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  • Sure, a group named the Socialist Workers Party won the elections in Spain, and a Socialist named José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is But there's another reason for the conservative silence about Zapatero's economics: The socialist debate over what to do about capitalism—and the proletariat, and the. — “Spain overrun by zombie Socialists! - By Chris Suellentrop”,
  • A minority faction of the former Socialist Party of America, who took the name and established a new organization in 1973. The SP-USA claims to be the successor to the old party, and advocates a strictly independent electoral strategy for. — “Socialist Party USA”, sp-
  • Use of the word spread widely and has been used differently in different times and places, both by various individuals and groups that consider themselves socialist and by their opponents. The earliest modern socialist groups were the so-called utopian socialists, who shared characteristics such. — “Socialism - Definition”,
  • The roots of socialism in America can be traced to the arrival of German immigrants in the 1850s when Marxian socialist unions began, such as the National Typographic Union in 1852, United Hatters of 1856, and Iron Moulders' Union of North America in 1859. — “Socialism in America”, u-s-
  • The World Socialist Web Site spoke to Steve Hynes, the director of the Legal Action Group (LAG) about the implications of the government's proposed changes to Legal Aid. The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature. — “World Socialist Web Site”,
  • Page on Utopian Socialists - French, English and American, e.g. Cabet, Fourier, Rodbertus, Lassalle, Owen, Fabians, etc. Part of the HET Page. — “UTOPIAN SOCIALISTS”,
  • For example, Socialists don't want to give a single mother a vision card and a Section 8 Answer: When Socialists and militant labor activists appeared on the scene shortly after. — “Socialist Party of Kansas - FAQ”,
  • Definition of Socialists in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Socialists. Pronunciation of Socialists. Translations of Socialists. Socialists synonyms, Socialists antonyms. Information about Socialists in the free online English dictionary and. — “Socialists - definition of Socialists by the Free Online”,
  • Our government is being overrun by communists, socialists, progressives and terrorists. — “Socialists, Communists, Progressives in Government”,
  • Libertarian socialists and anarchists reject using the state to build socialism altogether, arguing that Other theorists, such as Joseph Schumpeter, Thorstein Veblen and some of the Utopian socialists, believed that socialism would form naturally and spontaneously without, or with very limited,. — “Socialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The second part of an op-ed series detailing parallels between the Democrats in the US in 2007 and the National Socialists in Germany in the 1930s. National Socialists Do Their Part to Keep Colorado Beautiful. By Doug Brunell January 25, 2010. — “Socialists - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Used especially by parliamentary socialists who put parliamentarism ahead of socialism, and therefore oppose Fenner Brockway, a leading British democratic socialist of the Independent Labour Party, wrote in his book Britain's First Socialists: The Levellers were pioneers of political democracy and. — “Democratic socialism: Definition from ”,
  • The socialist connections of Obama and the Democratic Party have Obama’s socialist backing goes back at least to 1996, when he received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat. The DSA describes itself as the. — “Obama's International Socialist Connections”,
  • Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet the needs of all, not to merely make profits for a select few. Their Crisis, Our Pain: The Democratic Socialist Response. — “Young Democratic Socialists - Home | YDS”,
  • Learn about Socialists on . Find info and videos including: How to Become a Socialist, How to Deal With a Socialist, How to Live in a Socialist State and much more. — “Socialists - ”,
  • The Socialists were well organized and after 1918 they bitterly fought the breakaway faction that became the Communist movement. Although socialist parties are common in Europe, the leading examples all currently. — “Socialism - Conservapedia”,
  • Definition of Socialists in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Socialists? Meaning of Socialists as a legal term. What does Socialists mean in law?. — “Socialists legal definition of Socialists. Socialists”, legal-
  • The largest socialist organization in the United States, and principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. Works to build progressive movements while establishing an openly socialist presence in American politics. Born from the 1973. — “Democratic Socialists of America”,
  • Read More: Religion, Meditation, Yoga, Inner Strength, Spiritual Practice, Strength, Socialists, The Inner Life, Wellness, Living News Rep. Spencer Bachus pegged the number of Congressional socialists at 17. Rep. Michele Bachmann said she fears the Obama administration will use ". — “Socialists”,
  • But he said he is worried that he is being steered too far by the Congress: "Some of the men and women I work with in Congress are socialists." Asked to clarify his comments after the breakfast speech at the Trussville Civic Center, Bachus said 17 members of the U.S. House are socialists. — “Yankee Philip: Only 17 Socialists?”,
  • Obama is a Socialist, Obama Socialism Obama Endorses Democratic Socialists Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama endorses self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders: http://. — “Obama Socialist”,
  • Marx and Engels claimed to be "scientific socialists," and distinguished themselves from the "utopian socialists" of earlier generations, even though in reality their own view of original human society was idealized and the final human society they envisioned was utopian. — “Socialism - New World Encyclopedia”,

