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  • PATA to Scrutinise 'Brand USA' 2007-03-29. Thousands of people are choosing not to visit the US because they believe that foreigners are unwelcome, says the Discover America Partnership (DAP) in its groundbreaking US$300 million plan, A Blueprint to Discover America (Blueprint). — “PATA to Scrutinise 'Brand USA' :: Hotel News Resource”,
  • EU to scrutinise generic drug patent settlements. Patent settlements between pharmaceutical companies are set for European Commission scrutiny over concerns that some of the deals could deny EU consumers broader choice and lower-priced medicines. — “EU to scrutinise generic drug patent settlements / EU Policy”,
  • LONDON (Reuters) - Money manager AllianceBernstein Holding LP is coming under scrutiny from pension funds over its performance in global equities, managers say, with one scheme deciding to Pension funds scrutinise AllianceBernstein. — “Pension funds scrutinise AllianceBernstein | Reuters”,
  • Pletnev Travels as World Media Scrutinise "Child ***" Case. Despite the serious "child ***" charges being faced by renowned Russian pianist Mikhail Pletnev a Thai court officially granted the Grammy Award winner travel permission on Wednesday. — “Pletnev Travels as World Media Scrutinise "Child ***" Case”,
  • Doulot Akter MalaThe National Board of Revenue (NBR) has decided to scrutinise files of the taxpayers under certain categories who have filed tax returns under universal self-assessment method. — “NBR to scrutinise taxpayers' files under certain categories”, thefinancialexpress-
  • Verb: scrutinise 'skroo-ti,nIz. Usage: (N. Amer: ) To look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail "he scrutinised his likeness in the mirror"; - size up, take stock, scrutinize. Examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification ". — “scrutinise, scrutinising, scrutinises, scrutinised- WordWeb”,
  • Scrutinise definition, to examine in detail with careful or critical attention. See more. — “Scrutinise | Define Scrutinise at ”,
  • Financial express latest business and finance news: Sebi to scrutinise IPO process. — “Sebi to scrutinise IPO process”,
  • Football League has duty to scrutinise Sol Campbell's Notts County contract This means that all player salaries must be paid from within the club in a transparent form in order for the League to scrutinise expenditure. — “Football League has duty to scrutinise Sol Campbell's Notts”,
  • The Supreme Court will hear on July 5, after summer vacations, a PIL seeking direction to the Union Government to scrutinise the accounts of BCCI and IPL and also of last ten years office bearers of the two cricket bodies. - News Channel from. — “SC to hear PIL to scrutinise accounts of BCCI and IPL”,
  • Definitions of scrutinise, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of scrutinise, ***ogical dictionary of scrutinise (English). — “scrutinise : definition of scrutinise and synonym of”,
  • The government is to scrutinise the pricing structures of the oil companies in the wake of rocketing fuel prices. It also considering an official Fuelwatch Programme, like what has ran into trouble in Australia. But shouldn't the activity of government also be scrutinised?. — “No Minister: Shouldn't we scrutinise government too?”,
  • Grocery shoppers are heavily swayed by what's prominently displayed on food labels and scrutinise food labels based on a number of factors, new research from. — “The eight consumer approaches to reading food labels”, .au
  • The EU is to scrutinise a decision by Microsoft to make its Office programme compatible with a rival format. The EU is to scrutinise a decision by Microsoft to make its Office programme compatible with a rival format. — “EU to look at Microsoft Office move - RTÉ News”,
  • PAKISTAN: EMERGENCY - Purpose of courts is to scrutinise other parts of government, not serve as rubber The very purpose of the courts is to scrutinise and sanction the behaviour of other parts of government, and put a break on actions that may. — “PAKISTAN: EMERGENCY - Purpose of courts is to scrutinise”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The verb scrutinise has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : to look at critically. — “scrutinise: Information from ”,
  • Officials urged to avoid parallel processes for substance restrictions Member States scrutinise RoHS-REACH overlap. Officials urged to avoid parallel processes for substance restrictions. 17-Sep-2009. — “Chemical Watch | Member States scrutinise RoHS-REACH overlap”,
  • Supervisors aim to prevent repeat of lapses "When there are senior management changes and board changes, we as regulators are going to scrutinise both those who are leaving and those coming in," he said. — “ / US / Economy & Fed - US regulators scrutinise banks”,
