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  • similarity n. , pl. , -ties . The quality or condition of being similar; resemblance. See synonyms at likeness Similarity refers to the psychological nearness or proximity of two mental representations. — “similarity: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Recall that Cosine Similarity can be used find how similar two One can use Lucene for e.g. clustering, and use a document as a query to compute its similarity to other documents. — “Similarity (Lucene 3.0.1 API)”,
  • Similarity - Remove similar, duplicate MP3, music, audio files by content, tags. Check your music collection quality, remove unquality music. Organize your music collection. — “Similarity - Remove similar, duplicate MP3, music, audio”, music-
  • More explorations related to self-similarity and iteration can be found in Fractals In this section, we introduce another concept that falls under the general idea of symmetry, that of similarity. — “Similarity Transformations - EscherMath”,
  • erally, a similarity measure can be used to cluster objects, such as coupling, similarity is based on the number of papers cited by both p. — “SimRank: A Measure of Structural-Context Similarity”,
  • Definition of similarity in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of similarity. Pronunciation of similarity. Translations of similarity. similarity synonyms, similarity antonyms. Information about similarity in the free online English dictionary and. — “similarity - definition of similarity by the Free Online”,
  • One of the meanings of the terms similarity and similarity transformation (also called dilation) of a Euclidean space is a function f from the In topology, a metric space can be constructed by defining a similarity instead of a distance. — “Similarity (geometry) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A fundamental region of the similarity symmetry group K is a part of The similarity symmetry rosettes derived often belong to similarity antisymmetry rosettes with the antisymmetry group DnK/CnK (nmK/nK), treated by the classical theory. — “Chapter 3.2”,
  • This chapter describes the basic statistical approach for computing the degree of similarity between words. The degree of similarity between a pair of words is then computed by some similarity or distance measure that is applied to the corresponding pairs. — “Contextual Word Similarity,.doc”,
  • Similarity-based learning methods make inferences. based only on in similarity-based space, which may be ill-posed if. the similarity or dissimilarity. — “Local Similarity Discriminant ***ysis”,
  • Angles, Sides & similarity ratio. Triangles are similar if their corresponding (matching) angles are congruent (equal) and the ratio of their corresponding sides are in proportion. The name for this proportion is the similarity ratio. What is the similarity ratio?. — “Similar Triangles, Similarity Ratio and how to find the”,
  • We present an explanation for traffic self-similarity by using a particular subset of wide area traffic: traffic due to the World Wide Web (WWW) Then we show that the self-similarity in such traffic can be explained based on the underlying distributions of WWW document sizes, the effects of. — “Explaining World Wide Web Traffic Self-Similarity”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Similarity. Information about Similarity in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. similarity of. — “Similarity definition of Similarity in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • I doubt that these words are related beyond a similarity in sound. The books share a similarity of ideas. I see a lot of similarities in them. Looking at these fossils, I see some similarity to modern-day birds. I see very little similarity between your situation and his. — “Similarity - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • of "Similarity by Composition", from which we derive local and global similarity and dissimilarity Moreover, it can also be used for measuring similarity or dissimilarity between. — “Similarity by Composition”,
  • Similarity definition, the state of being similar; likeness; resemblance. See more. — “Similarity | Define Similarity at ”,
  • Chapter 25 (Similarity) of the User Guide for the Humdrum Toolkit music research software. In this chapter we discuss two general tools for characterizing similarity: correl and simil. — “Humdrum Toolkit User's Guide -- Chapter 25”,
  • This unit develops the concept of similarity of polygons. Explore relationships (including congruence and similarity) among classes. of two and three dimensional geometric objects; make. — “1 Title: Similarity Brief Overview:”,
