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  • We found 15 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word spelled: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "spelled" is defined. General (11 matching dictionaries) spelled: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of spelled - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • for all you dumbasses you can CORRECTLY use spelt OR spelled. god check mother***ing ***s. — “Urban Dictionary: spelled”,
  • [edit] Verb. spelled. Simple past tense and past participle of spell. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/spelled" Categories: English simple past. — “spelled - Wiktionary”,
  • In the list of signatories, the word "Pennsylvania" is spelled with a single N: "Pensylvania. Finally, at that time, the American spelling of words was inconsistent at best, and several words are spelled in the British manner. — “Misspellings in the U.S. Constitution - The U.S. Constitution”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. spelled\ˈspeld, ˈspelt\spell·ing. Definition of SPELL. transitive verb. 1 : to read slowly and with difficulty —often used with out. — “Spelled - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of spelled from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of spelled. Pronunciation of spelled. Definition of the word spelled. Origin of the word spelled. — “spelled - Definition of spelled at ”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. The Know it All Experts, I know Childeren is Spelled Children I just typed it. — “Videos tagged with Spelled - Metacafe”,
  • Some words are spelled exactly as they sound, but the most problematic words are the ones with silent vowels or consonants. Don't assume that just because a word is printed in a book that it is spelled properly; there are mistakes made there, too, as well as in other writings. It happens!. — “How to Spell - wikiHow”,
  • English Spelling and Pronunciation question: Can karma be spelled with a C? Karma or Kharma is spelled with a K. If the word Carma is used, it can cause misunderstandings since there's no such word in. — “ - Can karma be spelled with a C”,
  • Spelled. Includes Spelled Backwards, Windhoek, Railways, Hillbuzz, Usc Parent S Last Name Spelled, Spelling, Gunaxin, Vinnyguadagnino, Metafilter and Cpr Spelled information plus more related topics on . — “Spelled (Backwards, Cpr, Usc, Abba) @ ”,
  • Some homonyms are spelled the same, like bark (the sound a dog makes) and bark (the outer layer of a tree Some homonyms are spelled differently, like one (the number) and won (having been victorious). — “Homonyms: ”,
  • Exert definition, to put forth or into use, as power; exercise, as ability or influence; put into vigorous action: See more. gˈzɜrt/ Show Spelled[ig-zurt] Show IPA. — “Exert | Define Exert at ”,
  • Find X Spelled from thousands of sellers around the world at . — “X Spelled Vinyl Records, CDs, X Spelled Albums, Rare X”,
  • A misspelled word can be a series of letters that represents no correctly spelled word of the same language at all (such as "liek" for "like") or - A large database with the correct spelling of incorrectly spelled words. — “Spelling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone app. Verb: spell (spelt, also spelled) spel. Specify or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word) - write. Orally recite the letters of or give the spelling of ". — “spell, spelt, spelled, spelling, spells- WordWeb dictionary”,
  • Definition of spelled in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of spelled. Pronunciation of spelled. Translations of spelled. spelled synonyms, spelled antonyms. Information about spelled in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “spelled - definition of spelled by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Semaj, which is the name James spelled backwards, has ranked among the top 1,000 boy Nomar, which is Ramon spelled backwards, has never ranked before but has become widely. — “Backwards Baby Names - Baby Names”,
  • The way words are spelled in America differs substantially from the Advertise is not spelled Advertize, and Compromise is not spelled Compromize, neither is Surmise spelled Surmize, and also compensation (go figure. — “Spelling”, us2
  • A misspelled word can be a series of letters that represents no correctly spelled word of the same language at all (such as "liek" for "like") or - A large database with the correct spelling of incorrectly spelled words. — “spelling: Definition from ”,

