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  • Spatiotemporal Patterning. in Cyclic Populations. Jonathan A. Sherratt Jonathan Sherratt. / jas. Spatiotemporal Patterning in Cyclic Populations. — “Spatiotemporal Patterning in Cyclic Populations”,
  • spatiotemporal - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. — “spatiotemporal - Dictionary of English”,
  • Spatiotemporal reasoning is an important skill that an AGI. is expected to have, innately a logic-incorporating AGI system to do spatiotemporal rea. — “Uncertain Spatiotemporal Logic for General Intelligence”, 2064565938929323437-a-1802744773732722657-s-
  • Pattern Formation and Spatiotemporal Chaos. May 2006. 4 / 57. Patterns in Biology. Michael Cross (Caltech, BNU) Pattern Formation and Spatiotemporal Chaos. May 2006. 6 / 57. Origins of Pattern Formation. Fluid Instabilities. 1900. Bénard's. — “Pattern Formation and Spatiotemporal Chaos in Systems Far”,
  • spatiotemporal adj. Of, relating to, or existing in both space and time. Of or relating to space-time. — “spatiotemporal: Definition from ”,
  • spatiotemporal data. So far many spatiotemporal data models have been proposed, but most of them are towards specific. applications and few are for general purposes. It is not feasible to design respective data management systems (DBMS) for different. — “RESEARCH ON UNIFIED SPATIOTEMPORAL DATA MODEL”,
  • Tania RUIZ GUTIERREZ is a French, Colombian and Chilean national. She was born in Chile and was raised in Colombia, where her family comes from. She elsewhere. garde-temps. OTHER ART PROJECTS. la plaza. determinometry. occupation. the cage. variations. spatiotemporal. quotidiannes. market road. about tania. — “Tania RUIZ GUTIERREZ”,
  • spatiotemporal helix as a concise representation of spatiotemporal events, modeling their path in space propose a framework for indexing and querying spatiotemporal data by constructing new tree structures. — “SpatioTemporal Helixes for Event Modeling”,
  • 2D spatiotemporal solitons have been demonstrated [6,7]. The experimental realization of been utilized for manipulating the spatiotemporal dynamics of pulse-train beams. — “Spatiotemporal pulse-train solitons”,
  • Modeling spatiotemporal dependence among observations offers the potential to improve forecasting and improve inference. — “Spatiotemporal”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Spatiotemporal - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Indexing spatiotemporal data is an important problem for many applications (global change, transportation, social and multimedia applications) Based on the rate by which these spatial attributes change, the discrete and continuous spatiotemporal environments are identified. — “YOUR PAGE TITLE GOES HERE”,
  • In this chapter we propose the concept of spatiotemporal patterns as a system spatiotemporal query languages. Spatiotemporal patterns can be applied in many different areas of science, for. — “Toward Spatiotemporal Patterns”,
  • Definition of spatiotemporal in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of spatiotemporal. Pronunciation of spatiotemporal. Translations of spatiotemporal. spatiotemporal synonyms, spatiotemporal antonyms. Information about spatiotemporal in the free. — “spatiotemporal - definition of spatiotemporal by the Free”,
  • Spatiotemporal visual saliency. Video classification. a b s t r a c t decomposition of the input, spatiotemporal center-surround interactions and the. — “Spatiotemporal saliency for video classification”,
  • We investigate the spatiotemporal dynamics of a network of coupled nonlinear oscillators, modeled by Even the qualitative dependence of the spatiotemporal regularity on. — “Nonuniversal dependence of spatiotemporal regularity on”,
  • Spatiotemporal gene expression is the activation of genes within specific tissues of an organism at specific times during development. Spatiotemporal variation plays a key role in generating the diversity of cell types found in developed organisms; since the identity of a cell is. — “Spatiotemporal gene expression - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of spatiotemporal from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of spatiotemporal. Pronunciation of spatiotemporal. Definition of the word spatiotemporal. Origin of the word spatiotemporal. — “spatiotemporal - Definition of spatiotemporal at”,
  • spatiotemporal (comparative more spatiotemporal, superlative most spatiotemporal) spatiotemporal continuity. spatiotemporal database. spatiotemporal gene. — “spatiotemporal - Wiktionary”,
  • Collaborators: Dr. Giorgos Mountrakis, Kari Gunson Funders: Humane Society, State University of NY–ESF Graduate Assistantship Motivation: We studied varying spatiotemporal patterns of wildlife collisions along roads to assist transportation planners in identifying optimal mitigation strategies along. — “Spatiotemporal ***ysis on animal-vehicle collisions”,
  • Spatiotemporal Chaos. June 2006. 3 / 54. Rayleigh-Bénard Convection Spatiotemporal Chaos. June 2006. 4 / 54. Rayleigh-Bénard Instability. Fluid. Rigid plate. Rigid. — “Spatiotemporal Chaos in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection”,

