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  • Shilling definition, a cupronickel coin and former monetary unit of the United Kingdom, the 20th part of a pound, equal to 12 pence: retained in circulation equa See more. — “Shilling | Define Shilling at ”,
  • In the United Kingdom, a shilling was a coin used before decimalisation in 1971. A shilling had a value of 12d (old pence), and was equal to 1/20th of a pound: there were 240 (old) pence to the pound. The shilling was superseded by the new five. — “Shilling | ”,
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  • Definition of Shilling in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Shilling? Meaning of Shilling as a legal term. What does Shilling mean in law?. — “Shilling legal definition of Shilling. Shilling synonyms by”, legal-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of SHILLING. 1. a : a former monetary unit of the United Kingdom equal to 12 pence or 1⁄20 pound b : a former monetary unit equal to 1⁄20 pound of any of. — “Shilling - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The slang term for a shilling was known as a "bob." During their Sherlock Holmes holoprogram, Data told Geordi La Forge about the "famous Holmes violin", telling him that it was purchased "in a pawn shop in Tottenham Court Road for fifty-five shillings. — “Shilling”,
  • Definition of shilling from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of shilling. Pronunciation of shilling. Definition of the word shilling. Origin of the word shilling. — “shilling - Definition of shilling at ”,
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  • It was mentioned not only in Anglo-Saxon poems as scylling, but also in the 14th century by the poet Langland as shilling. The shilling was often known as a 'bob' as in 'Have you got a couple of bob you can lend me?. — “Coins of the UK - The Shilling”, coins-of-the-
  • Post-decimalization, "shilling" referrs to the 5-pence coin, which is still worth 1/20th of a pound (because there are now 100 pence in a pound). The name shilling is believed to come from old Scandinavian skilling, meaning a division, or a mark on a stick. — “Shilling - Definition”,
  • The shilling is a unit of currency used in some current and former British Commonwealth countries. The shilling is a unit of currency used in some current and former British Commonwealth countries. — “Shilling facts - Freebase”,
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  • The shilling is a unit of currency used in some current and former British Commonwealth countries. The word shilling comes from schilling, an accounting term that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times where it was deemed to be the value of a cow in Kent or a sheep elsewhere. — “Shilling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
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  • shilling (plural shillings) A coin formerly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and many other Commonwealth countries. with a solidus, probably from the UK usage: "2/50" is 2 shillings, 50. — “shilling - Wiktionary”,
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  • shilling n. ( Abbr. s. ) A coin used in the United Kingdom, worth one twentieth of a pound, 5 new pence, or 12 old pence prior to 1971. — “shilling: Definition from ”,
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  • The shilling is a unit of currency used in some current and former British Commonwealth The word shilling comes from schilling, an accounting term that dates. — “Shilling - Reference”,
  • Shilling. LOA 22' LWL 16'6" Beam 8'0" Draft 4'0" Displacement 7,290 lbs. Headroom 6'3" Only 7 feet longer than Farthing, Shilling is a much bigger boat and the extra size produces some significant gains, taking the overall design concept well beyond minimalist goals. — “Shilling”,

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  • Stabilising the shilling
  • Shilling Shockers - Unmitigated Terror Season 4, Episode 3 A thunderstorm rattles the Attic of Doom as Penny initiates a melancholy night of necromancy. The witch's somber murmuring guides you through the nightmare world of Mario Bava's "Black Sabbath". Dare you behold the unmitigated terror awaiting you Dreary Ones? Dare you?!
  • Gary Shilling On How to Invest In the Age of Deleveraging and Deflation, Part I Dr. Gary Shilling, a well know American financial ***yst and commentator who has an imposing record as a financial soothsayer. President of A. Gary Shilling & Co., Inc.talks to Minyanville's Josh Lipton on how to invest in the stock market during a period of slow economic growth and deflation.
