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  • A slungshot is a maritime tool consisting of a weight, or "shot," affixed the end of a long cord often by being wound into the center of a knot called a "Monkey's Fist. The slungshot was often used as an improvised weapon or specifically created or modified for use as a. — “Slungshot - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • This site is hosted by: Dedicated to hosting & streaming. — “GLOBAL INN AB”,
  • Marcus L. Jacobs, proprieter of Jacobs's Theatre, was arrested on Monday night for carrying a concealed weapon, in the shape of a slungshot, A party of boys created a disturbance in the gallery. — “FOR CARRYING A SLUNGSHOT. - Article - ”,
  • Welcome to Lexington City Schools, located in Lexington, NC. slingshot or slungshot; • leaded cane; • blackjack; • metal knuckles; • BB gun; • air rifle or air pistol; • stun gun or other electric shock weapon;. — “ Zero Tolerance, Weapons, Bomb Threats, and Clear”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of SLUNGSHOT : a striking weapon consisting of a small mass of metal or stone fixed on a flexible handle or strap. — “Slungshot - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Slungshot is a multidisciplinary art and design studio based in Almonte, ON, Canada. At it's heart, Slungshot aims to be a creative environment where artists and designers come together to collaborate on a wide variety of projects, both. — “Slungshot Studio on the Behance Network”,
  • slungshot. slung·shot [ slúng shòt ] (plural slung·shots) noun. Definition: weapon: a weight or weights attached to the end of a cord and used as a weapon. Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. — “slungshot definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is a Slungshot? The slungshot can be deployed in two different ways, both of them relatively simple to master. — “What is a Slungshot?”,
  • Monkey Fist Knot Slungshot. Monkey's fists were commonly used as melee weapons by sailors embroiled in street and tavern fights The use of the monkey's fist as a slungshot became common in the street gang subcultures of the 1800s. — “Monkey Fist Slungshot”, gatling-
  • A slungshot is a maritime tool consisting of a weight, or "shot," affixed to the end of a long cord often by being wound into the center of a knot called a "Monkey's fist." It is used to cast line from one location to another, often mooring line. — “Slungshot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • (3)(a) "Concealed weapon" means any dirk, metallic knuckles, slungshot, billie, tear gas gun, chemical weapon or device, or other deadly weapon carried on or about a person in such a manner as to conceal the weapon from the ordinary sight of another person. — “Florida”,
  • slungshot. slungshot [ slúng shot ] (plural slungshots) noun. Definition: weapon: a weight or weights attached to the end of a cord and used as a weapon. Encarta® World English Dictionary [World English Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. — “slungshot definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • round slungshot stone, Find complete details about slungshot,granite kerbstone,paving stone from Fujian Jinjiang Sanfa Stone Co., Ltd.. You may also find other slungshot,granite kerbstone,paving stone products or Granite suppliers and Granite. — “round slungshot stone products, buy round slungshot stone”,
  • Expandable batons laws can sometimes be tricky and the expandable baton can be grouped with weapons that are similar known as a blackjack, slungshot, sandclub, sap, or sandbag or billys. Many places in the United States have prohibited offensive. — “Expandable Baton Laws”, my-self-
  • Code, § 410, provided that one who attempts to use against another or who with intent so to use carries or possesses any weapon of the kind commonly known as a slungshot is guilty of a felony. Held, that an intent to unlawfully use a slungshot. — “PEOPLE v. PERSCE”,
  • Quality slate granite catalogs - Buy cheap slate granite products at wholesale price from 5000 slate granite factories . Compare slate granite products at China slate granite market online provided by . Slungshot slate granite,slate, sandstone. — “slate granite products - Cheap slate granite for sale from”,
  • slungshot. buy slungshot mugs, tshirts and magnets. if you like someone and you pretend to show interest in his or her friend just so you can approach that someone. "i think im gonna have to slungshot to get to Anna" slungshot can apporach that someone. "i think im gonna have to slungshot to get. — “Urban Dictionary: slungshot”,
  • slungshot. Dictionary terms for slungshot, definition for slungshot, Thesaurus and Translations of slungshot to English. — “slungshot in - dictionary and translation”,
  • David Edelstein is a criminal defense attorney representing clients charged with Florida Gun Law - Weapons Charges / Concealed Firearm Law / Deadly Missile in State and Federal Courts throughout Florida. (12) "Slungshot" means a small mass of metal, stone, sand, or similar material fixed on a. — “Florida Gun Law – Weapons Charges / Concealed Firearm Law”, miami-criminal-
  • Florida - March 2004 text includes 2003 amendments . Sections relevant to KNIVES. 790.001. Definitions. 3 a   Concealed weapon means any dirk, metallic knuckles, slungshot, billie, tear gas gun, chemical weapon or device, or other deadly we. — “eBay Guides - Florida State Knife Laws”,
  • Any person who manufactures or causes to be manufactured any switchblade knife, gravity knife, pilum ballistic knife, metal knuckle knife, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, metal knuckles, Kung Fu star, chuka stick, sandbag, sandclub or slungshot is guilty of a class A misdemeanor. — “2006 New York Code - New York Law: Penal: Firearms And Other”,
  • Title 17-A: MAINE CRIMINAL CODE Part 2: SUBSTANTIVE OFFENSES Chapter 43: WEAPONS §1055. Trafficking in dangerous knives 1. A person is guilty of provision of law: A. Display in a threatening manner a firearm, slungshot, knuckles, bowie knife, dirk, stiletto or other dangerous or deadly weapon. — “what are Maine's knife laws? 1. is there a limit to the”,

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  • Transmission.m4v Transmission: leaded glass window by Ryan Lotecki, 2011.
