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  • Body Building Weightlifting Wrist Straps by APT. Professional Grade and Nothing less. Spatting Tape Lightweight Elastic Sports Tape CASE. Lightweight elastic adhesive tape ideal for spatting shoes to help secure cleats or cover logos. — “APT Pro Gear - Pull up bar tape barbell Bar tape RED or BLACK”,
  • Mueller Spatting Tape at rock bottom prices. Lightweight elastic adhesive tape ideal for spatting shoes to help secure cleats or cover logos. — “Mueller Spatting Tape”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. See spat defined for English-language learners " Examples of SPAT. They were typical sisters, spatting one minute, playing together the next. — “Spatting - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • By Jonathan Cohen NEW YORK (Billboard) - Forget mediation, forget rehab. Apparently, bands whose members haven't spoken to each other in years just need to play at the annual Coachella Valley Music Spatting brothers relink for Jesus and Mary Chain. — “Spatting brothers relink for Jesus and Mary Chain | Reuters”,
  • Athletic training, sports medicine, and athletic development supplies, products & services from the Sports Medicine Experts! This step is optional, but if you plan on keeping your shoes nice and/or spatting all season, prewrap will help. — “Born Athletic Store :: Spats/Shoe Spatting”,
  • [ Home > Athletic Tape Supplies > Athletic Tape for Sports (Free Shipping Option) > Mueller Spatting Tape (Free Shipping) cleats, braces and padding or cover logos with Muellers Spatting Tape. — “Mueller Spatting Tape (Free Shipping)”,
  • Building a world-class university: video. Vote HE - pre-election 2010 debate. Science Unmask your sparring partner before spatting. 28 November 2003. Eric Shaw. Government and. — “Times Higher Education - Unmask your sparring partner before”,
  • Take her to the vet, maybe a low dose of laxative may work, this is normal after being spade. Low doses of laxative can be bought on your local pharmacy, a low dose could be a dose for a human baby. — “HELP: My dog stop doing number #2 after spatting? HELP, After”,
  • Buy spatting at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “spatting - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • spat : Quarrel pettily, Slap lightly - Google's free online dictionary service. spat - strike with a sound like that of falling rain; "Bullets were spatting the leaves". — “SPATTED in English - Google Dictionary”,
  • Definition of spatting from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of spatting. Pronunciation of spatting. Definition of the word spatting. Origin of the word spatting. — “spatting - Definition of spatting at ”,
  • is ideal for spatting shoes to help secure cleats or cover logos. The Mueller Spatting Tape is ideal for spatting shoes to help secure cleats or cover logos. — “Mueller Spatting Tape - Athletic Tape|Trainer Tape|Mueller”,
  • Spatting definition, a petty quarrel. See more. Word Origin & History. spat "short gaiter covering the ankle," 1779, shortening of spatterdash "long gaiter to keep trousers or stockings from being spattered with mud" (1687), from spatter. — “Spatting | Define Spatting at ”,
  • spatting. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 31 October 2008, at 19:06. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “spatting - Wiktionary”,
  • Spatting Theory. Do you hear what I hear? It's the sound of my comical voice on Star Kyle invited me back to talk about Gremlins, in movies and elsewhere. — “The Stygian Port: Spatting Theory”,
  • Definition of spatting in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of spatting. Pronunciation of spatting. Translations of spatting. spatting synonyms, spatting antonyms. Information about spatting in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “spatting - definition of spatting by the Free Online”,
  • Astrology is personology, interpretation, profiling and prediction by that of the definitions, positions, housings, aspects, and even angles of the. — “Urban Dictionary: spatting”,
  • Jaybird & Mais 4500 Jaylastic Lightweight Athletic Stretch Tape is Jaybird's original lightweight, hand-tearable stretch tape. Each roll of Jaybird 4500 Stretch Tape is 100% usable down to the core. oxide black adhesive and are designed for spatting over black shoes. — “Jaybird & Mais 4500 Jaylastic Lightweight Athletic Stretch”,
  • Medical Supplies, Colored Pre-wrap - Single Roll, 1 1/2 M-tape Colors, 2 Spatting Tape, Color Tape 1.5, SV Sports is the leading supplier of School team sports apparel including under armour cold heat gear, eagles flyers phillies steelers jerseys. — “Medical Supplies, Colored Pre-wrap - Single Roll, 1 1/2”,
  • I am trying to find ways to eliminate ankle spatting unless needed. As a spat only needs to be done if there is a history of an ankle injury, one way to cut back on unnecessary spatting is to require any player who requests a spat to complete a daily ankle rehabilitation program. — “PFATS: Question and Answer”,
  • Definition of spatting in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is spatting? Meaning of spatting as a legal term. What does spatting mean in law?. — “spatting legal definition of spatting. spatting synonyms by”, legal-

