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  • Gorden Francisco moved four steps at a time until he had scooched his wheelchair beside the members of. — “TSO takes sound of Dvorák to the heart of O'odham land”,
  • The ability to accurately shoot from your "wrong side" is a handy trick to have available. I knew which direction the bird was coming from and should have scooched 90 degrees around the tree to get in better position. — “Turkey and Turkey Hunting - Goin' Southpaw”,
  • WOGAN RUMOURS CAN'T BE SCOOCHED. Derek Mcgovern 4/05/2007. IN ASSOCIATION WITH . TWO MEN ARE on death row and are to be executed on the same day. The warden asks the first man if he has a last request. " Yes," he replies, "I'd like to listen to Britain's Eurovision entry by Scooch. — “RESULT!: WOGAN RUMOURS CAN'T BE SCOOCHED - ”,
  • (1)to be angry or provoked into anger. (2)to be mentally unstable (3)to have quirky behavioral patterns (1)to be angry or provoked into anger. ( 2)to be mentally unstable (3)to have quirky behavioral patterns. That guy scooched me, what a jerk! I am so scooched from that stressfull situation. — “Urban Dictionary: Scooched”,
  • He lit his daily cigar while I scooched my chair up wind from him and we sat together in comfortable silence. He lit his daily cigar while I scooched my chair up wind from him and we sat together in comfortable silence. BTW, my husband is. — “In summary... - Blue Ridge blog”,
  • Rabin looked around, realized I was right, and then scooched over on the very small single-person bench and said "sit here," patting the small So, I scooched next to the Prime Minister of Israel, our sides touching, while everyone around the table gave me a "do you know who he is?. — “AMERICAblog News: Assassination”,
  • Everything you've ever wanted to know (or perhaps avoid) in becoming the Emerald City's ultimate resident. More recently, the ailing museum has scooched it's footprint ever-so-slightly to make room for the Science Fiction Museum, where. — “Guidespot: Your Guide to Becoming a Clichéd Seattleite”,
  • Andover firefighter Jim Adler carries injured hiker Cathy Hazelton of Peru off the Rumford Whitecap Trail on Saturday afternoon. "She scooched her way down through rabbit warrens and such because she didn't want anyone to go out of their way for her," Glazier said. " She scooched down the most. — “Peru hiker rescued after fall on Rumford Whitecap | River Valley”,
  • Sure. The fat lady needed some extra room on the bench, so I scooched over and let her sit down. EDIT And once again, people start talking about dictionaries. Just because it's not in the dictionary doesn't mean it's not a word. Look up "word". — “is "scooched" a word?”,
  • The House on the Hill: Part One. Most of the stories of Werelupes and wicked faeries roaming the forest were just that — stories He immediately scooched his chair away from me. Also by alcatraz_the_amazing. by. — “The Neopian Times - Neopia's fill-in-the-blank news source”,
  • Bouley on a high level at Upstairs By PASCALE LE DRAOULEC DAILY NEWS RESTAURANT CRITIC 'I f we're going to sit this close to one another, then you should know it's my birthday,"announced a raven-haired woman as she scooched in her chair. She. — “Bouley on a high level at Upstairs”,
  • Strengthen your lower body and gain stability with these balance exercises for seniors Make sure your buttocks are scooched forward and not all the way to the back of the chair. — “Balance Exercises for Seniors”, exercise4
  • Website of Santa Fe New Mexico's premiere daily newspaper. Offering news, classifieds, employment ads, a monthly Real Estate Guide, guides to the outdoors, the arts, and The federal minimum — which has slowly scooched up to $6.55 an hour — comes nowhere near reflecting the realities of today's cost. — “City's in tough times; freeze 'living wage' - The Santa Fe”,
  • So, remember A. Hamilton? The lawyer who showed up at committee yesterday morning with Doug Finley, and scooched in beside his client during his subsequent. — “Meet the new Paul Lepsoe: "Hamilton. A. Hamilton." - Inside”,
  • Using Cascading Style Sheets as a structure to build your web pages is now considered "best practices." Many web development companies won't hire a half inch; so, web designers decided that every time they wanted something scooched in a half an inch, they would just (mis)use the blockquote. — “So, What is CSS Anyway?”,
  • [edit] Verb. scooched. Simple past tense and past participle of scooch. /wiki/scooched" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “scooched - Wiktionary”,
  • Coopers make barrels. In this case, barrels of fun. is awkward to climb into but can nonetheless accommodate two adults, as long as the front chairs are scooched into their first third of travel. — “Mini Cooper S - Road Test - Auto Reviews - Car and Driver”,
  • Community Profile Home on See All scooched's Photos. 0% Profile completeness. Playing. About Me: Location: Information not available. I look like this actor/actress: Connected to 0 Friends. View all. — “Community Profile Home on ”,
  • Definition of scooch from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of scooch. Pronunciation of scooch. Definition of the word scooch. Origin of the word scooch up and move (through, down, etc.); scrunch: she scooched through the window and unlocked the door; he scooched down in his chair. — “scooch - Definition of scooch at ”,

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  • as his skin I was rather expecting more considering all the whiskers Not that I m disappointed I scooched my chair closer
  • carb dinner Or do good for a week and exercise and binge all weekend It s hard I really don t want my baby girl to go through all of this I just went and checked on her in her crib she has a little cough so she s restless But that s a typical picture in the middle of the night Thumb in mouth feet in the air and scooched all the way down to the end of the bed crib
  • so while the guy lifted me I could actually see them It was wonderful Gladly he repeated the favour about another five times so I did get my little moment of seeing Zep actually onstage It was all finally over after two encores of Whole Lotta Love and Rock and Roll It was over What was I gonna do now Well make my way out of the arena I suppose Me and Lee scooched
  • Here s some picts This one shows the plate installed with the green gasket peeking through I loosened the screws to both intake hoses then scooched the carb out of the way
  • I loosened the screws to both intake hoses then scooched the carb out of the way Finally I used a little swivel and a socket to get the bolts off Not the easiest tools to use probably but it s what I had and it worked OK
