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  • The Story of Albert Speer, the german *** and Hitlers architect. — “Albert Speer, "The Good ***"”, auschwitz.dk
  • Albert Speer, born Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer,[1] Speer also made plans to reconstruct Berlin on a grand scale, with huge buildings, wide. — “Albert Speer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tom Speer's Home Page. Welcome to my homepage. Here you'll find information on aerodynamics, landyacht and multihull sailboat design, and hydrofoils. Nearly everthing is theoretical, for the simple reason that I can't afford the testing to get experimental data. — “Tom Speer - Home -”,
  • It also has a section of songs by other writers that have been hits through the years for which The Speer Family are noted. There is also a pictorial history of the family from the first Speer Quartet in 1920, to when I was just six years old on up to the present group before our retirement. — “Ben Speer”,
  • Genealogy. Speer Family Tree DNA. Speer DNA Project Results. Favorite Links. Shaun Hopkins Speer. 1958 - 2009. Search 29.5 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search: Surname: TDS. — “Welcome to ”,
  • Speer Entertainment Services will be an integral part of your plan. Our years of experience has helped form relationships, of which we are very proud, with performers, managers and major national agencies. Uh oh, embedded frames are not supported by your browser!. — “Speer Entertainment”,
  • Speer gold dot ammo, law enforcement, personal protection Speer also continues its line of training ammunition with Lawman® and Lawman Clean-Fire® ammunition. — “Speer Ammo - Home”, speer-
  • Speer Air Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the largest heating and air conditioning dealers in northern New Jersey. — “Speer Air - Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists in”,
  • Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer, commonly known as Albert Speer (March 19, 1905 – September 1, 1981), was an architect, author and high-ranking *** German government official, Speer was Hitler's chief architect before becoming his Minister for Armaments during the war. — “Speer, Albert”,
  • Albert Speer operated at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, Third Reich political propaganda, and, beginning in 1942, large-scale armaments production and industrial organization. This historical bent, combined with Speer's considerable charisma and gifts for communication and. — “GERMANIA-SPEER”,
  • Quality Speer hammocks for outdoor sports, including camping, hiking, bicycling, canoeing, caving, fishing, hunting, and climbing. PeaPod, ShungFit UnderQuilt, SPE, Segmented Pad Extender, 8x10 cat tarp, bugnet. — “Speer Hammocks, Inc”,
  • Speer Optician provide designer high fashion eyewear, frames, innovative eyewear, alan mikli glasses, creative blac funky, ic berlin, tag heuer, dsquared, lindberg, francois pinton, herrlicht, pm frost, theo, jason kirk, lafont eyewear at Toronto. — “Designer Eyewear Opticians, Frames Toronto, Mississauga, GTA”, speer.ca
  • new home construction and home remodel remodeling in Orlando Florida area, College Park, Winter Park Speer Homes is a custom home builder serving Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area specializing. — “Speer Homes custom home builder and home remodeler in Central”,
  • Speer Elementary is a living part of the community and a. student-centered learning the skills and language for life-long learning. Speer Mission. — “Speer Elementary School > Home”,
  • Speer music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Speer on Yahoo! Music. — “Speer on Yahoo! Music”,
  • I have a specialized legal practice in the area of intellectual property law—patent, trademark and copyright law—serving artists, entertainers, innovators and companies. Unless otherwise noted, all content © 2003-2010 Brenda L. Speer, LLC. All rights reserved. — “Brenda L. Speer, LLC | Protecting the Technological and”,
  • Albert Speer (born March 19, 1905, Mannheim, Baden, Ger. — died Sept. 1, 1981, London, Eng.) German *** official In this capacity Speer headed a system of slave labor, drawn largely from the concentration camps, that produced war materiel for Germany during World War II. Speer confessed his guilt at. — “Albert Speer: Biography from ”,
  • KOA Speer offers thick and thin film resistors, current sensing resistors and resistor arrays; thermal sensors, fuses and varistors for circuit protection; wire wound, multilayer, power and thin film inductors; ceramic capacitors and capacitor. — “KOA Speer Electronics - Your Passive Component Partner”,
  • In 1996 Speer became one of the first U.S. ammunition manufacturers to achieve ISO 9001 certification for quality. — “Speer Bullets - Home”, speer-

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  • Speer Gold Dot .45 ACP 230 gr Test with Denim Simple penetration and expansion test, using a form of wetpack plus layers of denim. This test is only a representation in a controlled environment. Please pursue and evaluate all possible resources when choosing a cartridge for self-defense.
