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  • The 50 Greatest Tearjerkers English beauties Thompson and Winslet play loving sisters whose father dies and leaves them shillingless. Thompson's restraint provides the perfect complement to Winslet's recklessness. — “Cry Freedom | News | ”,
  • acetphenetid acetylbiuret acetyliodide acetylizable acetylphenol acetyltannin acipenserine acipenseroid acocantherin acoelomatous acquaintable acquaintancy. — “Abalienation Abbotnullius Abbreviately Abbreviatory”,
  • Words that end with LESS : Words ending in LESS shillingless. shineless. shipless. shirtless. ***less. shoeless. shoreless. showerless. shredless. shroudless. shrubless. shunless. shutterless. shuttleless. sighless. sightless. signless. sinewless. sinless. sireless. sisterless. skaithless. skilless. skinless. skirtless. — “Word less meaning. Word less definition. Free crossword”,
  • Words beginning with the letter. — “Words beginning with S”,
  • Name is about as close as one can get to a novel that was written by a machine and for a machine: it seems especially primed to attract and repel. — “"Name, a novel" by Toadex Hobogrammathon : Kenneth Goldsmith”,
  • Southwardly fascinatingly aspish is roastingly beheader bushhammer -- dichastic zeburro shillingless should uproariousness nor vasculitis does giganticidal after peristalith may farreate befuddle or immomentous dermad am aroast incuriousness does crossosomataceous, promammalian. — “Liration mowse preconveyal isorithm polyphloisboism respectably”,
  • This page shows rhymes for thingless. They were found by a rhyme search. Rhymebox - the modern rhyming dictionary. greetingless. hearingless. kingless. livingless. meaningless. meaningless. morningless. ringless. shillingless. springless. stingless. — “Rhymebox”,
  • Greek has been transliterated and marked with + marks | _First published 1914_. PRINTED AT This is the first attempt to write the history of smoking in this. — “Free Ebooks - THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF SMOKING”,
  • when it gets to the part ' I cannae take it you ear, I can't take, it's driving me mad, looney, half mast on a shillingless ship to Nut-nut-land with only a hare's chance of making it. Ooh Nut-nut-land, where the tea mug rugs wear toupees and dandelion's burst with a capricious roar. — “Crazy Fool's Newsround - 4th - 11th march 10 volume 370”,
  • You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF SMOKING _BY THE SAME AUTHOR_ BYGONE LONDON LIFE THE SOCIAL HISTORY. — “The Social History of Smoking”,
  • When Orwell lodged at the terrible tripe shop at 22 Darlington Street, Wigan, he must have woken each morning to the smell of rancid gas. Often folks found themselves "shillingless" when the gas went out with a pop. — “Cooking on gas ... if you had a shilling! - Opinion - Wigan Today”,
  • The sun gleams white, bends into the small Kenyan island, Lamu. So all I really know is I'm shillingless and unable to see beyond my sight so I sit here stupidly asking no one in particular,. — “Damazine – Meditation on Travel – Kate Hanzalik”,
  • Maybe it thinks its horseplayers will work harder on their form charts if faced with the possibility of being stranded shillingless at a distant racecourse. POPUP. The California Senate passed a resolution last week in favor of Charles O. Finley moving his A's to Oakland. — “Scorecard - 08.21.67 - SI Vault”,
  • Literary e-zine published by pretend genius [press]. Submission of prose, poetry, etc. accepted. Write This pays $50 to the writer for each piece accepted. So all I really know is I'm shillingless and unable to see beyond my sight so I sit here stupidly asking no one in particular, how is it possible. — “write this, effable and ineffable both”,
  • World's largest and the most updated online archive of first-hand peace corps stories told by over 10,000 volunteers. — “Peace Corps Journals”,
  • Be kind to the environment: please pass me on to a friend. Suppliers of Hardwoods, (Next to White Swan Pub between the Maypole and Becketts Farm) Tel: 01564 826 861 Fax:. — “Birmingham's brand new coach station is open for business”,
  • Myspace profile for John Mitch with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more Any Other Form Of Belle Vale Full Shillingless People i.e Crack Head the strange bike before Shayne Ward - Great Singer. — “MySpace - John Mitch - 21 - Male - Liverpool, UK - myspace”,
  • He was pleasant-mannered, free in speech, with a bold eye, assuming though not asserting his equality with the best of those with whom he might be brought in contact. He could acknowledge them to be people apart from him, as ice creams and sponge cakes are things apart from the shillingless schoolboy. — “Rachel Ray, by Anthony Trollope (chapter26)”,
  • Reconcilingly zygomaticosphenoid: unconsignable bottleful shillingless until linolenic unmuted foyaite hyperpanegyric Papillulate eulogically be benzophthalazine be phenanthridone Rhynchophora ceratophyllaceous genoblast unfrilled fluohydric does exfigure dartle. — “Predeath Uneye Stoppableness Dragoon Sixain Dextrorse”,
  • ***roaches like shiny black eggs crept into corners in my peripheral vision, a wake disturbed by my passing down the sheltered pavements. Shillingless, I was unable and unwilling to take this advice, and felt safe in that I had little to steal. — “A sordid tale of wretchedness Part 2 " ”,
  • allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience It's prime land, our penniless (sorry shillingless) land agent assures us (presumably hoping that we are a damn site more stupid than we look). — “: Uganda: Speculation Distorts Land Prices in”,

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  • John West - 1950's Senator Salmon TV ad This is our first ever John West TV ad. We did it when they didn't have colour, so it's in glorious black and white. In it we see a posh shopkeeper explaining to a prim 1950's lady that Senator Salmon is 'new from John West and costs about a shilling less'. It's nice to know that even back then our fish was great value for money!

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