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  • Shut up, Socialists! 08-18 When you preach the truth, expect blowback. That\'s what a group of protesting Socialist atheists are doing in Madrid with the Holy Father.
  • This is National Socialism! When you were born, you were a national socialist, because at the time of your birth you subjugated yourself to nature and were humble before it. Now you've come to point through degeneration, a point when you feel that you have no goal in life, but only an empty life filled with material gain and comfort. You're simply a national socialist who has suffered through decades of degeneration. You can feel that there is something wrong with the world, perhaps that's why you've reached this video. This is national socialism, the very core of our moral instincts. Do not confuse national socialists with empty headed skinheads, KKK members or other movements who use the Swastika as their symbol, and by doing that they spit on the millions of Germans and other European-Aryans who gave their life for this European-Aryan race which we love more than anything else on this good earth. Long live the national socialist movement, long live Europe! Let our watchword be heard all over the world once more: Creative men and women of all nations and races, recognize your common enemy!
  • Tackling unemployment tops agenda for Spains's Socialists Spain's governing Socialist Party put unemployment at the top of its agenda on Sunday when it laid out its platform for November's elections, as the country faces continuing financial turmoil.Duration: 00:38
  • Irresponsible socialists Revealing the gap between socialist's rhetoric and job creation
  • Jason Mattera confused by free market socialists Aren't socialists against the voluntary exchange of goods and services? The ones that the March 21, '09 anti-war rally weren't, as Jason Mattera exposes. Quite the irony that socialists need capitalism for their ideas to exist.
  • Funny Scary CommieTunes: Spreading Our Wealth - Obama Socialist / Communist / Marxist / Maoist - Funny, Hilarious, CommieTunes - Episode 7 - Obama Communist / Marxist / Maoist / Socialist / Progressive - CommieBlaster shows you conclusive proof that Obama and members of Congress are Socialists hell bent on redistributing our wealth - Starring Obama, Joe Biden, Max Baucus, Dick Durbin, Phil Hare, Jim Moran, Jim McDermott, Howard Dean, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Jim Wallis, Keith Olbermann, Marc Lamont Hill, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Penn & Teller and All-American Guitar Hero, Ted Nugent. See More Commie Tunes and CommieBlaster Videos at
  • How Socialism Came to Canada as an American Import Damn Yankees! Like the Free State Project in reverse, in the early 1900's American farmers' organizations headed north with their socialist politics, leading to the creation of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) which swept provincial elections in Saskatchewan in 1944 to become the first socialist government in North America. In 1961 the CCF became the New Democratic Party (NDP) which still exists in the modern day. This sample clip is from the film "Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism" which explores Socialism's meteoric rise and spectacular fall in a three-hour PBS documentary miniseries. The film traces socialism's evolution through a series of compelling profiles of the movement's most important figures: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Eduard Bernstein, Samuel Gompers, Clement Attlee, Tanzania's Julius Nyerere, Deng Xiaoping, Mikhail Gorbachev, Tony Blair and the man who first coined the term "socialism," Robert Owen. A summary of the chapters within the 3 hours: HOUR 1: THE RISE ROBERT OWEN & UTOPIAN SOCIALISM IN NEW HARMONY INDIANA In 1825 a progressive British industrialist travels to America to create a utopian community. Owen believes that abolishing private property will liberate mankind. MARX AND ENGELS: BIRTH OF A MANIFESTO Two young Germans forge a friendship that gives birth to the Communist Manifesto. Their ***ysis of history as a struggle between classes and their prophecy of the inevitable overthrow of capitalism define the ...
  • "Socialist!" by Roy Zimmerman "Socialist!" is on my new CD "Real American," available at and at
  • First Socialism. Now Communism... this is what happens when you ask questions in this country that the "mainstream media" doesn't like.
  • Margaret Thatcher on Socialism These brief exchanges took place during Margaret Thatcher's last speech in the House of Commons on 22 November 1990. Read the complete transcript for this speech here:
  • NANCY PELOSI'S "SWEATING TO THE SOCIALISTS" WORKOUT VIDEO! "HOPE" to get into shape? This workout video is Obama approved!
