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  • Scalable definition, capable of being scaled: See more. — “Scalable | Define Scalable at ”,
  • Job Openings at Scalable Network Technologies Scalable Network Technologies (SNT) develops simulation and emulation software for predicting the performance of. — “Scalable Network Technologies | employment | job openings”, scalable-
  • Scalable refers to refers to the situation in which the throughput changes roughly in proportion to the change in the number of units of or size of the inputs. Scalability refers to the extent to which some system, component or process is scalable. — “Scalable definition by The Linux Information Project”,
  • scalable in The Century Dictionary, The Century Co., New York, 1911. scalable in Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/scalable" Categories: English words suffixed with -able | English adjectives | Computing. — “scalable - Wiktionary”,
  • This page describes the term scalable and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is scalable? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • STREAM: Scalable Autonomic Streaming Middleware for Real-Time Processing of Massive Flows of Data, Feb 2008 - Jan 2011, STREP. SARC: Scalable Computer Architecture, 2006-2009, FP7 IP. HiPEAC2: High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation, 2008-2010, FP7 NoE. Past Projects. — “ICS: Scalable Systems and Networks”,
  • Scalable Informatics is a privately owned high performance computing solutions company, focusing on delivering pragmatic solutions to your computational and storage needs. Scalable Informatics provides solutions for High Performance Computing users including:. — “High Performance Computing and Storage Solutions | Scalable”,
  • Scalable Manufacturers & Scalable Suppliers Directory - Find a Scalable Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Scalable Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Scalable-Scalable Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • We present a scalable distributed database system SD-SQL Server. The users or the application, manipulate the scalable tables from a client node that is. — “Scalable Distributed Databases Design”,
  • Definition of scalable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of scalable. Pronunciation of scalable. Translations of scalable. scalable synonyms, scalable antonyms. Information about scalable in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “scalable - definition of scalable by the Free Online”,
  • OO software design can be appealing challenge with a good and inexpensive UML modeling tool. MagicDraw UML can do comprehensive UML diagramming, (bitmap) | SVG (scalable) Order Entry Sequence JPEG (bitmap) | SVG (scalable) Fill Order Sequence JPEG (bitmap) | SVG (scalable) Search Phone Sequence. — “UML 2 diagramming, OO software modeling, Source code”,
  • Scalable Web - DevOps - California - About me: This is a blog about what I read and learn about scalable web architectures. — “Scalable Web - Google Profile”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand. — “Scalable - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Scalable The degree to which an algorithm is capable of implementing additional computational resources in such a way as to solve increasingly more. — “Scalable: Information from ”,
  • A system whose performance improves after adding hardware, proportionally to the capacity added, is said to be a scalable system. A scalable online transaction processing system or database management system is one that. — “Scalability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • IT Asset Management and Software License Management, To Reduce Your IT Costs. No other company can compete with the cost reduction opportunities that Scalable provides. — “Software License Management : Reduce IT Costs : Asset”,
  • Scalable Systems core competencies include Business Intelligence, Data Management and Application Outsourcing. Scalable Systems have helped us to save our operational cost drastically by automating our cumbersome manual process and cutting the execution cycle from months to hours. — “Scalable Systems”, scalable-
  • As an SDDS, a scalable table accommodates its growth through the splits of its A scalable view involves a scalable table, always and only through the. — “Scalable Distributed Databases Design”,
  • Encyclopedia article about scalable. Information about scalable in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “scalable definition of scalable in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Scalable Display Provides EasyBlend Compatibility for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D® Software Scalable Display's EasyBlend™ Software Selected to Calibrate Projection Dome for Warfighter Training Simulator. — “edge blending | Scalable Display Technologies”,

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  • Build a Biogas digester (1) The video is published under Vietnam EASE Programme which stands for Enabling Access to Sustainable Energy. This is the product of the project Biogas Market Development implemented by RCEE/CCRD. This biogas digester is the Improved VACVINA model technology.
