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  • After the Christmas attack on flight NW253, many legislators are scrutinizing the Transportation Security Administration and demanding expanded oper (read more). — “Other Voices: The TSA's assault against its own | ”,
  • Pro-life group scrutinizing Catholic charity. Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 1/9/2010 4:15:00 AM. American Life League (ALL) is challenging the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) and the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The League conducted. — “Pro-life group scrutinizing Catholic charity ()”,
  • scrutinizing. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 6 March 2009, at 15:34. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “scrutinizing - Wiktionary”,
  • Siemens scrutinizing 1.6 billion euros in dubious deals: report The amount is almost four times what the German conglomerate disclosed in December, when it said it had uncovered 420 million euros in questionable transactions spanning seven years at its telecommunications equipment unit, the. — “Siemens scrutinizing 1.6 billion euros in dubious deals: report”,
  • Lender's chairman sold 400,000 shares days before U.S. budget plan sent the price plummeting. Lawmakers ask what happened. Comments on Scrutinizing a Sallie Mae Stock Deal. — “News: Scrutinizing a Sallie Mae Stock Deal - Inside Higher Ed”,
  • Mayoral control's future could depend on Chancellor Joel Klein's reputation. (Times) An Australian reporter visited a Bronx high school to see what all the Rise & Shine: Scrutinizing Chancellor Klein's reputation. — “Rise & Shine: Scrutinizing Chancellor Klein's reputation”,
  • Scrutinizing Michelle Obama. Tuesday August 26, 2008. Categories: Democrats. As I said last night, Michelle Obama's attractive claims that she left the corporate world to labor among the wretched of the earth, or whatever, opens herself up to scrutiny that she might not be able to overcome. — “Scrutinizing Michelle Obama - Comments - Crunchy Con”,
  • scrutinizing synonyms, scrutinizing antonyms. Information about scrutinizing in the free online English scrutinize - to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail; "he scrutinized his likeness in the mirror". — “scrutinizing - definition of scrutinizing by the Free Online”,
  • Two ineluctable facts stand out when scrutinizing politicians' actions on gay issues over the past 30 years: (1) Republicans are not anti-gay and (2) Democrats are not pro-gay. By 2009, there are few differences between Republican and Democratic. — “The Real Pro-Gay Party”,
  • BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) , Sept 13 - Investors are scrutinizing first lady Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina's presidential frontrunner, to see how she would work out the kinks in the economy to. — “***ysis: Top Argentine candidate faces economic hurdles”,
  • Harvard University will launch an examination of the campus Police Department following long-running complaints that officers have unfairly treated black students and professors and, in an incident this month, a black high school student working Harvard scrutinizing its police on race. — “Harvard scrutinizing its police on race - The Boston Globe”,
  • Council scrutinizing labor costs. Budget crunch has members looking into cost of salaries, health insurance But union leaders told them yesterday at the council's annual labor summit that the budget crisis isn't caused by workers and. — “Council scrutinizing labor costs”,
  • Two key senators are demanding details of the last-minute sale of failing investment bank Bear Stearns to JP Morgan, and how the Federal Reserve Bank's backing for the deal could affect taxpayers. Congress scrutinizing Bear Stearns purchase. — “Congress scrutinizing Bear Stearns purchase - Politics”,
  • Schapiro testified at a congressional hearing that the SEC is scrutinizing Lehman's use of the accounting move, known as Repo 105, Schapiro testified at a congressional hearing that the SEC is scrutinizing Lehman's use of the accounting move, known as Repo 105, that allowed. — “AMERICAblog News: SEC reviewing accounting practices at”,
  • JUNEAU, Alaska — Election workers will begin scrutinizing tens of thousands of ballots in the Alaska Senate race on Wednesday in a scene reminiscent of the 2000 Florida recount. There will be no hanging chads this time around – just. — “Murkowski Write-In Count: Miller Files Lawsuit To Enforce”,
