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  • (pronounced /ˈsnoʊps/), officially the Urban Legends Reference Pages, is a web Snopes is run by Barbara and David Mikkelson,[4] a California couple who met on the alt. — “ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Astronomy telescopes, Dobsonian telescope kits, telescope mirrors, parts, accessories, eyepieces, finder scopes, filters. — “"Astronomy" Telescopes, Dobsonian Kits, Telescope Mirrors, Parts”,
  • Specializing in binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, and accessories for bird watching, hunting, astronomy, outdoor recreation, and nature observation. — “Eagle Optics”,
  • provides discount rifle scopes, Bsa, Aimport, Burris, Bushnell, Leopold, quality rifle scopes, range finding and more!! Buy the best scopes online now!. — “Discount Rifle Scopes | BSA | Quality | Burris | Bushnell”,
  • Shoot more accurately and take more game with new rifle scopes from The Rifle Scope Store! Call 860-808-1283 with phone orders. — “The Rifle Scope Store”,
  • We sell scopes, firearm and gun accessories, tents, outdoor shelters, and camping supplies and products. — “T & D Outdoor Supply: scopes, firearm and gun accessories”,
  • Snopes is a searchable database of urban legends and myths, email hoaxes, computer virus warnings, and folklore. — “: Urban Legends Reference Pages”,
  • On top of that a good rifle scope doesn't come cheap - many of them are several hundred Just remember a high price tag does not always equal a High Quality scope. — “Hunting Scopes For Sale”,
  • Online retailer of Leupold scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, rangefinders, and tactical optics. — “Precision Scopes & Optics”,
  • Instrument Technology, Inc. (ITI) specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of high quality Borescopes, Fiberscopes and Videoscopes. — “Instrument Technology Incorporated”,
  • Shop a complete selection of Brand Name Optics, Rifle Scopes, Night Vision Goggles & more from an Authorized Retailer. — “Buy Rifle Scopes, Binoculars, Night Vision, Red Dot Sights”,
  • Offers scopes for hunting and target/varmint. — “BSA Optics”,
  • Telescopes on Sale every day at . Get fast shipping on Telescopes and Telescope Accessories from Meade, Celestron and others! into astronomy or an experienced observer searching for a professional-grade scope, our selection of over 1,000 products will meet your needs and. — “Telescopes for Sale and Telescope Accessories at ”,
  • Spotting Scopes by Excellent Collection of Best Spotting Scopes Online. Buy Cheap Spotting Scopes Now!. — “Spotting Scopes - Best Spotting Scopes Sale”,
  • The average snopes employee- says a lot, doesn't it? The official was founded in 1995 by two racist, intolerant right-wing hicks who pretend to. — “Snopes - Encyclopedia Dramatica”,
  • Top riflescope brands at discount prices & FREE Shipping - Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon, Trijicon, Zeiss, NightForce & More. — “Rifle Scopes Sale FREE UPS - Discount Riflescopes - Leupold”,
  • OpticSale Dealer of: Alpen Binoculars, Audubon Monoculars, Bushnell Binoculars, Carson Binoculars, Newcon Optik Riflescopes, Sports Radar Speed Radars and much more. — “Binoculars - Radar Detectors - Riflescopes - Radar Guns - Scopes”,
  • Huge Selection Of Scopes And Sights To Deliver The Perfect Sighting - Get The Most Out Of Your Rifle Today With Sportsman's Guide's Top Quality Scopes. — “Rifle Scopes, Spotting & Gun Scopes At Sportsman's Guide”,
  • Supplier of precision hunting optics, binoculars, and rifle scopes for hunters, sports enthusiasts, and bird watchers. — “”,
  • Learn about Scopes on . Find info and videos including: Spotting Scope Vs. Rifle Scope, Cheap Rifle Scopes Vs. Expensive Scopes, BSA Handgun Scopes Vs. NcStar Handgun Scopes and much more. — “Scopes - ”,
  • Also known as the Urban Legends Reference Pages, the site was founded in 1995 by Barbara and David Mikkelson, who met online in a Usenet. — “: Information from ”,

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  • Pistol scope NcStar 2-7 X32 with Illuminated reticle and Long Eye Relief Link To our Store: Custom Gun Services Web Site Demo and features of this inexpensive yet very Very NICE Pistol Scope. Mounted on the Ruger Super RedHawk in 44 magnum. With a B-Square Mount for the Ruger Super Redhawk. Want any of the stuff we review see our Store on Ebay "Custom Gun Services" Just go to ebay stores and search by name to find us. .
