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  • A seizure is a sudden disruption of the brain's normal electrical activity, which can cause a loss of consciousness and make the body twitch and jerk. Although many people who have a seizure never have another one, people who have seizures over and over again have a condition called epilepsy. — “Seizures”,
  • Although seizures are a sign of Epilepsy, not all people who have seizures have Epilepsy. There are over 40 types of seizures, and we describe some of the ones you may encounter. — “Seizure Types”, 2
  • Seizures (or convulsions) are temporary alterations in brain functions due to abnormal electrical activity of a group of brain cells that present with apparent clinical symptoms and findings. — “Seizures - seizure information”,
  • Secondary seizures; Reactive seizures; Seizure - secondary; Seizure - reactive However, some seizures may be hard to notice because they consist of staring spells that can easily go unnoticed. — “Seizures”,
  • Read about seizure symptoms and types such as generalized, grand-mal, absence, myoclonic, clonic, tonic, atonic, and partial. Symptom listing is included in the information. — “Epilepsy: Types of Seizures and Their Symptoms - MedicineNet”,
  • Detailed information on epilepsy and seizures, including the different types of seizures, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. — “Seizures and Epilepsy”,
  • Explains seizures, and epilepsy which is a recurrent seizure disorder. Information about seizures. Physician-monitored, patient-friendly medical information. — “Epilepsy & Seizures Overview, Incidence of Epilepsy”,
  • Seizures are symptoms of a brain problem. They happen because of sudden, abnormal electrical activity in the brain. When people think of seizures, they often think of convulsions in which a person's body shakes rapidly and uncontrollably. Not all seizures cause convulsions. — “Seizures: MedlinePlus”,
  • Partial seizures may "generalize" to involve the whole body. PSYCHOMOTOR SEIZURES. This type of seizure is predominantly behavioral with the animal involuntarily howling, snapping, circling, etc. The abnormal behavior may be followed by a generalized seizure. — “Seizure Disorder”,
  • seizure n. The act or an instance of seizing or the condition of being seized. A sudden attack, spasm, or convulsion, as in epilepsy or another. — “seizure: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Seizures can occur in anyone, irrespective of gender and age. Let's take a look at different types of seizures and understand difference between seizure and epilepsy Different Types of Seizures. — “Different Types of Seizures”,
  • Seizures - Overview, A seizure is the physical findings or changes in b However, some seizures may be hard to notice because they consist of staring spells that can easily go unnoticed. — “Seizures - Overview”,
  • List of 2419 disease causes of Seizures, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Seizures, 316 drug side effect causes, 2676 drug interaction causes. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and. — “Seizures - ”,
  • Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain. Find out what you need to know about seizures and what to do if your child has one. — “Seizures”,
  • Learn about Seizures on . Find info and videos including: About Seizures, About Seizures, How to Respond to a Seizure and much more. — “Seizures - ”,
  • Free reference information from The NY Times on symptoms and their causes, home care, the doctor visit, exams and tests, as well as links to related news and features. Many types of seizures cause loss of awareness and some cause twitching or shaking of the body. — “Seizures - Symptoms, Causes, Tests - NY Times Health Information”,
  • Includes research updates for epilepsy. From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) For about 80 percent of those diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures can be controlled with modern medicines and surgical techniques. — “Seizures and Epilepsy: Hope Through Research - NINDS”,
  • Seizure types are organized according to whether the source of the seizure within the Partial seizures are further divided on the extent to which consciousness is affected. — “Epileptic seizure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Seizures and Epilepsy. What is a seizure? The brain is the center that controls and regulates all voluntary and involuntary responses in the body. It consists of nerve cells that normally communicate with each other through electrical activity. — “Seizures and Epilepsy - My Child Has - Children's Hospital Boston”,
  • A seizure is the physical findings or changes in behavior that occur after an episode of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. See also: Generalized tonic clonic seizure; Partial (focal) seizure; Petit mal (absence) seizure; Epilepsy; Fever. — “Seizures Information on Healthline”,

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  • absence seizure (petit mal) absence- This is Cameron aged 5 who has confirmed Petit Mal (Absence Seizures) . Please follow the link for information about Petit Mal.