  • loose with some colour to try and vent my frustration Frodo scooched a little closer to Sam when he wasn t looking don t tell PJ GG A Little Rest Created with Painter 7 and Photoshop
  • from our screens forevermore if the viewing figures nosedive Fat chance though There s a market for this kind of dross Just not among any of the people I call my friends it would seem I remember when ABBA won Eurovision They were amazing but it has to be said those of us who remember those famous Swedes winning back in 1974 can you remember any other entrants from

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  • Over The Edge Of Just Breathless Chapter 40 Kevin's POV I got up from the chair I was in, baffled. I rubbed my eyes and blinked hard. ***. I was in a mess. This Jess girl loved me, I loved Abbey, and now she's pregnant, and knowing the tabloids that's gunna suck, because everyone who was waiting for us to slip up, just had their chance. Unless... *I got down on my knee* Normal POV Kevin: Abbey? *Abbey turned to Kevin* Abbey: Yeah, huh? Oh! Kevin: Abbey, will you marry me? *Alyssa gasped* Abbey: Ohh!! *a tear falls from her face, and Kevin gets up and wipes it away with his finger, and kisses her. So passionatally that the tears flow harder from Abbey's face. Kevin pulls away and holds Abbey's hands. Kevin: Abbey? Will you... marry me? Abbey nods her head and Kevin picks her up and swings her around into his arms. He puts her down. Kevin: Ohh gosh! I thought you were going to say no there for a second! Abbey: Kev, would I ever say No to anything you asked? Kevin: Well... Abbey: Noooo I wouldn't. Kevin smiles. Kevin: Well, you know this is good, because then the press won't torture us about the baby. Abbey's face goes white. Abbey: Oh, Kevin. I forgot! Do-do-do you think we should keep the baby? Kevin: Oh gosh Abbey! Of course! Why wouldn't we? Abbey: Well, I just thought you'd be mad or something... Kevin: No way honey. I wish you told me sooner. Do you know the ***? Abbey: No. Kevin: We'll have to find that out than. Abbey: All right. Everyone was silent for a moment than Joe gets up. Joe: Kev, why did you break ...
  • A Vampire Love Story S2 Part 13 Part 1 When we were driving home. "its frezzying in here" i said "108 degress over here"he said i scooched over to him. And snuggled finger on his arm "it must be nice to never get cold" "yeah its a wolf thing" he said as he smiled "no its a Jake thing" When we got there i saw a red car it wasn't mine cause i was in my car. it was Selena's. "thanks Jacob"i said about to get out. "no wait"he grabbed my arm "leeches" "thats Selena's car"i said with a stern voice i didn't mean to be that rude. I got out he did too. "you just crossed the line"he said with a snarl in his voice. "then don't make one"i said and left to go inside. I went inside i turned on the light "Demi" i heard a voice it sounded like David I went in the living room."oops"I said David looked over at me. i laughed for no reason then ran in the kitchedn. "Demi"the voice was a lot softer ??? came into the kitchen. I smiled "hi selena"i said 'i thought you were dead" "oh thanks"i said with a dry voice. Then she hugged me. I pulled away "is he?" i said "no,he checks up every few months" I looked down "okay why did you go cliff diving again?"she said and her eyes seemed to glow. "um uh i thought it would be fun" "Fun "David said and gave me a glare i turned away from him and closed my eyes the word fun went through my head. "stop it"I heard a snarl it was Miley Miley came in and ran in vamped speed toward me and hugged me "i'm sorry" i heard I opened my eyes "ugh what is that awful dog smell"Sel said she sniffled Jacob ...
  • The Outside 02/01 * Heres Episode 11 =D * Ok, im going to be putting out ALOT of episodes because i have 2 new series in mind, but i will not be starting them until one of these series are done. But It will be one at a time so im still only doing 3 series, which reminds me, first episode of Will Love Last should be out soon! :) As well as i decided to make this one a intro for the second season.Enjoy! Kristina's POV Oh great.. school tomorrow... that just HAD to be the worst summer of my life! litterly. It wasn't even close to what i wanted it to be. The summer before i go into gr.12.. hmm. It was almost the exact opposite, i was in my room writeing songs day and night and texting shannon, Oh yeah did i mention david finially gave me my cell back? But everyone i call goes straight to him so he knows who i call and if its nick or not. I rolled my eyes just thinking of that. why did my brother have to be soo protective? it was the guy i loved for goodness sake! like does he not want me to be happy or something? what if he had a girlfriend that i didn't like? he wouldn't stay away from her because i told him to! Ugh... i can't take this anymore, at least tomorrow i'll get to see Nick. I hope i accually dont look like as much of a mess as i usually do.... I'll have to get shannon to come over in the morning to make me look civilized again. i laughed, i really did look bad didn't i ? That made me think... i walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror, HOLY COW I LOOK LIKE A ... like a ...
  • Favorite Girl (a justin bieber love story) episode 66 So here's the next episode! Btw, I still love all the comments you guys give me! Story: justin's POV: i sat down on the couch by kayley's feet, squashed between her feet and the arm rest. kayley noticed this soon enough and sat up. i scooched over closer to her. kayley: "so, what's up?" me: "well, i got some exciting news today...." kayley: "ooh really? what is it?" me: "well..... while we were at homecoming, my mom and scooter were talking. and i'm going on a little 'mini-tour' for about a week." kayley: "um, what exactly's a 'mini-tour'?" me: "well i'm going on tour, but not too far away. mostly in georgia, and i'm doing interviews here and there.... ya know." kayley: *disappointed look* "oh...." me: "now here's where YOU come in...." kayley: "what do you mean?" me: "i MEAN that if your mom lets you, you can come with me." i stared at kayley's eyes. they lit up like a christmas tree, and she had a big smile on her face. kayley: "MOM! can i go? PLEASE?" deb: "uh..... im not too sure kayley." kayley: "wh-what?" deb: "i want to talk to pattie about this before i make my final decision." me: "debbie, it's okay. my mom said it was cool." deb: "that may be true, but i always like to double check." me: "you can call my mom, she's home." deb: "ya, i think I'll do that." deb walked over to the phone and called my mom, and they talked for quite a while about this. while waiting for the final answer, i wrapped my left arm around kayley and watched some more spongebob with her. 10 ...