  • How to Mount a Scope Alignment and Lapping of rings ensure maximum surface area contact between scope tube and rings. This not only helps the rings hold the scope more securely but also protects your scope from damage misalignment can cause. The Wheeler Alignment Bars, Lapping Bars and Lapping Compound allow you to achieve the perfect fit between scope and rings. Reticle Leveling is also a key component to the accuracy of your set up. Crosshairs that are not properly leveled will result in errors in left/right windage especially at longer distances. Misalignment can also compromise true linear movement from turret adjustments. The Wheeler Level-Level-Level makes it quick and easy to get the reticle perfectly aligned with your gun. Securing Fasteners properly is critical to accuracy as well. Precisely controlled torque along with thread locking compound will keep your scope held securely in place. Professional grade bits and the FAT Wrench are the perfect combination to properly secure fasteners without deformation. Complete list of components: - Scope Ring Alignment Bars - Scope Ring Lapping Rod and Handle - Lapping Compound - Level-Level-Level - FAT Wrench with 10 bits - Thread Locking Compound - Scope Mounting DVD Get the most accuracy possible out of your gun by ensuring proper scope installation.
  • New Style No Scope Tutorial Hay as promised here is my Tutorial, I tryed to explain it as best as i could bt if any1 has any questions send me a msg and i will do my best to answer. I did a little PM montage at the end so watch the whole thing, hope it helps. BTW thanks to all the people that subscribed 8). Shout...
  • Modern Warfare 2 (Mw2) Crazy Sniping/Quick Scope Montage enZym I Jesus This was my 1st ever montage so go easy!! : DMake Sure You Rate Comment And Subscribe Get Free Stuff Here www.points2 What do you think about map pack 1 then make sure you comment what you think TAGS: call of duty cod modern warfare [2] mw2 mw multiplayer ffa montage map tutorial strategies tips pro mlg gamebattles gun gameplay free for all team deathmatch tdm blame truth hd high definition video game yt:quality=high Warfare 2 MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision Duty 6 CoD MW two skidrow bushmaster acr Ski Sniper Skills Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision Duty 6 call of duty modern warfare [2] mw2 mw cod multiplayer map wasteland ak-47 tdm team deathmatch domination tactical nuke blame truth tejbz tactical nuke yt:quality=high Dont care about the rest: Call of Duty 4 3 2 1 cod3 cod2 cod h2 h3 halo 3 CE Gears of War Infinity ward xbox360 xbox 360 ps3 PC wii doggietreats machinima digitalpheer melee marytdom steady aim mp5 desert eagle 50 cal m40a3 r700 m21 dragunov outstanding superb awesome the *** lol lmao rofle no scope head shot gears of war 2 rainbow six vegasACOG m4 skorpion g3 g36c m14 ak47 mini uzi shotgun sniper rifle nd ps3 resistance fall of man 360 game the world. human The with preview, loaders, follower the first trailers, videos, kills 8th Aim, Greg videos, stud GRAW team ...
  • Reggie Watts (Scopes Remix) 'It's Only Life' The original version of this track was posted on Youtube along with an a cappella version as the film 'Reggie Watts, "Primary Tracks/It's Only Life"' by BD. BD was then contacted by a Dutch producer, Marcel HartHolt (aka Scopes) who took the a cappella by Reggie Watts and wrote his own music to accompany it.
