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  • Shop for solving at Target. Choose from Math Stories For Problem Solving Success (Paperback), Creative Problem Solving (Paperback) and other products. — “solving : Target Search Results”,
  • How to solve problems in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving.The solutions apply to grade school through graduate school and beyond. — “Solve word problems with confidence and pleasure”,
  • problem solving Process involved in finding a solution to a problem. Many animals routinely solve problems of locomotion, food finding, and shelter. — “Problem solving: Information from ”,
  • PBS Teachers provides PreK-12 educational resources and activities for educators tied to PBS programming and correlated to local and national standards and professional development opportunities delivered online. Create, replicate and identify patterns, and use proportional reasoning to solve problems. — “PBS Teachers - Math Problem Solving”,
  • How to solve an equation. Transposing. Lesson 9 of a complete course in algebra As far as how things look, then, we will know that we have solved an equation when we have isolated x on the left-hand side. — “Linear equations - A complete course in algebra”,
  • : Search Results for solving Not Sold in Stores. Problem Solving Quadratic Functions Problem Solving Quadratic Functions. Release Date: 01/05/2010. Order Online $31.44. List Price: $34.95. You save: $3.51 (10%) In Stock. Free shipping with. Site to Store. Store Availability. Not Sold in Stores. — “: Search Results for "solving"”,
  • Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum. For K-12 kids, teachers and parents. Many simple inequalities can be solved by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing both sides until you are left with the variable on its own. — “Solving Inequalities”,
  • This page lists our free online video tutorials on solving linear equations, solving linear equations word problems, and printable solving linear equations worksheets. — “Solving Linear Equations Help : Videos | Worksheets | Word”,
  • solving videos solving youtube video download solving download solving watch solving save solving yükle solving listen. — “solving Youtube Videos - Save, Download & Watch”,
  • Top questions and answers about Solving-Algebraic-Equations. Find 45 questions and answers about Solving-Algebraic-Equations at Read more. — “Solving Algebraic Equations - ”,
  • You see, in such a lesson you'd have problems that would be solved with the given strategy, so it further accentuates the idea that solving word problems always follows some pre-established recipe. I wonder if a better approach would be to instead solve good challenging problems weekly. — “Math word problems — the do's and dont's of teaching problem”,
  • Solve an Inequality - powered by WebMath This page will show you how to solve a relationship involving an inequality. Note the inequality is already put in for you. Please do not type it anywhere. Just fill in what's on the left and right side of your inequality. Type your inequality here. — “Solve an Inequality - WebMath”,
  • In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby create a simple algebraic expression to solve a problem: How many strings of popcorn can you make for their Christmas tree? Tim starts you off by solving for a variable representing the number of popcorn pieces left. — “BrainPOP - Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science”,
  • Learn about Solving Polynomials on . Find info and videos including: How to Solve Polynomials, How to Solve a Polynomial, How to Solve Quartic Polynomials and much more. — “Solving Polynomials - ”,
  • © OECD 2004 Problem Solving for Tomorrow's World – First Measures of Cross-Curricular Competencies from PISA 2003 to develop solution strategies, and to solve problems and communicate the. — “Problem Solving for Tomorrow's World”,
  • The nature of human problem solving methods has been studied by psychologists over the past hundred years. There are several methods of studying problem solving, including; introspection, behaviorism, simulation, computer modeling and experiment. — “Problem solving - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A great article on teaching mathematics through a problem-solving approach. — “Mathematics Through Problem Solving”,
  • Problem solving worksheets - 1,839 results from 327 stores, including Social Decision Making/Social Problem Solving A Curriculum For Academic Social And Emotional Learning Grades 2-3 Book and CD, Zillio - 2D Worksheets, Testsmart Mathematics Math. — “Problem solving worksheets - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Ask a question about Word Problem Solving Strategies. Be as specific as possible! Remember, you're asking the entire Khan Academy community for answers. Mention a time from the video, like "5:28", to help people understand what your question is about. — “Word Problem Solving Strategies | Khan Academy”,
  • Right from solving quadratic equations to solving quadratic, we have everything discussed. Come to Solve- and master quadratic equations, equations and plenty of other math subject areas. — “Solving Quadratic Equations”, solve-
  • Definition of solving in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of solving. Pronunciation of solving. Translations of solving. solving synonyms, solving antonyms. Information about solving in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “solving - definition of solving by the Free Online Dictionary”,

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  • Solving the Puzzle of Panic Disorder Dr. Carbonell describes the key to understanding, and overcoming, panic attacks.