  • Justin Bieber Love Story *~Unexpected #73~* OK, I've been doing bead bracelets WHOLE DAY with my friend today. Why whole wrist is covered xDD Haha :"D - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ronnie's POV ;; I slightly pressed on the doorbell that was tightly locked on Jesse's front, house white painted doors. My heart rate was higher than it usually is, probably of my stupid problem that I'm going to share with him today. In a few, in fact. Suddenly, his blue, exotic eyes met mine as soon the door squeaked open. Jesse: ''Whata', whata' surprise.'' He smirked as he approached me gently inside. The house had the smell of a warm frankincense as most of the walls were painted dark green. It was tidy and nice, comfortable enough to feel like home. Jesse: ''Come down to the living room, Rons.'' He said as he followed my saunter steps behind me. I was looking at the family pictures that hung loosely on the stringent wall. Jesse looked like in his thir***'s. He looked like his pre***s were pretty happy. His baby blue eyes starring back at me, made me stare at his adorable picture even more. ''Yeah, I was a dork.'' He asserted as his breathing slowly waved against my neck. Ronnie: ''A dork?'' I lowered my one eyebrow and flashed my eyes over at him whose had a goofy grin curled up on his pure, sun-kissed face. Jesse: ''Isn't it pretty obvious enough?'' He chuckled as he laid his eyes on the picture. Ronnie: ''Err..No.'' I answered back immediately as I smiled and collapsed on the white, leather couch, feeling his weight being ...
  • I Hate That I Love You- ch. 5 ch.5 (Selena's pov) I woke up the next morning with the biggest headache. I felt light headed and dizzy. I forgot mostly everything from last night. I slowly got up and checked my alarm clock. 12pm it read. well, i definitely missed school today. Anyway, i felt like crap. I slowly got up from my bed and took a nice hot 30 minute shower. I turned on my radio and started singing in the shower to Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift. As i sang, i slowly got out of the shower and put a towel over me. I put my hair up with a clip and got out of the bathroom. My radio was blasting, and i sang loudly. "Whoa! Im feeling you baby! Don't be afraid to jump then fall, jump the fall into me, Baby, im never gonna leave you, say that you want to be with me too, Cuz im gonna stay through it all, so jump then fall!" i sang as i entered my bedroom. Suddenly, i saw someone in my room staring at me. I yelled in shock. I quickly turned off my radio to see who it was. Suddenly, i realized that it was Nick! "What the hell are you doing here?!" i asked in shock, and held my towel tightly. "Can you keep singing? It was actually pretty entertaining." he laughed to himself. I groaned. I held my towel in place so it wouldnt fall. " did you get in my house?" I asked. "I climbed through your balcony." he said calmy. "Well get out. Now." i said demandingly. "I wish i could do that....but i cant." He said as he sat down on my bed. "And why not...?" "Because your two little friends told me to take ...
  • Sebastien's Bowl...What a Discovery! Max scooched all of the way overto Sebastien's bowl. He loves to play with it and make noise. Can't wait till he discovers that water bowl. Ugh!
  • Creating Abstract Art: Design Principles : Creating Abstract Art: Squeezing a Subject By squeezing familiar shapes and figures, abstract artists can come up with new designs. Distort subjects in abstract painting by using the techniques in this free art lesson from an art instructor. Expert: Gretchen Kibbe Bio: Gretchen Kibbe is an artist and part-time faculty member at Appalachian State University. She worked as a scenic artist on the Spike Lee movie School Daze. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Falling Over You A Jonas Love Story Intro Mikayla's POV "Lily, hurry up!" I yelled to my best friend Lily who was still in the bathroom of our hotel room doing who knows what. "Last out the door as always." Riley, my other best friend muttered, shaking his head in disgust. Lily ran out of the bathroom hastily in her cute strapless black party dress with her deadly heels in her hand. Riley swiftly grabbed his iPhone off of the end table next to his bed and threw me my Sidekick along the way. All the while, Lily was doing a last minute double over of her outfit in the full length mirror that stood against the creme colored walls. I scooched myself into the mirror so I could check my own reflection. I touseled with the loose hairs that fell around my ears and patted my messy ponytail down once more, spraying it with Pantene for the last time for the the night. "Cute dress." Lily noted, eyeing my black strapless dress, not daring to reveal any cleavage whatsoever with its cute and innocent heart shaped top. The short, but not slutty bottom was a sky blue color that seemed to contrast nicely with my dark, reddish tinted brown hair that decided to be difficult today, forcing me to pull it into a messy curly pony tail. "This is why I hate having two girls as my best friends. You take an ETERNITY to get ready!" Lily and I giggled as we slid into our shoes. I grabbed the card to the room and we all trailed out of the room, Lily last as predicted. We walked into the lobby, all three of us hand in hand. Riley in the middle ...
