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  • Baroness Vadera may have earned the title Baroness Vadera may have earned the title "Shrieky Shriti" for her outbursts at officials but she has tried to maintain a resolutely low profile during her 10 years as a key ally and adviser to Gordon Brown. — “Ben Russell: 'Shrieky Shriti' may regret outburst”,
  • The shrieky-voiced, big-haired presidential nominee? Paul at Powerline lays out a logical set of assumptions supporting the conclusion that Sarah Palin, if she chooses to run, is the front runner for the GOP nomination. He puts it more strongly than that--he says the nomination is hers to lose. — “The shrieky-voiced, big-haired presidential nominee?”,
  • Shrieky definition, a loud, sharp, shrill cry. See more. — “Shrieky | Define Shrieky at ”,
  • "Their shrieky, freaky Messiah" •By Joe Chudzinski. at Jan 10, 5:45 AM about "Their shrieky, freaky Messiah" "Their shrieky, freaky Messiah" The recent disclosures of Ron Paul's old newsletters show how he has benefited all this time from. — “JunkYardBlog: "Their shrieky, freaky Messiah"”,
  • Shrieky Heather Mills. This morning I was getting dressed, and I could hear the TV in the great room. I couldn't understand anything being said because it was too far away and the volume wasn't very high. However, the voice I heard was awful! It was shrieky and strident and altogether irritating. — “The Median Sib " Blog Archive " Shrieky Heather Mills”,
  • It is a fine line between horror and comedy , a concept local theaters take to heart this season as Halloween nears. This year, more than ever, there is a focus on the creepy and the shrieky. Some of these shows are safe for your kids; others. — “Halloween is almost here ... our guide to the season's SCREAM”,
  • shrieky girl Get short, timely messages from Spiraltwist. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @Spiraltwist. Get updates via SMS by texting follow Spiraltwist to 40404 in the United States. — “Spiraltwist (Spiraltwist) on Twitter”,
  • Elevated in pitch: high, high-pitched, piercing, piping, shrieky, shrill, shrilly. 6. Elevated in pitch: high-pitched, piercing, piping, shrieky, shrill, shrilly, treble. — “Search Results for "shrieky"”,
  • Stay up to date with news from the field. The End Of A Shrieky Era. MTV's Total Request Live, the music video countdown show that seemed really amazing back in 1998 and then rapidly became worse as everyone grew older, will go off the air in November. — “The End Of A Shrieky Era at The Insider”,
  • Baroness Shrieky Vadera's Green Shoots have been completely misunderstood. So poor Shrieky "Silken Knickers" Vadera must have been misunderstood, poor wee lass. — “The Ranting Penguin: Baroness Shrieky Vadera's Green Shoots”,
  • A row of Shrieky Girls, all in black and hazmat orange, standing outside the club, looking up and dialling in. Shrieky Girls dance, turning slow circles on the floor as the DJ plays tripped Bristol beats spiked with Shrieky connection-sound samples and tranquillised by sibilant female voices. — “SCREAM TALKING: fiftylittlemilkteeth/allgonebad -- Day”,
  • Blogs about: Shrieky. Featured Blog. Do nothing in the dark. How many blog posts start out with, "I keep sitting down to write this post but " ? So, it's been a month since I've written, and back then in the olden days I didn shriekhouse wrote 2 weeks ago: How many blog posts start out with, "I. — “Shrieky — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress”,
  • shrieky adjective Elevated in pitch: high , high-pitched , piercing , piping , shrill , shrilly , treble. — “shrieky: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Find synonyms for shrieky in Roget's Thesaurus on Yahoo! Education. — “shrieky - Thesaurus Synonyms and Word Suggestions - Yahoo!”,
  • Synonyms for shrieky. Other words for shrieky. Different words for shrieky. Antonyms of shrieky. — “shrieky - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • shrieky. Dictionary terms for shrieky, definition for shrieky, Thesaurus and Translations of shrieky to English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Hebrew. — “shrieky in - dictionary and translation”,