  • The opposition leader says cabinet must not table the important bill only at the last minute as parliamentarians need time to properly study and debate the bill. Kit Siang: Let public scrutinise IPCMC Bill. — “Kit Siang: Let public scrutinise IPCMC Bill - Malaysiakini”,
  • Definition of scrutinise in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of scrutinise. Pronunciation of scrutinise. Translations of scrutinise. scrutinise synonyms, scrutinise antonyms. Information about scrutinise in the free online English dictionary and. — “scrutinise - definition of scrutinise by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of scrutinise in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is scrutinise? Meaning of scrutinise as a legal term. What does scrutinise mean in law?. — “scrutinise legal definition of scrutinise. scrutinise”, legal-
  • Auditor-General asked to scrutinise government use of Microsoft The New Zealand Open Source Society is calling on Auditor-General to scrutinise government procurement of Microsoft software after the collapse of negotiations for a new three-year all-of-government software licensing deal. — “| Computerworld NZ”,
  • Watchdog to scrutinise BBC spending. Published on Thu Sep 30 05:08:52 Until now, the NAO has only been able to scrutinise areas chosen by the Trust as part of the value-for-money. — “Watchdog to scrutinise BBC spending - National - West Sus***”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. scrutinise. — “Scrutinise - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • of looking at the cosmos From planets in the solar system to the most distant of galaxies the Hubble space telescope has changed our way of looking at the cosmos From planets in the solar system to the most distant of galaxies the Hubble space telescope has changed our way of looking at the cosmos From planets in the solar system to the
  • 23rd February In the Christian tradition we are invited not to scrutinise our story in isolation especially since feelings of isolation can be at the root of anxiety but to place it within the
  • I say Scrutinise as one with a microscope scrutinises creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water
  • October Pulse reveals plans to scrutinise community acquired MRSA following a 90 increase in GP use of antibiotics for staphylococcal infections
  • AV 700 The Philips PSS110 MP3 player looked very appealing Flat panels are splattered all over the first floor but unfortunately I didn t have time to closely scrutinise any of them The 71inch LG was somewhat overwhelming The price tag was very overwhelming £46 000 I can t fathom who the customer might be for this I did note that Sharp s XPZ 12000 playing Episode III
  • The Committee s remit is to scrutinise the on and off site arrangements to protect the workforce and public in the event of an emergency at Sellafield These
  • Christian Porter say Labor s adverts on uranium create a false impression ABC
  • there are now more and more people younger women of course that are starting to scrutinise its background and doubt it s true connection with Slovak history and current relevance This is a family weekend and of course a religious one with Easter being one of the most significant in the annual church calendar Other Easter trivia Chocolate Easter eggs and rabbits
  • The Board carefully scrutinise the budget
  • that I would have been a bit farther ahead than that so it was lucky that I did the sprint and will have to scrutinise Bert s 10k splits more closely PBs all round I waited at the finish to see Jenni post another pb of 48 17 they just keep on coming and are a testament to a great training
  • New contributor Gadfly suggests a Dartington Watch to scrutinise developments at the estate Let me make a prediction for the coming year in fact to be even more ambitious the new decade as well Sadly no great revelations here about upcoming X Factor winners or next techno
  • The Commercial sub committee provides a forum for members of the committee to scrutinise and input into the operational production and transport activities
  • all third carriage so was at the head of the train And each carriage had an owner an attendant who needed to scrutinise my non Cyrillic ticket for authority to traverse their territory
  • Russia joins Namibian oil hunt By CHRISTOF MALETSKY and JO MARÉ DUDDY GAZPROM the Russian heavyweight in gas and oil exploration plans to scrutinise all available hydrocarbon data on Namibia to decide where they are going to kick off their search
  • The MP returning home this afternoon from a bike meeting in Cheshire She handed over the cash as MPs from all sides agreed last night to go scrutinise every MP s claims for abuse and make
  • winter clothes and took a hike around my steep garden and scrutinise the blooms up close and personal I found loads of tiny stuff which I have never seen before I found these tiny creatures If you look carefully on the top petals you ll see small tiny specks of insects They are very minute almost transparent with the close up zoom I could see them scurrying around on every