  • FCC Scrutinizing NBC-Comcast Deal, May Take a Year. BY Addy Dugdale Fri Mar 12, 2010. Although the NBC Universal-Comcast hook-up was announced at the end of last year, it's taken three months for the FCC and the Justice Department to decide whether they're going to scrutinize the merger. — “FCC Scrutinizing NBC-Comcast Deal, May Take a Year | Fast Company”,
  • TEHRAN (IRNA) - Iran is scrutinizing the 5+1 group package of incentives seriously and with a constructive view, Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki said on Sunday. "Iran will give answer to the 5+1 package after examining the group's package of incentives," he said. — “tehran times : Iran scrutinizing 5+1 package with”,
  • IRS Is Spending Less Time Scrutinizing Big Businesses. December 21, 2006. U.S. Is Baiting States Use Public Funds For Antiabortion Advice February 12, 2007. Budget Slates Health,. — “ - IRS Is Spending Less Time Scrutinizing Big”,
  • Report: IRS scrutinizing more small businesses. By Jim Abrams - Associated Press. WASHINGTON - The tax audit rates of the largest companies are less than half what they were 20 years ago while more small and mid-size businesses are coming under. — “Report: IRS scrutinizing more small businesses | Daily Chronicle”, daily-
  • Scrutinizing NATO. Rather than objecting, U.S. officials should welcome a review by an international tribunal of last year's air campaign against Yugoslavia. © St. Petersburg Times, published January 4, 2000. The United Nations' chief war crimes. — “Opinion: Scrutinizing NATO”,
  • Definition of scrutinizing from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of scrutinizing. Pronunciation of scrutinizing. Definition of the word scrutinizing. Origin of the word scrutinizing. — “scrutinizing - Definition of scrutinizing at ”,
  • WASHINGTON, May 11Â - U.S. senators tried to pin the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the companies involved on Tuesday, scrutinizing. — “U.S. senators accused oil executives of trying to shift the”,
  • Definition of scrutinizing in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is scrutinizing? Meaning of scrutinizing as a legal term. What does scrutinizing mean in law?. — “scrutinizing legal definition of scrutinizing. scrutinizing”, legal-

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  • 2011 Lexus "The Hard Way" - Engine Scrutiny Why is 1/1000TH of a millimeter too much? If an engine doesn't live up to our standards of harmonic balance, it will never make it into a Lexus vehicle. See how Lexus takes the hard way in scrutinizing our engines.
  • HOWLING IN THE FOG - 05 LAST DAYS Howling In The Fog is a Italian One Man Project Depressive Black Metal born in 2010 by " Der Antikrist Seelen Mord " as a side project Ambient Black Metal of Dark Paranoia. After a short time after the creation of the project already has the first demo tape ready to be published by "Depressive Illusions Reocords" limited to 33 copies. DRAINED FROM SUICIDAL THOUGHTS LYRICS Scrutinizing the death that is coming to get us Final seconds ending and deleted from our own fear Killed slowly from my phobia of losing forever this ***ty life this spirit that soothes the dying hope For help, look in the midst of this dying life extinguishes slowly my miserable end my miserable life Scrutinizing the life that is vanishing forever Final seconds endless and killed by your own bare hands Spirits buried by a message of genocide For help, look in the midst (of this dying life) shadow of our hopes doomed forever to end inserobile of this last days of my last days
  • Mayor-elect scrutinizing City Hall His City Hall transition team is working its way through City Hall asking departments what they need to do their jobs better while looking for efficiencies that might avoid job cuts in a looming budget crunch, Albuquerque Mayor-elect Richard Berry said Monday in a live interview on KRQE News 13.
  • ROBBY GORDONS CREW TAKES OFF FOR DAKAR SERIES EUROPE Robby Gordon's team is one step closer to the race in Budapest in two weeks. With the Hummer's packed up, it was time to drop them off at LAX. This new rally organised under the « Dakar Series » certification will take place from April 20th to the 26th in Hungary and Romania. Scrutinizing and administrative checks will take place on the 19th of April in Budapest.
