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  • Like bikes and skateboards, Razor scooters have rapidly cultivated their own following as Sleek and strong, every scooter is designed to suit the riders' lifestyle. Razor combines. — “Razor® Scooters”,
  • I was the only one there when I scooted over to the DART showers a little before 7:30 AM. I scooted down the path through the forest, delighting in the play of sun through the. — “MWMF 2004 Photo-Journal #3”,
  • Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of English Word 'scoot'. — “scoot - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish”,
  • THE quarterback looked exuberant, untouchable. He was supposed to be vulnerable this weekend, but he scooted this way and that, and his reputedly damaged left knee never raised a serious objection. He practically glided. — “Can Niners reach Young's lofty heights?”,
  • Kids : Today, we went out to dinner to a family restaurant, and I was wearing a skirt since it's so warm out. My 4 year old scooted under the table to sit Read more. — “FML: we went out to dinner to a family restaurant, and I was”,
  • "A waitress just hit me -- punched me for no reason," Lindsay Lohan wrote on Twitter around 1 a.m. Friday. Until, you know, he scooted to the other side of the booth to avoid the mess. — “Lindsay Lohan gets punched in the face for her birthday”,
  • When the Italians scooted out of the US, the Japanese scooted in. By David Clark Scott, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor / July 24, 1984. Put an otherworldly Grace Jones in the same commercial with fellow rocker Adam Ant and what have you got?. — “When the Italians scooted out of the US, the Japanese scooted”,
  • English Translation for scooted - German-English Dictionary. — “ | scooted | English Dictionary”,
  • Walking the ridge by P3, I had the 'fear of falling' here and scooted on my butt picture published by snownymphjmt. — “Walking the ridge by P3, I had the 'fear of falling' here and”,
  • Home. Disclaimer. Privacy Policy. Contact us. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION NOW ! Subscribe Unsubscribe. — “:: :: Home”,
  • Scooted! - BY ANDREW HUTCHINSONThey are this year's must-have Christmas present. But as far as at least one Leeds supermarket is concerned, they've all just. — “Scooted! - Yorkshire Evening Post”,
  • Dogs DO NOT scoot because of intestinal parasites. Dogs will scoot because the *** glands are not emptying when the dog defecates. The *** glands are a pair of sacs inside the ***. If you look at the *** like a clock, the glands will sit at. — “My puppy scooted his butt on the floor?! Again?!? I asked”,
  • scooted. Simple past tense and past participle of scoot. Retrieved /wiki/scooted" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “scooted - Wiktionary”,
  • In English history, Norsemen like Hagar the Horrible go down as "roving bandits" who killed, raped, looted and scooted. — “Bandit Hero - The Times of India”,
  • THE U.S. soldier looked around a crowded Iraqi home and watched as an old man in a green dishdasha robe scooted across to an interpreter and whispered in his ear. — “U.S. troops look for an inside man in Iraqi slayings”,
  • Scooted definition, to go swiftly or hastily; dart. See more. Do you wear a brain-bucket on your scoot? Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard. — “Scooted | Define Scooted at ”,
  • Scooted is all about Scooters - Segway, Razor and Huffy. — “ - All About Scooters - Segway, Razor, Huffy, More”,
  • "She scooted into the yard"; - dart, dash, scud, flash, shoot, whip. Derived forms: scooted, scooting, scoots. Type of: belt along, bucket along, cannonball along, hasten, hie [archaic], hotfoot, hurry, pelt along, race, rush, rush along, speed, step on it, travel rapidly, zip. — “scoot, scooted, scooting, scoots- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • scooted use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with scooted. scooted in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. — “scooted - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Mo Scooted. Mariano Rivera gets his first save opportunity of the year, and blows in by giving up a three-run homer to Marco Scutaro. You could tell Scutaro was trying for the long ball with two outs and two on, as he took a mighty hack at the previous pitch which was high in the air but way foul. — “Baseball Musings: Mo Scooted”,
  • buy scooted and booted mugs, tshirts and magnets. To get kicked out of somewhere. To be asked to leave due to an offense. Jo: Hey yo you think I should bring my radio into the library? Trey: Yeah, if ya wanna get scooted and their car while they are all scooted down in their seat so they can. — “Urban Dictionary: scooted”,
