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  • Children's Plus Size Clothing Retailers. 14to24W (online retailer) : carries discounted designer plus size clothing by Ellen Tracy, Dana Buchman, Eileen Fisher, Marina Rinaldi, Spencer Alexis, Citron of Santa Monica and more at discounts ranging from 25-70% off. — “Retail Women Plus Sizes Clothing”,
  • Large Sizes 6749 Size 15 & 16 #391105 Also in White #39115 Cross Over Straps #39317 Sling into Style #394016 sz 6 TO 11 & 15 #39420 Sizes 5 to 16 in Leather #394210 Leather Sizes 5. — “***y Shoes - Large Sizes”, ***
  • Outerwear. Dress Up. Boys (Sizes 3 mos-3T) Knits & Tees. Shirts. Sweaters. Pants & Denim Girls (Sizes 3 mos-3T) Girls' Accessories. Girls Sale. Home. Comforter. — “ - Kids: Boys (Sizes 4-16): Search for”,
  • Shop Womens Plus Sizes WOMENS , APPLE BOTTOMS, ESSENTIALS, SOUTHPOLE, BABY PHAT, DEREON & More. Best prices and freshest styles at . — “Womens Plus Sizes | Jimmy Jazz Clothing & Shoes”,
  • Clothier for the sophisticated woman featuring a full line of private label apparel, accessories, and jewelry, with a focus on comfort. — “Chico's - Extended Sizes - Jackets”,
  • Plus Size Pajamas & Robes. Plus Size Pants. Plus Size Shorts & Capris Plus Size Tops. PLUS SIZE BRANDS. Calvin Klein. Charter Club. INC International Concepts. — “Junior Plus Size - Plus Sizes - Macy's”,
  • 24 hour shipping on most orders. Customizable sizes bags from - Choose your favorite sizes canvas tote bag from thousands of available designs. — “Sizes Bags, Sizes Tote Bags, Sizes Canvas Bags”,
  • Extended Sizes $160.00. UGG Australia "Beacon Street" Extended Sizes $200.00. Timberland 8" Extended Sizes $65.00. Timberland "Classic Lug" Oxford. Extended Sizes $110.00. 1 2 3 4 >. — “7M | Shoes | Men | Extended Sizes at ”,
  • Lists sizes, grades, units, scales, calendars, and chronologies. — “Sizes”,
  • Shop for men's and women's clothes, shoes, and more. All styles are available in additional sizes only at . — “American Eagle Outfitters”,
  • US standard clothing sizes were developed from statistical data in the 1940s-1950s. However, as a result of various cultural pressures, most notably vanity sizing, North American clothing sizes have drifted substantially away from this standard over time, and now have very little connection to it. — “US standard clothing size - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Sizes are different in Europe and the UK. You'll need to convert your US sizes to European sizes if you're planning on shopping in Europe. — “European Clothing Sizes - Europe Clothing size conversion”,
  • Comfortview® 'Pinky' Women's Loafer, Plus Size, Women's, Comfortview® "Layla" women's dress shoes, Plus Size, Women's Plaid Trousers, Plus Size, Side-wire Lace And Deluster Bra, Plus Size, Women's, Wool Pants, Plus Size, Women's Petite, Women's. — “Plus Sizes for Women”,
  • When the weather warms up, plus size women may want to show off their curves in sundresses in plus sizes. As casual wear, sundresses are usually inexpensive, so if you're seeking cheap plus size women's dresses, sundresses are great wardrobe additions. — “Sundresses in Plus Sizes - LoveToKnow Plus Size”,
  • Simply click on a size below to choose from dress Sizes, casual Sizes, or athletic Sizes. Women's Sizes. Men's Dress Sizes. 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 4.5 | 5 | 5.5 | 6 | 6.5 | 7 | 7.5 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 9.5 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 11.5 | 12 | 12.5. — “Sizes - Free Shipping & Return Shipping - ”,
  • Baby Phat Plus Sizes clothing with shopping discounts. Find all your favorite BP clothing designs. Baby Phat Plus Sizes clothing for women, news, and more. — “Baby Phat Plus Sizes”,
  • Retailer of trendy plus-size apparel, sizes 12-26. — “Torrid”,
  • Understanding jeans sizes is the first step in finding the perfect pair of jeans. The search, however, has just started!. — “Jeans Sizes”, jeans-and-
  • children's boots, childrens cowboy boots, child cowboy boots, child's cowboy boots, children's western boots, childrens western boots, child western boots, boys cowboy boots, kid cowboy boots, boys western boots, girls cowboy boot, girls western 16 Sizes In Stock. — “Children's Cowboy Boots Sizes 8.5 - 3, Boys Cowboy Boots”,
  • Extended Sizes. view all extended sizes. dresses. jeans. pants. knit tops 50% off. extended sizes & inseams. Truck Jeans Gray Stretch Skinny Jean. — “Alloy > extended sizes > jeans”,
  • Fashions for sizes 14 plus. online & in store - buy one get one FREE - mix and match any item. Enter 006955779 at checkout - get details. Save on gifts for her and a few for you!. — “Lane Bryant”,

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  • Cigar Shapes & Sizes With Al Remp from Thompson Cigar Al Remp of Thompson Cigar explains the differences between various cigar shapes and sizes, making it a bit easier for you to sort through the many choices available on the market. Learn about Coronas, Double Coronas, Rothschilds, Churchills, Tor***s, and more with Mr. Remp.