  • US Military Rifle Scopes Inscribed With Bible Verses Janauary 18, 2010 on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow - Original report from ABC News: - via
  • Active Scope Camera For Use In Emergency Situations : DigInfo DigInfo News At the Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2008, Tohoku University Professor, Dr. Satoshi Tadokoro, held a seminar about robots for use in rescue situations and demonstrated the potential of the Active Scope Camera. The Active Scope Camera was recently used to probe into the cause of the recent collapse of a multistory parking garage which was under construction in Jacksonville, Florida. The Active Scope Camere has a special actuator wrapped around a fiber scope so that the entire covering has motive power. Ordinary fiber scopes have a cable attached from the rear so they can't penetrate very deep. In fact, conventional scopes can only penetrate at the most one to two meters. However, because the active scope camera itself slithers along the path, it can penetrate deep into the heart of the debris. The principle behind the active scope camera is very simple. Essentially, the scope is covered in slanted hair like projections (cilia) that vibrate to move the camera forward at a maximum speed of 7cm per second. The scope can climb slopes of up to 20 degrees and can climb over obstacles up to 20cm high. The active scope camera can be used to search for victims needing help by penetrating deep into debris to reach areas that conventional fiber scopes or rescue equipment known as bore scope cameras can not reach.
  • Top 10 Halo 3 No-Scopes: Episode 25 (Machinima) HALO 3 : Top 10 Series by Anoj Go to www.Top10 to submit for Episode 26 Top 10 Exterminations. Go to to view the Honorable Mentions video. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GO TO:
  • Modern Warfare 2 No Scope Sniper Montage (MW2 100% No-Scopes) Check out: For 10% off use this link: Iuse these attachments onto my controller which are called FPS freaks. They are these little extended ***og sticks, which you place on top of both the right and left stick. They work on both PS3 and Xbox 360. They really help me aim a lot, both with snipers and other guns. They are like magic, when i started using them my kill/death went up a lot. You should probably test them out! They are only $10, and if you use my promotional link (shown above) you will get 10% off! These really improve your game! You can aim faster, quicker and better. Headshots are much easier! You can find out more information on their website here: /default.asp?aff=5140 To get 10% off, just use the link above to receive the promotional rate! If you have any questions on how exactly they work just message me. Hey there everyone. This is my No-scope sniper montage for Modern Warfare 2. In this video, I showed only clips that contained one or more no-scopes. There were no hard scopes or quick scopes in this video. I don't normally just run around trying to no scope everyone, but I wanted to see how cool a video would be of me just no-scoping. If you want to see my normal sniping style, check out my sniper montage in my channel. During this video, I used the Intervention sniper rifle. I didn't use the scope at all, and I had FMJ as the attachment. My perks during this video were Sleight of Hand Pro ...
  • Halo Reach: Only No-Scopes! By BioHunta (Gameplay/Commentary) Click here to watch Call of Duty: Black Ops: Zombie Apocalypse with Live Voices from BioHunta (BO Gameplay/Commentary) Halo Reach: Only No-Scopes! By BioHunta (Gameplay/Commentary) OnlyUseMeNoScope wannabe here. DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: Join the Respawn Army - Sign up today! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high Halo Reach UPC 882224729741 Bungie Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 360 Xbox360 Live FPS First 1st first-person Person Shooter Spartan Covenant Elite Arbiter console video game machinima respawn commentary gameplay multikill sick falling betrayal long Killimanjaro Team Snipers Jetpack Triple Killtac Noscope sniper overkill triple wtf sweep richochet headshot coil vehicle warthog splatter wow unbelievable incredible BioHunta DMR kills plasma jetpack hologram
  • Matchmaking Episode 13 - No Scope Was Involved (Halo 3 Machinima) Click above to watch Matchmaking Episode 1 - In The Beginning! HALO 3 : Matchmaking: Episode 13 - No Scope Was Involved Created by Darkspire Films. After months of waiting, three players, John, Vincent, and Travis, finally get their hands on the much anticipated video game, Halo 3. There they will journey into the great world known as online multiplayer. Friends will be found and lost, bitter rivals will be made and fought, and memories will be formed for all time. It is now that they must battle through a land of sweltering deserts, frozen wastelands, and an assortment of other mind bending terrains. This world, unforgiving and merciless, is known to man as,Matchmaking. Here are the lyrics to this fragtastic song: He got a no scope he didnt scope his gun no no, no scope was involved He got a no scope and now hes killed someone their dead he shot him in the head He got a no scope what a wondrous feat what a marvelous kill i concede What do you get when you get real stressed quickly pull the trigger and hope for the best call them a noob and hump their chest I think you just got a no scope And where did your daddy go He abandoned you when you were only seven years old And living on the streets is cold you beg for food and money You beg for food and love You beg for food and care again No no no no no no no no no no Scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope No no no no no no no no no no Scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope ...