  • select photo
  • my opinion the graphics are superb and the combat system looks like it s going to be so much fun to play If you choose to scrutinise the heck out of this game that s your prerogative EDIT http www middleearthcenter com wp con 619708 jpg Errrr top left there is a Nazgul on the Fell Beast Last edited by Cheeky Hobbit Jul 10 2008 9 38 am
  • if we briefly time travel to 74 hold tight we can scrutinise the plaque Hmmm H J Henry nah Howard perhaps
  • When the BN messed up the Esplanade The PR Penang state government has probably learned a few hard lessons from the Kings of Tennis flop At the very least they will now learn to thoroughly scrutinise proposals from women
  • accepted in the cell that was Goth again the scene was being monitored and scrutinise by the in crowd elite so our time as a band was short lived haha it was a typo honest L
  • image php id=1007906 type=full
  • you can see the Last supper painting more in its original manner as a wall Tempera painting You will also be able to scrutinise the paintings for any Leonardo Da Vinci code more closely ~ The Da Vinci code movie ~
  • tweaks could easily be fixed in the Paragraph Styles panel without having to select every block of text in the document Below shows the hyphenation switched off in the Paragraph Styles Quark to InDesign Scrutinise and Save Other glitches are quickly and easily resolved by scrutinising the document and tweaking widths and styles here and there This can be time
  • gradients and a matrix of nonlinear selection gradients describing the curvature of the relationship between these traits and fitness I don t expect you to really scrutinise that table Click on image for a larger version This is a very bad animation metaphor for a canonical rotation Basically what we have done is to take that big table and crunch it down into six major
  • Christopher Pyne says blanket bans on the reporting of terrorism cases would undermine freedom of speech File photo AAP Dean Lewins
  • to step away from issues directly affecting donors to her husband s charity and whether the foundation tried to screen out money from those on whose issues the senator had intervened The hearing will scrutinise how Mrs Clinton s foreign policy fits with Mr Obama s During today s hearing she was to also face questions about Mr Clinton s foreign business dealings Her
  • committees may meet only infrequently However they provide technical advice when asked and scrutinise strategies and key reports at various stages of the standard development process Consumer Liaison Committee The Consumer Liaison Committee met four times in 2006 07 It currently comprises four*** members including representatives from the Australian Consumers
  • Quick guides to Parliament image only versions Checking up on government seventh image View the eighth image
  • Friend or Foe Seals scrutinise visitors
  • on Yet ask yourself which is the attitude of the New Labour towards the very democratic right of citizens to scrutinise how politicians use public money for politicians expenses their fearful faces at the prospect of public scrutiny tells you all Big Brother is watching you but do not ask about the costs for their new TV in their offices for watching cricket just pay
  • A strong Upper House is needed to scrutinise policy Senate clerk Harry Evans says File photo AAP Alan Porritt
  • Scroll down for more ON FILM An MoD crew will follow the Prince in Iraq The MoD will scrutinise its coverage for any information which could be used by insurgents to locate Prince Harry one group has already
  • Richard Staines
  • The front and the back of the Royal Monkhood Coin B E 2899 I had been using a magnifier to scrutinise the Royal Monkhood coin for some time to enjoy its aesthetics I have been a collector of
  • The SSTU in WA says it will scrutinise the public schools Julia Gillard identifies as disadvantaged AFP William West
  • have a set of measurable objectives in mind MI ***ysts won t know what data to scrutinise and what tweaks they should make to improve the business Version Three The Fourth Dimension Having come up with the idea of the 3D cube we presented the concept at a Planning Forum seminar in autumn 2008 and asked delegates to contribute some ideas to its development Interestingly
  • Gholap superintendent of licences BMC however said We will scrutinise the proposals from advertisers and take suggestions from residents before allowing the hoardings to be put up

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  • Wolfenstein: The New Order Review - Uber ***s? I scrutinise Machine Games' take on Wolfenstein. Is this the arcade shooter to own in 2014? Follow me on Twitter @AlexLemcovich Find my blog at: http://decid...
  • OMBUDSMAN TO SCRUTINISE TASER DEATH PROBE Ombudsman Bruce Barbour will oversee the police investigation into the death of 21-year-old Roberto Laudisio, also referred to in media reports as Roberto La...