  • New Shilling -- Sam Hall Sam Hall Performed by New Shilling at the Libby, Montana Irish Fair, March 10, 2007
  • Kenyan Shilling Sinks Deeper The Kenyan Shilling depreciated further against the US dollar, setting a new record low of Ksh. 102 and 18cts before closing at 102 Shs and 10cts. The shilling maintained its downward slide despite the Central Bank's intervention, spurred largely by the ongoing Euro Zone debt crisis, which threatens to cut profits for exporters and worsen the already negative balance of trade. Wanjiru Gaitho has been following the shilling's performance and brings us the following report.
  • CBK governor grilled over sliding shilling The Kenyan shilling today sunk to its lowest levels yet against the US dollar when it traded against the US currency at 107 during mid-morning trade.The local currency however slightly improved to close the day at an average of 103.9 against the dollar. This is despite the recent hike in interest rates that was hoped to correct the situation.And as the shilling continues to be battered, the central bank governor and the Monetary Policy Committee were hard pressed by the Parliamentary Committee on Finance to explain what they are doing to stabilize the local currency. Kaara Wainaina reports.
  • In-Depth Look - Shilling's Bearish Outlook - Bloomberg Interview and discussion with Gary Shilling of the A.Gary Shilling & Co. He shares his outlook for stocks, the economy and currencies. (Bloomberg News)
  • Bradley Whitford and Courage Campaign: No telecom immunity! A call to action from Bradley Whitford ("Josh Lyman" on The West Wing") and the Courage Campaign about the upcoming FISA vote in the Senate on retroactive immunity for telecom companies. Call your Senator today and ask them to support Senator Dodd's filibuster against retroactive immunity for telecom companies who wiretapped Americans without a warrant. Bradley Whitford will be calling his Senator -- Senator Feinstein. Learn more at /filibuster
  • Brett Favre Sears Commercial Cold Feet extended version brett farve's comercial
  • Josh Shilling performs "Superstition" at Martinsville Speedway Josh Shilling performs with The Domino Band in front of 50000 fans for Celebration 2008 at Martinsville Speedway
  • Kenya shilling drops to record low For the seventh straight day, the Kenya shilling dropped to record lows against the US dollar, at one point crossing the 95 mark for the first time. ***ysts and forex market players alike now fear that the shilling may be headed for an unprecedented 100 rate to the American currency.
  • Mountain Heart(Josh Shilling)- Soul Shine March 13, 2009 Burnsville, NC. First time playing it on piano and Josh Shilling and Jason Moore blew it out of the water. Wow! Amazing Talent!
  • US Economy.... Interview with Gary Shilling Houseprices will tank a futher 20% acording to SchillingFAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
  • Kibaki Directive on Weakening Shilling After months of silence on the increasing volatility of the Kenya shilling, President Mwai Kibaki has weighed in on the monetary policy debate, directing the Central Bank of Kenya to do more to stem the weakening of the local unit. This is the first time the Head of State has openly criticized the regulator for failing to take charge of a situation that has seen the shilling lose over 15% of its value this year, largely due to speculative trading and increased investor caution. Wanjiru Gaitho tells us more.
  • The shilling crisis The looming economic chaos, occasioned by the mysterious free fall of the shilling against other major world currencies, especially the US dollar, has the Government worried. The free fall hit the lowest levels ever, with a single American dollar fetching a whole 101 shillings. Crisis talks in government continue, with Prime Minister Raila Odinga meeting with treasury officials, the private sector alliance and the association of manufactures over the fall of the shilling. NTV's Kaara Wainaina reports.
  • Elvis Costello - Any King's Shilling - Session - LIVE -1987 Elvis on top form here with a song about his grandfather's service in the British Army
  • Shilling falls to 100 Could president Mwai Kibaki's legacy now be in jeopardy from the free fall of the shilling? That is now the question in many people's minds after the shilling's exchange rate to the dollar crossed the three digit threshold for the first time ever today. The shilling was mean rated at 100 to the greenback at about 9.35 am before sliding further to about 102 shillings to the us currency. Meanwhile while some exporters could be smiling all the way to the bank right now, the future might not be so rosy for others as the cost of inputs and other imported goods begins to skyrocket.
