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  • Passengers traveling by water in the European Union countries will now be able to enjoy similar traveling rights as those who travel by air or rail, the European Commission said. — “Traveling by water? Now enjoy similar rights as air and rail”,
  • Operator Self-Similar (OSS) stochastic processes on arbitrary Ba similar. Of course if {Y (t) : t > 0} has zero expectations, but is obtained as in Remark. — “OPERATOR SELF-SIMILAR PROCESSES ON BANACH SPACES”,
  • Offers breaking news along with features about science, space, games and gadgets, tech tools. SIMILAR Research Networks. Offers breaking news along with features about science, space, games and gadgets, tech tools. — “How high do satellites orbit? ~ SIMILAR Research Networks”,
  • I looking for coder to help me create c++ class that can search for similar images if I input source file.The searching algorithm makes use of multiresolution wavelet decomposition of the query. I need faster searching time.The. — “ - c++ search similar image”,
  • An Iranian nuclear scientist is killed and another wounded in separate but similar bomb attacks carried out by motorbike drivers in Tehran. — “BBC News - Iranian nuclear scientist killed in motorbike attack”,
  • Similar definition, having a likeness or resemblance, esp. in a general way: See more. — “Similar | Define Similar at ”,
  • Columbus police are investigating two similar business burglaries that happened within minutes of each other Thursday night. In both burglaries, police said the suspect or suspects shattered a glass door with a rock to gain entry to the business. — “Ledger- | 11/27/2010 | Police probe two similar”, ledger-
  • On the first day of class every semester, Portia Dyrenforth asks the students taking her psychology course whether they think couples with similar personalities are more likely to be happy together. Inevitably, she says, they nod. Then she asks. — “Similar traits don't always lead to 'happily ever after'”,
  • For example, all circles are similar to each other, all squares are similar to each other, and all equilateral triangles are similar to each other. On the other hand, ellipses are not all similar to each other, nor are hyperbolas all similar to each other. — “Similarity (geometry) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find latest lifestyle information on fashion, relationships, family, food, outdoors and pets. Read Calgary Herald to get more information on "Not only did spouses report similar levels of happiness when they entered the study, but when there were changes in happiness in one spouse, that did. — “Husbands, wives share similar levels of happiness: study”,
  • It's commonplace for young boys to dream of cars – for many, their first love sits on four wheels and drinks gas. For Blake Williams, it's almost been mandatory. Dad's career puts son on similar track. West Valley freshman Blake Williams a well-respected racer. Steve Christilaw wurdsmith2002. — “Dad's career puts son on similar track - - Nov”,
  • Fire has ripped through another vacant house in the Albany, Ore., area, the eighth in a string of similar fires since Oct. 22. — “8th similar fire reported in Albany | | KGW Local”,
  • Hershey sues Mars over similar candy packaging - Bitter rivals in the candy aisle may also duke it. — “Hershey sues Mars over similar candy packaging - Business News”,
  • After two days of play, Wisconsin and Notre Dame each emerged with one impressive victory and also escaped complete embarrassment thanks to being less inept than its opponent. That's why they'll be playing for the Old Spice Classic championship. Wisconsin, Notre Dame take similar paths to title game. — “Wisconsin, Notre Dame take similar paths to title game - JSOnline”,
  • They had similar experiences growing up, even though they came from vastly different backgrounds. I would have reacted in a similar way if it had happened to me. — “Similar - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Two figures are said to be similar when all corresponding angles are equal and all distances are increased (or decreased) in the same ratio, called the ratio of magnification (Coxeter and Greitzer 1967, p. 94). A transformation that takes figures to similar figures is called a similarity. — “Similar -- from Wolfram MathWorld”,
  • Simply enter an authors name in the search area at the top of each page, click Search, and view a list of similar authors compiled from numerous libraries, research, and other avid readers like yourself! Featured Author: Robert B. Parker. The following are authors similar to Robert B. Parker. — “Similar Authors”,
  • Definition of similar in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of similar. Pronunciation of similar. Translations of similar. similar synonyms, similar antonyms. Information about similar in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. similar. — “similar - definition of similar by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Table Mountain - Or Something Similar in Calgary, Canada at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. WELCOME TO WINTER SCRAMBLING! That's right boys and girls! Winter. — “Table Mountain - Or Something Similar Calgary - Table”,
  • Find Gouda plate 60's/70's 28cm diam.Similar to Poole in Pottery, Porcelain Glass, Pottery , Gouda category on . — “Gouda plate 60's/70's 28cm diam.Similar to Poole on eBay (end”,
  • similar (comparative more similar, superlative most similar) Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable. (mathematics) Of geometrical figures including triangles, squares, ellipses, arcs and more complex figures, having the. — “similar - Wiktionary”,
  • Top Five includes schools/districts serving similar or more disadvantaged populations and with similar or fewer resources to provide more possible sources of ideas for improvement. View live sample reports: schools, districts . All Similar Schools/Districts that Outperformed My School/District. — “SIMILAR SCHOOLS / SIMILAR DISTRICTS”,
  • After losing to an Atlanta team that played in a style quite similar to the Wings' on Wednesday, the Wings faced another team Friday that seems intent on emulating their quick-transition offense, and go-to-the-net scoring. — “Blue Jackets have similar game to Wings | | The”,
  • All you need to know about be healthy and get health. Alternative medicine also can help you to get health. and keep contents hot or cold for hours. Similar Products : thinksport Purple Water Bottle 750 ml water. — “Be healthy and get health, Alternative Medicine”,

