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  • spekboom definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “spekboom - Definition”,
  • Spekboom has enormous carbon-storing capabilities. Its capacity to offset harmful carbon emissions is equivalent to that of moist, subtropical forest. This is quite incredible - evidence gathered in the Eastern Cape over the past seven years. — “spekboom soaks up co2 | urban sprout”, urbansprout.co.za
  • Smith (1966) there are two strains of the plant, the sour spekboom and the sweet spekboom, the latter practically eaten out of existence by all stock and wild antelope. Spekboom stores two-thirds of its carbon in soil and litter; both the. — “Portulacaria afra Monograph, the Elephant's Food or Spekboom”,
  • However, the soils found in the semiarid Eastern Cape region under succulent thicket "Spekboom" (Portulacaria afra) vegetation are a notable exception, which average about 5% organic C in the topsoil. matter-accumulating soils under spekboom thicket in the Eastern Cape,. — “University of Stellenbosch - Department of Soil Science”, academic.sun.ac.za
  • Spekboom stores two-thirds of its carbon in soil and litter; both the living tissues and litter are highly fire-resistant. Basing the estimate on spekboom alone is appropriate because spekboom will be the first species planted, and it is the only. — “SCB Activities”,
  • Spec Savers South Africa, well known for the manufacture of spectacles, is involved in planting spekboom and other indigenous trees at selected centers in the Eastern Cape, one of South Africa's nine provinces, Spec Savers SA undertook to plant a spekboom truncheon in the Bav iaanskloof, a section. — “South Africans launch fight against climate change - ”,
  • Spekboom has enormous carbon-storing capabilities. Its capacity to offset harmful carbon emissions is equivalent to that of moist, subtropical forest. Spekboom, an indigenous plant known as "elephant's food", shows potential to mop up the excess CO2 responsible for climate change,. — “Green Earth Consulting - spekboom soaks up co2”, greenearthconsulting.co.za
  • Spekboom is 'n private uitgewer wat slegs werke van enkele skrywers Spekboom is a private publisher which only publishes works of a few selected authors. — “Spekboom Uitgewers Publishers”, spekboom.co.za
  • Spekboom definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Spekboom | Define Spekboom at ”,
  • Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Elephant Bush, Elephant Food, Elephant Plant, Miniature Jade, Dwarf Jade, Spekboom, Small Leaf Jade (Portulacaria afra) supplied by m. — “PlantFiles: Detailed information on Elephant Bush, Elephant”,
  • "You may know that Spekboom is a brilliant plant for your garden, hardy, water-wise, great for making fabulous evergreen hedges while helping suck CO2 from the atmosphere. The "spekboom" (Portulacaria afra) is indeed a wonderful drought-tolerant plant species. — “Get your own spekboom and grow hundreds of saplings to combat”,
  • Here's some info I found on Spekboom's distribution in South Africa. A vast section of Spekboom grows in the Addo Elephant National Park, situated in the Eastern Cape Province, near Port Elizabeth. — “South African Gardening Blog | Spekboom in South Africa”, sprig.co.za
  • It was fortunate that there existed a few stands of spekboom planted some decades ago which would allow these measurements to be made. A situation was provided on Graham Slater's farm where he had planted stands of spekboom at different periods extending back 27 years. — “R3G : History of spekboom restoration”, r3g.co.za
  • Spekboom Cottages occupy most of the houses on Rand Street, each one is unique and individual. Spekboom also incorporates the "Klein Karoo Kitchen" which is an independently run restaurant and country pub, which serves a small but enticing menu which varies daily. — “Spekboom Cottages in Calitzdorp - Western Cape”,
  • All 8151 acres of the farm lie in the spekboom rich thicket of South Africa. During this time we planted spekboom trees and even moved small bushes to de***d areas. — “Carbon Footprint - Spekboom Project”, carbonfootprintza.co.za
  • Spek·boom n. [D., lit. fat tree.] (Bot.) The purslane tree of South Africa, -- said to be the favorite food of elephants. — “spekboom: Information from ”,
  • 3. Reduce the impact of GLOBAL WARMING: Spekboom trees sequestrate carbon dioxide at the astonishing rate of 3-5 TONS per hectare per annum – which is higher than that of tropical rainforest. 4. Reuse discarded plastic containers in which to grow and sell Spekboom treelings. — “Spekboom”,
  • Definition of Spekboom in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Spekboom. Pronunciation of Spekboom. Translations of Spekboom. Spekboom synonyms, Spekboom antonyms. Information about Spekboom in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Spekboom - definition of Spekboom by the Free Online”,
  • Spekboom is highly palatable to animals, and resilient to the pattern of browsing by indigenous animals such as elephant. Each hectare of spekboom on the farm sequestered 4,2 tons of carbon a year. — “Spekbome | Bacon Tree”,
  • Spekboom Carbon and Poverty Alleviation Project is on FacebookSign up for Facebook to connect with Spekboom Carbon and Poverty We are really excited about the additional ways that we can ship Spekboom - the most exciting is a 100% green container, called a COMPOT, made from. — “Spekboom Carbon and Poverty Alleviation Project | Facebook”,
  • Spekboom is also common in Valley and Succulent Thicket types, so it merges into these in river valleys. A dense scrub dominated by Spekboom Portulacaria afra with other shrubs. — “Spekboom Succulent Thicket”, ngo.grida.no