  • Socialist Party USA at Glasgow Socialism 2010 Eric Chester from the Socialist Party of the United States addressed an international rally at Socialism 2010 organised as part of the SSP's annual Socialism events. Frances Curran introducing said "He has stood out against the stream (not an easy thing to do in America) with the Socialist Party. He has also campaigned for support for Cuba and against the blockade of Cuba, not an easy thing to do in America." After conveying socialist greetings from his party Eric describes the US Socialist party as a pluralist, multi-tendency party like the SSP. It is a socialist feminist party which stands firmly outside the two party system. The Democratic Party on the other hand is a capitalist party funded generously by capitalists to the tune of 100's of millions of dollars and it promotes capitalist policies. The Socialists feel that as long as working class people continue to vote for the Democrats there is no hope for working class people. There needs to be a break with the Democratic Party. The election of Obama created a lot of illusions. The election of an African-American after a 250 year history of slavery was a significant break and Obama's rhetoric was about a need for change but what change? People hoped for progressive change but after a year there has been little change and it is business as usual. No sign of troops leaving Afghanistan which is in a state of semi-permanent occupation. There are the same scare stories about Iran as there were about Iraq before the ...
  • Socialists and Communists march to support global warming agenda "A red and green Copenhagen Christmas." Sign the petition at and follow CFACT's Mission Copenhagen at http
  • Unions, Socialists Join Forces to Occupy Wall Street.avi DOWNLOAD COPY SHARE!!! Uploaded by TheSecretStore on Sep 27, 2011 An excellent piece of main stream coverage on this past weekend, I'm sure this video wont be up long, but figured the folks looking at the vids on this channel would appreciate it. Uploaded under the Fairuse Act. excellent piece Lawrence O'donnel WE THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC ARE THE RESISTANCE TO NWO PIG SUCKING constitution
  • Glenn Beck - Road to Socialism: Democratic Socialists of America Glenn Beck discusses socialism in America with Frank Llewellyn of the Democratic Socialists of America. 2/18/09Please join the fight for Freedom, Peace and Prosperity at Campaign For Liberty and FAIR USE NOTICE: This post may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, the material in this post is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: If you wish to use copyrighted material from this post for purposes of your own that go beyond "fair use", you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.
  • Obama Ain't No Socialist -- We Are, We Are! One Nation Rally 10/2/2010. I have never seen that many Socialists in one spot.
  • Tale of Two Rallies --"One Nation" Socialists Trash Mall While Conservatives Left it Pristine A major focus of the speeches at the "One Nation" hate rally was the need\ for "Green Jobs" along with plenty of rhetoric accusing conservatives of\ not caring about our environment. Let's take a look at how the Socialists and Union Thugs treated our Natio\ nal Mall vs how conservatives treated the mall. The NAACP and various socialist groups organized this rally and they are r\ esponsible for this act of disrespect against the United States. I demand al sharpton, jealous and all NAACP organizers pay for the cleanup. I knew this would happen. Will the lamestream media contrast the post-Restore Honor and post-Hate Rally areas? Doesn't this speak volumes as to which group respects the environment, the government, themselves and others? I guess when your mind is full of garbage it stands to reason that it doesn't bother you to leave your trash behind. Too bad they are also trying to "trash" our country's ideals also. I guess they thought they were "providing jobs" for the DC Park Sanitation Dept. That or they are doing what they always do,- whatever they please, and expecting others to foot the bill, and pick up after them.; I guess they forgot to put out those round things called garbage Cans, but being grown ups they should have the smarts to go out of there way to find one, but then again they can just blame there Union Bosses for not including a garbage bag with there Box Lunch & T-Shirt !! Naturally they expect Obama's stash to clean up their trash. It would be fun to ...
  • Voluntaryists vs Socialists Debate part 1 of 27 - Introduction This was a Voluntaryist vs Socialist debate held recently at the Libertalia Cafe in San Diego. The debate was not about what form of government should exist, but whether or not government should exist at all. Representing the Voluntaryist team: Joseph Corbett and Joey Hill Representing the Socialist team: Herb Shore and Gregg Robinson The Moderator was Donna Orlando This is a 27 part series of short clips so you can navigate the debate easily, like on a DVD. Enjoy.
