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  • Nonprofit effort to organize some widely scattered information relevant to sculptors. — “Web Directory: ”,
  • Sculptors and sculptures information at 'Sculptors Org' - presents the sculpture and its sculptor - site specific and environmental art - land art - beelden van beeldhouwers en vormgevers - omgevingskunst - beeldende vormgeving en ontwerpers van. — “Sculptors SCULPTURES - sculpture and sculptor - site specific”,
  • sculptor n. One who produces sculptural artwork. One who shapes, molds, or fashions especially with artistry or precision. — “sculptor: Definition from ”,
  • Sculptor definition, a person who practices the art of sculpture. sculptor - 3 dictionary results. Sculptor. All About Sculptor Sculptor in One Site! /Sculptor. Free Toolbar. — “Sculptor | Define Sculptor at ”,
  • Today in Sculptor History. Important events, famous birthdays and historical deaths from our searchable today in history archives. — “Today in Sculptor History”,
  • Sculptor is one of the modern constellations in the Southern Hemisphere named in 1752 by Abbe Nicholas Louis de Lacaille. Thus when viewing Sculptor we are looking at right angles to the Milky Way and deep into space, unobscured by stars or gas. — “Sculptor”,
  • This constellation, originally L'Atelier du Sculpteur, the sculptor's workshop was formed by Lacaille in 1752 from a group of inconspicuous stars between Cetus and Phoenix to fill in the Southern hemisphere. Sculptor contains the faint "Cartwheel" galaxy, a minute ring galaxy. — “Sculptor, a Constellation for November”, .nz
  • Figure sculpture, mythofigurative, figurative and portrait sculpture by Rod Patterson ArtUetile: "Figure sculptor Rod Patterson gives a vibrant and dynamic presence to what he refers to as his "Mythofigurative sculptures" He has mastered a difficult art with flare and precision in his desire to. — “figure sculptor”,
  • Sculptor and printmaker. Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Sculptor. 7-Dec-1598. 28-Nov-1680. Baroque sculptor and architect Sculptor. 25-Mar-1867. 6-Mar-1941. Mount Rushmore. Louise Bourgeois. Sculptor. 25-Dec-1911. 31-May-2010. Crouching Spider. — “Occupation: Sculptor”,
  • SANDRA LIRA, Sculptor. Find Gargoyles and Gothic Garden Statuary, Angels, Aliens, Fine Art Sculpture, Ancient Art Replicas, Rainforest and Halloween Monster Jewelry and more. Original Sculpture Designs in Precious Metals, Bronze, Pewter and Resin. — “Lira, Sandra”,
  • Buy sculptor at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “sculptor - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • sculptor [edit] Declension. declension of sculptor. singular. plural. gender m. indefinite definite articulation. Nominative/Accusative. un sculptor. sculptorul. — “sculptor - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of sculptor from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of sculptor. Pronunciation of sculptor. Definition of the word sculptor. Origin of the word sculptor. — “sculptor - Definition of sculptor at ”,
  • Art by international artist, Eliseo Garcia. — “Sculptor Eliseo”,
  • Sculptors often build small preliminary works called maquettes of *** Germany had a 12-year run; but over the 70 years of the USSR, new generations of sculptors were trained and chosen within their system, and a distinct style, socialist realism, developed, that returned to the 19th century's. — “Sculpture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of sculptor in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sculptor. Pronunciation of sculptor. Translations of sculptor. sculptor synonyms, sculptor antonyms. Information about sculptor in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “sculptor - definition of sculptor by the Free Online”,
  • Learn how to become a Sculptor. Find out what a Sculptor does, what skills and qualites are important, Sculptor salaries and influential professionals and organizations in the occupation. A career in Sculpting is awating you!. — “Sculptor Careers & Degrees - Sculptor Salary and Sculptor Job”,
  • Complete source for sculptors of all media. We provide a full line of materials, tools, and support services. — “Compleat Sculptor, Inc”,
  • sculptor Rhin Choi's Website. — “sculptor Rhin Choi”,
  • Sculptor Manufacturers & Sculptor Suppliers Directory - Find a Sculptor Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Sculptor Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Sculptor-Sculptor Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • The Sculptor development system includes both a high level programming language and a comprehensive suite of Applications developed in Sculptor are trusted for use in tens of thousands of enterprises across the world due to its recognised reliability, performance, flexibility and unrestricted. — “Sculptor”,
  • John Blakeley is an internationally renowned sculptor. After being classically trained in London, Carrara and Athens, John has worked in film special effects for over 25 years - becoming Head of Department for some of the largest films of the. — “John Blakeley - Film Sculptor - New Server Test”,

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  • 飴細工- Japanese Candy Sculptor at work (very cool stuff!) Music by SUBSCRIBE TO HIM! Amezaiku (飴細工) is Japanese candy craft artistry. An artist will take multi-colored taffy and using his hands and other instruments such as tweezers and scissors will create a sculpture of his choosing. Click here for more info...
