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  • Danny Downs seems to be rather proficient at toeing that line, judging from the vehicles he's selected for his own scratchbuilding efforts. My friend Jeff Harper likes the "oddballs and orphans", and brought his superb scratchbuilding skills to replicating this very strange vehicle. — “scratchbuilding at Hemmings Blog – Classic and collectible”,
  • Elm City Hobbies - Aircraft Accessories Armour Automotive Diorama Figures Ships Magazines, Books, & DVDs Finishing Supplies Pre-Order Paint Scratchbuilding Supplies Pigments & Washes Sci-Fi & Characture Airbrushes & Supplies Used Kits. — “Elm City Hobbies, Hobby Shop”,
  • Plastic Model Kits and Accessories including resin and photo etch conversions. Detailed aircraft kits, tank kits, ships, figures, paints, glue and tools. 0.2mm diameter lead wire which is very soft and pliable and is perfect for super-detailing and scratchbuilding. — “Relish Models - Plastic Model Kits - Manufacturers :: Plus Model”,
  • The art of scratchbuilding is that of building a model or its parts from simpler materials. Radicons -Tutorials and How To's of scratchbuilding Transformers. — “Scratchbuilding - Transformers Wiki”,
  • That I need to start with the Scratchbuilding again, which I haven't really bothered doing for a couple of years now, and there From there, I started making some somewhat Pathetic Attempts at Scratchbuilding some Phasers, which I did initially because I saw someone that. — “kohn”,
  • Mark Yungblut describes a basic scratchbuilding project. These techniques and a few others are all that is necessary to start scratchbuilding. — “Starship Modeler - Scratchbuilding Basics”,
  • Scratchbuilding - Definition. Scratchbuilding is the process of building a model from raw materials, rather than building it from a kit or buying it pre-assembled. Scratchbuilding is easiest if original plans or other technical drawings of the subject. — “Scratchbuilding - Definition”,
  • Scratchbuilding. DECEMBER 2001. While I was browsing through a hobby shop the other day, a member of the sales staff related to me that the previous week a customer was in the store expressing interest in modelling the Stratford area, based upon. — “Scratchbuilding”,
  • Scratchbuilding Supplies: Plastics. Metals. Wood. •Evergreen Hobbies. •Plastruct. K & S. New Expanded Plastruct Materials!!!! Added: texture sheets. Paint & Painting Supplies: Air Brushes •Brushes• Felt Tip Markers. Floquil. Poly S. Tamiya. Testors. •Tamiya Paints. •Testors. •Adhesives •Glues. Detail Parts. — “scratchbuilding.html”,
  • I think this is still better than for many fellow modellers, who perform their scratchbuilding activity at the corner of the kitchen table. I think the Working Table for scratchbuilding should be large enough to accommodate a small clean surface besides the vise and place for the power. — “Scratchbuilding Workshop”,
  • A Source For All Scales in Model Railroading. We are Resellers for all the major manufacturers along with items that we manufacture. Structure / TrainCat Model Sales / Scratchbuilding Supplies. — “TexNrails On-Line Catalog Search Results - Structure, TMS”,
  • Find, shop and buy products on scratchbuilding at , where anyone can publish and sell products on scratchbuilding. — “scratchbuilding - ”,
  • Model Railroad Fans Luxembourg. Scratchbuilding. Here you find some scratchbuilt structures, we have built for our layouts. Trestle 1:48 (0n3) by Pit KARGES. — “Scratchbuilding”,
  • Scratchbuilding Materials - Busch - Evergreen - Grandt Line - Midwest Products Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. only in this. — “Trains : Scratchbuilding Materials - Hobby Alley”,
  • Three different sheds have been designed and the scratchbuilding workshops have, so far, yielded ave learned, scratchbuilding isn't difficult and is. fun. Join in the fun and give the shed a try. If you decide to print the plans, you need to do the following to get an HO scale copy. — “Our club started a project of scratchbuilding sheds for the”, nmra-mer-
  • Search by:. — “Modeler Site - Formula One Scale Modelling - PDF Articles”,
  • Scratchbuilding is just what it sounds like - building something from scratch. Scratchbuilding is most definitely harder and more involved than kit building, but the satisfaction of creating something from nothing with your own hands and mind can be very rewarding. — “Scratchbuilding Modeling Techniques - ”,
  • As in all previous work on scratchbuilding a figure, it is advisable not to start straight away with attempting the full complexity of the folds in, for example, a jacket, but to start with a plain and simple shape and to develop it from there. — “BMSS Guide to Scratchbuilding Figures Part 3”,
  • Fonzie's Scratchbuilding Service seizes to exist on its own, it becomes part of my new business: Mabuhay Miniature Painting Service! Fonzie's Scratchbuilding Service can build you any wargames scenery you like in 20 and 25mm. — “Fonzie's Scratchbuilding Service”,
  • Incidentally, this page is only about foam electric planes, but it will cover some basics of scratchbuilding that may be relevant to glow fuel planes too. For some good beginner info on glow planes, the There are a variety of foams out there that can be utilized for scratchbuilding a trainer plane. — “R/C Scratchbuilders - Beginners”,
  • While plastic kits and scratchbuilding supplies are dominant, card can hold its own against these and provides some great opportunities for creating unique models. While one won't have a choice in materials when building kits, one does when scratchbuilding. — “Scratchbuilding | Peter's and Hope's Märklin Trains”,
  • Scratchbuilding (making model buildings from scratch) is the art of creating structures or other models out of raw materials The substructure can be made with styrene, which is probably the most commonly used material for scratchbuilding. — “Model Buildings from Scratch”, building-your-model-
  • Scratchbuilding H.m.s. Victorious In 1/96 Scale For R/c:. — “Scratchbuilding H.m.s. Victorious In 1/96 Scale For R/c”,