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  • Modeling human motion as spatiotemporal points, Utah State University Motion can be described as a sequence of spatiotemporal points as seen in the video. In a previous project, we consider the extraction of these points from video data by computing gradients and filtering-out points by gradient intensity. For more information about this research go to
  • XL Project - Yanagizm Side - Flow of Time ~ Spatiotemporal Stream Track 12 from the XL Project album "Yanagizm Side".
  • Spatio-Temporal Film Effects - Queens Road A demonstration of the special effects that can be applied to video using volume processing. The effects are similar to timeslicing as they manipulate time within the video frame.
  • Spatio Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) The video contains a presentation and tutorial on the Spatio Temporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM). STEM is an open source toolkit and application available through the Eclipse Foundation at The idea behind STEM is to allow epidemiologists, public health officials and students to collaborate and share data and models for infectious diseases. Being built from the ground up using the OSGI component software architecture, STEM is easily to extend and build upon by an open community. STEM can be downloaded from
  • Swarmanoid navigation: spatio-temporal organization through reinforcement learning The Swarmanoid robots perform a navigation task. The eyebots in the air give directions to the footbots on the ground, which go back and forth between a source and target location. This is also referred to as a transportation problem. Footbots measure the time it takes them to travel between source and target, and report this to the eyebots. The eyebots use this feedback to update the direction they are sending the footbots in. Like this, the footbots practically solve a reinforcement learning problem together using the eyebots as stigmergic markers in the environment. The system as a whole is able to organize to follow different paths to go and come back.
  • Spatio-temporal model Better results.
  • Virtualized Traffic: Reconstructing Traffic Flows from Discrete Spatio-temporal Data We present a novel concept, Virtualized Traffic, to reconstruct and visualize continuous traffic flows from discrete spatio-temporal data provided by traffic sensors or generated artificially to enhance a sense of immersion in a dynamic virtual world. Given the positions of each car at two recorded locations on a highway and the corresponding time instances, our approach can reconstruct the traffic flows (ie the dynamic motions of multiple cars over time) in between the two locations along the highway for immersive visualization of virtual cities or other environments. Our algorithm is applicable to high-density traffic on highways with an arbitrary number of lanes and takes into account the geometric, kinematic, and dynamic constraints on the cars. Our method reconstructs the car motion that automatically minimizes the number of lane changes, respects safety distance to other cars, and computes the acceleration necessary to obtain a smooth traffic flow subject to the given constraints. Furthermore, our framework can process a continuous stream of input data in real time, enabling the users to view virtualized traffic events in a virtual world as they occur. We demonstrate our reconstruction technique with both synthetic and real-world input [Jason Sewall, Jur van den Berg, Ming C. Lin, and Dinesh Manocha].
  • Spatio-temporal View of Erathquakes in Japan, 1700-2000 by Reki-Show Authoring Tool Spatio-temporal visualization of earthquakes in Japan since 1700 to 2000. Size of cube represents magnitude of earthquake. Position of cube shows lat/long in Japanese archipelago. The visual presentation was created by Reki-Show Authoring Tool.
  • [東方/Jumpstyle/ Arrange] Amane - Spatiotemporal [Title] - Spatiotemporal [Author/Circle] - Amane / Rolling Contact [Album] - Downpour Field [Event/Date] - Reitasai 7 (Mar 14, 2010) [Original] - Maple Dream... ~ Staff Roll Theme [Game] - Touhou 03: Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream Why yes, I couldn't just drift by this Reitasai stride thing going on without hitting on one of my favorite Trance arrangers. Amane's been regarded by several people (or so I've seen) as mildly annoying techno/trance. I'm not into statistics but judging from youtube's hivemind, it's what I gathered. Frankly, I think each song Amane churns out is a walking success. It doesn't need to be groundbreaking or anything considerably far-fetched to do its job, am I right on this? Amane though, another thing that draws his repertoire strongly is each songs's really faithful to the original. In that sense, it's more of a remix other than an arrange you could say. I have to me he ***yses each song a couple times and then picks out the most catchy segment of it and works his compositions around it, which seems to be always the case. It seems to me he drinks a lot of inspiration from other artists like dBu, or to some sort of resemblance at least. But then again, I am one to talk, am I? No, definitely not. I know nearly nothing of this guy apart from his Touhou releases. Maple Dream is eh, let's get heads over heels here, the best staff roll theme ever. The original track is engaging, addicting and absolutely stunning. It is good electronic bait, too. There's ...
