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  • Speakeasies, which were the bane of law enforcement officials around the United States, are one of the most interesting items that existed during Prohibition. The speakeasy was the liquor shop of the Prohibition era and provided alcohol to the masses for somewhat low prices. — “speakeasies - onamissionrevived”,
  • Algonquin Round Table web site describes speakeasies during the 1920s. Jazz, Flappers, and Speakeasies Define the 20's. Companion web site to the show "Riverwalk, Live From the Landing" features this segment on "Speakeasies, Flappers & Red Hot Jazz: Music of the Prohibition. — “Speakeasies:”,
  • Magnetic teaching models for classrooms, intermediate grades through high school, to facilitate lecture and review on science-related topics. Speakeasies colorful visual aids show common biological systems, good for English language learners. — “Speak Easies: Magnetic Teaching Aids for the Classroom”, speakeasies.biz
  • A speakeasy, also called a blind pig or blind tiger, is an establishment that illegally sells alcoholic beverages. The term "speakeasy" might have originated in Pennsylvania in 1888, when the Brooks High-License Act raised the state's fee for a saloon license. — “Speakeasy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Speakeasies, which were the bane of law enforcement officials around the United States, are one of the most interesting items that existed during Prohibition. The speakeasy was the liquor shop of the Prohibition era and provided alcohol to the masses for somewhat low prices. — “Speakeasies”,
  • As law enforcement officials shut down saloons across the country, speakeasies — illegal bars — sprouted up quickly. The growth of speakeasies had tremendous ramifications for the development of jazz. — “PBS - JAZZ A Film By Ken Burns: Jazz Exchange - Speakeasies”,
  • As the speakeasy era of the 1920s careened into the hardscrabble days of the 1930s, people flocked to Pittsburgh nightclubs such as the Savoy Ballroom, the Harlem Casino, the Collins Inn, the New Granada and Bill Green's Casino and Terraced Gardens. — “1920 to 1939: From Speakeasies to Harlem Nights”,
  • Speakeasies, Flappers & Red Hot Jazz: Music of the Prohibition In speakeasies, they drank bootleg liquor out of tea cups--just in case there was a police raid. — “: JazzNotes : Speakeasies, Flappers & Red Hot Jazz: Music of”,
  • Prohibition, Speakeasies, jazz and flappers of the 1920's. — “Speakeasies of the Prohibition Era”,
  • Speakeasies were formed in the 1920's as a means to get around the everyday hassle of law enforcement By the middle of the decade there were thought to be 100,000 speakeasies in New York City alone. — “Speakeasies”, alliance.ed.uiuc.edu
  • Recent news and coverage of speakeasies. Filed Under: ***tails, lower east side tenement museum, museum of the city of new york, nightlife, pop-ups, speakeasies, the great outdoors. — “Speakeasies: News & Coverage on New York Magazine”,
  • Speakeasies music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Speakeasies on Yahoo! Music. — “Speakeasies on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Speakeasies definition, a saloon or nightclub selling alcoholic beverages illegally, esp. during Prohibition. See more. — “Speakeasies | Define Speakeasies at ”,
  • speakeasy n. , pl. , -ies . A place for the illegal sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks, as during Prohibition in the United. — “speakeasy: Definition from ”,
  • One statistic that shows the overwhelming growth of speakeasies is for the city of Detroit. A Historical Display of Speakeasies, including the "rules. — “The Rise of Speakeasies”, albany.edu
  • Speakeasies hid in plain sight among other types of businesses. There were speakeasies in almost every community, serving up all the illegal alcohol their customers wanted. — “Speakeasies: Getting Alcohol in the Roaring Twenties”, suite101.com
  • After the 18th Amendment was passed in 1920 the people still wanted to drink. Thus was born the underground institution of drinking in gin joints called the speakeasy. — “Secret gin joints of the 1920's”,
  • speakeasies. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search /wiki/speakeasies" Categories: English plurals | English plurals ending in ". — “speakeasies - Wiktionary”,
  • Myspace profile for The Speakeasies - in production - 7" vinyl 2 . Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “The Speakeasies - in production - 7" vinyl 2 on Myspace Music”,