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  • Rogers plans for the iPhone have now been revealed While there was much speculation on a leaked memo last week Engadget now has the details on what we ll need to pony up to show some
  • Children in Need 2007 Children in Need fundraising activities included Dressing as a book character Here Frodo meets Harry Potter Spatting the brave and selfless teachers Can you spot the Head
  • Even though there may be some problems going on in the future let s choose that as our destination today beginning with this shot of the Moonliner now sponsored by Douglas and not TWA From the Skyway we have this nice shot which also includes a corner of the Flight Circle and scenic Anaheim in the background but wait there s even more going on here Our spatting couple
  • many longliners spat their own cultch by buying eyed oyster larvae from hatcheries and then spatting their own empty shells in temperature controlled water tanks Inset image click to enlarge Here we see a processed longline cluster of Pacific oysters aged about three or four years old The cluster was cut from the line and perfectly
  • They ve been spitting and spatting a lot lately so this was SOO nice to see
  • I know its been a while but here are a spare spatting of some piccies taking from ashby foalville last time out
  • his 5 seconds of fame from the article you have to go down the paragraphs in the story but seriously the two countries have much more to gain than spitting and spatting with each other
  • Spatting Tape™ Облегченный эластичный тейп на клеевой основе
  • further West I imagine when they landed there would have been the typical invader greeting or spatting with the locals over their right to be there Another little thing you may not know this is a Viking helmet this is not Over the years evidence has been found that disproves the myth of the large horned helmets that Vikings would have supposedly worn it is now believed
  • make a house call to do some computer fixing for a friend and left thinking all was well again but when I spoke to her today she was having more problems so needs another visit Sigh Kitties have been spitting and spatting at each other to get the best snoozing spot in the house in my lap Cleo got some lap time today so hopefully she ll calm down for a while Emma