  • 7 of 7: Using the Soc. Method w/ Christian Proselytizers (scrutinizing apologetic counter-arguments) This series is an overview of the approach I outline in mybook, "Dialogue with a Christian Proselytizer" (a dialogue between a Christian proselytizer and a Socratic skeptic). LINK TO CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON: For free PDF sample chapters from "Dialogue with a Christian Proselytizer": (currently the 2008 version: update to the 2010 version still pending) An overview of whole series: 1 of 7: a brief overview of videos 2 through 7. 2 of 7: a description of the Socratic Method. 3 of 7: the ground premises that the skeptic needs to establish with the Christian in order to focus on the issue at hand, which is "Are there convincing reasons for me to believe that the Judeo-Christian Bible is the Word of God?" 4 of 7: the skeptic and the Christian read through scriptures and stories from non-Christian religions. Both agree that the following three characteristics are strong clues that a religion was not created by an Infallible Wisdom, but just made up by quite fallible humans: (1) when a religion a cluelessness about the layout of the universe (its stories describe stars as tiny, the moon as a light, the earth as flat, the sun as orbiting our planet, etc.) (2) it contains laws that are barbaric and reflect senseless prejudices (3) history reveals that the religion was pieced together from ideas and stories from pre-existing religions 5 of 7: the skeptic and the Christian read through the Judeo-Christian Bible, and examine it by the same ...
  • Payday Loans Scrutinized With more American's struggling financially, payday loans are coming under scrutiny for trapping the working poor in a vicious cycle of debt. Armen Keteyian reports.
  • Scrutinizing hotels runs in the family Recorded on my iPhone in in Spokane, Washington, United States
  • Arriving in Cuba - Walking into the terminal at Manzanillo Cuba the first thing we hear is music. Live music played for tips from arriving passengers. There was no great security scrutinizing us, we were free to walk around filming at our leisure. The 'Old Dude' singing and dancing is 90 years old, he loves music - we talked with the band and they get together at home in the evenings to play, just because - and he moves better then many much younger persons. I can not imagine all the changes he has seen and experienced in his life or the harshness and struggles he endured but I have captured him in Sony HD video and he will always have a presence on the Internet.
  • NANA scrutinizing Snehas room(and justifying why PAPA SHOUTS)
  • Raphael Cohen performs Parallels (from Scrutinizing Lines) Raphael Cohen performs Parallels, from Scrutinizing Lines, his first full-length poetry collection, at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA. Video shot and edited by Bruce Williams.
  • How to Tie (Cylinder, Mat & Ball) Turk's Heads by TIAT The 3-lead 4-bight Turk's Head is one of the most requested knots for me to show how to tie. Still, Ive resisted showing how to tie it on account so many others have already done so. This said, after reviewing videos and scrutinizing the methods shown, I discovered that others tie the 3L4B Turk's Head differently than I do, and so I feel its valid to show my method. To add something uncommon to the common, I additionally show the relationships between the 3L4B Turks Head on a staff, as a mat and as a ball—all of which are effectively the same knot.
  • National Geographic Features Armenia's Christian Past in Documentary The history of Christianity in Armenia was the topic of a TV documentary that aired on National Geographic TV on December 12, 2010. The film, titled "Legend of the Holy Spear," traced the legend of a spear thought to have been thrust into Jesus Christ by a Roman guard when he was crucified. The spear, a Christian holy relic, has been shrouded in mystery, myth, and legend for 2000 years. Today, three spears claim to be the Holy Spear which pierced Jesus. National Geographic's Legend of the Holy Spear followed two investigators attempting to discover if any of them could have been present at the crucifixion. The three spears are kept in the Vatican, Austria and Armenia. Scrutinizing each spear and closely ***ysing the stories and legends behind them, the film reveals astonishing clues as to their provenance. One of the spears is in Holy Etchmiadzin and the documentary traces the adoption of Christianity in Armenia as it tells the dramatic story of how the spear arrived in Armenia.
  • Scrutinizing My Ice Cream There are bits of almonds in my ice cream. Who knew?
  • In US, Most Are Scrutinizing Their Spending A Gallup Poll Daily tracking aggregate from June finds 88% of Americans agreeing with the statement that "You are watching your spending very closely and 71% saying that they are cutting back on how much money they spend each week.
  • Scrutinizing Calvinism: A Fair Chance Calvinists and non-Calvinists often have a predisposition to bring accusations against each other. Let's give each other a fair chance to discuss our views on divine providence and human free will respectfully and constructively, so that we may learn from each other's view and grow in our faith. We understand that this video covers difficult material that may come across one-sided. It is not our intention to misrepresent Calvinism or to attack Calvinists personally. If you're inclined to comment on our videos or want to have a decent discussion, we would like you to make a video response.