  • Scootruction Updated: 9-08-2009 vmail: 617-532-0067 email: [email protected] or [email protected] Don't worry all Scooti emails will reach me eventually. July 4, 2009 Scooting Bees Roll in Independence Day Parade on Market St. , Philadelphia. — “Get Scooted™ Scooter Rocket!”,

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  • Josiah's Scoot He was working out and then managed his first "movement" all on his own--he scooted forward about an inch ;)
  • American Idol Chicago Auditions Season 9 Headliners Bonus Clips January 19, 2010 iLike! this artist: Facebook! this artist: FOX32 Chicago News Features Scooter Rocket's American Idol Audition and Music Video entitled: "Scooter Rocket Power" "Scoot' takes you on one multicultural musical bullride! Another pioneer has taken flight in the windy city." says Kori Chambers, Anchor "Animated! A real show shocker to your soul and your smile" says Chicago Tribune "Broadway is ready to GET SCOOTED with this clever eyebrow lifting fellow who's thought provoking lyrics and vocal presence is gaining momentum on the world stage. Keep Scooting Brother!" Rosemont Theatre Live Bonus Clips from inside the Hyatt Regency Auditions Air Date: January 20, 2010 Viewers: 26.4 Million "Scooter Rocket Power" Free Mp3: Artists links:
  • A Indian Boy Scooting before Getting his Wheelchair Video showing a young boy in India how he scooted to get around. He received a donated wheelchair through Wheels for the World October 2010.
  • Michael McIntyre leaves hotel for Britain's Got Talent Auditions in Manchester Britain's Got Talent's latest line up swept into Manchester with new faces Michael Mcintyre and David Hasselhoff sitting alongside existing judge Amanda Holden. Piers Morgan quit after the last series and Simon Cowell is only doing the live shows so show bosses are hoping that comic Mcintyre and American's Got Talent star Hasselhoff will prove popular additions to the panel. The legendary David "the Hoff" Hasselhoff was first to come and meet fans outside the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, donning a leather jacket and shades in true Knight Rider style. He posed with and then without his shades, giving the thumbs up for pictures whilst joking, "It's all about Knight Rider. Not baywatch!" As he left he said, "Put your red trunks on!" before thanking the hotel staff and scooted off to jump in his car. Comic Michael McIntyre followed in his footsteps, joking with fans that he's never actually met the Hoff. He said: "Did David Hasselhoff come out? Was he nice? I haven't met him! I came out of my dressing room door to find him standing in the corredoor. I freaked out and ran back in!" Amanda Holden finally emerged wearing gold killer heels despite being seven months pregnant with twins. When asked by press and fans to take off her large white coat to show off her bump, she said, "Nooo it's freezing!" However she managed to brave the elements for a little while whilst signing autographs and posing for pictures before being ushered away in the car by security.
  • Ya Gotta Quit Kickin My Dog Aroun - Skillet Lickers (1926) Gid Tanner & the Skillet-Lickers' 1926 recording of "Ya Gotta Quit Kickin My Dog Aroun". The accompanying animation is from Walt Disney's "Alice and the Dog Catcher" from 1924 (pre-Mickey Mouse). Lyrics: Me and old Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown Took a load of corn to town Old Jim dog, the on'ery pup He just naturally followed us up Chorus: Every time I come to town The boys go to kicking my dog around Makes no difference if he's a hound Ya gotta quit kicking my dog around As we driv' past the country store A passel of yaps came out the door Jim he scooted behind a box Showered him with sticks and rocks They tied a tin can to his tail And run him past the county jail That just naturally makes me sore Bill he cussed and Lem he swore (Lead singer Riley Puckett left out the traditional ending to this song. It should end with: ) Me and Lem Briggs and old Bill Brown Lost no time a-getting down We whupped them fellers to the ground For kickin' my old dog, Jim, around Jim seed his duty there and then He sure let into those gentlemen He sure messed up that townhouse square With rags and meat and hide and hair
  • Epic Piano It's really not so epic. But anyways I just kinda meh'd this one. Not a whole lot of practice beforehand. Like 90% improv actually. And I don't know why I scooted the computer halfway through the song. It should have been scooted the other way. Way to go me.
