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  • The parent tree which produces the Sloe is the Blackthorn, our hardy, t*** hedgerow Sloe. In the Autumn every branch becomes clustered with the oval blue-black fruit. — “Sloe is the Blackthorn”,
  • Definition of sloe from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of sloe. Pronunciation of sloe. Definition of the word sloe. Origin of the word sloe. — “sloe - Definition of sloe at ”,
  • About the only thing I forage during the winter months are rosehips and sloes, if I can find them. Blackthorn, or sloe is one of those plants that, due to their t*** and inhospitable nature, are a favorite with farmers who use them extensively. — “Sacred Earth - Foraging: Sloe”,
  • sloe n. See blackthorn . Either of two eastern North American plum trees or shrubs, Prunus alleghaniensis, having dark purple fruit, or P. — “sloe: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Middle English slo, from Old English slāh; akin to Old High German slēha sloe and probably to Russian sliva plum — more at livid. — “Sloe - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Information about Sloe food on , the cooking encyclopedia everyone can edit. It is a deciduous large shrub or small tree growing to 5 m tall, with blackish bark and dense, stiff, spiny branches. — “Sloe”,
  • sloe (plural sloes) The small, bitter, wild fruit of the blackthorn (Prunus spinosa); also, the tree itself. Any of various other plants of the genus Prunus, as a shrub Retrieved from "http:///wiki/sloe" Categories: Old English derivations | Proto-Germanic derivations | English. — “sloe - Wiktionary”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of slÖ. Get exclusive content and interact with slÖ right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “slÖ | Facebook”,
  • Lowest Price: $8.09 Highest Price: $46.99 Average Price: $28.76 -- Sloe Gin. — “Sloe Gin - Stores and Prices”,
  • ShopWiki has 8 results for Sloe Gin, including BUY Plymouth Sloe Gin 700ml Online at Cheap Price | WEB CELLARS Wine Store, Plymouth Sloe Gin 700mL, Joe Bonamassa, Sloe Gin, Blues, CD, and Product detail: Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin. — “SLOE GIN”, .au
  • Sloe gin - 286 results from 126 stores, including Jacquin Sloe Gin [email protected] 1.00l, Plymouth Sloe Gin 750ml, Plymouth Sloe Gin 750ml, Plymouth Sloe Gin 750ml, Hiram Walker Sloe Gin, Dekuyper Sloe Gin US 1L, and more. — “Sloe gin - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Choose from our collection of great drinks made with Sloe Gin. — “Drink recipes containing Sloe Gin”,
  • Sloe definition, the small, sour, blackish fruit of the blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, of the rose family. See more. — “Sloe | Define Sloe at ”,
  • Sloe gin is made from sloes, gin and sugar. Our FORUM allows the easy exchange of recipe ideas. Keep it simple for best results!. — “Sloe Gin Recipe Page”,
  • Web Hosting by Netfirms | Free Domain Names by Netfirms. Sloe as we can be. Please have a local beer and check back from time to time. — “Sloe Temporary Page”,
  • But for the humble sloe—a type of wild plum that grows in abundance in the British Isles—the same characteristics that make it unsuitable for snack time make it perfect for ***tail hour. But when picked, pricked and soaked in sweetened gin, sloes lend a fruity resonance, a brisk tartness and a. — “Elements: Sloe Gin - Imbibe Magazine”,
  • Sloe gin is a red liqueur flavoured with sloe (also called blackthorn) berries, which are a small fruited relative of the plum. The traditional way of making sloe gin is to infuse gin with the. — “Sloe gin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of sloe in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sloe. Pronunciation of sloe. Translations of sloe. sloe synonyms, sloe antonyms. Information about sloe in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. sloe gin. — “sloe - definition of sloe by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Sloe music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Sloe on Yahoo! Music. — “Sloe on Yahoo! Music”,
  • We've been busily harvesting sloes from the hedgerows and using traditional kitchen recipes to create a range of mouth-watering sloe based products with a delicious home-made taste. SLOE Gin, SLOE Whisky, SLOE Vodka, SLOE Brandy, SLOE Chocolate Truffles and SLOE Chutney. SLOE Gin. — “SLOEmotion - SLOE Gin - SLOE Whisky - SLOE Brandy - SLOE”,
  • An ancestor of the cultivated plum, the sloe or blackthorn is best known for the excellent liqueur, sloe gin. The sloe or blackthorn shrub can be found throughout the British Isles, most commonly found in woodland and hedgerows it can grow to a height of. — “Sloe Berries - A Complete Guide at Gourmet Food Source”,
  • MySpace profile for Sloe. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on MySpace. — “Sloe on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music”,
  • Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on - Search Results: sloe gin. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other consumers on - Search Results: sloe gin before you decide to buy. — “ - Search Results: sloe gin”,

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  • Sloe Gin set Bellowhead, Northumbria Uni. Studente Union, 22nd Feb 2009. Benji and the brass section pose brilliantly with floor breaking bouncing and foot on the monitor rock pose, the rest of the band were pretty sh* t hot too,great night thanks B. Head
  • Tim Curry - Sloe gin + Lyrics בועז מלמד.mpg Sloe Gin, sloe Gin Tryin´ to wash away the pain inside Well I´m sick and I´m all done in and I´m standing in the rain and I feel like I´m gonna cry I´m so ***ing lonely and I ain´t even high I´m so ***ing lonely and I feel like I´m gonna die Mayday, mayday I´ve been shot down over the stormy sea Well I swear that I´m drifteing away Just can´t get a grip on me Well..I can´t even try I´m so ***ing lonely and I ain´t even high I hate to go home alone, But what else is new ? I´m so ***ing lonely I hate to go home alone, But what else is new ? I´m so ***ing lonely I´m so ***ing lonely You stand and bleeding people pass you by Don´t matter if you live Don´t matter if you die Sloe Gin, sloe Gin Tryin´ to wash away the pain inside Well I´m sick and I´m all done in and I´m standing in the rain and I fell like I´m gonna cry I´m so ***ing lonely and I ain´t even high I´m so ***ing lonely...
  • Joe Bonamassa- Sloe Gin Joe Bonamassa playing sloe gin at the studio
  • Joe Bonamassa - Slo Gin.MOV 2/26/11 Dallas.
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin @ High Voltage 25 07 10 Joe Bonamassa plays Sloe Gin live at the High Voltage Festival, Vicvtoria Park in London, Sunday 25th July 2010.9 minutes 25 seconds of pure genius.
  • How to make sloe gin Ever wanted to make sloe gin? This is how to do it.
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin [Aladdin Theatre 2007] Performing at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, Oregon for his 2007 Tour. I managed to catch quite a few songs on tape.
  • JOE BONAMASSA - Sloe Gin (Aarhus - Denmark - July 2009) FREE Download What a feeling - I get goosy all over. - I have now seen three Joe Bonamassa concerts and I am positive surprised every time. - Joe Bonamassa is amazing - There are so many music styles together in his music arts - I like that a lot. - Joe Bonamassa: Guitar, Vocals - Carmine Rojas: Bass - Bogie Bowles: Drums - Rick Melick: Keyboards - Amateur videorecorded at Train in Aarhus, Denmark - July 29 - 2009
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin - Redondo Beach - 9/18/08 'Sloe Gin' is the title track from Joe Bonamassa's disc released on August 21, 2007. A STUNNING live version may also be found on Mr. Bonamassa's latest release, the MUST HAVE DOUBLE CD entitled, "Live From Nowhere in Particular". I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on this CD as it will allow you to relive your experience, if you've been lucky enough to see Joe live, or, if you have YET to do that, it will serve to whet your appetite.......and leave you wanting MORE. You may order a copy through this link: This is yet another FANTASTIC performance by Joe Bonamassa, THE WORLD'S BEST BLUES ROCK GUITARIST!!! He is supported here by three of my favorite musicians (and people), Mr. Carmine Rojas, on bass, Mr. Rick Melick on keyboards and backup vocals, and Mr. Bogie Bowles on drums. WHAT a BAND!!!! I shot this video on September 18, 2008 at Brixton South Bay in Redondo Beach, CA. I hope you ENJOY!!!!! Need more JOE?? Of course you do!!! Go check out or
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin (Live In Tel-Aviv, Israel) Amazing version in the last night of the 2009 tour, Live in Reading 3 Club, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin Lyrics Included Art Park 08 Sloe Gin, Sloe Gin Tryin' to wash away the pain inside Well I'm sick and I'm all done in And I'm standing in the rain And I feel like I'm gonna cry I'm so damn lonely And I ain't even high I'm so damn lonely And I feel like I wanna die Mayday, mayday I've been shot down Over stormy seas Well I feel that I'm drifting away Can't seem to get a grip on me Well I can't even try I'm so damn lonely Ain't even high I hate to go home alone, But what else is new? I'm so damn lonely I hate to go home alone, But what else is new? I'm so damn lonely You stand and bleeding people pass me by No matter if you live No matter if you die Sloe Gin, Sloe Gin Tryin' to wash away the pain inside Well I'm sick and I'm all done in I'm standing in the rain And I feel like I'm gonna cry I'm so damn lonely Ain't even high I'm so damn lonely
  • Spiers and Boden, Sloe Gin Set John Spiers and Jon Boden live set at Cambridge Folk Festival 2003.