  • Spatio-Temporal Film Effects - Queens Road - 1 A demonstration of the special effects that can be applied to video using volume processing. The effects are similar to timeslicing as they manipulate time within the video frame.
  • Modeling Spatiotemporal Uncertainty in Dynamic Virtual Environments A video presentation of an approach for dealing with spatiotemporal uncertainty issues that arise when virtual agents perceive dynamic virtual environments, presented in Vosinakis, S., Anastassakis, G. and Panayiotopoulos, T., "Modeling Spatiotemporal Uncertainty in Dynamic Virtual Environments", in Intelligent Virtual Agents, Pelachaud, C., Martin, JC, André, E., Chollet, G., Karpouzis, K. and Pelé, D. (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Vol. 4722, pp. 409-410, Springer-Verlag, 2007.
  • LBSPLUS GNIS G-Terra Spatiotemporal Simulation 3/3.avi LBSPLUS Inc. GNIS G-Terra (New GSE) Spatiotemporal Function Simulation
  • Spatiotemporal Relational Random Forests and Real-world Severe Weather Applications This video is part of a colloquium series collaboration between Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma. The lecture was given on the Oklahoma State University campus. Major severe weather events can cause a significant loss of life and property. We seek to revolutionize our understanding of such events through mining of severe weather data. Because weather is inherently a spatiotemporal phenomenon, mining such data requires a model capable of representing and reasoning about complex spatiotemporal dynamics, including temporally and spatially varying attributes and relationships.
  • Spatio-temporal model Better results. The latter part of the downswing is still way off.
  • UNM's Spatiotemporal Modeling Center The National Institute of Health has chosen UNM as a National Center for Systems Biology. The New Mexico Spatiotemporal Modeling Center brings together the work of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories and University of New Mexico scientists to study how cells in the human body effectively communicate with one another. Utilizing powerful mathematical, statistical and computational modeling, scientists are tackling diseases like asthma and cancer.
  • Trance - Spatiotemporal Stream Spatiotemporal Stream - Estha High Quality Link:
  • Real-time Action Recognition by Spatiotemporal Semantic and Structural Forest
  • Dr. Bridget Wilson on Goals of the Center for the Spatiotemporal Modeling of Cell Signaling Interview with Dr. Wilson on the center's scientific goals. (Includes Captions) July 13, 2009. Co-director Dr. Bridget Wilson talks about the scientific goals of the Center for the Spatiotemporal Modeling of Cell Signaling at the University of New Mexico. They include understanding how molecular signals work together to direct cells to do their jobs. The center's work could help researchers better understand and treat human allergies. National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • Online Spatio-Temporal Risk Assesment for Intelligent Transportation Systems This video demonstrates an algorithm for online spatio-temporal risk assessment in urban environments. In its first phase, the algorithm uses online Nearest Neighbor Clustering (NNC) algorithm to identify significant places. In the second phase, a fuzzy inference engine is employed to quantify the level of risk that each significant place poses to the place of interest (eg vehicle, person, building or an object of high assets). The main advantages of the proposed algorithm are as follows: i) correct recognition and extraction of the set of the most significant places, ii) dynamic adaptation of the solution to time-dependent traffic distributions, iii) parametric control by adjusting proximity, significance threshold and discount factor, and iv) online risk assessment. The performance of the algorithm was demonstrated on a problem of traffic density estimation and risk assessment in virtual urban environment.
  • Spatio-temporal mean-shift (Paris08)
  • Spatiotemporal Syzygy Music video I did for The Countdown. The song's called "Whatever Doesn't Kill You Will Probably Make You Wish You Were Dead Anyway."
  • Blake ML Networks and Spatiotemporal Data
  • Thesis - Video Sculpture::Spatio-Temporal Warping Thesis Demo This video shows video footage manipulated by an C++ application written by jd groves to accompany his thesis - "Video Sculpture:Spatio-Temporal Warping" 2003. Available at Software Utilized:video-sculpture application, Final Cut Pro, ProTools For More Information : Video Sculpture website
  • Spatiotemporal EEG Isosurface of Alpha Bursts - 3D Rotating Stereo View Generated with Matlab using the sample dataset from EEGLab, screen captured with Camtasia and edited with QT Pro.
  • Spatiotemporal Constraints on Social Networks Mike Goodchild presents a lightning talk about social networks and geography. Part of the March 1, 2010, [email protected] lightning talk series. Participants were asked to prepare a three-minute talk with ten slides.
  • Spatio-temporal Correspondance as a Metric for Human-like Motion
  • Francois Neville on Spatiotemporal Field Interpolation