  • Similarity may seem to be an irreducible psychological primitive, like "red", but various theorists have Let us assume, as do most writers, that stimulus objects are internally represented, and that similarity between objects comes from some sort of comparison between their representations. — “Theories of Similarity”,
  • A similarity coefficient is defined to quantify the degree of similarity Similarity and Dissimilarity "Consider two objects A and B, a is the number of features (characteristics) present in A and absent. — “Similarity Methods”,
  • Similarity and proximity are two of the four grouping concepts in classic gestalt theory (the other two are closure and Similarity refers to what items look like and how that effects grouping. — “Design Notes: Similarity and Proximity”,
  • These can be compared with the semi-parallel similarity coefficients and with The simulation consists of computing Hunter's similarity coefficient for a large number of. — “HUNTERS VERSUS SEMI-PARALLEL SIMILARITY COEFFICIENTS:”,

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  • Game Music Similarities 2 If you know any more, please tell me! Took me long enough. I only used the actual tracks this time, not midis. And I kept the volume pretty equal throughout the entire video. I did all requests I could get the music for, but there were a few I couldn't. If you could email me ([email protected]) the songs or something, I'll put them in the third part. The songs I need are in a video response to the first video. And sorry for forgetting some of your requests Hokkaido666, they will be in part 3! Songs/Requesters Pulseman - Neo Tokyo Rival Battle DP Costa Del Sol FFVII Carlos Santana - Oye Como Va (TheZaius) Lost Painting - Symphony of the Night Sinking Old Sanctuary - Castlevania Circle of the Moon Type 1 Tetris Music Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (LinkTetra) Robo's Theme - Chrono Trigger RICKROLL (TheZaius) Town Theme - Willow Theme From A Summer Place (FerretWarlord) SSBB Main Theme Coral Cave - Ape Escape Rockin' KK - Animal Crossing Hippie Battle- Earthbound Donkey Kong Jr. Intro Lonely - Akon (NikJ92) Super Villains - Spiderman Maximum Carnage The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath (IronFury) Adventures of Chatran Ending Theme Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog (Hokkaido666) Snake Rattle 'n' Roll Level 1 Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock (Hokkaido666) Donkey Kong Country 2 - Haunted Chase Night on Bald Mountain (Hokkaido666) Level Clear Fanfare - Super Mario World Stars and Stripes Forever (Hokkaido666) Super Mario Land Invincibilty Theme Offenbach Can Can (Hokkaido666 ...
  • bikyo - Someone Who Lives In Your Heart.. bikyo
  • Medvedev / Romanov - The amazing similarity - Assassinated Tsar Nikolai II Alexandrovich Romanov - President of Russia Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev - The amazing similarity
  • 集通線の前進型蒸気機関車~経棚峠 2 Chinese Locomotive QJ class in Jingpeng 2 "Jitong Railway" (JiningNan-Tongliao) which penetrates Mongolian Big Mountain Range was well-known as the last paradise of steam locomotive. Many big monster loco,called "Type QJ(前進型)" were working by double-header, so many fans visited there. More Quality movie is available here , ayashige.hobby- other additional movie about Jitong-Railway Presented by Ayashige Heavy Industries
  • Mapping Methods for Efficient Similarity-Based Multimedia Re Google Tech Talk July 30, 2009 ABSTRACT "Mapping Methods for Efficient Similarity-Based Multimedia Retrieval." Presented by Vassilis Athitsos. Similarity-based retrieval is the task of identifying database patterns that are the most similar to a query pattern. Retrieving similar patterns is a necessary component of many practical applications, in fields as diverse as computer vision, bioinformatics, and speech/audio processing. This talk presents three methods that we have recently introduced for speeding up similarity-based retrieval in multimedia databases. What all three methods have in common is that they map the original multimedia retrieval problem into a much easier problem involving retrieval in a Euclidean/vector space. The first method, called BoostMap, is applicable in cases where we want to find the nearest neighbors of the query under a computationally expensive distance measure, such as dynamic time warping, the earth movers distance, or shape context matching. The second method, called embedding-based subsequence matching, is used to find optimal subsequence matches in databases of strings under the edit distance or Smith-Waterman, as well as in databases of time series under the dynamic time warping distance measure. The third method is useful for efficient retrieval of database vectors that maximize the dot product with a query vector, and is applied to speed up application of boosting-based classifiers in domains with a very large number of classes ...