  • Trust In Me ep.6.wmv Ah i finally got on:). hope i didnt lose any suscribers:/ my comp crashed and im on my friends:) commentt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Taylor let me down!" I yelled. "No thanks" He said leading me to my room. He layed me on my bed and before i could say anything he pressed is lips to mine. I couldnt resist but i pulled away and looked at him. "Im just finishing what we started" He smirked kissing me again. But when he said those words i couldnt help but think he was talking about that night...though i knew he meant what happend in the car. god i got to forget the past. I felt his tounge enter my mouth. His hands went under my dress and pulled it off. I forgot where i stood and let him. I ripped off his shirt and touched his beautiful abs. He shivered and kissed me hungrily. He took off his pants. He was about to take off my bra when i stopped him. "No....taylor stop" I siad exhausted already. "Come on selly" He whispered to me and kissed my bare stomach. It sent tingles down my spine and he tried to unhook my bra. "Please taylor, i really dont want you to do this" I stared at him intensly. He looked back and nodded. He got up quickly, not bothering to get dressed. "I'll be down on the couch" He said coldly and left. I got up and put on my nightgown. Was he honestly that upset because i didnt let him have *** with me? boys are soo complicated. I sighed going downstairs. He ...
  • Justin Bieber Love Story *~Unexpected #66~* M arathon :: [2/8] Justin's POV ;; There.She.Was. All I could do at the moment is stare back at her beautiful figure that was few steps away. She was laying down on her puffy bed, her body curled up into a little, tiny ball that tempted me to go and wrap my arms around her. I gulped, felt like tears coming out of my eyes, -for some reason-, but only the happy ones I would welcome. She turned her head around and saw me standing there, frozen like a statue, as another tear rolled down her pale cheek. Ronnie: ''J-Justin?'' She stuttered as she rapidly wiped away the salty droplets of her's, that landed swiftly on the bed sheets. She hopped herself up and brang her knees close to her chin as she flashed her eyes away from me, making my eyebrows furrow together into one straight line, making me guess to myself what have I done wrong now? Justin: ''Ronnie,'' I whispered while I felt my eyes being soaked in tears. I started walking towards her until I finally reached her bed. I sat down cautiously and just starred at her overcrowded, blue eyes that didn't even bother look up at mine. ''Ronnie, talk to me.'' I said while I placed my hands onto her knees, feeling a single tear shed down my cheek. Ronnie: ''Why are you here?'' She whispered huskily while she looked up at me for the final. Justin: ''Why am I here?!'' I smirked feignedly. ''You're the reason why I'm here.'' I said while I scooched myself closer to her, making her flinch. ''Why are you crying, baby?'' I said while I ...
  • *My Love* A Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 4 Heres Chapter 4 :) Comment and Enjoy Justin's POV: Lauren just made fun of my security thing that my mom put up for my safety. I loved how she was so confident. It was only 10 pm at the moment " wanna watch a movie?" I asked her as she was scanning my house, she looked over to me and nodded "sure why not" she said I walked into the living room and went over to my DVDs "what cha wanna watch?" I asked her as she sat down on the couch "I don't care" she said as she sat back on the couch and did pretzel style. "wanna watch cloverfeild?" I asked her "what's it about?" she said "it's about these people having a party and then like this alien comes and it's huge and like it let's out these eggs that turn into tiny little aliens and if the little ones bite you, the army has to like kill you and stuff, it's a pretty good movie" I told her explaining the movie but not enough to give anything away. " okay sure" I forced the DVD into the blueray player and went to go sit next to her I took out my phone and put it on the coffee table. The root menu came up and I pressed play. "wanna blanket?" I asked her "umm sure" she said back I grabbed a blanket from the other couch chair and handed it to her "thanks" she said and then wrapped it around her petite body. As the movIe went on it started getting a little bit freakier and Lauren scooched over closer to me inch by inch hoping I would notice but I was noticing. Then this really freaky part came on and she wasn't going inch by inch no ...
  • Love Triangle (60) - jb love story Previously on Love Triangle: Alex's mom(Cindy) is dating Justin's dad(Jeremy). Alex gives Justin his "pay back" at the dinner table. - Chapter 60: Justin: "I'm fine..." I replied to her while eyeing her. She smirked as she moved her petite fingers to my belt buckle. MY BELT BUCKLE?! For real. I bit my lip and held in my breath as she undid my freaking pants. Before she got any farther and before I got hard at the dinner table I scooched away from her and did up my pants. "Uh, I have to go to the washroom." I got to the washroom and I had to clear my mind from Alex practically seducing me at the dinner table in a restaurant. Dang she was good. I dialed Ryan's digits. Ryan: "Hh-hello" Justin: He repsonded after the third ring and sounded a little bit distracted. "Hey whatsup?" Ryan: "N-not much." Justin: "Uh-huh. So listen..." "Ryan! Where's my shirt?" I heard someone say in the background. "Dude... What did I interrupt?" Ryan: "Shut up. Nothing. So you were saying?" Justin: "Right... So get this, I go out for dinner with my dad right and he says he has someone to introduce me too. You'll never guess who he's dating.... ALEX'S MOM!" Ryan: "Wow that's messed man....!" Justin: "Yeah and then get this, in the middle of supper Alex trys getting in my pants!" Ryan: "Hahaha, what's so bad about that?" Justin: "Dude. In a restaurant. At dinner. With our parents." Ryan: "***..." Justin: "Yeah, but I gotta get back. Talk to you later." Ryan: "K, bye Biebs." Justin: "Oh one more ...
  • Natalina Looking Back Ep 10 Disclaimer! All rights go to Nickelodeon, Viacom, Kids house entertainment, and Worldwide biggies! "My Life would suck without you" by Glee Cast. Recap "Nat!" She smiled. Nat smiled. "Welcome my love! I hope you shall find this to your liking!" She smiled and nodded. She could mot believe he did this. So sweet! Rosalina walked onto the roof to see a candle lit dinner for two and even a violin player. The New York City skyline was beautiful and it twinkled along with the bright stars. She smiled and he took her hand. "This is all so sweet!" He gently pulled her in so her hand was on his chest. She could feel his chest muscles along with his heart beating. "I love you Rosalina! And I was wrong to ignore you or anyone else. I was just being stupid and selfish. As every guy has their moments of stupidity! The truth is I want to listen to everything you have to say whenever you want to say it. That being nice or not. Please give me another chance so I can prove that to you." She smiled and hugged his waist. "You had me at 'I love you Rosalina' but the apology was nice too!" He giggled and gently touched her face. "So what do you say? How about we eat this divine meal that I prepared especially for you?" She glanced over at the delicious looking food. "How could I say no?" They laughed and he pulled out a chair for her. "After you..." She smiled and sat down. "Thank you!" They talked and laughed over dinner. "Nat I need to know. Why didn't you tell me to dress up some if you ...
