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  • During the last bout of QE back in March, the FX markets spasmed as USD got clobbered across every major. During the last bout of QE back in March, the FX markets spasmed as USD got clobbered across every major. — “Zero Hedge: FX market finally believes in the resolve of the Fed”,
  • Borders - by James Mills .. Someplace, within the wool of thought, A voice, maybe not mine, Investigates - aspects. Untangling blue veins, blue skeins That spark awhile and slide, silky On their spasmed way. — “Borders by James Mills”,
  • In one study, some patients receiving soft tissue therapy, trigger point therapy , postisometric relaxation of spasmed muscles (a technique used for relaxation of muscle tension), and spinal manipulation to partially dislocated vertebrae. — “Cerebral Vascular Insufficiency Alternative Therapies”,
  • Spasmed - Define Spasmed at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Spasmed. Look it up now!. — “Spasmed | Define Spasmed at ”,
  • I suffer from extreme chronic pain and fibromyalagia therefore I take many pain pills wear a fentenyl patch 150 I get bloated and at times of the worst stomach pain I feel as if my stomach muscle has spasmed and so I cannot expell the gas. — “Gas, bloating, the need to double up >> Medical Questions”,
  • She spent 17 years getting various treatments and chiropractic adjustments for all her tight, weak, spasmed, locked, rotated, symptoms and patterns listed in the pictures. Doing energy work, soft tissue therapy, network balancing or chiropractic. — “Client Success”,
  • It is also a good liniment for spasmed muscles. Zingiberis officinalis. Ginger. Ginger is native to southestern Asia, but is widely cultivated in Ginger oil is excellent as an external liniment on stiff, cold, spasmed muscles. The fresh rhizome used in cooking, tea, or even given in tincture. — “Indispensible Herbs: Zingiberis officinalis. Ginger”,
  • There is much more transpiring beneath the surface of this encounter between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku He was held largely immobile, like an insect pinned to a cotton display swab, twitching as his muscles spasmed uncontrollably in a futile struggle to escape their torment. — “ | Precipice -- A Hyperspace Exclusive Short Story”,
  • It's done by making these spasmed tubes into de-spasmed ones. It's done by making these spasmed tubes into de-spasmed ones. Furthermore, there are also a lot of other infertility concerns. — “Avid Articles Free Content For Your Website Ezine or Blog”,
  • It's simple to use and it puts relief where it belongs, in your hands. The personal involvement necessary for using the Cane leads to an increased desire to take more responsibility for one's own health. THERACANE DEEP RELIEF FROM PAINFUL, KNOTTED, SPASMED MUSCLES. — “THERACANE DEEP RELIEF FROM PAINFUL, KNOTTED, SPASMED MUSCLES”,
  • The 41-year-old's body violently spasmed as he answered a question on last night's show. The climate change sceptic's body violently spasmed as his pacemaker kicked in to speed up his heart. — “Copenhagen: The terrifying moment global warming sceptic”,
  • have spasmed. they. have spasmed. Past Perfect. I. had spasmed. you. had spasmed. he/she/it. had will have spasmed. he/she/it. will have spasmed. we. will have spasmed. they. will have spasmed. — “to spasm conjugations”,
  • [edit] Verb. spasmed. Simple past tense and past participle of spasm. /wiki/spasmed" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “spasmed - Wiktionary”,
  • For centuries, the art and often referred to as the health practice of acupuncture has been present in various countries mostly in the Asian region. This is simply done by making these spasmed tubes into de-spasmed ones. — “acupuncture-on-infertility”,
  • This pulls blood and energy into the spasmed muscle area to promote healing. However, gwa sha therapy is a bit painful, as the practitioner presses his instrument along the length of the light or spasmed muscle, in effect "scraping" it, forcing the removal of stagnant blood and energy and toxins. — “Chinese Medicine for Pain”,
  • Treat yourself to deep relief from painful, knotted, spasmed muscles- even in the middle of your back!. — “Thera Cane | Self Massager | Trigger Point Therapy Massage”,
  • KYTB specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage and bodywork, certified carpal tunnel treatment therapist, rehabilitates acute and chronic pain, reduces tension from stress. stress; decreases inflammation; and releases spasmed musculature. — “Neck and Shoulder Pain”,
  • Prior to the beginning of Spasmed® tbl. therapy, it is necessary exclude hormonally and Spasmed® 5, 15 can be administered in pregnancy and lactation only if. — “Spasmed 5, 15 | PRO MED CS”,
  • It's very important that you know for definite one way or the other, because obviously your course of action is very different. The fact that she responded to heat makes it possible that she went into hibernation, but I will be honest, because of. — “Is my hamster dying? or dead? or hibernating? I found my”,
  • 16 Reviews of Tina's Cuban Cuisine "I very much heart Cuban food. So wandering in to Tina's during lunch was a no brainer. But when I sat down at the table to order, my brain spasmed and I suddenly wasn't in the mood for delicious bean based. — “Tina's Cuban Cuisine - Murray Hill - New York, NY”,
  • Red Lotus Institute, Acupuncture Center Of Athens ( Spasmed tubes are often de-spasmed with acupuncture, though blocked tubes will not respond to acupuncture). — “Red Lotus Institute | Acupuncture Center of Athens”,
  • Rehabilitate the physical conditions responsible for pain – don't just learn how to manage it! Integration of Cranial/Structural with soft tissue So, when the therapeutic medical massage techniques are applied to the spasmed tissue on the top and back of the shoulder, that area is invested. — “Calendar of Events”,
  • Treating infertility with Acupuncture can help acheive pregnancy. ( Spasmed tubes are often de-spasmed with acupuncture, though blocked tubes will not respond to acupuncture). — “Treating Infertility using Acupuncture : American Pregnancy”,
  • articles A Holistic Approach to TMJ exercise spasmed muscles, what ive always, exercise, that we, tmj, utilizes both exercise, exercise and nutritional, associated with, muscles. — “exercise - A Holistic Approach to TMJ”,