  • Demo of Spatio-Temporal Activity (STA) Extraction from GPS Traces PLEASE WATCH IN FULL SCREEN AND 720p. This video demonstrates the extraction of Spatio-Temporal Activities (STAs) from the GPS traces of a user over 3 days using a motion-based metric. STAs correspond to areas where the use spent time. Grouping STAs using a metric that compares their similarity in space and time provides information about the schedule of the user and the "states" of his behavior. For more information please refer to the following resources: http A. Bamis and A. Savvides, "Lightweight Extraction of Frequent Spatio-Temporal Activities from GPS Traces", IEEE RTSS, 2010
  • LBSPLUS GNIS G-Terra Spatiotemporal Simulation 1/3.avi LBSPLUS Inc. GNIS G-Terra (New GSE) Spatiotemporal Function Simulation
  • Spatio-Temporal Film Effects - Table Tennis A demonstration of the special effects that can be applied to video using volume processing. The effects are similar to timeslicing as they manipulate time within the video frame.
  • Geog 485 Spatio-temporal animation Spatio-temporal animation of yersiniosis in sweden. Sorry, the music is fuzzy.
  • Spatio-Temporal Film Effects A demonstration of the special effects that can be applied to video using volume processing. The effects are similar to timeslicing as they manipulate time within the video frame.
  • Brain Scan Technology Called MOST-EEG (Multiple Origin Spatio-Temporal Modeling) 3D representation of brain activity while people play a video game. We just made the algorithms to do this available via a web portal: New algorithm to study brain activity (using EEG) acquired in novel paradigms. More detail at Mines EEG data to find the number, location, volume, and functional activation relationships of active areas of the brain. Automated validation procedure separates good modular brain sources from poorly identified sources and noise. Provides ability to do brain mapping. Don't forget to COMMENT and VOTE! (Brain activity EEG, Brain Activity ***ysis, functional brain activity)
  • Perception-Action Loops with a Spatio-temporal Working Memory This scenario demonstrates a closed perception-action loop with the spatio-temporal working memory system m³s on Nao. A standard face detection algorithm is used to find the directions of people around the robot. Due to the lack of a stereo-vision setup so far, a distance estimation is done based on the size of the bounding boxes of detected faces. The detected faces are then maintained in the memory as a basic representation of a person and the robot tries to follow persons that previously approached it, closing the perception-action loop. This demonstrator shows the integration of different system components using the memory architecture and verifies the applicability of features provided by the memory system.
  • LBSPLUS GNIS G-Terra Spatiotemporal Simulation 2/3.avi LBSPLUS Inc. GNIS G-Terra (New GSE) Spatiotemporal Function Simulation
  • Spatio-Temporal Film Effects A demonstration of the special effects that can be applied to video using volume processing. The effects are similar to timeslicing as they manipulate time within the video frame. See for more information.
  • The Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (short demo) The video is a short demonstration of the Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM), an open source Eclipse based application for modeling of infectious diseases. More information can be found at the mail STEM web site,
  • Spatio-Temporal Land-Use Patterns in Southern Thailand Safety Science Seminar Series No.7. Professor Don McNeil, Emeritus Professor, Department of Statistics, Macquarie University. Methods for Graphing, Modelling & Forecasting Spatio-Temporal Land-Use Patterns in Sub-Districts with Application to Data from Southern Thailand. Don McNeil became Professor Emeritus on retiring as Foundation Professor of Statistics at Macquarie University after 25 years of service. He is currently the research coordinator for the graduate program in Research Methodology at Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, where 24 PhD and 13 MSc students are currently enrolled. Don got his PhD in Statistics from the ANU and then served briefly at Johns Hopkins University and UWA before joining Princeton University as Associate Professor in Statistics and Research Statistician in the Office of Population Research from 1971-1976. His academic interests have included biostatistics and epidemiology, statistical graphics, financial modelling, research methodology and web-database engineering, and current interests include land-use modelling and mortality forecasting. Before retiring Don McNeil was a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, a Member of the International Statistical Institute, and a Foundation Member of the Australasian Epidemiological Association.
  • mov L2
  • Spatio-Temporal evolution of Indus Urbanisation This movie shows the spatial variation in site distribution starting from 7000 BCE till 100 BCE.
  • ICCM 2009 - SaTScan: Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Scan Statistics Martin Kulldorff from SaTscan gives an Ignite Talk at the first International Conference on Crisis Mapping (ICCM 2009). More information at:
  • Spatio-temporal chaos in a chemotaxis model This is a 2D simulation of the chemotaxis model with a production term, introduced by Thomas Hillen Zhian Wang. It illustrates the spike "insertion phenomenon" as well as translational instability of spikes. The precise model that was simulated is: dt(u)=d1*div(grad(u))-div(u*grad(v))+u*(1-u/uc) dt(v)=div(grad(v))+eta*uv where d1=0.1, eta=25, uc=0.25 FlexPDE was used for simulations.

