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  • Spaza. In parts of Africa, in the poorer, rural and peri-urban areas there are many small shops or convenience stores which are called "Spaza" shops. Spaza Double Caps - in which the lower case characters have been replaced by an alternate set of capital letters. — “Spaza : MyFonts”,
  • Spaza shop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. A Spaza shop is an informal convenience shop business in South Africa, usually run from home.[1] They also serve the purpose of supplementing household incomes of the owners, selling everyday small household items. — “Spaza shop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bread and Butter by Rattex minimum, working with SA hip hop legend and label mate, Ben Sharpa, Lungelo (who recently signed to TS Records), Kritsi Ye'Spaza and Driemanskap. — “Bread and Butter - Rattex | ”,
  • Buy 'Spaza Shop' by Maree Clarkson as a Greeting Card, Matted Print, Laminated Print, Mounted Print, Canvas Print, Framed Print, or Poster [5539850-1] "There are at least 100 000 spaza shops in South Africa – with an estimated 40 000 located in Gauteng – with a collective turnover of well over R7. — “"Spaza Shop" Fine Art Print by Maree Clarkson [5539850-1”,
  • belongs to and State of Emergence. Other associated initiatives: . . . . . . . . . — “Holding thumbs, hold thumbs, good luck, cross fingers, South”,
  • SpaZA Day Spa is the perfect destination for relaxation. Offering Massages, Acne Skin Care, Chemical Peels, Waxing, Scrubs, ***age Skin Care & Aging Skin Care Treatments in Ellington, MO & Van Buren, MO 573-714-5899 or 573-663-7145 for an. — “SpaZA' DAY SPA - Home”,
  • Carnivore v ThunderGun v Sanza @ Spaza Art. Submitted by SJ on July 30, 2006 – 11:15 pmNo Comment. Well we finally got around to doing some food reviews This past weekend we went to three completely different restaurants to check them out and let you know what we think. — “REPRESENT.CO.ZA " Carnivore v ThunderGun v Sanza @ Spaza Art”,
  • A MAN was stoned to death by an angry mob after he and another gunman attacked a spaza shop owner in Lower Crossroads. Mzwandile Sicholo, the owner of the Come Again spaza shop, is undergoing surgery today to remove three bullets from his body. — “Cape Argus: 2 die in spaza mob revenge”,
  • A man was stoned to death by an angry mob and another shot dead after they attacked a spaza shop owner in Lower Crossroads, Cape Town. — “News - Crime & Courts: Two die in spaza mob 'revenge'”,
  • "Spaza" shops lining Somerset Road, Green Point "Spaza" shops lining Somerset Road, Green "Spaza" shops lining Somerset Road, Green Point "Spaza" shops lining Somerset Road, Green. — “Picasa Web Albums - Janet's Hiking Pics - Fan Walk and”,
  • Spaza Shop Contact Information. Jan Winje. Spaza Shop at Winje's Farm © 2009 by Russell Winje [email protected] --- Last updated on July 21, 2009. — “Spaza Shop Surprise Valley, California - Home Page”,
  • Home. Make a FriendPage! Member Login. Browse Pages. Help. spaza. Home. Make a FriendPage! Member Login. Browse Pages. Help. — “Aaron's Home Page”,
  • Definition of spaza shop in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of spaza shop. Pronunciation of spaza shop. Translations of spaza shop. spaza shop synonyms, spaza shop antonyms. Information about spaza shop in the free online English dictionary and. — “spaza shop - definition of spaza shop by the Free Online”,
  • Create and share an online goal list and learn how to get each item accomplished. We help you answer the question: What do you want to do with your life?. — “spaza on 43 Things”, 43
  • According to Morris (1992:82), the cash and carry wholesaler forms an important link between spaza shops and manufacturers. The aims of this study are to determine whether the inclusion of the spaza shop really justifies the existence of the cash and carry wholesaler in the South African. — “2007BAI7703.doc”,
  • Welcome to Sonic Spaza, an online B2B music licensing platform with a monster selection of South African and African tracks available for licensing, for business and commercial usage. For more info on how the Spaza works, and what you can do here, check the FAQs, or click the ?. — “Sonic Spaza”,