  • Graphic Epileptic Seizure Footage If you wish to use this video for educational videos or teaching, we are already granting that permission here. THIS is the same video with no text: If you want to use it for mashups to make fun of her, well, you are sick and evil. Medical Marijuana License Holder, illustrator and co-author of Mommy's Funny Medicine has an epileptic seizure. Very graphic, very informative. This is not for fun, it is for education. Rude comments will be left on, to show people the kind of abuse we are often subjected to. another version of this footage, without text, can be found at Feel free to download, copy, or otherwise distribute this video - unchanged - for educational purposes. here are some tips on reducing seizures: here is what we tell everyone (but do your own research first, cross reference, ask around, talk to your doctor about this....) but this has been our experience..... Diet: no alcohol or sugar or white bread or gluten or salt NO EGGS!!!! for god's sake! lethicin and Choline can trigger seizures in people who are susceptible to them, and eggs have that or dairy of any kind or artificial sweeteners no carbonation no red meat (beef, venison, etc) NO bottled water no processed foods no energy drinks! no caffeine no tobacco when I mean no, i mean none at all. Not a little or cutting back - I mean none. at all. 40% of your diet should be fibre lots of: organic rice and legumes and fruits and veggies and filtered water and organic juices organic ...
  • Understanding Generalized Seizures (Epilepsy #4) Although generalized seizures are characterized by electrical activity throughout the brain, each is profoundly different.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:
  • OMFG SEIZURE TIME!!!! WARNING!!! DO NOT WATCH if you are prone to or have a history of seizures!!! If you do you are doing so at your own risk!!! ------------------------------------------- Lol, I couldn't sleep and I couldnt find a good movie to watch to go to sleep to, so I threw this together, took me about 20 or 30 minutes, enjoy! Honors #91 - Most Discussed (may28) - Film & Animation
  • Types of Seizures - Information on Epilepsy Find information on epilepsy, the different types of seizures including partial seizures and generalized seizures, and what causes epilepsy. For more information on various types of seizures visit:
  • Understanding Partial Seizures (Epilepsy #3) Partial seizures begin in a limited area of the brain, but each is profoundly different.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:
  • Battling Seizure Robots
  • Casey's Seizures Partial, Tonic Clonic seizure My ex partner is sleeping, and my warning starts in the kitchen. I get this type of seizure quite often most of the time in my sleep only. Starts off with a sort of odd feeling of air moving over my body and then into my arms. I get a feeling of feeling great for once my headache is gone and I am very pleasant feeling. I get a buzzing noise that starts out very quiet and makes its way to a louder buzzing with a pulsing effect. The Beeping you hear is my heart rate monitor telling me my heart rate is too high. when I am in seizure my heart rate jumps from 60 BPM to 174 BPM some times higher I am not sure if it is panic or not. My partner wakes up to me hitting the bed... As you can see I try to alert him before the major storm hits but am unable to speak. My meds where changed about two weeks before this and reactions and warnings also changed not sure why.
  • Febrile Seizure My son has his third seizure in 12 hours.
  • Absence Seizure The common symptoms of an absence seizure
  • Focal Seizure in Newborn Baby This is an example of a focal seizure in a 2-day-old infant. Notice that it affects only the left side of the body, and that the baby is breathing well, experiences no discoloration, loss of consciousness or apparent discomfort. We video taped it to show the ER doctors so that they would know she wasn't just having normal baby neurological weirdness. This particular seizure lasted about 2 minutes. This is one of three she had that day and is mild in comparison the the third one that we did not catch one tape. She has not had any definitive seizures since, but has had some "suspicious" activity. See comments for updates on her condition. For those unfamiliar with seizures, you cannot stop them, you can only gently hold the person suffering the convulsion and take care that they do not hurt themselves. We hope this video will help others know what this type of seizure looks like. Our local children's hospital uses it to train their staff. To see how Violet is doing at 6 months, see our other video. She is doing great! Update: At 10 months old (January of 2008), Violet is doing very well. She has had no other seizures since the ones she had her first few days of life. She is coming off of her medication. Most likely she will never have another seizure. Developmentally she is right on track and even getting ready to walk a little early! Update: At a year and a half (October of 2008) Violet is indeed walking, talking, singing, dancing, jumping and making her older sibling ...
  • Types of Seizures (Epilepsy #2) Seizures can take a variety of forms...Learn more in this video.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:
  • Complex Partial Seizure This is a complex partial seizure that did not respond to VNS activation. After about the first minute I activated her VNS, she seems to almost come out of it but the seizure starts again and lasts an additional 3 minutes. I had to stop the video and give her ativan in her g-tube to stop the seizure.