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  • At Spekboom we came across some more Ellies bathing and drinking
  • Hapoor only delivered 1 lone bull and this guy At Spekboom we came across some more Ellies bathing and drinking
  • We left the dam and went on to Carol s rest where the lions had been seen Just the buffs again Now off to the Spekboom hide and Marion Baree More eles There were rumours of lions near Hapoor dam so we went there It was spectacular but no lions Eles came from all directions as
  • RJB proposes that this be entered as a new variety and be labelled var prostrata Portulacaria afra prostrate form photo courtesy of Allen Repashy
  • bydrae wat ons almal kan lewer is om altyd bewus te wees van enigiets wat die lug vuiler kan maak Elkeen kan sy deel doen om te help veg vir n gesonder atmosfeer BO Suid Afrika se een tasbare bydrae tot die bekamping van die oormatige koolstofdioksied wat die mensdom in die atmosfeer inpomp is glo dit massiewe aanplantings
  • So far we ve given cuttings to a farmer a nursery man an eco friendly neighbour and an NGO Spekboom cuttings in a jar
  • Variegated elephant bush outdoor Venice Florida August 2004 Click here to discuss this photo
  • to see if he was ever going to reveal himself to me After 5 minutes I made out a horn tip moving slowly towards the opening 5 minutes later he turned to face me and I took this picture Note how the first curl goes past his ear this boy is going to be a MONSTER one day I saw lots of nice elephants and lots more kudu including a nice bull near Spekboom lookout who barked
  • http tinyurl com spekboom If anyone in Durban is looking for spekboom plants I can supply cuttings and they are really easy to grow Pic from the Spekboom Carbon and Poverty Alleviation Project Spreading the Spekboom love
  • Class 24s 2 8 4 Nos 3617 and 3653 cross the Kaaimans River Bridge on the Trans Cape Special Train on the spectacular line from Knysna to George on April 10 1985 Class GMAM 4 8 2 + 2 8 4 No 4122 crosses the Spekboom River Bridge on the line from Belfast to Steelpoort on the Cape Venturer Special Train on March 28 1986
  • big Spekboom JPG
  • Their cover was blown so the ladies disappeared in the bush We then started driving in the direction of Spekboom and got Bitterbal again at the top of the hill
  • they turned into a firebreak to the left They were about 50 meters from the road when we just heard this noise and the next moment a buffalo were charging them away the buffalo won After this they disappeared into the bush walking in the direction of Marion Baree waterhole We drove past Marion Baree to Spekboom with the plan to return to see if they come to drink
  • After a while Bitterbal arrived went passed the waterhole and then got the females He just greeted and carried on walking towards Spekboom About 15 minutes later Nossob arrived and run passed the waterhole straight to where the females were hiding He chased Kamqua all over the place It was in the bush and a bit to far for
  • A bit closer to the gate we came across some partridges On the way back we again stopped at Spekboom Hide Initially there was nothing to be seen then my wife spotted some Elephants in the distance and sure enough they came to the waterhole
  • At Spekboom we came across some more Ellies bathing and drinking
  • DONKEYS IN STRIPED PYJAMAS So later as we sit and marvel at the wildlife on the plateau up at the Mountain Zebra National Park with the slumbering Spekboom Mountains in the distance we spare a thought for all
  • This time he was very close so close that I couldn t frame him at stages He didn t stay still and walked into the bush We got to Spekboom and he could later be seen in the firebreak about 800 meters to the south of the waterhole where he settled down in the shade for the day
  • Portulacaria afra Spekboom
  • ORIGIN Data extracted from the National Herbarium Pretoria PRE Computerised
  • At Marion Baree we saw this lone BBJ It was only 8 30 and allready 28 degrees when we saw our first ellies drinking water at Spekboom That was just after we pasted the entrance to the new picnic spot which is opening today for
  • View on photobucket
  • Spekboom Songster
  • the one found along the Southern Cape Coast belt where they are common in places like Addo especially in the Spekboom Lookout area Note the Spur on hos legs which gives him the name Spurfowl
  • how the ground has adapted to the arid conditions of the area We saw plants with waxy tough leaves that could retain moisture and others with fierce thorns to protect them from animals We passed many rubbery spekboom trees a favourite snack of the large herds of elephant which used to live in this area The trail also took us alongside several old wallows where these
  • tspekboomveld jpg
  • New We also have several herbal products available including tinctures and dried herbs
  • I found them next to the tar road about 3km before the Spekboom turn off
  • There were a couple of ellies at Hapoor so we spent a fair amount of time there taking photos of them While we were engrossed in this a rather friendly bloke came along and told us about a lion that he had seen just past the Spekboom hide When he realised that we were going to investigate
  • Spekboom group pic jpg
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  • Addo Elephant Park, South Africa Spekboom Hide, watching the elephants
  • It's so Cold, there can't be Global Warming... "We've heard a lot of talk lately from deniers that cold temperatures are proof that there is no such thing as global warming." "It looks like it will be an annual event for me to remind people that winter still follows summer. Since deniers seem to want to believe the warming thing is all a lie, perhaps a little review is in order." - This video will teach you that climate and weather are two different processes. Learn how climate and weather are connected and gave us the global temperatures we had in 2009, and the cold temperatures in the beginning of 2010. ORIGINAL VIDEO SOURCE: The video is uploaded with permission from original source: Recommended playlist and check out www.ClimateTv.tv BETTER GLOBE Better Globe aim to do more to fight poverty in Africa over the next 20 years than any other single organization has done before. Our main focus areas are tree planting, agriculture and education. Planting trees on large scale can drastically transform local climate and prevents both desertification and soil erosion. Better Globe trees are planted in ASAL (Arid Semi Arid Land) not suited for food production. That way the trees planted actually help local food production by keeping the soil fertile, assisting the natural water cycle, increasing cloud coverage, regulating local climate and preventing desertification. These benefits together with trees ability to capture CO2 from the atmosphere are well proven beyond any debate that might go ...
  • Spekboom Barbee AFRICAs2
  • Reforestation of Indiginous Land Reforestation by the Indigenous people in Brazil
  • 11_30_09_AFRICA_Climate_Change_Barbee.mov
  • Planting trees for Carbon and Water- Spekboom in South Africa, rehabilitating an ecosystem Can Carbon Trading make a difference to Africa's forests? Come follow Another Path and find out the potential benefits of planting trees to help mitigate Climate Change. This is the front line of the battle for the environment. Come follow the road to Copenhagen as the Producer travels to South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique to learn about how the Kyoto Protocol can be changed to better help Africa's people and help save this environment in crisis.
  • Addo Park Bushbuck This is my best sighting of a Bushbuck female in Addo Park. They are very shy animals. I found this one alongside the road on a rainy day where she was busy eating Spekboom and Plumbago and a bit of greenery next to the road
  • Flora of Port Elizabeth & surrounds 2010 Port Elizabeth and its surrounds viewed from a "botanical" point of view...beautiful spring and autumn flowers and flora for a drought-stricken region: species of aloe, succulent plants, euphorbia, agave, prickly pear, spekboom, osteopermum, hibiscus, gazania, polygala, bulbinella, vinca, eythrina etc...