  • Continuing What We Had. A Justin Bieber Love Story. [12] sorry. i had ALOT of homeworkk. :P and studying. _______________________________________________ Melissa: "I love you Justin, you know you can talk to me." Justin: "I know I just don't know if I'm ready." He looked me straight in the eyes. Melissa: "Its okat baby! Whenever you wanna talk then tell me." Justin told scooter he couldn't finish the show. After Justin had appologized to the fans, we walked to his car. Melissa: "You okay now?" Justin: "I'm fine." I figured he needed something to cheer him up. Ding. Perfect idea. He started driving down the road, and i scooted closer to him, and kissed his neck. Justin: "Liss." He knew what I was doing. I blew in his ear, and made my way to his lips. Justin: "C'mon Liss. I'm driving." I went to his neck and sucked on it, which would cause a hickey. He let out a small moan. I had gotten him right where I wanted him, so I scooted back over in my seat. Justin: "Thanks, I'd love to get out of the car with a stiffy." I smirked at him. We pulled into his driveway, and I opened up the door. I knew I was in trouble for the stunt I pulled while he was driving so I ran to the door. I wasn't about to try opening it, and all the alarms go off. So I waited. Impatiently. Justin walked up and unlocked the door. I quickly ran inside and went to his bedroom to hide. I heard footsteps getting closer and closer. Justin: "You know Liss? You always sucked at Hide and Seek." He opened his closet door which contained all of his skinny jeans, and me. I ...
  • Jonas Brothers and Jonas Sisters Chapter: 119 KEVINS POV "Kannin?" I opened my eyes and looked over at my little brother. "Yeah, Nickey?" He scooted closer to me and snuggled into my side. "It's mworming." He mumbled into my side. "And I'm hungwy." I scooted into a sitting position and pulled him into my lap. "Ok" I said teasing him "What do you want me to do about it?" He looked up at me with is puppy-dog eyes and his bottom lip jutted out. "Pwease Kannin?" "It's not fair," I complained, "You cheat!" I got up anyway and bounced him on my hip. He smiled at me wrapping his legs around my waist. "Thank you!" "Sure." I grinned back at him before carrying him out of the room. "Morning sleepy-heads." Uncle Josh greeted us when we entered the kitchen. "Joe's still not up?" "Guess not." I said as I placed Nick into his seat, "What about the little kids?" "Theyre playing in the girls' room." He looked at Nick and took the glass of apple juice out of his hand. "Hey!" He pouted, "Uncle Josh-" "Have you tested yet?" "No, but-" "You have to test first-" "But I don't wanna! It's stupid! It's just juice-" "Don't, Nick. Just wait, I'll get it for you." I said, "And I'll get Joe up too." Nick crossed his arms in front of him and laid his head down on the table. "Nicholas, don't pout." Uncle Josh scolded as I left the room. I rolled my eyes and headed up the stairs. "Who cares!? It's not like you-" "I care stupid! It was my doll!" "Yeah, Joey got it for her!" "Well, I didn't mean it!" SMACK "OW! You meanie!" "GET OFF!" I rushed to ...
  • Welcome to Hell [A JB Bad Boy Story] Chap. 4 **Story Here** *Jen's POV* When I saw him walked into my family life science class I could he had changed from the sweet guy I used to know to something else. "Ah, Mr. Jonas you decided to join us for once today." That told me has changed to. "Well, I had a reason to come to class today." He said looking back at me. Oh god, he had found me. Ugh, I am still in love with don't know how hard I tried NOT to love him. "Well take your seat." I looked around the room. ***, the only open sit was next to me well this sucks! He came over and sat down. We were all the way in the back of the class. By the look on his face this was NOT and good thing for me. "Hey Jen. I haven't seen you since, what, a year or two ago. If I remember correctly you were an animal." He said seductively at me as he scooted his chair(Ok remember they are in family life science, they have tables instead of desks! I accidently put desks in the last chapter) closer to me. I sighed, "And from what I remember you were pretty good yourself but you were nicer. My new friends already told me about you 'reputation'. not going to fly with me." I said. He still scooted closer to me, "Well babe, I did it all for you." He was close enough to put his hand on my inner thigh, I felt the goosebumps form over my skin. I gulped, but decided to take this to my advantage of a moment to tease. I had on a spagetti strap shirt on that if I bent over you could see down it. I leaned forward just enough, "You know I don ...
