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  • AUSPELD, The Australian Federation of SPELD Associations, responds to the needs of children and adults with Specific Learning Difficulties/Disabilities, such as the learning disability dyslexia, and those who care for, teach, and work with them,. — “Auspeld | The Australian Federation of SPELD Associations”, .au
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of De Speld. Get exclusive content and interact with De Speld right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “De Speld | Facebook”,
  • Juryvoorzitter Ton Wesseling legt uit waarom Maxlead en klant Luba dit jaar de Speld Award hebben gewonnen. De Speld werd uitgereikt tijdens de eerste editie van Search Engine Strategies - Amsterdam, georganiseerd door Twinkle/BBP. — “Uitreiking Speld Award - Twinkle on Vimeo”,
  • Speld nz relies on the generosity of the community and philanthropic trusts to ensure our services for Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities are made available to all who require them. Special facilities within this website enable ease of use. — “Speld New Zealand - Dyslexia and other learning difficulties”, .nz
  • was formed in 1969 by parents who were concerned about the academic progress of their children in school. Today Speld Qld Inc. Speld Qld Inc ( The association for students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities). — “Welcome to SPELD Queensland Inc | SPELD Qld Inc”, .au
  • Start date: Monday 4th January, 2010Salary: £30 per hourSPELD UKCentral LondonContract Type: Contractor or Part-timeContract Term: On-goingPart-Time Dyslexia Specialist Study Skills TutorSPELD UK is SPELD UK is a boutique tutoring organisation that is growing very rapidly. — “Dyslexia Specialist Study Skills Tutor at Speld UK Ltd - TES”,
  • This report presents the findings from an evaluation carried out in 2009 of the impact of SPELD in New Zealand, and is the first phase of a larger study. — “Evaluation of SPELD in New Zealand: Phase I”, .nz
  • This meens that a simpl werd such as sizors /sizerz/ can be speld 14x14x14x14x14x14 ways. This meens that a simpl werd such as sizors /sizerz/ can be speld 14x14x14x14x14x14 ways. Ellis calciulayted this out and it caim to oaver a haf. — “Links to Applied Linguistics and Spelling Reform Resources”,
  • is ranked number 317,688 in the world according to the Alexa Traffic Rank. — “ Site Info”,
  • DSF Literacy and Clinical Services has provided vital support to West Australian children It remains committed to improving the level of support provided to children and adults. — “Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation > Home”, dyslexia-
  • Textease Quick Training Notes. Textease Quick Training Notes - Yvonne Lynch, SPELD. File: Textease Quick Training Notes. Textease Quick Training Notes - Yvonne Lynch, SPELD. File:. — “Textease Studio CT”, .au
  • De Speld versus De Werkelijkheid, http://bit.ly/5hPeVD versus http://bit.ly/5U8juD 7:46 AM Jan 8th from web Gödel redt De Speld uit zwart gat http://bit.ly/4vT97K 12:52 PM Jan 6th from twitterfeed. — “De Speld (DeSpeld) on Twitter”,
  • To protect the name and image of SPELD NZ and to ensure that all services provided under this umbrella meet the required standards. SPELD has 30 membership associations throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand. — “SPELD NZ Inc | Charities | Sovereign Sunshine”, sovereignsunshine.co.nz
  • SPELD Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation which has supported children and adults with Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties since 1968. SPELD provides a variety of seminars, workshops, courses and technology events throughout the year. — “SPELD Victoria - Home”, .au
  • Op 18 maart 2010 vond in Amsterdam de SES plaats. Onderdeel van dit event is de speld in een hooiberg, de zoekmachine ma. — “Zoekmachine Marketing Award Speld 2010 Traffic4u Holidaycars”,
  • Our mission is to provide advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who teach, work with and care for them. SPELD has been in consultation with the NSW Dept of School Education on the revision. — “SPELD NSW”, .au
  • SPELD QLD. SPELD QUEENSLAND INC. Queen Alexandra Home – Annexe Level 1, 347 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo areas) Fax: (07) 3394 2599. Email: [email protected] Web: .au. SPELD NSW. Building I Mimosa Public School, Blackbutts. — “Auspeld | State Associations”, .au
  • SPELD The meaning of SPELD. What SPELD stands for. The definition of SPELD. — “What does SPELD stand for? SPELD meaning and definition”,
  • SPELD (SA) INC is the Specific Learning Difficulties Association of South Australia. SPELD is a non profit organisation that provides advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties., SPELD is a non profit. — “Welcome to Speld(SA) Specific Learning Difficulties Website”, speld-.au