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  • Wing Seven Cover- Skyway Avenue (We The Kings) This is our band doin a cover of Skyway Avenue, as made famous by We The Kings on the school farewell day. We might have messed up a few times but it was a LOT of fun =D Rehan (NiGhtprOwIeR) on Drumzz Zubair (urrobot) on Lead Guitar Vanya (spasmed) on Second Guitar Ali at mic (shorter dude) =P Sidra (Tsumi1000) at mic Zaman (HardChord) at mic Please Rate and Comment ^_^ Criticism will be welcome. =)
  • Wing Seven Cover- Be My Escape (Relient K) This is our band doing a cover of Be My Escape, as made famous by Relient K. We may have messed up a few times but it was a LOT of fun =D Rehan (NiGhtprOwIeR) on Drumz Zubair (urrobot) on Guitar Vanya (spasmed)on Second Guitar Zaman (HardChord) at Mic Sidra (Tsumi1000) at Mic Nosheen at Keyboard (offstage) Unfortunately, we couldn't get the Bass pLaYer, Ahmed connected on time =( Please Rate And Comment. Criticism is welcome =)
  • Magykonyx Pk Vid 1, Claws Korasi Hybriding Dh AGS Pking YO SUP. This vid includes pking by the LEGENDARY Magykonyx. Includes all different types of pking. Filmed by Magykonyx, edited by Riy Guy/Ancienttales. Much more to come! Enjoy. Also had a few rendering errors shown in video, like a couple smooth flashes spasmed out multiple times after rendering. -_- (Like the "magykonyx" outro clip, 4:58) Mouse calibration was off in some; a fraps error. Going to fix all of these soon. :)
  • Barry's Strikeout Barry strikes out to end the game. Unfortunately, I spasmed with glee and accidentally cut the video short.
  • Welcome to Salon Software & Spa Software - Salon Boss Software Reviews - Salon & Spa Software - 888-51-SALON Salon Boss Software Reviews. With over 5000 customers, is the premier software for any business with appointments including Salons, Spas, Day Spas, Med Spas, Chiropractors and more. Call us at 888-51-SALON or email us...
  • MW2 | MiniEdit | By Spasmed Chicken My mw2 edit .. sorry its very small i will be making more clips and tages so watch out! Editor:
  • "I spasmed" i don't even know what to put here!!
  • 2010 CIF Division 2 Track and Field Preliminaries - Boys 1600 CIF Track and Field Division 2 Preliminaries at Moorpark High School on May 13, 2010. Extremely tactical from the gun. Extremely as in I was actually in front...I went a little early and died out in the end, but of course, I learned my lesson. And I'll make sure to be geared for next year. My mother's tripod kind of spasmed out at the end, but I get owned severely in the last 100 so I guess it's a sympathy gesture :P Overall Results: 1 Gedyon,,Elias 11 Loyola 4:15.93q 2 Cervantes, Angelo 11 Savanna 4:20.06q 3 Gutierrez, Hugo 12 Arroyo Grande 4:21.76q 4 Myers, Elliot 11 Esperanza 4:20.45q 5 Noris, Michel 12 Canyon cc 4:21.88q 6 Pinuelas, Erik 11 A. Camarillo 4:22.43q 7 Huntley, Tyler 11 North Jw 4:23.49q 8 Low, Chris 12 Canyon cc 4:23.60q 9 Kostelnik, Philip 11 Loyola 4:24.31q 10 Zaragoza, Marco 11 Vista D.lago 4:24.37 11 Lewis, Preston 11 North Torrance 4:24.63 12 Yamamura, Shin 11 Glendora 4:25.05 13 Vega, Kevin 11 San Jacinto 4:25.44 14 Poston, Tommie 11 El Dorado 4:25.90 15 Firman, Cole 12 Ayala 4:26.18 16 Willis, Samuel 11 Canyon cc 4:27.37 17 Besnoin, Remington 12 Redondo Union 4:27.90 18 Ledesma, Dan 12 Esperanza 4:28.06 19 Domonoske, Colin 11 Claremont 4:28.35 20 Arjona, Juan 11 Moreno Valley 4:29.30 21 Hernandez, Kelly 11 Glendora 4:29.46 22 Horchler, Kevin 11 Troy 4:29.98 23 Cooke, Brad 11 Valencia 4:30.34 24 Couchman, Cole 10 A. Camarillo 4:30.36 25 Hernandez, Jorge 10 Nogales 4:30.60 26 Taylor, Brandon 11 Mayfair 4:31.27 27 Sanchez, Joshua 10 Los Altos 4:31.35 ...
  • Touch Salon Software Tour - - Salon Boss Software Reviews - Salon & Spa Software - 888-51-SALON Salon Boss Software Reviews. Here is a our tour of how we built a system to take advantage of a touch screen monitor from the ground up. With over 5000 customers, is the premier software for any business with appointments including Salons, Spas, Day Spas, Med Spas, Chiropractors and more. Call us at 888-51-SALON or email us at [email protected] or you can also visit us at http . SalonBoss software recently achieved the #1 Rating by
  • SC2forum LAG K, so Rex logged out, but for some reason the thing spasmed and it logged him in and out like...50 times! It was insane. You can;t see it very well, but here the vid is!
  • Video-Yarn is yanked.wmv The Yarn is Yanked too hard, too much Taught to love, I've learned to clutch. I've given much to much to take to schooling. All the while they hammered out dictatums and the lectors belched, the students either spasmed or were drooling. But this is no rebellion cry, no call to high to hang the sky and lift above the much that's barely breathing. Not even surrender, this is a squeak of slow born death begun to reek upon the yarn that's wound up in the spooling. (c) Teagen Page