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  • Scratch Building Scale Plastic Models part 1. Work on a O scale scratch built little Corner Watch Shop door and some Tips
  • Flite Test - FT Flyer Scratch Build - REVIEW Flite Test - REVIEW FT Flyer Scratch Build A Hobby King sponsored segment. Josh and Josh review this great little scratch built plane. The FT Flyer is based off of the classic Blu Dart. Our version of this model was built for about $38 in parts, including the battery. Plans for the Blu Dart: Parts List: $3.50 GWS EP Propeller (RD-8043 203x109mm) (6pcs/set) $7.15 Turnigy 28-22-azj 7A 1400Kv Brushless Outrunner $11.50 TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller $4.16 Turnigy 500mAh 2S 20C Lipo Pack $2.90 Light Foam Wheel (Diam: 30, Width: 12mm 5pcs/bag) $2.77 Turnigy 1370A Servo 3.7g/0.4kg/.10sec $2.77 Turnigy 1370A Servo 3.7g/0.4kg/.10sec $0.43 Light Plane Plastic Part set (10pcs) $1.00 Foam Board
  • Scratch building tutorial, Resin Kampfer, MMA, Shoutouts! My fight: thehelmosengine full kit build: thehelmosengine blog: www.hangar03 REBOOTYOURSELF100 Channel Mecha Lounge: Thank you to everyone who comments and subscribes ! Love you guys!
  • Sodor Scratchbuilding HD: Anamatronic Eye Mechanisms A look at the creation of the all-important eye mechanism for the upcoming "Ernest: Reloaded" fan-made series. This same method will be used to create the eye mechanism for the Gauge 1 James & Edward models, and all further characters. Want to know more? Visit: Enjoy! -Kurt
  • Flite Test - FT FLYER - SCRATCH BUILD The FT Flyer is a scratch built air frame designed specifically for our 'swappable fuselage' series. More details in in the write up on our website: The other wings in this series include the Nutball and Delta. In this episode, Josh goes through a step by step build plan and shows you how to make your own modified BluDart that we call The FT Flyer! See how to build the swappable fuselage here:
  • Flite Test - FT 3D - SCRATCH BUILD Learn how to scratch build your very own foam board 3D FT RC Airplane. This is an advanced swappable plane, featuring full airfoil tapered wings. Build plans and additional images available here: Check out the FT 3D Review: Learn more about our Speed Build Kits: Check out the FT Bloody Wonder Build: Thanks for watching! .
  • Scratch build a MSD Pro Mag 44 magneto with 'Pro Tech' parts for a Funny Car or Top Fuel dragster Scratch build a Top Fuel style MSD Pro Mag 44 magneto using Pro Tech parts. I describe the parts, process and paints along with a few building tricks. Perfect for a scale model Funny Car or Top Fuel rail.
  • Scratch Build Low Wing Trainer here for more info on BMNF : Low wing trainer scratchbuild by Mr Sulaiman of BMNF. He can scratchbuild almost any simple aircraft his way just by looking at one. although this is not as neat as factory product, but it really can fly. converted to GP using JBA .15 2 stroke engine : more :
  • Icon A5 R/C Scratchbuild by Snice - Flyin' & Floatin' My scratchbuilt Icon A5 R/C model built out of foam core. This is a scale R/C model of the full size Icon A5. In this video, I take the model through some basic aerobatics and test the airframe on water. Plans and updates will be available soon. Subscribe for future updates! Happy Flying!
  • Flite Test - Nutball - SCRATCH BUILD Flite Test - Nutball - Scratch Build In this episode of Flite Test Josh Walks us through the Nutball scratch build. This plane is very cheap to build and flies great. Watch this episode to see more. Visit the article on our site for more info and links:
  • Scratchbuilding A Miniature Bridge-Isengard Diorama Part 4 Checkout the article version of this tutorial below. Here's another bonus article on how to make a miniature wheelbarrow.
  • Scratch Building Tau Radar Dish
  • Flite Test - Twin Twirl - SCRATCH BUILD Did you love the Twin Twirl Review? Well you're in luck! In this episode of Flite Test Josh Bixler walks us through, step-by-step, on how to build the Twin Twirl! Although it may be a tad bit intimidating to build, Josh simplifies is easy steps, while giving you some added tips along the way! Watch this episode to see more. More details and plans available on the website:
  • Flite Test - Old Fogey - SCRATCH BUILD The Old Fogey foam board scratch built airplane is the latest additional to the Flite Test Swappable Fuselage Series! This old timer is designed after the classic RC airplane called the Buzzard Bombshell, this homemade plane features a polyhedral wing design that offers some very unique flying characteristics! Download the plans and see more photos on the website: Watch how to build your power pod here: Check out the Old Fogey review here:
  • Mirage 2000 55mm EDF Parkjet R/C Scratchbuild Plans, build log, and additional information about this model available here:
  • Model Trains: Scratch Building A Great Background Building! Custom Design For Your Train Layout. Subscribe now! This is an easy scratch building video for making a modern n scale background industry.
  • Flite Test - Fowl Flyer Swappable - SCRATCH BUILD The Fowl Flyer Swappable, a scratch built foam board swappable fuselage FPV cargo RC airplane! The 6th installment to the Swappable Series, this foam flyer is designed with a large cargo area, as well as custom FPV mounting area in the nose! Build Plans, photos and information at the website: You can watch the review here:
  • More Scratch Building - Isengard Diorama Part 5 Quick update on the Isengard diorama An article to inspire you to pick up sculpting here- Music by Kevin MacLeod
  • Experimental Scratch build RC Plane Maiden Flight! Just wanted to try some scratch building and got the inspiration from my son's toy plane. Stayed tuned for more test flights coming up. Thanks for watchin! aurora 3500kv motor castle 54 800mah 3s lipo cheapo servo's ar6000 rx = Fun
  • Flite Test - FT Bloody Wonder - Scratch Build The FT Bloody Wonder is the newest addition to the Flite Test Swappable Series! Inspired by Bloody Mick's FUNBAT and the Sig Wonder, the FT Bloody Wonder is a fast, fun, combat flyer made from a low cost of ADAMS foam board! (aka: dollar tree foam board) Download the plans and see more photos at the website: Check out the review of the FT Bloody Wonder here: Check out the other scratch builds from the Flite Test Swappable Series: Nutball FT Flyer Delta Wing Baby Blender
  • Scratch Building Scale Plastic Models part 2. Scale plastic modeling. How to work with plastic on Bill's Corner Watch Shop door and some Tips
  • Detailing - scratchbuilding some interior details, replicating vehicle wiring and copying references Scratchbuilt some quick and easy junction boxes to fill a big gap in the M8 interior, then wired it with copper and added some nice touches to the model. This is an easy way to add bags of interest to your vehicles, it's not difficult and its actually quite quick. The only trick is to find good reference pictures to copy!
  • Thunderchild - Pt 1 - Warhammer Fantasy Battle - Scratch Build Dwarf Airship A custom scratch build to fit with the Warhammer "Dwarf Thunderbarge" rule set. This will be the centrepiece for my entry into the "Armies on Parade" competition. I may also enter it into Scale Model Addicts open category. Part 2:
  • Sodor Scratchbuilding: Face Creation A look at the creation of Ernest's face (G-scale) for the upcoming "Ernest: Reloaded" fan-made series. The same method will be used to create the face for the Gauge 1 James model, and all further characters. Want to know more? Visit: Enjoy! -Kurt Theauthor of the following video and content are unaffiliated with HIT Entertainment PLC & Crackerjack Productions. No challenge of ownership is implied. Thomas & Friends, Ernest The Engine, related characters, elements and trademarks all remain the lawful property of their respective owners.
  • GIFT CARDS FOR RC SCRATCHBUILDING Sorry, I'm not giving away gift cards, but in this video I'll show you where to get them and how I like to use them for scratchbuilding. They can be acquired from several sources once you know where to look. Cards without credit added can be gotten from various restaurants and retailers and used cards that formerly had credit can be found near the point of use, such as gas pumps and cash registers, especially after holiday season.
  • Old Fogey scratch-build Foamboard and hotglue built from Josh Bixlers plans from . Added 12.5% to the plans size to make up for the larger motor and battery I was using. Adding 4 inches to the main wing and 2 1/2 inches to fuse makes for easy glides.
  • Using Evergreen Styrene (Great For Scratch Building!!!!) Man's best friend might be a dog, But a scale modeler's best friend is Evergreen Styrene!!! Hope you enjoy the video!!! Matt :D Links to SMA P-40B Project: 1/700 USS Neosho Project:
  • Scratch Building A Passenger Station. Build Model Train Layouts For Less! to purchase my n scale scratch built stuff. This is just a few basic techniques for scratch building. Save money and make unique structures. Windows can be intimidating, don't let it.
  • Flite Test - Baby Blender Biplane - Scratch Build The Baby Blender Biplane is a smaller version of the original large scale Blender RC airplane and it's also the 4th installment of the swappable fuselage series! Download the plans and get more information here: Detailed build video for the power pod (fuselage) available here: To watch the Baby Blender Biplane Review go here:
  • Scratchbuild O Scale diesel_0001.avi My first try at etching brass sheet for an O scale Diesel Locomotive as published in May 1997 Model Railroader.
  • RCPowers Top 5 Scratchbuilding Tips!! Does your RC plane pull to one side? Maybe its because you're a "LEFT WING" extremist: . . .
  • Project PANDA Scratch Build More detailed instructions of project will be updated on please give me the weekend to make the webpage. : ) PROJECT PANDA Portable Amphibious (that's right) Narguile-ing Delivery Apparatus TOTAL COST / PARTS LIST 1x Twist N Go Cup - $1.90 3x Rubber Gasket (#3 cap thread 13/16ID x 1 1/8OD x 1/8H) - $2 1x Top piece (5/8 Flare x 3/4 Female Pipe) - $6 1x Bolt / washer/nut assembly for top piece - $0.80 1x Lower metal piece (3/4 Pipe Male to 3/4" Pipe Female) - $4 1x Downpipe (3/4 x 10 Plastic Pipe) - $0.90 1x Nuts for hose trumpet (M10 x 1.00 thread pitch) - $0.40 1x Mya Hose Trumpet - $4 each Total $20 Take note, you must buy an identical amount of M10 nuts for however many hoses you put in the top of the cup. Maya blow off valve has the same thread, and takes the same nuts as the hose trumpet. Estimated build time - 30 to 45 minutes Tools used: Flat file Drill or drill press 1/8" and 3/8" drill bits A screwdriver or something to poke out the top with. Dremel Additional credit to Tony & AtomicWedge. Thanks for helping with the video guys : )
  • Intro to scratchbuilding 101 episode 1 I'm taking a new venture into taking video of scratchbuilding techniques. Follow along as I show you tip and tricks to making your structure different then everyone elses model!
  • Zonda R scratch build # 24 worky worky work work
  • SCM Tutorial: Scratch Building Hydraulic Cylinders SCM Tutorial #1 - Scratch Building Hydraulic Cylinders for scale model projects
  • Flite Test - Fokker DR1 - SCRATCH BUILD Flite Test - Fokker DR1 - SCRATCH BUILD In this episode of Flite Test, Josh Bixler shows us step by step, how to build the Fokker DR1 Triplane! This plane goes together very quick, is cheap to build and also very efficient when in the air. Watch this episode to learn how to build your own. Visit the article on our site for more info and links:
  • SCM Future Truck & Scratch Build Projects Quick look at a few 1/24 1/25 scale truck and scratch build projects by rick arter
  • Flite Test - H-Quad - SCRATCH BUILD Have you watched the H-Quad Review? Well, in this episode we break down the H-Quad, from start to finish. This frame is not only a very stable platform, but it also is extremely versatile. Watch to see more. For more info please visit the article on our site! http Other multirotor articles:
  • Flite Test - F-22 Raptor - SCRATCH BUILD Flite Test - F-22 Raptor - SCRATCH BUILD In this episode of Flite Test, Josh bixler walks us step by step on building your own F-22 Raptor! This plane is very simple to build, very easy to fly, and also has great trainer tendencies. Watch to see more. See this plane in action here: VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS: Plans For more info or parts list, visit
  • SCRATCHBUILDING CONTEST - "SNOWBIRD" - $150 prize Here's a challenge for creative RC scratchbuilders at higher latitudes. Design, build, and fly a foamboard plane that can take off and land from snow-covered ground. Use standard Experimental Airlines construction techniques with the foamboard Armin Wing and tubular fuselage and make sure whatever part of the plane touches the snow is scratchbuilt, not store-bought. All other design parameters are up to the builder. The plane must be shown on video to make three takeoffs and three landings from snow. Any other cool stuff the plane can do is bonus. Please show construction techniques and tricks so other builders can use them too. Multiple entries are OK. The contest starts 20 January 2013. Entry videos must be submitted as YouTube "video responses" to this video before midnight 20 March 2013. Judging will take place after that with the winner announced in 2 weeks. The winner will receive $75 store credit with in the form of a e-certificate plus $75 cash prize from Rob Mackenzie @ EA Canada payable through PayPal (so be sure you have a PayPal account) Rob is no stranger to snow and will be the well-qualified chief judge for this competition. Please stop by his channel and say thanks for his support of the foamboard scratchbuilding community. PS: although Ed is enjoying the Phoenix, Arizona winter with perfect temperatures, clear skies, and no snow, there are actually plenty of "snowbirds" around. This is the term for all ...

