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  • Please note, at this time, not all settings are currently available from this page. All settings can be accessed and edited from the Edit menu on your AIM Buddy List® window. — “Web Settings”,
  • Dear Valued AOL Member: You don't write, you don't call. You should update your member contact info at My Settings so we can better keep in touch. Yours in servitude, Team AOL. P.S. We like what you've done with your hair. — “AOL Settings”,
  • Hoover and Strong is an eco-friendly refiner and manufacturer of precious metals. We offer many products and services that fall under our Harmony brand, including loose diamonds, bridal jewelry, findings, mill products, custom casting, and The best settings on the market are now under one roof!. — “Ring Settings, Engagement Ring Settings, Diamond Ring”,
  • Settings Manager. This information applies to Adobe Flash Player on desktop and notebook set privacy and disk space options in my browser, do I need to do it. — “Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager”,
  • Learn about Xp Factory Settings on . Find info and videos including: How to Restore XP to Factory Settings, How to Restore Factory Settings on an XP Partition, How to Reboot Windows XP to Factory Settings and much more. — “Xp Factory Settings - ”,
  • Ask questions, give answers and learn more about your friends. Click here to set a password instead. Email Address. Birthday. Will not be displayed on your profile. (Why do you need my birthday?) Formspring requires all users to provide their real date of birth, but it is used for internal purposes only. — “Formspring”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Settings (New Ep Platinum on itunes NOW!!). Download Settings (New Ep Platinum on itunes NOW!!) Rock / Electronica / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Settings (New Ep Platinum on. — “Settings (New Ep Platinum on itunes NOW!!) on Myspace Music”,
  • Account Settings is a dialog where you can configure settings for your accounts. Select the account itself in the folder pane, and in the main pane click the link: "View settings for this account". — “Account settings - MozillaZine Knowledge Base”,
  • English (United States) Settings saved successfully; you're good to go. Take the tour New look for the Back, Forward, Home and Refresh buttons. Favorites. — “Customize Your Settings”,
  • Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now. — “Twitter”,
  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the. — “Login | Facebook”,
  • Find the perfect setting to fit your favorite gemstones. and jewelry television wants to offer you the perfect setting for all of your precious gemstones. Shop beautiful semi-mounts, settings and castings to get your completed look. From. — “Settings, Castings, Semi-Mounts, Gemstone Settings - ”,
  • Oval Wire Settings. 18K or Platinum Round Wire Settings. Emerald Settings. Marquise Tiffanies/Peg Settings. Round Settings. Round Tiffanies/Peg Settings. Round Tiffanies/Peg Settings. 6 Prong Tall Peg Setting. Oval Wire Settings. Round Tiffanies/Peg Settings. Marquise Tiffanies/Peg Settings. — “Settings”,
  • System Settings is a KDE application which is used configure the system under KDE 4. It replaces KDE 3's KControl. It has two main tabs: the 'general' tab contains the most common user settings, and the 'advanced' tab contains tools for refined system administration. — “System Settings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • diamond settings at discount price. Browse our diamond settings selections you will be glad that you did. — “Diamond settings”,

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  • HTC Desire Settings Here's a look at all of the settings you can change on the HTC Desire
  • Digital Camera- ISO settings How to make the most of the ISO settings on your digital camera
  • Bioshock 2 PC Gameplay [HD] Maximum Settings! Finally Bioshock 2 is out! The engine seems exactly the same as the first Bioshock game so the performance is very good. Recorded with Fraps with an average of 40fps, without fraps it was 60+.
  • High Quality HD Small file size render settings Sony Vegas Tutorial This video is 51 MB As requested in comments on my last Sony Vegas video tutorial, here are the render settings that I use. They produce HD (high definition) video output but with very small file sizes. This tutorial shows you how and shows the length of time to render a 1 minute HD clip and it's file sizse in 2 formats 1080 and 720. Remember render times will vary significantly depending on your processor speed, ram and the number of video/audio tracks and fx being rendered. I use a HP laptop AMD x2 Turion 64 processors 4 gb ram and Vista Operating system I edit in Sony Vegas 8 Pro fully licensed (paid for!) Screen Capture - Camstudio (free)
  • BEST HD RENDER SETTINGS SONY VEGAS 9 & 10 This is the BEST quality you can get for your call of duty, etc clips. The files do take a long time to finish render but its amazing quality. IGNORE: : Modern Warfare 2 mw2 gameplay match team death match freeforall gamer mw2 wapons glitches glitch new quick joe HD ClutchLikeMelohd...