  • Film Music Similarities Some examples of similarities between music for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Batman Begins, Gladiator and Transformers. Yes, a lot of Hans Zimmer in there because I like Hans Zimmer, okay? :) I know there are a lot more examples of this kind of stuff - especially in James Horner music - but I just did what I know best, and I hope you enjoy it anyhow.
  • Across The Universe & New Moon - Slight Scene Similarity? I'm not really a Twilight fan, but I have read the books and figured, "What the hell, I might as well go see the movies". Anyway, when I saw New Moon, the scene where Bella almost drowns reminded me of the scene from the movie Across The Universe (if you haven't see it, I highly recommend it!) when they sing "Because" by The Beatles underwater. I know the two scenes are not exactly all THAT similar, but the moment Bella and Edward floated by each other underwater, my mind screamed "Across The Universe!" So there you have it... Songs used: "Across The Universe" by Jim Sturgess and "Eclipse (All Yours)" by Metric I obviously do not own Across The Universe or New Moon, or the songs that were used! No copyright infringement intended!
  • Game Music Similarities Finally done. If you know any more, tell me. I might make a part 2. I had to use remixed versions of some of the songs. If you want me to upload any of these song by themselves, sure. I could've trimmed the 20th Fox and Monty on the Run songs better but whatever. Indiana Jones Theme (0:00 - 0:14) Hydlide Theme (0:14 - 0:29) A Boy And His Blob Theme (0:30 - 0:36) Sonic 1 - Marble Zone (0:36 - 0:42) Andy Williams - Music to Watch the Girls Go By (0:43 - 0:48) Gyruss Theme (0:48 - 1:04) Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (1:05 - 1:17) Actraiser Ending (1:18 - 1:27) 20th Fox (1:27 - 1:40) Dick Barton Gallop (1:40 - 1:57) Monty on the Run Theme (1:57 - 2:18) Teddy Bear's Picnic (2:18 - 2:35) Witch's Lair - Banjo Kazooie (2:35 - 2:55) Retro Hippie Song - Earthbound (2:55 - 3:01) Jonny B Goode - Chuck Berry (3:01 - 3:07) The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy (3:07 - 3:20) Dave's Theme - Manaic Mansion (3:21 - 3:30) Neon Tiger Theme - Megaman X3 (3:30 - 3:40) My Michelle - Guns n Roses (3:40 - 3:49) Might and Magic Title Song (3:49 - 4:10) Canon in D Major (4:11 - 4:48)
  • Zinda vs. Oldboy Zinda (a piece of $hit rip off of Oldboy) vs. Oldboy, a classic As we all know, Zinda is an OBVOIOUS rip off old boy that didn't even try to not make it seem so. So what I decided to do was make a comparison of the fight scenes in Zinda & Oldboy just to show you how Zinda's fight scene is and how memorable Oldboy's fight scene is....
  • Visual Similarity Search Engine: Xcavator Xcavator is a new type of search engine which utilizes visual clues that you provide to identify and extract similar pictures from large groups of digital images. To provide clues you first select a reference image, and then identify within it visual elements that you want to become your visual search query specifications. You do this by clicking one or more individual points on the reference image while excavator samples them and their surrounding are to determine the unique traits, characteristics and visual patterns present in each of the reference points. Then in real-time excavator displays as many "matching" images to your visual specifications as possible. To note is the fact that you can progressively add new specs and eliminate them while you see corresponding visual matches being displayed on-screen in real-time. This allows the user to quickly learn and understand excavator sensitivity and abilities, making the learning curve rather flat. Excavator utilizes the enormous and free Flickr digital image library to perform its impressive capabilities. The one showcased here is only a first release. More advanced functionalities and tools for Excavator will be released in the near future.
