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  • Scopophilia literally means "a love of watching." Sigmund Freud distinguished between two forms: the active form of watching known as "voyeurism" and the more passive form of "exhibitionism. — “Take a good look: The troubles and origins of our societal”, psycho***
  • scopophilia ( ′&suml;käpə′filēə ) ( psychology ) ***ual stimulation from looking at the unclad human figure; observed chiefly in normal adolescent and. — “scopophilia: Definition from ”,
  • We found 12 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word scopophilia: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "scopophilia" is defined. General (7 matching dictionaries) scopophilia: Wiktionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of scopophilia - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • An examination of the idea of the scopophilic look in Dorothy Arzner's films. In Mulvey's article, Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, she outlines the issues pertaining to the Freudian concept of scopophilia when applied to the medium of film. — “The Watchers: Scopophilia in Arzner's Films - Associated”,
  • The term scoptophilia, subsequently replaced by scopophilia, took its place in Anglophone psycho***ytic literature as a translation of the Freudian notion of Schaulust, "pleasure in looking," in the sense of both seeing and being seen, as well as "curiosity. — “Scopophilia - No Subject - Encyclopedia of Lacanian”,
  • Scopophilia or scoptophilia, from Greek "love of looking", is deriving pleasure from looking. As an expression of ***uality, it refers to ***ual pleasure derived from looking at *** objects: *** photographs, ***ography, *** bodies, etc. — “Scopophilia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Scopophilia album by Andre Van Rensburg including album title, track listings, release dates, guest artists, record label info and user reviews on AOL Music. — “Scopophilia - Andre Van Rensburg”,
  • Scopophilia or scoptophilia , from Greek "love of looking", is deriving pleasure from looking. Scopophilia or scoptophilia , from Greek "love of looking", is deriving pleasure from looking. — “Scopophilia - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • Voyeurism, scopophilia and other visual pleasures. In the Lacanian account of the origins of our sense of self a critical event occurs during infancy. During this "mirror phase" infants grasp the fact that there is a world, and others, beyond them. — “PT Essay - Looking: Voyeurism, scopophilia and other visual”, powell-
  • Scopophilia definition, the obtaining of ***ual pleasure by looking at *** bodies, *** photographs, etc. See more. — “Scopophilia | Define Scopophilia at ”,
  • Be the first to rate and post a review about Scopophilia. In addition to simply giving a rating, you may also write a review in which you can share your feelings, opinions, critiques, and whether or not you recommend Scopophilia. Rants and Raves. Write a review, post your ratings, or both!. — “Movie - "Scopophilia" (2003 film)”,
  • The term scoptophilia, subsequently replaced by scopophilia, took its place in Anglophone psycho***ytic literature as a translation of the Freudian notion of Schaulust, "pleasure in looking," in the sense of both seeing and being seen, as well as "curiosity. — “Scoptophilia/Scopophilia: International Dictionary of”,
  • Definition of scopophilia in the Medical Dictionary. scopophilia explanation. Information about scopophilia in Free online English dictionary. What is scopophilia? Meaning of scopophilia medical term. What does scopophilia mean?. — “scopophilia - definition of scopophilia in the Medical”, medical-
  • In Freudian ***ysis, scopophilia is associated with the *** stage of development. The term scoptophilia, subsequently replaced by scopophilia, took its place in Anglophone psycho***ytic literature as a translation of the Freudian notion of Schaulust, "pleasure in looking," in the sense of. — “my.blockg: SCOPOPHILIA”,
  • scopophilia (uncountable) (***uality, psychology) A ***ual dependency on openly observing *** organs and ***ual acts, as opposed to voyeurism which Retrieved from "http:///wiki/scopophilia". — “scopophilia - Wiktionary”,
  • Myspace profile for Scopophilia with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. — “MySpace - Scopophilia - 28 - Female - Toronto, CA - myspace”,
  • See also scopophilia. The term is influenced by both Freudian and Scopophilia: Literally, the love of looking. The term refers to the predominantly male gaze of Holloywood cinema, which enjoys objectfying women into mere objects to be looked at (rather than subjects with their own voice and. — “Narratology Terms”,
  • In Freudian ***ysis, scopophilia is associated with the *** stage of development. Recently, the proliferation of internet webcams has created a new cultural arena of scopophilia. — “451”,
  • Scopophilia is a Freudian term that means the love of gazing, or pleasure in seeing. I have often traced much of my own love for the Scope frame — my scopophilia, as it were — back to the fact that I was fortunate enough to have. — “ " Blog Archive " Scopophilia”,
  • definition. Terry. Scopophilia. ***ual stimulation or satisfaction derived principally from looking; voyeurism. the Oxford English Dictionary's definition Terry Scopophilia ***ual stimulation or satisfaction derived. — “PnP : Message: Scopophilia”,