  • *** Albert Speer release from Spandau prison in 1966 and Interview later. Speer's release from prison(Sortie de prison de Albert Speer), was a worldwide media event, as reporters and photographers crowded both the street outside Spandau and the lobby of the Berlin hotel where Speer spent his first hours of freedom in over 20 years.
  • The Anchor Holds- Kenny Speer "Born in Bamberg, SC in 1945, Kenneth Ray "Kenny" Speer grew up in Lexington County, SC and has been a performing singer by avocation most of his life. Venues have been in South Carolina, ports of call around the world while serving in the US Navy during the Vietnam War, other southeastern US states, and California. Now retired, Kenny enjoys performing out of his church, Chapin United Methodist Church in Chapin, SC His first performance of The Anchor Holds, the 1994 song by Lawrence Chewning & Ray Boltz, was as the closing song of an evening of a Sunday school class Christmas party at his church 12/12/09. We hope that you enjoy his singing as much as we do!" Performed by Kenny Speer Video by Kaitlyn Kendrick
  • Albert Speer 1/5 Albert Speer
  • Nuremberg Day 158 Speer On June 19, 1946, Defendant Albert Speer, Reich Minister for Armaments and War Production, was called to the stand by his counsel, Dr. Flaechsner. Speer had been a close friend and confidant to hItler since 1934. Under direct examination, Speer denied responsibility for recruiting manpower saying "neither I nor my Ministry was responsible for this recruitment. He said that his Ministry collected the demands for labor from industries subordinate to it without specification as to whether the laborers be German, foreign workers, or prisoners of war." Justice Robert H Jackson conducted the first and by far the longest cross-examinations of Speer. It was one of the highlights of the Trial. He conceded that the ***s were anti-semitic and the Jews were being evacuated from Germany. He acknowledge that there was a deportation of 100000 Jews from Hungary. For further information, see '"
  • "Upon This Rock" By Allison Durham Speer (FULL) I LOVE Allison, I have two autographed cassettes from her. She's so beautiful, she looks like snow white. Her voice is amazing! *goosebumps*
  • Nuremberg Day 160 Speer (Jackson Cross) Justice Robert H Jackson conducted the first and by far the longest cross examination of Albert Speer on June 21, 1946. Albert Speer was the Reich Minister for Armaments and Munitions. For more information see .
  • " Krakatoa" by Paul Lawler and Paul Speer I have the great pleasure and honour to present Krakatoa, another fascinating and most powerful soundscape out of the new album Wonders, composed and performed by Paul Lawler from the UK and Paul Speer from the USA. Wonders is a musical journey to awe inspiring places on Planet Earth. Please see Paul Speer's channel for more information: or go to: My very special thanks and sincere appreciation to Paul Speer and to Paul Lawler for this exciting collaboration! It was again a real enjoyment to make this video. For me, the music is as awe-inspiring as all of these great places on our Planet Earth. Krakatoa is a volcanic island in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. The Island of Krakatoa, disappeared in one of the most notorious volcanic eruptions in history. Over a two-day period, August 26-27, 1883, Krakatoa erupted with such violence that two-thirds of the island, about 23 square kilometers, sank into the Sunda Strait. Prior to that date, the Krakatoa volcano peaked 450 meters above sea level; after the eruption, the top of the volcano sat 250 meters below sea level. The explosions heard in the 1883 eruption remain the loudest noise on human record. The sound was heard across the Indian Ocean, as far away as Rodriguez Island, 4653 kilometers to the west, and Australia, 3450 kilometers to the east. The massive eruption also generated a series of tsunamis, which produced waves as much as 30 meters tall. In ...
  • Speer Family - Rockin' On The Waves (Shape Note Singing) Original members of the Speer Family delight the students at Ben Speer's Stamps/Baxter School of Music, Nashville, August 1994. This particular selection features some "shape note singing" which is taught at the school, and not as easy as it first appears.
  • Albert Speer about albert speer
  • Minick, Speer, Allen Quartet Here's a short video diary of a concert featuring Johnny Minick, Allison Durham-Speer, Mike Allen, and Aaron Minick.
  • David Lanz & Paul Speer - Rainforest enjoy!
  • Albert Speer's Berlin - The Reich's Chancellery (Trailer) The New Reich's Chancellery was the only building Albert Speer designed for Germania that was ever completed. In this documentary it is demonstrated how the building history of the Reich's Chancellery influenced and determined its final design. All the facades of the building in its various stages have been recreated, from the first extention commisioned by Hitler in 1934 to the final structure of the New Reich's Chancellery which spanned over 400m, and which served as the stage from which Hitler directed his aggressive policies. www.flashback-
  • Edgar B. Speer stuck in ice. A short clip of the USCG Icebreaker Mackinaw trying to free the 1000 foot freighter Edgar B. Speer from the icy grip of the St. Marys River.