  • A Telena Story Episodes 8 & 9 Telena Episode 8 Taylor's POV Selena was now standing next to Kristen, holding my hand. I squeezed her hand, and she giggled. "Whats up?" Kristen asked Selena. "Oh, nothing. But Tay told me that you guys were... vampires?" Selena asked/said. When she said Tay, i got the chills. I got a nickname. "Well, you're actually not supposed to know, thanks to "tay", but yeah." Kristen answered. Selena let her mouth hang open. I laughed. "How did this..." Selena asked, well, sorta. "I turned into a vampire the day i first met you, and i bit Kristen, and now shes a vampire, so ... yeah." I explained. "Thats why you were acting so weird..." Selena said. "Hey people, can you keep it down?" Some one yelled. We skurried out the door, and into the lobby. "Yeah, Sel. I had a 107.9 fever." I answered. "Oh my Gosh." Selena gasped. "We're not gonna bite you." Kristen said. "How'd you know i was going to ask you that?" Selena asked. "Because you said it." Kristen answered. "No she didnt." I said. "I thought it..." Selena said. "OH MY GOD I CAN READ MINDS!" Kristen exclaimed. "What can i do?!!" I asked. Why can Kristen have a super power, and i didnt! "Well, you were super strong, today..." Selena said, touching my face, and making little kissy noises. "Thank you, Selly. Well, what if i go punch that wall over there, and test it out." i said, and walked over to the wall, and punched it, leaving a big gaping, smoking, hole. "WHOA!" I heard both of the girls gasp. "I think we should get out of ...
  • Jemi in the Real World Ep 14 : "Christmas Eve" Part 9/10 9/10 She giggled "Tempting voice?" "Yes." I pulled away. "So.."--I looked at my watch--"It's dinner time already?" "Oh." She glanced anxiously at my watched. "Yeah. Let's go tell my mom." She quickly dragged me away. "By the way, I want to do some molding, Demi." I muttered while being dragged. She paused and turned to me, "Molding?" I smirked, "Yeah, some unusual stuff that I want to try." She giggled "That's so random, Joe."--She raised one eyebrow and grinned sweetly--"But sure.. We'll do it tomorrow. For now, it's time to eat." Then she continued dragging me towards her mom. ... settings: Living room; Lovato's Residence; Dallas, Texas; Christmas Eve; 11:20pm The night couldn't be more perfect as how it felt at this exact moment. We had so much fun eating together at dinner, like a real whole big Family. Mom, dad, Demi's mom & dad(my second parents), little Frankie and little Madison, Dallas, Selena, My brothers, Danielle(who arrived five minutes later after the dinner started) and I ate in one dining table, with lots of delicious foods, lots of laughters and unforgettable smiles, and lots of shared stories. Such a lovely night with all the poeple I cared and loved. The accurate moment I'd been dreaming of since childhood. And now it turned into reality, I just couldn't be any happier. "What are you thinking?" a very sweet, music toned voice approached my ears, and caught my unconscious grin. I looked down at her beautiful eyes. "Would you like to know, really?" Demi ...
  • Project EM at Summer Intensive Showcase 2010 Performed at Brava Theater! :D OH ME JEEZ these guys are so cool! ^_^ I don't know any of their names (except for 2 people =.=") & I'm not even a part of the Funkbrella but they were super nice :) One of them taught me how to dougie (after I randomly asked him if he knew how 'cause watching the video over & over didn't help me to know what the hell it was) & one of them taught me the beginning piece to the Terminator Dubstep remix! :D Overall, they made my day a happy one & since this happened today, this is the only video I'm putting any effort into uploading :P They're so FREAKEN COOL! ^_^ & one of them let me play Scrabble on their iPad with them :) Ah haah I just scooched on over to the side they were in at the dance studio & started bothering them :P But they didn't seem to mind :D
  • Take a Chance. (A Nick Jonas Love Story) Ch.5 Demi's POV. I held Nick's hands as we walked down the stairs together. "So when are we gonna' tell Kevin & Denise (Mr & Mrs Jonas)?" I asked Nick. "Umm, well as soon as possible, the sooner the better right?" "Yeah i guess your right." "Dont threat it, everythings gonna be okay. They might not be very happy at the beginning but what can they do about it? Its already happened and they feel the same way about abortions as I do." "Okay, I trust you Nick." "You should, because I love you." "And I love you to." I said as he kissed my cheek. "Excuse me, Joe comin' through. Not wanting to see Demi get knocked up again!" Joe said laughing to himself. Nick shot Joe a death glare as I stood there and laughed at Joe. "Okay, okay. To early for jokes?" ... "I guess so." Me and Nick both started laughing, we couldnt help but laugh at Joe's childish self. "Ahh, see I knew I could make you laugh." "Joe you can make anyone laugh." I said smiling. "And don't you forget it!" Joe said moving his index fingers round in a circle like he was shooting a cheesy commercial. A little while later of hanging out and just catching jokes a car pulled up in the driveway. It was Mr & Mrs Jonas' car and me & Nick knew this was the time to tell them. They came in the house and came into the living room. "Hey guys." Said Mrs Jonas. "How are all of you?" Mr Jonas asked. Me & Nick stood up. "Umm Mom, Dad. Me and Demi have soemthing we'd like to tell you." Nick said nervousley as he held my hand. "Go on then ...