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  • What is the correct dosage of heroïne to soothe children with ADHD? According to neuroscientist Bert Bokhoven, heroïne clearly is the most effective drug to soothe children with ADHD. Parents are often misinformed as to what the correct dosage is to give their children. Bokhoven is calling for more regulation and education. The parents, however, think that things are fine just the way they are.
  • sesshomaru and some rin Clips i put together for my friend, Sessy and rin and others.kakashi2girl is the one caled bananan-san in the clip all people know her as rapterofmymind(sp)(dont know if i speld it right.)I am The ISIMS from .
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  • MilkFire - I HATE YOU !!!!! I decided never to talk again ! By the way the thing i speld dicided its normal its speld wrong ! I have to look stupid
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  • claas lexion 550 spelt dorsen
  • xZizzleHD Minitage. More Then Just Awsome... XD
  • Light Formation - The Water Music and Photo's From the Dutch 70's Prog Rock Band : Light Formation. The Album is called : The Story Moses The Song of this video is Called : The Water. Band Members : Guitar: Gerard S***bergen. Bassguitar: Joop Slootjes. (My GrandFather) Key's: Adrie Vergeer. Drums: Sjaco v/d Speld . Sax + Flute: Hans de Bruin.
  • Rotterdam 5way Random Legendary2K ILLicit Reckless Vally Roffa 5way yea i know illicit is speld wrong And Props too Miss^ Shorty for edit.
  • Outdoor Sesh i know i speld session wrong! new set up. ive traded my g12 deck with the bw nem mold of my little brother
  • Hannah Montana.One in a Million ((Lyrics on screen)) All Credits go to hannah montana/miley cyrus. NONE OF THIS BELONGS TO ME!! I hope you all enjoy this! This is my first video ever:) So sorry if some lyrics are wrong and or Miss-speld(sp?) LOL see what i mean!! Rate 5 not 1-SUSCRIBE!PLEASE! Thanks for all the views:)
  • ♥Gypsy Boston Pics2♥ dont stop make it pop dj blow my spekers up idk if i speld that right lol peace
  • Amazing photo collection Amazing/crazy photo collection/gallery I made up ;D Hope you like it :) (I know it's speld watching! :P)
  • "If It Wasn't For You" The Jenerators A live without a net musical snapshot taken on Saturday, February 10th, at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier. This is Gary's song from his old group Speld Badlee. I love this song and have only listened to the download 249 times. Here is "If It Wasn't For You" with Gary Stockdale, Bill Mumy, Tom Hebenstreit, Dave Jolliffe and Chris Ross.
  • lets play TLOZ the minish cap episode 4 (part 1) kill the mini boss and get the guts jar (no i did not miss speld gust jar i calle it that)
  • Battling Cynthia in Red/Blue READ BEFORE COMMENTING, or I will know, and your comment will be removed. Like facing Arceus, being a Dunsparce is key. Also, you must spread a mixture of peanut butter and tuna on the inside of the cartridge before inserting it, and you must hum the drugstore theme from Earthbound whilst doing enthusiastic jumping jacks for the entirety of the first four Elite Four battles. It has to be exactly 2:59 AM on a Sunday in June at the moment you challenge your Rival. Only then will you face Cynthia. Be sure to battle her with a glitch block Pokemon; her Pokemon are invincible otherwise. Oh and some things that I'm sick of hearing: "U SPELD LUCARIO N MILOTIC RONG BAWW" Yes. I know. This is due to the fact that their names are shorter than the ones I replaced (Blastoise and Exeggutor, if you must know) and I hadn't yet figured out how to fix that. "SPIRITOMB IZ GOST TYPE. BODY SLAM NOT EFFECT IT!!!" Again, I didn't know how to change types or species within a trainer battle, and seeing as how your rival has no Ghost types, I didn't have much of a choice. "YU USE MISSIGNO. DATS ST00PID!" It's not Missingno. Missigno. is only one of several glitch Pokemon. Calling this thing Missingno. is like calling every yellow Pokemon Pikachu. And the reason I used a Glitchmon it is because it can kill things quickly and this was just a video to display sprites. Music credit goes to PokeRemixStudio.
  • best 508 server hd 24/7 this is my 508 server hd purezpk.no-ip.biz or tokul.no-ip.biz sorry i speld somthing wrong owner:: chris my name is starry
  • i g0t of str quiting ( 99 Strenght ) video READ THIS!!! Sorry if i speld anything wrong, i'm dutch.. well guys this is it, maybe ill gonna play once a day SONG: Coldplay - viva la vida i choose this song because my girlfriend is moved to a another country and we always listend to this number, and i never forget here just like runescape Other idea for the song was: called: Sum 41 - Pieces, i made a rsmv about it but that slut of a 'friend' don't wan't to edit i'm very sorry I have a motorcycle now and to many girls =p , MAYBE JUST MAYBE I GONNA PLAY ONE DAY SO STAY SUBSCRIBED i had so many idea's so maybe ill come back Peace out
  • Dramatic Gibberish Some funny improvisational stuff I caught on camera, going on one Wednesday night. Piano selection is a song called "Intro" by Matt Papa on his "You are Good" album. Eye speld Gibberish rong en tha moovy.
