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  • The Shard, Skyscraper, Images, London Bridge Tower, Renzo Piano Skyscraper, Architect, The Shard London, Building, England, Architecture, News. — “The Shard, London, Skyscraper, Architect, The Shard London”, e-
  • shard also sherd n. A piece of broken pottery, especially one found in an archaeological dig; a potsherd. — “shard: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • The Shard are insectoid lifeforms, carbon-based like humans, but sporting a silicon dioxide exoskeleton, looking somewhat like a white preying mantis covered in a film of glass. This silicon armor is very strong, but must necesarily be thin at the joints, in order to allow movement. — “Shard - Memory-Zeta”, memory-
  • London Bridge Tower, designed by the international architect, Renzo Piano, will be developed by Sellar Property Group: a world class design and visionary development. — “London Bridge Quarter . The Shard . London Bridge Place”,
  • Definition of shard in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of shard. Pronunciation of shard. Translations of shard. shard synonyms, shard antonyms. Information about shard in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “shard - definition of shard by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of SHARD. 1. a : a piece or fragment of a brittle substance ; broadly : a small piece or part : scrap. — “Shard - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The Gondola, the only realistic land route from the north into Shard, ceased to run when Anlorahle, daughter of Mountain Queen Morganae was killed by Sidhlot in 250AV. Shard was taken over by the Outcasts, who later beheaded Ferdahl Kukalakai. — “Shard - Elanthipedia”,
  • Shard was transformed into an 'Emplate herself, which should have meant her death, but her brother Bishop risked everything and sold himself to Stark-Fujikawa for a year, in exchange for a procedure that would transfer Shard's mind into a holographic program. — “X-Men Character Bios: Shard”,
  • The Shadow Shard is a parallel universe with four zones. — “Shadow Shard - City of Heroes Wiki - City of Heroes, City of”,
  • Shop our large selection of shard gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique shard designs. Fast shipping. — “Shard Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • The Shadow Shard is an alternate dimension permanently linked to by Portal Corporation. Humans from the main dimension have begun to explore the zone, and have set up bases of varying sizes across the shard. — “Shadow Shard - Paragon Wiki”,
  • shard (plural shards) A piece of broken glass or pottery, especially one found in an archaeological dig. A piece of material, especially rock and similar materials, reminding of a broken piece of glass or pottery. A tough scale, sheath, or shell; especially an elytron of a beetle. — “shard - Wiktionary”,
  • We found 37 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word shard: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "shard" is defined. General (29 matching dictionaries) shard: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of shard - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Welcome to the Crystal Shard site, dedicated to our independent retro games! Plus, it is absolutely free, so you really don't have an excuse not to download our games and try out for yourself. — “Crystal Shard”,
  • Shards were a silicon-based species native to the planet Orax, who took the form of irregularly faceted cylindrical crystals thirty to forty centimeters in length. Faint pulses of light—thought signals propagating through their ". — “Shard - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki”,
  • Card Text: As an additional cost to play Shard Volley, sacrifice a land. Card Text: As an additional cost to play Shard Volley, sacrifice a land. Shard Volley deals 3 damage to target creature or player. — “Shard Volley (Magic card)”,
  • A shard is a colored fragment of an ancient tool that was introduced in Generation III. Generation IV diversified the use of shards by a order of magnitude, and made them far. — “Shard - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia”,
  • Shard definition, a fragment, esp. of broken earthenware. See more. — “Shard | Define Shard at ”,
  • Shard foil - 524 results from 90 stores, including 1 Pack of Magic the Gathering: MTG Shards of Alara Premium Foil Booster Pack (15 Foil Cards), HEARTWOOD SHARD FOIL, Shard Phoenix - FOIL Version, Shard Phoenix - FOIL Version, MTG TCG SHARDS. — “Shard foil - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Definition of shard from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of shard. Pronunciation of shard. Definition of the word shard. Origin of the word shard. — “shard - Definition of shard at ”,
