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  • Speechify definition, to make a speech or speeches; harangue. See more. — “Speechify | Define Speechify at ”,
  • Altering speed or volume is easy to do by changing parameters in the Speechify configuration files, and then restarting the Speechify Voice service. To set TTS volume and speed: In a text editor, open the configuration file for the application's TTS voice. — “Tip for April 2006”,
  • We found 22 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word speechify: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "speechify" is defined. General (20 matching dictionaries) speechify: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]. — “Definitions of speechify - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • and purchaser of the Speechify software. Please refer to the SpeechWorks license SpeechWorks is a registered trademark, and OpenSpeech, DialogModules, SMARTRecognizer, Speechify, SpeechSecure,. — “U s e r 's G u i d e”,
  • This is the first deployment of Speechify TTS in the New Zealand market. Accessibility through the telephone remains a top The Speechify solution allows visually impaired people access to the. — “ScanSoft Offers Visually Impaired People Audio Access to The”, .au
  • Speechify employees are here to help. Are you an employee? Join your cookies to participate. People from Speechify 1 employee is helping a. — “Speechify People”,
  • Definition of speechify in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is speechify? Meaning of speechify as a legal term. What does speechify mean in law?. — “speechify legal definition of speechify. speechify synonyms”, legal-
  • Pronunciation of speechify. Translations of speechify. speechify synonyms, speechify antonyms. Information about speechify in the free online English dictionary and speechify - make speeches; hold forth, or harangue with a certain degree of formality; "These ministers speechify on every occasion". — “speechify - definition of speechify by the Free Online”,
  • There has been an error. The content you are looking for can not be © 2002-2010 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Legal. — “Speechify”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for speechify in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “speechify - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. We had to listen to him speechify about what a wonderful governor he. — “Speechify - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • ( Nasdaq: SPWX), the global leader in speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies and services, today announced enhancements to its Speechify(TM) TTS engine, which relays text-based content to callers in a natural-sounding, pleasant voice. — “SpeechWorks Speechify Offers New Advanced Performance”,
  • speechify make speeches; hold forth, or harangue with a certain degree of formality; 'These ministers speechify on every. — “speechify: Information from ”,
  • Speechify is an app for the iPhone and iTouch that translates text into speech. Its voice quality is not quite as good as say, one of those talking greeting cards. — “Speechify Speaks but There's Little Point to Listening | The”,
  • the Speechify utterances we selected sounded highly. natural. The natural waveform phone output produced by the ETI-Eloquence/Speechify. front end for 160,225 randomly-selected English. sentences comprising 11,967,. — “INTEGRATION OF RULE-BASED FORMANT SYNTHESIS AND WAVEFORM”,
  • Definition of speechify from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of speechify. Pronunciation of speechify. Definition of the word speechify. Origin of the word speechify. — “speechify - Definition of speechify at ”,
  • to speechify (third-person singular simple present speechifies, present participle speechifying, simple past and past participle speechified) Caleb was a powerful man and knew little of any fear except the fear of hurting others and the fear of having to speechify. — “speechify - Wiktionary”,
  • voicexml tutorial - speechify tts guide: ssml: Speechify TTS Guide: SSML Now that we've gotten our language availability out of the way, let's see what we can do with them. Speech Synthesis Ma. — “Extreme Docs”,
  • speechify verb - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: to give a speech, especially in a boring way or in a way that shows you think you are important. — “Definition of speechify verb from Cambridge Dictionary Online”,
  • The Setting Up SpeechAccess—Speechify 2.0 document explains how to SpeechAccess—Speechify is a state of the art text-to-speech (TTS) engine that converts. — “Setting Up SpeechAccess—Speechify 2.0”,
  • v. -- to speechify is to incessantly, superfluously bloviate in regards to an issue that usually calls for more direct action (or a change of cours. — “Urban Dictionary: speechify”,

