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  • Definition of shrapnel from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of shrapnel. Pronunciation of shrapnel. Definition of the word shrapnel. Origin of the word shrapnel. — “shrapnel - Definition of shrapnel at ”,
  • Shrapnel. Wikipedia [edit] Etymology. From Henry Shrapnel, British army officer who invented an anti-personnel shell that transported a large number of bullets to the target before releasing them, at a far greater distance than rifles could fire the bullets individually. — “shrapnel - Wiktionary”,
  • shrapnel n. , pl. , shrapnel . Fragments from an exploded artillery shell, mine, or bomb. A 19th-century artillery shell containing metal balls, During the Civil War and Spanish-American War, shrapnel shells projected up to 350 pieces of metal and were capable of wounding or killing at up to. — “shrapnel: Definition from ”,
  • This edited version of Major General H. W. Blakely's classic article, "Shrapnel, Semantics and Such," reprinted from the March 1952 Combat Forces Journal, explains in layman's terms the differences between artillery shrapnel and shell fragments. — “Shrapnel vs Shell Fragments”,
  • a) the remnants of an explosion. b) Sharp metal contained in an expendable shell, released via explosion to inflict damage mainly to humans. See An. — “Urban Dictionary: shrapnel”,
  • Shrapnel definition, a hollow projectile containing bullets or the like and a bursting charge, designed to explode before reaching the target, and to set free a See more. — “Shrapnel | Define Shrapnel at ”,
  • The eccentric way in which Shrapnel parses his dialogue may seem endearing at first, first. Others are soon to discover that his seemingly benign tic is merely the gateway to a frighteningly twisted and perverse mind, even for a Decepticon, Decepticon. — “Shrapnel (G1) - Transformers Wiki”,
  • Definition of shrapnel in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of shrapnel. Pronunciation of shrapnel. Translations of shrapnel. shrapnel synonyms, shrapnel antonyms. Information about shrapnel in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “shrapnel - definition of shrapnel by the Free Online”,
  • Shrapnel shell, an anti-personnel artillery munition. Shrapnel (band) Shrapnel Games, a computer games publisher. Shrapnel (Transformers), a. — “Shrapnel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Shrapnel is a type of antipersonnel projectile named after inventor, Major General Henry Shrapnel, an English artillery officer. In 1784, Henry Shrapnel invented the shrapnel shell for cannons, which was later adopted by the British army in 1803 for cannons and rifles. — “Henry Shrapnel - Invention of Shrapnel”,
  • Shrapnel Manufacturers & Shrapnel Suppliers Directory - Find a Shrapnel Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Shrapnel Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Shrapnel-Shrapnel Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Top tracks from Shrapnel: Hellgrinder, I am the Hell & more. 1. Shrapnel (crossover/***/grind band) formed in 1998 and comes from Almada, Portugal. Lineup: Ricardo Pedro - Vocals Miguel Borrego - Guitar João Madeira - Bass Nuno Silva. — “Shrapnel – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”,
  • Shrapnel, the best mankiller the Artillery possessed for over a century, was invented by Lieutenant Henry Shrapnel, Royal Artillery. Lieutenant Shrapnel reasoned that if a shell filled with musket balls could be made to release them above the enemy's troops, they would carry on with the 'remaining. — “Shrapnel”,
  • John Shrapnel, Actor: Gladiator. John Shrapnel was born in Birmingham, the son of Norman and Myfanwy Shrapnel. He was brought up in Stockport and south London, attending City of London School and Cambridge University. He was an original member of. — “John Shrapnel - IMDb”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. plural shrapnel. Definition of SHRAPNEL. 1 : a projectile that consists of a case provided with a powder charge and a large number of usually lead balls and that is. — “Shrapnel - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Shop for SHRAPNEL at Target. Choose from Vinnie Moore Collection: The Shrapnel Years (Greatest Hits), Tony MacAlpine Collection: The Shrapnel Years (Greatest Hits) and other products. — “SHRAPNEL : Target Search Results”,
  • Shrapnel. Shrapnel shells were anti-personnel artillery munitions which carried a large number of individual bullets close to the target and then ejected them to allow them to continue along the shell's trajectory and strike the target individually. — “Shrapnel facts - Freebase”,