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  • MMV - Simple Plan - When I'm Gone! READ OR DIE!!! - READ OR DIE!!! - READ OR DIE!!! - READ OR DIE!!! - READ OR DIE!!! - READ OR DIE!!! - READ OR DIE!!! - READ OR DIE!!! - This MMV is specealy for my friend. He realy wanted me to make it so I picked a random song from one of MY favorit band's. Well sorry if i have speled shomting wrong, I realy suck at English -.-" If you want me to made another MMV so rate and coment ^^ AND!!! Yea, good summer!!! ^^
  • Ohhorsefeathers girafe Girafe speled incerrect puroose
  • Fantage Music Video~Tie Me Down Fantage Music Video for tie me down new boys. Thanks jadapanda1 and nhguavad yes i think i speled it wrong anyway enjoy! everyone has been reqeusting this song so i thought i might do this :D Copyright info:I do not own this song this audio is for entertainment use only i do not claim anything,I do not own fantage also I do not own Windows Movie Maker
  • sitekick chips ps i no i speled things rong
  • SUPER HYPER INVADER ZIM SAGA Z TO THE MAX TRAILER THIS IS NOT AN INVADER ZIM AMV! It starts out as one bbut i ran out of clips. Its amusing Yes i resalized i refer to minchi as a gerbil and speled gerbil wrong.
  • Combat Arms | Romberg ▬ 1st Sniper Montage ▬ IGN:Romberg Clan: Just*** Hey, Guys this is my first montage (Combat Arms EU) enjoy and add me ingame Gift me any NX item and you will be in the special thanks of my next video
  • My fail at the caramel dance(i tink tats how its speled or wut its caled...) me failing at an epic proportion
  • How to upload videos hi guys this is a video tour on how to upload videos..hope this helped u guys and i know speled some thing wrong lol sorry ok hope i helped subscribe and comment...if u have any questions just comment or go to my channel and subscribe and send me a message...il try to reply as fast as i can..ok bye :) enjoy! :D and put it in 720 hd..it will look better...and make it bigger
  • Waking up in Vegas- Katy Perry (With Lyrics) i know i speled remember without the second m but nobody cares ok...this is my first music with lyrics video.. dont be rude...
  • airsoft armory 2011 my airsoft ares*** i speled that wrong owell enjoy this video
  • PATAPON 2 : underworld servant Garuru hello, Im back. in this video I showed the batle with Garuru. he is easy to defeat. my favourite classes for battles are Mahopons, yumipons and archers. dont leave bad coments, even if I speled the words wrong. HD :)
  • Dj Expreso-Extreme mix I think I its wery good,but thats only my opinion so pls listen to it and tell me how it is. If I miss speled any thing dont write me the corect,pecause I dont like when some 1 does that :D . Subscribe please :)
  • Jerk It Out well here is my second made and uploaded AMV here are the animes i used: Neon Genesis Evangeilon Devil May Cry Beck Hellsing OVA 1 Razephon Paprika Princess Mononoke Kite (in the credits i speled it wrong) Mezzo Forte there two more animes that i dont know the english name for them.. :\ the song name is Jerk It Out well maybe its not good as QuantumImmortal's AMV or MeliChan's but still... XD first steps.
  • hmss britinnic sinking please rate and comment! i know i speled viewers wrong at the end of the video in the credits
  • hot studios audition use any programs please enterrr rulessss::::::: oh and before you enter this is an audition i speled it wrong #1 use anime or manga or pistures #2 you can make slideshows,MMV`s and AMV`s #3 yaoi and yuri is acceptaballe #4 no *** nidity or prnographic material #5 use any program ,anime, or song you wanta
  • Fambaa Humping Elite Harvester Warning there is some profanity in this video... the rest will be explained. (just notice i speled elite, eleat...)
  • Dub senshi vs. Real Senshi Thank You everyone for the good feedback on this ^_^ I'm currently writing a new one. ^_^ this was what those henshins were for there are some typos and mis-speled words....but I didn't feel like fixing them if people like this I might make more(with more going on, I got lazy from making the Henshins.....mostly neptunes)
  • are unicorns , leperchuns,I DONT CARE IF I SPELED IT WRONG!!!,or talking dogs REAL DONT JUDGE ME!!!!!!!! subscribe TWEET ME !!!!!!!! wait i ave no twitter hmmmmmmmm?????????? idk
  • Me and my friends being retards LOL!!! im gonna die XD i had all my friends exept maybe one stay the night at my house :3 it was fun and i cant even belive im uploading this enjoy the show! oh, and heres some background on them: Lindsey: school moron, people things shes wierd, including me Mikeala:(i probly speled her name wrong) The friend i've known since second grade, she is dark, mysteirius(shot for bad spelling skills), and acts kinda like Gaz from Invader Zim Sidney: One of my fellow outcasts, she is the funniest person i know. Victoria/Tor: One of my newer friends, she is pobly the bggst ZaDr (Zim and Dib romance) fan....and she'll probly kill me for saying that :/ Alicia: a friend of mine for two years, i met her in 5th grade, very quiet, not as dirty minded as the rest of us ME: the dumbest of the group most likely (besides lindsey) im the one that said "LETS ALL SWIM TO THE KITCHEN" im the one in the green shirt, btw :3
  • Let's Play Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Campaign Online) - Part 5 - Déjà vu kashyyyk... i speled et guud
  • CoD:4 mini Editt these are not my clips they are aMOODIEswede I just edited them..... Also please give me feedback since this is my first edit.. Thanks and subscribe... Also ya i kno i speled Subscribe rong i thought it would be funny......DO NoT HaTE