  • SHARD, an exciting new game of heroic fantasy and adventure set in the realm of Dardunah, World of the False Dawn. — “HOME PAGE of SHARD - A Roleplaying Game of DARDUNAH - Welcome”,
  • "Meth", another word for the drug methamphetamine, referring to the shard-like crystals Rex Shard, a character in the TV series SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. — “Shard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • RuneScape - Shard & Pouch Merchanting Guide (136M to 147M in 2 days) ^CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON^ I also rendered this video several weeks ago. After many requests i decided to upload it. Hope it helps! This guide will show in detail how you can make profits using the Summoning Skill! I was able to make around 10M profit in only 2 days of work. UPDATE: You can now sell all of your shards at once to the Pet Shop in Yanille at 25gp each! There is a variety of pouches you can use however the prices change regularly so i won't be able to keep this list up-to-date. The most popular pouch is a Granite Lobster Pouch, which requires level 78 Summoning to trade in You can see the official Granite Lobster Grand Exchange Graph here: itemdb- The ogre called Bogrog will give you 70% of the shards back for any pouch you trade him! He is located at the Gu'Tanoth Summoning obelisk which is south of Feldip Hills. You need a certain summoning level to trade each type of pouch. Here is a graph of the Pouch Level then the Summoning Level required to trade it: 11 21 21 30 31 39 41 48 51 57 61 66 71 75 81 84 91 92 99 99 _____Legal Disclaimer_____ RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd. This video was not intended for any personal gain, only for entertainment purposes. All comments by others are their own and I do not take responsibility for their actions. Consider this, free advertising If you also make Runescape Videos, feel free to copy and paste my ...
  • Darksiders: All Wrath Shard Locations This video shows you how to get all the Wrath Shards to get the achievement Wrath of War.
  • BBC Climbing up The Shard Crane Andrew Marr has climbed one of the cranes building the Shard skyscraper in London to meet its operator, who said he "never tired of the view".
  • The Shard, London A few views of the Shard tower.
  • Terraria - How to get Crystal Shards Terraria HERO Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Livestream: Wiki: Livestream:
  • Darksiders: All Life Shard Locations This video shows you how to get all the Life Shards and the achievement Full Power.
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Walkthrough (Episode 1-1): Pop Star Outskirts Crystal Check!! Stage names will be added to the videos due to some viewers being confused. I have listed all 72 crystal shard locations for every level. I know I did not get every crystal in this game but the deal is that I got too many people complaining about that and I will NOT edit/remove these videos. []1: The first crystal is near the two Sir Kibble monsters. []2: Use the Bomb ability to blast open a hole that leads to a crystal underwater. []3: Defeat the possessed Waddle Dee (Waddle Doo) to get the last crystal. HQ Version: Do me a great favor by commenting and ranking the video. Don't blame me for the lag, blame the Adaptec GameBridge AVC-1400 for that
  • ★SWTOR - 3 Red Matrix Shard Location - Matrix Cube Implant - Datacron - Tips & Tricks 15 SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic - 3 Red Matrix Shard Location - Matrix Cube Relic - This is done by a level 50 Sith Sorcerer so certain elements are going to be different to those who are not high level yet! We are on the server : Terentatek - East - PVP - Empire Credits: Outro Song : Our good friend Shiki ! Check it out guys ! Keep updated on our channel for more coverage of SWTOR! Hope you enjoy and subscribe! STREAM LINK : Also follow us on twitter to get updates on the streaming and our youtube tips and tricks! Also, send us all your comments and suggestion about stuff you want us to do in the future! WE READ IT ALL!
  • London's Shard divides opinions and skyline London's skyline has a new and controversial addition that is also Europe's tallest building. The Shard is a 300-metre-high structure resembling a church spire and is due to be completed in time for this year's Olympics in London. But the mega-structure is finding itself the object of some piercing criticisms. Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee reports from London.