  • Welcome to the online home of The Shrapnel Lable Group. Shrapnel Records, Tone Center Records and Blues Bureau International. Visit our online store for Shrapnel news, upcoming releases and more. — “The Shrapnel Label Group”,
  • What's so great about Shrapnel (besides the crazy great art, the vast epic quality of the Shrapnel:Hubris is the sequel to Radical's critically acclaimed graphic novel, Shrapnel:. — “Hubris”,
  • Las Vegas CityLife is Southern Nevada's most established alternative weekly newspaper, covering news, politics, music, clubs, arts and culture in both print and online editions. — “Shrapnel :: Las Vegas CityLife”,
  • Shrapnel Games publisher of War Games and Strategy Games. — “Shrapnel Games, Inc. - Publisher of Premier Wargames and”,
  • The word is derived from the name of Henry Shrapnel, an English artillery officer. Before Shrapnel's invention was adopted, artillery attacked infantry or cavalry with "canister" or "case," a tin container filled with iron balls. — “Shrapnel - Definition”,
  • Shrapnel lives in Rivet City with his partner Flak. Together they run the Flak 'N Shrapnel's weapons store in the Marketplace. In 2277, he is 50 years old[1]. — “Shrapnel - The Vault, the Fallout wiki - Fallout: New Vegas”,

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  • Shrapnel Symphony (A SSBB Snake Combo video) Took a while but... oh well. Thank you Drago for all of the editing help. Didn't want to make it too long, so people that were in footage while I was making it... I'll put you in the next one... Oo sorry. Anyway. Enjoy. :P
  • War Witness: Sea and shrapnel were Navy life RT presents War Witness - a special project dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War. World War II veterans recount their stories about the war - from how it began to how it ended. US Navy Armed Guard veteran Cornelius Vermillion has a few stories to tell after serving on four ships during his one and a half years on active duty.
  • Molten Shrapnel Storm Download this mp3 for free: Here's my another original song. This one is called Molten Shrapnel Storm because it's about a fiery torrent of metal! I used the same equipment and tones from my other song Colossal Squidlord. More information is available on my website.
  • Tony Macalpine / Shrapnel Instructional /1 Another video from the distant past (1990) this isnt the first video by Tmac, but its a lot more comprehensive than the others and is deserving of a mention because he rarely records this kind of material these days which is a crying shame considering how talented he is as a player and musician.
  • Shrapnel Face We're like Jenny Craig up in this mother***er. But the song is a lie. ;_; MP3: lulz-enterprises.789
  • MOM Mark frm V vs Lex Shrapnel - michael foamed at end Ministry of Mayhem Mark from V and Lex Shrapnel (John Tracey Thunderbirds) play Cakey Skate. Michael dressed in army gear gets foamed at the end
  • Isolée - Schrapnell =~~ something
  • "Duke Done Quicker" speedruns - Duke Nukem 3D Episode 3 "Shrapnel city" IMPORTANT: Please don't compare these runs with XBOX ones. Mine are single segmented, while XBOX version allows the use of savestates. Besides, I start every level from scratch. These are the fastest set of speedruns on the net for Duke Nukem 3D. I have seen that some people have uploaded these videos before and didn't credit me, so now I decided to do it myself. These speedruns took two years of cooperative work between me, Fernito, and Joe Lennox. I ran the speedruns, and JLennox and I planned the routes. These runs were recorded with the built-in recording feature of the original Duke Nukem 3D DOS version 1.5. Difficulty levels used in the demos were those which allowed us to get the fastest time. These runs are unported (original game was used, not ports), and no cheats were used, thing which was verified by SpeedDemosArchive. More info here: Any comments and questions are welcome :) Thanks for watching. TIMES: E3L1 - Raw meat: 0:23 E3L2 - Bank roll: 0:37 E3L3 - Flood zone: 0:33 E3L4 - LA Rumble: 0:21 E3L5 - Movie set: 0:06 E3L6 - Rabid transit: 0:25 E3L7 - Fahrenheit: 0:32 E3L8 - Hotel Hell: 0:08 E3L9 - Stadium: 0:29 E3L10 - Tier drops: 0:07 E3L11 - Freeway: 0:30 PS: Note that the times listed here are bigger than the times listed on SDA. That's because I used "Duke3D" time, while SDA guys used "real-world" time, and the game clock runs faster than "real-world" clock. EDIT (06/21/2009): in this site you can find how to perform all the glitches ...
