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  • Get ready to skateboard with a new skateboard, skateboard wheels, accessories and skateboarding apparel. Use eBay's Skateboard Buying Guide!. — “eBay Guides - Skateboards Buying Guide”,
  • - Your One Stop SkateBoards Store. — “ Your One Stop SkateBoards Store”,
  • Skateboarding supershop offering clothing, shoes, skateboard decks, and equipment. — “”,
  • I myself skate. I used to have a Plan B. They are pretty good. It depends if he is going to use the skateboard for tricks like ollies, kickflips, heelflip, most grinds ect OR if he is usuing the skateboard for cruising and vert in bowls and. — “Skateboard Size Question? What is the difference between a”,
  • skateboard. Joined: November 08, 2005. Last Sign In: 1 month ago. Videos Watched: 1,411. Subscribers: All these video can be found at a higher resolution at . — “YouTube - skateboard's Channel”,
  • skateboard ( ) n. A short narrow board having a set of four wheels mounted under it, ridden in a standing or crouching position and often used to. — “skateboard: Definition from ”,
  • Y8 Skateboard Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding. The Tortoise and The Hare. Trick Master. Submit Game Submit Animation. 2 pages : 1 2 > >> Want more games? Visit our old games index. If you would like to submit your games, or if you have questions or other inquiries, please use our email form. — “Skateboard -”,
  • Definition of skateboard in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of skateboard. Pronunciation of skateboard. Translations of skateboard. skateboard synonyms, skateboard antonyms. Information about skateboard in the free online English dictionary and. — “skateboard - definition of skateboard by the Free Online”,
  • Find the latest products, videos, photos, stories, gear, interviews, accessories, shoes, how-to instructions and more at Transworld Skateboarding. — “Transworld Skateboarding | Skating news, photos, videos”,
  • Zero Skateboards. — “ZERO SKATEBOARDS | HOLIDAY 2010”,
  • Features interviews, trick tips with video clips, skatepark directory, and more. Get the lowdown on Greg Hunt's perspective on making skate videos, and skateboarding itself. — “Skateboarder”,
  • Buy skateboard, Sporting Goods items on eBay. Find great deals on Clothing, Shoes Accessories, Home Garden items and get what you want now!. — “skateboard items - Get great deals on Sporting Goods”,
  • It appears the first skateboards to reach public notice came out of the surfing craze of the early 1960's, probably just wooden boards with roller-skate wheels attached. A skateboard can also be used by simply standing on the deck while on a downward slope and allowing gravity. — “Skateboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Skateboard help, skateboard trick tips and instructions, skateboard gear reviews, skateboard news and more. Perfect for beginner skaters and veteran skateboarders looking to learn more about skateboarding. All from guide to. — “Skateboarding | Skateboard trick tips, pro skaters”,
  • Warehouse Skateboards offers skateboards, skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, hardware and accessories, and clothing. Also provides surf accessories and the option to design your own skateboard. — “Warehouse Skateboards”,
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  • Skateboards at . Buy skateboards, decks, wheels, bearings, trucks, and skateboard apparel at . Great prices, real-time inventory, and fast shipping on skateboard equipment by element, alien workshop, baker, girl. — “Skateboard at Action Village : Skateboards, Shoes, Decks”,
  • Complete skateboards, decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, skate clothing, pads, and related products from A1 Skateboards. — “A1 Skateboards”, a1
  • GOSKATE SHOP is the skate shop with attitude. Skateboarding is sick and we know it. That's why we bring the sweetest skateboard decks, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels and skate accessories to you at the best prices with super-fast shipping. — “The Sickest Skateboards, Skateboard Decks, Complete”,
  • ©2010 Flip Skateboards. Distributed by: NHS, Inc. PO Box 2718 Santa Cruz, CA. 95063-2718 Skateboard.TV. RSS. News. Flip Productions. Gear. P2. Team. Tour. Downloads. — “Flip Skateboards”,

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  • Skateboard Big Air Gold Jake Brown finally got his much deserved gold medal after an epic battle with Bob Burnquist and a couple almost-landed 900s.