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  • Robin Gib Please My first ever VLog music video I've ever uploaded. It took me for a while to get permission to this but I guess I got the permission so don't be spatting that I stole it. I worked hard on getting this music video. Please comment. :)
  • College Bad Boys (A JB Story] Chp 3 ENJOY !! -------------------------------------- Anyways .. " Hey ... wanna go eat now ? I'm starving ! " I said out loud . I saw everyone look at me . And I saw Nick and Joe heading towards us . Me and my big mouth . Ugh . This better be good . " Yes ? What do you want from my pants now ? " I said spatting out like venom to them . " Fiesty ! I like it ! " Nick said coming next to me . I wonder why . Most likely to get in my pants . Not a good idea . Damnit . I moved in between May and Kevin . I felt Nick's eyes on me anyway so kiss my ass . Then Joe started talking . " Anyways .. I'm hungry . Maybe I could take one of you for desert . " Then he smiled at May . Damn boy gotta be like that . I grabbed Janine's hand and we went to go find David ( Archuletta ] May's boyfriend . Yet also my best friend . Trust me Kevin Frankie and him are the only dudes I trust . " Where are we going ?! " Janine yelled . " We are going to find David . " " Why ? " she asked confuzzled . " Erm . Hello . Joe and Nick are with everyone . So I'm hungry ! I need food ! " " Ohs . For a small person you eat alot . " She was right . I was 5 ' 4 and my clothes were like size S , 1 and such skinny legs . But I got the genes of big ***s and butt . But I'm not blonde . I'm darkbrownblacklightbrown hair freak . So call me curvy if you will , small tummy big appetite . We finally spotted David hanging out with football dudes . Me and Janine ran up to him and gave him a big hug . I didn't see him since the ...
  • Inside of a Marriage #2 the fight about the curtains and other disappointments
  • Feral Cat Delivering Kitten #4 - Breech Immediately after Bootsy had kitten #3 she had a National Geographic moment. There were two large feral toms sitting nearby and they began a very fierce fight.. Not hissing and spatting mind you, this was full out battle for Bootsy and well, testosterone. Bootsy jumped up out of her box and plunged right into the battle, breaking the toms apart. She then attacked each one individually until they left the scene. Then, she calmly walked back to me, laid down and had two more kittens! I was simply dumbfounded to say the least.
  • Grape spit!!!!!!!!!!!! umm... idk me and my friend, sonya spatting grapes!
  • Drunken Spatting Adam lightin it up
  • Kitty Gone Wild A cat who was not very happy that a dog was in the house!
  • blood spatting. BRAINS! manda twilight spitting blood on some dudes face at the third annual zombie pub crawl, minneapolis!
  • Entertainment News - Scott Disick, Mariah Carey Or Nicki, Robert Pattinson - Jan 17, 16:05 Scott Disick Had Some WEIRD Modeling Gigs Back In The Day! What a blast from the past!!! Did you know that Scott Disick used to be a model? Not just a model, though. He was a model for young adult books! In 2001, a ***aged Scott modeled for the cover of Heartland - a young adult series of books about a horse farm. The best part [...] 'American Idol' Premiere: Who Won In The Duel Of The Divas: Mariah Carey Or Nicki Minaj? The new season of "American Idol" is upon us, and it delivered on exactly what has been promised in all the hype. New judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were spatting and bickering from the opening minute until the bitter end. Robert Pattinson DISSED In Front Of Kristen Stewart By Aziz Ansari!!! Oh no! Hasn't our dear Robert Pattinson been embarrassed enough??? On the night of the Golden Globes, the super hunky, super moody vampire was leaving an exclusive after party with his lady love Kristen Stewart when Parks And Rec regular Aziz Ansari decided to CRASH their party! Aziz reportedly "heckled" Robbie P for not dancing at the [...]
  • My Homie-A JessTin *Mini Part 1* Hola Senorita's :-) Just looking at some tweets, and putting some new news i found out together. ------------------------------------ jessicajarrell : i miss @dankanter @djtayjames @studiomama @justinbieber @scooterbraun @kennyhamilton @alfredoflores @carinmb @thatrygood :) scooterbraun : @ @jessicajarrell we miss you too young lady KennyHamilton :@ @jessicajarrell JJ!!!!! How you been? Miss you too. Everything good witcha?? AlfredoFlores : @JessicaJarrell miss you too JJ! CarinMB :@ @jessicajarrell MISS you too girl! xx justinbieber :@ @jessicajarrell we miss you too. pranks have been in full effect. see you next week maybe jessicajarrell :@ @justinbieber ahaha im coming!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Jessica's POV) I just logged off twitter, honestly i can't wait to see everybody i mean after spending time on tour with them they all became like a second family. Im actually shocked Justin tweeted me, i would've thought he might not have seen or something like that. I put my laptop away and get ready for bed i have alot to plan out. (Justin's POV) Ahhh, can't be more happy my new perfume is coming out, my fans are still awesome, i get to spend more time with my family, and most of all next week i get to see Jessica, my bestfriend, my homie. I could talk to her about literally anything and like she won't judge me that's the best part about her, she's so sweet and thoughtful, and my fans must approve of her she's the only girl that i can be seen with without her ...
  • XB GT Ford Australian Muscle Car Its taken a while but ive uploaded the xb in driveway running and spitting and spatting octanes. Enjoy Angry Sandy
  • Armani and Sweetie AKA Elvis & Priscilla ***atiels These two just love each other but, right now they are spatting.
  • People&Zillo's RTS Engine - Static Terrain Deformation The new texture is splatted to terrain only at the end of deformation