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  • “Dwarven Forge - Miniature Terrain maker of MasterMaze for Warhammer miniatures, Star Wars miniatures, D&D miniatures , Reaper miniatures, and Lord of the Rings Scenery. Scratchbuilding Pillars (1/3) - GM Help Section - How Do I Use This Stuff?”
    Scratchbuilding Pillars - Dwarven Forge | Dwarven Forge,

  • “Tramp has put together an excellent tutorial for sculpting a Fembot head from scratch. He's created a PDF you can download and print out for ease of reference when you use this technique. Amazing results Tramp. Thank you!”
    — Tramp's Fembot Head Sculpting/Scratchbuilding Tutorial,

  • “N Scale Model Railroad Forum. Scratchbuilding Tools? Author. Topic. Page: of 3. Spookshow. I'm looking for suggestions for tools that Here are two scratchbuilding tutorial threads that also show some”
    — Atlas Model Railroad Co. - Scratchbuilding Tools?,

  • “Over a year ago now, before joining the RR-L Forum, I was searching the net for information on scratchbuilding structures. I will post my progress on this project for those who might want to try a small scratchbuilding project of their own”
    — Railroad Line Forums - A Great Scratchbuilding Project For, railroad-

  • “[Archive] Making a model from raw materials and parts, not using kits or take a commercial product and to modify it to suit your own needs. This product might have started out in kit form , but it might also have been ready-to-run”
    Scratchbuilding & KitBashing [Archive] - H0SCALE, h0

  • “Titanic Forum open to discussion about the ship and the many other Ocean Liners of days past Sat Apr-19-03 12:47 AM #117, "RE: scratchbuilding 1/144 scale reciprocating engines"”
    — TITANIC FORUM - RE: scratchbuilding 1/144 scale reciprocating, titanic-

  • “Behind the scenes with the editors of the Hemmings Motor News family of magazines Blog Navigation: Home > Archive by tag 'scratchbuilding'”
    scratchbuilding at Hemmings Blog – Classic and collectible,

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