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  • 999 scooches. From my calculations, that's how many times Alberto Contador scooched back in his saddle during the individual time trial today. Bert Grabsch, former world champion, rode an incredible time trial today for 3rd place on the stage, pulling himself out of the Lanterne Rouge slot. — “Tour de France Lanterne Rouge: 999 scooches”,
  • Find Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes at Borders - Books, Music and Movies. Available in Paperback (ISBN 9780689802461) at If they would just be "scooches" and listen, all would be well! The author brings a bit of The Bremen Town Musicians to her rhythmic retelling as the. — “Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes - Paperback (ISBN 9780689802461”,
  • In this elementary school classroom, the pupils signal furiously, bouncing up and down on their crisscrossed legs, hoping to be called on during a lesson on solar power. a wind turbine of cardboard and PVC piping, the class scooches so close to her their hair blows in the breeze. — “Children get Eco Training' | ”,
  • The Martha's Vineyard Times: Dock here for Island News, Sports, Community Events, Directory of Information, Real Estate, and Vacation Planning Sometimes, he scooches his butt on the floor because it looks too difficult to raise the hind quarters. — “MVTimes Online - The Martha's Vineyard Times: Island News Now”,
  • The Fjords' small but powerfully built bodies exude substance and strength; their movement is elegant and collected. Owners extol their charming, kind personalities Later, he called to tell me that if he becomes unbalanced, his horse literally scooches under him to keep him onboard. — “Norwegian Fjord Horse Breed | ”,
  • the action of tailgating very tightly so no other car can get in front of you in a crowded situation on the road or parking lot after a game/gradua scooches isn't defined yet, but these are close:. — “Urban Dictionary: scooches”,
  • Website of Santa Fe New Mexico's premiere daily newspaper. Offering news, classifieds, employment ads, a monthly Real Estate Guide, guides to the outdoors, the arts, and events of interest to visitors. over the weird way our hair scooches through the quick-hardening exoskeletons we wear. — “Ah, safety, ah, security, ah, laws ... aw, nuts - The Santa”,
  • *** Home Boutique, the shop that's the Brighton home of Paul Frank, the Moomins, Miffy, Tatty Devine, and all your favourite things. Little mini ashtray, just under 10cm high, with little flippy tray that scooches all the ash and fag ends back inside when you are done. — “*** Home Boutique, the shop that's the Brighton home of”, ***
  • Ailsa scooches (or as I like to call it "carpet swimming")and chases the ball around the living room. She is just a little over eight months old. — “YouTube - Scooching”,
  • Rocket, Roadliner, Road King, review, photos and videos of the 2005 Harley-Davidson, Star, Triumph and Yamaha Cruiser. The bike scooches upwards on the driveshaft pivot, the 240-section rear tire starts to screech and squirm, and smoke emanates. — “Rocket, Roadliner, Road King - ”,
  • From a few people who watched HBO's 'HUNG' comes a new show about a woman who learns about her own special ***ual gift (written by Diablo Cody) ( Michaela Watkins scooches) Little more. ( Michaela Watkins scooches) Little more. ( Michaela Watkins scooches) Michael Hitch*** leans in to do the. — “Tight w/ Michaela Watkins from Diablo Cody, Michaela Watkins”,
  • In Nashville, where you can almost taste the musical talent in the water supply, coming across a new artist that blows the doors off of your expectations is an occasion for rejoicing. Heavenly" scooches the singer an inch closer to rock n' roll territory before segueing back to the solid pop. — “Music Review: Let Love Win' by Daniel Kirkley | LifeWay”,
  • We've spent so much money on prescription foods for her and nothing seems to help! The vet said she's not diabetic but we've even tried diabetic formula food and she loses a little bit but not enough. She's never free fed and my other cats eat. — “My poor cat is morbidly obese? We've spent so much money on”,
  • Dear Dr. Fox: I have a 20-pound, 11-year-old cat that scooches her rump on the floor. I have a 20-pound, 11-year-old cat that scooches her rump on the floor. — “- Cat's Problem Might Be Glands, Spinal Arthritis”,
  • [edit] Verb. scooches. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of scooch. wiki/scooches" Category: English third-person singular forms. Personal. — “scooches - Wiktionary”,
  • She takes a favorite toy and scooches her way under the bed to play Then, when she's done, she scooches back out in reverse!! Adena has also been helping Diesel this week. — “The Hounds of Prison Education”, ho***
  • Fat Princess scooches over, makes room for your friends, by Tom Chick, for Fidgit, Part of the Syfy Online Network. — “Fat Princess scooches over, makes room for your friends | Fidgit”,
  • Read about JE Design's latest project Audi TT 8J 3.2-liter V6 featuring JE Design PU carbon-look front spoiler, ABS plastic carbon-look rear diffuser, added extension to rear spoiler. - European Car Magazine in JE Design's thorough tune jobs, while JE tackles minor software scooches itself. — “Audi TT JE Design 8J 3.2 V6 - JE Design Kit - European Car”,
  • (Shing Ying sits on an imaginary bench and continues to blow bubbles. (Garrett sits as Shing Ying scooches over. For sitting, just squat as if you were sitting on the bench. — “ZOOM . activities . playhouse . The Red Bench, Part 4 | PBS Kids”,
  • Christopher Moore, bestselling author of Lamb, Fluke and The Stupidest Angel If someone sidles, scooches, slimes, skulks, sneaks, slides, glides, dances, skips or bounces across a room, you don't have to say how they did it. — “Christopher Moore's Writing Hints”,
  • Foursquare Scooches Past 3 Million Users mark. Posted 08/30/10 at 05:31:53 AM by Paul Lilly. Comments. Print. Tweet. Foursquare, a location-based social networking service for mobile users, continues to grow rapidly, having climbed to the three million user mark over the weekend. — “Foursquare Scooches Past 3 Million Users mark | Maximum PC”,