  • Driemanskap Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by Driemanskap at ReverbNation "Experience the sound that defines Cape Town Spaza rap for yourself. — “Driemanskap | Cape Town, WC, ZA | Hip Hop / Spaza | Music”,
  • A.S. Containers offers containers for instant secure solution to your storage and accommodation units. 6m Spaza Container showing serving hatch, entrance door and security gate. — “Containers,Storage,Accommodation Units - A.S. Containers”,
  • How else can you explain the cringe worthy manner in which those insensitive meatheads at that spaza shop grievously humiliated ***ager Caster Mokgadi Semenya in the glare of the world's media spotlight last week? But the spaza shop was not done and Semenya was left at the mercy of the wolves after. — “: South Africa: Meatheads Run That Spaza Shop”,
  • There are at least 100 000 spaza shops in South Africa – with an estimated 40 000 located in Gauteng – with a collective turnover of well over R7 Spaza News aims to plug this gap by providing information that is useful and practical to spaza shop owners. — “SPAZANEWS”,
  • During 2004 TTO commenced a census of spaza shops in the pilot areas of Khayelitsha, Langa, Delft and Mitchell's Plain. The census will confirm the number of spazas per area and will enable TTO to compile a database of owners to organise into networks. — “Triple Trust - Spaza Market Project”, .za
  • For Hippo Mobile Spaza Queries email: [email protected] org What you are seeing in these pictures is_ a HIPPO MOBILE SPAZA which utilizes the HIPPO WATER_ ROLLER (TM) as a transport_ vehicle and. — “The Hippo Mobile Spaza | The Hippo Water Roller Project”,
  • Thus SpazaSpace contains listings of esoterics, with articles and excerpts of interests Our vision is to stimulate and support the social network on-line by capturing events of. — “Welcome to Spaza Space”,
  • in our knowledge and understanding of the spaza shop market. 3. A further understanding of the types and size of spaza shops. 4. Understanding the goods supply and distribution chain. 5. What BDS exists in the spaza shop market, the levels of BDS consumption and the profile of BDS. providers. — “FGD ***YSIS FEEDBACK”,
  • iLike is a leading social music service that provides the most popular music app across social networks. With over 50 million users, iLike helps you share music recommendations, playlists, and get personalized concert alerts. — “spaza m on iLike”,

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  • peanutbutterandjellytime Colton and Tristan dancing to "Peanut Butter and Jelly time"............SPAZA
  • Camagu - DRIEMANSKAP Camagu is the first single from Driemanskap's debut album, Igqabhukil' Inyongo. The track is about the importance of respecting and celebrating your culture and its traditions, even if you are a modern urban youth. A Greenhaus Productions video. ©2009 Pioneer Unit Records
  • Spaza This is a PSA on Child Trafficking
  • Spiritualized Acoustic Mainline ATP 07 Medley Spiritualized Acoustic Mainline Medley of Anything More and Ladies and Gentlemen.. This was one of the highlights of the whole weekend, though maybe it doesn't translate through this recording
  • Randomosity-The Spaza Day Out All my spaza friends and me (obviously) went in the town and went hyper. Town + Spazas x digital camera = this load of crap
  • Streets - RATTEX Rattex takes you on a journey through the streets of Khayelitsha, his kasi (hood) is Cape Town, South Africa. Beat by Nyambz. Video shot entirely on location in Cape Town by Greenhaus Productions. ©2009 Pioneer Unit Records
  • outfit of the day all my clothes bought all my clothes in forever 21 (: necklace - 6.80 ? shirt - 22.80 tank - 3.80 legging - 4.80 & the boots , i got them for 20 $ in spaza ! music by bigbang - let me hear your voice
  • The 'Scooter' - New Dance Craze - Rattex and Kritsi Rattex and Kritsi demonstrate how to do the 'Scooter' - the dance featured in the video for 'Get Down', the first single from 'Bread and Butter'.