  • The Care Bears keep watch over the earth to keep bad feelings at bay. Whenever a kid is feeling down, they are there to help bring a smile to the child's face. They live can use the Care Bear Stare to beam good energy at their enemies, such as No Heart, Professor Cold Heart, Shrieky, and Beastly. — “Watch Care Bears Online - Full Episodes of Care Bears & More”,
  • Ronnie James Dio (or, why I think shrieky voiced lead singers are awesome) Shrieky voiced lead singers write about chicks and dragons and wizards and more chicks and going to. — “HATE***Y: Ronnie James Dio (or, why I think shrieky voiced”, hate***y2
  • Shrieky Girls dance, turning slow circles on the floor as the DJ plays tripped Bristol beats spiked with Shrieky connection-sound samples and tranquillised by sibilant female voices whispering about *** and vodka in the dark. Shrieky Girls lock us out of their world. — “Warren Ellis " Shrieky Girls”,
  • buy shrieky mugs, tshirts and magnets. very, or to an extreme. Totally, the top. That was a shrieky show last night, didn't know it was gonna be that awesome!! by. — “Urban Dictionary: shrieky”,
  • Used almost exclusively by the "Shrieky Girl" subculture, Shriekyware consists of a set For example, if one Shrieky Girl is taken by the hand every other Shrieky Girl on the net experiences the same sensation of their hand being held. — “Shriekyware - doktorsleepless”,
  • okay well I like this guy, lets call him Mac.. and I've liked him for a really long time since.. last summer or a little while before that.. and we spent all of camp together and he really seemed to like me.. and like, we went to this conference. — “Does he like me/ I cant tell"okay well I like this guy, lets”,

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  • Mikayla Jam opening This is the opening to this video game "Mikayla Jam" for the Nintendo Game Gear. Enjoy!
  • Bahu Rani - Tera Jawab Nahi - Mala & Masood Rana Chorus Muhammad Ali & Zeba on-screen with so many dancers. Playback is given by Masood Rana for Muhammad Ali and the shrieky voice of Mala for some extra-girl. It is sad that singer like Mala Begum was selected for this song. More than 70% songs of Mala are nothing but shreik, words are hard to understand and consistant irritation to aesthetic ears) She did sing some awesome low-tone songs but most of the Pakistani Music Directors just used her as filler for b-class n c-class movies without even thinking that the hi-pitch songs are not at all feasible for her..and the listeners. This song is just being uploaded for the sake of Masood Rana lovers. Hope they enjoy him. Regards Dr.Bukhari
  • HD (Stereo) Complete Ver. Tahira Syed sings Munir Niazi - Us ko maine dekha tha Munir Niazi was as Unique a Poet as Gulzar sahab across the border. Both are symbolic and u really have to read between lines to get to what they actually mean. This lovely poem of Munir sahab was (i think) composed by none other than Nisar Bazmi sahab for PTv and unfortunately when Tip Top of Lahore released it in DvD (as Thomson Video to escape copyright by PTv) they put a sharp knife on it and made several incisions to cut out interval pieces between stanzas and also bursted the vocal to be shrieky n shrill. Since this is the only copy in the market so every uploader is forced to upload it as-it-is. But dun worry.. Hum hain na :-) Here it is complete for you with Professional frame by frame Digital Stereo CD Audio Dubbing and since the track in Cd-Audio was longer so i filled it with clips of Audio CD album covers that i have at me. Hope you like this humble effort. Regards Dr.Bukhari
  • Shrieky Aariz Aariz at 16 months being very vocal.
  • Tennants Vital 07, the killers - mr brightside Sorry for any interference from shrieky girls, or braced friends :) Brilliant concert...
  • Take Me Home - Celtic Thunder cover I'm a bit shrieky at the beginning but it gets better I promise! :) Constructive criticism is welcome but mean comments will be deleted. Dedicated to my dearest Lassies. I love you guys!
