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  • Mixing either heroin and cocaine or heroin and crack cocaine. Usually injected, but sometimes the cocaine is snorted and the heroin injected. speedballing refers to mixing herion and cocaine. — “Urban Dictionary: speedballing”,
  • SPEEDBALLING: Alarming rise in injection of heroin and crack cocaine in liquid form. Rise of 'speed-balling' is a worrying trend NOTTINGHAM One of eight cities reporting rise in 'speedballing', in which heroin and crack cocaine are injected using the same syringe BIRMINGHAM Khat, a stimulant. — “Cheap pill viagra - professional pharmacy”, students.umb.edu
  • ***s And Heroin. Heroin and ***agers As early as 1996, it was evident that heroin use was becoming increasingly popular among younger Americans. In fact, from 1991 to 1995, heroin use among th Speedballing is when heroin and cocaine are injected into the body together. — “***s And Heroin | ”,
  • Definition of the drug slang term 'Speedballing' from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse glossary of drug street terms. — “Speedballing - Definition of the Term Speedballing”,
  • Cocaine acts as a stimulant, whereas heroin acts as a depressant. U.S. Office of National Drug Policy, National Trends in Drug Abuse Summer 1998, Special Section: Speedballing. — “Speedball (drug) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Miscellaneous Sports question: What is speedballing? Different people have different definitions for speedballing. Some say speedballing is when you do intense uppers and intense downers at the same time. — “ - What is speedballing”,
  • speedball ( ) n. An intravenous dose of cocaine mixed with heroin or an amphetamine. U.S. Office of National Drug Policy, National Trends in Drug Abuse Summer 1998, Special Section: Speedballing. — “Speedball: Definition from ”,
  • SpeedBalling. War is Peace - Freedom is Slavery - Ignorance is Strength These elections are parliamentary, so Hussein would not have to run. — “SpeedBalling: September 2004”,
  • Speedballing appears to be especially concentrated. within particular Does speedballing increase blood borne infections? Does speedballing increase or decrease risk of overdose? Are speedballers are. — “SB Workshop presentation NNEF”,
  • This dangerous combination of drugs is known as "speedballing. "Speedballing" is getting high with cocaine and heroin at the same time. Psychonauts are those who use psychedelic drugs to. — “Drug Slang Terms and Street Name Challenge”,
  • Speedballing term papers and essays This 5 page paper considers mixing cocaine and heroin and injecting the drugs simultaneously, a phenomenon known as speedballing. — “Speedballing”,
  • Speedballing definition, a game similar to soccer with the chief difference that a player catching the ball on the fly can pass it with the hands. See more. — “Speedballing | Define Speedballing at ”,
  • Share your videos with friends, family, and the world speedballing's Channel. Subscribe. Uploads. Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. You must be logged in to view this video. — “YouTube - speedballing's Channel”,
  • Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Diversion Control It is also taken in combination with an opiate, like heroin; a practice commonly referred to as "speedballing. — “Cocaine (Street Names: Coke, Snow, Crack, Rock)”, deadiversion.usdoj.gov
  • (known as speedballing or snowballing) has been increasing. increasing injecting site damage, vein damage and infections. The Harm Reduction Works campaign resources include a booklet to help crack users better understand the risks, and how to reduce them, and a poster to discourage crack. — “Crack & snowballing”,
  • A DRUG craze with junkies speedballing heroin and crack cocaine is on the rise The popularity of 'Speedballing' used for its stimulant-sedative effect is being fuelled by dealers offering discounts bags of both drugs, charity DrugScope today revealed. — “Heroin-crack combo popular | The Sun |News”,
  • Speedballing was carried out daily by two-thirds (55% of sample), and weekly by almost a third (36% of sample). The mean daily number of speedball The present wave of illicit speedballing began around 1990, distinguished by a switch to injecting crack, instead of cocaine powder, with heroin. — “Feature - Multi-Drug Injecting in Manchester : 2007-06-20”,
  • A gossip site for the pharmacological world. Neat facts about drugs and poisons. Mitragynine - Speedballing for lazy people. the principal alkaloid situated in the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa Korth (Kratom, Biak-Biak), a rubiaceous tropical tree that is native to Southeast Asia. — “Drugs and Poisons: Mitragynine - Speedballing for lazy people”,
  • Speedballing generates up to five. times the number of needle hits of Gary Sutton of Release on the speedballing phenomenon. Historically speedballing' goes back. to the upper and middle classes of the. — “Druglink Sept print.v2_NEW.pdf, page 1-36 @ Normalize”,
  • A spiralling epidemic of junkies 'speedballing' heroin and crack cocaine in the same needle has been revealed by drug workers. A spiralling epidemic of junkies "speedballing" heroin and crack cocaine in the same needle has been revealed by drug workers. — “Rise in junkies '***tailing' drugs | News”,
  • OMG! i agree with thumper. Get her away from that stuff. Speedballing is a drug term for the mixing of heroin and cocaine. This is a potentially lethal concoction: the cocaine acts as a stimulant, raising the heartbeat, but its effects wear. — “What is speedballing? I had a friend that told me she was”,
  • Speedballs. The ultimate high?. — “speedballing .com”,
  • In a survey done by the charity DrugScope, it was found that abusing steroids or performance enhancing drugs was a main problem in almost 10 out of 20 town and cities it surveyed. This usage practice is known as "speedballing," and is so common in south London that the combined substances. — “Anabolic Steroids Blog - iSteroids . com " speedballing”,