  • Solving Systems by Substitution - - Math Help For a complete lesson on solving systems by substitution, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn to solve a system of linear equations by substitution, by first isolating one of the variables in the system, then substituting its value for the corresponding variable in the other equation.
  • Solving a Quadratic Equation by the Quadratic Formula Using the Quadratic Formula to solve a quadratic equation. Use this method if you are weak at factoring, or if the equation is difficult to factor or cannot be factored. This is video 36 of 51 in the solving equation series. The next three series are "Word Problems", "Factoring" and "Graphing".
  • Solving Quadratic Inequalities Solving Quadratic Inequalities The basic procedure and one full example is shown! For more free math videos, visit
  • Lesson 7-3: Solving Multi-Step Equations with Fractions This lesson looks at four examples and the process that can be used to solve equations that contain fractions
  • Properties of Logarithms - Part 2 - Solving Logarithmic Equations Properties of Logarithms - Part 2! In this video, I solve equations involving logarithms. For more free math videos, visit
  • Solving Rational Inequalities Solving Rational Inequalities - An outline of the procedure along with 2 full examples and one partial examples are shown! For more free math videos, visit
  • Tyson Mao solving Rubik's cube blindfolded on CNN This is a video of Tyson Mao (from the Beauty and the Geek) solving the Rubik's cube blindfolded on CNN live!
  • Algebra: Solving Inequalities Solving linear inequalities.
  • NEEM - A Tree For Solving Global Problems Neem (Azadirachta indica) has worldwide medicinal and agricultural applications as a non-toxic alternative to synthetic chemicals for both curing and preventing disease. MEDICINAL uses of neem: ANTIPATHOGEN- effects are selective against parasites: INSECTS (eg Head Lice, Whitefly, Weevil, Caterpillars, Fleas, Moths), WORMS, FUNGI (eg Athletes Foot, Yeast Infection), BACTERIA (eg Leprosy, Tuberculosis) and VIRUS (eg Malaria, Flu) IMMUNO-MODULATOR, ANTICANCEROUS, ANTIVIRAL, ANTIFUNGAL, ANTIALLERGEN, ANTIDIABETIC, CNS EFFECT, ANTIHEPATOTOXIC (liver), WOUND HEALING, CARDIO-VASCULAR, SKIN DISEASES (eg eczema, psoriasis), ANTI-HEMORRHOIDS, ANTI-PYRETIC (fever), ANTI-HISTAMINE, ANTI-ARTHRITIC, ANTI-INFERTILITY, CONTRACEPTIVE, ANTI-OXIDANT, ANTI-LEPROTIC, AGRICULTURAL uses: STORAGE OF GRAINS WOOD FISHERIES PESTICIDE (kills Threadworms (Nematodes), repels Slugs and snails, but is beneficial for spiders, bees, wasps, ladybirds, birds, bats and earthworms) ANTI-AFLATOXIN (toxin produced by fungus on many common commercial crops such as cotton) FERTILISER FORESTRY uses: Improvement of soil, Wind breaker, Mulching... HOUSEHOLD: Pest repellent, Fuel, Soap... THE VIDEO SOURCES ARE BOTH CANADIAN DOCUMENTARIES 1. The Nature of Things with David Suzuki (1994) This 46-minute film focuses primarily on the use of neem as insecticide and the discovery of Azadirachtin: Neem Trees are used for reforestation, because it can grow well in dry conditions and sheds leaves all year round. Neem is ...