  • Dj v tenmin mix nr.:2 Please rate and comment click on desc. It is better than my last one please give it a good comment and enjoy sorry about the volume it goes up and down sometimes I am improving my skills day by day so if u know one of my mixes u dont know all so theyre getting better and greetings to coocksley (I am sry. if I speled ur name wrong:))
  • I Found a Youtube Password! -Read Descreption- Hey! i think hes just a fan he was on my channel commenting and i dont know how i found his password! WEIRD! Hes Name Is Pr0gram6r And I Put In The Video Anem Not Name i miss speled it ;)
  • De_dust2 2nd version I really liked the video de_dust2 so I created something that is like it , but don't judge me. :DD Still go Flash deck and don't take this seriously it's just my way of showing you how i liked the video and if you want the rights in authority are your. (Sory if i speled something wrong i'm from europe) If you have any questions just write
  • how to hack roblox this is my first video and sry if i speled something wrong because i am dutch
  • Harry Potter and THE DEATHLY HALLOWS trailer- the sims 2 PLEAS READ! I was bored whene i did this, and i know it`s not good... And i`m know i speled some things wrong!!!! And it`s one of my first the sims 2 videos!! So be nice!! COMMENT! ****READ THIS**** This was one of the first videos i made, and well i don`t relly like it xD
  • Low wattage Big Box stores power supplies and Video cards Buyers guide !!! Alrighty then, this video is for those people who have bought computers from the likes of Dell , HP , Acer , Gateway etc. and have got a 300w+ power supply that may be looking for a video card upgrade. Perhaps you have an open PCI-E slot because it came with integrated graphics like a G31/G33 chipset and you're finding that it's just not playing or even starting new games and you'd like to get the most powerful graphics card you can. Hope this helps! Here's a performance summary on how the cards perform on average (it's in a diff. language, but numbers are numbers .... ht4 Techpowerup has a performance summary, just not as many low end cards ... Here's the wattage they draw during gaming, you want to look at the middle chart that says (Speile) ht4 Techpowerup has a power consumption chart as well, you'll want to look at the PEAK chart ... GPU-Z Can I run it ? Here's highest to lowest that doesn't require a 6-pin connector ... AMD 6670 AMD 5670 AMD 6570 Nvidia GT 440 (DDR5) AMD 5570 (DDR5) Nvidia GT 240 (DDR5) AMD 5570 (DDR3) AMD 5550 (DDR5) Nvidia GT 240 (DDR3) AMD 4670 (DDR3) AMD 4650 (DDR3) Nvidia GT 430 AMD 5550 (DDR3) GT 220 (DDR3) Molex to 6-pin adapters ... Single 6-pin cards you could potentially run on your 305w power supply 6850 6770 / 5770 6750 / 5750 GTS 450 GTS 250 4850 / 4830 / 4770 9800gt / 8800gt
  • Første gang Lurven ser sæ i speile.
  • My Trip To Maryland FINALLY FOR WHAT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR........MY TRIP TO MARYLAND!!! XD Also in one part i speled plain wrong on acident!!! and in the Oriorles game sorry for my screaming, i was hyper and excited for the O'S!!! and when u saw the tattoo's something was on my camera and since it was showing that i said my o tattoo's!!! anyway enjoy!!!
  • Shugar Junkies Episode Four Sugar is speled wrong on purpose. Enjoy it!
  • pokemon legends this is a slide show with ricu, enti, and sucun and no i dont care if i speled that wrong!
  • Technogoly how evar it is speled TheCezaShow's webcam video December 20, 2010, 07:03 PM
  • DBZ - MORTAL KOMBAT!! A new video about about dbz to the mortal kombat mix. I know in the video i speled comabat wrong so if you bich i cant say i didnt tell you. i really like this cause it gets me pumped so enjoy ^^
  • MICHELES SURPRISE!!!!!!!! WOOOT WOOOT! we werent taking the singing seriously hehe -lyrics.. nothig is speled right.. but yeah here u go so u can sing with it tell me what you thought you turned 17 michele your so olddddddddd the worst aint over yet you still have years togo WE are young & YOUR SO OLD so here we are still in highschool and you only have one year to go HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELLYYYYYYYYY smellyy bellyy we'll miss you soooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELE yeahhh theres a feeling inside we want you to know we are your coolest friends dont let gooooooooooooooooooooo. happpy bday chelley (happppy bday) happy bday chelley (happy bday) happy bday chelley yeah... theres a feeling inside and we want you to know ur the bday girl. love u sooooo.
  • hermies! is out to play! i brought out my cute chienese dwarf hamster sorry if i speled chinese wrong.
  • Best Friends Forever i made this vid for both of my accounts: DavidDesrosiersgurl1 and Cristle1991 lol sorry i speled my username wrong in the credits.....oops
  • Panoramic Shift compilation Panoramic shift. I was messing around with it, changing it a bit. Also in this video is a change that I saw Nathanlulu do, the window change I believe. I realize i speled panoramic rong on the video and also that seals song is killer, not killers. (I made this vid way too fast.)
  • It's a dinosaur! lol i found this song on the internet so i had to put it on youtube and i think i speled sumthing wrong
  • Let's play MMX part 15 Boomer Kuwanger i probably speled his name wrong. but come on! its inpronounceble in some placess on earth....i think
  • Beckster's Mafia - First ever Mafia Wars recruit video Yes. And no. No I'm not a ***, freak or MW fan in massive or immaculate scale... ;) This was just an inspiration that I got and it took me just little over an hour to put together. Nevertheless, everyone on it is deeply appreciated for the participation & making of it. So please be kind and watch it. Better yet - FORWARD it to worthy people you know :) PS Even speled my mafia's name wrong = Beckster's Mafia it is. Maybe you get some inspiration for your new decade - who knows...