  • Tyler Wheeland : While I Have It a documentary by stephendiaz song: no cars go, by maxine cyrin
  • Skated and Scooted Me and Scottahmur skatin and scootin Follow me on Twitter!! Guys send me a vid response or somthing of you guys doing somthing stupid! :D
  • Mei Lan First Slip/Walks in Back Den-1/2/07, 2:26pm-Atlanta time After Mei Lan has crawled/scooted down most of the cage and around corner, she starts in the other corner, and slip/scoot/walks to the door, then goes to sleep.
  • Butt Scootin' Baby - Very Funny My youngest girl never did crawl, instead she scooted on her butt everywhere she desired to go...This video is set to the Benny Hill Theme song and is quite funny...
  • Esmee scooted! Esmee was playing in her crib, rolled onto her tummy and scooted forward... it's toward the end of the video! Go baby go. She is four months, 2 weeks & 5 days old.
  • Pack Candle Blocks for Franklin Illumination A method for packing candle blocks in a tote in preparation for next year's Illumination in Franklin, TN. Seven layers of 12. First 6 layers scooted against side of tote. Top layer scooted to center to make a stable flat surface for safely stacking the totes
  • Jacoby learning to crawl:)) 6/27...Jacoby scooted, crawled and wormed his way from our bedroom to his crib...sooo proud!!
  • Jason and the Arganauts English Project 2010 get scooted
  • Metal Barns An experiment if you will, a small sidestep from reality, these country western line dancers just boot scooted into the Metal Barn Zone!!!! Check-out other sounds, art, thanks! Peace, \A/
  • QWOP over 100 meters I started to record after the 50m mark and just scooted the 50m mark there is a hurdle and thats wat im draggingalong with...i speeded up the footage so you wouldnt have to see me scoot along for the whole 12 minutes
  • Scooting: A Documentary we scooted. i fell
  • Liana Scooting Backwards! On Wednesday Jan 10, Liana got mobile! She scooted backwards in a crawling position across the livingroom floor! :)
  • band *** up me and jesse playing a song we made but the bass drum scooted up to far and he tried to tell me to scoot it up but i couldnt hear him
  • Need You Now Ch. 28 That night when Nick and I finally made it home, we were both exhausted. My trophy from the feature race was in Kyler's motor home. I told him to keep that and the money. He thanked me countless times before I finally left. I think the races encouraged Nick to drive, because he offered, and succeeded in driving home safely in the dark. He wasn't jumpy or anything. He opened my door after he had cut the engine and slowly lifted me into his arms. I leaned my head against his shoulder as he carried me inside. I turned off the alarm, closed the door then reset it. I hid my face in his neck as he mounted the stairs. He lay me down on the bed and changed me into my pajamas. "I can't brush your teeth for you," he said softly to me once I was changed. I giggled, sitting up. I walked into the bathroom while he changed. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and used the bathroom. When I walked out, he walked in. I crawled under the covers and waited, somewhat impatiently, for Nick to get in bed too. I wanted to cuddle up with him and fall asleep in his arms. When he did come out, I scooted over more to give him room, knowing full well I'd be scooting right back once he was in. He slid into bed and pulled me close. I laid my arm across his waist, and my head on his shoulder. His arm was around me, the other holding my hand that had been placed against his far hip. "I love you Holly," he whispered softly in the darkness. "I love you too," I whispered back quietly. We slept in late ...