  • Sculptor Tina Allen Tina Allen is an internationally renowned sculptor and painter. Her creations have appeared in some of the most prestigious galleries in the United States. She died Sept 2008 Her collectors include President Nelson and Winnie Mandela; First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton; Bill Cosby; Denzel...
  • Hannah Wilke: Sculptor and Sculpture Tracy Fitzpatrick, Neuberger Museum of Art Curator and Assistant Professor of Art History at SUNY Purchase, gave a lecture, "Hannah Wilke: Sculptor and Sculpture," in which she discussed how the artist's sculptural practices inform her diverse body of work. The event took place on Saturday, December 6, 2008, in the Forum of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. Video courtesy of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation.
  • William Hunter, Woodturning Innovator/Sculptor This is a brief snippet from the 1 hour, 33 minute William Hunter, Woodturning Innovator/Sculptor DVD. Click on this link to purchase a copy:
  • Face Clay Sculptor how to make the face of clay? face sculpting Clay Sculptor Zhang in chengdu , SICHUAN , China the Artist who made the face of S.Korean President can make your face within 1 hours in 95% accuracy Nice experience in china, just few artist and only in China can do this Directed by Turath Mazloum
  • Ellen DeGeneres with gum sculptor Christopher Antes Gum sculptor Christopher Antes shows Ellen some of his abilities
  • KETC | Living St. Louis | Metal Sculptor / Art on the Square From KETC, Living St. Louis Producer Ruth Ezell travels to Belleville, Illinois, for Art on the Square. This annual art fair showcases some of the nation's finest artists. Kevin Trobaugh, a metal sculptor, was chosen as one of the 100 artists to display their art. A sheet metal worker by day and sculptor by night, Trobaugh's unique sculptures are mostly improvisational pieces that he constructs out of scrap metal parts.
  • Baghdad sculptor realises dream of returning home More than a million Iraqis have fled the country since 2003, among them many prominent artists. Sculptor Mohammad Ghani Hikmat is one of them. Now, he is back home in Baghdad and keen to pick up where he left off. Al Jazeera's Jane Arraf went to meet him in the Iraqi capital. (Dec 18, 2010)
  • Peugeot 206 sculptor The Peugeot 206. If you can't get it, sculpt it.
  • Mechanical Sculptor Steve Gerberich Mechanical Sculptor Steve Gerberich Miles Davis video game music by Tyler Riggs
  • music video - 1349 "Sculptor of Flesh" Directed, shot and edited by Judd L Tilyard. This video is to be used for self promotional purposes only.
  • Sculptor Sergio Peraza This is a brief introduction to the artist Sergio Peraza. A young mexican sculptor. Master in the portaiture sculpture. He accepts international comission to create busts and conmemorative statues .
  • Vlad Volosenko sculptor Website: This clip shows work in progress on a couple of marble pieces in my studio in Toronto, as well as my earlier works in Kiev, Ukraine, where I also have an established studio for stone carving. The sculptures shown in this clip were installed in Miami (Miami One Hotel) and San Francisco (St.Regis Hotel).