  • Spas med August
  • Welcome to - Spa Management Software - Spa Management Software - 888-517-2566. is the premier software for any business with appointments including Spas, Day Spas, Med Spas, Medical Spas and more. Call us at 888-517-2566 or email us at [email protected] or you can also visit us at http . software recently achieved the #1 Rating by
  • My 2010 Doe- Taken on 12-18-10 The doe I took on 12-18-10 at 10:41 AM. This is just a vid I got to document it and the entry and exit wounds. To anyone not familiar w/ hunting, the deer is hung up to let it drain. We don't hang things, we kill them cleanly with one shot. This deer was dead for 30 mins before we hung it up. ------ Story behind the kill- Me and Bill Meyer had been sitting in the blind/shooting house for about three and a half hours before we saw this one. It was in a group of 2 does, and she was the one in front. I flipped the safety off, then I let her walk to a point directly in front of me and then grunted to get her attention. Sure enough, she looked straight at me and stood still. I squeezed the trigger. I knew I'd hit her. It was a 20 yard shot, point blank range in my opinion. She ran in a crescent shape and dropped no more than 40-50 yards where she spasmed and expired. We then found that I'd made a perfect shot. A double lung shot. Later when removing the lungs/heart, we found that the lungs had been utterly destroyed, as if someone had taken a knife to them. And that is why I respect firearms. I opted to keep the liver and heart to eat, and we butchered it on 12-19-10. We got a little over 35 pounds of meat out of it, including ground and steaks. Thanks to Bill Meyer and Joe Bacon for having me down in Switzerland County, Indiana at Cedar Branch Farms again!
  • Noob Battle Me and my cousin in melee. Yes I know we suck. Aguy1993 (Link) vs Jorge199494 (Young Link)He spasmed out in the begining
  • Music Box Dancer Played By John Baker. Alin S & Jan R (drakkette) autorhythm counting! This is just a random video me and my GF Jan R (drakkette) made today listening to Music Box Dancer played by John Baker using cloned autorhythm components from the now demolished Organ Grinder in Denver. Jan R (drakkette) decided to challenge herself to keeping the beat of the autorhythm machine, lets see the funny result. Audio at the end got f*cked so heres the closed captions! "ok that was jan my girlfriend doing autorhythm counting to music box dancer by john baker from november 08 i tried doing this 3 times and my hand spasmed out of control but anyways."
  • Teeter fun 2! monkey trouble 2ND TUESDAY training Korean Plank. Due to a sprained spine and a spasmed back i may not be ale to do the next session!!!
  • Belly Dance - Heather By Sahara Mist. Antonio and Erycka provide the music. My arm was spasmed so the video a wee bit shaky.
  • A little rant vlog. sorry guys, Thought a vlog would make me feel better. not sure whether it has worked yet, I have been taken over by the guilt monster, and my flatmate is counting up my pointless apologies because everything is my fault; including the fact that she didnt like her sandwich, I didnt smile at someone who didnt even see me, the fact I didnt eat my own lunch, the fact I spasmed and spilt some tea on the stairs. all that jazz that was out of my control and didnt need a massive sorry is tormenting me today. not helped by the fact I cant breathe, cant hide the pain im in, and my left side doesnt work properly at this gabapentin dose.
  • The Scientist by Coldplay on the ocarina me playing the Scientist by Coldplay on my ocarina. There're some mistakes and what not, unfortunately I don't have very strong lungs so sometimes the notes go flat or I can't hold them as long as they need to be held. Also, for some reason, the video spasmed so at one point it skipped a couple seconds. Sorry about all that, but hopefully it's good enough to entertain you for a few minutes of your life. This is all by ear. No tabs, sorry. That's why there are some mistakes... Before anyone asks, there are lots of places to get ocarinas. Here ya go: you can also go on
  • GWK - Episode 4 I told you we even accept dazzle quality! sick shot by Sub him up
  • Tahoe truckee pato banton and jeff - random guy dancing Pato Banton played 7/26/08 at the Truckee Regional Park with Mystic roots. Some random guy named Jeff hopped on stage and spasmed into dance moves I can only describe as the human bongo drum.