  • My Light .8 - - - - - I jerked upward, gasping. I had one of those dreams where you're falling and it feels so real. . . Selena glanced around herself in surprise. She caught sight of the clock and her eyes widened. 4:13am!? Why did she wake up so early? She glanced down at Nick who was sleeping happily, a smile etched on his face. Selena stared at him for a moment before tucking her self under the covers. She scooched her body up against his and wrapped her arms around his neck in a side hug. She leaned her face into his neck and slowly pecked it. She nuzzled her nose against the nape of his neck and he self conciously wrapped his arms around her petite body. Selena smiled, rested her head into his neck again and slowly went back into a deep, dreamless sleep. - - - - - A bright flashing light woke the two of them up late, making each of them jerk upward. They looked up and saw Nick's mom, Denise. "Mom?: Nick asked, wiping the tired out of his eyes. "Shh," She replied. "Just go back to sleep," "What are you doing? Is that a camera!" Nick asked, pointing toward the small camera in his mothers hands. "Well, you two just looked too cute! I had to-!" "Mom!" Nick interuppted, sitting. up. I pulled on his arm, giving him a warnng look. His eyes and voice softened. "Mom, we aren't 5 anymore. You have to stop taking pictures when you find a moment between us 'cute'," Nick said, making quotation marks with his hands when he said the word 'cute'. Denise sighed. "Fine. Just go back to bed," She ...
  • Why to Use Proactive! lol I hate Proactive commertials! (lol That isnt the right spelling) I had this idea for a long time... I finally scooched time away to do this! =D LOL Look at the catagory: EDUCATION! lol This IS kinda education! so... DONT USE PROACTIVE!!!
  • My Rose//Chapter Four*** Hey guys! Please enjoy!(: ---- rosielynn's pov: It was very awkward that night in the tent , with Justin sitting beside me. He was staring at me when I acted like I wasn't looking. " ... I ..." Justin: " so, you know that Caitlin and I are dating now?" he informed me. My heart sank " isn't she, i don't know.. So ... Pretty?" he asked while clenching his teeth. I couldn't tell if he was happy, sad, mad... It was confusing. Justin's pov: Did she not get the signs I was trying to give her a long time ago? I liked her, why doesn't she know that? I ran my fingers through my hair, as I sat up. I guess, I'll just have to give up that dream coming true... I hesitantly grabbed a string of her hair, and pulled it behind her ear gently. I watched as her face warmed up as soon as my fingers met her cheek. Rosielynn's pov: I guess I'll have to embrace the fact the he doesn't like me. I sighed heavily, and unzipped the tent. I spotted Christian, and kissed him gently on his cheek. " hey.." --- caitlins pov: I grabbed him tightly by his hair, and fiercly kissed his lips. He cupped my face. I sat back, ripped off my tshirt, as he slowly took of my shorts. As he slipped of my lacy white underwear I whispered: " you can't tell anyone about this, ok?" Chaz: " got it" he said almost out of breath. He unclipped my matching lacy bra, and rubbed his warm hands on my chest. --- justin's pov: I woke up from my horrible nightmare. I couldn't go back to sleep. I looked to my left, finding rosielynn ...
  • Finding Jenna Parker; Chapter 10 (Series Finale : Part 1/3) 'Finding Jenna Parker' Series Finale - Part 1/3 The following content contains violence, harsh humor, and coarse language. Finding Jenna Parker; Chapter 10- Hailey's POV "You go first." I said, my voice cracking. "What? Why should I go first?" Josh said. "Because! You're the man here. You're also the adult!" "Hailey, I'm older then you by 17 days." Josh said. "Exactly! You admitted it yourself! Now, go!" I whispered, seeing an un-Jenna shadow on the wall in the small underground room. "Uggh," Josh muttered. I barely realized that he was already climbing down the ladder when Josh called my name. "Hailey, someone's down here." Josh whispered. "Ya. I know. Is it Jenna?" I said. "I don't know." Josh said, "I think we should go down at the same time." I have Josh a death glare, but not wanting to stand there and fight about it, I sat down on the edge of the crack. "You're gonna jump down?" Josh asked. "Well I see no other way. You're using the only ladder. It's like 6 feet down I'll be fine." I said. "Well, okay," Josh said. "Ready?" I said. "Ya. Ready. 1." "2." "3." On the third and final count, Josh jumped off of his ladder and I scooched off of the ledge, and we both plummited down into the room ~ Josh's POV "Hailey! Don't try to get up!" I yelled. "It'll just get worse." I glanced over to Hailey, who was lying on some pillows in the back corner of the room, scratches all over her face, bleeding all over the place, and clutching her ankle. ~ 5 MINUTES EARLIER... Hailey's ...
  • *-U Smile / I Smile, Right?-* A Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 28 Epi 3 - marathon!! Enjoyy my luvlies :-] ******************************************************************************** Chapter 28 Justin's Pov: We walked into the alley, out on the streets, found the car and it surprised me that Scooter stood outside. Leaning against the car door. He didn't say much, just opened the door and got in the passengers seat. Looking really mad. Opened the backseat door and Emma got in, looking...scared? I got in as well. «Uhh, hey Scooter. What are you doing here? I thought you were in Atlanta» I asked, carefully. «Saving your ass» He is mad. «Saving me? It's not like I was in any danger.» I replied. «Oh really? Did you not see the crowds of screaming fans running around in the park, looking for you? And don't forget the hundred paparazzies!!» He is furious. «They wouldn't hurt me!» I responded. He turned to glare at me. «Maybe not physically. But what do you think all those paparazzies will do with the pictures of you and Emma holding hands, running from the paprazzies, having a romantic moment in the ferris wheel, paying the guard to controll the ferris wheel as you wish?» «How do you know about that?» Emma asked. Scooter turned to her. «It's called the Internet. And you and Justin here are all over it!» He answered sarcastically. «Ey, no need to be rude man!» I stood up her Emma. Scooter sighed deeply, and turned to Emma. «I'm sorry Emma. I just can't believe how irresponsible you have been Justin» «Sorry for having a life once in a while ...
