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  • As the pinnacle of the early-’90s rockabilly revival, Reverend Horton Heat spastically twitched out a rollickingly jittery twang that brought a party swagger back. — “Reverend Horton Heat and Deadbolt | Music | Events | The A.V”,
  • Spas·tic·al·ly adv. Spasmodically. spastically. Dictionary: Spas·tic·al·ly. Home > Library > Literature & Language > Webster 1913. adv. Spasmodically. English. English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Tagalog. Search unanswered questions Browse: Unanswered. — “spastically: Information from ”,
  • Definition of spastically from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of spastically. Pronunciation of spastically. Definition of the word spastically. Origin of the word spastically. — “spastically - Definition of spastically at ”,
  • Ever wonder what it looks like to sell your soul? At Dolphin Stadium, it looks something like this: A white guy in a pink sombrero and plastic lei jerks spastically to the grating jingle of 'Margaritaville.' Three youn. — “Welcome to LandShark Stadium, Miami - Page 1 - News - Miami”,
  • The domain may be for sale by its owner! Related Searches. Bb kings nyc The domain may be for sale by its owner!. — “ - webarchiv Resources and Information. This”,
  • spastically - Traditional English :: spastically. spastically - adj. 3 spasmodic. --n. Med. a spastic person. spastically adv. spasticity. — “click4 - Universe of Words”, click4
  • Likes! Tags * Just a note, I'm the process of re-doing my tags, so there's a bit of a mess right now. — “Contradictory”,
  • Spastically Beautiful Home > MEN'S SHOP > Shirts > Spastically Beautiful. TELL A FRIEND. Please fill out the form to email a friend about Spastically Beautiful. Your Friend's Details. Your Name:. — “EMAIL A FRIEND”,
  • Three Chinese passenger flights en route to Batou, Inner Mongolia, were forced to circle for an hour because of a UFO, the Telegraph reports. The object seemed to hover spastically while blinking World News Summaries. | Newser. — “UFO Holds Up Chinese Air Traffic - Alas, the lights might”,
  • Definition of spastically in the Medical Dictionary. spastically explanation. Information about spastically in Free online English dictionary. What is spastically? Meaning of spastically medical term. What does spastically mean?. — “spastically - definition of spastically in the Medical”, medical-
  • spastically (comparative more spastically, superlative most spastically) In a spastic way; accompanied by Retrieved from "http:///wiki/spastically". — “spastically - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Spastically - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The soft feel and relaxed-fit of the *** Toad Men's Kramer Shirt helps ease the tension when you spastically burst through your neighbor's door. — “*** Toad Kramer Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's - 2008 BCS”,
  • It's that magical time of year when I actually play video games. I have one rule for christmas (and bday, for that matter) gifts for Tove: she should buy me toys. No practical gifts, no soft packages with sweaters or socks. I didn't enjoy them. — “Spastically flailing around.. | The Linux Foundation”,
  • 1 September, 2005 : - - Grab your Doyle, Zinka, and the most outrageous costume you can find. It's that time of the year for the world's most anticipated surfing event. It takes a certain skill to ride a wave spastically and to not throw your back out!. — “O'Neill presents sixth annual Cowabunga Extravaganza”,
  • To add any, just comment and ill put them in :) You know you play volleyball when 1. You think everyone should have to wear spandex. 2. When someone says "shag" the first thing you think of is volleyball. And then you laugh. 3. When your. — “You know you play volleyball when...? To add any, just”,
  • Definition of Spastically in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Spastically. Pronunciation of Spastically. Translations of Spastically. Spastically synonyms, Spastically antonyms. Information about Spastically in the free online English. — “Spastically - definition of Spastically by the Free Online”,
  • Misha the Bernese mountain dog (9 months) spastically battling the electric toothbrush. He can't pick it up because it tickles his nose when it's on. — “YouTube - Misha vs. the Toothbrush”,
  • Because slapping spastically doesn't intimidate anyone (or does it?), learn the basics of eight different forms of martial arts (Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Israeli special force fave Krav Maga) at this first-ever, one-day workshop that's taught by. — “Boston Martial Arts Academy | Thrillist”,
  • When I first started seriously making photos a few years ago, finding an interesting angle was everything to me. IÂ'd spastically scuttle around whatever scene I was working in search of holes or interesting frames to shoot through. Potentially. — “Workin' It - Behind the Fold | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia”, tri-
  • Definition of Spastically. Spastically. Spasmodically. Related spastically in German is spastische. BrainyQuote. Copyright 2001 - 2010 . — “Definition of Spastically”,

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  • Whacked out kid at Finntroll concert Atlanta 2011 Extreme Finntroll fan bounces spastically to the live performance of Finntrolls' "Trollhammern" at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA 2011.