  • Grand Trunk hammock & Speer Pea Pod! A display of the Grand Trunk Ultralite travel hammock from and The Speer Pea Pod from http The webbing suspension is from
  • WW2 - Albert Speer A member of the *** Party from 1932, Albert Speer came to prominence when he organised the spectacular Party Rally at Nuremberg in 1934. Lasting for an entire week, the rally took as its theme, the Triumph of the Will, a celebration of the victory of National Socialism, and the establishment of Hitler's Reich. From this time onwards, Speer' s rise through the ranks of the *** hierarchy was assured. An architect by training, Speer went on to dominate the architectural climate of the Third Reich, working with Hitler on a range of huge and ostentatious projects, including plans for the complete rebuilding of Berlin. But of these schemes, few were ever to come to fruition, and of those that did fewer still were to survive the war. 1942 saw the transformation of Speer from Party Architect to Reich Minister of Munitions. In this capacity Speer demonstrated a most remarkable talent for organisation and administration. Despite the accelerating pace of the Allied bombing offensive, Speer, through a policy of rationalisation and dispersal, was able to increase armaments production, consistently achieving higher figures for every month until September 1944. From then until the end of the war, though output diminished, Speer became indispensable to the German war effort, producing essential arms in the teeth of immense disruption and dislocation. One of the few genuinely intelligent ***s, Albert Speer, at the end of the war was sentenced to twenty years in prison.
  • Speer Gold Dot .40 S&W 165 gr JHP test with denim Wet newspaper jug test for the .40 Speer Gold Dot, 165 grain. Test gun was a Glock 22. Four layers of denim used in the test, and that might have been a determining factor in the results.
  • Tattoo (Speer Version) Music video by Jordin Sparks performing Tattoo. (C) 2008 Zomba Recording, LLC
  • Speers - Saved to the Uttermost Speers - Saved to the Uttermost. circa 1990. Members: Brock Speer, Faye Speer, Ben Speer, Bill Itzell, Jane Greene.
  • Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124 gr +P Brief overview, shooting, and evaluation of the Speer Gold Dot, 9mm 124 gr +P. This is a very popular cartridge for Law Enforcement and the law-abiding citizen. Test platform was a Glock 19, using jugs packed with wet newspaper. Just trying to gain a basic concept of penetration and expansion in this type of media. On this channel, there is also a similar test for the 147 grain Gold Dot. PLEASE NOTE: Ballistic tests such as this will provide a representation of handgun cartridge performance in a controlled environment. Please bear in mind that self-defense scenarios include multiple variables that will impact actual ballistic performance.
  • " Gobi " by Paul Lawler & Paul Speer I have the great honour and pleasure to present Gobi, a captivating soundscape out of the new album Wonders, composed and performed by critically acclaimed musicians Paul Lawler from the UK and Paul Speer from the USA. Wonders is a musical journey to awe inspiring places on Planet Earth. My heart felt thank you and sincere appreciation to Paul Speer, who initiated this, for me, very exciting and challenging collaboration. It was a great joy for me and I am so grateful for this. I am honoured to know you, Paul! Paul has enjoyed a long and diverse career as both an artist and record producer which started with his first solo release in 1984 Collection 983: Spectral Voyages." Since that time, he has produced more than 250 albums in a variety of genres and along with recording partner David Lanz, created three top selling albums for Narada/EMI Records. Paul's credits also include two collaborations with Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield; the Grammy nominated video album TeleVoid and the celebrated progressive rock opus Hells Canyon. Wonders is his 13th album. Please see Paul's channel for more information: or go to: The Gobi is the largest desert region in Asia and the fifth largest desert in the world. It occupies an arc of land 1000 mi (1609 km) long and 300600 mi (5001,000 km) wide, with an estimated area of 500000 sq mi (1300000 sq km). The Gobi stretches across huge portions of both Mongolia and China. Much of the Gobi is not sandy ...
  • 357 SIG - Speer Gold Dot (FAIL) - 125 Gr. JHP Ammo Test Jug Test and Water Expansion Test of the 125 Gr. Gold Dot Ammo by Speer in 357 SIG.