  • Fender Super Champ XD review of Voice settings By Don Anderson, Guitarist and Amp Guru Fender super champ XD modeling Solo lead guitar strat Fender Super Champ XD review of Voice setting Don Anderson, Guitarist and Amp Guru
  • Sony Vegas HD PVR Render Settings and Colour Correction Settings Thank you all for 300 subs! This is the HD quality and colour correction tutorial in sony vegas 9 I promised, to get great quality for your HD PVR with a low sized file. Below are the numbers for the sections of FX you add to your video and the render settings in case you werent able to see them in the video, watch the full thing and please rate and favourite it! And keep subbing! Any issues just comment, also make a quality test and post it as a video response as well. COLOUR CORRECTION -Brightness & Contrast- Brightness: 0.00 Contrast: 0.38 Contrast Centre: 0.50 -Colour Corrector (Secondary)- Rotate Hue: 0.0 Saturation: 2.068 Gamma: 1.000 Gain: 1.000 Offset: 0.0 Alpha: 1.000 (Tick Limit Saturation) Low: 0.0 High: 162.0 Smooth: 0.0 (Tick Limit Hue) Centre: 180.0 Width: 360.0 Smooth: 0.0 (Tick Limit Luminance) Low: 0.0 High: 255.0 Smooth: 0.0 -Sharpen- Amount: 0.134 RENDER SETTINGS Save as Type: Windows Media Video V11 (*.wmv) Template: 6 Mbps HD 720-30p Video -Custom- Video Smoothness: 100% Video Rendering Quality: Best People Who Helped Get The Last Few Subs:
  • Camera Settings in Photography By now, you already know the basics: ISO, shutter speed, aperture and how they affect each other. In this free video, Taylor Gahm—whose work has been featured in high-profile, entertainment publications like Alternative Press ()—offers his insights for maximizing these basic settings to their full, epic potential.
  • After Effects Professional Colour Correction Tutorial / Settings (COD: BlackOps) - AcrezHD In this After Effects tutorial i show to add professional Colour Correction to your COD: Black Ops footage using an external plug-in for after effects called Magic Bullet: Looks Builder. Let me know if you would like to see more Colour Correction tutorials by leaving your feedback in the comments box below. Programs and Equipment Used: Adobe After Effects Final Cut Express Screenflow Hauppauge HD PVR Extra Tags: Adobe After Effects Professional Colour Corecction Tutorial Magic Bullet Looks Builder COD COD7 Call Of Duty Black Ops Editing Tutorial Adobe After Effects lens Flare Knoll Light Factory Activision Trearch Machinimarespawn Emblem Editor Ideas Speed Art Montage AcrezHD Tutorials acrezhd
  • Super HD Quality Settings TUTORIAL (HD PVR + Sony Vegas Pro) How to get awesome quality for YouTube! Check out another example of this quality!
  • Boss GT-8 Important Settings Tutorial Very important basic settings for your Boss Gt-8
  • HD Widescreen Settings for YouTube (Hit More Info) These settings where designed with Sony Vegas Pro 8, but they should work fine with Premiere, Ulead, and iMovie. The most important factor to getting that HD button your videos in the resolution. AS LONG AS THE VIDEO IS EXPORTED AT 1280x720, YOU WILL GET THAT WATCH IN HD LINK!!!! You can also change the setting to CBR rather than Quality VBR. However, if you are going to use CBR, make sure that under the bitrate tab, you change it to 6M. Some important notes.... • You DO NOT need an HD camera to have HD videos on YouTube. • You DO NOT need an HD monitor to view HD videos on YouTube. • You DO NEED a decent video editing program, this will not work with Movie Maker. • Setting the resolution to anything under 1280x720 WILL NOT give you HD. • You CAN have a 4:3 HD video. • You CAN have a 16:9 HQ video. • When you upload the video, it takes up to 30 minutes for the HD button to appear. So when you upload the video, don't panic if the button is not there immediately after upload. Wait up to 30 minutes before you start complaining. Why does it take so long for HD videos to load on YouTube? That's your internet connection, if you don't have a good ISP it will take long to load HD videos. Why does it take so long for HD videos to render? Its an HD video. HD naturally takes long to render. A faster computer will render videos quicker. ie. More RAM, better and faster processor, and a larger hard drive. Just how good is the compression? Well this video is 8:41 long ...
  • Smart Parts Ion Stock Board Settings So you guys finally convinced me to do this. Yes i am aware there is already a couple videos of this and im sorry for stealing your idea. I have just been asked an uncountable amount of times to do this, so here it is. Going along with the video: Dwell- The time the bolt stays forward during the cycle of the gun. On the stock board is measured in blips, But on most other boards/guns it is measured in Miliseconds. Recharge- Just a limit basically on how fast the gun will cycle. **NEW** How to Optimize your dwell setting** Lower your dwell to where your gun wont fully cycle. Then raise it until it will fully cycle. Then get some paint and shoot over a crono. Keep raising the dwell until the fps stops rising. Then lower 2 blips or so. This is your optimal dwell setting. Any questions please message me or visit this website which has all the info you will ever need.
