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  • session_id — Get and/or set the current session id. session_is_registered — Find out whether a global variable is registered in a session. session_module_name — Get and/or set the current session module. session_name — Get and/or set the current session name. — “PHP: Sessions - Manual”,
  • Session Manager, changelog, new features, changes, news, fixes, bugfixes · Session Manager 0.6.9 had a bug when reading sessions in certain cases where it wasn't converting the OS newline character to the internally used. — “Session Manager - Changelog - Softpedia”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of SESSION. 1 : a meeting or series of meetings of a body (as a court or legislature) for the transaction of business 2. — “Session - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Session definition, the sitting together of a court, council, legislature, or the like, for conference or the transaction of business: See more. — “Session | Define Session at ”,
  • session n. A meeting of a legislative or judicial body for the purpose of transacting business. A series of such meetings. — “session: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • A Session object stores information about, or change settings for a user session. This is much like a Session. The computer knows who you are. It knows when you open the application and when you close it. However, on the internet there is one problem: the web server does not know who you. — “ASP Session object”, w3
  • Definition of session in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of session. Pronunciation of session. Translations of session. session synonyms, session antonyms. Information about session in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. jam. — “session - definition of session by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of session in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is session? Meaning of session as a legal term. What does session mean in law?. — “session legal definition of session. session synonyms by the”, legal-
  • The Session Law Firm, specializing in Environmental Law including Contamination of Federal Facilities, Base Closure & Realignment Commission, Formerly Utilized Defense Sites, Military Munitions Sites, Corporate Due Diligence, Environmental. — “The Session Law Firm : Innovation in Environmental Law”,
  • Learn about Session on . Find info and videos including: How to Have a Jam Session, How to Stop the X Session, What Is a Reiki Session? and much more. — “Session - ”,
  • Session in ASP. ASP Sessions Session variable store information about, or change settings for a user session The Session object. — “Session in ASP | ASP Tutorial | Free ASP Tutorial | Learn ASP”,
  • ASP session object & session ID to pass user information to different pages. Where to use session and where not to use. — “ASP Session object and session ID: where to use and Load on”, plus2
  • Designers of skateboard and snowboard outerwear and clothing, and alternative music mail order products. — “Sessions”,
  • Session (computer science), also known as a communication session, is a semi-permanent interactive information exchange between communicating devices that is established at a certain time Web session (HTTP sessions), using session cookies and web server session management, can be either client. — “Session - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of session from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of session. Pronunciation of session. Definition of the word session. Origin of the word session. — “session - Definition of session at ”,
  • Session State Management This article discusses how we can maintain Session states in with simple code examples. — “Session State Management :: DotNetJohn”,
  • But the primary object one works with when using the ORM is the Session. In the most general sense, the Session establishes all conversations with the database and represents a "holding zone" for all. — “Using the Session — SQLAlchemy 0.5.8 Documentation”,
  • n this lesson you will learn how to develop Hello World Session Bean. We will use ant to build the application. Our application will be deployed on the Web Logic Application for testing. — “Writing Session bean - Session Bean Example with Source Code”,
  • 9 Destroy Sessions on Logout. 9.1 Destroying sessions on logout using Associating Session Information with SSL information. 14 Ensuring That Session Re-writing. — “Session Management - OWASP”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of SESSION. Get exclusive content and interact with SESSION right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “SESSION | Facebook”,
  • Knowing that, web servers are employing techniques for protecting session In a session fixation attack, the attacker fixes the user's session ID before the. — “Session Fixation Vulnerability in Web-based Applications”,

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  • Virtual Makeout Session! (4.24.10 - Day 359) Follow me on - Next Friday I'll pick 5 (or more) random followers and give you a free CTFxC Is For Haters hoodies! :) Note: This is worldwide! If you have an an address to ship a hoodie to - you can "play" haha I ordered too many so I have extra!! I'll put the rest on after the contest for anyone who wasn't able to get them last time I WILL PICK THE WINNERS MAY 1, 2010!!! :) download our FREE iPhone/iPod app @ Our Website & Shirts: watch our new video, Dog Squirrel Chasing A Squirrel *****FOLLOW US ON***** Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Dailybooth: Blippy: ***********************************
  • BABY MAKE OUT SESSION! TODAYS INTRO BY! OUR WEBSITE Be my Book Facer friend! http Subscribe to my iPhone channel for quick live updates. OUR TWEETS Shay Katilette
  • Victor Kim (QUEST CREW) - Studio Session hope you enjoy ! (some of the footage is from nigahiga's "best dance crew" video :] ) twitter @victorQUEST beat by victor kim (garageband) any (booking) inquiries: [email protected] thanks for subscribing :]
  • Desert Sessions - I Wanna make it Wit Chu (Live) Qotsa's Josh Homme's "Desert Sessions" With PJ Harvey - I Wanna make it Wit Chu - Live
  • Damien Rice - Delicate ([email protected]) The official video for Damien Rice's song "Delicate" from his album O.
  • 2100 HP Turbo Dyno Session Steve Morris Racing Engines Built 509 with twin turbos.