  • Similarity Search: A Web Perspective Google Tech Talks October, 18 2007 ABSTRACT Similarity search is the problem of preprocessing a database of N objects in such a way that given a query object, one can effectively determine its nearest neighbors in database. "Geometric near-neighbor access tree" data structure, an early work (1995) by Sergey Brin, is one of the most known solutions to this problem. Similarity search is closely connected to many algorithmic problems in the web. Similarity search is an abstraction of many algorithmic problems we face in data management. In this talk we will focus on: - Personalized news aggregation: Searching for news articles that are most similar to the user's profile of interests - Behavioral targeting: Searching for the most relevant advertisement for displaying to a given user. - Social network ***ysis: Suggesting new friends. - Computing co-occurrence similarities. - "Best match search": Searching resumes, jobs, BF/GF, cars, apartments. We describe features that make web applications somewhat different from previously studied models. Thus we re-examine the formalization and the classical algorithms for similarity search. This leads us to new algorithms (we present two of them) and numerous open problems in the field. Speaker: Yury Lif***s Yury Lif***s obtained his PhD degree from Steklov Institute of Mathematics at S...
  • hitler finds out wvu won
  • Similarities in songs... Just for fun!!! Are they rip-offs or just coincidences? Plagiarism or not? After the Avril Lavigne / Rubinoos incident, I've done a little research on the Internet to find other songs that sound alike on some points. Even Paris Hilton is thrown in the mix (we now have another thing to make fun of her other than her paparazzi-media-overrated-hype-a-la-Lindsay-Lohan partying!!!!) These songs have striking similarities between them. Listen to it and tell me what you think. NOTE : I DO NOT CONSIDER ANY OF THEM PLAGIARISM. I HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO SO I DID IT FOR FUN ONLY. There's : GreenDay - American idiot, Warning, Jesus of Suburbia Avril Lavigne - Complicated, Girlfriend, I don't have to try The Beatles - Across the universe, Hey Jude The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA The Rolling Stones - Get off of my cloud The Rubinoos - I wanna be your boyfriend The Kinks - Picture book UB40 - Kingston town Paris Hilton - Stars are blind Ghostbusters Huey Lewis and the news - I want a new drug Jo Young Nam - ??? Vanessa Hudgens - Come back to me Peaches - I'm the kinda Michael Buble - Save the last dance for me Chuck Berry - Sweet little six*** Enjoy!!!
  • Albanian and Chechenian Language Similarity Albanian and Chachanian Language Similarity
  • Amazing similarity with a voice of Josh Groban (Awake) Song of Josh Groban 10 differences from voice of Josh Groban
  • Similarity of plucked melodies in trance music There are too many similar, easily mistakable, hardly distinguishable and very unoriginal trance melodies based on plucked synth and almost the same simple note pattern. Made by K1aptcha (, thanks mainly to 2***y ( and RaulBreathe () for support and help with finding and listing these tracks. Facebook group:
  • The Money Cat ZOMG. How awesome is this song? Remember: evil is the root of all money. Muahaha.
  • I Can Be VS Pure Shores: strange similarity investigated! The strange similarity between Taio Cruz "I can be" and All Saints "Pure Shores" Make up your own mind! /epicnews
  • Document Similarity and Clustering in RapidMiner This is part 4 of a 5 part video series on Text Mining using the free and open-source RapidMiner. This video describes how to calculate a term's TF-IDF score, as well as how to find similar documents using cosine similarity, and how to cluster documents using the K-Means algorithm.
  • similarity between jesus and mithras and sun jordan maxwell explains the similarity between jesus and mithras and sun in his lecture
  • ESAT TV: Dr Getachew Begashaw Tunisia's Revolution & similarity's with Ethiopia ESAT TV Dr Getachew Begashaw Tunisia's Revolution & similarity's with Ethiopia
  • Watch this similarity ! ! ! quasi quasi
  • MAGAZINE - My Tulpa I suspect you ain't so sweet as the lust I'm concealing my skin will crawl back home to Ma I've lost my way in my feelings You always collect your fists when my shadow falls upon your hands you're just giving body heat away but they say you're a nice enough young man I want to see you don't you wont to see me ? I'm full of questions you're full of mystery You can touch yourself anytime you can touch yourself anytime so wretched - you are so fetching stop smiling at me - treat me unpleasantly You've got the whole world in your wardrobe your furniture's made to injure me my skin will crawl back home to Ma when our souls mingle uneasily I want to see you ...