  • Ho does Parliament scrutinise legislation Description.
  • Russia Today Launches UK News Channel RT, a Kremlin-funded broadcaster lauded by President Vladimir Putin, launched a TV news channel in Britain on Thursday (October 30), promising to challenge &...
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  • Minister Lim: Scrutinise all parties new faces Minister Lim Boon Heng urges the public and media to scrutinise all the new candidates from both PAP and opposition parties.
  • India to strictly scrutinise tax returns, salaries of US embassy staff As a retaliatory action against the ill-treatment meted out to Indian diplomat Devyani Khobradage in the US, the Indian foreign ministry has asked the Centra...
  • Charge Your Phone Before You Fly Anyone travelling to America will not be able to take their mobile phone or laptop on the plane unless it is charged. Sky's Dominic Waghorn reports Charge Yo...
  • Tenants scrutinise community involvement at Wellingborough Homes Members of our scrutiny group took part in a pilot project to take a closer look at how we involve our tenants in our work. Hear from those that drove the pr...
  • Very Large Telescope Every night, all year round, the ESO Very Large Telescope, or VLT, opens its four giant eyes to scrutinise the beautiful southern skies. Each eye is a huge m...
  • Cabinet to scrutinise ISA bill Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein says the proposed amendments to the Internal Security Act (ISA) will be scrutinised by the cabinet on Frida...
  • What are the methods used by Parliament to scrutinise the executive The methods used by Parliament to scrutinise the executive.
  • Energy efficiency ***ysis and management from GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency Saving energy means saving money! Our experts will ***yse the energy consumption of your company and scrutinise every kilowatt hour expended. In this way, e...
  • LSK public hearings to scrutinise March poll
  • Consumers encouraged to scrutinise purchase agreements Experts have encouraged consumers to scrutinise purchase agreements. In most cases consumers aren't aware that they have taken this kind of insurance .
  • Real Estate Investments: Areas To Scrutinise Before You Invest This video covers the areas that need to be scrutinized before Real Estate Investment Begins. It also gives you 5 valuable Tips! Visit http://tradeinvestorfo...
  • Trinny & Susannah scrutinise the Sky News Sunrise team http://.
  • Workers under microscope: Abbott government to scrutinise pay, penalties, conditions-NEWS The federal government's sweeping review of Australia's workplace laws will put penalty rates, pay and conditions, union militancy and flexibility under the ...
  • Al Batal - S02 E01 | البطل - الموسم 2 الحلقة 1 In the first episode, the fighters are introduced to the Al Batal Boot Camp and the 2 coaching teams: Team Elbe VS Team Baghdad. Both of the coaching teams w...
  • AP Govt appoints Technical Committee to Scrutinise Metro Rail Project in Visakhapatnam | 10tv For more information please click
  • 333 (Income Tax) How does the Assessing Officer select the cases to scrutinise
  • Assembly Committee to scrutinise how powers are transferred from UK Parliament A new inquiry by the National Assembly for Wales will examine how powers are conferred on Welsh Government Ministers by UK Parliament. ...
  • Kendrick Lamar - The Art of Peer Pressure (Official Video) [Bonus Menace II Society Version HD] Kendrick Lamar's debut single from "good kid, m.A.A.d. city."
  • The Big Picture - Should Election Commission scrutinise Party Manifestos? Guests: Salman Soz (Spokesperson, Congress) ; Aman Sinha (Spokesperson, BJP) ; Pawan Verma (Member of the Janata Dal(U)) ; K J Rao (Former Secretary and Advi...
  • CFI - Corey Watts - Opportunities to scrutinise the scheme Corey Watts - Regional Projects Manager, The Climate Institute. Provides an overview of the Carbon Farming Initiative. View Corey Watts Full Presentation: ht...
  • mars towers plz scrutinise found picture daily mail archives so anyone can verify this plz confirm or deny its authenticity.
  • Scrutinise this... I'm Jamie Boote - candidate for Council of Scrutiny. Please put me as your #1 choice. You can vote online at .
  • Frank Zappa - Central Scrutinizer the Central Scrutinizer's intro to the zappa cd "joe's garage"
  • Spyker Car Review - Top Gear - BBC The Top Gear team review the Spyker C8. Jeremy takes it out for a test drive to scrutinise the cool design by the revived Dutch company. Subscribe for more a...