  • Shilling on free fall Could president mwai kibaki's legacy now be in jeopardy from the free fall of the shilling? That is now anyones guess after the shilling's exchange rate to the dollar crossed the three digit threshhold for the first time ever today. The shilling was meanrated at 100 to the greenback at about 9.35 am before sliding further to about 102 shillings to the us currency. Meanwhile while some exporters could be smiling all the way to the bank right now, the future could hold dark times as the cost of iputs and other imported goods begins to skyrocket.
  • Soul Shine JOSH SHILLING live Josh Shilling live.......This is video I shot sitting pretty close to the stage. Last week was my twin sister's birthday (and of course mine as well) and I planned a little road trip for us (well not so little....I drove 9 1/2 hrs to my sister's and then another 3 hrs each direction the day of the concert ) to see Tony Rice and my favorite band Mountain Heart. It was 97 degrees coming up the highway, but very pleasant in the evening to sit outside and listen to this. And wow...... I have for years, ever since I had voice lessons, been interested in voices and have kept a running list in my mind of the people I thought had the most exceptional vocal talents. Josh makes that list.....and I keep it a pretty short one on purpose.....:)) And on top of all this Josh is an incredible pianist and songwriter too. I have seen Mountain Heart live many times now.....and they impress me more every time I see them. That's Jason Moore on the bass.....;)) I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Kappa /mountainheartofficial
  • Falling shilling The central bank has moved to increase the cost of borrowing in an effort to tame the falling shilling. Cbk officials today raised its bank's lending rate by a massive 4 percentage points to 11 per cent. Few ***ysts expected the increase to go past 10 percent. The move is expected to reduce the cost of goods but could lead to commercial banks raising their interest rates and squeeze money out of the productive economy. Further direction for the shilling is expected from the recommendations to be presented tomorrow by a team set up by prime minister raila odinga
  • Shilling Expects Weakened Yen, Opportunity for Shorting March 14 (Bloomberg) -- Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co., and Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates Inc., talk about the outlook for Japan's currency and economy following last week's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant accident. Shilling and Davidowitz, speaking with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance Midday," also discuss the US economy and budget deficit. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Luke Kelly: Saxon Shilling Luke Kelly singing Saxon Shilling taken from the album Dubliners Collection Vol 1 LYRICS Hark a marshall sound is heard The march of soldiers fife and drumming Eyes are start and hearts are stood For bold recruits the brave are coming Ribbons flaunting feathers gay The sound and sights are surely thrilling Dazzle village youths the day Who're proud to take the Saxon Shilling Peace of spirits will not bow And peace to parish tyrants longer Ye who wear the villian brow And ye who pine and hope asunder Fools without the brave man's face Are slaves and starving who are willing To sell themselves to shame and death Except the fatal Saxon Shilling Go to find the crime and toil That doom to which such guilt is hurried Go to leave on Indian soil your bones To breach accursed and buried Go to crush the just and brave Whose wrongs with wrath the world are filling Go to slay each by the slave or Spurn the bloodstained Saxon Shilling Irish hearts why should you bleed To swell the tide of British glory Aiding despots in their needs Whose chains are green so often gory None say those who wish to see The noblest killed the meanest killing And the true hearts of the risen free Will take again the Saxon Shilling Irish youths reserve your strength Until an hour of glorious duty When freedom smile shall cheer at length The land of bravery and beauty Bribes and threats so heed no more Let not but justice make you willing To leave your own dear Ireland shore For those to ...