  • Jack Shrapnel Jan 28-07 All Hell for a Basement Jack Shrapnel, winners of the Rock for Kids battle of the bands, benefitting Ontario March of Dimes. Held at the Joy Supper Club, Kingston, ON; on Jan 28, 2007. Song is All Hell for a Basement, by Big Sugar. Visit the band's website at
  • Atmosphere - Shrapnel (Video Live SCBD13) Sad Clown Bad Dub 13 is a DVD released exclusively on the deluxe version of "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That *** Gold" by Atmosphere. Disclamer: Pure fan made video form Atmosphere SCBD 13 DVD.
  • Shrapnel's Level 100 Video First time using Sony Vegas... I think it turned out okay, lol. Hope you enjoy it, kind of a break from my usual straight-from-fraps approach. As usual, feel free to ask any questions / make any requests. Just leave a comment. Be sure to visit for information & help with kMS and details on how to create your own account!
  • Paul Young vs. Nelly Furtado (Audio Shrapnel mash-up) Audio by Audio Shrapnel. Video by VJ Brewski
  • Shrapnel - Hellgrinder Artist: Shrapnel; Album: Hellbound; Year: 2010; Genre: Thrash/Black Metal from Australia; Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Alcohol.
  • Shrapnel -- Skynet + Stakka Remix eh.... Enjoy!
  • Transformers G1 Insecticons Bombshell, Kickback, and Shrapnel Review SUBSCRIBE TO For Getting me this! You can order Better Stickers for Your Insecticons at My Review of the Transformers G1 Insections Bombshell, Kickback, and Shrapnel. ForAll The Latest Releases & Pre-orders for Transformers, Marvel, DC, GI Joe, TMNT, and More Visit Subscribe to my Vlog Channel at http Twitter Me! Follow Me on Dailybooth at My Blog, Videos, Updates, Transformers News & Reviews at and http If you like my vids please subscribe to my channel. Sundays 1pm-3pm Pacific Standard Time Special Fan Live Show Wednesdays 3pm to Whenever on Support My Friends Sites shad445- moonbase2
  • Iraq Combat Footage Airstrike Shrapnel Close Call Shrapnel from an airstrike comes within about a foot of coalition forces.
  • shrapnel a review of the insecticon shrapnel
  • War Witness: 'Shrapnel burned through my coat - I only got a scar' victory1945 RT presents War Witness - a special project dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Second World War. In 1943, Mikhail Volkov was a naval cadet. He recalls the usual tasks he had to face when sent to the Northern Fleet to undergo training. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • iPhone Game Review: Shrapnel (3rd Person Shooter Game) Shrapnel from Radical Interactive is a great 3rd person shooter. Shrapnel ($0.99) More info on Shrapnel here:
  • G1 Insecticons Review (Bombshell, Shrapnel & Kickback) Me reviewing G1 decepticon Insecticons Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Kickback! Released in 1985 in Series 2 of the Transformers.
  • Atmosphere - shrapnel shrapnel
  • How to Heal a Shrapnel Wound by John Rambo John Rambo shows the finer art of healing a shrapnel wound
  • Atmosphere - Shrapnel Atmosphere's show at the Glasshouse, in Pomona, CA.. a different version of Shrapnel..
  • atmosphere - shrapnel rhymesayers 10th anniversary concert at scribble jam
  • EOD Blast 13: The Shrapnel Bomb (With Slow-Motions) When EOD detonated a pile of high explosives half a mile away, the shrapnel from the HUGE explosion missed the camera-man by only an inch. Phew! PLUS: incredible SLOW-MOTION of the explosion AND the shrapnel bombardment! AWESOME!!!
  • Israel illegally fired shrapnel bombs into children playing Israel called the children militants. "She came in through and it wasn't clear she was injured. Suddenly a lot of blood came from her nose and she vomited. All of the family saw this -- her little brothers were very scared. She had just been playing in the front of the house." This is a mother describing to us her daughter, 9-year-old Sammah as she came in to her home at 4pm after the Israeli army reportedly shelled and fired four bombs into and around a residential area in Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza. She is now in a semi-critical condition in hospital, suffering extensive blood loss and very low haemoglobin. She was hit by shrapnel and 'flechettes' from a nail bomb that landed 100m away, causing internal bleeding to the chest, severe head trauma and nails embedded in her body. Shells containing flechettes are illegal under international law if fired into densely populated civilian areas and SamahEid El-Massry is one of four children injured in the attack yesterday, July 21st. Two young men were killed: Mohammad Al-Kafarneh, 23, from severe shrapnel injuries in his back and chest and Kasim Al-Shinbary, 19, caused by injuries from nails embedded in his skull and shrapnel wounds to the back. It was unclear earlier whether they were resistance fighters or if they were civilians -- the Israeli Occupation Force called them 'militants' -- just as they called the four children, aged between 4 and 11, who were left hospitalised by their injuries 'militants'. Their parents could ...