  • Right Turn Left - Sloe Gin Promo vid for Right Turn Left's Sloe Gin. Edited together by bassist Bob Matthews using footage taken by his Dad at various gigs over the past 2 years.
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin @ North Sea Jazz 2007 For more music from Joe Bonamassa check out: Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin Live @ North Sea Jazz 2007 (Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands) Please visit Joe's Official Youtube Channel at - and subscribe!
  • Sloe Gin Fizz ***tail Drink Recipe How to make a sloe gin fizz instructional video; watch over 160 different free videos on shots, ***tails, mixed drinks and bartender techniques at http from American Bartenders School Call 800-5532-9222 to join the fun
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin (Slow Gin) Another of Joe's unbelievable mellow tunes that are cut out to make it to greatness!
  • Joe Bonamassa Berlin Sloe Gin 19.5.2009 Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin - Berlin Fritz Club - 19.5.2009 - Blues Rock - Rick Melick - Carmine Rojas - Bogie Bowles
  • sloe on the uptake - imagined village
  • Bellowhead - Sloe Gin Set (Ipswich Corn Exchange 28-11-2010) The last night of Bellowhead's Hedonism tour at Ipswich Corn Exchange 28-11-2010. The tunes in this set are: Frozen Gin (written by John Spiers) / Vinegar Reel (written by Jon Boden) / The Sloe (traditional) This was originally recorded on Bellowhead's first full-length album, Burlesque. Jon Boden - fiddle Benji Kirkpatrick - mandolin John Spiers - melodeon Sam Sweeney - fiddle Paul Sartin - fiddle Rachael MC Shane - fiddle, percussion Justin Thurgur - trombone Ed Neuhauser - helicon Andy Mellon - trumpet Brendan Kelly - saxophone, percussion Pete Flood - percussion
  • Bellowhead - Sloe Gin Bellowhead play Sloe Gin on Stage 2 at the 2007 Cambridge Folk Festival. Sorry about the slightly distorted sound my camera couldn't deal with the volume or the bass from the sousaphone. And if my memory card hadn't have run out I would've managed to capture Prickle-Eye Bush as well ...
  • How to make Sloe Gin | Sloe Gin Recipe The guys from www.tree2 guide you through how to make sloe gin! After spotting lots of Sloe berries growing on Blackthorn bushes at the side of the company car park Joe and Gareth set off on a mission to pick Sloe Berries to make two large jars of Sloe Gin for Christmas. Gareth gets some advice from his Grandfather who gave a big time saving tip... to freeze the Sloe berries overnight instead of individually piercing the Sloes. Our Sloe Gin recipe is: - 300g of Sloe's - 100g of Castor sugar - 750ml of Gin Plus you will need: - A freezer bag and use of a freezer - Two sterilized jars - A cool dark cupboard You can buy Blackthorn trees as gifts on the Tree2mydoor website here - www.tree2
  • The Sloe Gin Collins - Broadsheet Melbourne Broadsheet's Adi Ruiz shows us how to make a Sloe Gin Collins for spring.
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin (Solo) He everybody, Here is my version of the Sloe Gin solo. It is a great solo and Joe Bonamassa is a great player, so those who haven't heard of him yet go check him out! Enjoy! My name is Andrew, i am 14 years old and i live in the Netherlands.