  • Maxine Waters (D) Slip of the Tongue Reveals True Intentions (Socialism for America) A slip of the tongue reveals the true intentions of Maxine Waters (D) during a house hearing while arrogantly grilling oil executives including John Hofmeister, President of Shell Oil Company. This liberal, Maxine Waters starts to be honest by revealing herself as a Socialist, but stops, stumbles and then comes up with a more accepted answer. Oops! The guy next to her sighs with relief when she finally gets the words out America would want to hear her actually say, the lady next to him seems to be holding back her laughter. A pathetic real time revelation of the true identity of one of our nations liberal Democrat decision makers.
  • Spain's Socialists suffer huge losses in local polls Where and what now for the Socialists are the questions most of the Spanish press are asking about the country's ruling party after its drubbing in regional and local elections. Defeat was widely predicted after a week of protests by people fed up with the stagnant economy and a chronic lack of jobs. Although millions stayed away from the polls, the centre-right opposition Popular Party won its best result in local elections since Spain returned to democracy in 1978. ...
  • Stay In School - Government of Canada PSA A message from the Government of Canada. Recorded on MuchMusic on August 14, 1993 during AlMusic.
  • Proud Socialists March at Left-Wing Protest in DC Socialist protesters and paraphernalia dominated today's left-wing protest rally in Washington, DC. The so-called "One Nation" rally was led by labor unions as an attempt to counter Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally, which took place in DC on 8-28-2010.
  • Why (good) libertarians and socialists/progressives aren't really at odds with each other. The things held in common by proponents of these two ideas are substantial. Liberty often leads to progressive/socialist outcomes, and good thing for it!
  • Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw Praises Mussolini, other dictators
  • Chomsky on Socialism Noam Chomsky responds to a caller's request for his thoughts on socialism, during a 2003 interview by Brian Lamb, for C-SPAN's "In Depth" program. He describes how socialism was equated with the Leninist model of the Soviet Union by both the USA and its allies on the one hand, and the USSR and its allies on the other. Full interview available @ www.c- I also recommend the following video, where Chomsky further describes the double-sided anti-socialist propaganda (beginning @ 7:55): And here's a 1986 essay by Chomsky on the Soviet half of the anti-socialist duo:
  • The Dalai Lama - Capitalism, Socialism, and Income Inequality Complete video at: Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, gives his perspective on capitalism, Marxism, and the widening global gap between rich and poor. ----- The Aspen Institute and co-chairs Margot Pritzker and Richard Blum, in collaboration with the Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture, are proud to present a substantive symposium that embraces Tibetan and Himalayan art, culture, science, medicine, spiritual practice, and history. The three-day program - featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the keynote speaker - will bring together an extraordinary number of eminent scholars, teachers, practitioners and tradition-bearers from around the globe to shed light on the rich historical and philosophical significance of Tibet and its impact on global issues today - The Aspen Institute Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th Dalai Lama. He is the head of the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharamshala, India. Tibetans traditionally believe him to be the reincarnation of his predecessors.
  • National Socialism
  • ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Attacks Conservatives, Promotes Socialism Follow us at /verumserum. ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis speaking at the Winter Conference of the Young Democratic Socialists on March 25, 2010.
  • Return of Socialism John Nichols and Phil Gasper speaking about the history of socialism in America and its increasing popularity during today's crisis of capitalism. This event occurred in Madison, WI on June 23, 2011 and was sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, Haymarket Books, Verso Books, and WORT 89.9 FM Madison.
  • Socialism-As American As Apple Pie John McCain wants you to think socialism is the worst thing in the world. Guess what...socialism has a long tradition in America.
  • Noam Chomsky - Libertarian Socialism Contradicting terms ...
  • Thatcher vs The Left So many socialists complain about the distribution of wealth. The wealth gap doesn't matter. Subscribe to Additional keywords sarah palin john mccain education economy bush friedman hayek ludwig von mises institute immigration health care supreme court bailout bail out...