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  • SPEEDBALL! first time speedballing in over a year :D im in the blue, and part of this skips cuz th editor of this vid sucks :p
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  • Speed balling Strow balling some times is comparable with a race so fastly tractors and balers go along the strow swads. A race need challengers. In this race the challanger is mainly the time. The time because the season is short and use to capacity is necessary for efficiency
  • SPEEDBALLIN.PL:: Speedballing Mixtape Trailer streetball dunks handles www.speedballin.pl World Premiere on June 2005. check my profile to view other SPEEDBALLIN videos!
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  • “Please refrain from double posting questions on the same subject. Thanks. You can strip it to it's bare bones, and it will get the job done, but there are definately better guns out there for speedballing”
    — Tippmann Forum - Tippmann phenom or black apha with e grip,

  • “We want to hear your first impressions of the Sara Bellum Blog! Do you think speedballing is important to know about, there have been alot of famous people to die from it, and alot of young adults use it where I am from”
    — Let's Talk: SBB Wants Your Feedback | The Sara Bellum Blog, ***s.drugabuse.gov

  • “August 28, 2010 | Posted in Steroids Blog. According to a recently concluded survey by a drug charity, young Besides this the survey also found an increase in "speedballing" — injecting heroin and crack cocaine simultaneously”
    — Young Men Population and Anabolic steroids, e-

  • “I have never speedballed before, but gonna soon have access to oxy and coke at once. Making this possible. How dangerous is this though? I know many”
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  • “Nintendo Download Thread: WiiWare/VC/DSiWare - Generic Mascot Platformer Speedballing is clearly a better name. Logged. Pages: 1 19 20 [21] 22 23 66 | Go Up. Print. /forum/ | The Arcade | Press Start | Topic: Nintendo Download Thread: WiiWare/VC/DSiWare - Generic Mascot Platformer”
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  • “forum. Loading. Glass Magazine Blog November 2010. Breaking Glass. 080 That is, if The Knack were speedballing at a field rave. This was the acid house version”
    — glass magazine || blog,

  • “Forum. Blog. Videos. Pictures. Buy Steroids. Steroid Books. Bodybuilding. 26/11/2010 10:13 am. Welcome to - BLOG. Tuesday 07, This usage practice is known as "speedballing," and is so common in south London that the combined substances are treated similar”
    — Anabolic Steroids Blog - iSteroids . com " speedballing,

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