  • Physics 10 - Lecture 08: Review Session Physics 10: Physics for Future Presidents. Spring 2006. Professor Richard A. Muller. The most interesting and important topics in physics, stressing conceptual understanding rather than math, with applications to current events. Topics covered may vary and may include energy and conservation, radioactivity, nuclear physics, the Theory of Relativity, lasers, explosions, earthquakes, superconductors, and quantum physics. [courses] [physics10] [spring2006] Credits: lecturer:Professor Richard A. Muller, producers:Educational Technology Services
  • Little Joy - Unattainable (DUMBO Session West) This is the second installment of the DUMBO Session that Little Joy recorded in October in Los Angeles. Filmed and recorded by Thunderbird. Visit
  • SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS "Crush" Soil & "Pimp" Sessions "Crush"
  • Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page (Bookshop Sessions) White Blank Page, taken from Mumford and Sons' acoustic bookshop session. Buy the album, 'Sigh No More', here:
  • John Butler - Ocean (Max Sessions) One of the most amazing guitar solos. He performs this one different every time, but this one is a favorite of many of his fans. If you like it, then go to and check out his albums. Enjoy! (This video WAS previously submitted to YouTube, but the submitter had trouble with getting the audio and video to sync up correctly. I didn't have this problem, so I figured I'd submit it myself.) For those wanting to own this video, go to and buy it. It comes with John Butler's best live recording and the DVD containing this video along with a few others, and it's only $15. I will no longer be giving this video out to people who ask for it, so please buy the CD instead. Thanks.
  • James Stewart heli shoot and backyard riding session James recently did a shoot for the 2010 Answer Racing catalog shoot at his riding compound in Haines City, Florida and we were there to capture all the action. Sun up to sun down, James twisted throttle like a mad man and produced some killer video. Who else does this stuff in their backyard? Nobody. where Segways roam free.
  • A Whole New World Recording Session Brad Kane and Lea Salonga record "A Whole New World" for the Disney animated motion picture Aladdin.
  • BMX | Simpel Session 2010 Quali Highlights Bmx qualifications for the Simpel Session 2010's final. .:High definition:. Thank's alot to :
  • Air Up There's CRAZY TFB Dunk Session; Insane 360 Dunk At The End!!! Here is Air Up There doing a dunk session down in Florida for Team Flight Brothers. On one of his first dunks he cut his hand open but kept going on.
  • The Flashbulb - Autumn Insomnia Session
  • World's Largest Traditional Irish Music Session The extraordinary scene and the music in O'Connor Square, Tullamore at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2007 when 2700 musicians converged to establish a World Record for the largest session. Here we have a variety of traditional Irish music played by musicians of many nationalities, followed by the reaction of Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú, Director-General of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. More info and videos at
  • Cereal Mascot Therapy Session Your favorite characters learn to think outside the back of the box. See more at Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: CH Facebook Fan Page: Watch this on CHTV and view credits at
  • Open Happiness - Studio Session Performed by Cee-lo Green, Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, and Janelle Monae! More at The "Open Happiness" single is available on Itunes today! Lyrics- VERSE ONE ahhh..ohhh Well hello is this thing on Is anybody listening A brand new day has begun The first thing that I want do Make sure that you feel it too So Im not the only one CHORUS Cmon lift me up (its a brand new day) Open up a lil happiness today So I can be someone new Cmon and lift me up (to a better way) Open up a smile on another face So I can (feel something new) Open up some happiness Open up some happiness Open up some happiness VERSE TWO Ahem*Ahem* let me clear my throat So you can hear clearly every word spoke Today I woke feeling lovely Happiness overflowin knowin somebody loves me Just think yesterday I was down and out Now there's not a single thing for me to frown about And the same thing can happen to you Smiling so hard my mouth look like a capital U VERSE THREE I want the sun to shine All the time Is that too much to ask Oh, I want to have some fun I want all my friends to come Cause its now or never Learn the words and sing together CHORUS REPEAT Cmon lift me up (its a brand new day) Open up a lil happiness today So I can be someone new Cmon and lift me up (to a better way) Open up a smile on another face So I can (feel something new) Open up some happiness Open up some happiness Open up some happiness BRIDGE Your heart deserves your trust A ...
  • The Morning Benders - Excuses (Yours Truly session) The Morning Benders, joined by an array of friends and San Francisco music found-abouts, perform the standout "Excuses" from the upcoming album "Big Echo" ( out March 9th on Rough Trade. Produced and directed by Yours Truly. Visit for more.
  • Linkin Park - Session Linkin Park- Session Edit: Wow, more than 50.000 views, thanks for watching.
  • Bruno Mars - "Grenade" (Studio Session) LIVE!!! Bruno Mars performs "Grenade" in this extended session of Billboard's Tastemakers series LIVE at Mophonics Studios NY.
  • Buckethead Jam Session Buckethead jam session from the DVD Young Buckethead visit the young buckethead page @
  • Santa Sessions I can't believe nobody's put this on the Tube yet. It's freaking genius. Especially if you've ever been in a VO session with a director like this one. Ho Ho Ho everybody.