  • How to change character sizes in Mugen This is a video of how to change character sizes in Mugen. This is for people who specially dont want small chibi characters in there game or want to make characters like "Cloud" a much bigger size to manage. More Tutorials from me will be coming soon enjoy. LISTEN FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE BIG CHARACTERS SMALL. TO make a character smaller just use ".75 or .50" just use a decimal and a number instead of a Whole number and a decimal "1.8 or 1.6" thats the difference so for Big Size use whole number and decimal and for small size just use decimale and the number behind the decimal.
  • Minecraft Alpha - Slimes - Damage and Sizes Demonstrates the size and corresponding damage of different sized slimes Note: This video was made when slimes were first added. At the time, there were only 3 sizes. It was later on that the Huge size was added.
  • Colt 1911 Frame Sizes Our 100th Firearm Review on You Tube We take a look at the four sizes of 1911 frames and compare them Colt Defender 3 inch barrel 1 pound 10 oz Colt Officer ACP 3.5 inch barrel 2 pounds 3.8 oz Colt Lightweight Commander 4.25 inch barrel 1 pound 12.6 oz Colt Rail Gun 5 inch barrel 2 pounds 6.4 oz Pistol Buyers Guide Another video review by Read our Gun Websites Blog; http Chat with us at Gun Websites on Facebook; Gun Websites on Twitter:
  • Diane Birch - Mirror Mirror /dianebirch Get the debut album here: iTunes - Amazon - Vs. Im chasing the rainbows end Im fighting the weatherman No sun thru my window and no No love from my uncle sam Why do you hide? Why dont you look me in the eye? Chrs. Mirror...
  • Planets, Stars, Nebulae, Galaxies - Universe Size Comparison 2009 [HD] ***READ THIS BEFORE ASKING ANYTHING*** This is the ultimate size comparison video that you can find on the internet in HD. Starts with the tinyest dwarf planets of our solar system, then continues with large planets, dwarf stars, stars giant/supergiant/hypergiant stars, nebulae, globular clusters and galaxies. There is the famous VY Canis Majoris rated as the biggest star known, but very few know that that the incredible IC 1101 is the largest known object in the entire universe. Only galaxy clusters are bigger than it. Hope you enjoy this one. FAQ: -Sizes are not 100% accurate as there is no way to directly measure them. -Star sizes may change in the future, and new stars may eventually appear into this biggest stars list -Song: Celtic Panpipes - Ride on
  • Star Size Comparison My first Cinema 4D movie. re-rendered for HD.
  • Size of the Universe III: "The Deeper Field" *READ DESCRIPTION FIRST!!!* This video clearly describes the size of celestial objects in the Universe. The measurements are NOT exactly correct, but we do have good reason to believe that the objects are around about the right sizes, aspecialy the closer objects. The narration is not so much text, but a computer generated voice by "ivona Voices" They call HIM Eric, therefore I called the narrator Eric also. This video goes in to much more detail than any of the other two "Size of the Universe" Videos. I am thinking of making a playlist of the size videos, and making it a series! If I make another size comparison video it WILL be called "Size of the Universe IV", and i will include Eric in the video too! Eric will be sort of a trademark voice for my videos. The Voice sounds Real, but on some aspects of the video, you can tell that the voice is computer Generated. The music goes well with the video and voice, and it adds to the "Epicness" of the video! *MUST READ* You may have noticed problems with the other two videos, such as totaly wrong size comparisons like VY Canis Majoris to the Eight Burst Nebula on the second video. In reality, VY Canis would be invisible to Eight Burst, but it appeares compareable to it on the second video. And the scale of "IC 1101", In reality, it is much bigger than "NGC 5820", but i tell you that it is bigger than IC 1101 when it's not. Sorry about that. All of this doesn't mean you shouldn't watch the other two videos, it's just a heads up ...