  • Shrapnel iPhone Official Game Trailer Moyo Studios Radical Interactive Download Game from iTunes itms
  • SHRAPNEL Trailer HD Trailer for the comic book and graphic novel SHRAPNEL debut COMICON 2008. Venus. The last free colony in the system is about to fall. Unbeknownst to the attacking Marine Force or even the Venusian colonists themselves, one of the most infamous heroines of the war is hiding in exile on their planet, hoping to forget her past as a Marine Officer. Now, she must organize a revolt against the very Marines she once fought alongside and lead the colonies to independence and freedom. SHRAPNEL is the first book of an epic solar war trilogy set on Venus, the Jovian moons, Mars and finally Earth itself. Published by Radical Comics, Barry Levine President. Created by Nick Sagan and Mark Long. Written by Zachary Sherman. Produced by Imaginary Friends Studios. Modeling by Exigent3D, Paul Steed CEO. Trailer by Zombie Studios. Soundtrack by Alex Guilbert. Copyright 2008 Radical Publishing and Zombie Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 5 kilo TNT shrapnel suicide bomb used in Domodedovo airport attack Follow latest updates at and At least 35 people killed by a terrorist explosion at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, the busiest in the country. Around 130 others have been hurt by the blast in the international arrivals hall, a low security area often filled with waiting family members and taxi drivers. Police suspect a suicide bomber is to blame, and they are working to identify him and find out how he was able to get into the airport. At least 50 people have been taken to hospitals across the Russian capital. Many of them are in a critical condition.
  • Henry Cullen & Sterling Moss - Shrapnel Apex 009
  • Detecting shrapnel Someone using a metal detecting wand to detect shrapnel inside a paratrooper's body. The paratrooper belonged to 2/505 PIR Charlie Company and was hit by an IED.
  • Watch for the Ricochet - Shrapnel rains down! Another video from Iraq 03 Shrapnel rains down!
  • Huge Piece of Shrapnel in your vest Finding A Huge Piece Of Shrapnel In Your Kevlar Vest
  • John Tracy/Lex Shrapnel Fan Vid *ATTENTION: THIS VID IS AMAZINGLY SPECTAULAR, ALAS I DID NOT MAKE IT, YOU MAY PRAISE ME FOR THE UPLOAD BUT NOT FOR THE ACTUAL EXISTACE OF IT* A great vid of John Tracy in Thunderbirds the movie (played by Lex Shrapnel) with the song "i feel fine" by the riddlin kids. So yeah ... enjoy all you crazy John/Lex fans =]
  • Bullets & shrapnel Nova Sensors imagery of bullets and reslting shrapnel
  • Shrapnel "Combat Love" Nov. 1980 on Cable TV Shrapnel, with Dave Wyndorf and Daniel Rey, perform their single "Combat Love" on famed underground cable TV show in November of 1980. Along with The Rattlers and the Ramones, Shrapnel were among the first bands to appear on early cable shows.
  • Bandulu - sub atomic shrapnel Classic Bandulu track!!
  • Shrapnel by Usual Suspects (Stakka & Skynet Remix) (Full Version) Renegade Hardware 2000.
  • Vital Remains - Shrapnel Embedded Flesh Vital Remains - Shrapnel Embedded Flesh Icons of Evil (2007)
  • Shrapnel iPhone App A buck for a world. Haha, check it out! Developer contact: Twitter App: Shrapnel iPhone App Shrapnel iPhone App Shrapnel iPhone App Shrapnel iPhone App
  • Brides of Destruction - "White Trash" Shrapnel Records Like this video? Come see hundreds more at ! - the Net's biggest home for metal, death, grind, thrash, rapcore, heavy and hard rock music videos! If you like the hard stuff, come get hooked on ! Director: Jason Wisch

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