  • Seizures - First Aid Sample segment from Medical Emergencies DVD
  • Distemper Seizure This video talks about a seizure of my Dog Nara a weimaraner 5 months old who now is prescipted with Phenobarbital and Prednisone i hope this help her to have a normal life. Nara has Seizures because she was diagnosed with Canine Distemper Virus at the age of 3 months, she survived to the infection but unfortunately she has some neurological consequences like seizures and a litle myoclonus on her righ front leg,in spite of that nara has a normal life. Nara is a really loving dog and i would do anything to keep her ok. Update watch this vid :D
  • Is It a Seizure, or A Stroke? (Health Guru Video) Seizures can result from strokes. Learn more about the relationship between these two common conditions. More Epilepsy videos:
  • DEJA VU "simple" partial seizures depersonalisation? Hia, Just a little something different. I have suffered with a problem for 11 years now and have finally just found out more about it. I call it Deja vu brain blips. I would love for all of you who suffer this to video response me with your experience and thoughts on it. I dont think there is enough information on this and I assume there are loads of us out there living with it. Here is a link you may find helpful. On a lighter note.. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS, I NOW HAVE JUST OVER 4000.. And I am sincerely appreciative for every single one.
  • Understanding Febrile Seizures (Health Guru) An overview and discussion of febrile seizures, childhood seizures provoked by fevers. Check out more at
  • [email protected] AMV - Ichirin No Hana(MAJOR SEIZURE WARNING) PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION This amv was pretty fun to make. It was actually quite easy to make as well surprisingly. Took me around less then a week maybe? or maybe just a week, I guess this amv didn't really take much effort. Bloody youtube downgrades the quality like hell. I was inspired...
  • Epileptic Seizure This is a video of me having a partial seizure. I am 21 years old and have suffered from epilepsy since I was 5. However, this is the first of my seizures that I was ever able to see. When I was younger, I would always wake up after a seizure and ask what happened, my parents, doctors, teacher, and friends would never tell me much more that "You just had a little trouble." Senior year of high school I finally got my seizures under control with the help of a VNS stimulator and medication. For 2 ½ years I was seizure free until my junior year of college when I started to have cluster breakthrough seizures. My roommate (the one who filmed my seizure for me) started to describe to me what actually happened during my seizures; it was then that I asked him to film me. He has been there for me through some of my most serious seizures and I trust him with my life. If the title is offensive to anyone I am sorry but I found that the best way to keep my friends and others around me from "Freaking Out" and calling for an ambulance every time is to show them that I am comfortable with myself and the condition that I suffer from. In college this might mean making a little joke about yourself. Thanks -Eric
  • Movement Imitators of Seizures Conditions that imitate seizures can be grouped according to which aspect of seizure they mimic. This video takes a look at one category of seizure imitators that causes abnormal movements. Check out more at ?YT
  • Graphic Epileptic Seizure IF you want to use this footage for a school project, to teach, or any way re-use this footage, THIS is our permission slip to you with text - the same footage with NO text (this one)- spread it around. copy it. download it and burn it to disks and pass them out in the street. Disseminate!!! If you want to use the footage for an insulting mash-up - as some people already have - then you are a monster. Footage of a Graphic Epileptic Seizure, caught on tape, Jan, 2003. Author, illustrator, artist Christine Lowe introduces it.
  • Tonic-Clonic Seizures Information about tonic-clonic seizures. Exerpt from the video, "All About Epilepsy".
  • Seizure with fever in children Febrile Seizure in children Steven Pavlakis MD
  • PNES's: Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (Health Guru) General overview of PNES, or Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures. See more Epilepsy videos at
  • Series of Videos about Epilepsy Video 2: Classroom Absence Seizure. The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education in British Columbia:
  • Dog Seizures - Seizures in Dogs - veterinarian Sam Meisler DVM featured in a video segment on seizures in dogs, what causes dog seizures and how they are diagnosed. Feel free to post questions for Dr Sam on our website forums at http
  • Banned Seizure Inducing Pokemon Episode (Electric Soldier Porygon) CAUTION: WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS! Skip to 0:08 This episode of the original Pokemon anime series caused 685 kids in Japan to have seizures. This was known as the Pokémon Shock. After one airing, the episode was banned worldwide.
  • Ketogenic Diet Stops Seizures For Mayo Clinic Pediatric Epilepsy Patient Less than a year ago, four-year-old Max Irvine was having hundreds of seizures a day. Under the guidance of Mayo Clinic pediatric neurologist Elaine Wirrell, MD, Troy and Kristine Irvine took Max off all his epilepsy medications and relied on the ketogenic diet to inhibit his seizures. The day he took his last pill, he started to walk again. That evening he began talking again and Max has not had another seizure since that day. This video tells their story.