  • Solving Linear Inequalities Solving Linear Inequalities - Examples are shown of how to solve linear inequalities. For more free math videos, visit
  • Solving Rational Equations Solving Rational Equations! 3 examples are shown. For more free math videos, visit ! Austin Math Tutor, Austin Math Tutoring, Austin Algebra Tutor, Austin Calculus Tutor
  • Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow. MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW. DETECTIVE MITTENS T-SHIRTS: MP3 of the end credits song available on
  • Chimpanzee Problem Solving by Cooperation A brief, interesting clip from National Geographic's "Ape Genius" documentary, demonstrating problem solving skills in chimpanzees, by requesting cooperation. Also shows chimpanzees providing assistance to humans, by noticing assistance is needed, and retrieving out of reach objects for their human companions. As time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that the great apes are our evolutionary cousins. I would hope everyone viewing this would be able to share in my astonishment and awe at the brilliance displayed by these amazing creatures. More Information: Transcript:
  • Solving the 2006 IMO Problems: Day 2 The 2006 US IMO team members describe the steps they took to solve problems 4-6 of the International Mathematical Olympiad. Hard Problems is a feature documentary about the extraordinarily gifted students who represented the United States in 2006 at the world's toughest math competition—the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).
  • Pololu 3pi Line Maze Solving Robot Ben's Pololu 3pi robot (prototype) solving a line maze. This robot was programmed to compete in the LVBots Challenge 4.0 () at the end of May, 2008.
  • Algebra - Solving Systems of Equations - Elimination Method To "eliminate" may make you think of the Terminator. But in Algebra, it's a method of solving two or more equations at the same time. So stop your violent thoughts and enjoy this video... which is the first one we ever filmed! YAY MATH! Visit Videos copyright (c) Yay Math
  • Solving Counter Surfing- Clicker Dog Training This is a video on how to train your dog not to surf the counters or in other words put their paws up and eat food and items that are on your counters. Remember to keep in mind that during training, items that your dog likes should NOT be left in reach on counters so that you don't UNDO all the training you have just been doing. As nagging a turkey off the counter WILL train your dog to do it again! At the beginning of the video you will see Tug my new puppy BEFORE I trained him, he would jump up and onto tables to lick them clean. At the end of the video you can see the results of one session that was a couple minutes long. Tips: 1- Make sure the dog NEVER gets the food- it sounds obvious but some dogs are very FAST! 2- If he is struggling to look away from the food, either give him a hint by making an attention noise or take some steps away so he is not as close to the food 3- As he succeeds raise criteria 4- You can start off first with a carrot on the table but the reinforcement is something even better like Chicken 5- Watch my 'leave it' video for more information on teaching the leave it Dog training clicker training manners teaching a dog to not touch food on counters counter surfing stealing food
  • Rubik's Cube Solving Robot
  • Solving a quadratic by factoring factoring quadratics
  • Solving Equations #3 with Mr. Karaba The third in a series of videos showing how to solve simple algebra equations.
  • Paul Baloche -solving personal conflicts on the worship team Paul Baloche answer a faq about resolving conflicts on the worship team. Paul's "Modern Worship Series" DVD's contain practical instruction for worship leaders and teams and are available at
  • Solving Quadratic Inequalities - More Examples Solving Quadratic Inequalities - More Examples. In this video I do more examples of finding solutions to quadratic inequalities. For more free math videos, visit
  • Trig: Solving Equations 1 Introduction to solving trigonometric equations.
  • Solving Equations Involving Square Roots Solving Equations Involving Square Roots - Two complete examples are shown. For more free math videos, visit
  • Solving Trigonometric Equations Solving Trigonometric Equations! That is, solving equations with trig in them! For more free math videos, visit Austin Math Tutor, Austin Math Tutoring, Austin Algebra Tutor, Austin Calculus Tutor
  • Solving the 2006 IMO Problems: Day 1 The 2006 US IMO team members describe the steps they took to solve problems 1-3 of the International Mathematical Olympiad. Hard Problems is a feature documentary about the extraordinarily gifted students who represented the United States in 2006 at the world's toughest math competition—the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).