  • Carolina Camera: The Sling Shot Man This is the story of a man who makes sling shots and shoots them like an expert marksman.
  • Ballistic "Spetsnaz" Knife data A ballistic knife is one with a blade that can be detached and sprung out from its holder as a projectile through a spring-loading or gas-propelled mechanism. The United States banned these knives in 1986, along with some other weapons according to the Penal law 265.01 (1). The other weapons banned along with Spetsnaz knives were firearms, electronic dart guns, gravity knives, electronic stun guns, switchblades, cane swords, metal knuckle knives, metal knuckles, chuka sticks, slungshots and bludgeons, among a few more weapons. Manufactured by the erstwhile USSR company Ostblock, ballistic knives were supplied in bulk to the Soviet special force Spetsnaz in the 1980s to be used as stealth weapons when the use of a gun was not possible. The original Spetsnaz ballistic knife was a metal cylinder with a very powerful spring that brought out the blade. The blade could be used with the handle as an automatic knife, or could be sprung out like a projectile by pressing a switch, lever, or button, or by pulling a pin, and could be thrown to a distance of 20 feet. If the knife was thrown appropriately with an overhand throw, it could penetrate clothing and flesh to enter the victims body.Although over 30 states of the US allow a person to carry an automatic knife legally, the use of ballistic knives is widely banned except for use of a few special defense personnel. Sales of these knives were stopped in the US in 1986 and the launching holder was then made available with a hook for ...
  • zapruders slungshot Live song from the late great Zapruder's Slungshot. Found on an old cassette, recorded in my buddy's basement.
  • Hoodin!!!!! MUST WATCH UNTILL THE LAST 10 SECONDS, me and my two friends adam and devin, go out hooding in my field i was pulling them behind my truck and slung shot them out around me and hit a terrace......a must see encore video, (camera is taped to the hood)
  • sweet skate bail this is a sweet bail when i tried to ollie a stair set and i slung shot in mid air and hit a wall. and i know its bad quality
  • Sling Shot Adrenalin Park Surfers Paradise Aeronaut Automation Initiation Procedure being Bungee Slung Shot, Strapped into a chair and fired into the Air, James Harvey on the Left me Johnny on the Right. Yes we passed
  • Tangalooma Death Stack Staring: Will O'keeffe (Snappee), Jonas Trefeu (Snapper) and Frazzle Baxter (Camera Crew/Man). Me and some mates took out a 5m tinny to Tangalooma Island in 09 and tied a tube to the back of her. While I was driving at full pace the throttle beeped and distracted me and while trying to figure out what it was beeping about I accidentally pulled the steering wheel down and slung shot my mate across the bay.
  • Lady gets hit with a watermelon from a Slingshot!
  • Claudia Punch.m4v Running a three color print. She's a beaut.
  • Lol why ask why? Enjoy
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  • Bro and I on the slingshot at the FL state fair! Freaking out getting slung-shot
  • Ahh these 2.m4v This should bring a smile to anyone's face.

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  • “What the hell was EA thinking? instrument or weapon of the kind commonly known as a blackjack, slungshot, billy, sandclub, sap, or sandbag. From:California Penal Code Section 12020”
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