  • Nowhere to Hide//A Taylor Lautner Love Story//Ch.52 Sorry for the wait. - Rosie The next day. The next thing I saw was a blinding white light.I blinked a few times and then when my eyes adjusted to the light and I looked around to see a white room with horrible blue blinds hanging infront of the long windows.I scooched around in the awfully uncomfortable cloth I now seemed to be wearing and once I did I groaned slightly.I than heard a gasp and someone squeeze on my hand,I looked over to see who it was and saw my mom's tear stained face.''Summer!'' She cried out letting tears fall from her eyes.''Mom'' I crogged trying to prop myself up but simply giving up as tubes and the fact that I just couldn't got in the way.''Summer Rose...I'm so sorry!'' She continued to cry,this is what I wanted to avoid,seeing my mom hurt is something I never wanted to see.The last time I saw her crying like this was when my dad died and it hurt me to see how much pain I had caused her.Tears came to my own eyes as I used my hand to brush her hair,something she had always done to me when i was upset.''Please stop crying..'' I said on the verge of crying myself.''But its all my fault,I let that monster into our house!'' She continued to cry and blubber her words.''You didn't and I should have told you!'' I said finally letting tears from my own eyes.''It doesn't matter! You wouldn't have had to tell me if he hadn't been brought into our lives,into our home!'' My mom insisted and began wiping tears even though they were still falling.''The home you ...
  • Opportunities --15-- Selena's hard fast walk slowly turned to a run. She ran past the busy streets of New York, not sure where she was heading. Her feet lead her to Central Park. She finally stopped her swift steps when she came to a vacant bench. She took a moment to catch her breath and rub her head. It was only then she had realized that her tears have fallen and she was crying. She ran her hand through her hair and sat down on the bench. She rested her elbows on her knees and hit her face in her hands and cried some more. Nick was right, she thought. She hasn't done anything to reach her goal after that night. Nick was wrong about one thing though: she hasn't given up on that dream. But, if she hasn't, what's stopping her? She already had a story printed out, what's stopping her from giving it to a publisher? Was her fear of rejection? Or was it that fact that something had stopped her before... it the effect was so catastrophic that it led Selena scared of everything else the world has to offer. She didn't realize it, but she turned her dream in to just a mere dream. She remembered what one of her High School teachers said when they were learning the difference between and Vision and a Mission. "A Vision without a Mission is a mere dream. A Mission with no Vision is a waist of time and goal-less." Her Vision was to be a writer, a best selling author. But what has she been doing? Nothing. She didn't have a mission to go along with her Vision. She wasn't doing anything. Oh, how you let ...
  • Max scooches TWO. This time it is for real! MAx scooched al the way acroos the livingroom floor. What a champ?
  • Favorite Girl (a justin bieber love story) episode 65 This is the next episode! Story: justin's POV: JEEZ! my mom scared me ***less for a second! i thought i was gonna have to leave on a huge, sell-out tour! my mom has to choose her words more carefully. I went to bed, and woke up to the sound of my phone. i jumped up from bed, only to find out that it was a text. i picked up my phone, and it was from kayley. the text said: "hey justin! sorry if i woke you, i just wanted to say good morning :) xx-kayley" Seriously, kayley is downright adorable in her own way. sometimes, i fell like she's too good for me. (but there was that bathroom incident ;D) anywho, I walked downstairs and saw my mom in the kitchen. i walked over to her and sat at the island. me: "hey mom." pattie: "hey hun, had a good night's sleep?" me: "for the most part, ya...." pattie: "what do you mean by that?" me: "i mean, i have to leave kayley for a WHOLE week. and i really dont want to." pattie: "oh yea, about that...." all of a sudden, my mom had a sly smile on her face. what is this woman up to now? pattie: "so i talked to scooter after you went to bed." me: "ya and?" pattie: "and i told scooter about how you have a girlfriend and...." me: "and?" pattie: "he said it was perfectly fine if you brought kayley along with you on your little tour for a week." me: "woah what? seriously? no way!" my mom chuckled at my surprisement. pattie: "well, ya. i mean, it's almost thanksgiving holiday, so i thought why not?" me: "so kayley CAN come?" pattie: "as long as her ...
  • In Reverse - Justin Bieber Story - 2 -Livvie- I spent HOURS , DAYS just trying to speak to Adam through some stupid journal. But my voice felt bare, vague without any feeling running through its barren cracks. I need an answer. I need it NOW. My hands twitched as I glanced at the expensive pen my mommy always told me not to touch. But I can't find any other pens and it's driving me nuts.... I reached out, pressing my oily fingertips against the polished blue surface. But my hand snapped back as if it were hotter than a stove on high. I growled at my fear and slammed both my fists into the unstable desk. It shook under my hands, wobbling unsteadily on the shaggy carpet. I reached into my hair to find that butterfly pin my father gave me... Daddy... I sighed, reaching for the tip of a worn out paint brush. I chipped the scratchy paint off of the pin and rolled the tip of the paint brush in the remnants. The pink dry paint stuck on. "YES!" i shouted in triumph. I heard my mom's slippers clapping around downstairs. "Sh-t!" I whispered in embarassment (lol) I used the dried up paint to press down letters. 'Lord Livvie, all you needed to do was wait for me' I jumped back in my seat, the legs of my chair scraping against rough carpet. I breathed in and scooched back forward. "Can you hear me, because my pin is going to run out of paint and there's A LOT we need to talk... Adam help me!" I sobbed. 'With?' the ink wrote out. "I'm talking... to a journal... a magical journal... that my dead boyfriend is magically ...