  • Chain Saw Sculptor at Work Chain Saw artist carving an angel out of a 9 foot tree stump.
  • Israeli sculptor Dror Heymann great artist talks about his work
  • Michael Janis glass sculptor documentary video of Michael Janis and his sgraffitto glass art.
  • "The Fantastical Faces of Peter Rockwell: A Sculptor's Retrospective" version 1 Preview video for the exhibition "Fantastical Faces of Peter Rockwell: A Sculptor's Retrospective," featuring the work of the acclaimed sculptor and youngest son of artist Norman Rockwell. Catch the exhibition on view at The Butler Institute of American Art from March 22 through May 24, 2009, and at Norman Rockwell Museum from July 11 through October 25, 2009. Video produced by Jeremy Clowe for Norman Rockwell Museum. ©2009 Norman Rockwell Museum. All rights reserved. As a young man, Peter Rockwell had no interest in pursuing a career as an artist, and intentionally avoided the arts because they were "too much in the family." A student of English literature at Haverford College, he eventually enrolled in a sculpture class at the prompting of his mother, Mary Rockwell, and "fell head-over-heels in love with it." Today a noted sculptor and art historian, Peter Rockwell is the youngest son of legendary American illustrator, Norman Rockwell. His vibrant, animated works, inspired by circus acrobats, animals in motion, gargoyles, and monsters are featured in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, The Bridgeport Museum of American Art, and the Norman Rockwell Museum, which holds the largest compilation of his art. A leading scholar of the history of stone carving, he has documented his knowledge in "The Art of Stoneworking," his highly-regarded reference guide. An outstanding collection of the artists bronze, marble, and limestone sculptures will be on view this year ...
  • Beginner Sculptor- the Female Face- Part 3 See My Website for more tutorials: The Forehead, Cheeks and Nose.
  • SCULPTOR, MICHAEL WEIR, SCULPTING A LIFESIZE SCULPTURE Sculptor, Michael Weir in 1999 created a Life size sculpture of a Maori Warrior in Bronze. This is some footage of the sculpturing process.
  • The Great American Sculptor The Great American Sculptor Keith Allen Johnson is the only professional sculptor in history to have produced life-sized busts of six United States presidents. Keith Johnson is a leader of a new generation of realistic sculptors. He follows in the tradition of his mentors, master sculptors, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907) and Daniel Chester French (1850-1931). These sculptors created images that matched the nation's sense of strength and confidence. Saint-Gauden's sculptures memorialized the leaders of his era - from President Lincoln to author Robert Lewis Stevenson. His work captured the individual while it conveyed the timeless, mythical quality of the hero. Daniel Chester French built his career as the preeminent monumental sculptor in America. Infusing the neo-classical tradition of statuary with a penetrating new realism and lively animation, he created dramatic compositions in marble and bronze. With the inspiration of these Masters as his guiding force, Johnson is the only American sculptor in history to create a collection of six life-size US Presidents. His Presidential sculptures display a perfect sense of the artist's ability to capture the spirit and the likeness of his subjects in heroic proportion. His innate visual abilities guide him in the creative process as he seeks the highest and most compelling interpretation for his subjects. In April of 1999, Johnson began the series of life-size Presidential sculptures. His first subject was a work of ...
  • The Great Ecstasy of the Sculptor Steiner A clip from Werner Herzog's Documentary 'The Great Ecstasy of the Sculptor Steiner'
  • 'AMORE', BY SCULPTOR, MICHAEL WEIR Embracing Art & Dance in Sculpture. The creative process from concept to Bronze of the 'Amore'. Part 1 of 2.