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  • “Protecting wildlands of all types, worldwide, sequesters carbon and fights global climate change. bush endemic to the Eastern Cape in South Africa, the spekboom (from Afrikaans, literally meaning the Bacon Tree), or Porkbush”
    — Porkbush Fights Climate Change - The WILD Foundation,

  • “Spekboom has enormous carbon-storing capabilities. Its capacity to offset harmful carbon over the past seven years shows that spekboom has enormous carbon-storing capabilities”
    — Blogs | urban sprout, urbansprout.co.za

  • “Spek Blog. Spekboom. Mapping Spekboom's Origin. From South Africa, where it grows, often in abundance in the drier parts of the Eastern Province 'Spekboom\' is the Afrikaans word for a succulent tree found predominantly in the Eastern Cape. We obtain”
    — Spek Blog : Spekboom,

  • “Spekboom (Portulacaria afrais) an indigenous plant known as "elephant's food" uses very Jordaan came up with the idea to plant Spekboom on EXSA, farms the aim was that this will”
    Spekboom Project, exsa-exp.co.za

  • “Blog Entries (Hunting) How deep inside the body is the heart? Night of the Lioness Hunting in the Red Sand, Spekboom & Dune Forests. What Calibre to”
    — Blog Entries (Hunting),

  • “South African Gardening Blog - On plants, gardens and nature in South Africa. invader kitchen garden kwazulu-natal Mining mulch organic permaculture pot plant recycling sa blog awards soil spekboom strangler fig succulent sustainability transkei travel tree water wild dagga wild garlic worms xolobeni”
    — South African Gardening Blog | Sa Blog Awards, sprig.co.za

  • “The Portal for the Conservation of Africa's Flora and Fauna - ACF works to preserve Africa's wildlife by supporting, linking and conducting conservation projects throughout the continent.. Restoration Ecology MSc bursaries (1/1) - Conservation”
    — Restoration Ecology MSc bursaries - African Conservation Forums,

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