  • Hayek on Socialism Friedrich Hayek talks about socialism. For all major works on economic calculation see here For a deeper understanding of Hayek's argument on socialist calculation and the knowledge problem see Individualism and the Economic Order in PDF at Also of interest is the book that inspired Hayek arguments: Socialism by Ludwig von Mises in PDF at Although a shorter introduction to Mises arguement can be found in Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth here as PDF here as you tube video As a side note; any viewers who have the objection that what Hayek is talking about is not 'socialism' read pages 33, 34 & 35 of the Road to Serfdom for Hayeks clarification of his use of the term. Click link for audio of those pages - This is an excerpt from a longer interview which can be found here
  • Sweatin' With the Socialists Get your copy today. An exercise video that will keep you up on your feet for hours to the voice of your favorite president, Barack Obama! Join Nancy Pelosi as she leads you through thousands of annoying exuberant clapping exercises to the voice of President Obama. Spring into action as Pelosi keeps you on your feet during this highly engaging video.
  • George Orwell on Socialism It pays to actually read Orwell for oneself: "I am well aware that it is now the fashion to deny that Socialism has anything to do with equality. In every country in the world a huge tribe of party-hacks and sleek little professors are busy 'proving' that Socialism means no more than a planned state-capitalism with the grab-motive left intact. But fortunately there also exists a vision of Socialism quite different from this. The thing that attracts ordinary men to Socialism and makes them willing to risk their skins for it, the 'mystique' of Socialism, is the idea of equality; to the vast majority of people Socialism means a classless society, or it means nothing at all. And it was here that those few months in the militia were valuable to me. For the Spanish militias, while they lasted, were a sort of microcosm of a classless society. In that community where no one was on the make, where there was a shortage of everything but no privilege and no boot-licking, one got, perhaps, a crude forecast of what the opening stages of Socialism might be like. And, after all, instead of disillusioning me it deeply attracted me. The effect was to make my desire to see Socialism established much *more* actual than it had been before." From chapter 8 of "Homage to Catalonia" (1938). It is from this book (really a memoir) that one gets perhaps the fullest picture of what attracted Orwell to socialism. "One of Orwell's very best books and perhaps the best book that exists on the Spanish ...
  • Noam Chomsky-Discussion with Libertarian Socialists During his visit to Ireland to give three other lectures on various topics at the University of Dublin and with Amnesty International Noam Chomsky gave this little known discussion with a Libertarian Socialist group. He answers questions on many topics beginning with the relevance and lessons of the Spanish Civil War.
  • JUST SURFACED! The Obama "Socialism" Interview Tapes Barack Obama wanted to use the courts to impose socialism on the country, then he figured out it woudn't be possible through the courts. That's the gist of this recently surfaced recording of Obama in a radio interview before his rise from obscurity. If you are thinking of voting for Barack Obama, and you're not a socialist, you must hear this tape. Socialism was something he was proud of before he began to run for the presidency. With ***ysis by Newt Gingrich on FOX news.
  • Cincinnati Tea Party - Obama's Socialism The untold story of the Cincinnati Tea Party Did all these people conspire to come with Socialism signs, or have they each made an individual judgement as to where Obama plans to take the country?
  • Socialists at the Wisconsin Protests March 19, 2011, more than a month into the protests, various left-wing groups have moved into the arena created by the public union members outraged by Scott Walker's budget. These people have almost nothing to do with that.
  • A List of Socialists In Congress! Watch more at
  • Socialists Rooting for Revolution in Wisconsin MacIver News Service [Madison, Wisc... ] Socialist organizations have seized upon the union protests in Madison as an opportunity for an Egyptian style revolution in Wisconsin. MacIver's Bill Osmulski reports from Madison
  • Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party - CommieTunes - Episode 12 - Communist / Marxist - CommieTunes - Episode 12 -- The Democratic Party is a Socialist Party. Starring Radical Communists / Socialists / Progressives / Marxists Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, Jan Schakowsky, John Conyers, Jutta Urpilainen, Adolph Hitler, Democrat Party, DNC, Democrat National Convention, Democrat Socialists of America, The Party of European Socialists, PES, and Socialist International. Special Guest Stars Lord Monckton, Glenn Beck and John Bolton.