  • Indigenous health body to scrutinise 'closing the gap' data The peak Indigenous health body, NACCHO, says it will independently scrutinise data it gets from the Federal Government on closing the gap. It comes as the c...
  • BN to scrutinise needs of people in Selangor Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak urged the people of Selangor to give BN the mandate in the next General Election at the BN convention and Hari Raya...
  • Minecraft - Sjin's Farm #50 - Reservation For 3 Sjin attempts to wine and dine the dastardly Hat Films as they scrutinise his farm and the newly opened Chilli Wowas. Previous episode:
  • A panel of professionals set to scrutinise the impact of e-tolls A panel of professionals set to scrutinise the impact of e-tolls Subscribe to eNCA for latest news. No Fear. No Favour: A panel of aca...
  • One-Sided Loss To Punjab Farokh, Deano Scrutinise Pune's
  • IAS officer takes over as managing director of GIDC; promises to scrutinise important files IAS officer Neeraj Semwal took charge as Managing Director of Goa Industrial Development Corporation on Thursday. Ajit Naik has been relieved of his addition...
  • Fingertip sweat pore maps to catch criminals A new way of ***ysing fingerprints by mapping sweat pores has been developed by South Korean scientists. The technique uses a water-sensitive polymer to det...
  • How to Pronounce Scrutinise Learn how to say Scrutinise correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of scrutinise (oxford dictionary): transitive verb ...
  • IGN Rewind Theater - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug What will happen to Bilbo in the second film? We scrutinise each frame to see what's in store. Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things g...
  • DEJI360 SPECIAL: IN-DEPTH ***YSIS OF THE RIVERS ASSEMBLY CRISIS In this third edition of Deji360, Deji Bademosi takes an in-depth look at the crisis rocking the Rivers State House of Assembly. With a panel of independent ...
  • EU to “scrutinise” Cameron's plan of curbing EU migrant benefits The European Commission said on Tuesday it will 'scrutinise” whether plans by British Prime Minister David Cameron of curbing EU migrants' access to unemploy...
  • Tyler, The Creator - *** Tyler, The Creator - ***; track #1 off of his self-produced debut album, *** (2009). I do not own the contents within, no copyright is intended.
  • FIFA World Cup 2010 - Nigeria in danger after FIFA continue to scrutinise FIFA will closely monitor Nigeria for any further signs of political interference in the country's national team, a spokesman for the sport's governing body ...

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  • “Get the benefits you're entitled to: help with disability living allowance (DLA), incapacity benefit (IB), employment and support allowance (ESA). Claims, medicals, appeals.. Credit agencies and their powers to scrutinise? (2/2) - Members forums”
    — Credit agencies and their powers to scrutinise? - Benefits,

  • “Back in June 2008, one of the key "quiet" news sources for Bloggers and Journalists tracking the Zimbabwe elections was a Twitter feed run by the Zimbabwe Civic Action Support Group alongside their blog Sokwanele ("Enough is Enough").I ran a”
    — How Twitter was used to Scrutinise the Zimbabwe Elections,

  • “Social workers scrutinise McCann twins as evidence dossier given to prosecutor ALASTAIR JAMIESON (ajamieson@) SOCIAL services and polic”
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  • “Forum discussion: From: The Register quote: The techniques used by unloveable rogues who automate search engine manipulation attacks themed around breaki”
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  • “Singapore Expats. scrutinise my budget. Singapore Expats Forum -> Staying, Living in am Post subject: scrutinise my budget. I am moving to Singapore soon”
    — Singapore Expats Forum - View topic - scrutinise my budget,

  • “ - UK political and parliamentary news, ***ysis, comment and blogs The 1832 Blog. Events. Member Directory. Parliament & Government. Education. Health. Home Affairs. Culture. International & Defence. Energy & Environment. Economy. Transport. Communities. Lords scrutinise defence review”
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  • “New Scientist full online access is exclusive to subscribers as part of their Forum: Perchance to scrutinise the field. 20 November 1993 by STEPHEN”
    — Sign in to read: Forum: Perchance to scrutinise the field,

  • “The encyclopaedia of the Australian house price bubble. Home of the empty houses project, the bubble wiki and the search for meaningful housing data”
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