  • We're at the SandBar! Well, we're at the beach, which we call "SandBar", why? because theres this little path across the sea, wherein when it's low tide, you can walk on it, and high tide it disappears. So the people in the vlog, is me, my brother Sven, my cousin Julia, my baby sister Sophia, and our Labrador dog PEACAN! Our dog is really a fun loving dog, and really loves water. AS IN LOVES WATER. every time she hears a hose running she runs into it and puts her mouth at the spatting water. Apologies if you guys don't understand a few words thats because that language is "tagalog" yes we're in the Philippines. And Philippines, is our home. Well, this is the first thing we did when we got to the beach, as you can see we were pretty excited so I hope you don't mind us screaming :) The rest of the family is at the Nipa Hut which i did not point the camera at it, but we were not the only ones here. FB page LIKE!:
  • Ep. 44: 2 Tone Cleat Covers Review Check em out at www.2 GIVEAWAY REQUIREMENTS 1) You must subscribe to this YOUTUBE Channel 2) You must like the I KNOW FOOTBALL Page 3) You must follow IKF on Twitter 4) You must like the 2 Tone Cleat Cover Page 5) You must follow 2 Tone on Twitter 6) YOU MUST TWEET THE VIDEO AT LEAST ONCE 7) YOU MUST SHARE THE VIDEO ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE AT LEAST ONCE 8) You must like the video giving it the thumbs up. 9) You must comment at least once 10) SPAM comments will be deleted. 11) Email iknowfootball1@ with your Real Name, Mailing Address, YouTube name, Facebook name, and Twitter handle letting me know you entered. HOW I CHOOSE THE WINNER: On Friday, November 23, I will use a random number generator to select one winner. I will use the random number generator to choose a random page of comments, and then I will use it again to select a random comment on the page. I will then verify that you meet all the requirements and message you for you mailing address.
  • 6 Week Old Baby Congo African Grays ©Karla K. Larsson Three 6 week old baby Congo African Grays will not only warm your heart but give you a good chuckle as two of them bicker a bit. (Video by Karla K. Larsson, Magalia, California on July 12, 2009)
  • Paltalk Chat: In Touch Weekly's Guest Lindsay Krieger Relationship expert Lindsay Krieger was Dorothy Cascerceri's guest on her In Touch Weekly Show on . Lindsay fielded a wide range of relationship questions, including one unique call from a lady truck driver, who is on the road all the time and doesn't know how to get into a relationship under the circumstances. Her answer: use online dating to get to know someone! Dorothy, who is In Touch Weekly's senior editor, also dished some celebrity news. And her top story was right up Lindsay's alley. It seems that Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani are spatting over Gwen's dressing their children in army fatigues before sending them off to school. Gavin says, "No!" because it puts the kids in the cross hairs of school bullies. Lindsay says it sounds like Gwen has got to learn to listen to Gavin, not just argue with him, to understand the reasons behind his objections. Finally, Dorothy's fashion segment was about women's bags - which - this year - are becoming colorful to spruce up otherwise drab winter wardrobes. Look for bright green, red and even orange bags on the arms of stylish women this winter!
  • How to spat cleats NEW VIDEO COMING SOON WITH BETTER WAY OF SPATTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting spatted-just learned how to spat the the other week check it out tell me if it helps you out people who talk about us going over the spikes watch it at 1:10
  • take me or leave me (RENT) by Alys and Tracy spatting lovers from the broadway musical RENT. We're just trippin' here... Enjoy!
  • MMA sparring first of many videos so keep a look out.
  • Midnight // Trailer COMING SOON! Song: Enchanted by Taylor Swift ----- The low breeze splashed at her face like paint, the sky a dark shadow of mystery. Diamond grumpily followed in Paul's footsteps, as she had no other choice as he had a tight grip on her hand, which he had earlier interviewed together when she had bickered with him about going to the beach. They had already passed the trees that led to the icy beach, making it easier for Paul to haul Diamond along with him. She could already feel her heart crashing against her chest like a boom box as she could clearly see the ocean crashing against the shoreline. She didn't like it when people touched her, let alone hold her hand. "I'm not going in there," she breathed out, her orange hair whipping about behind her bare neck. "Why not?" he whined impatiently. He was beginning to lose all hope with this girl and trying to prove that she had some fun in her. "Because, I'm scared of the water." "Why?" She scolded him before spatting, "That's none of your business." Nobody knew about her phobia with being in the water except for mother. She was there when the accident took place. She didn't quite understand why she had told him so easily when even her best friends didn't even know. But it was just something about him that made her want to trust him, believe that he would be someone she would always know was there. He still hadn't given up on her. That has got to be a sign for something. "Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to hang out with ...
  • Ankle - Spatting This is an ankle spatting technique performed by Russ Richardson EdD, ATC for "Lower Extremities in Athletic Training."
  • Sparring with Scottish champion, Jason Drummond Arran Crayton (italia top) spatting with Jason Drummond, scottish champion three times over. He was scottish champion a good few years ago..
  • Plplplplplplplplt Clara spatting on me
  • growing up shazzy style spatting my thoughts out on a video.
  • Alex Lux A close up of Alex coming down the hill and spatting.
  • Wonder Girls - MTV S1 Ep8 Pt4 The breathtaking Hyun Ah brings the rest of the wonderful Wonder Girls right into an arm-wrestling contest, where the so marvelous Sun Mi (Mimi) really surprises us defeating the so pretty So Hee, who allegedly is more muscular (well, all other girls were so). Anyway, then as expectably queen Park Ye Eun (Yenny) in a winning streak defeats both Hyun Ah and Mimi, but then she's stopped by my beloved Sun Ye, as her physical training of a dancer pays off in her behalf; Sun thus is the champion of them all, amongst (and Sun Ye one of them) the most beautiful women on Earth. Disregarding, then the famous scene happens, where after some spatting Yenny (19) chases Hyun Ah (15) around, to the point that the junior fellow almost commits actual suicide (a bad dream indeed) from the penthouse of the building (well they performed before ten thousand Koreans daily, so they all were of a seasoned temper. The episode nonetheless ends up with Sun Ye making all calm again with some friendly words and her marvelous charisma. (heart heart)