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin live at Bluesfest Byron Bay 2010 Joe Bonamassa performing Sloe Gin live at Bluesfest Byron Bay, Australia. Bluesfest is The East Coast Blues and Roots Music Festival which is held over 5 days every Easter and attracts the worl'd finest musicians. This was the festival's 21st anniversary. This performance was on the festival's Crossroads stage on Saturday night April 3, 2010. Recorded in 720p high definition.
  • Bellowhead-Sloe Gin Set @Oxford Folk Festival2008 Sloe Gin Set Bellowhead Birthday Bash
  • Bellowhead-Sloe Gin [email protected] Opera House 2008 Buxton Opera House 2008
  • 'US Army sent '***' neo-*** troops to Iraq and Afghanistan' Under the Bush administration, the US military allegedly started to recruit neo-***s and gang members to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. Investigative journalist Matt Kennard talks to RT about his researh into these allegations and other problems in the US military.
  • Tiger Moth : Sloe Benga, live at Sidmouth 2004 All star '80s English country dance band Tiger Moth reformed in 2004 to celebrate their 20th anniversary and play at the 50th anniversary Sidmouth Folk Festival plus Womad, The Big Chill etc. Here they play their celebrated "Sloe Benga" at the Sidmouth Late Night Extra. The line up, who between them have a pedigree including other bands such as Edward 2, Brass Monkey, The Old Swan Band, the New Victory Band, 3 Mustaphas 3, English Country Blues Band, Blue Blokes 3, Oak,. Grand Union, Hot Vultures, Jumpleads and many more, was alphabetically: Ian Anderson (slide guitar), Martin Brinsford (drums), Chris Coe (hammered dulcimer), Maggie Holland (bass guitar), Ben Mandelson (baritone bouzouki), Jon Moore (guitar), Danny Stradling (percussion), Rod Stradling (melodeon), Fran Wade (fiddle) plus Gordon Potts (caller.
  • The Sloe / Three Jolly Black Sheepskins / Ryans Polka Two stomping English dance tunes and an Irish polka to finnish
  • Joe Bonamassa Amsterdam 2010 Sloe Gin Joe Bonamassa Carré 2010 Amsterdam Sloe Gin. Great final concert of the Joe Bonamassa tour. Nice VanWeelden, Marshall and Category 5 amps in the back. Check out: and go out to see Joe live !
  • How to make Sloe Gin How to make Sloe Gin 1lb / 450 g of Sloes 4 1/2 oz / 125g Sugar 70cl / 1.2 pint Bottel of the cheapest strong dry gin Enjoy IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER APPLIES SEE MY CHANNEL FOR DETAILS. (But in a nutshell, don't land yourself in jail, and stay out of the Darwin Awards)
  • Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin @ Rockland Sala 7/7/07 Joe Bonamssa performs new album title track Sloe Gin at Sala Blues Fest, Rockland, Sweden 7th July '07. Simply Brilliant
  • Mesolithic Cooking of Acorns, Sloes and Nettle Crisps The final part of our films shot inside a reconstruction of a mesolithic hut. Ian and Cristine from ESAMP offer up such delicacies as acorn cakes, sloes, acorn kernels, and nettle crisps. Keen Woodlands TV watchers will notice the point at the end of the film where camera 1 ran out of tape. Fortunately camera 2 kept on filming as the nettle crisp sequence unfolded.
  • Chantel McGregor Band - Sloe Gin - at The Boom Boom Club,Sutton, Surrey England -25.04.10 PETE FEENSTRA -My aim is to promote the best in enduring quality music and up and coming bands in the blues-rock / r&b / roots and quality tribute field. Visit the website for forthcoming gigs at assorted venues and also view exclusive videos there. Please visit the links for more and the latest information. Chantel McGregor Band at The Boom Boom Club,Sutton, Surrey England -25.04.10 Chantel McGregor, from Bradford, W.Yorkshire, England, at the age of eight years became the youngest person in the country to pass a Rockschool grade.Rockschool is the UK's only dedicated rock and pop examinations board. At the age of twelve Chantel started playing and singing locally in Bradford at the weekly jam sessions. Chantel studied at the Leeds College of Music for a Btec in Popular Music where she became the first student in the colleges history to achieve a 100% pass mark, 18 distinctions. Progressing onto the degree course she became the holder of the prize for outstanding musicianship for 2006/7 on the way to achieving a First Class Honours degree in Popular Music in July 2009 and the award for guitar. The rock blues trio, the Chantel McGregor Band include Chantel - vocals, guitars Martin Rushworth - Drums . Martin had known Chantel as a musician for a long time prior to the formation of the band. Alex Jeffrey - Bass Guitar. Alex is a multi-instrumentalist and was on the same degree course as Chantel at Leeds College of Music.