  • Qwest field beers Comparing a large beer to a small beer at Qwest Field in Seattle. Interesting findings!!
  • Crysis - Full size EVE Online amarr battleship, dread and titan Unfortunately the amount of comments about the paragraph below this sentence was way too high, so I just had to disable them in order to stop the disease from eating us all alive. ******DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SIZE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, I already answered many times the same thing to clueless people. Don't just go and say oh, the ships are bigger, or they are too big, just because you dreamed they were bigger or smaller than whatever you imagined. This is the whole point of the video, to put the models, take the size I saw in the picture, and see how they are. It doesn't make sense being like oh, no, cryengine is not right, I'm sure my drake has to be as big as Canada. THEY ARE NOT, THEY ARE EXACTLY AS BIG AS THE VIDEO SAYS. Read all the description and forum thread to understand what is going on. But to keep it simple, they are to scale and they are as big as the picture everyone knows (go-dl1.eve- says they are, regardless of its accuracy. If that picture is wrong, and that has been discussed in the thread linked below, ONLY CCP CAN SAY. Oh, but battleships in eve's preview window are smaller! nice, read eve- .I repeat, read description, read threads. I WON'T ANSWER ANYMORE TO THAT KIND OF COMMENTS****** Even after disabling the comments, some people took their time to send me a PM to say jesus christ in 15s I just decided the size is not correct although I have no idea what I'm talking about because I think getting the size ...
  • Size of Galaxies This looks at our galaxy and compares its size to the size of the largest known galaxy. Also comparing some others in-between, such as Andromeda, our closet neighbouring galaxy. This clip was taken from the show 'How The Universe works'
  • How To Size & Maintain Your Hats Hey, I'm Jeff, and I'm here to show you, actually, how to pretty much fit and maintain your hats. Right here I've got a variety of hats. These three are 59fifties, New Eras, and these one's a Flexfit 210. First of all, in shopping for hats, one thing you can do is measure your head. But unfortunately, not all hats are made the same. This one right here is a 100% cotton hat, and it also has a liner. Hats with liners usually tend to fit a little bit tighter than hats that don't. I usually wear 7 and 5/8ths to 7 and 3/4ths. This one actually fits a little bit bigger, so the 7 and 5/8ths actually fits pretty well. This one right here is a wool blend hat, also lined as well, this one does fit a little bit tighter, so it actually fits me a little better, and it has a double-stacked brim. This one's also 7 and 3/4ths, this one fits a little bit snug, so that's why it's up a size from the 7 and 5/8ths. This one's a wool blend as well, but it is not lined. This hat right here is a Flexfit 210. Flexfit 210 means that two different hat sizes will fit ten different heads, so this one fits from 7 and 1/4th to 7 and 5/8ths. So I'm kind of in that realm, at the top end. It has a little stretch, a pretty easy fit. Here's a trick for maintaining your hat. Most of the time, when you buy a hat, they usually come this way, with the back pushed in perfectly so it pretty much cuts the hat in half. This will actually keep the front structure from bending and creasing. I accidentally stepped on ...
  • How To Measure Your Dress Size From How to measure your dress size for custom tailor-made garments such as wedding dresses, formal gowns or special occasion dresses.
  • Star Size Comparison HD There are several videos circulating showing a comparison of the largest stars. I like these kind of things, and I wanted to try one myself. Probably because I also watched "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan as a kid. Actually my first Youtube upload. Hope you like it...
  • 91. How to Determine Your Position Size in the Forex Market A lesson on the different contract sizes available to active traders and investors in the forex market. Foreign Exchange, currency trading, forex trading
  • Monif C. Plus Sizes Marilyn Convertible Dress Video #3 Part 1 Monif C. Plus Sizes Instructional Video on the Marilyn Convertible Dress. This is video #3 part 1 on youtube. Watch Marilyn Convertible Dress Video #1, #2, and #3 part 2 for lots of ways to wrap the convertible dress.