  • How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Finder Scopes When buying a telescope, select a finder scope that is comfortable to look through. Decide what type of finder scope to purchase for a telescope with the buying tips in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson. Expert: Jesse Sturgeon Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow
  • How to Determine the Proper Scope Ring Height This GunTec video provides the necessary information for choosing scope rings of the proper height. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains why proper ring height is important and how to determine the height you need using a variety of scopes and scope rings. When determining how high of a ring you need to order, there are a couple of factors that need to be taken into account. First is the objective bell diameter of your rifle scope. It is vital that the objective bell and the barrel do not contact once the scope is mounted. Second is the bolt handle's ability to clear the eyepiece. While many suggest that you choose the lowest rings available that meet this criteria, it is also important to remember that when shouldering the rifle you should have the scope naturally come into position. If you have to "cheat" your face placement on the stock, then the scope is either too low or too high. Choose the ring height that allows you to naturally sight through the scope.
  • God v. Darwin: The Scopes Trial A short history of the Scopes Trial and the controversy over intelligent design. Tristan Bock-Hughes' 2008 entry in the National History Day competition.
  • Final Cut Pro Tutorial Basic Color Correction: Scopes And ***ysis Part one of a 3 part tutorial on basic color correction in Final Cut Pro. This tutorial helps define the concept of color correction then looks at how we can ***yze a shot using the inbuilt video scopes in Final Cut Pro.
  • Airsoft GI - All About Scopes - How do They Work? Which One Should I Buy? This video should have all of the BASIC information you need to buy a scope. There is a lot more info that are related to scopes that you can learn...on your own, but this will get you started.
  • How to Choose a Spotting Scope for Digiscoping find out more at: When choosing a good spotting scope for digiscoping the following should be taken in to account: 1. Quality of the optics system - the better the optics, the better the telescope will be for digiscoping 2. Spotting scope objective lens diameter - the larger the scope diameter, the more light it will let in and the faster your shutter speed will be. see 3. Eyepiece and adapters. Eyepieces with a long eye relief and wide field of view typically make great digiscoping eyepieces. As digiscoping adapters are normally attached to the telescope at the eyepiece, you will also want to consider what types of stable digiscoping adapters are available to fit your spotting scope. In this video; Swarovski Optik STM80 HD spotting scope, 25-50x wide eyepiece, UCA digiscoping adapter, Canon 1000D DSLR
  • Spotting scopes: angled vs straight What scope body style works best for you?
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scout Scope Tutorial Quick vid illustrating how you can scout scope your 91/30 with a long eye relief scope. I don't like the mounts that only replace the rear sight elevator. They do not hold a zero for me. I do not condone the use of those, or anything that attaches to the muzzle of a Mosin Nagant. Muzzle brakes on Mosins are VERY dangerous, and should only be installed if they are threaded and permanently fastened to the barrel. Here are some links to some of the things you will need to scout scope your Mosin: Boyds Stocks: Scope mounts must be 3/8 inch bases or they won't fit on the Mosin Nagant dovetail. One piece scope mounts: Scopes for this set up must be long eye relief. Scopes are your choice, sky is the limit on price too. But NC Star makes a decent and affordable LER scope.