  • Klaus Maria Brandauer: Speer in London (Part 1 of 7) February '99. Klaus Maria Brandauer arrives at the Almeida Theatre in London for his English-speaking stage debut in Esther Vilar's Speer. Directing and playing the title role, he and his co-star Sven Eric Bechtolf have 12 days to prepare for their challenge. Film-maker Martin Wagner, who also translated the play, had unprecedented access to the rehearsals. His quietly gripping film captures the underlying tension as the opening night approaches and provides an unique and unpretentious insight into one of the finest actors of his generation. Klaus Maria Brandauer: Speer in London is available as an extra on the DVD of The Agent.
  • Speer Family - After While Original members of the famous Speer Family delight the students at Ben Speer's Stamps/Baxter School of Music, Nashville, August, 1994.
  • Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer Get Cozy Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer Get Cozy We've got the skinny on Ashley Tisdale's new boytoy Scott Speer. We're giving you the complete relationship lowdown right here on ClevverTV. Hey guys, I'm Dana Ward in Beverly Hills and today we're dishing about the new man in Ashley Tisdale's life. After ending a two-year-plus relationship with boy band singer Jared Murillo earlier this year, Ashley found inspiration for her new album AND now she's found a new love interest as well. Music Video director Scott Speer is the lucky guy and the pair couldn't be cozier. Scott's worked with various artists including Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, and Jordan Sparks. He and Ashley first collaborated together in 2007, but now it seems that their work relationship has moved beyond the music video world. Ashley and Scott were seen leaving a lunch date at Toluca Lake restaurant La Loggia. The couple is a great match and Scott is quite the gentleman. In fact, he even opened the door for Miss T. Ashley must be taken with her new love because she tweeted that she was "hanging out with someone special." They've been seen all over town holding hands and being super affectionate-which just proves that they are ready to show the world how they feel about each other! Then to top things off-after winning an MTV Movie Award last weekend, Ashley thanked a long list of supporters, including SCOTT! He even gave her a kiss before she hit the stage. Our guess is that he is around to stay and we think they make a ...
  • David Lanz & Paul Speer - Ode to a Dark Star Song: "Ode to a Dark Star". Piano: David Lanz. Quitar: Paul Speer Album: Bridge of Dreams (1993). Albums can be found here: The piano books and sheets: Books: Sheets: David Lanz about album Bridge of Dreams: "Inspired by ancient storytelling and the writings of Joseph Campbell, Bridge of Dreams was born out my search for a personal mythology. Campbell believed that our world is in great need of modern-day myths based on universal symbols that relate to people everywhere, especially our children. I began to shape a story that I hoped would be understood at this universal level. In essence, I was writing a script from which the music would eventually emerge. The story is of a darkened planet (the Dark Star) whose children learn about the power of music and song in their dreams. Heroically, the children transform their planet with their singing and bring it back into light. My sincere hope for our "Dark Star" is that one day the veil will lift and we will once again realize that we are truly one people." Listen samples from the album here:
  • Hymn Time # 47 The Speer Family -The Old Fashioned Meeting Hymn Time # 47 with Arvin Wynn and the famous Speer family.George Thomas Speer born 1891 died 9-7-1966 Lena Brock Speer born 11-4-1899 died 10-6-1967
  • He's Still in the Fire - The Speer Family Bill Itzel, Karen Apple, Faye Speer, Ben Speer, & Brock
  • visions of space - albert speer - part 2/7 Visions Of Space - 2003 - Albert Speer Size Matters part 2/7
  • visions of space - albert speer - part 1/7 Visions Of Space - 2003 - Albert Speer Size Matters part 1/7 Albert Speer was the architect of Hitler's grim vision. First aired BBC4, 2003; ABC, 2004 In 'Visions of Space', Robert Hughes tackles the work and lives of three remarkable 20th-century architects: Albert Speer, Mies van der Rohe, and Antonio Gaudi - whose work did so much to shape the modern world. Hughes looks at how each one used space in different ways to express our response, respectively, to the power of religion (Gaudi), the power of the State (Speer), and the power of the corporation (Mies van der Rohe). Albert Speer: Size Matters In 1979 Robert Hughes met and interviewed Hitler's architect, Albert Speer, for his landmark series, Shock of the New. Speer died shortly afterwards. Twenty-three years later Hughes discovered the long lost tape of that unique conversation and was inspired to travel back to Germany to examine the legacy of a man who was, for a brief period, the most powerful architect in the world. more about this documentary is here: story/0,12084,885724,00.html
  • Albert Speer - 1 Albert Speer
  • Speer Gold Dot 9mm 147 gr Overview, shooting, and evaluation of the Speer Gold Dot, 9mm 147 grain. Test platform was a Glock 19, 4 inch barrel, using jugs packed with wet newspaper. Chronographed velocity (5 shot average) was 992 fps, 321 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. This is a heavy-for-caliber load, which opens the debate regarding overpenetration and lack of expansion when compared to lighter, faster loads in the same caliber. On this channel, there is also a test for the Gold Dot 124 gr +P, which is also compared to the 147 gr at the end of this video. PLEASE NOTE: This test was in a controlled environment, illustrating possible ballistics; these results are not guaranteed. Self-defense scenarios contain multiple variables that will impact ballistic performance. The law-abiding citizen bears ultimate responsibility for their ammunition choice and insuring reliability in their handgun.