  • SURVIVOR MISSISSAUGA (MAHONEYvsPARRISH 1/2 CAT FIGHT Take2) MISSISSAUGA WATCH Blog: OK. I have no idea what Mississauga Councillor Katie Mahoney was spitting and spatting about except that it's an "in-camera" report on pink paper. And that she accused "a councillor" of sending off "confidential memos", and keeping her "out of the loop" --and confessed that she was "fed up with the games played around here". And then Mississauga Council did the Inconceivable --it *gasp* cancelled an in-camera meeting because three councillors would not be attending the session. I tried to figure out what could possibly be on that pink paper report. HInts are: 1. Mahoney initiated it --it was her idea. 2. It can be re-introduced at the same time next year. 3. It'll be on the agenda for this Wednesday's Council in-camera (secret, behind-closed-doors) meeting. (Can't wait!) 4. Parrish, Carlson and Adams are the holdouts on whatever it is. 5. Corbasson was away the entire meeting and both McFadden and Iannicca made themselves scarce with other business -thus neatly avoiding the "unpleasantries".
  • The Fat Spatting Pigs... Fatter Than Me?! Oink!
  • Abc'n ya! Milo spatting out knowledge.
  • Want Free Stuff? Check out PrizeRebel! Yes, this IS a referral. I'm telling you it so don't go spatting insults in the comments. Sorry for the bad words! I was using paint to make it! Here's the Prizerebel link: Have fun getting prizes! =D
  • Wow! Is that even a sentence? / The Mentalist The Mentalist - S02E19 - Blood Money Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), Jane at court house Jane: Wow! Is that even a sentence? The judge: Quiet in the gallery! You say another word and you'll regret it. Jane: Well, I'm sorry your honor but this woman is spatting nothing but ludicrous petty forgery and I'm a little hungry. Lisbon: Your honor if you'll let me down I can handle him. The judge: Well Mr. Jane. That is your name, correct? Jane: That is correct; Patrick Jane. The judge: Well, this court here by finds you 1000 dollars. Jane: Make it 2000 and let me tell this tiresome woman to move it along. The judge: 2000 then! Jane: Okay. Judge Hildred (William Lucking), Dana Munn (Mia Riverton), ADA Marc Odenthal (Stephen Spinella), Cale Sylvan (John Ales), Jayden Flower (Dwayne L. Barnes)
  • Minecraft "The Eye" Part 2: Enter the... Television?! Rman begins his descent into pure madness... in the form of a giant television. Get the custom map here:
  • Ostriches love water Bluebird & Melvin are enjoying spatting & the water
  • Ep. 42: 2 Tone Cleat Cover Unboxing Unboxing of 2 Tone Cleat Covers Facebook: Twitter:
  • Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Part 7: Stupid Cocoa Pebbles) Episode Seven: Stupid Cocoa Pebbles A few minutes of failure and then Link fails some more and then he finally faces the evil cocoa pebble-spatting LANMOLAS and obtains the Pendant of mean...Power.
  • Morning Brew...the First EJ on 07-24-10 You all know what DJs and VJs are. Now meet my husband. The first EJ...he sends daily emails spatting about who knows what with a YouTube music video link attached.
  • Mister Rogers Goes Viral in PBS Remix of Garden of Your Mind Thank you still, long after I've learned how to tie my shoes, decades since I confirmed that yes, in fact, I would like to be your neighbor. Because there I was, at the computer early this morning, ready to read through my normal batch of celebrity mom news, reality star bad behavior, body image complaints, political spatting, blah blah blah, and instead I saw this video. It's called "Garden of Your Mind," and it's a remix of scenes from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood by Symphony of Science's John Boswel. The haunting (and really quite catching) mash-up is part of an effort by PBS Digital Studios to revitalize some of its old school icons into new age stars. The late Fred Rogers, PBS says, was an obvious starting point. His Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, which ran from 1968 to 2001, was one of the station's most iconic shows. "When we discovered video mash-up artist John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, on YouTube, we immediately wanted to work together," says the description on the video on PBS Digital Studios' YouTube channel. "Turns out that he is a huge 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' fan, and was thrilled at the chance to pay tribute to one of our heroes. Both PBS and the Fred Rogers Company hope you like John's celebration of Fred Rogers' message."
  • "THE REVEAL" -MISSISSAUGA IN-CAMERA (post closed meeting) An MISSISSAUGA WATCH Blog: May 21, 2008. Well we now know what the Mississauga Councillor Katie Mahoney "in-camera personnel" spat was all about the week before. This video provides a brief "REPLAY" from last week and then yesterday's "In-camera announcement" that Mississauga City Manager, Janice Baker will remain as Mississauga CAO. WHAT FOLLOWS IS LAST WEEK'S SUMMARY: OK. I have no idea what Mississauga Councillor Katie Mahoney was spitting and spatting about except that it's an "in-camera" report on pink paper. And that she accused "a councillor" of sending off "confidential memos", and keeping her "out of the loop" --and confessed that she was "fed up with the games played around here". And then Mississauga Council did the Inconceivable --it *gasp* cancelled an in-camera meeting because three councillors would not be attending the session. I tried to figure out what could possibly be on that pink paper report. HInts are: 1. Mahoney initiated it --it was her idea. 2. It can be re-introduced at the same time next year. 3. It'll be on the agenda for this Wednesday's Council in-camera (secret, behind-closed-doors) meeting. (Can't wait!) 4. Parrish, Carlson and Adams are the holdouts on whatever it is. 5. Corbasson was away the entire meeting and both McFadden and Iannicca made themselves scarce with other business -thus neatly avoiding the "unpleasantries".