  • "Long Range Shooting" how to use your scope I explain how to setup and use your scope for shooting long range
  • Sniper Scope Mil Dot Long Range Estimation Shooting Mil-Dot Reticle Savage M10 FXP3 243 Win Howzit? How to use Sniper Mil-Dot Reticle Scope for long range shooting tutorial, demonstration... Tasco VAR624X42M Target / Varmint Mil-Dot Reticle Scope on Savage Model 10 FXP3 243 Winchester Rifle calm day at the Unknown Distance Range. short clip of how to estimate the Target Distance(TD) using the ANY mil-dot reticle scope; mine, Tasco 6-24x 42mm Target / Varmint Mil-Dot Reticle scope, 1/4 MOA adjustment w 14.75 MOA turret to engage long distance target. most rifle round loses a lot of the steam pass +300 yds and takes a deep dive. most BDC scope's turret only turns one revolution or less, NO FUN! utilizing the built-in KY Windage & TN Elevation is futile & waste expensive ammo! Mil Dot Reticle scopes go beyond where other fixed power scopes and BDC scopes leave behind, +1000 yds... most of the Mil-Dot scopes are high priced, too. some really are... because the word SNIPER! Tasco VAR624X42M is THE MOST BIG BANG FOR THE BUCK Mil-Dot reticle scope for a less than $100.00. (period). runner up is the Bushnell Banner 6-24X40MM 71-6244 True Mil-Dot reticle scope, have both... here's the beef. 1. chronograph and get the ammunition data - standard is 1/2" MOA or better @ 100 yds 2. using the free on-line program to get ammunition's trajectory table, JBM... TY 3. measure the width or height of the known TS(target size) using the Mil-Dot reticle 4. calculate the distance using the formula: ((TS in inches) X 27.78) / TS read in Mils = Range in Yards or ((TS in inches) X 25.4 ...
  • SSBM Black Hole + Infinity Scope Glitch Our first video on youtube, yay. This is a recent video of us performing the Super Smash Bros. Melee black hole glitch, plus the infinity super scope glitch. Sorry about the crookedness of the camera, our tripod was a little messed up, lol. ***EDIT*** Here's how to do the Infinity Super Scope trick and the Black Hole glitch. 1. Make a new versus match with 99 stock, and change the items around so that only super scopes will appear. 2. You need four controllers plugged in, so that you can create four human players (although you can do the glitch with only two people actually in the room). Make 1P any character of your choosing, 2P Fox, 3P Falco and 4P Peach. Have 1P and 2P on the red team, 3P on the blue team, and 4P on the green team. 3. Choose Hyrule Castle (once you become experianced at making black holes you can choose other places) and get 1P a super scope. With a super scope, tap A five times, shoot two fully charged shots, and while charging a third shot have either 3P or 4P hit you. If it doesn't work, you won't be able to shoot any shots. If it worked, you can now shoot a continuous stream of tapped A shots. 4. By watching the video you'll know how to position each character. Fox stands on the edge of the main platform, Falco stands on the pillar-like thing to the right of him, Peach stands between the two platforms, and P1 stands behind Fox. 5. If you have four people helping you with the glitch, have the people with Fox and Falco simply hold Down + B. The ...
  • Hawke Crossbow Scope Movie Nick Jenkinson indtroduces the NEW Hawke Cross Bow Scopes: Featuring an Illuminated SR or MAP Reticle.
  • Comparison of Red Dot Sights vs Scopes for use in paintball by Ever wondered which sighting system is best for you? Scopes offer long-range visibility and high precision, but red dot sights allow you to almost instantly lock in on your target - keep in mind that paintballs aren't as accurate as bullets, so perhaps a super-precise instrument like a scope isn't right for you... but you be the judge. Watch the video and let us know! Check out our wide selection of red dots and scopes for any application you need! Email [email protected] or call 303-800-4194 with questions, comments, and other video suggestions, and remember you can find all of the paintball product you need at .
  • HEQ5 PRO Polar Scope Calibration Here's how to calibrate the date circle for accurate polar alignment. The Skywatcher manual is non-sensical on this item. It is difficult to put the process into type or even words, hence the video.
  • Top 10 Halo 3 No-Scopes Honorable Mentions: Episode 25 Link to actual Top 10: Submit your clip for Episode 26: Top 10 Exterminations at www.Top10
  • sighting in an airgun scope setting the sights on an air rifle scope on a original mod 50 .22 air rifle
  • Mounting A Scope - Owner Mike Cecil demonstrates how to mount a scope on a rifle in 8 steps.