  • Translations of scopophilia. scopophilia synonyms, scopophilia antonyms. Information about scopophilia in the free online English Mathews's considerations of the theology of lynching, on the one hand, and David Marriott' s ***ysis of "racial scopophilia," on the other?. — “scopophilia - definition of scopophilia by the Free Online”,

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  • Down the Rabbit Hole A film based on scopophilia. Was made for a uni project. The idea of a women leading this man into his own wonderland. Like a white rabbit the women lead him down the rabbit hole, by the way they dress etc and therefore he is exempt from blame. The film explores the different techniques the women use to lure him, & the use of dolls exaggerate women as an object. It's not the things you do, it's the way you're watched. Watch the way he does
  • Teddy Bear Vlogs: Scopophilia and the Vlog Teddy talks about scopophilia and how it is one reason why people vlog and watch vlogs. I created this video for my pop culture and communication class at the U of O. For complete referencing check out my blog: www.michellelynn09 Michael Wesch's Anthropological Introduction to YouTube: Numa Numa:
  • super8 Cocorosie - Terrible Angels Since the early 1970's feminist critics and theorists have debated and ***yzed the idea of filmic spectatorship. Most of these feminist writings are rooted in Freud's psycho***ytic theories and revolve around the idea of scopophilia, or pleasure in looking. Some argue that it is impossible for a female viewer to be a true spectator of film due to the patriarchal nature of the industry that constantly projects women on the screen as passive objects that merely receive the gaze of the male characters, viewers and camera, without ever returning the gaze (Mulvey, 1975). Other theorists argue that a woman can receive scopophilic pleasure from film viewing, but only by employing a form of transgendered spectatorship (Mulvey, 1981; Kaplan, 1983). This paper addresses the major theoretical perspectives of gendered film spectatorship, applying them to the 1999 film Being John Malkovich. It is argued that through its portrayal of issues of gender identity this film not only encourages female spectatorial pleasure, but that it also effectively illustrates some of the issues of feminist film theory that have been debated for decades. Produced by Amanda Jacobsen Minolta XL-601 Super8 Terrible Angels by Cocorosie
  • Scopophilia sadistic scopophilic projection
  • Breathe Me In Song: Breathe Me by Sia Videos used from various media sources Representation and roles women play in film and media. Through these roles (victim, ***ualized female, temptress, etc.) lies the exploitation of females through their characters, body (ie costume), scopophilia, and more.
  • THE SHAMAN'S CARELESS WHISPERS--E. San Juan, Jr. Film by E. San Juan, Jr. Copyright 2010 E. San Juan, Jr.
  • Christopher Sorrenti Demo Reel, editing, motion graphics: "Something Wicked This Way Come" This is my editing and motion graphics demo reel for 2010. I call it: "Something Wicked This Way Come", it's true scopophilia (the lust to look) at it's finest! various films and videos I have worked on throughout my career and has sort of a dark undertone. The films presented in this demo are in chronological order in which they were actually produced by Claire Burch RIP of Art and Education Media, they are: People's Park Then and Now, Behind The Bandbox, History of The Tele Times, 8 1/4, The James Baldwin Anthology and The California Chronicles of Medical Marijuana. There are snippets in this demo from three films which I directed, edited and was DP on; Out From The Shadows, Reflections of Truth and Last Breath.
  • Scopophilia multichannel as the gaze
  • The Murder of Kitty Genovese We made this video for a class assignment in our Women in Film class. It is a study of the responses to feminist film criticism and theory. The murder is both an example of the opression of women and a metaphor for their struggle to be heard. Kitty is denied agency and wronged by a man. She cries out (feminist cries) and is heard first by the women of the sleeping households. They alert the men who all have different negative reactions: apathy, suspicion and indiference, and a belief that it is "not our problem." The women are denied looking privaleges. That is reserved for the men. Scopophilia and "The Male Gaze" are seen throughout the film. The man's interest in the clip from Psycho is a metaphor for our sick interests in the opression of women.
  • mirror helmet 3000 Are you a scopophiliac at heart? Are you in fear of surveillance's oppressive gaze? Well then the Mirror Helmet 3000 is the solution for you! Kiss those *** ***ers of Surveillance goodbye!!! language NSFW. directed by Christin Turner Narrated by Smith Darby Starring: Smith Darby Michael Griffith Christin Turner
  • Scopophilia Movie Trailer What happens when an innocent fascination become a dangerous obsession.... MOS Narrative Assignment: Requirements Include: Someone putting on a sock, sharpening a pencil, taking off a ring, a cd playing, woman on computer, man cleaning something, getting something out of refrigerator. No dialogue. Thanks to: Ariel, Ryan, and Johnathan for being my stalker(s) and fellow directors.