  • congruency and similarity congruent and similar figures
  • Introduction To Similarity Check us out at Two geometrical objects are called similar if they both have the same shape. More precisely, one is congruent to the result of a uniform scaling (enlarging or shrinking) of the other. Corresponding sides of similar polygons are in proportion, and corresponding angles of similar polygons have the same measure. One can be obtained from the other by uniformly "stretching" the same amount on all directions, possibly with additional rotation and reflection, ie, both have the same shape, or one has the same shape as the mirror image of the other. For example, all circles are similar to each other, all squares are similar to each other, and all equilateral triangles are similar to each other. On the other hand, ellipses are not all similar to each other, nor are hyperbolas all similar to each other. If two angles of a triangle have measures equal to the measures of two angles of another triangle, then the triangles are similar. This article assumes that a scaling, enlargement or stretch can have a scale factor of 1, so that all congruent shapes are also similar, but some school text books specifically exclude congruent triangles from their definition of similar triangles by insisting that the sizes must be different to qualify as similar.
  • Similarity Between "The Pretender" And "One Of These Things" A video showing the similarity between the Foo Fighters song "The Pretender" and the Sesame Street song "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other". Also includes Dave Grohl himself noting the similarity.
  • Similarity Word Problems - - Geometry Help For a complete lesson on similarity word problems, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students use the properties of similar triangles to find the missing side lengths of triangles in a variety of word problems. The word problems involve shadows, mirrors, projections, and so on.
  • similarity between minor, major pentatonic scales It's noticed that the A major pentatonic scale has the same shape as the A minor pentatonic scale, except it's 3 frets lower. 5th in series of beginning pentatonic scales and riffs lessons. link:
  • Avatar, Enemy At the Gates, Troy, Willow Soundtrack Similarity It looks like I'm not going to get any free time to make the next video. Whoever wants it, below is the list: I am considering making a new video adding in the "Mask of Zorro", "Star Trek II", "King Kong" (1976), "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas", "Seven Pounds", "The Perfect Storm", "Braveheart","The Land Before Time," "Brainstorm," "Sneakers," and where it all originates from Wagner's "Parsifal, Act II." If I've missed one leave a comment telling me which ones to add. While watching Avatar, I noticed something very similar between the soundtrack of the film and other movies. Notably, I thought of Troy and Titanic. It turns out James Horner has garnered a reputation for himself for recycling music from his own scores. The main musical motif that caught my ear was this 4-note motif used in Avatar, Enemy At the Gates, Troy, and Willow. If you listen to soundtracks from movies that Horner has scored, you will hear bits and pieces that have been lifted and recycled all over again. James Horner seems to be the master of this. This is how modern movies are made and very few people notice the similarities. Be sure to watch all of this clip. The track list is at the end. I forgot to put the name of second track in the video. (The Destruction of Home Tree) Please ignore the YT ad, it only detects the song from Enemy At the Gates.
  • Ben 10 UA and AF Transformation-Similarity and differences Like The video???then subscribe for more....
  • Re: Crap Science 4 Crap: Human Chimp Genetic Similarity Most of the differences between human and chimpanzee DNA lie in regions that do not code for genes; natural selection works on the DNA that does. Sub-sets of the DNA that code for proteins, however, can vary widely, due to natural selection, between extremely similar species just as they can vary widely among individuals of the same species. The issue is sub-sets of the whole genomes, not the whole genomes. The artcles Daniel somehow missed: The 20% similarity looking only at DNA coding for proteins:
  • Tutorial: Self-Similarity and Thinking ThinkBlocks ( ) teach advanced thinking skills to children and adults
  • Video Game Music Similarities Seeing how one of the series of Game related uploads is on Game music being similar to other media music/other game music, I'm doing my own with similarities that haven't been shown on Youtube AFAIK.