  • In-Depth Look - Scrutinizing The Green Shoots - Bloomberg Interview and discussion with Steve Forbes of the Forbes Magazine. He talks about health-care reform and green shoots. (Bloomberg News)
  • inspaction the building inspection arrived today to scrutinize the construction area...
  • Best Runway Model Falls Ever Runway Models at their best experiencing a faux pas or two. Runway models work diligently and tirelessly to perfect their walks and their image. Still.. mistakes do happen. A model's work environment is riddled with stressful situations and professional pressures. Whether its slippery runways, high heels and clothing that don't fit, fashion designers and critics scrutinizing their every move, or the constant blinding flashes from cameras, the runway model's career requires total immersion and focus. Their work is difficult, and sometimes painful, and they should always be recognized for their unending commitment and pursuits towards perfection. I do not claim ownership of any enclosed video footage or audio tracks. This is a compilation of pre-existing copyrighted material. Dedicated to the beautiful Chicago runway model Lisa Mondragon May this never happen to you while you work a fashion show 'Like' Lisa Mondragon's Fan Page on Facebook. Thank You! THANK YOU to 'INSIDE EDITION' on ABC NEWS for featuring 'Best Runway Model Falls Ever' on your Monday, February 21, 2011 show as one of the TOP NEW YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO WATCH! THANKS goes out to (in Slovenia) for featuring this video as a part of an article on 2/5/11 titled 'Nesrečni modni padci' (Hapless Fashion Falls)! THANKS goes out to WWW.Z100.COM in New York City for including this video on its top 'VIRAL VIDEOS OF THE WEEK' for week 2/18/11! THANKS goes out to WWW ...
  • Journalists Swing The Tire Enchanted with the opportunity to cozy up to real-life powerful people, journalists are unable to resist the allure of having powerful friends, and will adjust their coverage accordingly. TRANSCRIPT: Journalists once held a revered position in the public discourse, scrutinizing politicians, tracking down corruption, waste, folly, cronyism, and ineptitude, exposing them all with a relentless, inspired dedication. Such scrutiny was a problem that we had to solve, because nothing is more dangerous than a nosy reporter. The downfall of Richard Nixon taught us one very important thing: do not make enemies of the press. :: Video of Nixon press conference: NIXON: "I have never heard or seen such outrageous, vicious, distorted reporting in 27 years of public life":: That is precisely how NOT to handle jounalists. Richard Nixon's contempt for the press was his undoing. If only he had befriended Woodward and Bernstein, given them a taste of the good life, made them feel like one of the club. Perhaps if Nixon had invited the press corps to a barbeque at his estate and gotten to know them on a personal basis, there might never have been such a thing as "deep throat". But we have surely learned our lesson. ::McCain Campaign Video Insert: MEGHAN MCCAIN VO: "Yesterday we hosted the press corps at our cabin in Sedona, and my dad grilled his famous ribs and chicken for them and it was a really fun experience. I though it was going to be a lot more difficult than it ended up being because ...
  • Your Money: Scrutinizing Investments If an investment seems to good to be true, there's a high probability that it is. AP Personal Finance Editor trevor Delaney offers up tips on investing in light of the Madoff scandal. (Dec. 19)
  • Dating- Who is Scrutinizing Whom? Be aware of how your level of scrutiny of her compares to hers of you.
  • Proactive coaching - Defence structure when striking under scrutiny Here we use two coaches to train one person. With conventional proactive pad work the coach is often only restricted to offering feedback to the side that is striking. With a coach behind the other side can be scrutinized as well. The body can also be checked. This is an example of putting a student on the spot. It should be coupled with both one-on-one and two-on-one moving proactive drills. In this instance we scrutinizing the straight strike, which was quarried during this workshop through pressure tests and then refined through a series of functional fitness exercises. If you are interested in attending one of monthly workshops please go to this address
  • 11/03/2010 Quantitative Easing, plus Where Investors are Scrutinizing Buyers The Fed announced that they're going to continue Quantitative Easing to keep interest rates down. Also, if you work with home buyers, investors are scrutinizing deposits on bank statements and undisclosed debt incurred during the mortgage process. Make sure your buyers know what to expect and how to avoid problems.