  • Spastically Watching 2 Girls 1 Cup He thought he could be like a boy scout: PREPARED. Our brother AK watches 2 girls 1 cup at an undisclosed location. A seat cushion was somehow used a shield as well. Save the couch. Prepared?:::Impossible!!!
  • check my eye spaz. so, my eye was spastically twitching and i had to record it because i couldn't see it, but i felt it. SO dig my health problem, yo :P
  • Bum spastically dancing on 405 Freeway On-Ramp in Torrance, CA Some mentally deranged, homeless bum spastically dancing roadside on a Freeway on-ramp.
  • Dissect - Spontaneous Diarhoea From the album "Swallow Swouming Mass" (1993). Hail Dutch Oldschool Death Metal \m/ Lyrics: Psychopathic killer out on the street Killing for pleasure is what he needs In the name of Allah he does his crime You can't hide there is no time You can't control your muscles or brain The gas controls you, driving you insane Now you're moving spastically around Your legs can't bear you, you're falling on the ground Your eyes are burning in your head Spontaneous diarrhoea is what you get Blood is flowing out of your ear There is no hope, the end is near Psychopathic killer out on the street Killing for pleasure is what he needs In the name of Allah he does his crime You can't hide there is no time Chemical gas is his favourite game You can't smell it, no one to blame When you notice it, it's too late The gas is working, the crime is made Breathe the air with deadly gas Your eyes are tearing, what a mess Gasping for air, your lungs burn Dying process has begun, it can't turn Your eyes are burning in your head Spontaneous diarrhoea is what you get Blood is flowing out of your ear There is no hope, the end is near You can't control your muscles or brain The gas controls you, driving you insane Now you're moving spastically around Your legs can't bear you, you're falling on the ground Your eyes are burning in your head Spontaneous diarrhoea is what you get Blood is flowing out of your ear There is no hope, the end is near Psychopathic killer out on the street Killing for pleasure is ...
  • Pigsaint Geddan ゲッダン Here is my take on the Geddan (Get Down) Japanese internet meme. In short, this is an animated dance video inspired by a video game glitch that caused its characters to spin around spastically in mid-air. If you've seen other Geddan videos you'll notice that they're always performed to the Japanese pop song "Promise" by Koumi Hirose (1997).
  • Fallout - Running Spastically About The Hub
  • spastic little boy sings like hes on speed my brother singing to billionare very spastically
  • Nanette runs around spastically, singing ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, maybe some others.
  • UFO On Tape App Review Download: Charlie and Joey review UFO On Tape for the Apple iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. The UFO On Tape app is game in which the object is to film a spastically moving UFO as long as you possibly can. gives UFO On Tape a 3 out of 5 rating. Be sure to RATE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE! Follow Us: http Fiverr: Follow Charlie's personal tweets @ Email Us: @
  • Laughing Spastically hahahahahahahahaha PLEASE Subscribe!!!
  • Toribash On Cocaine All my replays, singleplayer Toribash.