  • Sjov & spas med Mormor
  • Halo Chief Warthog messing up cutscene The master chief trys to walk through a warthog in a cutscene but can't quite pull it off. Or can he...? (I've actually managed to kill the master chief in a cutscene once in the next level with the banshee, he spasmed in the groud when the banshee hit him and the cutscene went on without the chief).
  • Electric spazm getting my face spasmed lol
  • A Hero's Call Aaaaaahh! I need to scream or barf or possibly do both! I need to vlog this before I go insane! Last Tuesday April 7th, I went to the doctors to find out the results of the MRI I had about a month ago now. Ugh, I could barf..anywhoo so apparently I have this rare condition called Patchegoria (cant spell it) which means I have holes in my brain, I have a holy brain. This condition is caused by abnormal cell migration and is what probably caused my Cerebral Palsy. There is no direct treatment for people with Patchegoria. I just looked it up and its actually Pachygyria which is not how the doctor pronounced it though whatevs. Pachygyria is fatal though the information I found was vague and a little contradictory. My mum said Im not looking at the right sites, she said she found lots of info. My mum read that Pachygyria causes intense muscle spasms that could become lethal. I have a lot of spasms every day which hurt like all hell and is why I spend a lot of time in bed. I have taken medication for it though most of the medications have side effects that I cant tolerate very well. Some meds dont work at all! Its SO FRUSTRATING to feel debilitated by my spasms when I know in theory how to control them. I only spasm when I am stressed and unhappy. I was in Cuba two weeks ago and I hardly spasmed. I only had to lie down for about an hour each day while I was in Cuba. Unhappiness and fear is my Kryptonite! Gaahh! This is my last year of high school regardless of whether I get my ...
  • Robo Defect My robot spasmed
  • Kiley's spasms after drinking a liter of spritee!(: hahahhahahaha my best friend && i had a bunch of sprite and we spasmed out(:
  • Camera Explodes While Kids Try To Make A Taser [HALARIOUS] I was trying to make a taser with my friends and the whole camera exploded. We recorded because we were working on it for like an hour and it wasn't working and I got shocked three times, my friend got shocked twice, and my other friend (who didn't know that it would shock him) got shocked once. We decided to record it after the third time I got shocked because I grabbed the chip and picked it up and my whole arm spasmed. It was pretty fun though :]. It felt like getting shocked with a shocking pen only 3x worse. Not that bad though :).
  • BLACKBUSHEE me, foster and micheal went to blackbushe market. we had a great larf laughing at the stupidest things eever. and then went around sonning burning and poking ponies so they spasmed :] great day guyss ! xo
  • Credit Card Processing Rates Explained - - Salon & Spa Software - 888-51-SALON Salon Boss. Companies providing merchant services will often tell you they have a great rate, but do they? This video explains their tricks. With over 5000 customers, is the premier software for any business with appointments including Salons, Spas, Day Spas, Med Spas, Chiropractors and more. Call us at 888-51-SALON or email us at [email protected] or you can also visit us at http . SalonBoss software recently achieved the #1 Rating by
  • Opening Up (74) "It hurts Nick." Selena said as her walls spasmed around his shaft trying to get used to the feeling of his member inside her. "Baby I promise it'll stop hurting, you just have to take it." Nick said gently as he moved himself deeper into her. "Nick..." Selena gasped painfully. "Lena I can still stop." Nick said although all he wanted to do was slam into her as if this wasn't her first time. He wanted to manhandle her body until she was screaming his name to the heavens, but he knew he couldn't do that until she was enjoying it. "No I don't want you to stop." Selena said although the pain she felt was almost unbearable to her petite frame. "Ok, babe but you have to take it. There's so many things I could do to you that'd you'd love but you have to let me." Nick whispered. "Ok." Selena said softly. Nick pushed himself deeper into her tightness both of them wincing. Nick at how tightly her walls gripped his member and Selena at how he was stretching her open. "Babe you're so tight." Nick whispered as he pushed himself even further in. Selena was trying her best not to cry out in pain as Nick began to slowly pull out of her stretching her even further apart. Causing her to wince and let out a low gasp. Nick frowned ready for her to begin enjoying it so he could do what he really wanted to. Nick sighed and begin moving faster inside of her. Selena cried out in pain, but Nick quickly muffled her cry with a kiss hoping to alleviate her pain by taking her mind off of what was ...