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  • Wayne's World at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reprised their roles as Wayne and Garth for the first time since 1994 at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.
  • Origin of the Moon How scientists believe our moon came into existence.
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  • cheers.. thank you!! josh is sometimes here: but is mostly here:
  • NOH8 Campaign speaks out to say, "It Gets Better" Familiar faces join the NOH8 Campaign ( www.noh8 ) to send a message of hope and inspiration to LBGT youth in support of Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" Project If you or someone you know needs help, call The Trevor Lifeline at 866-4-U-TREVOR (866.488.7386) or visit
  • Don Abusivo-Son Similar
  • New tattoo! [similar designs for my fiance & i] Part 1 Two tattoos with similar designs I created inspired by my fiance and I. With our love that will last forever & after. Artist: Butch Felix, has been creating wonderful work of art for eleven years. He works in shops through out California [Fresno, Sacramento & Santa Barbara] If you are ever in these areas and are interested in getting some fabulous work of art done, send him a message! email: [email protected] Please check out some of his work: Stay tuned for part two & three! [and possibly four haha] Visit my fiance's channel!
  • Ufo.Mother Ship.This Video similar to Phoenix Arizona footage Ufo ower Campbelltown 26. 06. 1999 Original video.Copyrights Laszlo Novak, as :colourufo. This is all my video clip.Copyrights! Laszlo Novak! This video is Similar like was filmed over Phoenix Arizona!.
  • [NEW]Fighting Nex/Zaros Godwars New Boss To get into the door You need to get all 4 Godwars key-parts to Make the key to enter the frozen door These can be obtained by killing the npcs you get kc on for the other 4 boss's such as Bandos, arma etc Once you have got the key,Take a rope and go down the hole into another place where you will need to get 40 zaros kc After you have got the 40 zaros kc, walk north and you will come too another door which will have a bank in it Bank and re-stock on food/brews/overloads/restores and climb over the wall and you will be put in the room with Nex level 1001 #pid #pid #pid #pid
  • Persuasion (1995) - PART 5 Jacks and I enjoyed watching this film adaptation of Jane Austen's "Persuasion". In my opinion, this version is far superior to other productions. Made for British television and originally screened by the BBC in April 1995. The script and the acting are brilliant, and as a film its quality is very good. The main actors may look a little bit "old" at first glance, but they quickly grow on you. I love Ciarán Hinds. Starring Amanda Root as Anne Elliot, Ciarán Hinds as Captain Wentworth, Sophie Thompson as Mary Musgrove, Corin Redgrave as Sir Walter Elliot, Victoria Hamilton as Henrietta Musgrove, Fiona Shaw as Mrs. Croft, and Susan Fleetwood as Lady Russell.
  • Golden Girls (S6) - "Sisters of the Bride" pt.1/3 Season 6 Episode 142: Blanche's gay brother Clayton, makes a visit to Miami with a surprise, he has found the right person to make a commitment to, but Blanche still can't get over Clayton's ***ual orientation. Meanwhile, Rose expects to win a Volunteer of the Year award.
  • Hike from Lukla to Mount Everest Base Camp This video shows (the flight to and) the trek from Lukla (2800 metres) to Mt. Everest base camp (5300 metres) and Kala Pattar (5550 metres) in Khumbu Himal, Nepal. It's a combination of film footage and photos. I went there in 2006 (February/March) with my girlfriend and her brother. We organized everything by ourselves. +++I'm sorry, but I can't remember the name of the music theme used in this video!+++
  • Syracuse Basketball Trick Shot Video-Nick Resavy with Gerry McNamara Syracuse University basketball player Nick Resavy taking trick shots along with former Orange great Gerry McNamara in the Carrier Dome and Carmelo K. Anthony Center. Cast: Nick Resavy: Syracuse Guard Gerry McNamara: Syracuse Hero & Trick Shot Legend Kevin Belbey: Manager and Producer Big Mike Big Head: Big Head Mike Friedman: Manager Scott Klebanow: Manager Michael Schenker: Manager We do not own the rights to the music.
  • Carmen Sandiego Bonus Game - Africa Map Win! A win on the Africa map was NOT an everyday occurance. But, it did occur here in this 1992 episode.