  • Solving Separable First Order Differential Equations - Ex 1 Solving Separable First Order Differential Equations - Ex 1. One complete example is shown of solving a separable differential equation. For more free math videos, check out
  • David Keith: A surprising idea for "solving" climate change Environmental scientist David Keith proposes a cheap, effective, shocking means to address climate change What if we injected a huge cloud of ash into the atmosphere to deflect sunlight and heat?TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers are invited to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes -- including speakers such as Jill Bolte Taylor, Sir Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Al Gore and Arthur Benjamin. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, politics and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on , at
  • Solving Systems by Graphing - - Algebra Help For a complete lesson on solving systems by graphing, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn to solve a system of linear equations by graphing. The first step is to graph each of the given equations, then find the point of intersection of the two lines, which is the solution to the system of equations. If the two lines are parallel, then the solution to the system is the null set. If the two given equations represent the same line, then the solution to the system is the equation of that line. Visit http to browse our huge library of online math videos and try a free online lesson!
  • MythBusters' Adam Savage on Problem Solving: How I Do It Complete video with Q&A at: Best known as co-host of Discovery Channel's MythBusters, Adam Savage also wears hats as an artist, actor, special effects wizard and industrial designer. In this presentation at Maker Faire Bay Area 2010, he outlines his strategies for tackling complex problems. ----- This program was recorded in collaboration with Maker Faire Bay Area, on May 22, 2010. Adam Savage has spent his life gathering skills that allow him to take what's in his brain and make it real. He's built everything from ancient Buddhas to futuristic weapons, from spaceships to dancing vegetables, from fine art sculptures to animated chocolate and just about anything else you can think of. Since 1993, Adam has concentrated on the special-effects industry, honing his skills through more than 100 television commercials and a dozen feature films, including Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Galaxy Quest, Terminator 3, AI and the Matrix sequels. He's also designed props and sets for Coca-Cola, Hershey's, Lexus and a host of New York and San Francisco theater companies. Not only has he worked and consulted in the research and development division for toy companies and made several short films, but Adam has also acted in several films and commercials -- including a Charmin ad, in which he played Mr. Whipple's stock boy, and a Billy Joel music video, "Second Wind," in which he drowns. Today, in addition to co-hosting Discovery ...
  • Episode 21, small product problem solving for more info, questions and comments please visit and search for video episode 21
  • Solving Linear Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities Solving Linear Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities - The basic rules and 3 examples are shown! For more free math videos, check out
  • How to solve a Rubik's Cube (Part One) -LIST OF ALGORITHMS- 1) Fi U Li Ui 2) Ri Di RD 3) UR Ui Ri Ui Fi UF 4) Ui Li ULUF Ui Fi 5) FRU Ri Ui Fi 6) RU Ri URUU Ri 7) UR Ui Li U Ri Ui L 8) Ri Di RD Music used in video: "Life Sentence" by The Dead Kennedys "Fu** The Facts" by John Zorn *Use of copyrighted material in this video meets "Fair Use" qualifications within United States Copyright Law*
  • Solving the Rubik's Cube while skydiving (boat jump) Speedsolving the Rubik's Cube while freefalling from 4300 meters, sitting in a rubber boat. This is the first attempt and worked really well - I solved the cube in about 31,5 seconds. I started right after exit and was finished at about 2500 meters. At 2300 meters I accidentally slipped out of the boat. The skydive was videotaped by five cameras (two on-board, three outside the boat). Have fun watching and leave your comments! The video was featured on Japanese NHK Television during the show "Tokudane Toukou Doga" on Oktober 17, 2010 and could also be seen on British, American, German, New Zealand's and other contry's broadcasting networks.
  • Solving Systems of Equations - - Algebra Help For a complete lesson on solving systems of equations, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn to solve a system of linear equations by addition. To solve a system of equations by addition, the goal is to cancel out one of the variables by adding the equations together. Students may need to multiply one or both of the equations by a number in order to set up a situation where one of the variables will cancel out when the equations are added together.
  • Man Talk: Problem Solving My other channel!
  • Math Made Easy: Algebra: Solving for "x" Using Multiplication or Division In this lesson, I show you how to solve for "x" using multiplication and division. If you are a teacher or student looking for online resources to help you understand other things you're having trouble with, go to my website:
  • Completing the Square - Solving Quadratic Equations Completing the Square - Solving Quadratic Equations. In this video, I show an easier example of completing the square. For more free math videos, visit
  • Solving 3 Equations with 3 Unknowns Solving 3 equations with 3 unknowns (old video from July 2008)

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