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  • People who think shock collars are barbaric, know nothing about them and even less about dogs. Dogs are pack animals. There is a strict hierarchy in pack animal families. As the owner, it is your responsibility to be the alpha male or female. — “Shock Collars? My dad wants to get one of those shock collars”,
  • shock n. A violent collision or impact; a heavy blow. See synonyms at collision . The effect of such a collision or blow. — “shock: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Treat Shock. Severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) - this may be due to drugs, foods, insect stings or snakebites. — “How to Treat Shock - wikiHow”,
  • Shock can be caused by any condition that reduces blood flow, including: Depending on the specific cause and type of shock, symptoms will include one or more of the following:. — “Shock: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia”,
  • Shock site, a website that is intended to be offensive or shocking to Shock tactics, a close quarter battle tactic, usually done by specially trained shock troops. — “Shock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Read about medical shock, a life-threatening condition with symptoms like low blood pressure, weakness, shallow breathing, cold, clammy skin, fainting, anxiety, confusion, or chest pain. Causes and treatment information is included. — “Medical Shock Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment on”,
  • Toughest Watches featuring Atomic Timekeeping and Tough Solar Technology case, four-point bezel protection format of the G-Rescue series, the GW7900RD continues the tradition of durable, shock resistant construction. Red resin band watch with black digital face. Tough Solar Power. Multi-Band 6 Atomic. — “G-Shock - Timepiece - Products - Casio”,
  • Information on the Signs of Shock and Symptoms of Shock. Natural Remedy for Treating Shock Symptoms. — “Signs of Shock & Symptoms of Shock - Treating Shock Naturally”,
  • Shock definition, a sudden and violent blow or impact; collision. See more. — “Shock | Define Shock at ”,
  • Shock information including symptoms, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, treatment, causes, patient stories, videos, forums, prevention, and prognosis. — “Shock Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments and Causes”,
  • Types of shock. Cardiogenic Shock. blood flow decreased due to an intrinsic defect in cardiac function – either the heart muscle, or the valves are dysfunctional. classical example is acute anterior myocardial infarction, when the amount of damaged. — “Shock”,
  • Overview: Shock is a clinically diagnosed condition that results from many varied etiologies. It can damage any and all tissues and organ systems in the body. Delay in recognizing and quickly treating a state of shock results. — “Shock: eMedicine Pediatrics: Cardiac Disease and Critical”,
  • Definition of shock in the Medical Dictionary. shock explanation. Information about shock in Free online English dictionary. What is shock? Meaning of shock medical term. What does shock mean?. — “shock - definition of shock in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • For 25 years Casio G-Shock digital watches are the ultimate tough watch. Providing durable, waterproof digital watches for every activity. Time Collaboration. 08/02/10G-Shock and Surfrider Foundation Limited Edition Timepiece. — “Casio: G-Shock - Mens - Watches - Digital Watches”,
  • Learn about shock. Shock may result from carbon monoxide poisoning, congestive heart failure, collapsed lung, heart attack, anemia, dehydration, and more. Types of shock include: hypovolemic, cardiogenic, neurogenic, hypoglycemic shock and. — “Shock Causes, Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment by”,
  • Shock is a life-threatening condition in which blood pressure is too Shock has several causes: a low blood volume, which causes hypovolemic shock; inadequate pumping action of the heart, which causes cardiogenic shock; or excessive widening of blood vessels, which causes. — “Shock: Heart and Blood Vessel Disorders: Merck Manual Home”,
  • How to recognize, get help for and provide first aid for shock. — “Shock: First aid - ”,
  • Definition of shock in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of shock. Pronunciation of shock. Translations of shock. shock synonyms, shock antonyms. Information about shock in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. g shock, shock. — “shock - definition of shock by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Shock, Shock occurs when your blood pressure falls to a very low level. As your blood pressure falls, your brain and other organs don't get enough blood or oxygen to function, and they begin to fail. Shock can arise from any of a number of causes. — “Shock”,
  • Shockwave features hundreds of online games and game downloads. Check out the action games, mind games, multiplayer games, amd more. Plus music, photos, and greetings. — “”,

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  • Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine - Part 6 of 6 Naomi Klein talks about her new book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Speaking at a benefit event for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a social justice research institute. Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America's "free market" policies have come to dominate the world -- through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries.
  • Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey (HQ music video) Official promo music video for "Shock the Monkey" performed by Peter Gabriel from the 1982 album Peter Gabriel 4 (Security) released on Geffen Records. This video is posted courtesy of UMG. It's presented in high quality audio and video. Credits: Drums: Jerry Marotto Guitar: David Rhodes Stick: Tony Levin Prophet: Larry Fast Backing Vocals: Peter Hammill Produced by Scott Millaney and Directed by Brian Grant The lyrics are posted below: Shock the monkey to life Shock the monkey to life Cover me when I run Cover me through the fire Something knocked me out' the trees Now I'm on my knees Cover me, darling please Hey, hey, hey Monkey, monkey, monkey Don't you know you're gonna shock the monkey Hey, hey Fox the fox Rat on the rat You can ape the ape I know about that There is one thing you must be sure of I can't take any more Darling, don't you monkey with the monkey Hey, hey, hey Monkey, monkey, monkey Don't you know you're gonna shock the monkey Hey, hey Shock the monkey Hey, hey, hey, yeah (Monkey) Wheels keep turning (Monkey--AHHHHHHHHH!) Something's burning (Monkey) Don't like it but I guess I'm learning Shock! Shock! Shock! - watch the monkey get hurt, monkey Cover me, when I sleep Cover me, when I breathe You throw your pearls before the swine Make the monkey blind Cover me, darling please Hey, hey, hey, yeah (Monkey) Too much at stake (Monkey--AHHHHHHHHHHH!) Ground beneath me shake (Monkey) And the news is breaking Shock! Shock! Shock! - watch the monkey get hurt ...
  • State of Shock - Best I Ever Had (Official Video) Artist: State of Shock Title: Best I Ever Had Version: Album Production Co: the Field Exec. Producer : Cherie Sinclair Producer: Cody Nolan Director: Colin Minihan DOP: Tony Mirza Editor: Colin Minihan, Luke botteron Post Production Facility: Digital Interference Production Inc. Running Time 3:44 Label: Cordova Bay Records //stateofshock
  • Oasis - Shock Of The Lightning (Live Wembley 2008) HD Oasis At Wembley 2008 I DON'T OWN ANYTHING
  • Shock One - Polygon (ft.Reija Lee) Full Track 6:30 Listen to the song with better quality: Viper Recordings presents "Shock One EP". This is the full 6:30 version of Polygon.
  • Shock One - Polygon [Ft. Reija] Polygon by Shock One Featuring Reija Shock One EP (VPR017) - Out now
  • SHOCK Documentary I worked on about Electroconvulsive Therapy. Shock is a look at one of the most controversial treatments in medical history -- electroconvulsive therapy, also known as ECT or "shock therapy." Through candid and intimate interviews with patients, doctors, and other experts, the film explores the myths, mysteries, and realities surrounding electroconvulsive therapy, a medical procedure used, most effectively, in treating severe clinical depression. To purchase goto or goto
  • Batman Arkham Asylum Shock and Awe (Extreme) Combat Challenge Video walkthrough and commentary on how to get three medals in the Shock and Awe(Extreme) Combat Challenge for Batman Arkham Asylum.
  • Static Shock ep 1 part 1 This is static shock episode 1 shock to the system part 1
  • SHOCK 3 - New [REAL] Version by Terkoiz The 3rd release of "4" by Terkoiz. Final piece of the accidental trilogy. Here it is, without further adieu, SHOCK3. ~Full Quality~ ~Visit~ ~Buy your "4" poster today!~
  • Fear Factory - Obsolete - 01 - Shock PROLOGUE 2076 AD Everything that you believe to be true is a contradiction. Imagine a world that is suffering a slow decay, and a culture on the edge of extinction. A world in chaos brought to obedient order by the machines that man created. The linear programming that the system machine created to bring order is failing steadily due to the one variable the machines cannot compute... humanity. In this time, man has become a docile creature herded into submission under the mechanical laws that apply, programmed and desensitized for their convenience. However, there are certain persons drawn together for reasons that are grounds for punishment, or even death. These people long and yearn for a change within the infrastructure, a better way of life, and a logical existence. These people create factions that congregate in total secrecy in places random and unknown. These factions maintain chaos in society in order to disrupt the system, locate the weak spot, and trigger a collapsing effect. Their anger is only superseded by their will to exist, and nothing could be stronger. SCENE I Fade from black into a dim, tungsten-let room. The walls are the texture of rust, and the color of dried blood. Below the light stands a man in the center of the room, and he is surrounded by various persons, sitting or squatting on the floor. The dim light scarcely highlights his harsh exterior. He is rigid in form, and severe in his expression. The people around him seem intent to hear what he is ...