  • Flight of the Conchords Ep 4 Sello Tape Lives are like retractable pencils If you push them too hard they're gonna break And people are like paper dolls Paper dolls and people, they're a similar shape Hmm hmm hm Love is like a roll of tape It's real good for making two things one But just like that roll of tape Love sometimes breaks off before you were done Another way that love is similar to tape That I've noticed Is sometimes it's hard to see the end You search on the roll (search on the roll) Search on the roll (searching round the roll) Search on the roll (search) With your fingernail Again and again And again and again And again. Brown paper, white paper Stick it together with the tape The tape of love The sticky stuff Brown paper, white paper Stick it together with tape The tape of love The sticky stuff. People people Chorus: Brown paper, white paper Paper paper Stick it together with tape Paper paper The tape of love People people People people Pencil pencil Pencil pencil Paper paper Put the pencil to the paper Give the paper to the people Let the people read about the sello tape Oh baby baby Yeah You know, Jemaine, I've been thinking about love. And I guess it's the very stron- gest adhesive. Oh sorry, Bret. Were you talking to me? I was humming. What did you say? Oh, just...nothing. Brown paper, white paper Stick it together with tape The tape of love The sticky stuff Yeah Ooh brown Brown paper, white paper Stick it together with tape The tape of love Say it Sticky Stick stick Stick it together Ye-yeah ...
  • rocket pen this is why i never get any work done..
  • Animation of a 1911 pistol's operation
  • MGS3 40- Boss- The Sorrow The part I've been waiting to upload. My favorite Cobra unit member as well =D Well, you can't exactly fight him with a fork and an empty gun, and you can't anyway because he's a ghost. I'll point out to you that I was suggested that I showed you guys the whole journey with The Sorrow. I could have done it my way by drowning Snake and using the revival pill, but I guess one of my friends thought of all of you =D
  • Yo La Tengo - "Avalon Or Someone Very Similar" The third in a series of four clips from Yo La Tengo's latest album, "Popular Songs", "Avalon Or Someone Very Similar" is the third installment of director John McSwain's visual accompaniment to the diverse and arresting sounds of YLT's exceptional new album. Order "Popular Songs" here: iTunes: Amazon: Directed by John McSwain
  • Feed me (Git it) [scene 13] Please read disclaimer noted farther down.. all you have to do is scroll... Scene 13 Little Shop of Horrors Starring; Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene Featuring; Steve Martin Lyrics; Howard Ashman Disclaimer; This channel has the Little Shop of Horrors (LSOH) Movie. I do not own the movie, the music, or any part of it. All rights go to the original owners. Please, do not get this taken down for the people who do love this movie. This is just here for the fans. I am not gaining anything from this, and neither are you for reporting it. The only ones who are gaining anything from this experience is the fans who might be able to learn something by watching it and talking to other fans. Thank you.
  • SIMILAR SOUL Album available on itunes: Dedicated to Prince Paris and Blanket
  • That 70's Show Final Goodbye (4/6) 4
  • A Life on Facebook or Join My Facebook Fan Page http
  • Similar Images similar- - Similar Images allows you to search for images using pictures rather than words.
  • Similar Triangle Proofs - - Math Help For a complete lesson on similar triangle proofs, go to - 1000+ online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson! In this lesson, students learn that if two angles of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another triangle, then the triangles are similar (Angle-Angle Similarity Postulate, or AA Similarity Postulate). Students also learn that the scale factor is ratio of the lengths of two corresponding sides. Students are then asked to use these concepts to determine whether given triangles are similar, and to find the missing side lengths in similar triangles.
  • Junior Chemistry: The Mole 1 Over 200 videos, reshot in HD, now available at for just a donation! This clip: Chemguy introduces the mole concept; Avogadro's number. Donations welcome at m
  • Funny Wedding "First Dance" Flo Rida - Low Surprise first dance to " Flo Rida Low" for this happy couple. Visit for fabulous discounted wedding supplies
  • 18st gang member murder a fool POP!
  • Kate Voegele sings for Seven*** Kate Voegele stops by the offices of Seven*** Magazine for an exclusive performance! For more great videos check out:***.com More from the World of Seven***:***.com Subscribe to Seven***: -
  • ♫♪ TDWT-This is How We Will End It ♫♪ The twenty-sixth Total Drama World Tour song This is How We Will End It sang on Awww, Drumheller
  • Cookie Monster for IBM An IBM promotional film starring an early version of Jim Henson's Cookie Monster
  • Mexico to debut the World's Largest Underwater Museum! Starting next month, the artist Jason de Caires Taylor will be in charge of this one-of-a-kind project: An underwater museum near the coast of Cancun, with at least 400 sculptures that eventually will be used to home fish and algae. The first 4 figures will be placed next month. Want to visit? Stop by our Yucatan Holidays website!
  • Let's Play an SMWCentral Production Episode 5: Similar Cave Similar to the ghost house we just got through
  • The Captain's Guests A sadistic sea captain from the 19th century haunts a New England home and poisons the lives of a married couple after taking possession of the husband's mind.
  • Halo 3 Forges - "Donkey Kong 2" HALO 3 Game Over Studios proudly presents Donkey Kong! A mini-game map made by Morilec. A very fun recreation of the modded Halo 2 map "Donkey Kong." We hope you enjoy Creator: Morilec File Share Link:

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  • “Using whichever slashtag you like, such as /similar, /amazon, /news, or /date, or really anything, slashtags make it very simple to quickly Before, you were stuck with Google for searches, and could only get similar results through the sidebar”
    — SimilarWeb Blog,

  • “Home: Forum: Languages: Cuban dialect; similar to Castilian or Latin American Latin America we have about fif***, some very similar and some very different among them”
    — Cuban dialect; similar to Castilian or Latin American,

  • “Top 10 Similar Logos: Having a logo that is similar bordering on identical to another can be a branding nightmare”
    — Top 10 Similar Logos | Logo Design Blog,

  • “I was prompted to start a new theme for the Cozy Mystery site by a site reader. She thought that I should have an "authors similar to " section. What a great idea! I will be doing some research, as well”
    — Authors Similar to Janet Evanovich ... — The Cozy Mystery, cozy-

  • “Want more traffic to your Drupal blog? Here are some very useful modules to get your site moving up the ranks of search engines. This blog assumes that you have already read Increasing Traffic to your Blog Site, which is helpful for any general”
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  • “What is Google Groups? Google Groups is not exactly and precisely a common forum software. It is more a product that is able to manage a community with different tools, and is mainly based on the concept of a mailing list”
    — Google Groups Review - Forum Features & Requirements | Forum, forum-

  • “Read the latest information on Ouzo, a similar anise flavored liquor that is popular in Greece”
    Similar Liquors: Ouzo | Absinthe Blog, absinthe-

  • “Periodically law professors convene forums to trash law reviews. The most virulent words are usually heaped upon the student editors who run these journals. For example, in a symposium published by the University of Chicago Law Review in 1994,”
    — Empirical Legal Studies: Forum Post #1: Opening the Black Box,

  • “A similar forum software that is free and does the job well is a good choice for many. Is there a way of rearranging the elements of my Forum, in a fashion similar to a snake & ladder game board or a picture pizzle,”
    — 22 Free Forum Software To Build Online Communities,