  • Tig Welder Reviews - Inverter Tig Welder Settings Basic Inverter Tig Welder Settings for tig welding steel and aluminum. for Steel use DCEN and for aluminum use AC alternating current. But there are a lot more settings to learn on an inverter tig welder. What about start amps, end amps, upslope, downslope, pulse, preflow, postflow, and what amperage works best?
  • Aliens vs. Predator - PC Demo Gameplay Max Settings [HD Enabled] Sample gameplay from the Aliens vs. Predator PC demo. Game at 1920x1200, 16xAF, VSync Off, all settings at maximum possible. Shown is multiplayer gameplay first as human Marine, then as Predator, then as Alien. This is not a skills video, it was made shortly after I downloaded the demo on the day of its release, and is designed simply to demonstrate various types of gameplay. System specs: .
  • Easycap High Quality Settings Tutorial
  • My Sony vegas Render Settings These were on my HazeyBeans channel but I'm gonna put them here for you guys as I get messages everyday asking for them. If you wanna see what it looks like just check any of my recent videos :)
  • HTC HD2: Settings In this video we take a look at all of the Settings that you can change on the HTC HD2
  • Black Ops: Awesome Sniping Private Match - Settings Get on my emblem level.
  • John Petrucci -- Mark V -- Settings and Tone Tips (Part 2) John Petrucci discusses the philosophy behind his Mark Five settings and demonstrates the tones used in Dream Theater. Recorded in Petaluma, CA at Mesa/Boogie - June, 2010. Part 2 details Mark V channel 3 settings with playing examples.
  • Canon EOS 450D Rebel XSi - Setting a Custom White Balance There are eight different white balance settings on the XSi, but only custom white balance give you the most accurate settings, based on exactly the light under which you are currently shooting, from the Magic Lantern DVD Guide to the Canon XSi
  • F1 2010 - PC Gameplay - Max Settings (ULTRA) - Career race on Kuala Lumpur Gameplay from F1 2010. PC version on maxed settings (ULTRA). Any lag or "chugging" you see is Fraps not the game. This game was just released in the US. I'm only a couple races into my Career mode. The garage is shown before race, various camera angles, flashback and a pit stop. Its more of a preview and demonstration of some options you have in game for those looking to get it or just want to see it in action. Please feel free to rate comment and subscribe! Recorded with Fraps. 2x compressed by Any Video Converter and YouTube My PC Specs: Make: Alienware Model: Area-51 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 930 Quad Core Processor (2.8GHz, 8MB Cache) Unclocked Number of cores 4 Number of threads 8 Memory: 6 GB RAM Video Card: Dual 1GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon™ HD 5770 CrossfireX™ Enabled Operating System: Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit Motherboard: AlienwareTM Approved Intel® X58 ATX Chipset: Intel® X58 Express Chipset Internal Audio: SoundBlaster X-FI Titanium Song: "So Far Out to Sea" by Chicane from the album Giants
  • Halo 3 Female Setting Buddy and his friends find out what the female setting actually does in Halo 3.
  • Facebook privacy settings: What you need to know Facebook is making major changes to its privacy settings - giving you the opportunity to share your personal information with "everyone" on the internet. But is that wise? More information at If you're on Facebook you should join the Sophos Facebook page to be kept up to date on the latest threats:
  • F1 2010 Review for PS3 - Wheel Settings - PS3 Buttkicker Setup sponsored by Simraceway presents Episode 83 sponsored by http In this Episode we check out the PS3 version of F1 2010 by Codemasters. We don't "Shibami" it, but do go in depth and test it with 7 different wheels and tell you how we set them up in game and we show you how to set up a buttkicker if you are using an HDMI cable for your video/audio. We also show you what "Living the Life" is all about in the F1 2010 career mode. After that we tell you how we feel about this new title with Pros and Cons and "The Revs Scale" Next month we will put all 3 versions of F1 2010 (PC, XBox 360 and PS3) on the Shibami and see how it fairs online. Hope you enjoy the show ! Check out our sponsors @ http http
  • T-Mobile USA MMS / Internet Settings 3g 2g 3.0 Firmware Software 4.26.08 Here are the steps for setting up your iPhone for T-Mobiles Internet service for T-Mobile USA Internet Settings: 1. APN: MMS (Picture Messaging): MMS APN: Username: [Leave blank] Password: [Leave blank] MMSC: Proxy: These are true working settings , tested and given to me directly. Make sure Data roaming is on and 3g is turned to off. Subscribe to see more Iphone videos. Follow me on twitter: Follow me on blogger: mikesho2000 Sponsored by: - make money at home
  • John Petrucci -- Mark V -- Settings and Tone Tips (Part 1) John Petrucci discusses the philosophy behind his Mark V settings and demonstrates the tones used in Dream Theater. Recorded in Petaluma, CA at Mesa/Boogie - June, 2010. Part 1 details Mark V channels 1 and 2 settings with playing examples.
  • Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 47: Understanding Camera Settings Get the spreadsheet here: Pre-set modes like "Sports" and "Night Portrait" make it easy for us to just point and shoot. If you're new to photography, two of the most important things to learn are aperture and shutter speed settings as these will give you a lot of creative control. If you're not sure what settings to use Mark has an easy to follow spreadsheet to help you determine the right settings. Get the spreadsheet here:
  • HDSLR 101 #4: Setting up your HDSLR for shooting video Download the entire HDSLR 101 series plus a BONUS EPISODE on our store site: Find more training resources on our website: Join our Facebook community Follow us on Twitter In episode 4 of HDSLR 101 we discuss how to get your camera ready to shoot video. Getting the right memory cards, batteries and settings.
  • Reservoir Dogs Maxed Settings PC Gameplay Part 1 [HD] Info: Publisher: Eidos Interactive Developed by: Volatile Games / SCi Entertainment Group Genre: Action Release Date: October 24, 2006 (US) M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language Also Available On: XBOX, PlayStation 2
  • Tig Welding Settings Part 2 - Everlast Powertig 250EX Welder Tig Welding Settings using an Everlast PowerTig 250EX. AC balance is another tool to use when tig welding aluminum. Sometimes you need more cleaning action from the arc, sometimes you need less. All this is explained at the
  • Settings - Keep me safe Photo credit - Adam Elmakias Lyrics: verse 1 So tell me whats the point of taking you on? Its safe to say that you are everything I'm not. Our situation leaves me bruised and broken But old temptations keep on sucking me in. You're my medication, my spark for creation, My sole inspiration for the obvious reasons. The reason why I cant hold back any longer You're a monster, you're a monster chorus I know, I know This time I'll make it on my own So here I go, On a search for something more Something else worth fighting for. [x2] verse 2 You know you know you've got a hold on me You're wrapped around my world so inconspicuously This situations left me bruised and broken Bound by the upper hand over and over again. So pardon me for this interjection But your intensional deception Is the last thing that i need In fact, its killing me, its killing me
  • Settings - Creatures Settings - Creatures music video
  • Render Settings Tutorial - Hauppauge HD PVR + Sony Vegas 8.0 Here is a video tutorial on how to get the same render settings that I use in my youtube videos. It has taken me quite a long time and alot of practice to find the best settings for youtube with the Hauppauge but I'm pretty confident this is it. These settings are great for COD4 but could be played about with a little for different file types. It's all about trying to get as close to the original filetype as possible as the original files the PVR records are amazing quality. Much better then could be shown on youtube. You can render at better quality then this with the Hauppauge and Vegas but this is speciffically for uploading to youtube.
  • Jesse fixes that damn red video settings bar! Jesse enters the world of warcraft cataclysm and does his magic... by which he means he stole someone elses idea! But it works! And I maanged to "correct" the graphics problem I've been having for the last few weeks.
  • HOWTO: Maximize Facebook Privacy Facebook recently changed their privacy settings in response to criticism from EFF and privacy-conscious users. The purpose of this video is to show you how to get the most privacy out of these new settings.
  • NBA 2K11 Strategy Session: Volume 1 - Defensive Settings Make sure you subscribe, to get the latest sports video game videos. For more sports gaming news, find us at "LIKE" us on Facebook http and follow us on Twitter
  • Medal of Honor - Maximum Settings 1920x1080 "2010 beta gameplay" [1080p] Medal of Honor beta, started 17 for thsoe with bc2, 21 for them without. Preorder or get the key someway else then go to and enter you key, to get your "ingame key".
  • Mafia 2 - PC Gameplay Max Settings, PhysX Max [Full HD] Some basic gameplay from Mafia 2 PC, exploring the somewhat limited game world in the demo version and showing a range of features. Running at maximum possible settings, including AA On and 16x Anisotropic Filtering. PhysX has also been set to Maximum, hence all PhysX-related effects are enabled - explosions, shattered glass and smoke contain more particles/fragments, and clothing moves around more realistically. My framerates with these settings are usually around 25-35FPS - though recording with FRAPS has reduced FPS by a further 20% for this video. System specs: .
  • Cubase 5 Pitch correct settings for T-Pain style (Autotune) You can purchase Cubase 5 here. This is a short clip on how to set up the pitch correct software in Cubase 5 to sound like the autune t-pain style setting. and also shows you how to control the vocals with MIDI. Enjoy!

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