  • Khthon - Look Where She Lies - Beer Cart Arms, Canterbury. 29th May 2011. M2TM Final Track 2. Khthon play the Metal 2 The Masses Final at The Beer Cart Arms in Canterbury. My thumb spasmed 50 seconds from the end! I can upload the last 46 seconds if you really want me to?!
  • Sometimes I get so mad We've worked the problem out, sort of. Basically SOMEONE pushes a button and things get out of sequence. From then on different buttons control or don't control certain features. Admitting that it's possible that a RANDOM slip can mess everything up is difficult. The slipper being the random element, not the slipping. Anyone can slip. I know I can. He has proved he can by his spasmed channel changing. So
  • Edit This! | Week 6 Woohoo! As Week 5 draws to a close, and everything starts to slow down, BOOM! we release Week 6! You awesome people submitted 70 different submissions, and we went through them ALL! The winner for this week was chosen because his edit was short, sweet, and above all flowed well (He lost marks for lack of cinematics though!) The clip for Week 6 is one of our favorites! A sick quad feed in SND that should produce some interesting syncing and effects. Make sure you remember that we rate on pretty much all criteria (eg color correction, cinematics, flow, effects, music etc). So that's all from us guys! Download the clip, get editing, and we will see you again next week for our seventh episode of "Edit This!" Winner: (Spasmed Chicken) 2nd Place: (bobzehh) Runner Up: (Teeqz) Thanks to Gwokz for the sick clip! Download the clip for Week 6 here: MP4 - WMV - You may also like to use our intro in your edit: THIS WEEK CLOSES AT 11:59PM ON JULY 8 (Friday Night). GET YOUR ENTRIES IN NOW!
  • FCK-PSV 1-0 Lidt spas med mit nye kamera
  • attack I f I trid to speak I repeated words and my tounge spasmed and garble would come out
  • chapter three: in which the new lovers dance an intimate waltz. who knows? but it's 4:11 am. and i am tired, my friends. and "once upon a dream" just started playing on the tv in the livingroom and i laughed, hannah. and my left hand just spasmed and it hurt. and i don't want to go to bed and then have to wake up in the morning. and also, my right foot just fell asleep. i'll probably have a stroke. whateva. i still have five minutes to wait on this thing. i tell you, i have the worst luck in video making. i am perfectly awful at it. have you ever noticed that the song needing/getting by okgo sounds like an irish jig song? or pub song, maybe?
  • Kansas City Spa | RSVP Med Spa | FINDitKC Kansas City Spa, RSVP Med Spa is a stylish, intimate spa where you receive highly personalized attention in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere -- a luxury that is rarely found in today's fast paced, high stress world. At RSVP medspa our purpose is to ensure that your every experience results in comfort, pleasure and relaxation. Everything is about you! Facial, Med Spa, Skin Tightening, Laser Hair Removal. RSVP is a unique facility where quality, luxury, and satisfaction are our main priority. The staff at RSVP medspa combines west coast sophistication with a wide range of educational experience. This varied background allows the professional staff to offer cutting edge procedures and services not found anywhere else in the KC area. Let us create an experience your skin will thank you for. Wonderful skin care treatments are luxurious and beneficial for every type of skin. We offer a full range of spa services tailored to your own needs. Designed for both women and men we specialize in the latest rejuvenation treatments. Rejuvenate your body and mind with our complete spa services that delivers superior face and body treatments for Him and Her in an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility. Make your appointment today to Relax and revitalize your body. Smooth your skin gently and effectively with proven techniques aimed to please. We welcome you to indulge and pamper yourself amongst our serene and pleasant environment that will leave you in heavenly bliss. Patients today want to ...
  • Gavs Bass Makes Him Jump - 1st July Practice Lol. This was during practice. I was being silly with Sam and as I stepped back, my fingers spasmed and I accidentally hit on of the strings. It actually scared the *** out of me. |:

