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  • Specifies the location of the XML configuration to use. Potential values are a filesystem path, a URL, or a classpath resource. Specifies the location of the License file (a.k.a. the header file). — “Maven Checkstyle Plugin - checkstyle:checkstyle”,
  • This option specifies the name under which resources for the application should be found. This option specifies the title to be used for this window. — “Linux and UNIX x command help”,
  • Specifies the name of the JSPWiki template used by this wiki portlet. Specifies the list of channel names (either portlets or provider channels) which this wiki portlet allows the. — “Configuring the Wiki Portlet (Sun Java System Portal Server”,
  • Variant of type String that specifies the window ornaments for the dialog box, using one or more of the following semicolon-delimited values: Specifies whether the dialog window displays a status bar. The default is yes for untrusted dialog windows and no for trusted dialog windows. — “showModelessDialog Method (window, Window Constructor)”,
  • AutoReverse="True" specifies that when the animation ends, it goes in reverse. The second key frame (SplineDoubleKeyFrame) specifies that the height of the rectangle is 300 at time 0.8. — “Quickstart : Animations - The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site”,
  • textures - Specifies an array containing the names of the textures to be queried constant) lists - Specifies the address of an array of name offsets. — “BGL”,
  • This section describes the org.apache.axis2.rpc.client.RPCServiceClient class that represents an RPC based Web service client. The invokeBlocking() method can be used to returnValues = invokeBlocking(operationQName, args) // "operationQName" specifies an operation within the service // using a new. — “org.apache.axis2.rpc.client.RPCServiceClient Class”,
  • Specifies the correspondence of a method in the bean class with a createMETHOD method for an adapted EJB 2.1 EJBHome or EJBLocalHome client view. Specifies the local home interface of the bean class. The local home interface provides methods that local clients—those running in the same. — “EJB 3.0 Metadata Annotations Reference”,
  • Gateway : Specifies the forwarding or next hop IP address over which the set of addresses metric Metric : Specifies an integer cost metric (ranging from 1 to 9999) for the route,. — “Microsoft Windows XP - Route”,
  • Specifies a private key using predefined parameters with special optimizations found in Specifies a public key using predefined parameters with special optimizations found in standards for use in EC operations. — “Elliptic Curve Types”,
  • Learn about Go Live with CA Technologies' combined Services, Education and Support. Find Services By Product Category. Services by Practice Area. Software. — “SupportConnect”,
  • Free HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript DHTML XML DOM XSL XSLT RSS AJAX ASP ADO PHP SQL tutorials, references, examples for web building. Specifies extra information about an element. — “HTML hr tag”, w3
  • stopping rule ( ′stäpiŋ ′rül ) ( statistics ) A rule which specifies when observation is to be discontinued in sequential. — “Stopping time: Definition from ”,
  • Specifies whether or not the element has an accelerator key, which is a shortcut for selecting the element. Specifies the x-position of a background image for an element. — “CSS: div”,
  • Specifies that binary data shall be converted to a NULL value. Specifies a scrollable cursor for a statement resource. This mode enables random access to rows in a result set, but currently is supported only by IBM DB2 Universal Database. — “PHP: Predefined Constants - Manual”,
  • Specifies and chameleon-like change in colour of graphics, fonts and backgrounds. — “Urban Dictionary: specifies”,
  • specifies the locale which determines the character set in use. specifies the language CLISP uses to communicate with the user, unless it is already specified through the. — “clisp”,
  • Definition of specifies in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of specifies. Pronunciation of specifies. Translations of specifies. specifies synonyms, specifies antonyms. Information about specifies in the free online English dictionary and. — “specifies - definition of specifies by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of specifies in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is specifies? Meaning of specifies as a legal term. What does specifies mean in law?. — “specifies legal definition of specifies. specifies synonyms”, legal-
  • The classes.conf file defines the local printer classes that are available. It is normally located in the /etc/cups directory and is generated Specifies the error policy for the printer. — “classes.conf(5): class config file for cups - Linux man page”,

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  • “Is Barack Hussein Obama the first-ever President to give a flagless press CONFERENCE? There is a difference between a press briefing and a press May 2010, White House Pro-Terrorism John Brennan Speechifies in Arabic, Equates Terrorists with Shoplifters, Lawmakers Call for his Firing”
    — Did the Resident™ give the first ever "Flagless" press,

  • “The New English Review - A monthly political/cultural magazine with a literary slant. The Iconoclast is a group blog featuring Hugh Fitzgerald, Mary Jackson, Rebecca Bynum, Theodore Dalrymple, Jerry Gordon, Norman Berdichevsky, Artemis Gordon”
    — The Iconoclast,

  • “A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective. We are developing the social individualist meta-context for the future. From the very serious to the extremely frivolous. He lobbies politicians, he speechifies, he writes books”
    — Hernando de Soto speaks | ,

  • “As the President took the podium at American University yesterday to lecture the nation about comprehensive immigration reform, the rest of the world continued”
    — 21 killed near U.S.-Ariz. border as Obama speechifies about,

  • “West Seattle Blog - West Seattle news, information, and discussion, updated multiple times daily, 24/7/365 I see a man who, when he speechifies (love that word - lol), sometimes seems very disingenuous, and ill at ease”
    — West Seattle Blog,

  • “People of all political beliefs often consider Ayn Rand required reading, but excerpt from the book, Francisco d'Anconia speechifies: Money is a tool of exchange,”
    — Where in the World is John Galt?,

  • “Ed Hollis reflects on his burgeoning radio career, on Vermeer and on his mother hogging the limelight at the launch of his book, The Secret Lives of Buildings”
    — Vermeer and a posh curry - Ed Hollis' Blog - Comment and,

  • “At first I thought Obama had my blog bookmarked because I called her a pig a couple of Okay, so Obama speechifies and calls this a made up controversy, which it obviously is”
    — Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Go!: The Pig Trifecta,

  • “Discount Accutane, Cephalexin Without A Prescription, Discount Oxycontin Online, Discount Zyrtec No Rx Cloverdale and partially off-the-peg and anti-national tollbooths speechifies to pipe up your lipoprotein polymorphism before a sacred Ellies”
    — Discount Accutane - Get Your 15% Discount, .au

  • “PrisonPlanet Forum > ***THE MAIN BOARDS - Welcome to the Prison Planet Educational Forum and Library*** > General Discussion for the Prison Ehud Olmert speechifies endlessly, at least one speech per day, today”
    — Hidden Agenda Manifest Destiny and Israel,

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