  • Kirstie Alley's Bikini Shock Things turn ugly when Kirstie shows up on "Oprah" in a bikini.
  • The Shock Doctrine An spanish subtitled short film by Alfonso Cuaron regarding Naomi Klein's research on Disaster Capitalism.
  • Casio G-Shock Rescue Series All Black GW-7900B with Tide Graph and Moon Phase Video Review of Casio G-Shock GW-7900B
  • Alan Watt: Shock And Awe - The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche 1/4 Researcher Alan Watt features in this exclusive interview for Prison members, in which he discusses how the same laws are enacted at the same time across different countries under the structure of global governance. Watt explains in detail how the people of the world are moved around by the elite like a domesticated herd of animals by a series of contrived crises and "revolutions," be they cultural, political, ***ual or musical, so that the controllers can manipulate human behavior to the outcome they require. Watt reveals how the population are kept in a constant state of panic and terror, so that authority figures who speak with confidence are then more willingly trusted, using psychological "shock and awe" to generate fear and helplessness by bombarding the population with a myriad of different threats that they cannot personally cope with, and so turn to the state for reassurance and leadership. In this fascinating in-depth exploration of the human psyche, Watt discusses how this helplessness is artificially steam-valved through the use of sports, where men are given a tribal team that they can identify with and cheer on, providing them with some sense of success in their own personal lives when in the real world they're going nowhere, and sports are merely a substitute to keep them distracted from their own enslavement. Watt explains how women were given high fashion at accessible prices as a similar form of substitute, and how drugs, ***, free love hyper ...
  • Coal Chamber - Shock The Monkey © 2007 WMG Purchase Chamber Music from iTunes - Coal Chamber - Shock The Monkey
  • Nero - Guilt (Culture Shock Remix) Pre-order now: Culture Shock's remix of Nero's latest single 'Guilt' - forthcoming on Chase & Status' MTA Records. Become a fan of Culture Shock: Become a fan of MTA Records: Follow MTA on Twitter: Become a fan of Nero: Follow Nero on Twitter: http
  • Shock Jock When the live-in girlfriend of a popular and obnoxious radio personality is killed, Rita and Chris investigate the disturbed fan who admits to the murder.
  • Shock shots: Cargo plane crash caught on camera by Congo locals 23 people, including a Russian crew of 4, have been killed in a plane crash in the Republic of Congo. This dramatic footage shows how the plane crashed into a residential area in the town of Pointe-Noire, destroying several houses and starting a fire. Clouds of smoke are still billowing out from the site. Authorities say a committee will be established to investigate the accident. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Crash Course: Chapter 19 - Future Shock by Chris Martenson Chapter 19 (Future Shock): Debt, money creation, population, and energy production have all experienced unsustainable exponential growth in recent years. This fact, when paired with the housing bubble, 'boomer' retirements, peak oil production, a national failure to save money, and excessive exploitation of natural resources, is cause for alarm. In this summary, Dr. Chris Martenson encourages us, "to return to living within our natural and economic budgets." The next twenty years are going to be completely unlike the last. Please visit to view the final chapter of the Crash Course, Chapter 20: What Should I Do? Thank you for viewing the Crash Course.
  • State Of Shock "Too Pretty" (Official Video) The official video for "Too Pretty" by State of Shock. For more info on the band, check out
  • Verdun- Shell Shock FOR ALL THE PEOPLE POSTING REPETITIVE COMMENTS: "A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." (Bob Dylan). I don't agree with censorship and I will always support freedom of speech and expression. Some people have asked me why I don't delete the entire video because it's being "tarnished" by puerile "games", which are an example of freedom of speech used in a questionable way. I don't want to delete this video because it's not at all about "games". It's about suffering and struggling to live with a mental illness. Imagine yourself in these poor men's shoes for one moment, you'll understand what I mean. I am sorry for you, but I will delete from now any repetitive, meaningless, spam-like comments. "In World War I, shell shock was considered a psychiatric illness resulting from injury to the nerves during combat. The horrors of WWI trench warfare meant that about 10% of the fighting soldiers were killed (compared to 4.5% during World War II) and the total proportion of troops who became casualties (killed or wounded) was 56%. Whether a shell-shock sufferer was considered "wounded" or "sick" depended on the circumstances. The large proportion of WWI veterans in the European population meant that the symptoms were common to the culture, although it may not have become popularly known in the US. Many generals considered those who suffered shell shock to be cowards, and a large number were executed." Clips from the ...
