves in Dominican Republic. — “Dominican Republic Speleological Society - Home”, dr-
  • The Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) founded in 1961, retains records from known caves and karst features in Texas. — “Caves and Karst Texas Speleological Survey TSS Cave Records”, utexas.edu
  • Definition of speleological in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of speleological. Pronunciation of speleological. Translations of speleological. speleological synonyms, speleological antonyms. Information about speleological in the free online. — “speleological - definition of speleological by the Free”,
  • The Speleological Society of Manitoba is involved in the exploration, research and conservation of caves and karst in Manitoba, Canada. — “Speleological Society of Manitoba - Discover Manitoba Caves”,
  • Illawarra Speleological Society (caving) information Australian Speleological Federation Inc. Speleology is the exploration, description and scientific study of caves. ISS is based in Wollongong but has members in Canberra, Newcastle and Musswellbrook, Braidwood, Sydney. — “ISS”, illawarra-speleological-
  • Dedicated to caving, conservation and the science of speleology in West Virginia. Site includes club news, membership details, and more. — “Potomac Speleological Club”, psc-
  • A nonprofit organization coordinating with various caving groups to locate, record, explore, conserve, and study the caves of Missouri. The Missouri Speleological Survey, (MSS) has been discovering, mapping, photographing, studying, and conserving the over 6000 caves of the State of. — “Missouri Speleological Survey”,
  • The Texas Speleological Survey (TSS) founded in 1961, retains records from known caves and karst features in Texas. — “Texas Speleological Survey | TSS | Cave | Records”,
  • The National Speleological Society is a not for profit organization dedicated to the study, conservation, exploration and knowledge of caves. — “National Speleological Society”,
  • Located in Addison, Illinois and an affiliate of the NSS. Dedicated to exploration, preservation and conservation of the subterranean ecosystem. Contains information about meetings, calendar of events, library holdings and contacts. — “Windy City Grotto - National Speleological Society”,
  • The Boston Grotto chapter of the National Speleological Society We are one of the oldest grottos of the National Speleological Society. This site has information about the Boston Grotto, information about caving, and lots of pictures. — “Boston Grotto”,
  • The Potomac Speleological Club meets on the fourth Monday of each month (except December) The Potomac Speleological Club, incorporated in the State of West Virginia as the Potomac Speleological Society, is dedicated to caving, conservation and the science of speleology. — “Potomac Speleological Club :: Underground since 1957”,
  • Project caving, photography, and grotto trips are our expertise. Check out BRG's new Copyright 2010, Blue Ridge Grotto of the National Speleological Society. — “BRG Home”,
  • Website for the James River Grotto in Lynchburg, VA, an Internal Organization of the National Speleological Society. — “James River Grotto Homepage”,