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  • “Blog. Books. Links. Updates on releases! December 6th, 2010 | Author: Diana DeRicci. An Executive decision was made at the 11th hour She spasmed, aching. Rex stood, frozen, watching them, his eyes glittering like blue flames in the bar lights”
    — Diana DeRicci,

  • “LymeDisease forum there is such a thing as atypical bell's palsy, my DH has it, it progressed to where one side of his face constantly spasmed it”
    — internal tremor even in face????,

  • “They work perfectly fine, just fall down when I stress them in a race. I have had two to act up during the party and I had a few interesting moments when it spasmed suddenly”
    — ,

  • “Hi all: During my last 1/2 IM, my lower back muscles spasmed continuously while on the bike and run, which led to my worst finishing time ever (please don't look it up ;)). Anyway, after the race, I continually had stiffness and muscular pain in Add a Blog Post”
    — Back Injury - L5/S1 disc bulge - Any Suggestions??? - iAmTRI,

  • “The spasmed musles have experienced bruising and tearing and are talking about diabetes to at Recent Trackbacks. Copyright © 2010 Back Pain Wiki Blog”
    — Back Pain Wiki Blog - Part 3,

  • “It takes me 3 seconds to think up the appropriate word to say in a conversation, and my calf muscles spasmed and stretched like a cramped piece of ham meat. I struggled to get out of the massage chair that I’d been sleeping on, and hopped”
    — Attempting to blog after a sleep-over,

  • “[You want the word "spasmed."]] Forum News. 20 days ago ROFISH said: The 2010 EarthBound Fanfest Forum is up! Hop on and learn how you can win one of”
    — Forum " ,

  • “LD4all forum. The lucid dreamer's community. Discussion about LD inducing techniques, problems, solutions, learn lucid dreaming After about an hour, my hands and feet started to become paralyzed and everything was going fine- unfortunately my whole body spasmed and it frea”
    — Search, ld4

  • “Most Bizarre Experiments Of All Time For four seconds his heart spasmed. A moment later it spasmed again. Then the rhythm gradually declined until, 15.4 seconds after the first shot, Deering's heart stopped”
    — Most Bizarre Experiments Of All Time,

  • “Natural Medicine & Acupuncture Services for Families and Women diminishes pain by "untying muscular straitjackets – releasing tight, spasmed, shortened muscles to their resting state”
    — Trillium Natural Medicine, Classical Chinese & Naturopathic,

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