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  • CM Punk Crashes WWE Panel, Confronts Triple H! READ DESCRIPTION! Sorry guys,no HQ this time :( This afternoon, with yours truly present, CM Punk crashed the the joint Mattel/WWE panel -- WWE: Past, Present and Future -- at San Diego Comic-Con. Punk announced himself via bullhorn and then, with WWE Title in hand, took to the designated question-asking mic and began to awesomely speechify! Punk took exception to the fact that they were trying to crown a new champ on RAW and then challenged Rey, or anyone else who wanted to be champ, to head out to Chicago to take him on. Punk then also asked Triple H and RAW writer Brain Gewirtz why Zack Ryder wasn't on TV. Triple H, in what seemed to be a part of a storyline, told Punk that things had changed on RAW and that there was a new regime. He told Punk to give him a call. Punk responded by telling Hunter that he was sure Stephanie had his number Link to the site: Subscribe! :):)
  • The Oscar Man The winners bound onstage. They hold their prize aloft. They speechify. Inevitably, someone says "Wow, I didn't think it would be this heavy!" And Jasper Spittingsworth sheds a tear, knowing full well how little Pepe struggled with weight issues in the workshop.
  • "Hobo Jerry" companion song to RMF short-short A companion song to Robert's short-short by the same name. Co-written by Chad Watson, you might have heard the fully-produced version of this song (featuring John McEuen on banjo and Mickey Raphael on Harmonica) on XM Satellite Radio's "The Village." There is also a YouTube video of Robert reading the actual story in its entirety. HOBO JERRY (Robert Morgan Fisher/Extended Family Music-BMI and Chad Watson/Missouri Man Music-BMI) ROBERT: Chad's friend. Another true story. Actual name: Hobo Kelly -- but there was a TV clown by that name for years in LA and Jerry makes a better rhyme with "bury." Betcha didn't know Ned Beatty was the best washtub bass player in the biz. ROBERT MORGAN FISHER -- VOCALS, ACOUSTIC GUITAR NED BEATTY -- WASHTUB BASS JOHN McEUEN -- BANJO MICKEY RAPHAEL -- HARMONICA CHAD WATSON -- UPRIGHT BASS Go tell Texas Slim and good ol' Lonesome Lou Andy Lang from the Lakeshore Gang way up in Kalamazoo Go tell the Singin' Brakeman to spread it on down the line We're gonna bury Hobo Jerry for the very last time Tell the lion tamer, the acrobat on high, The raconteurs and the troubadours who love to speechify Go tell the geeks and sideshow freaks to consecrate a shrine So we can bury Hobo Jerry for the very last time Carve him out a tombstone, there'll be no resurrection He won't exhume by the light of the moon For your Saturday night attraction A Barnum-Bailey epitaph for a son way past his prime Oh lay him down in darkness, the Sovereign of this land And if you ...
  • Speechify 4.avi The 4th Speech Contest in MLI
  • Social Justice in the Digital Information Age 6 of 6 This round table discussion among civil rights and civil liberties experts in the US will consider a number of challenges to their work in the new millennium. Computing technology is integrating itself into every aspect of domestic life. Education, employment, and housing opportunities are found more and more often only online. Changing laws regarding the use of CCTV, traffic cameras, are blanketing the landscape with means for cash strapped regions to find new revenue. Employment opportunities are more often only available through web-forms that collect personal information that can be instantly matched with other data that could disqualify a candidate because of poor credit scores. Voting rights are on shifting ground that may require a host of actions by voters who have voted for decades in order for them to cast a ballot in next year's election. Immigrant or citizen there is no one way to know--but efforts at finding the way of knowing the difference, and then according civil rights to one while withholding rights to those who cannot pass the test. Moderator: Chip Pitts: Lecturer, Stanford Law School Panelists: Shahid Buttar: US Bill of Rights Defense Committee (Modern COINTELPRO) Sharon Goott Nissim: Consumer Rights Counsel, EPIC (Employee Rights) Johnny Barnes: ACLU District of Columbia (Surveillance and Civil Liberties) Grisella M. Martinez: Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, National Immigration Forum Wendy Weiser Director of Democracy Program Voting ...
  • WATCH ME SPEECHIFY! (27 - 2/11/10) LINK BAR Search for "TB1fan" on YouTube Search "ACthelegend" on YouTube J3P VLOGS WEBSITE www.j3 J3P FILMS WEBSITE http
  • Tucker Carlson on save Congress Tour.wmv Carson Sr. Fellow of the CATO Institute lists recent failures of the Speechify-er- in-Chief to show that Obama's Campaign Tour for Democrats will be a bust
  • Brad Parker - PDA Healthcare Not Warfare forum April 2009 This is a clip from a Progressive Democrats of America Healthcare Not Warfare forum held in Santa Monica, California in April 2009. Many of the subjects that are discussed in my book, Left Turn Only / Dispatches From The Progressive Underground, are covered in this presentation. In it, I speechify, testify and raise the roof with song. It is low tech in production and high tech in concepts, issues, ideas and collaboration. Props to all of our PDA family who are so important in everything I do in the Progressive Movement: PDA National - Tim Carpenter, Mimi Kennedy, Lila Garrett, Laura Bonham, Tom Hayden & Norman Solomon - our PDA SoCal crew - Marcy Winograd, Jo Olson, Ahjamu Makalani, Wayne Williams, Margie Murray, Linda Sutton, Leah Herzberg, Dorothy Reik, Linda Millazo, Maureen Cruise, Susan Haskell, Ricco Ross, Dr. Bill Honigman, Tom English and all of the Progressive Swarm across the nation! You can get a copy of, "Left Turn Only" on Amazon and on Kindle - bit.ly :: further... BP
  • Our MR. EMMETT FREESPEECH Talks About His Aspirations and His Highly Alphabetic Lifestyle *Make sure to see the OTHER Mr. Emmett Freespeech YouTube Videos!* Not too many people know this, but for 100 bucks plus expenses, Mr. Freespeech will come and speechify at your Fourth of July Picnic! His family abandoned him long ago, so he is always free on holidays. Surprisingly, Emmett is also a very eligible bachelor and has a very sensitive heart which is easily broken. Mr Freespeech is not dating at the present time, but he is willing to discuss hallway gropes with women over 50 who have a current ID. C. CF 2009
  • the miaowmiaowww,the moose,the miaooooooooose.. 1/2 way through a cask..all potted and cinnamonised.me and my miaowmiaoww reminiscise and speechify about the miaowmiaowww
  • Disability Speech OPM Director John Berry spoke at the 29th Annual Perspectives on Employment of Persons with Disabilities Conference in Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Kara Hultgreen mishap Contains info from MIR, etc. location of mishap: MIR: === note on comments: YouTube isn't the place for long speeches, and anyone repeatedly extending unilaterally beyond 2 comment blocks will have those comments deleted and handle blocked temporarily. want to speechify here? write it elsewhere and include a tinyurl link or similar in the comment block (with the URL appropriately disguised so it'll publish). otherwise it's takeover clutter. just blocked, unblocked, then reblocked whiteej21 for yapping about 8 comments in a row. situation awareness; try it.
  • The Privacy Profession- Corporate Apologists, or Agents of Positive Change 4 of 5 Much of the recent privacy debate in the United States and Europe centers around the concepts of Privacy by Design and the need for companies and organizations to be more accountable for the information they collect and use. At the center of these efforts are the privacy professionals who shape how companies and organizations govern data. But are these professionals merely looking to justify and defend poor practices or are they positive agents for change helping to better protect privacy? Moderator: Trevor Hughes: President and CEO, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Panelists: Mary Ellen Callahan: Chief Privacy Officer, Department of Homeland Security Nuala O'Connor Kelly: Senior Counsel and Information Governance & Chief Privacy Leader, General Electric Jonathan Cantor: Chief Privacy Officer, Department of Commerce
  • If today is anything like the typical day Rep. Hastings: "if today is anything like the typical day of the past three years, three american soldiers will die in iraq or afghanistan , and the taliban will get a little stronger in afghanistan and the civil war will continue to be enhanced in iraq. and the american people will watch their congress do nothing but listen to a bunch of demagogues who claim a crisis in the united states courts. the middle east is literally going up in flames, as is california and katrina's problems haven't been solved, and congress' response is to criticize federal judges. today in america, 110 people will be treated in an emergency room for their wounds from a handgun, and there's an epidemic of violence with reference to handguns, particularly by our youth, in this country. 1500 people will die of cancer today in america and 1900 people will die of heart disease, and the united states house of representatives will speechify about patriotism. let me tell you something, madam speaker. patriots try to solve real problems and not seek out remedies to perceived problems."
  • EAS Tornado Warning 2 This EAS bulletin uses the better-known black screen used for cable EAS alerts. The tornado warning is itself fictitious and never happened. I utilized a demo version of Speechify from to produce the vocal effects. As I recall, I used the "Samantha" voice.