  • Shilling Watch The shilling continued its fluctuating performance against major world currencies, closing at 101shs and 30cts to the dollar in the face of renewed fears over the Eurozone crisis, and increased end month dollar demand by energy companies. Now just three days after President Mwai Kibaki directed the central bank to do something about the situation, questions arise over whether increased efforts by government to stem further weakening will be enough to stabilize the falling shilling. Wanjiru Gaitho brings us that report.
  • Gary Shilling on Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava While many investors fear a rapid rise in inflation, author Gary Shilling, an award-winning economic forecaster, argues that the global economy is going through a long period of deleveraging and weak growth, which makes deflation far more likely and a far greater threat to investors than inflation. Shilling explains in clear language and compelling logic why the US and world economy will struggle for several more years and what investors can do to protect and grow their wealth in the difficult times ahead. The investment strategies that worked for last 25 years will not work in the next 10 years. Shilling advises readers to avoid broad exposure to stocks, real estate, and commodities and to focus on high-quality bonds, high-dividend stocks, and consumer staple and food stocks. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this timely guide lays out a convincing case for why investors need to be prepared for a long period of weak growth and deflation-not inflation-and what you can do to prosper in the difficult times ahead.
  • ***ysis of the Kenya Shilling's rapid decline. Part 1 (21st Sept.) A new record low has been set again by the Kenyan Shilling, raising questions about when and if the downward slide of the local currency against major global currencies will stop. In some instances today, the Shilling traded below the 97 shillings mark to the US Dollar. In this first part of an ***ysis on the Shilling's rapid depreciation over the past few months, Alex Mwangi now tracks the real reason of its decline against the world's major currencies.
  • Taming the Sliding Shilling The World Bank and Treasury are worried over the new wave of supply induced inflation facing the country but have advised against the re-introduction of price controls to cushion consumers saying this may turn out to be counter productive. World Bank Chief Economist Shantayanan Devarajan and Economic Secretary Dr. Geoffrey Mwau concede that the current food constraints facing the country provide a challenge to the economy but are optimistic that the situation will be contained once imported duty free maize begins moving upcountry. Henry Githaiga has that report.
  • CBK sued over weakening shilling A man has sued the central bank of Kenya in a bid to force it to produce in court an audit it undertook on five banks which CBK accuses of being partly behind the recent slide of the shilling through speculation. The suit also seeks to force cbk to publicly name the five institutions arguing that the matter is in public interest. The high court sitting in Kisii has certified the case as urgent.
  • Half A Shilling - "Send The Buggers Back" Half A Shilling perform their folk-song at Bolton's Phoenix Club.
  • ***ysis of the Kenya Shilling's rapid decline. Part 2 (22nd Sept.) The Kenya Shilling Thursday hit further new record lows during its trading against the US Dollar giving an indication that its level above the 90 units to the American currency may be here to stay.The Shilling which at one point traded at 98 units to the Dollar, continued to be weighed down by demand for the greenback created by the rush by investors to take up Dollar-denominated investment instruments, in the wake of the uncertainty in the Eurozone and a projected US recession.In the second and final part of his ***ysis, Alex Mwangi looks at what options the government has to ameliorate the prevailing situation that threatens to affect Kenyans for the long term.
  • Shilling Says Yuan Policy Shift Timing May Be `Terrible' June 22 (Bloomberg) -- Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co., talks about the implications of China's shift toward a stronger yuan exchange rate and the European debt crisis.
  • Weak shilling: what it means Consumers are having it rough as Kenya's currency struggles against the united states dollar and other major currencies. For the first time in the country's history, the shilling is exchanging at a rate in the triple digits against the us dollar. Ktn's eric njoka looks at how the weakening of the shilling is affecting consumers.