  • o Prohibition(banned the sale of liquor) was the main reason for speakeasies being formed o By the middle of the 20's there were 100,000 speakeasies in New York itself. — “Speakeasies - Great Gatsby”,
  • Chicago bar reviews, ideas for bachelor & bachelorette parties, a comprehensive listing of Chicago beer gardens, daily food & drink specials - all of which are presented by local drinkers with a writing problem. — “Former Speakeasies: Chicago Bar Project”,
  • The Museum of the City of New York recently opened a speakeasy serving Prohibition-era drinks. While fancy speakeasies with high-end liquor, a big band, dancing girls, and gambling existed, they're more gangster-mythology than fact. — “Drinks By Decade: The 1920s - ”,
  • Those who frequented speakeasies usually brought their own liquor with them, transporting it in their coat pockets, purses, or, as this woman demonstrates, in their stockings! Police raid a speakeasy. Law enforcement agents confiscate and destroy alcohol. Men drink in a speakeasy. — “Speakeasies and Prohibition”,

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  • The Speakeasies Swing Band ! - St. James Infirmary - Live at Block 33 - Swingalonica 24/5/2010
  • The Speakeasies Swing Band! - Blue Angel (Live at Block 33, 28/12/2010) The Speakeasies Swing Band! live at Block 33, Thessaloniki 28/12/2010
  • The Hoedown at the Speakeasy Skip to 3:50 to skip all the boring parts. This is a silent film project for history. It's about the rough times of the 1920s, for a communist. Cast: Khenkai Li Jasung Lee Ryan Ward Ilia Potanin Evan Strom Boris Poutivski Zack Owen
  • Real Richard Nixon: EARLY YEARS (5) - Fraternities & Speakeasies -Clip 5 (of 10)- The Real Richard Nixon Vol. 1: "Early Years" Interview with Frank Gannon In this interview/documentary segment, President Richard Nixon discusses the college group that he started, the Orthogonians, his hazing initiation into the Whittier College Glee Club, and his foray into a San Francisco speakeasy during the days of Prohibition. The video clip comes from 38 hours of interviews that Nixon did with Frank Gannon in 1983 during eight days of interviews spread out over several months. Gannon used to work for Nixon and was well acquainted with the former president. Subsequently, Nixon is more at ease and open here than in most of his recorded interviews.
  • Speakeasies Teacher produced documentary on 1920's Speakeasies of New York City created during Prohibition.
  • the Speakeasies Swing Band ! - I ' ve found a new baby . Radio Arvyla - 27/12/10 The Speakeasies Swing Band performing the song "I 've found a new baby", live from the studio of the greek TV show Radio Arvyla. The members of the band are: Caterina Sisinni - Vocals Panos Karnoutsos - Electric guitar Giannis Ntalianis - Acoustic guitar Panos Voulgarakis - Double bass Manolis Stamatiadis - Piano Ilias Girbas - Clarinet Thanos Anagnostopoulos - Violin Stergios Koias - Drums
  • Crean String Band 1982 - Those Days Of Speakeasies, Gangsters, & Gals 15th Place
  • The speakeasies swing band -Tu vo fa l'americano- Block 33 -24/5/10 Tu vo fa l'americano - The Speakeasies Swing Band live at Block 33
  • put down your lies - The Speakeasies live @ Jimmy Jazz, Jan 23/09 video courtesy of Abnormal Spaces
  • The SpeakEasy; Hunts Point, BX pt 1 Faro-Z and Cavalier of New Rap Order intro the December installment of The SpeakEasy in Hunts Point, The Bronx. The landmark Banknote Building hosted our send off of long time icon residents TME Printing, headed by artist and print master Dolge. Just-Ice kept our vibes authentic in the borough where it all began. Special moments with the Bronx's own, YC the Cynic, StarPower of The Dugout, North of Division X, Hipnotic, and NRO songstress TreZure the Empress made the night unforgettable... that and Chay The Great's Mac and Cheese! Peep the intro and peep part two for some of the moments. Much love to DJs Just-Ice and FredOnes of TME Pro and to Dolge of TME printing for sharing, building, motivating, and inspiring us.. and for the free amazing T shirts. We are the renaissance... month to month, crib to crib... to keep informed on the locations of upcoming SpeakEasies, or to submit a place to host The SpeakEasy email [email protected]
  • The Speakeasies Swing Band! - Βίρα τις άγκυρες (Live at Block 33, 28/12/2010) The Speakeasies Swing Band! live at Block 33, Thessaloniki 28/12/2010
  • Race for Dignity with The Speakeasies The Race for Dignity is a 14-hour stationary bike marathon held on University campuses across Canada. The Speakeasies are considered to be one of Guelph's most loved bands.