  • Tallest Building in London & Europe - London Bridge Tower - the "Shard of Glass" Watch in High Quality! Shard London Bridge, also known as London Bridge Tower, the Shard of Glass and 32 London Bridge is a supertall skyscraper. It would replace Southwark Towers, a 24-storey office building which was completed in 1976. The tower would stand at 1017 feet (310 metres) tall and have 72 floors, plus 15 further radiator floors in the roof, making it the tallest building in the country. www.the- www.the-
  • Synchro Professional 4D Construction Simulation AVI: The Shard, London UK Detailed 4D construction simulation created to optimise the hoist and cladding/curtain wall installation. This is an operational planning ***ysis produced by The Shard's project planner.
  • Mirror's Edge Walkthrough - Chapter 9: The Shard Part 1/2 Learn GarageBand in only 30 days! Video walkthrough of Chapter 9: The Shard (PT. 1/2) in Mirror's Edge on Xbox 360.
  • The Shard at London Bridge construction update (Sunday 20th November 2011) The beautiful yet striking Shard imposes its presence in the passing morning fog.
  • Mirror's Edge - The Shard - Puzzle - EXTENDED MIX Click Here For HIGH QUALITY: This version isn't like the others uploaded to YouTube. I managed to extract the audio files from the game's install directory, and I put the song back together so I could share it with the world. This song is truly something else. ENJOY! DOWNLOAD LINK HERE:
  • Introduction to The Shard A visualization of The Shard. This exciting addition to London's skyline is scheduled to open in 2012, ahead of the London Olympics
  • Electricians demo at the Shard over 35% wage cut Every Wednesday, sparks are holding huge demos to build for strike action outside major building sites in London, Manchester and now Newcastle too. 8 major building companies have withdrawn from a national agreement, attacking terms and conditions and planning paycuts of up to 35%. This demo is at The Shard, London Bridge, on the 7th; next one in London, Olympic site, 14th September, 6:30am - 8am, Pudding Mill Lane station.
  • The Shard - London Bridge Quarter Designed by Renzo Piano; The Shard will be the tallest building in Western Europe, its crystalline façade transforming the London skyline with a mixed-use 310 m (1016 ft) vertical city of high-quality offices, world-renowned restaurants, the 5-star Shangri-La hotel, exclusive residential apartments and the capital's highest viewing gallery offering 360° views. Well-connected and comprehensively serviced by central London's transport infrastructure, facilities and amenities, the Shard is a timeless reminder of the power of imagination to inspire change. ©Uniform / Sellar Group
  • Mirror's Edge Walkthrough - Chapter 9: The Shard Part 2/2 Learn GarageBand in only 30 days! Video walkthrough of Chapter 9: The Shard (PT. 2/2) in Mirror's Edge on Xbox 360.
  • Let's Play Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards Part 1 We kick off the Let's Play. Starting with us completing stage 1 and 2 of the Pop Star.
  • The Shard (Puzzle) - Solar Fields (Mirror's Edge OST) - HD Quality The Shard - Puzzle by Solar Fields' from EA's First Person Action Adventure game 'Mirror's Edge'. Original Score for the final level of the game 'The Shard'. Best quality available on Youtube. All Credit for ripping and distribution of track goes to youtube user 'TheLionzHeart1'. (Thank you)
  • Shard London Bridge - the UK's first 1000ft skyscraper + + + + + My website: Shard website: SkyscraperCity thread following the tower's progress: London Skyline 2012 (includes 50 new towers in a single panorama):
  • Elliott Carter - Shard A short guitar piece from the late 90s later incorporated into the chamber work "Luimen".