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  • “Talk at IEEE Solid State Circuits Society & IEEE Computer Society, Santa Clara Valley Binding Sparse Spatiotemporal Patterns in Spiking Computation. Today, at the International”
    — Dharmendra S Modha's Cognitive Computing Blog: Binding Sparse, p9

  • “”
    — Ben (Orangedata) on Twitter, blog.benno-

  • “8]) assigns a blog article to only one topic, which has not. attempted subtopic ***ysis. 2. Spatiotemporal content ***ysis: In addition to”
    — A Probabilistic Approach to Spatiotemporal Theme Pattern,

  • “The Kitware Blog An open call to imaging researchers: This blog is asking for your guidance on the development of extensions to VTK for multiscale spatiotemporal visualization”
    — Kitware Blog - Open request for input: EU Program on,

  • “The Parkinson's disease (PD) is a frequent chronic progressive syndrome in the elderly population. Current available PD treatments either stimulate brain”
    — Extracting Gait Spatiotemporal Properties from Parkinson's,

  • “Over the next several posts, I'll present an example of spatiotemporal gene regulation, techniques for ***yzing and modeling it, and suggest a Consider the marvelous spatiotemporal program an organism's genome must encode to organize embryogenesis and”
    Spatiotemporal Programming 1, has100

  • “'s comprehensive marketing strategy is designed to reach millions of potential investors every month. As a member of , you will be instantly exposed to a nationwide audience as a result of our marketing efforts”
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    — Institute Insider - Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public,

  • “Romantic Circles Blog " spatiotemporal. CFP: Four Dimensions: Spatio-Temporal Shifts Reflected in Nine***th-Century Literature”
    — Romantic Circles Blog " spatiotemporal,

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