  • simple partial seizure seizure involve right side of body,first episode.child is conscious.
  • Niamh's Temporal Lobe Seizures Examples of Complex Partial Seizures in baby Niamh originating from the Temporal Lobes.
  • Psychological Imitators of Seizures (Health Guru) This video reviews a number of psychological conditions that are sometimes confused for epilepsy. Of the various medical conditions that mimic aspects of a seizure, these psychological conditions can be the most difficult to distinguish from epilepsy. Check out more Epilepsy Information at
  • Jett Travolta, Seizures, Psych Meds, and Scientology - A Public Service Message RIP Jett Travolta - 1992 to 2009 (Age 16). Anonymous condolences to the Travolta family, and a short social education piece about seizures, the beliefs of Scientology, and psychiatric / anti-seizure medication. ----- TRANSCRIPT ------ It is with deep sadness that Anonymous notes the death of Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, reportedly as the result of a seizure. We extend our condolences to the family and friends, and to everybody whose life was touched by Jett. We shall not intrude upon your time of grief. Ladies and gentlemen of the press - people of the Internet, and of the world! While we caution you against drawing ugly conclusions about this very sad situation on the basis of insufficient evidence, as a result of speculation in the press, Anonymous websites have received many tens of thousands of views since news of the child's death was released. Website guests, apparently searching for information about Travolta's belief in Scientology, and perhaps for a more complete understanding of the organization's attitude of disbelief in the existence of disorders such as autism and epilepsy, have made clear the need for Anonymous to publish this bulletin, if only to answer some of these questions. A seizure is a sudden disruption of the brain's normal electrical activity accompanied by altered consciousness and/or, other neurological and behavioral manifestations. For example, epilepsy is a condition characterized by recurrent seizures that may ...
  • Absence Seizure My six year old daughter having an absence seizure
  • Examples of Absence Seizures Several examples of absence seizures in child with EEG confirmed diangosis. (Previously known as Petit Mal Seizures.)
  • Infantile spasms infant seizures IF your baby is doing something similar to this, calmly turn off your computer pack a day bag and go to the nearest children's hospital's emergency room, even if it is hours away, and tell them your chld is having some sort of seizure and have your child admitted thru the emergency room. Do not go to your local hospital or pediatrician or try to set an appointment with a neurologist as this will delay treatment. You need a child neurologist and this is the best, quickest way to get proper diagnosis and immediate treatment. It is potentially very serious and early intervention is critical. Emma had infantile spasms which is a form of epilepsy and fortunately has recovered completely. good luck and please let me know the outcome!
  • Seizure Imitators Overview Seizures can be scary, but they are often manageable once diagnosed, however, what if what you are experiencing isnt really a seizure? This video presents an overview of seizure imitators. Check out more at ?YT
  • Me having a seizure. Please visit my informational seizure website at where you'll find FAQs, information on how to donate to seizure relief, a place to ask questions, seizure stories and more. I'll continue to grow this site as I have time. Thanks for your interest. Please also visit pennies2 to learn more about the project I've started to help with seizure research/relief.
  • Complex Partial Seizure What a common complex partial seizure would look like
  • My grand mal seizure - October 3, 2007 I've posted this in honor of my ignorant Bible-thumping coworker who believes seizures can sometimes be caused by demons. This is from one of my three, week-long Video EEG monitoring tests. This seizure ripped the shirt into shreds on the lower right side. I remember thru 1:20 then the next thing I remember is 4:30. May 2, 2007 - first surgery (right hippocampus removal and partial amygdala removal) Dec 10, 2007 - second surgery (intracranial EEG grid placement) Dec 17, 2007 - third surgery (grid removal, anterior right temporal lobectomy, and more of the amygdala scraped away) --------- Thanks, everyone, for commenting! :) I'll begin by saying, I am very PLEASED with the way the nurses handled this situation. This is a testing and recovery ward specifically set aside for people with epilepsy. I was on this ward for a total of one month during my treatment: three of these tests and recovery from three surgeries. I'm familiar with, and like, everyone in this video. The first woman in the video is a SITTER, not a nurse. She's an untrained person only there to alert the nurses to a seizure should I be unable to. It is required to have someone else in the room 24hrs a day during the test to alert the nurses should I have a problem. I had no family available for the duration, so the hospital provided a sitter. Sitters work on many wards for many many reasons. My family knows no more than she does.

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