  • Dirty Paraffin mixtape launch main show.AVI Dirty Paraffin Greatest Hits mixtape Launch Party. This performance piece was taken by Big Daddy KoolUrk for OKTV. Dirty Paraffin featuring Spaza Shop Boyz throwing baks***s!
  • Total control. Spaza Shop Stayela Spaza Shop Stayela Total Control 09 Campaign.Camilia Wellton, Speech Debelle, Claw Money eyewear and Hype Means Nothing
  • ed and spaza funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Welcome to Khaltsha - RATTEX Artist: Rattex Track: Welcome to Khaltsha Producer: Hipe Album: Bread and Butter Release year: 2008 Record label: Pioneer Unit Director: Anne-Sophie Leens Editor, Post & Grading: Apartment Studios Producer: Apartment Studios Clothing: Darkie, Pioneer Unit Shot entirely on location in Kayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa. ©2009. Pioneer Unit Records http:///
  • Merchants go mobile - Help for spaza-shops in Africa - SAP
  • spaza dancin my mate dancin like a spaz lol i dont know how to cut down vids so it has a lot of other shyt
  • MZANSI part 12: Xhosa rapcrew Driemanskaap from Guguleto A documentary by Bart Van Dijck , part 12, the final chapter: Xhosa hiphopcrew Driemanskap from Gugulethu, Capetown, South Africa
  • Swaziland Malicious Case Boycey Magongo has been Intentionally, Maliciously and falsely charged by the Government in 2003 with a Robbery of Phone Spaza Gadgets that were taken at his business premises in Manzini. According to Augustine Dlamini who appears in the Video, told Magongo that this case was thoroughly planned, then the relevant parties were put to the act. Case has been going on for 7 years without any conviction but to cause financial drain.
  • Impilo Yam - Kritsi Ye'Spaza Kritsi Ye'Spaza's first video "Impilo Yam" from his debut album Number One. In this video he fatures Jay Bee on the hook and his friends from Driemanskap made an appearance in the video.
  • Driemanskap - I Will Make It (Rehearsal) Driemanskap rehearsing, 'I Will Make It', from their forthcoming album, 'Igqabhukil' Inyongo', which is due out on Pioneer Unit Records in May 2009. Beat by Planet Earth.
  • e-Spaza Mags Shapiro introduces e-Spaza, an online shop to be launched on in December 2010. She explains the business model, which aims to build sustainable livelihoods with minimal interference.
  • Pezzer gone spaza hardly none of it tho.
  • Kaza Spaza This is for one of my Bezzles, she is a very special person! she is very funny, great music, fashion taste and even gaming taste AKA she has pocket god on her ipod! and i am addicted to it! yay! i love you Kaza Spaza!
  • My Heart is pumping Shot in Cape Town. This video talks about the life faced by an average South African living in the townships. Shot in Guguletu. Mo' Fire Music baby!!
  • NgcakuSpazaShop A spaza shop business in the Cape Town townships.
  • Backyard Crew - Baby Girl Baby Girl - Backyard Crew From the album Sebenzel'eyadini In BABY GIRL, Backyard Crew relate the feelings of a kasi mrepa expressing his feelings to his girl-next-door. The beat, the flow, the hook - only the Backyard way. "Andaz'uba ndingay'beka kanjani...
  • Bread and Butter - RATTEX Video for 'Bread and Butter', the Nyambz-produced title track from Rattex's debut solo album, 'Bread and Butter', coming out on Pioneer Unit Records in October 2008. /rattex
  • Number One Video for the title track "Number One" from Kritsi Ye'Spaza's debut album. Shot by Wozzi Productions
  • Ngcaku Spaza Shop - Microfinance in South Africa The Townships Project funds microfinance in South Africa. This video is an example of a borrower in Khayelitsha (a Cape Town township) who is benefiting from such loans. Mr. Ngcaku talks about his and his wife's spaza shop (corner store) business.