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin ( with lyrics below ) Joe is currently promoting his latest single, Dust Bowl, FREE Download from the album Sloe Gin 2007 SLOE GIN - LYRICS Sloe Gin, sloe Gin Tryin' to wash away the pain inside Well I'm sick and I'm all done in And I'm standing in the rain And I feel like I'm gonna cry I'm so damn lonely And I ain't even high I'm so damn lonely And I feel like I'm gonna die Mayday, mayday I've been shot down Over stormy sea Well I feel like I'm drifting away Can't seem to get a grip on me And, I can't even try I'm so damn lonely Ain't even high I hate to go home alone, But what else is new? I'm so damn lonely I hate to go home alone, But what else is new? I'm so damn lonely You stand and bleeding people pass me by No matter if you live No matter if you die Sloe Gin, sloe Gin Tryin' to wash away the pain inside Well I'm sick and I'm all done in Standing in the rain And I feel like I'm gonna die I'm so damn lonely Ain't even high I'm so damn lonely -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Joe Bonamassa (born May 8, 1977 in Utica, New York) is an American blues rock guitarist, singer. Sloe Gin is Joe Bonamassa's seventh studio album. It was released in 2007 and was the second Bonamassa album produced by Kevin Shirley. Track listing 1."Ball Peen Hammer", (Whitley) 3:27 2."One of These Days", (Alvin Lee (Ten Years After)) 5:40 3."Seagull", (Ralphs, Rodgers) 3:49 4."Dirt in My Pocket", (Bonamassa, James Huff) 4:54 5."Sloe ...
  • The Sloe I've always loved this tune and it's oddly attractive B part. Here's an extract from the liner notes for this tune from the Old Swan Band's recent album "Swan For The Money" - says it all much better than I could: "The Sloe was collected at Stow-on-the-Wold workhouse in 1907 by Cecil Sharp from John Mason who came from nearby Icomb. Mason was a fiddler who played for Sherborne Morris, and probably others, but who also had a number of country dance tunes such as these in his repertoire. The Sloe also occurs in the Aston-on-Carrant Ms as The Slave, and appears to have originally come from an opera by Sir Henry Rowley Bishop in 1816. A play called The Slave was also presented at nearby Cheltenham for an extensive run in the 1820's. This contained a Morris dance, and it is possible that this was a means by which a selection of Bishop's popular tunes reached the Cotswolds."
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin (Live at North Sea Jazz 2009) Great performance of the song Sloe Gin, live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2009, Rotterdam, 10th of July.
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin HD (Live in Prague 28 Oct 2010) Joe Bonamassa playing "Sloe Gin" in Lucerna Palac (Prague).
  • Bellowhead - Sloe Gin Set Royal Albert Hall Folk Proms 2008 Video © BBC Music © Bellowhead
  • Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin- at The Royal Albert Hall in London on 4th May 2009. Joe Bonamassa at The Royal Albert Hall in London on 4th May 2009. This non profit making upload is for music lovers and supporters. The official DVD to be released later on. Joe Bonamassa played a sold out show at London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall Happy to share, lot more to view on this channel and also YouTube channel PRAK14. The video clips (sounds and pictures) are in no way an indication of the quality of the full concert, but capture the ambience from a supporters' eye view point, filmed in an inconspicuous way. This non profit making upload is for music lovers and supporters. This is amateur filming and please RESPECT it as such. My idea is to enjoy the gig and take home a memento, if it is viewable and kindred spirits wish to view and enjoy it for what it is, then it is a BONUS.
  • Tim Curry Sloe Gin i think he does justice to this song.
  • Tim Curry "Sloe Gin" Live Performance Chicago 1978 Many of you messaged me and wanted More, More, More!! So here is another clip from Tim Curry, live in concert at Park West in Chicago 1978. "Sloe Gin" from his "Read My Lips" album. I know the Video Quality in Horrendous but the Audio is pretty enjoyable. Tim introduce's his Fantastic Band too! Make note of Dick Wagner on guitar. Simply Amazing!

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