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  • “Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world”

  • “Social forum / text to speech. text to speech. by Jurgis Pralgauskis - Wednesday, 13 April 2005, 07:05 AM. hello everyone, a few Speechify Solo is integrated into the CALL system sold by Uchida Yoko in Japan. I talked them into selling”
    — Lounge: text to speech,

  • “Creative conservative minds producing political satire. I need to speechify. 0 1. Will Profit. April 22nd, 2010 "And that's why they call him, Larry "The Club" King!" 0 1. Moe Tom. April 22nd, 2010”
    — " Blog Archive " Earth Day Caption Contest,

  • “Read T O D A Y 39 S PLAYLIST by P A T S Y on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. Did you know that, on Friday nights, Myrrh (glasski”
    — T O D A Y ' S PLAYLIST - P A T S Y's Myspace Blog | FOP,

  • “If the free version of the application is successful, additional more modern voices will be added to Speechify Pro. Speechify Pro (to be developed) will not have this restriction”
    — Appstore new free apps: Speechify - Fileminers,

  • “Daily Mail in outstanding denigrating Thousands of Mini enthusiasts took to the roads today to speechify on Mini's 50th anniversary. in outstanding denigrating in outstanding To speechify on the 50th anniversary the aboriginal 51 Minis to”
    — classics today " Blog Archive " A celebrated Mini lifetime,

  • “MetaChat - Speechify! In response to: Speechify! In response to: Speechify!”
    — MetaChat - Speechify!,

  • “Mit der Haftung für dummes Herumbänkern und anderes "unfähiges" Speechify. Futuristically. Operably. Resecting. Proselytizer. Expostulate. Effectives”
    — Fenrir " Blog Archiv " Hmm,

  • “ASUS Forum Administrator. 5,005,343 members have posted a total of 358,095 topics and 1, Location : Forum > ASUS Member profile. ASUS Member profile. Speechify. VIP Member. Posts : 2”
    — ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum-,

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