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  • “my blog. most recent. highest rated. most viewed. top favorites. most The socialists should bear some of the blame for not doing more to stop Hitler”
    — THE ***S WERE NOT SOCIALISTS - myFOX Detroit Community Blog,

  • “Communists and socialists around the world warn the U.S. that it is spending way too much, which will threaten our economy. Why can't we do socialism right?”
    Socialists Say U.S. is Bad at Socialism | Conservative Thinker, conservative-

  • “Mises Economics Blog. Proceeding Ever More Boldly Against Evil. Home Source link: http:///13819/the-socialists-still-hate-rand”
    — The Socialists Still Hate Rand — Mises Economics Blog,

  • “Pitch your blog idea, Recent posts on ChicagoNow. Publius Forum. Home. Archive. About " CBS's 'Medium' Present A Sheriff Joe Senator at Democratic Socialists of America Meeting. Publius Forum on 10.21.10”
    — John Conyers Speaking at Democratic Socialists of America,

  • “On Music Blog Concert Announcements CD Reviews Concert Reviews Local Music Local Bands Music Feature But he spoke with the Shepherd last week about his thoughts on how the Socialists saved Milwaukee”
    — John Gurda on How the Socialists Saved Milwaukee,

  • “Home " blogs " mole333's blog. Search. Democratic Socialists of America and Party Hacks. I was wonderfully amused by Michael Bouldin being called a "party hack," something that is about as far from the mark as I can imagine. View the forum thread. 0. Submitted by mole333 on Sun, 03/09/2006 - 9:”
    — Democratic Socialists of America and Party Hacks | The Daily,

  • “SOCIALISTS MADE EUGENICS FASHIONABLE PrisonPlanet Forum > ***THE MAIN BOARDS - Welcome to the Prison Planet Educational Forum and Library*** > General Discussion for the Prison Planet Educational Forum and”

  • “Our fatalistic Iran policy | Blog Home Page | ObamaCare Dominoes Begin to Fall " We are socialists because we reject an international economic order sustained by private”
    — American Thinker Blog: Who are the Socialists in America?,

  • “Madrid - African and Spanish leaders Monday stressed the need for Africa to take charge of its own destiny and planned a joint forum at a conference bringing together several African heads of state and prime ministers.Africans needed to be '”
    — Spanish Socialists and African parties plan joint forum,

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