  • SlimKirby's 3rd-Year Anniversary Special (Part 1 of 3) Note: You may have to adjust your volume throughout these videos (maybe not though). Due to the nature of this video and the way I retrieved the clips, the volume is either going to be low or somewhat shrieky. I adjusted it as best as I could. Hello everybody, SlimKirby here and welcome to my 3rd-year anniversary special! A few months ago, I asked my viewers and subscribers to name me their favorite moments from my channel and videos. Then, I combined a large majority of those comments with a few favorite moments of my own to create this 32 minute special. This special took a lot of work to complete and it didn't help that I had a lot of other things to do in the process. For the most part though, I liked how it turned out, even though it was delayed quite a bit (originally planned to be 10000 subscriber special back in May and then planned for a July 4th release (and it's now the 7th)). Thanks to everyone who contributed in their own way, and even if you didn't, or if I didn't acknowledge your contribution in some way, I appreciate the support nonetheless. It's been amazing making videos for you guys. -SlimKirby
  • Saukan - Mala & Munir Hussain - AkhaaN Kujh Hor tay NigahwaN Saukan was a movie with nice music by Feroz Nizami (Jugnu Fame) See how soft this duet was composed with Sweet Voice of Munir Hussain and as usual bit shrieky Mala Begum...wish she could be replaced in all songs she sang. Anyways ye main apna aglay jahan ka project rakhta hoon :) Cant do everything without UNDO option in real life :) Enjoy the song plz Regards Dr.Bukhari
  • Siyona a Gidan Allah Zion is the house of God One of my favourite Hausa songs this one is pretty shrieky so watch out
  • shrieky baby II baby bach does its magic
  • Penny's Shrieky Vocab #2 Part 2 of a convo w/ penny
  • Shrieky Sammy This was after Sammy was playful...she started shrieking and wouldn't stop!
  • Shrieky-shrieks Keira watching the Super Bowl (4 months old)
  • Shrieky-deeky
  • My LIfe as a ***age Robot: Japanese Dub clip Lot's of Nickeloden fans have been curious about how the japanese dubs of some of Nick's shows sound, so I found a few clips and decided to post them here. They'll probably be taken down for copyright, but while they're here, enjoy ^_^ This clip is probably from one of the older episodes (but then again, the whole show is old, isn't it?). I rememer I used to love this show... it's a shame it was cancelled. Jenny's voice sounds pretty good, if not a little high pitched. Brad's voice sounds just like it should in my opinion. Tucker's voice sounds pretty good too, though the original's wasn't as shrieky. Overall, I think this one sounds pretty good. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own My LIfe as a ***age Robot. The rights belong to Rob Renzetti and Nickeloden, respectively. I own nothing in this video, not the show, the voices, not the art, not the nadda. This is posted for preivewing purposes only, not for profit in any way, shape or form.
  • Mummies Alive Episode 26 - A Dark and Shrieky Night
  • Handraised wild blackbird coming down for a feed. (Warning: turn sound down!) Sorry the sound is so loud, i'm not entirely sure why that is. I apologise in advance for my shrieky voice. On the 4th of August 09, we found a nestling Blackbird, exposed on concrete and too weak to stand. It was cold and hungry, so we warmed her up and fed her, and then put her up in an ivy bush (the very same one she flies into at the end of this video.) After half a day, there was still no sign of the parents or the baby getting fed, and she was hungry and chilled again; so after much debate, and with a storm incoming, we took her inside and handreared her. We contacted the RSPB and tried to find a local wildlife centre, but due to the fact we're in the middle of nowhere they advised we tried to do it ourselves. If you can though, you should definitely get a young bird either back up in it's nest (and go away so the parents return, as they probably won't whilst you're there), or get them to a wildlife centre where you've got individuals with knowledge and experience. Very young birds need feeding every 45 minutes or so, around the clock in some cases, so it's not a fun or easy task, and there's no guarantee of a happy ending either. She slept in a box at night, and as she grew stronger and the spaces between feeding became larger, we put her outside in a cage at night so she could become accustomed to it. We also called her Baby, which she now associates with tasty bugs. During the daytime we'd take her out for an hour or so at a time to get her wing muscles pumping ...