  • Canción Cambodja : Kone Meul tov mek (scrutinizing a sky...) jolie chanson khmer
  • Pt 1_SVB CEO Accelerator Presents: Jeff Clavier interviewed by Matt Marshall At Silicon Valley Bank-hosted CEO Accelerator, a one-day summit for innovation economy CEOs held in May 2010, Matt Marshall, editor and CEO of Venture Beat interviewed one of the most active seed stage investors in Web 2.0 startups, Jeff Clavier, founder and managing partner of SoftTech VC, about building a successful Web business.
  • Scrutinizing Calvinism: Follow Christ, not a tulip This is a preface to a video series by YouAplogetics about Calvinism. Don't call brothers in Christ heretics or satanists, lest you grieve the Holy Spirit. In the end, we're all protesting heretics to some teaching. Let's discuss our disagreements with love and respect in the pursuit of unity in the truth. We should not follow a specific theological system, we should follow the risen Lord. For whatever your convictions are regarding predestination and free will, the responsibility of every child of God is to follow Jesus Christ and their destiny to become more like Him, the head of the body, who keeps all members together.
  • Hanne en Koen Live in de zetel Scrutinizing
  • A Hard Day's Night - Part 1 part 1 of A Hard Days Night by the Beatles beginning to scrutinizing with prisoners
  • Pap dogs scrutinizing and intimidates NSP house visits Pap sent their dogs to intimidate NSP during house visits, trailed us from Marine Terrace blk 53 lvl 16 to ground floor.
  • Wall Street: The Speed Traders Steve Kroft gets a rare look inside the secretive world "high-frequency trading," a controversial technique the SEC is scrutinizing in which computers can make thousands of stock trades in less than a second
  • Michael Jordan - witness the greatest of all time Michael Jordan is without question the greatest player of all time. Only the young and misinformed would think otherwise. All who witnessed his entire career, even under the scrutinizing eye, we all realized one thing. This player, Michael Jordan is similar to Muhammad Ali. They can immitate, they can try to duplicate, the fact remains the same. Nothing compares to the original. Even those who mimmick MJ will never pull off his moves with the same level of effectiveness or efficiency. That has already been proven. Considered basketball's greatest-ever player Nicknames: His Airness, Air Jordan Cut from his Wilmington NC basketball team as a sophomore; eventually made the team and led it to state championship Won Sporting News' College Player of the Year (1983, 1984) and 1984's Naismith and Wooden awards League leader in scoring, with 10 titles (1986-1993, 1996-1998) On 2 Olympic Gold-Medal teams (1984, 1992) In 1994 retired to play minor-league baseball Bulls retired his #23 jersey when he left the game Returned to basketball in 1995 and in 1996 became one of two (along with Willis Reed) to win MVP for regular season, All-Star Game and Finals, all in one year Hosted Saturday Night Live (1991) and starred in Space Jam opposite Bugs Bunny and friends Finished his career with 32292 points, third place in scoring, and a career average 30.12 ppg, the best in NBA history Always wore his University of N. Carolina shorts under his Bulls uniform for good luck Worked with United ...
  • Announcement of Bb Pilipinas 2011 Candidates Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Updates Visit: Almost taking on a reality show flavor, the 2011 Bb. Pilipinas Beauty Pageant held its FINAL SCREENING Saturday of remaining 54 from the original hundred plus aspirants to the most prestigious international beauty titles held at the Gateway Suites, Araneta Center, Quezon City. The rigorous screening process started weeks ago when the Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. Chair Stella Marquez Araneta and her bevy of current and past beauty queens, including BPCI directors Pitoy Moreno and Conchitina Sevilla Bernardo, started scrutinizing the girls using the criteria of beauty, style, intelligence, talent and poise. A new dimension was added to Saturday's final screening. Candidates were given a minute to give a sneak preview of their unique talents. From singing to dancing to beat-boxing and more, the candidates proved to the guests that they were more than just a pretty face or a ***y body. Of course, the most enthralling moment came when all the remaining aspirants paraded in swimsuits. Gamely walking across a stage in a swimsuit in heels is not exactly the easiest thing to do especially if you are being photographed from all angles. But the candidates made it look easy. The screening committee said that this skill is crucial because apart from body contour and proportion, the judges are also looking for overall fitness, poise and grace. The candidates should be able to exude the same confidence parading in a swimsuit as ...