  • The Speakeasies perform 'Bringing you down' at King Tuts West of Scotland band The Speakeasies sing their original composition 'Bringing you Down' at King Tuts, Glasgow. The newcomers are imprerssing with their energetic rock numbers as well as more thoughtful commentaries on modern life. More to come from these guys.
  • The Speakeasies performing 'Bringing you down' (acoustic version) The Speakeasies singing 'Bringing You Down' giving us a warning about the dangers of substance abuse. The Vid might be humerous in parts but the problems of alcohol or drug abuse are all too serious. Drink responsibly guys!
  • The speakeasies swing band - It don't mean a thing -Block 33 It don't mean a thing 1943 - The Speakeasies Swing Band live at Block 33
  • "Speakeasy" - my 3D short movie project Here is a short clip I made for the school. It's the first time I use 3ds MAX. It took 3 months to do. I wanted to make a classic 30's style italian restaurant, the only place where people could drink alcohol illegally : the Speakeasies. The 2 musics are : Rob Dougan - Nothing At All (instrumental) Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death II
  • Flappers, Speakeasies, and the Birth of Modern Culture (Flapper Fashion rough cut) The Documentary is now available on video-on-demand at . Featured on PBS.
  • The Speakeasies promo 2 The burlesque act "The Speakeasies" promoting their Red Light Wednesdays show. Come out and see them at the Townhouse ***tails in Venice Beach California
  • The SpeakEasy; Hunts Point, BX pt 2 The SpeakEasy continues, and we are grateful for such an amazing community here in NYC. This installment of The SpeakEasy takes place in the hip-hop spawning grounds of the Bronx, in the historical BankNote Building in Hunts Point. Among this landmark edifice's residents include TME Studios, a herald and maintainer of art and culture, housing both TME Recording Studios and TME Printing. Hip-Hop icon and pioneer Just-Ice DJ'd the night and we saw amazing contributions from Uptown's own YC The Cynic, StarPower, Hipnotic, North from Division X, and TreZure the Empress. We ate, we drank, we gave away exclusive prints courtesy of TME Printing head and artist, Dolge. The night before NYE we closed the year beautifully in the heart of the birthplace of Hip-Hop. Next stop, Crown Heights (January)... Share. Build. Motivate. Inspire. For addresses to the next SpeakEasies etc. email me direct [email protected]
  • The Speakeasies Swing Band! - Tu vuò fà l'americano (Live at Block 33, 28/12/2010) The Speakeasies Swing Band! live at Block 33, Thessaloniki 28/12/2010
  • The speakeasies swing band - Fever -Block 33 Fever - The Speakeasies Swing Band live at Block 33 with Katerina Sisinni and Panos Voulgarakis
  • Speakeasies E-Bar
  • the Speakeasies' Swing Band! - All of me live on Cooradio (part 1/15) recorded at Orange Studios no Friday 09/07/2010 www.speakeasies.gr
  • the Speakeasies Swing Band! - You're drivin' me crazy /thespeakeasiessalonica
  • Gay Speakeasies In 2007, 26 states had constitutional amendments explicitly barring the recognition of same-*** marriage, 18 prohibit the legal recognition of ANY same-*** union. In 2008, California, Florida, and Arizona join the list. In 1913, 30 states enforced laws banning marriage between whites and non-whites. In 1924 the Virginia Legislature made marriage between white persons and non-white persons a felony. These laws remained in effect until 1967 when the US Supreme Court found them to be contrary to the guarantees of the US Constitution. Will America have to wait another generation to embrace equality for all? Help overturn Prop 8 and fight inequality everywhere you find it.