  • 1911 Part 2: 1911 Sizes While there are a few 1911s that break the rules, most 1911s fall under the generic sizes laid out by Colt. While there are four different upper sizes ("upper" meaning barrel and slide combinations)--the Government, Commander, Officer, and Defender-- there are only two frame sizes--the Government and the Officer. While mixing and matching ban be done, generally, the rules laid down by Colt are followed.
  • Scale of Earth, Sun, Rigel, and VY Canis Majoris. [full zoom at the end] ~~~~~~Production~~~~~~ Animation: Me Editing: Me ~~~~~~~Music~~~~~~~ Kýrie [Mass IX: Cum jubilo] Leaving the Hub [Deepspace] ~~Information Source~~ Online: NASA
  • Our Solar System - Size Of Planets and Stars to Scale music is from the movie "The Island" composed by Steve Jablonsky 1. This Tongue Thing's Amazing 2. The Island Awaits You _____________________________________________ Pluto Mercury Mars Venus Earth Neptune Ur*** Jupiter Saturn Sun Sirius Vega Pollux Arcturus Aldebaran Rigel Deneb Pistol Star Betelgeuse Antares VV Cephei planets stars universe astronomy solar system science asteroids space Pluto Mercury Mars Venus Earth Neptune Ur*** Sun
  • Planets and Stars (Click [Show More] ) READ THIS FIRST! : The Size Of Planets and Stars to Scale (see NOTE) Name of planets as shown: Pluto Mercury Mars Venus Earth Neptune Ur*** Jupiter Saturn Name of Stars as shown: Sun Sirius Vega Pollux Arcturus Aldebaran Rigel Deneb Pistol Star Betelgeuse Antares VV Cephei ========================================= Name of Song: Stakka & K Tee - Rubber Bullet Original video: Author: jaxxrr Channel: ======================================= NOTE: This video is a edited version of "Energy vs Information" made by jaxxrr (to which all credit goes to), I was very impressed by the production value both the video and music. Seeing that it received few hits, which may be due to the title and tags. In order for more people to see and enjoy this video I mirrored the edited version, so people won't get too side tracked on the political message. (Although I'm against wars and big oil as well) Please see the original version if you like here -=NOTE=- This video was made BEFORE "VY Canis Majoris" was listed as the largest known star, When this video was made 2006 by it's author JAXXrr, the star "VV Cephei A" was listed as the largest known star. For a list of current largest "known" stars see Keep in mind while watching this video that the "largest known stars" are all found in our own galaxy (The Milky Way). We know of only of a very few of the estimated 200-300 Billion stars that make up our galaxy, which is just ONE of ...
  • (Truly) Full-Size EVE-Online Ships 50000 views! Thank you all! 100000 views?! You people are incredible. This is a response to my last video. The ships are larger now, much closer to (If not at) their full size. ADDONS: * gm_ultimate_flatgrass: * Prop Resizer STool: * (SVN LINK) EVE Ship Model Pack: (SVN is LOCKED...Sorry guys)
  • Does Size Matter? Breaking the rules with CCW ;) Since my accident at work, which resulted in a severe back injury, I have had more to think about a few things & one of those is concealed carry options and does size really matter? Back in the day, firearms for the most part, were smaller & easily concealable. It started out with revolvers then the semi auto market eventually made smaller versions of their full sized firearms and presto! we have conceal carry firearms. Today the market is full of them, compacts, sub compacts and even micro sized firearms. People used to say that if a firearm was not a compact, subcompact or smaller it was not a conceal carry firearm. So in light of the smaller sizes, its not surprising that the rule of thumb "if you want to conceal carry you gotta get a small framed gun" was born. However I have found it really depends on the individual & that size doesn't really matter most of the time. However that mindset is changing as ppl are looking for more options & not a 'one size fits all' mentality. Does a bigger rig present problems when carrying concealed? Sometimes but it really depends on the individual, their daily activities & the purpose for their firearm. I think the firearms community, gun stores, manufactures & instructors need to cater more to individuals & their needs instead of following some old rule of thumb that limits what ppl can or can't do. Sometimes rules need to be broken. Some would say a good conceal carry would be an XD 9mm subcompact (or similar sized rig). Its small ...