  • mc spaza baz its mc carlton wot guna do bout it init
  • ice skating spaza gaza (part2) gaza chases bullock around the rink and flies into me:P
  • Coca-Cola: Spaza Stores One of six documentary films produced illustrating the community initiatives that Coca-Cola has undertaken around the world. Winner of a New York Festival Gold Medal.
  • I spaza saon vs Ciapea ciusa 2010.MPG
  • 082110 haul outfit of the day ; forever 21 : brown shirt // 4.80 shorts//22,80 earrings//6.80 spaza; sandels//26,99 staterbros&;7eleven; midol//7.99 vickshaler//5.99 best chapstick ever//2,89 abercomie&flitch; sweater//19.90 sse;innie 7.50 forever21; casual shirt//19.80 2 pair of leggings//4.50 each cardigan//13.80 brown boots// 22.80
  • Get Down - Rattex Ft. Kritsi Ye'Spaza Artist: Rattex feat. Kritsi Ye Spaza Track: Get Down Producer: Dplanet Album: Bread and Butter Release year: 2008 Record label: Pioneer Unit Director: Anne-Sophie Leens / Nick Potgieter Editor, Post & Grading: Apartment Studios Producer: Apartment Studios Hair & Make Up: Claudia De Gouveia Stylist - Girls: Lisa De Klerk Stylist - Boys: Apartment Studios Clothing: Butan Wear & FOC Thanks to Brad at Propaganda Studios, Sean at Cinegate and Emma Carpenter. ©2008. Pioneer Unit Records http:///
  • khanyi-andinongakhanyi spaza kings
  • ice skating spaza gaza (part1) bullock flings gaza over and gaza screams.
  • Snakes and Fakes - DRIEMANSKAP Artist: Driemanskap Track: Snakes and Fakes Producer: El Nino Album: Promo for Igqabhukil' Inyongo Release year: May 2009 Record label: Pioneer Unit Director: Damian Stephens Editor, Post & Grading: Apartment Studios Producer: Apartment Studios Clothing: Butan Wear Shot entirely on location in Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa. ©2009. Pioneer Unit Records http:///
  • Check The Evidence - BEN SHARPA Check The Evidence is taken from Ben Sharpa's debut solo album, B. Sharpa. Directed, shot and edited by spo0ky. Track produced by Dplanet. Shot entirely on location in Nyanga, South Africa. Cameos: DJ Raiko, Uno (Ill Skillz), Jimmy Flexx (Ill Skillz), Robbin Cops, Whosane & Hardy Mac. Buy B. Sharpa (Worldwide): cd1 Buy B. Sharpa (South Africa only): Bookings - Val at Jarring Effects: val (at) jarringeffects (dot) net ©2010 Pioneer Unit Records
  • The Government - RATTEX Ft. BEN SHARPA Track from Rattex's debut solo album, 'Bread and Butter'. Produced by Planet Earth. ©2008. Pioneer Unit Records.
  • Spaza Dance Ryan, Josh And Stompa
  • Driemanskap Rehearsal Freestyle El Nino and Redondo spitting rhymes before a recording session for their forthcoming album, 'Igqabhukil' Inyongo', which is dropping May 2009 on Pioneer Unit Records. Beat by Planet Earth

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  • “EVEN a spaza shop needs to play fair with the South African Revenue Service — but the Congress of the People ugg boots space. air jordan blog. air max blog. mbt shoes blog. Copyright puter-sale-. Some Rights Reserved. Powered”
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  • “Friday, 16 Jul 2010. Spaza Shops. Thursday, 18 Feb 2010. Books are verbatim. Sunday, 20 Dec Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009. These Four Walls, a Tuesday, 16 Jun 2009. Where to buy tyre”
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  • “One of the key themes to emerge at the World Summit on Arts and Culture, the first to be at the moment when we are shooting Somalian shopkeepers and raiding their spaza shops?”
    — Artsummit, 2009