  • NOSAJ THING live at MAD DECENT Block Party LA 2010 Check out NOSAJ THING getting funky live at the MAD DECENT & JELLY Block Party in downtown Los Angeles on August 14th, 2010. There is something about his style that is very unique and ultra addictive... Sponsored by DIESEL it was a crazy good time complete with dunk tanks, outrageous giveaways, eclectic music and water gun fights! With loads of eye candy and some of the fiercest fashionistas I have seen in a while. it was a super hot but beautiful day in La La Land ;) And obviously HUGE DIESEL "Be Stupid" beach balls were spastically being bounced around the place (one hits me halfway thru this vid!) http For shameless promotional use only by: Thank you for sharing in my Adventures ;)
  • Glisk - Live @ Format, June 4th 2011 for more photos, videos and live review from the night..
  • Misha vs. the Toothbrush Misha the Bernese mountain dog (9 months) spastically battling the electric toothbrush. He can't pick it up because it tickles his nose when it's on. :)
  • Sophie Dancing Spastically Sorry Sofa, ily! -3
  • Zero the Spastically Obedient
  • Charmaine Singing Spastically Charmaine in music being a dick.
  • Crossroads, Another Story,Ep34 Shana vs EVA Units and Angels Shana cut the Shar-Makai duplicate in half. Blood went everywhere as it died and returned to it's normal form. Shana then killed all the little ones that attempted to dash out. She stood there, listening for anything else, her entire self stained in blood. A lance then flew at her from behind. She backhanded the weapon and sent it flying off to the side. Shana: What the- - Before she could finish, another four monsters showed up. Two looked very simmilar but had compleatly different heads and one had wings, flying for the lance. One looked like a giant flatworm with two tendrils that spastically twitching as if eager to rip something apart. And on that looked like a bunch of wings made of bright blue energy. Shana: Grrk! This attack was planned! No matter..! I'll show them all! ------------------------------------------- Did this match withought the handicap (by doubling the enemy's defence). I think Shana's arial raves do too much damage. Sadly, I had to abuse them in order to win (they beat me alot in previous matches). Also, there's a wierd glitch with Shana's energy bar when fighting in turns, where if you have 1 or more energy before the next round it starts draining and then suddenly fills itself up again. Hmm... Maybe I should lower Shana's attack power a little bit if I am to use her in future videos.
  • Lauren! Stop Motion....kinda.. :P Haha, this is one of my bestest friends in the whole world! She's so spastically amazing! haha, well she's obssesed with these stop motion videos, so I wanted to make one for her, but I didn't know I was looking through the pictures I had of her, and here are some that were taken continuously that kinda made a stop motion video. So it's not the best, but it's cool! Haha, I love youu Lauren!!!! :) :) -Kristen
  • Spastic German dude + the Numa-Numa Song When my bro came back from Germany, he brought this video along. If you like seeing a random person getting over excited while singing and dancing, then u'll definitely like it! (Btw, its not mine. This came out as a commercial in Germany....atleast, that's wat I heard!)
  • Rachel-Babe & Madiepotomus. word In our spare time we like to drink kool-aid, and dance around spastically
  • Emi's Weird & Wonderful Laugh ilove her. sorry she has to be the one person who has the funniest laugh
  • kim spastically singing the naruto intro shes a spaz
  • Twin Hearts (Kylie Minogue vs Twin Peaks) Colatron: "Twin Hearts" Angelo Badalamenti: "Dance of the Dream Man" (from "Twin Peaks") Kylie Minogue: "Two Hearts" There is a certain romance in Twin Peaks. The love a mature woman has for a log. The love a suited man has for a good cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. The love a small man has for a spastically rhythmic dance. Kylie Minogue understands this. Kylie Minogue understands the small man. Give your feet over to the cool cat walk. Now do it backwards. Give your heart over to the romance. Now see the people that aren't there. Now you're not there. Only the feeling remains. From the album Mashed in Plastic Mashup by Colatron http Video by The Reborn Identity
  • stephanie spastically talking... random hyperness...