  • Stewart Copeland - Live Shard 1 Stewart Copeland
  • ★ Rift Rogue - Marksman on the 1.2 Shard! - TGN — Cromar tests three different Marksman variations to figure out the best spec after the 1.2 buffs. The specs tested are 51 Marks NB/3 Sin, 38 Marks/17 Sin/11 NB, and 38 Marks/26 Ranger/2 Sin.Video by Cromar and TGN.TV Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click "Like" and Subscribe to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= Become a TGN.TV Director! ▶ TGN.TV - Get more views! ▶ TGN Times - Get more news! http ▶ TGN Stratics - Discover Stratics! ▶ TGN Twitter - Follow us on Twitter! http ▶ TGN Facebook - Join us on Facebook!
  • Matrix Shard Combinations Guide/List - SWTOR - Star Wars: The Old Republic A list of the various Matrix Shard combinations. Feel free to subscribe if you found this video helpful :)
  • Shard of Glass Inspired by the book Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die, Shard of Glass tells the stories of several people who learn how they will die, all from one cruel perspective. Conceived and completed in six days, and shot on the Canon 7D. Story by Andy Vatter and Donald Chang. I also have a Twitter too @andyvatter if you're into that sort of thing
  • Mondo Mini Shows Web Originals - Shard At Work HTF on Facebook: HTF on Twitter:
  • Daniel Lippel- Shard by Elliott Carter Check my videos for a recent stronger performance that was just posted. This short virtuoso piece by Carter was written in 1997, and subsequently incorporated into a larger ***tet, "Luimen". This performance was recorded live at the Ft. Worth Modern Art Museum on the Ft. Worth Guitar Guild Festival in August 2007. It is also available in a studio version on the New Focus Recordings release, "Resonance" from 2004. Shard was incorporated into a larger ensemble piece by Carter, Luimen. Carter's longer major piece involving guitar is Changes, written for David Starobin. More info can be found at and
  • Hal Foster: 'If the Shard is a symbol of anything it's a symbol of finance capitalism' Hal Foster, professor of art at Princeton and author of The Art-Architecture Complex, discusses the politics of London's Shard, which will be the EU's tallest building when completed in 2012
  • Shard of Glass - London Bridge Tower Shard London Bridge - also known as London Bridge Tower, the Shard of Glass and 32 London Bridge - is a supertall skyscraper under construction in London. When completed it will be the tallest building in the United Kingdom, and one of the tallest buildings in Europe. It is due for completion in mid-2012. Forum thread:
  • Evan Davis Halfway Up The Shard - Made In Britain - BBC Two More about this programme: Evan Davies goes up the, yet to be completed, Shard skyscraper in Tower Bridge, London. The Shard is testament to our continued willingness and ability to attract the super-rich from around the world to London. Once they're here, anything we can sell them counts as an export because everything they buy has effectively been paid for with income derived from abroad.
  • Construction of The Shard of Glass - Part 1 I have now updated the video, check out the most recent version on my profile. Demolition of the Southwark Towers and New London Bridge House and the construction of The Shard. (Aug 2007 to Nov 2010).
  • Mirror's Edge [Music] - The Shard (Puzzle)
  • The Shard at London Bridge construction update (2nd January 2012) Building update on the London Shard. The first sunny day of the new year with the Shard basking in the abundant sunlight.
  • The Shard at London Bridge construction update (Saturday 17th September 2011) The Shard looking brutally crisp and modern as it nears its 2012 completion deadline. It was developed by Sellar Property on behalf of LBQ ltd and designed by architect Renzo Piano.
  • Princess Tutu - 2 - Heart Shard Now Available from Anime Network! Watch Full Episodes At: Episode Summary: Duck kind of becomes friends with Rue. Rue and Mytho are a couple, but Mytho feels nothing for the other. When a girl asks him out, he agrees, forsaking Rue. He doesn't understand why it's wrong. The anteater is bitter and jealous of Rue, because she dances better than her. She and Mytho have a dance-off with Rue. Rue chooses Duck as her partner, and they win. Duck finds out that the anteater is being influenced by a shard of prince Mytho's heart.