  • Accidently In Love; With A Jonas: Chapter 45 part two! 100 views. a bit graphic!! once again, check out Nickanna4evr1992. she needs characters, message her! shes cool! With Joe and Sophie Sophie's sitting on her bed cuddles up with the Teddy bear Joe gave her months ago. Joe finally got in the room, and he's sitting on the edge of the bed with his hands on his lap. He's been looking down the whole time. Joe's POV "Baby." Sophie:"...." "Oh come on Soph. You have to talk to me, im irresistible." I flashed a smile at her, still not looking up. I heard her laugh a little and finally looked up. She smiled at me and looked back down. I scooched a little closer to her. I grabbed her hand. "Soph. Please? Don't do this to me..." Sophie:"Joe. I love you. So much." "I love you too. That's why I wanna marry you." Sophie:"are you sure it's not because you feel you have to?" "Not at all." I wrapped my arms around her. "Sophie Marie. I love you. And I love our baby. But if you're not ready-" Sophie:"how do you know me so well?" "I don't know, I just do..." Sophie:"I wanna be Mrs. Joe Jonas." I smiled. Sophie:"but I just...I don't know. Do you really think I could be a mom, and a wife?" "I think you'd be the perfect mommy. And the most beautiful, perfect wife there is." She smiled. I smiled back. Sophie:"I love you." "I love you too." I took the ring out again. I kneeled on the floor and she laughed and cried, as if this wasn't real. "Will you be mine??" Sophie:"forever and always." I smiled and kissed her with all my might. I pulled away ...
  • Mixed Up , Matched Up In Hollywood Chapter 23 OH EM ***ING GEE! THE 3D MOVIE WAS AMAZZZZING! And as Joe said some great graphics Oh and for everyone that wants me to post Dont Get Caught , I will. Give me time. But it will be one Sunday probably because ive already written it and it is at my house, and im not at my house. Im in Hamilton. SORRRRY & ENJOYYY and im going to change Kassy to Alex like in Dont Get Caught. =] __________________________________ Alex ignored the voice but it got closer and closer until his face was against the car window. Alexs POV: I jumped practically out of my chair when I heard it. "NICK?" I screamed. He took his face off the window and opened the door "What the heck are you doing?" he asked me "What does it look like?" I grabbed the door and tried to close it but he was to strong and kept it open. "Nick leave me alone" I said finally letting go "No. I want to know why your doing this." "Because you dont believe me, and why should I stay after what you said?" Nick looked down and frowned. I got out of the car and looked at Jade in disgust, "You called him" I yelled She nodded and walked towards me with open arms but I moved back every time she moved forward "No, stay away from me. I thought I could trust you" I slammed the door shut and walked back into the hotel, leaving my stuff in her trunk. When I walked up to the front desk I smiled at the front desk person and left for the elevator. I stood there pushing the button for the 6th floor for what felt like an hour when Nick ran in just ...
  • Summer Love- Chapter 4 Hannahs POV "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP" uhhgg my alarm sounded like a warning for a massive tornado or something! I dont want to get up, even if I get to travel the whole summer with 3 cute boys!! I rolled out of bed and tried to deside what to wear. (i35 ) I walked down to the kitchen and got a glass of milk and sat down at the table. Harold wabbled over to me and sat on my feet. I scooched him off and fed him breakfast. My dad was outside loading the buses. I watched out the window as the Jonas' pulled up, everyone jumped out. My dad waved them toward the house. They came in and saw me in the kitchen so entered. "Hey everybody!" I said trying to sound cheery! "Good morning Hannah." Mr Jonas said with a smile. "Any coffee, milk, breakfast?" I asked everyone. "I'm hungrey, got any cereal?" Frankie asked. Everyone laughed. "I sure do, we have cherrios, fruit loops, and brain flakes.." "eww no bran flakes, could I have fruit loops please!" he asked "You sure can, yeah I think those bran flakes are my grannys, she forgot them the last time she visited..." I giggled. I poured him a bowl and we all sat around the table and talked. Kevin seemed nervous about something, Joe is so outgoing and loud! Nick is quiet and doesnt say much. For Frankie hes all over the place. My dad walked in the house and greeted everyone. "Alright folks, the buses are packed and were ready to roll!" he said. Everyone started to stand up. "Wait!" Kevin said. "What is it dear?" Mrs.Jonas said ...
  • Braidee on the play mat she scooched herself off the mat, but was still playing.
  • Stay; 3 ~Justin's POV~ "And I'm still here!" My mother said. "Ohh. Well, I've got someone with me!" She instantly came running in. "Oh, JASMINE!" She hugged Jasmine, like she hadn't seen her in years. "Welcome back!" Jasmine sat there looking confused...very confused I should say. I grabbed Jasmine's hand and led her up to my room. "I FREAKING LOVEEE THIS BED!" She smiled at me, and jumped on my bed. "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop!" I said laughing. "Sorry!" She stopped jumping but still sat on my bed. I walked over to her and looked in her beautiful eyes, and leaned in... And that's when..... My mother walked in.. "OH MY! I'm sooo sorry!" She said stuttering upon her words. "Oh it's Fine Pattie!" Jasmine smiled. "Oh no. It's not, but Justin, Daniella is waiting on the phone for you!" She quietly closed my door. "UHHHH!" I yelled. "I'll be right back baby!" I kissed her cheek and went downstairs. Honestly, I was still dating Daniella, I'm surprised that Jasmine hasn't asked that yet! I was finally downstairs and answered the phone. "Hey babe!" I said whispering. Phone Convo: "Why are you whispering Justin?" She asked. "My dad is over, and he doesn't want me to have a girlfriend." I lied, best lie I could come up with and turns out she believed me. "Ohhh !! Haha, but do you wanna meet up tomorrow, baby? Cause I have nothing to do.. Yepp." I laughed at the way she said yepp, haha, I love Daniella sooo much, it's just that.. I'm cheating, I need to break up with Jasmine. I NEEED ...

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  • “I was talking with a friend, a first-time parent who has a preschooler and she was lamenting about the most recent troublesome development--now that her child is in a _ big boy bed_ --he is bringing all sorts of his toys into bed with him and”
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