  • A Message From Jessie Thank you all for your get wells! I didn't think so many people would leave me comments on my 1 minutes video! lol But just so you know, here's my little adventure: I was in choir (Go Choir!) and we had just finished warm ups. I sat down in my chair, really hard I guess, and it scooted back. Apparantley some idiot in Choral (The highest choir that in the class after us) had taken one of the things holding the railing behind the floor of the risers out so: 1. My chair scooted back 2. railing came off 3. Major call backward. 4. Grab friends chair for help, but it just ends up falling on me anyways (That was a biggg help *rolls eyes*) 5. Que the neck pain, back pain, and over 50 or so girls freaking out ('s an all girl class) 6. Everyone remembers that I have scoliosis and have had a surgery and freak out even more, and I'm not aloud to move at all 7. get taken to hospital on backboard with neckbrace. 8. I'm not aloud to get off backboard or out of neckbrace for 3 HOURS! Basically I fell, It probally hurt more than turning into a freaking vampire, I'm sore as hell, but I'm good! Not dying anytime soon! WHOO! lol! But thank you all! Love you guys and hope to be back soon! PS All I could think about while laying in the hospital on the backboard and with the neckbrace on, and taped/strapped down so I couldn't move...meany people, was that I now know what Bella felt like after the whole Tylers Van thing. lol! I've got issues! Oh and to calm me down, cause my asthma was ...
  • Going down Knob Lick Tower Kris.. is scared of heights.. she CRAWLED up the stairs.. and scooted most of the way down them.. i missed most of the good scooting but it's ok
  • A Telena Story Episode 12 Heyy!!! Hope u like it!!! A Telena Story Episode 12 Taylor's POV Christina and i sat on the bench, and she scooted next to me. I dug my hands in my pockets again. "Can i feel your muscles?" Christina asked. "Um..." I replied, feeling awkward. She rubbed her hands down my arm, then moved over to my chest. She moved her hand up to my face, and pushed my cheek toward her face. She grabbed the back of my head, and pushed it toward her's. By that time, she was shoving her lips up against mine, and i had no say in it. Selena's POV I was sitting on the bench with Jackson, and it was pretty awkward. "Hey. So have you and Taylor kissed yet?" Jackson asked. "Yup..." I replied. Why did he want to know?!! "Oh. This is pretty awkward." Jackson said. "I know. Can i braid your hair?" I asked. "I guess?" Jackson replied, and scooted over so i could reach his hair. We started out laughing, then after i was done, he turned around to see my face. "You have magical hands." Jackson said. "You have pretty hair." I replied, and he laughed. "Do you wanna go walk around? We could go check on Taylor and Christina." Jackson suggested. "Mmkay. But lets walk. They could be talking about something important." I replied. "Yeah, sure." Jackson replied, and we started walking. "I heard that you're scared im going to bite you." Jackson said. "Not you. Well, kinda. But wouldnt you be scared too?!" I asked. He laughed. "Yeah, i suppose." Jackson said, and stopped walking, so so did i. He was staring into ...
  • santa clarita and backyard sesh 8/21/10 Michael Carrier, Connor Helm, and I went out to the santa clarita skate park and scooted skated and biked a little then came home to my house and rode the backyard ramp.
  • Twilight- Biology Class Scene Biology class scene from the Summit Entertainment film "Twilight", based on the hit Twilight Saga book series by Stephanie Meyer... No copyright infrigment I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!!!!! Summit Entertainment
  • Arranged Marriage Chap. 18 **Stroy over here** Beth's POV: I plopped down on the couch, this is going to be a LOOOONNNNGGGG night. Nick came over and sat down on the other end, "What, waits your name?" Isabella asked poilightly.(sp?) "My name is Nick." Nick said back. I smile slightly but it dissappeared quickly. "Well," Bella started. "sit by your fiance!" I looked at her, "No, no. It's fine." Bella gave me her puppy dog eyes, "Pawease!? I want to see you to love birds being all lovey dovey!!" I sighed, "If there's one thing you learned from me was being a hopeless romantic. Nick just get over here before she gets mad." He scooted over closer to me but stay on the middle cushion. "No," Bella said, "You need to be where your legs are touching." I sighed and nodded. Nick scooted to where we were touching. "Now you got put her arm around her shoulder and you have to lean on him." Man I have shown her too many romance movie. I sighed again and nodded again and Nick did as Bella said. He put his arm around me and instant tingles went down my spine. I leaned against him like Bella said. She smiled and so did Nick. I half smiled. Why was life pushing me right now!? The barney show began it was getting really boring. I closed my eyes and laid my head on Nick's shoulder and fell asleep. When the show was over I was awakened by Nick. I opened my eyes and I was looking up at him. "Why are you standing over me?" He laughed, "I'm not you fell over on my lap while sleeping." I saw I was and shot up causing us ...