  • "Chaco Vox" by Paul Lawler & Paul Speer Featuring Satine Orient I have the great pleasure and honour to present Chaco Vox, a captivating and mystical soundscape featuring the French vocalist, Satine Orient. Wonders is composed and performed by Paul Lawler from the UK and Paul Speer from the USA. Wonders is a musical journey to awe inspiring places on Planet Earth. Please see Paul Speer's channel for more information: or go to: . My very special thanks and sincere appreciation to Paul Speer and to Paul Lawler for this exciting collaboration! Also many thanks to Satine Orient for the vocals! What a wonderful voice Lyrics: "Another day is rising To the East Two human being whose energy Lives in torment Listen to the mysteries Of Chaco and his winds What do you feel in his stones With silver engravings ? Anasazi, I hear you A new ode is raising At the sunup Ochre, turquoise and dream Moon in front Listen to the mysteries Of Chaco and his winds Do you feel in his stones With silver engravings Wise men and their prayers Their breath whispering Anasazi, I hear you. " About Chaco: Chaco is an enduring enigma for researchers. Almost everything about Chaco is shrouded in mystery. Chaco is a spiritual experience for many, and a moving experience for everyone. Chaco Culture National Historical Park is a United States national historical park hosting the densest and most exceptional concentration of pueblos in the American Southwest. The park is located in northwestern New Mexico, between Albuquerque and Farmington ...
  • Speer Gold Dot .40 S&W 180 gr Test with Denim Ballistic test for the 180 grain Speer Gold Dot, Personal Protection, in .40 S&W. Media utilized was wetpack in one gallon jugs and four layers of denim. Video includes overview, recoil demonstration, and evaluation of penetration/expansion in the test media.
  • .25 ACP - Speer Gold Dot - Ammo Test Jug Test and Water Expansion Test of the 35 Gr. Gold Dot Ammo by Speer in .25 ACP.
  • 3-Devo Speer Racer and Big Mess (screw up) This is the part of the 3-Devo concert that went the worst. Thanks to Brian Applegate, Scott Stanton, and Alex Brunelle of for getting this video to the public. Here is his description of these two songs: "This specific show was an experiment that DEVO signed up for and, of course, went wrong. The sound man apparently thought he was correcting the sync on DEVO's backing track (the one on the film), when in reality, but the offset was supposed to be there to enable the band to keep sync. During "Speed Racer", the band begins to lose sync with the film, and try to stop the show during "Big Mess", to no avail. "Big Mess" is barely played, but we do get to see the whole backing video and hear the click track."
  • Speer Family - Daniel Prayed Speers sing a classic -- Daniel Prayed. Brock Speer, Ben Speer, Faye Speer, Harold Lane and CJ Almgen.
  • "Because He Lives" By Allison Durham Speer allison speer's voice is beautiful
  • David Lanz and Paul Speer - Dragon's Daughter David Lanz feat. Paul Speer enjoy!
  • Speer & Vince Kelvin Giving FREE Advice - Hey guys, Speer here...I decided to bring Vince Kelvin to share some interesting tips and techniques with us. Take it from someone who knows and is recognized by the community as having the BEST PICK UP ARTIST LIFESTYLE. Also make sure you sign up to the Lounge so you too can get a TON OF FREE MATERIAL that helped change my life. Sign up today at http
  • Speers - I Never Shall Forget the Day Personnel: Brock Speer, Ben Speer, Harold Lane, Jeanne Johnson, Sue (Chenault) Dodge, Stephen Speer, Mike James My favorite Speer song...hands down.
  • Speers - He's Still In the Fire Speers - He's Still in the Fire. circa 1990. Members: Brock Speer, Faye Speer, Ben Speer, Bill Itzell, Jane Greene.

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