  • sumtin speld won money
  • No carrats tee hee speld wrong Awesom
  • Nightflight - The Little Things (Chris Bates Vs Lanai Bootleg Club Remix) [view description] Lycrics There may be some words not speld right, or the song says something that dosent fit the text. (Im sorry about the bad quality...)
  • this is my day in san fransico (sorry if it speld wrong) Created on March 16, 2010 using FlipShare.
  • ***philes harassed by ***philophiles According to a recent study by the University of Leiden, an increasing number of ***philes are being ***ually harassed by men who are attracted to them.
  • Harry Potter COS Harry Potter Chambre Of Secrets Including Sam Philips As Harry Potter Holly Tyrrell As Ron Weesley And Dobby Jess Philips As Moning Murtel And A Natural History Musicum Dinosaw Teddy As The Basolisk (havn't speld any of the names right but oh well:P)
  • Sean Kingston-Beautiful Girls - Remix trance (Fenix Killah) its a remix from Sean Kingston-Beautiful Girls i made it whit a program cald fruity loops 7 ( fl studio 7 ) this is my 6th song and i know i speld Comment rong at the end :P
  • AAU (port richey turnament ) late vidio should of up loaded earler when it happnd...the maches go with me an my borther with kata then in kumite apolo(sorry if i speld it rong) then again with my brother in all do honesty i hd fun even if i lost sparing him it was a good mach
  • Cinamon chalenge my brother thinks the cinamon chalenge is fake, he thinks it'll be a piece of cake. what a loser. well here is him trying to pass the chalenge. this was taken a month ago, it was taken march 4 2010 that was cheese he ate earlier xD yes i know i speld bad, idc, im bored wanting to upload some funny vids
  • GMB - Riderdamn Itz Hip Hop cuz dey speld it rong
  • Light Formation - The Blackberry Bushes Music and Photo's From the Dutch 70's Prog Rock Band : Light Formation. The Album is called : The Story Moses The Song of this video is Called : The Blackberry Bushes. Band Members : Guitar: Gerard S***bergen. Bassguitar: Joop Slootjes. (My GrandFather) Key's: Adrie Vergeer. Drums: Sjaco v/d Speld . Sax + Flute: Hans de Bruin.
  • Swollen Members - Black Magic Swollen Members Black Magic enjoy =) i know i speld wrong
  • Sarah's Cat As we embark on a journey...TO KILL MY FRIEND'S CAT!!! lol...Sarah, he's a goner...he has no more pulse...es... ps sorrie...i speld oBviously rong...
  • Spore - The attack My name: Annonym.(Wrong speld swedish word) Vehicle: AT-AT Nation: Brown Town: Unknown
  • Hazing of asylum seekers in The Netherlands A new law in The Netherlands requires asylum seekers to take part in a 6 week hazing program. Through this refugees can show how desperately they want the nationality.
  • Radio Speld
  • Wizrd~Wood Season 2 Episode 11 Piz don't be mad at me, I'm really sorry it's not that good and well short :( and it is also a bit PG-13 sorry but i hope you guys like it, also i miss speld and placd a lot of words sorry, i did not know till it was don and all set up. also piz enter my contest! Episode 11 "Back for some fun" discaer. i do no own the song or the clips
  • fallout new vegas secret wepon mechetie gladius i speld michedie way wrong
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  • Love Like Woe, unofficial music video yeah yeah i speld video wrong, but that was on popurpous xP so anyway, Love Like Woe - The Ready Set
  • Elfen Lied-Dual Of Fates this is lucy/nyuu fighting/dualing against theyre greatest rivals yet there theyre greatest chalenge is confesing theyre love for kouta hope you enjoy pls tell if i speld his name wrong
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ! [part dos (:] -i don'--wait, i DO own this stuff. WHOO! xD- yeah yeah yeah "it's late it's late it's late!" shut up. :P youtube doesn't like me. D: anywho, here's the second part the cheesy part. the stupid part(: hope you love it liz. Here's some birthday messages: -Tori: Congradulations! you're one year closer to kicking the bucket! and since you can legally drive now, you're 28.5% more likely to die than you were 6 months ago! Apathy, THE CANNIBAL PANDA. -Emily Wideman: HAVE AN AWESOME SWEET 16! or shall i say HAVE A SWEET, SWEET 16!!! (Now you have an excuse to take over 16 countries today! I'm only up to 13 :) ) HAVE FUN! DONT DIE IN YOUR 1st DRIVE W/ A DRIVERS LICENSE! i think i spelled that wrong.. mi teecher sed ay speld so fod, she poot mi n thee spellig bea! Hahpee Berthdae! Luf, emmillee ps I just heard you aren't able to drive until you are 18... I'm laughing my ass off :) JK i'm sorry... put it this way.. you aren't 28.5% more likely to die yet! :) ROCK ON LIZ!!!!! -Emily Sanford: Happy Birthday (x12 1/2 +17 to the fourth power) percent, from StAnDFoLd! [ha ha, Emily Sanford] and have an awesome day! :) -Alex Rodgers [a-lex] Hey Liz HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! XD -Wyatt: Hey liz! Happy birthday from the dude who would jump off a firetruck for Joe Jonas! -Alex Short: Happy Birthday! You're officially able to drive! Just do me a favor and avoid the mailbox! -Bradley: Happy sweet six*** liz! Many happy returns and i hope you get a new car! and that's us(: my turn! :D nick ...