  • Scrutinizing Calvinism: Divine Determinism and Free Will are Incompatible This video is an introduction to several philosophies of human freedom, which are relevant to the discussion of Calvinism. Divine Determinism holds that God, as the First cause of all things, before the foundation of the world, causally predetermined whatsoever comes to pass; thus, everything that happens necessarily lies outside human control. Libertarianism is the view that human beings, by virtue of their creation in the image of God, are self-conscious and free volitional agents that have the ability to choose or to refrain from choosing; thus, free will is essentially freedom of refrain. There are also soft forms of these two. Soft determinism, better known as Compatibilism, attempts to reconcile the significance of human decisions and divine predestination by redefining free will as the freedom of inclination: people are free to follow their strongest inclination, which are directed by God to their appointed end. Hence, if it was up to you, you could not have chosen otherwise, but if it was up to God, you could have. Soft libertarianism acknowledges the role of the free agent's character and the circumstances in which a decision is made. The range of options you have limits your freedom of choice, but you alone are the direct efficient cause of your own choices. So human beings are free to refrain only in freedom-giving circumstances.
  • Alt Text: Episode 2 Wired's Lore Sjöberg takes on superheroines, and dishes out fashion tips to the Hulk. Look out, Wonder Woman and Batgirl!
  • Do you have Asperger's Syndrome? - Getting a Relationship This video (was supposed to be about relationships themselves) ended up being about problems I as an aspie have getting into relationships. People with AS don't usually act like the norm and when dating is more scrutinizing than finding a job, that can be a hassle. This is actually more of a rant than anything. :PI think I'll make another video on the subject of actually HAVING a relationship and so on later. For now, suck on this one. No pun intended.
  • 2010.10.13 (04) Left hand scrutinizing
  • Goldfinger- Handjobs For Jesus Lyrics : I don't know what ends I don't know what makes me feel alive Cause all this time I've been alone The bible says it all But when they wrote that book, the earth was flat They needed hope, they needed faith I've spent all this time ***yzing All this time scrutinizing All this time hypothesizing All this time philosophizing Is this life random and meaningless? They saw a burning bush If I would starve myself for ninety days, well, I'd have visions of my own Love your neighbor as yourself If I loved myself last night does that mean I need to jerk my neighbor off as well? I've spent all this time ***yzing All this time scrutinizing (What's it worth?) All this time hypothesizing All this time philosophizing Is this life random and meaningless? Do I make this trouble? Do I make this complicated? Indeed, this is an answer for everyone What if I never heard of Jesus? What if I was born alone in a cell? (You would burn and burn in...) Heaven will wait, heaven's too late I choose to find my heaven here on Earth So, all religion can go straight, straight to hell God has spoken God will smoke all the Earth God has spoken God will smoke all the Earth God has spoken, God has spoken (God has spoken, God has spoken) Spoken! Spoken *** Walking down life's highway I finally found my soulmate In Jesus Yeah, in Jesus He's a friend when I had none Handjobs for the homeless With Jesus Yeah, with Jesus (Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!) Come on, come on, come on Come on, come on, come on Handjobs ...
  • Swades: Gîtâ turns to scrutinize Mohan while praying to Rama Swades: After the meeting of the village assembly (pañcâyat), Kaveriamma introduces Mohan to the elders (sarpanch) before taking him to the stepped landings (ghâts) of the river where stands the temple to Lord Râma (his brother Lakshmana) and his consort Sîtâ. Mohan is overcome by the tranquil beauty of the setting, and learns that Charanpur is named after the footprints of the divinized couple. This brief scene is significant because of the haunting background flute-rendering of Pal pal hai bhârî ("every moment weighs so heavily...") that (Gîtâ later in her Râmlîlâ role as) Sîtâ will sing to beseech Râma (only to hear Mohan answer her call for the betterment of this rural community). While offering her prayers now with folded hands, the otherwise reserved Gîtâ is indeed intently scrutinizing Mohan's face to fathom his responses to the surroundings, as his new family takes him on an idyllic tour of the rest of the village scenery. This holy site is of central significance for it provides the stage for not only their Râmlîla but their final reunion around a wrestling match where Mohan sportingly triumphs over the village Râvana. Video illustration to "Science of love: look into Gîtâ's eyes in the Homeland" ( Paper on "Love, devotion, and service: retelling the Râmâyana in Gowarikar's Homeland (Swades)" at the DANAM panel (09 Nov 2009) at the American Academy of Religions conference at Montreal.