  • Beginner Sculptor- the Female Face- Part 5 See My Website for more tutorials: We cover sculpting the eyelids and theory behind it
  • Raymond Aguilera Artist- Sculptor, Painter, Christian Writer View Raymond Aguilera's Sculptures and Painting. http
  • Beginner Sculptor- the Female Face- Part 2 See My Website for more tutorials: Part 2 on sculpting the female face in polymer clay
  • Beginner Sculptor- the Female Face- Part 1 See My Website for more tutorials: Absolute Beginners. Sculpt a face out of polymer clay. Here's the introduction to a series of tutor clips. I tell people what blend of clay I use here
  • Wood Sculptor in Venice - Italy In his Venitian workshop Livio can sculpt any object in wood with a striking realism. His latest extravagance: a convertible VW beetle that he floats on the c***
  • The Bust of Jim Morrison in Paris (Sculptor Mladen Mikulin) The interview of rock critic and art-historian Darko Glavan with the Croatian sculptor Mladen Mikulin (Croatian Radio-Television HRT 1996), who made the famous bust of Jim Morrison in 1981 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Jim's death. The legendary frontman of The Doors was Mikulin's greatest inspiration when he was just a young sculptor in search for artistic freedom. He speaks about his administrative troubles when he asked for the license to place the bust and the new grave-stone with Morrison's name on the tomb. He said his motive for intervention on Jim's grave (Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris) those days was a fact that visitors there just looked into empty hole between the others tombstones. He thought that was not appropriate. Devastated through the years by the cemetery vandals, the sculpture was at Jim's grave until March 1988, when it was stolen without a trace, which was very sad day for the sculptor. Mikulin later made two more Morrison's portraits in bronze, but unfortunately he's still waiting for the license to place a new sculpture on the tomb. Mladen Mikulin was born in 1958. He graduated in 1986 from the sculpture department of the Academy of Visual Arts in Zagreb. Today he lives in Vukovina near Zagreb, Croatia. Cemetery cool and quiet Hate to leave your sacred lay Dread the milky coming of the day I´d love to stay...
  • Willard Wigan - Micro-sculptor This film looks at the works of art produced by the talented micro-sculptor Willard Wigan. This piece includes an interview with Willard as he talks about his work. We also see him on tour in Nottingham and capture the reactions of an audience of peers and art enthusiasts. by Nathan Dodzo
  • Marble Sculptor Artist & Sculptor Andrew Recupreo Colangeo retrieves his marble from the same caves as Michelangelo. Visit northern Italy for an inside look at marble carving.
  • Amazing Microscopic Sculptor This is an amazing news story about a man who creates tiny, itsy, bitsy sculptures that fit inside the eye of a needle.
  • 1349 - Sculptor of Flesh 1349 - Sculptor of Flesh video clip
  • SCULPTING DEMO, by Sculptor Michael Weir A blockout in clay for a Male Portrait Sculpture by New Zealand Sculptor, Michael Weir. Part 1
  • Beginner Sculptor- the Female Face- Part 4 See My Website for more tutorials: This part covers the lips, chin and cheeks.
  • Tony Smith, sculptor - NJN/State of the Arts Architect, painter, and sculptor Tony Smith (1912 - 80) worked under Frank Lloyd Wright, designed a church with his friend Jackson Pollock, and created monumental abstract sculptures that revolutionized public art as we know it. Smith was born, and lived and worked most of his life, in South Orange, New Jersey. Several years ago, the Tony Smith Sculpture Project organized to raise money to give South Orange Tau a geometric, steel sculpture by a native son whose backyard was a neighborhood curiosity full of plywood mock-ups. State of the Arts Producer Christopher Benincasa follows the process of bringing Tau home, from fabrication to installation, and interviews Smiths two daughters Kiki and Seton, both distinguished artists, as well as others whove helped bring this iconic sculpture to New Jersey. Watch more stories from State of the Arts, listen to podcasts and more on our website:
  • Henry Moore--the best sculptor in the world
  • Baby Sculptor. Camille Allen. Hello, you probably noticed I love babies! I live in Powell River, in British Columbia, Canada. I am 28, married to a wonderful husband with no children yet. I work in a large studio in a bright and cheerful heritage building built in 1916. I have filled it with dolls, doll parts, dolls-in-progress and sculpting supplies! This is a great place to work, with the ocean out of the window and mountains in the background. I use various kinds of professional doll sculptors' clay to make the babies. The babies have soft English mohair to imitate fine baby hair and are blushed with paints for realism to enhance their tiny wrinkles and creases. Starting from detailed photographs and a lump of clay, sculpting a lifesize or miniature baby begins. It takes many, many hours of patient concentration to form a realistic baby and finish with fine details - including wrinkles and fingernails. I am privileged to have learned the art of doll making from my husband's grandmother just over 5 years ago. She taught me how to sculpt large lifesize dolls in polymer clay. A year later when I had some bits of leftover clay from a larger doll, I formed the bit of clay into a miniature baby. When I held the tiny baby in my hand I had the feeling of protectiveness and fascination. I loved it instantly! The first miniature baby I made was curled in a fetal position, and I even gave it an umbilical cord, as if it was still in the womb. The shape and size of the baby seemed similar to that of an egg ...