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  • “Piano Forums at Piano World.The Piano Forums are an online community of piano lovers including piano industry professionals, concert artists, recording artists, technicians, dealers, manufacturers, and thousands of enthusiastic amateur pianist”
    — HP-307 - huge disappointment - Piano World Piano & Digital,

  • “Problem is, sometimes one story situation or character scooches over into the territory of another. I need to spend some time learning how to get this little blog known so that more folks will dialogue about the writing life, or life in general”
    — Rhonda Leverett's Blog,

  • “”
    — Quickies,

  • “BLOG. SERVICES/EXPERTISE. WHO WE ARE. HOME. Lake BlueSnow. Happy Father's Day! Miss Olivia ice scrapes along the bedrock as it scooches toward the coast, tumbled and darkened by”
    — Melting Ice Sheet | Field Notes,

  • “Industrial Design content and community site - articles, discussions, interviews and resources. shell" feature so that when 12-B reclines his seat, the seatbase scooches forward rather than the seatback tipping back and invading 13-B's space”
    — JAL's new Economy seat wins Good Design Award - Core77,

  • “The poor *** at the top of this blog is me, dealing with the city of Cleveland's 2K9, a playlist that scooches me closer toward spontaneous combustion”
    — Jason Pettigrew of Alternative Press: Better Hate Than Never,

  • “Redheaded love fest. A social network of, by, and about redheads. FORUM. POLLS. MUSIC. GROUPS. QUIZZES. EVENTS. SIGNUP. BLOGS. WRITE NEW BLOG. EDIT BLOGS. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - The Swell Season. Posted On 01/19/2009 00:10:48 by”
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  • “Wedding Photography in Holland Michigan MI, plus lots of Winfield and Harriet He either pushes up on his hands and feet, like a push-up, and scooches backwards or he rotates around and pivots on his belly”
    — 2006 July " Rachel Henderson Photography Blog,

  • “And You Will Travel Blog Gets A New Facelift您将旅游博客得到一个新的面貌 Wed, 22 Oct 2008 00:29:06 周三, Vote for PetLvr Blog!投票PetLvr博客! - [The Blog] -[博客] is Copyright ©是”
    — _ Դ_ | -[_ _ _ _ ],

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