  • TruGlo Red Dot Scope A close look at the TruGlo Red Dot Scope
  • Modern Warfare 2 Quick Scope Tutorial Quickscope tutorial for begginers,all the basics .Modern Warfare 2 Quickscope Tutorial ignore quick scope tutorial quick scope tutorial quick scope tutorial quick scope tutorial quick scope tutorial quick scope tutorial modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 modern warfare...
  • Leatherwood ART M-1000 Sniper Scope Fun Gun reviews Presents: The Leatherwood ART M-1000 2.5-10 x44mm Rifle Scope. The ART Series Scopes were the Brain Child of the Legendary Jim Leatherwood, who's mounting system gave the US Military Sniper teams the decided edge over the Battlefields in Vietnam. Still in service today, the ART Scope is a quality optic that is rugged and easy to master. And at an affordable price of 4349.99 from Natchez Shooting Supply or $389.99 from . Links Below: Leatherwood ART Series Page Link: Natchez Shooting Supply $349.99: Midway USA M1000 link $389.99 Leatherwood ART-M1000 video: Multi-Dial Set-up Video:
  • Spotting Scopes, Red Dots, Rifle Scopes, Binoculars for Paintball This video shares some tips on choosing Spotting Scopes, Red Dots, Rifle Scopes, Binoculars, etc. You need to make sure you are selecting optics with the correct EYE RELIEF so that it actually works once you put your mask on. Enjoy!
  • Soldiers in Iraq war test new rifle scopes. Frontline Optics Soldiers of the 10th mountain division test new rifle scopes in Iraq war during combat operations. All rifle scopes are provided by frontline optics (). No ied in video, Just lots of good shooting!
  • Modern Warfare 2: ProsDONTtalk***'s No-Scope Only FFA Victory (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary) Click this to watch ProsDONTtalk***s Domination on Scrapyard 88-5 Modern Warfare 2: ProsDONTtalk***'s No-Scope Only FFA Victory (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary) A free for all on Rust using the Intervention sniper rifle, no-scopes only DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima ‪ Inside Gaming ‪ Machinima Respawn ‪ Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture ‪ FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high BFBC2 isle of innocents Modern Warfare 2 prosdonttalk*** sesh Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision Duty 6 CoD MW two ps3 IW playstation 3 skate commentary gameplay montage
  • A Basic Introduction to Rifle Scope Reticles and their Uses This video gives the viewer a basic understanding of rifle scope reticles and their use. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains not only what a reticle is, but also the differences in reticles and their uses. The reticle, or crosshairs, is the aiming device used inside most popular rifle scopes. While the use of crosshairs is now over a hundred years old, many improvements have been made in recent years. Changes such as the stepping of a wider crosshair down to a thinner wire for aiming, allows the shooter to more easily see the crosshairs in low light situations or while aiming during a hurried string of fire. This type of reticle is known as a duplex reticle. Another reticle examined in this video is the dot reticle. This reticle uses very thin crosshairs with a small dot at their point of intersection. This reticle is typically used for long distance target or varmint shooting. This information can be applied to scopes manufactured by all firms, including Leupold, Burris, Weaver, Millett, Bushnell, Zeiss, Swarovski, Nikon, Kahles, Tasco, and others.
  • Cod:WaW Sniping/No Scope Montage DutchSpecialist vs zzirGrizz! #######Read First######### Alright, I changed the name to vs because many people said it would be better and said its better than that of Grizz, so deceide yourself. NOTE: I Don't think i'm better than Grizz All credit to the makers of the song ©Static X - The Only ©Breaking Benjamin - Follow Watch In High Quality. Finally its here! The montage were you guys were hoping for. A Super Special Thanks To xXChrisBoneXx who editted and uploaded it! Hit him up if you want to have some editting done and subscribe on his channel to by clicking on the link of his channel. xXChrisBoneXx: This montage isnt over yet. There will be a part 2. That will be online when I get 200 subs! So subcribe if your not one yet! I lost some 2 minutes of footage. Because my pinnacle was ***ing himself up. I lost the shot on Upheaval on my trailer at the end and lost some collaterels, a no scope streak in upheaval and a medium range 360. Well, hope that Part 2 will have those shots again. Comment Rate Subscribe! Extra Tags: Call of Duty 5 - World at War Demo BETA Online Gameplay Call of Duty 5: World at War Exclusive Gameplay Trailer CoD5 Call of Duty 4 3 2 1 cod3 cod2 cod h2 h3 halo 3 CE Gears of War Infinity ward xbox360 xbox 360 ps3 PC wii doggietreats machinima digitalpheer melee marytdom steady aim mp5 desert eagle 50 cal m40a3 r700 m21 dragunov outstanding superb awesome the *** lol lmao rofle no scope head shot gears of war 2 rainbow six vegasACOG m4 skorpion g3 g36c m14 ak47 ...
