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  • Solenostemma argel. Tephrosia apollinea. Preparations: Confection of Senna - Compound Confection of Senna - Infusion of Senna - Compound Infusion of Senna - Compound Mixture of Senna - Fluid Solenostemma Argel, Hayne (Cynanchum Argel, Delile; Cynanchum. — “Senna (U. S. P.)—Senna. | Henriette's Herbal Homepage”,
  • Argel (Solenostemma argel (Delile) Hayne) is a plant in the family Asclepiadaceae indigenous to Africa. The native Sudan ese have commonly used Solenostemma argel, to suppress stomach pain, pains due to childbirth, and loss of appetite. — “Argel - Everything on Argel (information, latest news, articles,...)”, spiritus-
  • The native Sudanese have commonly used Solenostemma argel, a medicinal herb indigenous to Key words: argel, Asclepiadaceae, Solenostemma argel, Sudan. — “HAHN, KATHLEEN E.*, PATRICK J. FASULO, AND KAMAL MOHAMED”,
  • WATER EXTRACTS OF HARGAL PLANT (Solenostemma argel, Del Hyne) AND USHER (Calotropis procera Ail) LEAVES AS NATURAL INSECTICIDES AND AQUEOUS EXTRACT OF PERIWINKLE (Vinca rosea L.) AND HARGAL (Solenostemma argel) (Del.), HAYNE ON THE ADULTS OF THE FABA BEAN. — “Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) – Research”,
  • Genus: Solenostemma Hayne. Family: Apocynaceae subfamily Asclepiadoideae tribe Check other nomenclature databases for Solenostemma: ING: Index Nominum Genericorum. NCU. — “Solenostemma information from NPGS/GRIN”,
  • Chemical composition, minerals, protein fractionation and anti-nutritional factors in plant leaf hargel (Solenostemma Algiers) The plant used in this investigation is Solenostemma Algiers (Del.) Haynes, who is a member of the family. — “ethanol precipitation overnight @ Bioengineering News, Trends”,
  • Free URINARY TRACT INFECTION REMEDY Related p> Solenostemma argel It is an effective remedy for bronchitis and is used to treat. — “URINARY TRACT INFECTION REMEDY Related Articles p”,
  • Solenostemma argel: A Rich Source of Very Unusual Pregnane and 14,15-Secopregnane Glycosides with Antiproliferative Activity Solenostemma argel Hayne (Asclepiadaceae) is an Egyptian plant whose leaves are commonly used in traditional medicine as a purgative, antipyretic and antispasmodic remedy. — “BSP :: Current Organic Chemistry”,
  • Photos by Rémi, Dec 28, 2009 - de Dider à Djanet dec09-jan10 solenostemma argel. solenostemma argel. solenostemma argel. diplotaxis acris duveryriana. diplotaxis acris duveryriana. diplotaxis acris duveryriana. — “Picasa Web Albums - Rémi - Algérie Essen”,
  • Description of theGénero Solenostemma. — “: Género Solenostemma”,
  • Argel can refer to:★ Solenostemma argel, a plant★ Spanish and Portuguese name of Algiers, or in English texts translated from Spanish or Portuguese★ Argel, a personal name. — “Argel | ”,
  • The online version of Fitoterapia on ScienceDirect, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text publications in science, technology and health. New steroids from Solenostemma argel leaves Original Research Article. — “ScienceDirect - Fitoterapia, Volume 72, Issue 7, Pages 731”,
  • While the affinities of Solenostemma cannot be determined with certainty at present, molecular, karyological and morphological evidence suggests that Glossonema and Odontanthera are closely allied to Pentarrhinum, an African genus of five species, belonging to the Cynanchinae. — “IngentaConnect What is the subtribe Glossonematinae”,
  • Metafro Infosys is a catalogue of data sets and data sources related to Central Africa (including Angola, Burundi and Rwanda).It is also the Digital Information Centre of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Our data set includes documents, Official name: Solenostemma arghel (Del.) Hayne. — “Prelude Medicinal Plants Database specialized in Central”,
  • Chemical Composition, Minerals, fractionation of proteins and anti-nutritional factors in the leaves of the plant hargel (Solenostemma Algiers) the plant used in this research is Solenostemma Algiers (Del.) Haynes is a member of the family Asclepiadaceae, is a desert plant. — “Roselle Hibiscus | ES Gardening”,
  • BioInfoBank Library :: Pregnanes :: pharmacology :: New unusual pregnane glycosides with antiproliferative activity from Solenostemma argel. Synthesis, metabolism, and pharmacological activity of 3 alpha-hydroxy steroids which potentiate GABA. — “Pregnanes :: pharmacology”,
  • The Pharmacological Actions of the Aqueous Extract of the Leaves of Solenostemma argel (Hayne) on Isolated Rabbit Aortic Strip and Guinea Pig Atria The effects of the aqueous extract of the leaves of solenostemma argel were examined on the isolated rabbit aortic strip and guinea pig atria. — “Directory of open access journals”,
  • T.: A. delilei Decaisne, nom. illeg. ( Cynanchum argel Delile) Solenostemma Hayne 1825 9 Feb 1996 [C] Solenostemma Hayne, Getr. Darstellung Arzneyk. — “ING Database SOLENOSTEMMA - Smithsonian Institution”,
  • Details for: Solenostemma. Link to species in Tropicos | Google Images. Source: Euro+Med preliminary checklist as merged from Flora Europaea, Med-Checklist and Flora of Macaronesia (for families not yet treated in Med-Checklist, the distributional record does not include N Africa and SW Asia). — “The Euro+Med Plantbase Project - Taxon Summary Page”, ww2
  • Solenostemma argel information from the Global Compendium of Weeds (GCW). — “Solenostemma argel information from the Global Compendium of”,
  • The materials used were leaves of Luffa aegyptiaca (sponge gourd), Solenostemma arghe (argel), Cassia italica (senegal senna), Ocimum basillcum (basil), Colocasia Solenostemma arghel hot water extract significantly reduced EACC induced tumor growth and. — “Nassr-Allah et al. Anti-cancer and anti-oxidant activity of”,
  • The leaf of (Solenostemma argel) characterized by high carbohydrates (64.8%) and low 1991).El-Kamali (1991) and Yagoub (2003) explained that the alcoholic extract of Solenostemma argel. — “Chemical Composition, Minerals, Protein Fractionation, and”,
  • Solenostemma argel (Argel) is a plant in the family Apocynaceae indigenous to Africa. Several active compounds have been extracted from Solenostemma. — “Solenostemma argel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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