  • Scopophilia Starring Katherine Laurent & Benjamin Hjelm This is a cautionary tale of a young actress who uses her ***uality as a means to an end. The line between reality and acting blur, as Lucy soon finds herself the subject of a photographer who's become dangerously obsessed. In an underworld where *** is a commodity, the only question is; What's the price? Directed by Jean de Oliveiria & Andrei D. Gomes da Costa DV Running Time 05:36 © 2009
  • Beyond the Gaze Scopophilia is a little-known, but increasingly common disorder characterized by an abnormal fondness or love for observation or viewing. For the first time, four individuals talk about how it has affected their lives and what is being done to find a cure. BEYOND THE GAZE was produced in 2003 by Bryan Atkinson (director) and Michael Thede (writer), then film students at the University of Western Ontario. It first screened at the university's student film festival, where it won the prize for Best Overall Impression. Subsequently, it was screened at both the Canadian Film Festival and Aspirations Film Festival that same year.
  • "Voices" A film for my AS Film Studies course (I'm in England peeps!) and I chose scopophilia as my main subject. I got inspiration from 'Halloween' and this isn't my music used and I have to right to it but i do have right to the footage... as i filmed it. So yeah... enjoy it. Enigmatic opening to film, genre, psychological thriller / horror
  • Neil Leyton - Automatically Neil Leyton performs his song "Automatically" off his album "The Betrayal Of The Self." Shot and Edited by Kelly Wray
  • Some Meat Don't look at it
  • The Gaze Yulia, Sashi, Farzin, Christine, & Arley present: The Gaze. Using "Scopophilia", "Panopticism", & "Binary Opposition", the video covers all aspects of the three types of Gazes: The Male Gaze, The Female Gaze, & The Scrutinizing Gaze.
  • The Yummy Fur - Amelia Scoptophilia / Car Park Both tracks originally from the 1995 7" EP 'Plastic Ghoul Show', released by Guided Missile Records.
  • Twitter Celebrity Marriage Scopophilia Dissecting the engagement of Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman with my usual knife-edge acumen and brittle insight
  • SUBALTERN VOYEUR #1 An experiment in exploring the problematique of "scopophilia" and the potential of what Brakhage calls "the untutored eye." See also Rosalind Krauss's THE OPTICAL UNCONSCIOUS (1998).
  • Natasha's baby shower The mom-to-be practices feeding with a brave volunteer!
  • legend eating popsicles, watching legend
  • Lay Back, Enjoy the Parallax View (Bleep Dub Feminist Remix)! staring is rude, fantasizing is crude. Dedicated to little, ***ty dicks & their blue balls regardless of their lame ass hack tactics! PIECE OUT, MOFOs! "We want to be free to do what we want to do.... We're going to have an orgasm that you can't even comprehend!" BENJAMIN IOBST - 7 Metals
  • Scopophilia Horror Trailer made BY Dominic Grant, Anabelle Price , Danielle McCarthy and Caitlin Hayes
  • Comm 2340 Video #1 Desire & Looking: Scopophilia ...and PETA.
  • SUBALTERN VOYEUR #2--E. SAN JUAN, Jr. Continuing the exploration of the "untutored eye" and scopophilia, this second installment of SV uses a montage of light/images, movement and sound to visualize the contradictions of religious ideology underlying the neocolonial sociopolitical order. For videopoetics, see William C. Wees' LIGHT MOVING IN TIME. The next installment will be a deconstruction of signs referencing the fascist barbarism of the status quo.
  • SUBALTERN VOYEUR No. 3 This is the third installment of the "untutored eye" (Brakhage) exploring scopophilia, colonial abjecthood, alienation and resistance in the Americanized flora/fauna of the Philippine landscape, giving "a local habitation" to the crisis of globalized commodity-***ism and finance capital.
  • Neil Leyton 2006 Neil Leyton is a talented artist and a music activist. Watch this to get a brief insight into the inner workings of this interesting individual. I directed, shot and edited this video through my company Scopophilia and with the help of Lieah Christine. Kelly xx
  • Neighborhood Watch Web Series Trailer (Re-Mix) This is an unofficial re-mix of the "Neighborhood Watch @TheHollywood Web Series Trailer" : Visit the official site for the show at:
  • Scopophilia Bachelor of Design Computing final project by Lilian Roby

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  • “Scopophilia. Literally: "the love of looking". The desire to watch others in order to In feminist film theory this term is often connected with the idea of”
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  • “Jason Landry is a photographer from Boston, MA. Scopophilia, or the love of looking, was the male gaze of early Hollywood cinema in which women were often objectified. In Hitch***'s movie Vertigo, the mise en scene was 1950's San Francisco”
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  • “Do you and your blog reveal symptoms of scopophilia? I've been reading about Web 2.0 and some of the academic explanations concerning its development these in an open forum is driven, in part, by scopophilic tendencies, where scopophilia is the pleasure in”
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  • “Bringing together civic, technology, education, and artistic communities to create a practice around locative media. fear of surveillance, disinterest, scopophobia or scopophilia? What happens in-between physical, embodied”
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