  • How To Be Awesome At Skateboarding
  • Greatest Skateboarding Tricks Yo, I made this video for myself. Hope you like it. Checkout part 2 and sub for number 3 it'll be epic. Tricks in order: Jimmy Carlin - Double Nollie Heel Dan Nepscha - Fs double flip front board The Nuge - Huge Kickflip over gap Jaane Saario - Kick flip manual bs crooked grind manual kickflip out Ryan Sheckler - Monster kick flip at Marblehead? Tony Tave - Big switch flip over a handrail Chris Haslam - Crazy boned ollie Eric Koston - 360 flip frontside nose blunt slide handrail Jerry Hsu - Nollie backside 180 Heelflip huge set Mike Mo - Fakie Crooks 360 flip out fully flared Brian Herman - Big Tre flip Danny Supa - Backside inward big heel flip Brian Herman Nollie inward heel at MACBA Mike Mo - Switch Tre double set in China Mark Appleyard - long 360 flip nose slide Steve Otero -Airwalk down 17 stairs Dallas Rockvam - Long backside Feeble double kink rail Dallas Rockvam - Longest backside Feeble Chris Cole - Legendary Tre at the Wallenberg 4 Chris Haslam - double flip footplant in Barcelona Brian Herman - big 360 flip double set wilshire Sean Malto - Hard flip Carlsbad grass gap Paul Rodriguez - amazing 360 flip back side K grind Sean Malto - Frontside over crook Chris Haslam - Kickflip late frontside shove Greg Lutzka - Long front board Sean Malto - Monster 360 flip over huge gap PROD - Huge switch kickflip nike sb Jamie Thomas - Front Smith to big drop Greg Lutzka - Switch tre bomb Andrew Reynolds - Front side flip 19 stair baker Leo Romero - Kick flip Fs 50 50 Jimmy ...
  • CRAZY SKATEBOARD JUMP!!! AWESOME CHEAP T-SHIRTS!!! www.whiteboy7 100000 LIKES and I'll jump out of a moving car! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER http
  • Baltimore cops VS skateboarder my friend eric gets taken down by cop
  • Shaun White Skateboarding Trailer Let the transformation begin.
  • zero skateboarding zero skateboarding tour
  • HOW TO BUILD A SKATEBOARD how to make skateboards with a skate press ( more boarding videos on )
  • Skateboarding Dog - HD Redux One year old Tillman the skateboarding bulldog from the iphone commercial. All clips are from January 2007 re-edited & unconverted to HD. Tillman was a little over a year old at the time and is a much better skateboarder now. Tillman does not belong to me. A little history of the first video. I Filmed the video using a just purchased Panasonic Lumix TZ1. I was bicycling through Venice Beach California when I came upon the skateboarding dog. This was probably the only time I used the Lumix's wide screen movie mode. I suspect one of the biggest reasons my video was selected, second only to the awesome Tillman, was not much user generated 16:9 content was available on youtube.(iphone is 16:9) Originally the first video had the soundtrack "Giving In" by linkin Park. Once the video appeared in iphone commercials I panicked and removed the video from youtube because of the attention and I had no rights to use the song. As time approached for Apple's release of the iphone with youtube, youtube contacted me and requested I reinstate the video without the soundtrack. Youtube wanted users to be able to view the skateboarding dog in the store after purchasing their iphone. Unfortunately youtube gave me only a few hours to re-edited video before the iphone release. The original background sound on most of the clips was ruined by hysterical laughter from a woman watching Tillman so I cut and pasted sound in from other parts of the video to cover the laughter. That's why some claim ...
  • Shane O'neill skateboarding Footage between the ages of 14 and 20. There is alot of unseen and unused footage in it check it out. Filmed mainly by chris middlebrook thanks alot middsy! Follow at
  • Skateboarding Dog Tillman the skateboarding bulldog from the iphone commercial. All clips are from January 2007. Tillman was a little over a year old at the time. A little history of this first video. I Filmed the video using a just purchased Panasonic Lumix TZ1. I was bicycling through Venice Beach California when I came upon the skateboarding dog. Originally the first video had the soundtrack "Giving In" by linkin Park. Once the video appeared in iphone commercials I removed the video from youtube because of the attention it was getting and I had no rights to use the song. As time approached for Apple's release of the iphone with youtube, youtube contacted me and requested I reinstate the video without the soundtrack. Youtube wanted users to be able to view the skateboarding dog in the store and after purchasing their iphone. Unfortunately youtube gave me only a few hours to re-edited video before the iphone release. The original background sound on most of the clips was ruined by hysterical laughter from a woman watching Tillman so I cut and pasted sound in from other parts of the video to cover the laughter. That's why some claim they here the word eskimo over and over-lol. When the original video with the Linkin Park soundtrack was selected it had around 15000 views.
