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  • Scopula () in Encyclopedia of Life. — “Scopula - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • Scopula. Scopula are the tufts of hair on bees' legs. Can't say I've ever observed a bee that closely, but next time I'll be keeping an eye out for the scopula - as well as the stingula! Dogmum pointed out that I might have been meaning scapula, which is a flash name for your shoulder blade. — “Word Imperfect: Scopula”,
  • Description and photographs of the moth: Scopula rubiginata (Tawny Wave ). — “Tawny Wave Scopula rubiginata - UKMoths”,
  • Scopula (Sterrhinae) ; [AUCL] 600x451 (~34Kb) USA: Near Table Mtn (USFS 9705) (47°18'28N 120°41'25W) Scopula immorata [Ian Kimber] 612x456 (~72Kb) Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Schönenberg, Hinter dem Flecken (8°49'E, 48°57'N, 260m), 20.05.2000, Photo. — “Scopula”,
  • Scopulae, or scopula pads, are dense tufts of hair at the end of a spiders's legs. They are found mostly on hunting spiders, especially tarantulas. Scopulae consist of microscopic hairs, each covered in even smaller hairs called setules or "end feet". The result is a massive surface area. — “Scopula”,
  • Scopula was set up and is backed by a consortium of property, holiday and travel Internet based companies as a vehicle to enable companies to profit from television advertising, where the cost would otherwise be prohibitive. By combining our. — “Find vacations, holidays, accommodation, travel, holiday”,
  • Species References - Scopula luteolata. random search results ->Scopula luteolata ->references. Book. Author. Covell, C. V., Jr. A revision of the North American species of the genus Scopula (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). — “Entomology Collection > References > Scopula luteolata”,
  • Scopula definition, a dense tuft of hairs, as on the feet of certain spiders. See more. — “Scopula | Define Scopula at ”,
  • Definition of scopula in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of scopula. Pronunciation of scopula. Translations of scopula. scopula synonyms, scopula antonyms. Information about scopula in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “scopula - definition of scopula by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of scopula from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of scopula. Pronunciation of scopula. Definition of the word scopula. Origin of the word scopula. — “scopula - Definition of scopula at ”,
  • Scopula floslactata (Haworth, 1809) A rather common species throughout Belgium. The larva lives on different species of low plants like Taraxacum and Polygonum. Hibernates as full-grown larva and pupates in loose earth. The adults fly in one generation a year; from early May till late July. — “Lepidoptera of Belgium: Scopula floslactata”,
  • Scopula (Scopula) ornata Genus: Scopula Schrank, 1802 Subgenus: Scopula Schrank, 1802 Original genus: Phalaena Linnaeus, 1758. Synonims (genus). — “Scopula (Scopula) ornata”,
  • scopula n. , pl. , -lae ( ). A dense brushlike tuft of hairs, as on the feet of certain insects. [Latin scōpula , small brush of twigs, diminutive. — “scopula: Definition from ”,
  • An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. Large Lace-Border Moth Larva - Scopula limboundata. — “Large Lace-Border Moth Larva - Scopula limboundata - ”,
  • Other Names for Thrix scopula (H. Druce 1873) Thrix Doherty 1891. Virgarina H. H. Druce 1895 currently viewed as a subjective junior synonym Thrix scopula (H. Druce 1873). Virgarina H. H. Druce 1895 currently viewed as a subjective junior synonym. — “Thrix scopula”,
  • Scopula. Schrank, 1802. Synonyms. Acidalina Staudinger, 1898. Calothysanis Hübner, 1823 Scopula is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae. [edit] Species. Listed alphabetically.[1] Scopula. — “Scopula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Phylum: Arthropoda • Classis: Insecta • Subclassis: Pterygota • Infraclassis: Neoptera • Superordo: Endopterygota • Ordo: Lepidoptera • Familia: Geometridae • Subfamilia: Sterrhinae • Genus: Scopula Schrank, 1802. Included species: "Scopula" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. — “Category:Scopula - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Encyclopedia article about scopula. Information about scopula in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “scopula definition of scopula in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Scopula - Meaning and definition `Scopula pads` (pl. ' scopulae') are tufts of hair at the end of a tarantula's legs and pedipalps. They consist of microscopic hairs, each covered in even smaller hairs called `setules`. The result is a massive surface area. — “Scopula - Encyclopedia”,
  • Semiochemicals of Genus Scopula. Phylum: Arthropoda. Subphylum: Uniramia. Class: Insecta Gram.¦ Scopula personata Prout. Nagano M. 1979. J. Takeda Res. Lab. 38:. — “Pherobase :: Genus Detail - Scopula”,
  • scopula. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search Wikipedia scopula (plural scopulae) A dense tuft of hair, as on certain insects legs. — “scopula - Wiktionary”,

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  • Scopula ternata
  • Pleurothallis scoparum Rchb f 1888 SUBGENUS Scopula Luer 1986 Plant and Flowers Photos courtesy of Jay Pfahl
  • 成虫写真3 成虫写真4 蛹写真1 幼虫写真1
  • Autre Scopuula nigropunctata photo A Linda Autre Acidalie proche de Scopula marginepunctata photo M Chevriaux la Phalène hardie Scopula immorata envergure 16 mm chenille polyphage exemplaire alpin 1500 m d altitude
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  • Scopula confusa 060624399 jpg
  • La Fausse Timandre Scopula imitaria Hübner 1799 28 VII 2008 Châteauroux les Alpes Les Rozans 1100 m dépt 05 PACA Famille des Geometridae Sous famille des Sterrhinae Habitat partout clairières sablonneuses friches
  • Scopula ornata jpg
  • Scopula immutata distribution png
  • Scopula属一覧 成虫♀写真1 成虫♂写真1 成虫写真1 成虫写真2
  • Scopula属一覧 成虫♀写真1 成虫写真1 成虫写真2 成虫写真3
  • 幼虫写真1 幼虫写真2 Scopula属一覧 無断転載禁止
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  • 成虫写真5 成虫写真6 成虫写真7 成虫写真8
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  • 成虫写真2 成虫写真3 成虫写真4 成虫写真5
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  • Scopula immutata Larva
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  • Scopula属一覧 成虫♀写真1 成虫♀写真2 成虫写真1 成虫写真2
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  • Scopula immutata Acidalie invariable
  • 成虫写真6 成虫写真7 成虫写真8 成虫写真9
  • 成虫写真4 成虫写真5 成虫写真6 成虫写真7
  • 蛹写真1 幼虫写真1 幼虫写真2 Scopula属一覧 無断転載禁止
  • l Acidalie etrille Scopula nigropunctata envergure 26 mm photo P Pinson Autre Scopuula nigropunctata photo A Linda
  • Scopula nupta 060624091 jpg
  • 成虫写真3 成虫写真4 成虫写真5 成虫写真6
  • New Photos Scopula marginepunctata 10564
  • 成虫写真12 成虫写真13 成虫写真14 成虫写真15
  • 成虫写真15 成虫写真16 蛹写真1 幼虫写真1
  • r001701 jpg
  • 成虫写真9 成虫写真10 成虫写真11 成虫写真12
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  • 成虫写真2 蛹写真1 幼虫写真1 幼虫写真2

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