  • Shilling Recovery The Kenyan shilling maintained its slow recovery, after a meeting between the central bank of Kenya and foreign exchange dealers helped stem a string of sharp losses versus the US dollar, especially during the previous one week. The local unit had slid to touch its lowest level since Kenya left the value of its currency to be determined by market forces more than 17 years ago. It had sank to 86 shillings and 23 cents at the close of business on Monday. But today, the shilling retreated to just under 85 shillings as an earlier warning by the central bank to deal with speculators calmed the markets . Yesterday, the central bank met dealers and key players for a monthly market leaders forum to try and ease the pressure on the shilling and chart the path for inflation and lending rates. The bank did not however disclose how it intends to remedy the current situation. Henry Githaiga remains on that story.
  • Gary Shilling Says China Is Headed for `Hard Landing' July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co., talks about the outlook for China's economy, which he says is headed for a "hard landing." Shilling, speaking with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop," authored a five-part series for Bloomberg on the economic drivers and outlook for China. The opinions expressed are his own. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Multi-billion shilling buildings earmarked for demolision The ministry of lands has issued a gazette notice that plans to swallow up various parcels of land along Mombasa road for the JKIA-Museum hill Gigiri road project. Among the buildings slated for demolition is one, which houses KTN and the daily standard newspaper. The group's directors and managers held an emergency meeting to discuss the way forward. Sameer Africa, Bob Mill and others will also be affected. And while the standard isn't the only one being targeted... they're calling the gazette notice a conspiracy to shut them down.
  • Shilling weakens to record low Brace yourself for an exchange rate of 100 shillings to the dollar with all indications being that the Kenyan currency will slide past the record mark. The unit jumped past the 99 shilling point in trading today as concerns continue to be raised about the state of the global economy. Prices of most imported goods including petroleum and key foodstuffs are expected to head north steeply as importers hedge against the unfavorable exchange rate.
  • FKE on shilling The Federation of Kenyan Employers has accused the central bank of Kenya of panicking and overreacting in its response to valuation woes that have afflicted the local currency recently. FKE came just short of describing the banking sector regulators recent action to rein on the shilling as 'draconian and overkill'. Besides slapping a ban on online Forex trading, the central bank has also recently said it would deal directly with key sectors of the economy when it came to buying and selling dollars.
  • Shilling Crisis Five banks are set to appear before the Central Bank of Kenya over claims they are hoarding over 260 million US Dollars, the equivalent of 23 billion shillings at current exchange rate. This according to central bank of Kenya is believed to have contributed to the sharp decline in the value of the Kenya shilling in recent weeks. CBK governor Prof. Njuguna Ndung'u warns that the banks will be restricted from any speculative activity using the domestic currency, to avoid exerting more pressure on the local unit which was yesterday trading at a mean rate of 90 shillings and 40 cents to the dollar .and as Tony Sanya reports, the CBK has not escaped blame for doing little to stem the shillings depreciation, even as consumers look to hard times ahead.
  • Weakening Shilling : Repercussions This week, the Kenya shilling weakened to its lowest level against the dollar since the Kenyan foreign exchange market was liberalized in the early 1990's. And although the local unit recovered from a low of nearly 96 shillings to the dollar to close trading at 93, the sustained battering it has received over the last 7 months has left many a Kenyan wondering what the future holds in store. But, what exactly has that sharp depreciation meant for businesses and consumers? Wanjiru Gaitho explains.
  • Peter Schiff vs. Gary Shilling Dec 7th, 2010 for details Peter Schiff vs. Gary Shilling Dec 7th, 2010
  • Kenyan shilling softens The government won't intervene to shore up the weak Kenyan shilling that continues to lose ground to major world currencies to what now some see as alarming levels. Permanent Secretary to the Treasury Joseph Kinyua says although Kenya is a net importer, it equally has many other sectors that are benefiting from the weak shilling. Players in the financial markets however are afraid that the weak shilling will be unfriendly and hit the common man. Here's NTV's Economic Affairs reporter Kaara Wainaina with that story.
  • Shilling Discusses Outlook for Euro, Treasury Market July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co., talks about Europe's sovereign debt crisis and the prospects for the euro and US Treasury market.

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