  • Boresighting a Rifle Scope the Old Fashion Way Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, shows how to bore sight a scope on a bolt action rifle without the use of a boresighter or other expensive tools. In a process that takes only minutes, you can easily adjust your scope so your first shots at the range are on target. The process is quick, easy, and it saves ammo as well! This process begins by taping a Caldwell target on the wall approximately 20 feet away from the muzzle. With the rifle in a Tipton Best Gun vise and the bolt removed, you are then able to line up the target with the bore by adjusting the vise. Once the target is centered in the bore, the crosshairs are adjusted until they are also zeroed on the target. The rifle is now ready to take to the range.
  • zzirGrizz: Top 10 No Scopes of All Time Follow me on Twitter! zzirGrizz's Top 10 No Scopes of All Time (LOOK AT THE UPLOAD DATE) PLEASE ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣...
  • Halo Reach: Top 10 No-Scopes Episode 10 by Anoj Click here to watch Halo Reach: Top 10 Accidental Betrayals Episode 9 by Anoj Halo Reach: Top 10 No-Scopes Episode 10 by Anoj Top10Series Website: www.Top10 Accepting Submissions for Halo Reach Episode 12: Suicides Episode 13: Multikills Episode 14: WTF Moments Accepting Submissions for COD: Black Ops: Episode 3: Killstreak Kills Episode 4: Multikills Episode 5: Epic Fails Episode 6: Lucky Kills How to Submit Your Halo Reach Clips: 1. Record your film into a film clip 2. Upload your film clip to your Halo Reach Fileshare 3. Go to www.Top10 to enter 4. Click on "Submit A Video" 5. Fill out submission form which includes - Episode Number - Email Address - Gamertag - Film Clip Name - Short Description of the Clip 6. Click Submit The music in this video is from Halo Reach Soundtrack. Titles of the songs used are in the credits. Check out Top 10 Series Halo Reach Episodes! Check out Top 10 Series Black Ops Episodes! Check out Top 10 Series Modern Warfare 2 Episodes! Check out all Anoj's Top 10 Series Episodes! Subscribe to the Top 10 Halo Show! Top10Series's Channel: Anoj's Channel Join the Respawn Army - Sign up today! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima ...
  • Sighting in an Air Rifle Watch as a Scope is sighted in on an air rifle. Air Rifle scopes like those by RWS and Walther have ASR or Airgun Shock Reinforcement. This means their lenses are cushioned at either side. This is because air rifles kick twice, once forward and once backward, as opposed to a firearm which only kicks once. Video directed by Umarex USA. For more info, see Filmed and edited by 5-Star Productions.
  • Nikon M-223 Scopes Scott from explains the features of the brand new Nikon M-223 rifle scopes and takes a few shots down range at the invitation only Nikon M-223 Challenge in Pennsylvania. Check out the website for prices and more information!
  • Elcan DigitalHunter Rifle Scope - Click on link to see the DigitalHunter being used in the new "Predators" movie. Now on special for only $800. Click on the following link for more info on the Elcan DigitalHunter: . After taking the scope out 3 different times we have the following feedback: 1. Excellent and fun item for hunting but wouldn't recommend for competitive shooting. 2. Recommend not adjusting your windage in the ballistic software. Better off with a holdover shot. 3. Recommend Energizer AA Lithium batteries. Recommend removing batteries when not using the scope to conserve battery power (removing batteries will not reset your personalized settings).

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