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  • Caves of Door County This is a video of Caves of Door County by Gary Soule and the WSS.
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  • Caves: Critters, Groundwater & Speleology Follow these high school students as they explore the wonders of North Alabama caves in this video produced for the US Fish & Wildlife Service.
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  • Aggie Speleological Society Introduction Video Welcome to ASS! All* photos used were taken by members or friends of ASS on trips around Texas, New Mexico, Alabama/Tennessee, and Mexico. For more informati...
  • Speleology 2 lessons of Speleology.
  • FLURBEX Presents - Caving With The Florida Speleological Society Filmed by Nomeus special thanks to sean, becky, ary and The Florida Speleological Society.
  • Cave of Knives - Isle of Skye (Grampian Speleological Group) This cave is situated in the Allt nan Leac valley near Torrin in Skye. Found back in 1971 and access gained to the inlet seies in 1973 by the Moldywarps Spel...
  • Caves of Athos The international team of cave explorers decided to organise a long term project under the patronage of ESP of European Speleological Federation for the comp...
  • Urban speleology -The ancient acqueduct of Naples One of the most popular and romantic works under a city, the ancient acqueduct of Naples, builded by greek and romans guis about 2500 years ago...
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  • Voronya 2009 PART01 In the period from October 23 to November 18, 2009, Robert Erhard and Darko Bakšić, members of the Velebit Speleological Section, the Speleological Committee...
  • Speleological Group "Gavel" Star-Cedat II gruppo speleologico martello lungo le piatte strettoie allgate...
  • Grampian Speleological Group (GSG) - Caving at Flake Pot , Applecross Situated in Applecross in the north west highlands of Scotland the entrance is found in a usually dry streambed (but not this day) and has been filled by flo...
  • Expedition Lukina jama 2010 Speleological expedition "Lukina jama 2010" had several goals: speleological research, especially cave diving in the siphon-lake at the bottom of the pit, ne...
  • Expeditie speologica (Speleological expedition)
  • QDT/DRSS collaboration Two countries, eleven nationalities, one common goal, cave exploration, preservation and survey. Quiet Diver Team and the Dominican Republic Speleological So...
  • New year 2009 with speleologists. My travel to Abkhazia by hitchhike. New year 2009 with 50 crazy speleologists.
  • Panayam kaugnay sa 14th PHL Speleological Society National Caving Congress Good Morning Boss: Panayam kay DENR Regional Technical Director Gwendolyn Bambalan DPA, kaugnay sa 14th PHL Speleological Society National Caving Congress [A...
  • Newcastle and Hunter Valley Speleological Society Training Day A timelaps of members of the Caving Club abseiling off the top of a short cliff to gain experience using a variety of descending devices.
  • LION CAVE speleological expeditions Speleological expeditions at the second deepest Greek cave, organized by Speleological Hellenic Athletic Club (S.EL.A.S.) in cooperation with other clubs fro...
  • Speleology lessons of Speleology.
  • International Speleological Expedition Juan Nieves Cave, Ciales Puerto Rico By Manuel S. Sanfiorenzo.
  • spileo klimatia / paleolithiki eteria kerkyras / speleological survey take care, only with safety-equipment! nice, but rather unspectacular cave: unfortunately vandalized by laymen / ignorant explorers. not well protected entra...
  • Caving School Climbing Practice Short film by Primož Jakopin, in Slovenian with English subtitles, music by Kiril Božidarov, shows ascending and descending practice at the Ljubljana Speleol...
  • Speleological Group "Gavel" Star-cedat Gruppo speleologico in azione all'interno della risorgiva dello Star-cedat.
  • Speleology (Pasubio 2008) Gli Speleology sono arrivati anche nel Pasubio... In un'uscita degli Scarsi.
  • Voronya 2009 PART02 In the period from October 23 to November 18, 2009, Robert Erhard and Darko Bakšić, members of the Velebit Speleological Section, the Speleological Committee...
  • First spanish speleological expedition to Iran First spanish speleological expedition to Iran. Espeleoclub Karst y G.E.A.G.. Primera Expedición Espeleológica Española a la República Islámica de Iran. José...
  • speleology Rotated e.p-
  • National Speleological Society CaveSim 7-16-2014 2014 National Speleological Society Convention in Huntsville, AL July 14-18, 2014 with 950+ cavers from across the US & around the world. CaveSim allows ...
  • Urban speleology - Bombs on Naples How the underground of Naples saved the napolitans during the WW II.
  • Cerberus Speleological Society Expedition to Morocco 1976 This was the first expedition organised by the Cerberus SS to the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco. Several more trips were made after this and significant ...
  • Speleological film Festival No.2 - the best of
  • Speleology (Crete Island, Greece) A brief presentation of the speleological investigations in Crete by the Cretan Department of the Hellenic Speleological Society during the last 45 years.
  • Ethiopia, East Extended Route, Speleology cave Ethiopia, East Extended Route One of the best newly discovered cave in Africa with stunning speleothims. This majic 3000 meter high mount. Kundudo is also th...
  • Caving in Flake Pot Applecross- Grampian Speleological Group (GSG) Situated in Applecross in the north west highlands of Scotland this cave entrance is normally found in a dry streambed (not this time) and after clearing flo...
  • Pick-off contest at 9th Panhellenic Speleological Meeting Kostas gets picked off by Nikos (of FOS caving club) in one minute fifty five to gain second place in the contest. 35 seconds of the procedure is captured on...
  • Using a rope to descent and ascent in the Hellenic (Greek) Speleological Society Seminar Join our Non Government Organization, Network for Sports and Culture: www.nsc.9.
  • Aggie Speleological Society 2014

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  • “The first speleological e-book (Trieste, Italy) Dear sir, on the web-site of the Adriatic by Paolo Guglia, Armando Halupca and Enrico Halupca.This one is the absolutely first”
    — Le Forum de la FFS (ARCHIV_ ) : The first speleological, forum.lixium.fr

  • “The New Zealand Speleological Society's website NZSS Debrief is a closed, confidential forum, for SAR debrief. Joining. To join either news group you can simply send a blank email to. [email protected] -> mailto:[email protected] for general NZSS news, or”
    — | Caver's Forum, .nz

  • “Durham University Speleological Association. Home. Beginners Info. Events. Forum. Trip Reports General Chat: [Sticky] For All Ex-DUSA Members on the Forum”
    — DUSA - For All Ex-DUSA Members on the Forum,

  • “Contact Info. The National Speleological. Society Cave Diving Section Harry Averill's blog. Real Heroes Step Up. Wed, 11/11/2009 - 19:25 — Harry Averill. It's”
    — Harry Averill's blog | National Speleological Society Cave,

  • “2nd Balkan speleological reunion camp 13.-22.jun”
    — 2nd Balkan speleological reunion camp 13.-22.jun,

  • “Because of Dr. Krause's exploration of Hellhole, the District of Colombia Speleological Society took note of the importance of his findings and drafted a proposed constitution for a National Speleological Society. all images and blog, by Pam Risdon. 1 http://”
    — Minds Eye,

  • “5th EuroSpeleo Forum "SpeleoHungary 100.′′ It's with a great pleasure that you and your Forum "SpeleoHungary 100′′ organised by the Hungarian Speleological”
    — Scintilena - English Version " Blog Archive " 5th EuroSpeleo,

  • “Urban Exploration Resource: Featuring Urban Exploration stories and a huge database of locations and pictures from a variety of abandoned buildings and other unique places”
    — Urban Exploration Resource: Forum - Thread: First, uer.ca

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