  • Waqt ki Pukar - Shahnaz Begum sings Jaan-e-Man Aaj Tu jo Paas Nahi Jan-e-Mann aaj tu jo paas nahi.. Jaam-e-Sheerein mein wo mithaas nahi.. Shaam-e-Furqat hay aur Tanhai... Aa kay ab koi aas paaas nahi,,, Ji raha hoon tere baghair bhi main.. Pi raha hoon agarchay Pyas nahi.. ......... simple but impactful lyrics (reminds me of SBJohn's song Tu jo nahi hay to kuchh bhi nahi hay..or Ghalib's simplest Ghazals with great Ibne-Maryam hua karay koi, Mere Dukh ki Dawa karay koi..&..Mir's simple ones like Hasti apni hubab ki si hay, Ye Numayesh saraab ki si hay..or even later poets like Nasir Kazmi's simplest ones like..Rang Barsaat nay bharay kuchh to, Zakhm dil k huay haray kuchh to..... Alas nothing like this poetry is seen on earth now..Zameen logon say khaali ho gai hay.. Faraz was the last of them..aur ab.. kisi ko behr-e-sama`at na waqt hay na they say..rahay naam Allah ka :( Current upload is a Gem of composer Nisar Bazmi which shined like moon in a flop movie Waqt ki Pukar. Here it is sung by none other than Shahnaz Rehmatullah another Queen of Bangladesh ..Live in Concert in her Pakistan Tour some years back..Just for You... See the hi pitch notes she goes so comfortably without shrill..way ahead than Mala or Naseem Begum..though its a late recording by her..Shahnaz Begum sings even today..This is a just a few years' back recording but it is enuf to guess how beautiful voice she had and what a waste by Pak Music Directors who preferred ugly shrieky shrill voices over her ..just cuz she belonged from Bangladesh ...
  • shrieky baby aniq watching baby bach and getting shrieky wit it
  • Shrieky horse riding Ducking trees in Indian jungle at Matheran hill station
  • Alex has a shrieky voice Oh my goodness it's shrieky...Mommy LOVES it. :-/
  • The Doctor's ET WARNING DOCTOR WHO TV MOVIE & DOCTOR WHO SERIES 5 SPOILERS As much as I abosutely loath Katy Perry and her stupid shrieky singing style, this song is really enjoyable for some stupid reason. No copyright infringement intended, just doing it for fun. Footage: Doctor Who Audio: ET by Katy Perry Editing Software: Sony Pro Vegas 9
  • The Veronicas - We're Not Gonna Take It {RáH & KáH}
  • The Kidnapping One of Hardworkingharry's earlier, more pressed works. We had one day to do...this. What is it? It's not good, but I think it has some nuggets of giggle-poop in it. Why upload it? Because we love to waste your time. PS It does this weird audio shrieky-noise thing. If that's a problem, you can go ahead and tell the big hollywood executive you live next door to how disappointed you are in us. It's ok. We deserve it.
  • Behemoth - Wolves guard my coffin This is a song from one of Behemoth's first albums, my personal favorite. Enjoy!
  • change.... blind melon cover thanks shannon.....when life is hard you have to change.....words to live by......wanted to put this up today just as a special thought about what his music means to me. i must let you know that the guitar is recorded on my iphone memos and im singin along recording off my computer!! very sad, i know! not the greatest sound quality....then i tried to play along and sing.....i cannot make my brain do both playing and singing at the same, very sorry for the tone of the guitar. (my voice also gets a little shrieky in the chorus....gonna try to work on that!) just one of my all time favorites that i love to sing....mostly in my car!~~~rip shannon hoon~~~
  • Eleanor: Month of Life 6 - Shrieky Deeky New favorite activity = shrieking. Plus, Tuna & Ignacio get into it again...
  • My Heart Will Go On For Kevin- because you're here in my heart, and my heart will go on. Oops, started crying at the end. It's shrieky. but It's for Kev.
  • shrieky too
  • Ryan's shrieky laugh Your ears will hurt
  • Mummies Alive Episode 26 part 1
  • reaction video me finding the two girls one cup video and asking lh to watch it with me because im such a wimp. i sound super shrieky (ee ee ee and i hate my voice) and she's just covering her mouth and being very quiet.