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  • “Forum discussion: We operate an online directory of BYOB restaurants, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I thought the visitors to Ok, I'll accept that, was concerned an advertizing "fee" would be speiled to the restaurants. I love the idea of a list of BYOBs,”
    — BYOB Restaurants | , ISP Information,

  • “IVA Forum from : DO NOT UPSET YOUR CREDITORS - IVA Forum - View my blog at http://skippy13/ jpj. Optomist makes creditors sound like some dear old friend who has lent you some money and you cant pay them back! To these huge companies”

  • “Most people in a forum are wise to the horror of fast fit purely because the destruction offered a free wheel alignment test and 'speiled' about calibration only 2 weeks ago, put”
    — Alignment....the big con - Wheels-InMotion, wheels-

  • “A Community by and for the members ( yes, I know I speiled it rong). Today, I heard a short clip about nato/US staying until 2015. What happened to the date certain? Posted Yesterday, 11:”
    — View topic: Biden on Afghanistan: 'Daddy is Going to Start to,

  • “ science forums and latest news discussions Maybe a bit over a year ago we had a few people apparently decide the forum deserved widespread harassment. They dubbed themselves the forum mafia and claim to be performing a public crankbusting service”
    — Why Is Physorg So Retarted?,

  • “BYOB Restaurants - Washington & Baltimore | DSLReports Forums, broadband news, information and community accept that, was concerned an advertizing "fee" would be speiled to the restaurants. I love the idea of a”
    — Re: BYOB Restaurants - Washington & Baltimore | DSLReports Forums,

  • “ .. hits the Rye this weekend. Anyone know if animal cruelty is still an issue at these places (won't go if there are y'see) ? Anyone with any knowledge on the subject ?”
    — Zippos Circus .. - East Dulwich Forum,

  • “As I am preparing for auditions in the great urban city of New York, I thought it might be wise to ask those of you who has gone through the process”
    — New York auditions. - Maestronet Forums,

  • “ to be insulted, understand that you are discussing VERY personal issues for many of the forum members here. that started this argument was not conducive to a happy veg*n forum”
    — i am a substance hunter & fisherman from Alaska, .au

  • “The Police Oracle website exists to provide information to police personnel in the UK, including that on police equipment, products and services, news and media, police training & recruitment, police resettlement & retirement and links to other”
    — Police Forum: Election Polls,

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