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  • “The mainstream press has been all over the recent closure of the Darkmarket forum closure (i.e. Guardian - Secret website for net fraudsters shut down after”
    — Darkmarket carding fraud forum shut-down | BitterWallet,

  • “Brilliant ***ysis of the Mumbai attack as an issue in recent years, Russia and Ukraine have been spatting about the details of natural gas deliveries, volumes, prices and transit terms”
    — Brilliant ***ysis of the Mumbai attack,

  • “bandwidth not the only inequality - forum topic local "spat" between Cox and those individual affiliates-- while they are "spatting", we Hampton Roads Virginia subcribers are being ripped off!”
    — bandwidth not the only inequality - ,

  • “ is the home of Bill O'Reilly on the web. as an issue in recent years, Russia and Ukraine have been spatting about the details of natural gas deliveries, volumes, prices and transit terms”
    — Bill O'Reilly: Intel Briefing - ,

  • “ENT: Giant *supposed* Spoiler from TrekBBS I know this sounds like a really stupid and sick joke, but this fued has been firing up at the BBS forums for 12 hours now and there's like constantly 500+ people on the Enterprise part of the forum spatting back and forth”
    — ENT: Giant *supposed* Spoiler from TrekBBS,

  • “Find movie updates and commentary by Boston Globe movie critics Wesley Morris and Ty Burr on ”
    — Apocalypse later, we're spatting - Movie Nation - ,

  • “We may all feel some optimism for the future, and that the ability of humans speaking with sponges is clearly positive in that the dialogue is gradually getting better, but what is life in this forum, without the X Man and Luda spatting back and”
    — universal question,

  • “Welcome to the Cats forum, hosted by Guide Franny Syufy and our dedicated team of moderators: HOSTPat, HOSTBarb, HOSTYez, and HOSTDru. They've been spitting and spatting a lot lately, so this was SOO nice to see: E, the other Vowel, loved by O and U, who were rescued by The Cat”
    — Cuddling vowels - Cats,

  • “I finally know what spatting is and why it's a big deal. Splatting helped me streamline ask the Scripting Guys if we can have a blog e.g. to reflect, like you did, after the”
    — get-admin :: Scripting Games 2010: PostGame Roundup, get-

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