  • Construction of The Shard (July 2011) Time lapse video of the construction of The Shard of Glass. Starting with the demolition of the Southwark Towers in 2007/8 and tracking construction through to July 2011
  • ★SWTOR - Matrix Cube Relic - Tutorial - Matrix Shards / Datacrons - Tips & Tricks 12 SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic - Matrix Cube Tutorial - Matrix Shard Locations - This is done by a level 50 Sith Sorcerer so certain elements are going to be different to those who are not high level yet! Level 15 cubes Color Combination Statistic Boost RBY 18 Str and 8 End (confirmed 31/12/2011) BYG 14 End, 11 Str (confirmed 24/12/2011) RBG 15 Aim, 10 End (confirmed 31/12/2011) RYG 8 End, 18 Will (confirmed 24/12/2011) Level 24 cubes Color Combination Statistic Boost RYY 19 Str, 24 End BYY 19 Aim, 24 End (31/12/2011 - Confirmed) GYY 14 End, 28 Cun RBB 16 End, 23 Will, 5 Crit (19/12/2011 - 24 End, 19 Will) YBB 11 Str, 24 End, 9 Def (24/12/2011 - 24 End, 19 Str) GBB 17 Aim, 22 End, 6 Crit (27/12/2011 - 28 Aim, 14 End) Level 32 cubes Color Combination Statistic Boost YRR 29 Str, 33 End (Confirmed 26/12/2011) BRR 33 End, 29 Will (Confirmed 31/12/2011) GRR 39 Aim, 23 End (Confirmed 25/12/2011) RGG 26 End, 23 Cun, 16 Crit YGG Bugged, gives YRR BGG 29 Aim, 33 End (Confirmed 30/12/2011) Level 50 cubes Force Users Color Combination Statistic Boost YYY 52 str, 60 End, 18 Def (Confirmed 23/12/2011) GGG 50 Str, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge RRR 58 Will, 50 End, 24 Crit (Confirmed 26/12/2011) BBB (possible bug) 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit Tech Users YYY 52 Aim, 60 End, 18 Def (confirmed 22/12/2011) GGG (possible bug) 50 Str, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge RRR 48 End, 72 Cun, 7 Crit (confirmed 26/12/2011) BBB 58 Aim, 50 End, 24 Crit (confirmed 27/12/2011) Credits: Outro Song : Our good ...
  • Super Bowl ***VIII Commercial - Shards O Glass Anti-Smoking advertisement comparing tobacco companies to a company that sells popsicles filled with shards of broken glass.
  • Coruscant Datacrons: Presence, Strength, Endurance, Cunning, Matrix Shard (SWTOR Datacron Series) Force Strategy Gaming presents: Coruscant Datacron Guide Join the Force SWTOR Guild! Force Strategy Gaming: Force Strategy Gaming Your premier location for strategies and tutorials to the games you love! Intro by Zach Booth Music by: The Secession Studios
  • London Bridge Shard--Britain's tallest building Shard London Bridge, previously known as London Bridge Tower, and also known as the Shard of Glass, 32 London Bridge and The Shard, is a skyscraper under construction in Southwark, London, United Kingdom. When completed in 2012, it will be the tallest building in the European Union. It will be used for offices, residential apartments and a hotel. The tower will stand 1017 ft (310 m) tall and have 72 floors, plus 15 further radiator floors in the roof. The building has been designed with an irregular triangular shape from the base to the top. It will be clad entirely in glass. The viewing gallery and open-air observation deck will be on the top (72nd) floor. The building replaces Southwark Towers, a 24-storey office building of 1976. Renzo Piano, the building's architect, worked together with architectural firm Broadway Malyan during the planning stage of the project.

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  • “Photo Blog. 2010. Pitlochry, Scotland. Petersham Show. Gigs at Half Moon. BUPA 10K. I'm a External Links. Contact. All images copyright © Matthew Shard 2010”
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