  • Utsuro Bune, Rendlesham UFO Symbol Similarity ben*** Please help by joining the Facebook group here and show your support. http Click URL for clearer picture of the triangular symbols Japan Utsuro Bune UFO 1803 I had seen this drawing before but I only noticed the symbols today, I remembered where I had seen symbols like this before and when I cross checked them I could not believe how close these symbols match the markings Jim Penniston describes on the Rendlesham UFO..please bare in mind this drawing is 200 years old.
  • Video Game Music Similarities READ THE DESCRIPTION. Here's a video I've been wanting to do for a while, a small collection of video game music which is similar to other music, video game related or otherwise. Two of these were intentional, the other four were not. Also, I've never heard anyone make the comparison between the Morrowind theme and One Last Shot or the Love theme and Hero's Overture before, so those two comparisons are entirely original. The others I've heard about on the internet previously. Super Mario 64 - Inside the Castle Walls (0:02) Donkey Kong Country 3 - Wrinkly 64 (0:15) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Main Theme (0:28) Pirates of the Caribbean - One Last Shot (0:37) The Legend of Zelda Series - Fairy Fountain / File Select (0:55) Super Mario Bros. 3 - Water Land / Sea Side (1:07) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Main Theme (1:20) Ge*** Sviridov - Winter Road (1:36) Super Mario 64 - Bowser's Theme (2:00) Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (2:17) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Love Theme (2:34) Hero - Overture (2:49)
  • President Obama notes health care reform's similarity to Romney's reform plan On NBC's Today Show, 3/30/2010
  • VtM Bloodlines Malkavian Run Part 69: Disturbing Similarity I'm not quite sure what to make of these things.
  • Video Game Music Similarities 3 blackdevil4321 is too busy to make more of these so I'm continuing the series (with permission). Here is a collection of similarities between video game songs and other music. Most of them were found by Hokkaido666. Some are in groups of 3, so I've switched text color for each group. Want more video game similarity videos? If you know of any more similarities, then PM them to me. With clips if possible. I will NOT include the following: -Vague similarities -Deliberate similarities -Remixes
  • Similar Triangle Proofs - - Math Help For a complete lesson on similar triangle proofs, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn that if two angles of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another triangle, then the triangles are similar (Angle-Angle Similarity Postulate, or AA Similarity Postulate). Students also learn that the scale factor is ratio of the lengths of two corresponding sides. Students are then asked to use these concepts to determine whether given triangles are similar, and to find the missing side lengths in similar triangles.
  • B★RS Vs. GRZ: Reclusion in Similarity PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR INFO. This AMV may look cool, but it's actually an admonishment of the Black Rock Shooter OVA. If you deeply enjoyed the OVA then I suggest you don't read the description. Just enjoy the AMV I...had no idea what to call this. Sorry for the lame title. This is a comparison AMV of two anime. The first you may recognize as the Black Rock Shooter OVA and the second is an anime known as Ga-Rei-Zero. I just finished watching the Black Rock Shooter OVA after waiting for over half a year for it, and I must say, I was extremely disappointed. While the fight scenes were kick ass, the plot was absolute randomness. (My dominating thought after the OVA was "If we could get kickass powers and cool scythes just by being jealous of our friend's friends then I don't know what this world would come to xDDDD) The sad part is that Ga-Rei-Zero follows virtually the same plot (Cute girl makes cool best friend. Best friend becomes evil some way or another. Two have to fight each other) The only difference is that Ga-Rei-Zero has an actual plot and better excuse for why the best friend goes evil! I was sad because the Black Rock Shooter was nearly a direct copy of Ga-Rei-Zero with more of a blue and green theme. This AMV shows all the scenes that are very similar to each other. The compared footage you'll see (In order of appearance) The main protagonists, who wear suspiciously similar, blue schoolgirl outfits. The cool best friend who a BOTH FRIGGIN NAMED YOMI ...
  • SpinnerChief Tutorial - Similarity Function See for yourself why SpinnerChief is the ONLY spinner software that can give you genuinely unique content.

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