  • Act Spastically - Let It Be Let It Be - America's premier Beatles tribute band performs "Act Naturally" for you, almost live in Florida
  • egg roll tp 2 girl running with tp and boiled egg spastically
  • Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Demo This is a video showing my new TS9. It works great, and gives me a really awesome tone. I can now play pretty much anything, from Death to technical death metal. Enjoy, as I spastically and sloppily play a variety of metal riffs. This video was meant to be a bit longer, but my camera cut out right before I could play the Crystal Mountain solo. But anyways, enjoy this video, and look out for new metal guitar covers from some of the artists in this video ;)
  • Heroes of Newerth - Fog of War Glitch Fog of War toggles spastically sometimes. Only a client restart can solve my problem, and I'm not sure what causes it.
  • Girl Dancing Spastically This Girl Dances Like An Idiot
  • My reaction to the New Firefox I just downloaded new Firefox. *ZZIIIPPP* Oh, that was just my new Firefox flying spastically at the speed of light. Yes, It's that fast.
  • I (SPASTICALLY) RUN ON WATER.. I am really bad at this so i'm told...
  • Spastically Ridiculous Beagle
  • Squirrel Goes Berserk in the Park A squirrel goes crazy, jumping and rolling spastically around a tree. Squirrels tend to do this when they are excited and happy. They are very playful animals, seeing as they have a lot of energy. I've also observed from the baby squirrels I've raised that sometimes squirrels also do this when they are burying a nut, perhaps to leave their scent on the soil? I'm not exactly sure why. . . -- This film is © 2009 ManiacalSquirrel
  • Spastic Fly, 8 September 2005, This fly was spastically moving on my studio floor. Resuscitation seemed useless, it bravely performed it's last minutes in front of the camera.
  • Spastic Dance Part1 Girl dances spastically - sort of a grunting version of the dance in Little Miss Sunshine
  • Cam & Julian Spastically Dancing at Naty's Wedding Yes, that's actually Cameron with Julian on that dance floor! No strings attached!
  • Horse at Caufield Racecourse On the Ground at the Gates Then Jumps Up Spastically I was watching the race, then i saw the horse fall at the gates. I ran over there to see what happened, the horse was on the ground. The guys pulled on him he jumped up and walked away. He was scratched from the race.
  • Soccer Player Spastic Jumping Soccer player spastically jumps around. Fake falling or real?

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  • “Lady Hermione is a 5-year-old Domestic Shorthair from Eau Claire, WI. She has had her very own web page on Club Cat for 2 days. I LOVE getting super hyper and running spastically around the house. I also love trying to catch bugs on the screen door. I make”
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  • “Home " Blog " News " Robots Take Over the World. Robots Take Over the milestones away from perfection, they are spastically working towards a new breed of”
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  • “Spastically Incomprehensible. Posted on February 27, 2010, 6:00 pm, by My local rag, the Oregonian, has an incurable tendency to take up quixotic and unpopular”
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  • “Skip to Content. will's blog. Croikey! Submitted by will on Mon, 11/02/2009 - 02:24 E) Anti-busy. F) Spastically busy. G) Grammatically busy. Sponsors”
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  • “What's your fix? random ladies in need of a color wheel fix, dragging that one friend out for a make-over experience, spastically growing leg hair, a penchant for sharp, pretty teeth, the urge to make *** It lists, pole dancing, or inibiting buttery nipples”
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  • “You want to do this quickly but not spastically. 4. Leaning back the slightest bit and holding your arms out to the side will *** Toy Blog is proudly powered by WordPress MU running on blog.***”
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  • “Community for St louis bands, music, fans, classifieds, and concert listings Spastically sounds more fun, but progression sounds like it pays off better in the end. Tags: Lawndarts Turkey Canopy Alfalfa Squirrel Turnip”
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  • “The most complete collection of information, tips, fixes, workarounds, and answers for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, NT, and 95 lockup and icons on desktop move around spastically. Monday, July 22, 2002 at 11:17 am. Windows XP Annoyances Discussion Forum. Posted by Rob Gulino”
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  • “It pulsed like black feltThen she burst } October 27, 2010 08:14pm he jerked up his forearm, his fingers spastically uncurled under the impact of the Graz”
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