  • Langotiya (Best of Naseem Begum) Chhup Jao Taario (with HQ Audio) Saghar Siddiqui said.. Aik Wadah hay kisi ka jo wafa hota nahi.. Warna in Taaron bhari raaton mei kya hota nahi. One of the best songs of Baba GAChishti with Naseem Begum. In routine songs Naseem used to shrill when at high pitch..(lekin qurban jaiay Baba Ji ki is composition kay) she is effortless here while on high pitch and no signs of shrieky voice..and note-worthy is her timing..koi jagah khali nahi chhoRi haalankay breathing space thoRa diya hay Baba G nay aur wo bhi stretch kay sath..(is baat ka sahi andaza laganay kay liay aapko koi bhi antra/stanza aik dafa apni awaz mein try karna paRay ga :-) Anyone having any doubt in legacy of greatest folk-based composer, plz listen to this sad rather cry touch in the music.. sung with matchless pathos too. Hope you like it more in HD quality. Regards Dr.Bukhari Thats all for entertainment tonite folks. Thanx for staying tuned. cio tomorrow :-)
  • Projectsam Symphobia Review Project Sam Symphobia Symphonic Ensembles & Effects is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette - immersive ensemble multi-samples attained by true ensemble recordings and intense cinematic effects, all available in a rich selection of combinations and articulations. With Symphobia, you have at your disposal an extremely inspiring orchestral tool for scoring film, games and television. Project Sam Symphobia Symphonic Ensembles & Effects Key Features: -Live recordings of orchestral full-ensemble multi-samples captured in a beautiful concert hall environment -Vast library of orchestral clusters, rips and other instantly inspiring cinematic effects -Covering strings, all-new brass, woodwinds and much more -Lots of additional cinematic content including Dystopia II and ethnic flute phrases -Two mic sets available: Concert Stage and Close mic -Orchestral sections recorded as full-range ensembles, pre-seated on the stage -Custom Kontakt scripting and interface offering repetition, simulated legato, octaver and more -Approx. 18 GB library pool in 44.1 kHz 24-bit -NI Kontakt Player 2 included -Mapping/programming unlocked, audio/scripting locked -As a bonus, also included is the Gran Cassa II: an orchestral bass drum previously only available to True Strike users. Symphobia introduces a brand new concept and instrument group for ProjectSAM: a full-string ensemble recorded in a warm concert hall. An extensive Ensemble bank and unique ...
  • Shrieky 'Siah shrieking 'cause I'm not paying enough attention to him.
  • Lex & Daley - Somewhere Out There This version of the song is sung by the two siblings mice in the classic animated film 'An American Tail'. I know it sounds shrieky at parts but it is adorable. Anyways, here is a video telling a story similar to that of the classic film where two siblings being apart and thinking about one another. Song : Somewhere Out There Artist: Fievel & Tanya Lyrics: Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moonlight Someone's thinking of me And loving me tonight Somewhere out there Someone's saying a prayer That we'll find one another In that big somewhere out there And even though I know how very far apart we are It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky Somewhere out there If love can see us through Then we'll be together Somewhere out there Out where dreams come true Hope you guys enjoy :) And if you would like to see the scene of this song in 'An American Tail Oh, at the intro, the words to the left of Lex and Daley says 'Lex & Daley'. It came out blurry. Sorry about that.
  • Feeling shrieky Andrew spreading the joy
  • Shrieky! baby definitely has a good pair of lungs xx
  • Halloween Megamix *No Copyright Infringement Intended, promo use only* Happy Halloween! To celebrate, here is a mix I made for the haunted holiday. Hope you enjoy. Chii~! Songs: Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) Rihanna - Disturbia Aqua - Halloween Michael Jackson - Thriller
  • Shrieky Toddler I think it's awesome how easily amused toddlers are-and how cute mine is.
  • Tea Pong! (Round II) Amanda and Allen came over to watch Sanjuro, but we ended up baking cookies and playing tea pong instead. (Sorry, Kurosawa.) In the round before this, I beat Allen. Now Amanda tries to stop me short of victory, and succeeds. Since the actual sound of the video is shrieky and irritating, I just dubbed music over the whole thing, and will post the unedited version, with the sounds of the environment and all our lovely voices and witty commentary, as a separate video. Music: A Hawk and a Hacksaw - "For Slavoj" The Tiger Lillies - "Cruel Frederick"
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