  • EVE Online Ship Sizes I've only recently started playing EVE Online and found myself being fascinated by those enormous spaceships. Thanks to a great piece of software called TriExporter, I was able to import these models into Maya and decided to render some Amarr ships as "miniatures" ;) For those not familiar with the metric system: 1 meter equals about 1 yard. 1 km equals about 0.6 miles. I may not have gotten all the colors right since I'm just beginning to play (and loving it btw) and won't encounter most of these ships until a few months in. Sadly, some of the textures that come with the game are a little low in terms of resolution (especially for the avatar) but I did my best to cover that up... Some of the shaders could use improvement but since this is just a quick set-up, and apart from the occasional flickering, it looks good enough for now. Software: TriExporter, Photoshop, Maya, After Effects Music: Arboretum by Max Richter Models and Textures: CCP Games Inspired by TakeBackTheWorld (HL2 engine) and arkorum (Crysis engine), thanks!
  • EVE Online Ship Sizes: Gallente Edition Due to popular demand. ;-) Please watch it in HD! Special thanks go to CCP for these fantastic models. The metric conversion: 1 meter = 1 yard 1 km = 0.6 miles Software: TriExporter, Photoshop, Maya, 3Delight, After Effects Music: Iconography by Max Richter Models and Textures: CCP Games
  • NASA's Kepler Mission Finds Earth-size Planet Candidates in Habitable Zone, Six Planet System NASA's Kepler mission has discovered its first Earth-size planet candidates and its first candidates in the habitable zone, a region where liquid water could exist on a planet's surface. Five of the potential planets are near Earth-size and orbit in the habitable zone of smaller, cooler stars than our sun. Kepler also found six confirmed planets orbiting a sun-like star, Kepler-11. This is the largest group of transiting planets orbiting a single star yet discovered outside our solar system. Located approximately 2000 light years from Earth, Kepler-11 is the most tightly packed planetary system yet discovered. All six of its confirmed planets have orbits smaller than Venus, and five of the six have orbits smaller than Mercury's. For more information about the Kepler Mission, please visit
  • Star Size With more stars than there are grains of sand on Earth it's difficult to imagine that some are as big as a billion times the size of our sun. Catch the series - Mondays at 9PM on Discovery UK
  • S&W Frame Sizes A basic hands-on illustration of the common Smith & Wesson frame sizes. This video is in some ways one of my "Basics" videos; however, not necessarily. I could be a very experienced shooter but just don't own any S&W revolvers and am not 100% clear on frame size designations. Hope this helps.
  • SIZE MATTERS A size comparison of Earth to various, stars, nebulae, galaxies, clusters, and the universe itself. We are quite small.
  • Curling Iron Sizes 411 ( for makeup and hair) http Hi from I am here to bring you makeup video demos, hair tutorials, fashion, nails and everything in between. You will find celebrity inspired hair styles and also celeb make up (cosmetics) demos. From inspired looks of Fergie, Hillary Duff, Taylor Swift,...
  • Universe size comparison Universe size comparison I didn't make this, original animation,
  • Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag Music video by Roni Size / Reprazent performing Brown Paper Bag. (C) 1997 Mercury Records Limited
  • Monif C. Plus Sizes Marilyn Convertible Dress Video #4 - Jill Scott Wrap Monif C. Plus Sizes Instructional Video on the Marilyn Convertible Dress. This is video #4 on youtube featuring the Jill Scott wrap that was featured in Essence Magazine May 2010 issue. Watch Marilyn Convertible Dress Video #1, #2,#3 part 1, and #3 part 2 for lots of ways to wrap the convertible dress.
  • Supersize vs Superskinny | Opposite Sizes | Channel 4 Are Georgetta's eyes bigger than her belly? | Tuesdays 8pm, Channel 4 | Watch Supersize vs Superskinny FREE on Catch-Up Visit the official website at Watch 1000s of Channel 4 clips
  • Monif C. Plus Sizes Marilyn Convertible Dress Video #3 Part 2 Monif C. Plus Sizes Instructional Video on the Marilyn Convertible Dress. This is video #3 part 2 on youtube. Watch Marilyn Convertible Dress Video #1, #2, and #3 part 1 for lots of ways to wrap the convertible dress.
  • brian regan foods and labels from "i walked on the moon" Brian talks about foods and labels, and food labels.