  • Scooting Around in the Garage... I was really little in this video, just learning how to walk. I scooted all around on the garage floor. It was fun...Even Daddy got in on it!
  • Last days of butt-scooting! J has never crawled, she has butt-scooted instead. In the past week she's started walking everywhere and I'm sure this is one of the last days of butt-scooting! Enjoy :)
  • Ninja Joker - COPA 4.16.11 - Colin Baker - Butt scoot to wicked fast arm bar gi beginner's division. the competitor colin was going against stalled for the majority of the the ninja joker butt scooted to a take down, to a wicked fast arm bar. AMAZING!!!!
  • Libby Scooter.... get it? She scooted on her face and worked so hard she pulled boogies out of her nose.
  • Miss Venus Boot Scootin' The Morning Guys wanted to see how long Miss Venus could do the Boot Scoot. So she dressed in her best cowgirl attire and went in the station parking lot and scooted til the cows came home. The Morning Guys took guesses on how long listeners thought she could do the Boot Scoot. The listener who came closest won Sugarland and Matt Nathanson tickets at the Wharf. She "scooted" for 13 minutes!
  • Joker is NOT a Wuss on the Pacific Crest Trail, 2009 Joker (that's me) crossing the log over the Suiattle river near the end of the Pacific Crest Trail. This is a sequel to my 2008 video where I scooted. This time, I walked. I hiked the PCT again specifically to overcome this one log. Damn you, PCT!
  • 2008 Tesla Roadster: This Electric Sports Car Is the Real Thing He was tall, looked fit in his spandex bicycling gear and — the reason we were a bit nervous — he was glaring at the little silver roadster with distaste. Had we inadvertently forced him off the road on one of our passes while photographing the electric-powered 2008 Tesla Roadster? No. His problem, it turns out, is that the car is "too quiet." The Tesla, clean and silent but for the hiss of tires on asphalt and the whine of the electric motor's cooling fan, disturbed him because he didn't hear it coming as we scooted by him on a twisty section of Skyline Boulevard in the mountains above Tesla's headquarters in San Carlos, California.
  • *Chasing You* A Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 95 "Chasing You" A Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 95 I don't usually give shoutouts but you should all go check out bieberlovestoriesx3 & xausxjbxluvax They are really good! :) *Halfway Into The Movie* I had my head rested on Justin's shoulder, scooted up close to him. But I had to do all of the cuddling? What was with him? I lifted my head a little and placed a soft kiss on his neck and glanced up to see his reaction. Nothing... My hand searched around in the dark for his, once I found it I pulled it over and placed it in my lap. I used my thumb to rub the center of his palm, lightly. "Justin.." I whispered into his ear. "What?" He asked, sounding rather cranky. My eyebrows pulled upward. "What's your problem?" I hissed at him. "Nothing" "I'm not stupid, somethings wrong" I whispered, scooting even closer to him. I turned my head to see Caitlin glaring at us. "Shhhh" She hushed us. "I'm trying to watch the movie.." Justin whispered, staring at the screen. I quit, he's being ridiculous. I haven't even done anything to him. "Whatever.." I mumbled releasing his hand and scooting more towards Christian and away from him. He stayed motionless. *When The Movie Ends* "Man, I'm going to bed" Chaz said, standing up and stretching. I sat up, walking over to my little bunk bed. "Justin? Are you going to bed to?" I heard Caitlin ask him. I was pulling my blankets back now and taking off my slippers. "Yeah, I'm pretty tired" He said turning to walk back to his room. "Oh, okay" She ...
  • "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" (1963)-Five Blind Boys of Ala Clarence Fountain on lead. No requests please.