  • Puehse Twins Skateboarding - Take 1 (The Beginning) 8 year-old skateboarding twins Nic & Tristan Puehse. Check out
  • John Cardiel - Sight Unseen - TransWorld SKATEboarding John Cardiel's part from TransWorld SKATEboarding's 12th video, Sight Unseen. DVD features Heath Kirchart, Dustin Dollin, Henry Sanchez, Tosh Townend, John Cardiel and /shop
  • Best Of Rodney Mullen Rodney Mullen doing his amazing stuff. Sweet Home Alabama - Performed by ZoeAngel (a lot of people asked for a link to the song, but i couldn't find it myself) Thanks to everyone who has watched, commented and voted this video :) 10/11/2009: More than 11 million views!! Thanks to each and everyone of you!!
  • Best skateboard tricks ever Compilation of trick,at my opinion these tricks are best ever,it's a : technically section Severin Von Ow-flip to bs tailslide bigspin flip out Colton Blight-kickflip bs lipslide kickflip out on the rail Daewon Song-360 flip to nosemanual nollie 360 flip out,ss 360 flip to ss nosemanual fakie 360 flip out Ronson Lambert-bs lipslide varial heel out Ronnie Creager-bs tailslide 270 bs flip out,fs tailslide 270 fs heel out,ss fs tailslide ss fs 270 heel out Chris Haslam-blunt triple kickflip out to fakie Mike Mo Capaldi-fakie to ss fs crook fakie 360 flip out,fs tailslide fs 270 to ss bs noseblunslide Stairs section Jamie Thomas-20 ft ollie(high) Johny Layton-20 ft ollie(long) Dan Murphy-ss kickflip Tony Tave-ss heel over the rail Jimmy Carlin-nollie double hellflip down 10 Lindsey Robertson-hellflip Dan Roberts-fs flip down hollywood high 16 Greg Lutzka-fs flip down 17 Andrew Pott-ss fs flip down santa Monica triple set Johny Layton-ss 360 flip down Calrsbad Tony Tave-nollie 360 flip down Macba 4 Chris Cole-360 double flip(x-games 13 bestrick) Nick Trapaso-bs 360 kickflip down 9 Chris Cole-bs 360 kickflip down big four rail section Heath Kirchart-kickflip to 50-50 bonk down 11 Billy Marks-flip to crook down big hubba 10 Greg Lutzka-flip to fs nosegrind Chris Cole-360 flip to noseblunt Paul Rodriguez-360 flip to bs crooked gring Greg Lutzka-fs 270 flip to ss fs boardslide down rail and two world bestricks Chris Cole-360 flip down Wallenberg four!! (eight try) Dave Bachinsky ...
  • How to Skateboard hey guys its me ripstik kid. I got bored ripstiking because it was too easy so now I mastered the skateboard too. I give you tips for free in this video and show you how you can become better on the skateboard. If you don't know who I am watch my How to Ripstik video: VLOGS! FAYBOOK! TWITTER TWEETS!
  • bobtrack downhill skateboarding This video footage is for sale for professional use, please contact me! Everybody who wants to get the music please look here: Amazon: iTunes: If you want to see me skating in real: please come to the "Beton on Fire" () on August 27-29 in Altenberg, Germany!
  • SkateBoard Tricks My friend's skateboarding video, features some common skateboard tricks with their names subtitled
  • element skateboarding cool tricks very nice
  • Skateboarding Fail For more, visit
  • Flatland BMX vs. Skateboarding - Street Tricks presents... A Pro Flatland BMX rider and Pro Skateboarder trying to one up each other in street tricks.
  • Black Ox Skateboard Black Ox action figure doing skateboard tricks...
  • base jump skateboard grind Bob Burnquist jumps off a ramp and grinds on a rail into the grand canyon -basejumping.
  • Old School 70s Skateboard Tricks Old school tricks from a skateboard competition in England, 1978.
  • Skateboard Movie The song is "Skateboard" by the Beatnik Termites Skating isn't a crime.
  • Go Longboard 2009 Check out the progression going on in longboarding. Go longboard 2009. Music: "The Season" by the Dodos All longboards in this video were made by Original Skateboards, all riding by the Original Skateboarding Team. Check us out online at
  • Skateboard
  • World's Largest Skateboard Ramp Champion skateboarder Bob Burnquist is taking extreme skateboarding to a new level on the Mega Ramp in his backyard. (Producers: Emily B. Hager and Peter Rader)
  • Skateboarding priest shows class in Hungary Video courtesy Kovács László Hungarian Catholic priest Zoltan Lendvai had spurted into popularity after a video of him, displaying his skateboarding skills to his parish, appeared on the web.