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  • “Your complete guide to personal finance and investing with news, advice, guides and opinion from the financial website of the year - This is Money Posted by: speld on 03/11/08 at 08:12 AM. Thanks all for your input.I have been there before but about 20yrs ago, and to be honest”
    — real ale | This is Money,

  • “Research shows link between learning difficulties and gifted children. It is often assumed that children with learning difficulties are slow but one in six of the gifted population s”
    — Learning difficulties and gifted children,

  • “Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is the leading provider of autism-specific services in Australia, building partnerships with people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, their families and the community to provide information, services, learning and”
    — Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect): question re SMH yesterday, .au

  • “Textkit Greek and Latin Forums. redundancy I theenk I speld that rong.. redundancy I theenk I speld that rong”
    — Textkit Greek and Latin Forums,

  • “Our mission is to provide advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who teach, work with and care for them”
    SPELD NSW Parent Forum RSVP | Services | SPELD NSW, .au

  • “[Archive] How to catch all miss-speld mail E-Mail View Full Version : How to catch all miss-speld mail. SharkUSAF. 10-27-2009, 08:22 AM. Hello I'm looking for a way to receive mail which would be undeliverable because of a failure in the mail adress. Like [email protected] instead of [email protected]
    — How to catch all miss-speld mail [Archive] - DirectAdmin Forums,

  • “Some Speld teachers use Alpha to Omega, which is more spelling rules based - I used it at SPELD testing for about 11 years and would be happy to answer any questions on the forum”
    — NZ Assoc'n for Gifted Children, .nz

  • “hi dozn01 played yesterday in a 0.20 cent or 0.10 cent not sure was playing 4 tables (noble poker) had a player at my tables named like you but not speld the same wanted to know if it was you i hit the quads of queen and you told me i was”
    — made a post just for dozn01 - BankrollMob Poker Forum Community,

  • “Actually, I made the 1337th post, someone must have deleted some posts in this forum, or a moved topic, or something of the sort. that 1337th post wasn't mine, so I came to the deletion or relocation conclusion): http:///forum/viewtopic”
    — Phun - 2D physics sandbox - forum / the most simple,

  • “Medals home Librarians & Teachers. Login to edit your group home page. Taverham High School SpeLD Centre. Taverham, Norwich. There are no blog posts for this group yet! BACK TO OUR GROUP PAGE”
    — Group Blog,

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