  • Tori Amos - Cooling [Sessions at West 54th] This video is from a Tori Amos videos site and since the owner wants all people to see this, I decided to put it up here so other Toriphiles and non-Toriphiles would be able to enjoy it too. ^_^
  • Basia Bulat - "Gold Rush" (DUMBO Session) Visit to download a free MP3 of this song. The DUMBO Sessions continue with this intimate rendition of Basia Bulat's "Gold Rush" off of her forthcoming album "Heart Of My Own" to be released January 26th, 2010 on Rough Trade.
  • Tim Exile - PROMO - live in session on Rob Da Bank, BBC Radio 1 Some nicely chopped footage courtesy of Radio 1. This track, Promo is jammed around a loose riff. For once I'm not freakin' the hell out on the controls so much so you can kind of see and understand what the hell is going on... doing this in Maida Vale studio was kind of weird. I was literally playing to the cameramen in the live room. They stopped inviting the public a few years ago. It's the same studio where they recorded all the Peel session. RIP. We still miss you...
  • The ***og Session - N5 From Outer Space The second video-clip of The ***og Session, featuring Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky. The whole work will be released in October by This Is Music LTD
  • Whiteboard//Session: What is AJAX? AJAX, Asynchronous JAvascript and XML, is a term that is often misused, but fairly simple in practice. Marketers can understand AJAX and how it impacts the UX to deliver better content. More at
  • Dumbfoundead - Jam Session 2.0 FREE DOWNLOAD of this Jam Session 2.0 8 people with 5 instruments originally from 4 Continents speaking 3 languages for 1 song. Brian at CAIN MOSNI thought of a cool concept and coordinated a virtual "jam session" with musicians from all over the world! It's AMAZING what you can do nowadays! FREE DOWNLOAD of this Jam Session 2.0 Lyrics: Dumbfoundead A kid at the pawn shop just bought his first drum machine, From the slums, but them buttons will take him to another kingdom A woman humming in a kitchen in brazil, while 50 tenants listen by sticking there heads outside the window sill, this *** is real, hear the sounds across the land, no name brands, woman and man jam on pots and pans, a musician with lost dreams, sitting on concrete, playing his heart out on missing guitar strings, street performers for a quarter put on the show of there life, an emcee gets put on the spot rocks it and tears up the mic, the human instrument, reaching continents in long distances, no need for sophisticated systems for us to listen in, countries at war, expressing hate through there aggression. while two musicians on each side are having a jam session, whether both em know it or not, they are collaborating. You never know which way your music is navigating, Esna Sing your heart out let your soul be heard Move to the rhythm to the groove of the drum beats Chill to the lines disappear to the moment Fly away persuade all the madness Just bounce just sway ...
  • Kruder & Dorfmeister - Jazz Master [K&D Session] [edit 14.11.09] - the best dj´s in austria !!! ;)
  • Blonde Redhead - Here Sometimes (4AD Session) The first clip from Blonde Redhead's 4AD Session, "Here Sometimes" appears on the new album Penny Sparkle (pre-order here: out September 14th on 4AD. Stay tuned for more from the band's session at www.4 Directed by Anthony Mathile/Robert Semmer Full credits: Producer: Robert Semmer/Anthony Mathile Director: Anthony Mathile/Robert Semmer Editor: Anthony Mathile Camera: William Voermann/ Leland Malinski/Nora Tennessen Lighting: Jonah strauss Sound: Andrew Gerhan/ Jeff Kane Special Thanks: Integrated Studios, Shift Editorial, M SS NG P ECES
  • Mike Spinner BMX Park Jam Session Fresh off a Dew Tour victory this weekend in Portland, here is some sick footage of the man, the myth, Mike Spinner. Shot and edited by Justin K to the Osman.
  • Miley Cyrus - The Climb - AOL Music Sessions - HQ Miley Cyrus performing The Climb on AOL Music Sessions. PS. Don't even bother to comment on it if you're going to post bashful/lame comments about it, cause I will gladly delete them. ;)
  • Solid Sessions - Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix) Solid Sessions - Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren remix). 2001. Video & audio digitally remastered by DannyG 2007. For Bobečku...
  • One Take Sessions: "Dictionary" - Gabe Bondoc An original song about a wordy guy. Love, Gabe
  • Vader Sessions Torn by good & evil and an incestuous love affair, a lonely and depraved Darth Vader has a nervous breakdown. This is by far the FUNNIEST thing ever made this side of the Milky Way!! It was created entirely by using the true voice of Vader, Mr. James Earl Jones HIMSELF! Watch it love it live it! Spread the word...
  • Ray LaMontagne- Empty (BBC FOUR Session)
  • Session 9 Trailer Danvers Lunatic Asylum. Opened in 1855. Condemned in 1984. And for the men of the Hazmat Inc., it may become a nightmare come to life... Copyright USA Films, 2001 Courtesy of Movie-
  • Session 1: Emilie Simon Bedford Avenue Sessions Session 1: Emilie Simon Bedford Avenue Sessions Experimental Homemade Shows created in Emilie's apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Filming/Editing: Jamie Weddle

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