  • Abraham Lincoln's Young Sculptor The trailer of the documentary "Vinnie Ream, Lincoln's Young Sculptor", created by Glenn V. Sherwood. Based on the book "A Labor of Love, The Life and Art of Vinnie Ream" by Glenn V. Sherwood. More info available at
  • Sculptor Bruce Denny profiles his latest work The life-size piece by figurative sculptor Bruce Denny will be exhibited in the South Churchyard of Londons St Pauls Cathedral, starting in September 2010 and is his greatest recognition to date. Born in 1967 in Suffolk, Bruce Denny stumbled into the world of sculpture by accident. He spent his youth making things out of anything he could lay his hands on, and vividly remembers his first exposure to three dimensional structures when he ran his hands over a sculpture in the local park. But his flair for the craft came later in life whilst he was looking for furnishings for his new apartment. After much searching he realised that he could not find what he wanted, and so decided to make it instead. Driven by his childhood passion he enrolled in a sculpture class at a local college and became immediately absorbed. Although he had no expectations that this introduction would go further than his own interest, it opened the doors to a natural progression that has led to his emergence as one of the most interesting sculptors working in the UK today Bruces work explores the human form and aims to evoke ideas and emotions, taking a refreshingly straightforward approach to art itself. In the following video, Bruce explains where his inspiration for the new sculpture came from and how he wants his art to be seen by others. The sculpture at St. Pauls Cathedral, entitled The Conversion of St Paul, shows the moment when St Paul falls from his horse after having been blinded by the Light ...
  • The Outstanding Georgian Sculptor George Shkhvatsabaia WEB : Music underneath Sidney Bechet & Django Reinhardt. George Shkhvatsabaia was born in 1940 in Tbilisi and was brought uр in аn intelligent family devoid of аnу special artistic traditions, (he himself has given birth to this tradition and now his daughter is continuing it). In 1964 he graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts under Nikoloz Kandelaki, George Ochiauri and Valentin Topuridze. Since then he has been working intensively and has created а great many artistic images in stone, metal and clay. G. Shkhvatsabaia's very first works are distinguished for their freer manner of modelling, boldness and artistic finish. It has at once become evident that he is endowed with а special gift for plastic art as а genuine musician is endowed with а perfect ear. Works "Rest" (1967), "Sculpture of Mirza Gelovani", "Figure of a young woman" (1976, Medal of the USSR Academy of Arts for the best work), "Memorial of the Missing" (1978, Teleti), "Flower of friendship" (1980, Rukhi), "Commemoration wall" (1981, Garden of the 9th of April, Tbilisi), "Flags" (1989, in the same Garden), Sculpture of Galaktion Tabidze (1989, Kutaisi, Prize of Georgian Council of Ministers), "Veriko Anjaparidze" (1990, Mtatsminda Pantheon), "Peace of torch" 1992, Greece, Olympia), "Mother land" (1997, first capital of Greek Republic Navplion), "Sculpture of Zhiuli Shartava" (1997, Senaki), "Sculpture of Yevgeny Mikeladze" (2000, Z.Paliashvili Opera and Ballet House, Tbilisi ...

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