  • Crystalised The XX cover by Speakeasies Our first upload, not perfect but we hope you like it. =]
  • Public Speakeasy Toastmasters Public Speakeasy Toastmasters held an Open House meeting, geared toward non-Toastmasters who want to see what a Toastmasters meeting is like.
  • The Speakeasies Swing Band - You're Driving Me Crazy (Live in Thessaloniki 25/09/2010)
  • The Speakeasies Swing Band - Summertime (Live in Thessaloniki 25/09/2010)
  • Summer Speakeasies at the Museum of the City of New York! Every Wednesday night come to The Museum of the City of New York for The Speakeasy! Enjoy live music, dancing, and classic ***tails on the front terrace overlooking Central Park. Don't forget to come inside for museum tours, our 1920s Flapper Jane exhibit and our great gift shop. See you there! Museum of the City of New York 1220 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10029 Wednesdays from 6-9pm through August 18th Tickets $15, Museum Members $10 (both include one FREE drink) Buy your tickets here!
  • Always Like This Bombay Bicycle Club cover by Speakeasies Cover of Always Like This by Bombay Bicycle club. Not one of our best songs but we thought we'd put it out there :)
  • The Speakeasies at King Tuts, Glasgow West of Scotland band the Speakeasies performing 'Take me Home' during their first outing at the legendary King Tuts venue in Glasgow. These guys prove that rock and roll with its roots in the streets is alive and well in Scotland. We'll be hearing more from the Speakeasies!
  • Speakeasies, Moonshine and Whiskey Blues Speakeasy history is one of the themes explored at the Museum of The American Gangster
  • The Speakeasies Swing Band! - Tuxedo Junction (Live at Block 33, 28/12/2010) The Speakeasies Swing Band! live at Block 33, Thessaloniki 28/12/2010
  • Better Side- The Speakeasies From The Speakeasies debut album "the better side of not so good".
  • THE SPEAKEASIES- "Hope That Lives Today" Music Video Official AVAILABLE IN HD "Hope That Lives today" by The Speakeasies Directed by Angus McLellan Produced by Dave McLeod for Guerilla Force Films/Bleeding Apple Edited by DCS Features Michele Walter of Farewell to Freeway, and Duncan McLellan Special thanks to Aggie Mlynarz and Erin Stuart for helping out.
  • the Speakeasies Swing Band! - Why don't you do right - Live @ Principal 11/12/2010 the Speakeasies Swing Band! - Why don't you do right - Live @ Principal 11/12/2010 at Swingalonica.
  • Episode 32: The Speakeasies (1 of 2) My First Project
  • New York | Secret Bars of the East Village Go to for more insider travel videos and tips. A hidden stairwell. An inconspicuous telephone booth. Let Laura from the Bowery Hotel be your guide to downtown's hottest speakeasies. is the web's first collection of true destination experts. Check out our channel at Shot by: Thiago Da Costa. Edited by: Thiago Da Costa, Katie Ennis, Zack Wolder.
  • Bugsy Malone - Speak Easy
  • Boardwalk Empire: Speakeasy Tour (HBO) A fascinating insider's tour of Chicago's famed Prohibition speakeasies with cast members from "Boardwalk Empire." For more information, go to itsh.bo
  • The speakeasies swing band - Tuxedo Junction - Street Parade The speakeasies swing band - Street Parade 2010 Thessaloniki

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  • “At one time, Washington state was home to more than 4,000 speakeasies. Blog. My Account. Seattle news culture entertainment Seattle " 'Deadliest Catch' producers to make mining show | Main | Weather:”
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  • “In the mid-1920s, some sources estimate that in New York City alone there were tens of thousands of speakeasies. a curiosity from history books for the rest, but speakeasies are back and spreading quickly in New York City”
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