  • how to skateboard for beginners SICK SKATEBOARD STUFF! CLICK! CLICK! Underground Skater Reveals His Secrets to Learning Almost Every Single Skateboarding Trick - In 8 Weeks or Less! I made this "how to" video for my media-arts project, if you guys think im posing or whatever, im not...and i wasnt even trying to make it all pro... Check out the Skullcandy video responses!
  • police brutality - go skateboarding day: cop vs skaters In Hot Springs Arkansas. Jarad Graham, Drew Irwin, Skylar Nalls, Matt McCormack, Robbie Brindley, & Casey Canterbury get arrested. This video was disabled and removed by YouTube due to a violation of Community Guidelines, claiming this showed and expressed bullying when it does not. This video is a message to those who want to skateboard on illegal locations and what happens when police/authority respond to the situation, regardless of how the situation is handled. Thank you YouTube for listening to my appeal for freedom of speech. I don't take any sides in this situation anymore, because the skateboarders were violating city conduct, however the police did use excess force. This video is up for awareness, and nothing more. NOTE: disabled comment votes temporarily due to abuse.
  • How to Skateboard: Lesson 1 Play ours or Submit Yours!-- This is how to get started on a skateboard. If you are more advanced and don't need to be taught the basics then don't watch the video! DUH! This video is for the people that have never ridden a skateboard before and are completely clueless. Less hate go skate.
  • Will It Shred? iPad Skateboard Skateboards pro Chad Knight and Built To Shred host Jeff King rig up a brand-new 64GB Apple iPad to see if it can replace your standard skateboard. Will it shred? Or will it be dead?
  • CRAZY SKATEBOARD STUNT!!! Please FAVORITE this video, it helps me out A LOT!!! Thank you! T-SHIRT! www.whiteboy7
  • Time Warp - Skateboard Time Warp @ Discovery HD - Skateboard
  • Decay Skateboarding: Joakim Krzewicki, Decay Joakim Krzewicki's part in our 2:nd full length skateboard video Decay (2007). Download all our videos complete and in full quality from our website. Decay website: Decay skatepark Decay facebook
  • Richie Jackson - Death Skateboards MUST SEE marijuana documentary i made: This is Jackson's part in the Death skateboards movie "Escape from Boredom" "days of broken arrows" by the idle race
  • Skateboard Trick Tips: How To Ollie (Original) How To Ollie with Mark Hanson! One Million+ Views! Thanks everyone for your support. It's not a great ollie in the vid, about average, but apparently this is helping people so I'm glad to have put it up. Cheers. Alright, well here's the second trick tips video from The Broken Teddy Group. The ollie is pretty much the most basic trick of modern skateboarding, so knowing it is pretty much mandatory if you want to be able to do anything else. A couple fun facts, the ollie was invented by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand. And it was Rodney Mullen who adapted the "Ollie" to flatland skateboarding. Which led to him creating ever so many flip tricks. This guy "Pearso" wrote up a massive Ollie explanation on this forum. You should check it out if you're still having trouble. Also, I'd just like to help advertise Hello Beautiful, they're a smaller band in Ontario. Here's the Myspace, check them out if you'd like. Passed 1000000 views on Dec. 6th 2010 ~This video is dedicated in loving memory to Soda. She will be missed.
  • World's first V8 Supercar powered skateboard Tony Hawk is coming out to Sydney for the Telstra 500. Which made us wonder, what happens when you attach a V8 engine to a skateboard? There was only one way to find out...Check out this video of the world's first V8 powered skateboard. Then see it live alongside Tony Hawk in Sydney, December 3-5.
  • How To Skateboard: For Beginners! The broken teddy group presents How To Skateboard! For all those new shredders out there, with Mark Hanson. Yeah, I know, my channel's turned on the suck lately (except that skimboard video, did you see that? It was awesome!) I've been getting a request to do this video for ages, and I'm sick, and it's lame, and I'm lame when I'm sick, so it works out. Here ya go kiddies, now go skate and stop messaging people on youtube!
  • FutureCar: The Skateboard What if the next car you buy will be the only car you ever have to buy again? What if you could have every model, every new improvement added to the car you own in a blink of an eye? What if you could sit where ever you wanted when you drove? What if you didn't need a steering wheel? But could navigate using a joystick or a mouse. And what if you never burned a single drop of gas wherever you went, because your car had no engine.
  • Human Skateboard This is the stop motion video created by PES. Take some shots and create your own!

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