  • Marilyn Manson - Dope Hat i peek into the hole, i struggle for control the children love the show, but they fail to see the anguish in my eyes fail to see the anguish in my eyes i scratch around the brim, i let my mind give in the crowd begins to grin, but they seem to scream when darkness fills my eyes seem to scream when darkness fills my eyes, it's no surprise fail to see the tragic, turn it into magic my big top tricks will always make you happy, but we all know the hat is wearing me my bag is in the hat, it's filled with this and that my vision's getting fat, the rabbit's just a monkey in disguise stars and pills and needles dance before our eyes they will bite the hand if it is slower than the quickness of thier scrutinizing eyes fail to see the tragic, turn it into magic my big top tricks will always make you happy, but we all know the hat is wearing me chicanery will always make you happy, but we all know the hat is wearing me
  • Scrutinizing The Rhetoric: Should Politicians Turn Down The Volume? Roland Martin appears on AC360 with Dana Loesch, David Gergen and host Anderson Cooper to ***yze the political rhetoric being used in America today and what effect is it having on civil discourse.

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  • “Blog RSS Feed. Iraq's no bid contracts need scrutinizing. Posted June 24th, 2008 by Sandy Young. Iraq's no bid oil contracts are We are currently looking for blog posts from both attorneys and consumers. If you would”
    — Iraq's no bid contracts need scrutinizing | UCAN,

  • “GOPProgress’s Liz Mair provides more information on the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that is holding up consideration of S. 223. While she hasn’t found the whodunit yet, her sleuthing has turned up a number of interesting new angles”
    Scrutinizing the Senate — Sunlight Foundation Blog,

  • “Scrutinizing Desiree. December 2, 2009 · Posted in People. She has the cutest haircut in D. 2 Responses to "Scrutinizing Desiree" Jeffery Pettyjohn on December 2nd, 2009 11:30 pm. Ok”
    Scrutinizing Desiree : The Reid Report,

  • “Proteomics. RNAi. Sequencing. Home " The Daily Scan. Scrutinizing Blood Blog. Lab Director Sparks Controversy at AMP Conference by Questioning 'Credibility' of NIH Genetic Testing Registry. Moreover, an”
    Scrutinizing Blood | The Daily Scan | GenomeWeb,

  • “Scrutinizing The CBO. Kate Steadman, KHN. June 2nd, 2010. The shouting war over health reform's effect on the budget got a little Orszag posted a defense on his blog today: "CBO Director Doug Elmendorf recently gave a presentation on health costs and the”
    Scrutinizing The CBO – Blog Watch,

  • “Scrutinizing the lawyers: Supreme Court cases examine how lawyers do their jobs Wall Street Journal Law Blog. FEATURED PODCAST. Think Twitter's for kids? Think again. Some might think Twitter is a gimmick for”
    Scrutinizing the lawyers: Supreme Court cases examine how,

  • “AUSTRALIA - The secret feeding habits of farmed prawns will be investigated as a part of a new CSIRO research collaboration with an Australian company to”
    Scrutinizing the Feeding Habits of Prawns | SoCal Aquaponics,

  • “Scrutinizing Car Rental Fees. March 10, 2009. In a recent blog post we reported that an Idaho bill to slap on a 6% car rental tax was defeated. Citing California's California Travel and Tourism Commission assessment that tacks several dollars”
    Scrutinizing Car Rental Fees | Vacation Travel Channel,

  • “Bank On It: A Food Bank Blog. Home " Albany. Scrutinizing Sanitation. posted by Larry Littlefield. Thu, 08/03 to this post http://www.r8/blog/larry_littlefield/where_the_excess_and_below_average_government_jobs_and_pay_are.html,”
    Scrutinizing Sanitation | Room Eight, r8

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