  • Fear Factory - Shock Live At Hamburg 1998.
  • B2ST / BEAST - SHOCK MV B2ST / BEAST - SHOCK MV 비스트 - 쇼크 뮤직비디오 video from /playb2st BEAST IS THE BEST. girl at the end is a cube trainee set to debut soon. support the boys by buying their 2nd mini-album, SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA ASIAN VERSION:
  • Hokuto No Ken - You wa Shock full version since there are alot of You Tube users who haven't upload the full version of of this song I decided to do it myself for everyone to enjoy XD btw I uploaded this song on megaupload so if anyone wants this song go here
  • I Shock Jesus! (Ep. 9) I'm finally done with freshman year! I made this video right before i moved out. It's a list of things to do before I leave :) Share this video and subscribe! All the views from JumbaFund raise money towards charity! Thanks for watching twitter:
  • Shock treatment shock treatment
  • B2ST - "Shock" Practice Video Date: March,2010 Choreographer :Prepix Haw Members : B2ST Nice Work B2ST!! www.playb2 http
  • Baby Emerson's big shock Canadian baby Emerson gets a fright... over his mother's nose-blowing.
  • Fear factory - shock Big Day Out
  • Safe Driving Ads That Shock This is a collection of diffrent road saftey video. (very powerful)
  • [HD] Beast - Shock mirror practice copyright of Cube Ent. for dance learning purposes only... download: Prepix Haw choreography. beast dance rehearsal video mirrored, with no beginning or end, also added better audio. original: please use VLC player if you want to slow it: full mirrored Beast/B2ST choreo: Bad Girl: Mystery: Shock: Special ver2: Special: Soom/Breath: Beautiful: Beast vs Prepix:
  • IT'S BLITZ! - Soft Shock Yeah Yeah Yeahs Soft Shock, from IT'S BLITZ!
  • xion protective gear - stuntpadding Demo Flexible protective padding for stunts, extreme sports, police, military, etc. Based on d3o technology. visit: or check facebookgroup: /group.php?gid=114191095271446
  • [HD] 100320 SHOCK BEAST/B2ST @Music Core
  • The Shock Of The Lightning Music video for 'The Shock Of The Lightning'. Directed by Julian House & Julian Gibbs.
  • Bio Shock 2 - Big Sister Trailer [HQ] Developer: 2K Games Release: 11/30/2009 Genre: FPS Platform: PS3/X360/PC Publisher: 2K Games The game takes place during the fall of Rapture; players take on the role of a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions, the provider of Plasmids and Tonics in the underwater city of Rapture from the original BioShock. Players will have to use all of the tools from BioShock in order to survive the in the newly transformed and refined multiplayer experience.
  • SHOCK - Tropfest 2010 Winner A broken Man awakes to be confronted with his life, and the choices he's made. His past,present and future collide as he faces the inevitable... Directed By Abe Forsythe Tropfest Australia 2010 Winner Winner of Best Comedy
  • American Idol - Double Shock Listen to Simon @3:00 ... he always says "I am not rude" - but actually he is ... ;)
  • Shock Therapy: Video of controversial 'Swinging Baby Yoga' classes in Egypt Swinging Baby Yoga exercise has been devised by Lena Fokina, a midwife whose methods have divided opinion across the world. She teaches each day on the beach at Dahab's Masbat Bay in Egypt where she meets pregnant women and parents with children of young children. Most of her followers are eastern European and mainly from Russia. Fokina says her methods are based on those of Igor Charkovski, a Russian midwife and a pioneer in water births. Each session begins with yoga followed by baby dipping in the sea. Mothers are instructed in how to take the infants into the sea. They're taken underwater and forced up to the surface. Fokina claims this allows babies to experience the elements and develop senses naturally. She believes that too many people are afraid of exposing their babies to nature and the elements and that these exercises allow a better communication between parents and their babies. According to Fokina the natural elements help to develop a sixth sense, intuition.
  • What is Shock? This animated movie describes all the possible causes and reasons of shock and how it occurs. Very helpful for medical students and professionals. If you like the movie then please do visit and rate me at FixYa by going on following link :

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