  • Walk Off Belly Fat Fast -- Drop 2 Sizes In 6 Weeks! To walk off your belly fat fast... Do this workout 3-to-4 days a week 1-to-2 times a day for 10-to-40 minutes and on the other days of the week you can rest or do an easier workout like walking at a normal pace for 60-to-90 minutes and... Beginners should start off doing this walking workout for only 10-to-20 minutes at a time while everybody else should be doing this walking workout for 20-to-40 minutes (in a row) non-stop but if you have to... You can take a short 5 minute break between each 10 minute session and when this workout gets too easy... Go here for more faster fat burning workouts: or go to: and... Depending on how much belly fat you have (or how overweight you are) will ultimately determine how fast you will drop 2 sizes (or lose weight fast) but go here to truly see how to lose belly fat:
  • Evolve : Size (History Channel) Please Subscribe To The WhyEvolutionIsTrue Youtube Channel. History Channel Episode List: Evolve Episode List: Broadcast (2008) Size : Life has evolved into a multitude of sizes. Over the course of three billion years, life has taken on many forms--from an .02-micrometer-long bacteria to the 110-foot-long blue whale. Scientists are learning how the struggle for survival has led some animals to become small and others to get huge. Understanding the evolution of size tells us why giant dinosaurs went extinct while the first tiny mammals thrived; gives us answers to why mammoths evolved into pygmies when restricted to islands; and why carnivorous mammals have never grown to weigh more than a ton. Whether it's the speed of movement or population numbers, the biological world revolves--and "evolves"--around size. It's a tough, violent, and lethal world out there, and it's been that way since the dawn of time. Roughly 99 percent of all species have become extinct. What enabled that other one percent to survive the cutthroat competition? Their ability to EVOLVE.
  • Scottish Women - Shapes and Sizes Is there such a thing as an ideal size? Scottish Women is a chat show that deals with topical issues facing women all over the country. On tonight's show, host Kaye Adams chats about sizeism and prejudices with the studio audience and speakers including an extremely tall woman and another woman who used to weigh 26 stones.
  • High Quality HD Small file size render settings Sony Vegas Tutorial This video is 51 MB As requested in comments on my last Sony Vegas video tutorial, here are the render settings that I use. They produce HD (high definition) video output but with very small file sizes. This tutorial shows you how and shows the length of time to render a 1 minute HD clip and it's file sizse in 2 formats 1080 and 720. Remember render times will vary significantly depending on your processor speed, ram and the number of video/audio tracks and fx being rendered. I use a HP laptop AMD x2 Turion 64 processors 4 gb ram and Vista Operating system I edit in Sony Vegas 8 Pro fully licensed (paid for!) Screen Capture - Camstudio (free)
  • How to Fit Bras for Plus Size Chests Plus size women differ in their needs when it comes to finding a bra that is comfortable and fits well. See our tips on buying the right type of bra for your body and getting a well-shaped look.
  • Plus Size Haul: Faith 21 LA's Make it Work for YOU! My first day shopping at Forever 21 in their new "extended sizes'' Faith 21 line. I found pieces that worked 4 me though the Tag size was smaller
  • Paintball Barrel Length Selection, Boring & Bore Size This video is to help players make better choices in selecting paintball barrels and bore sizes. Anything less than 14" is too short Anything over 16" is too long 14" or 16" work the best For bore size, all paintballs typically start out around .689. But as heat, moisture and humidity starts to affect the ball throughout the day, the paintballs will rapidly expand. You want the paintball to ROLL OUT of the barrel at the start of the day. I personally prefer 14" Barrels, and here are my personal recommendations- 14" Barrels- .691 Bob Long Marq 1 Piece .692 Dye Ultralite 2 Piece .693 CP 14" 1 Piece Classic Barrel ** .694 Bob Long Marq 2 Piece If you insist on using a 16" barrel, here are my recommendations- .691 16" CP 2 Piece Pro Barrel .692 16" Dye Ultralite .693 16" CP 2 Piece Pro Barrel .694 16" Bob Long Marq 2 Piece Barrel 14" in my opinion is the BEST length for a paintball barrel. The sooner you can get the ball out of the barrel, the better chance you have of it not breaking in the barrel. 14" is the universal length I recommend, and the .693 14" CP Barrel is the most universal barrel I recommend. Enjoy!

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