  • Summer Romance a Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 5 Justin's Pov i woke up in the middle of the night. I just could not sleep. I turned around and i saw the most beautiful girl ever. No. This is wrong. She is my best friend, i can not be falling for her. I dont know. She kinda stirred in her sleep. She looked like she was having a bad dream. I scooted closer to her and wrapped my arms around her. She scooted even closer. Her face as practically in my chest. It actually felt kinda good. Like it was ment to be. I slowley closed my eyes and went to sleep. Kayden's POV I woke up to seeing bare skin. I looked up and saw Justin sleeping. Haha it actually looked kinda cute. Then i remebered how I used to draw faces on him with my eyeliner. So i got up and went to my make-up bag. I walked over to Justin and put make-up all over him. I put eyeliner around his lips, then put lip stick and lipgloss on him. He started to wake up so i ran down stairs and saw Pattie making breakfast Pattie: hi Kayden would you like some breakfast Kayden- sure *grabs a plate* Justin- *comes down in basketball shorts and no shirt on* heyy mom whats for breakfast Pattie: oh we're havi- *looks up* oh my gosh Sorry this one is short have to go but ill finish it later
  • Promise Me Forever(a Semi Story) ep.17 (at Miley and Selena's sleepover) (they're sitting in Mileys living room watching a scary movie) Selena- I'm so glad we're doing this, I hated fighting with you all the time Miley- me too(smiles)sooo, you and Demi live together? Selena- yeaa, and im sure its going to be pretty akward when I get back Miley- well dont worry about that, tonights going to be a fun, Demi free night okay? Selena-(smiles) okay Miley-(smiles) (1 hour into the movie) (both of the girls jump in fright when a scary part comes on and scoot closer to eachother)(they noticed that they scooted closer and start laughing) Selena-(laughing) we act like such babies Miley-(laughing too) well I know im a baby when it comes to scary movies, and I'll admit it(scoots closer to Selena and locks arms with her when another scary part comes on) Selena-dont go in there, dont go in there!(screams!)(and scoots even closer to Miley) Miley-(laughs and looks over to Selena whos laughing) Selena-(looks at Miley) Miley-(expression turns serious)(begins to lean in) Selena-(notices what she is doing)(eyes widen) Miley-(leans in and gently touches her lips on Selena's) Selena-(shocked, and suprised)(doesn't kiss back)(just stays still, still wide eyed) Miley-(pulls away)(shocked by what she just did)......I...i umm (the girls are silent for a while) Selena-(realizes something)(turns to Miley) your lesbian. Miley-(eyes widen) w-what! no im not! Selena- yeah you are, i mean just think about it. Your the ONLY person in the whole ...
  • Nico Lake Christmas Box Scoot Nico's first Christmas, he scooted along in this box.

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  • “Visit Casey Wiegmann - AFC West Blog for information, in-depth ***ysis and discussion about Casey Wiegmann Just as Cassel was being asked his thoughts about new Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis' comments that he was going to "fix" Cassel, Weis scooted by on a golf cart”
    — Casey Wiegmann - AFC West Blog - ESPN,

  • “About this Blog. Welcome to CHIVE's most ambitious blog to date. We know we said that last Day of, Todd and I scooted up to Avenue & Davenport to grab a few armfuls of flowers”
    — CHIVE — BLOG,

  • “ “I haven’t done lay-away since high school” I quipped excitedly as I skipped out the door of Tart. I jumped into my truck and scooted across town to take the fresh grouse leftovers from dinner to my mother”
    — Lay-away for me... | AmberJean,

  • “Well, Dash hasn't scooted again after the initial worry a couple of days ago, and his poop has become a bit easier to pick up, so maybe it's”
    — *** Gland Update - Greytalk,

  • “ plans to connect the 5 billion people who lack internet access. to purchase that satellite from the ailing (now filing for bankruptcy) company and scooted it over to a partner country we could start something big”
    — : internet for everyone,

  • “Scooted. Find all posts by this member · Add to contact list. Active Stats. Total Cumulative Posts. 63 ( 0.00% of total forum posts ) posts in this forum ( 0% of this member's active posts ) User's local time. 22 Nov 2010, 21:46. Status (Offline) Last Post: 21 Jun 2010, 13:14”
    Scooted - Viewing Profile,

  • “Has anyone scooted to Mendo?”
    — Has anyone scooted to Mendo?,

  • “You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. You forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. You cannot attach files in this forum. You”
    — Modern Vespa : Scooted map,

  • “Adventures in BBQ and Grilling in NYC When the cheese was melted to my liking, I just scooted the pizza over to to the hot side of grill again and let this side of the dough finish”
    — The Meatwave: Go Grill Yourself a Pizza,

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