  • Google I/O 2009 - Building Scalable Geo Applications Google I/O 2009 - Building Scalable Geo Applications Mano Marks, Keith Golden, Jeffrey Sambells -- Contents -- 0:00 intro - Mano Marks 0:50 What it means to be scalable 1:45 Difficulties in serving data 3:20 What Google Offers 4:00 Google Base 7:51 Google App Engine 13:30 Geohashing on GAE 15:08 Geo Model on GAE 19:25 Google Maps Data API - Keith Golden 37:00 We Create demo - Jeffrey Sambells 44:45 Questions -- End -- This talk will show you how to host your geo data on Google, render it with Geo APIs, and make your geo content searchable. We'll be covering App Engine, Google Base, KML, and Search APIs. For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to: /events/io/sessions.html
  • EMC VPLEX - Simple, Scalable vMotion over distance This is a demonstration of EMC VPLEX supporting vMotion over distance use cases. In the demonstration - note that the underlying storage is simultaneously read/writeable on both sides (evidenced by the two Oracle VMs supporting Swingbench workloads accessing the same datastore). For the 100 smaller VMs, each vMotions between the clusters 100km apart only took 2.4 seconds, and like all vMotion operations is totally non-disruptive. This has been tested at much higher scales. EMC VPLEX can scale up to 4 storage engines (8 cluster nodes) on each side - up to thousands of disk devices. vMotion over distance or stretched vSphere ESX Clusters requires the use of technology like EMC VPLEX and the ability to interconnect the datacenter networks, using something like Cisco's Datacenter Interconnect (DCI) family of technologies.
  • Google I/O 2010 - Making smart & scalable Wave robots Google I/O 2010 - Making smart & scalable Wave robots Wave 201 David Byttow, Marcel Prasetya A smart robot must be able to store persistent data. Wave robots can store data in wave structures, like wavelets, datadocs, and annotations, instead of traditional datastores. A scalable robot must perform operations with minimal bandwidth. Wave robots can optimize by selecting the appropriate amount of context, the optimal events, and narrow filters for events. In this talk, we'll share best practices on data storage and scaling. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to
  • RightGrid - RightScale's Scalable Batch Processing Solution with Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2) Cloud computing infrastructures like Amazon EC2 provide a virtually unlimited amount of server resources. Combined with RightScale's batch processing framework, RightGrid, you can create an automated and scalable solution for your batch processing tasks that's more efficient and cost effective. The days of grid computing in large datacenters are over.
  • Google I/O 2009 - ..Scalable, Complex Apps on App Engine Google I/O 2009 - Building Scalable, Complex Apps on App Engine Brett Slatkin Creating relatively simple applications that scale with App Engine can be easy after the initial learning curve. But larger applications with more complex functionality are still hard to get right, especially when you need to scale. This talk will go over more advanced data structures and techniques to use when building complex web applications with Google App Engine, and how to make them scale. For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to: /events/io/sessions.html
  • Real-Time Scalable Motion Planning for Crowds Real-time crowd motion planning requires fast, realistic methods for path planning as well as obstacle avoidance. The difficulty to find a satisfying trade-off between efficiency and believability is particularly challenging, and prior techniques tend to focus on a single approach. In this paper, we present a hybrid architecture to handle the path planning of thousands of pedestrians in real time, while ensuring dynamic collision avoidance. The scalability of our approach allows to interactively create and distribute regions of varied interest, where motion planning is ruled by different algorithms. Practically, regions of high interest are governed by a long-term potential field-based approach, while other zones exploit a graph of the environment and short-term avoidance techniques. Our method also ensures pedestrian motion continuity when switching between motion planning algorithms. Tests and comparisons show that our architecture is able to realistically plan motion for many groups of characters, for a total of several thousands of people in real time, and in varied environments.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2: SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse and Parallel Data Warehouse.wmv Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is a scalable and reliable data warehouse platform for business intelligence (BI). SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse accelerates your data warehouse solution development with new SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise scalable reference architectures for HP, Dell, Bull, EMC, and IBM. Data warehouses built on Fast Track configurations can be fully integrated, symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) "spokes" in a hub-and-spoke architecture. As your data grows to hundreds of terabytes, your Fast Track data warehouse can become part of a scale-out solution on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse, a highly scalable, enterprise-class data warehouse appliance that delivers high performance at a low cost through a massively parallel processing (MPP). Attend this webcast to learn more.
  • Intel Xeon Processor 7500 Series: "Parsimonius Software meets Scalable Servers" Part 1 of 2. Live from Boston, MA Xeon Launch Event, watch as Robert Nagle (Intersystems) talks about how the new Xeon Processor 7500 Series is transforming the Healthcare IT industry. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.
  • Garry's Mod Scalable Tornado Garry's Mod Scalable Tornado hitting a house.
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability: Abstractions for... Google Tech Talks June 23, 2007 ABSTRACT 2007 Google Seattle Conference on Scalability: MapReduce, BigTable, and Other Distributed System Abstractions for Handling Large Datasets Jeff Dean, Google, Inc. Search is one of the most important applications used on the internet, but it also poses some of the most interesting challenges in computer science. Providing high-quality search requires understanding across a wide range of computer science disciplines, from lower-level systems issues like computer architecture and distributed systems to applied areas like information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, and user interface design. In this talk, I'll highlight some of the...
  • Business Intelligence Scalability Selecting a business intelligence platform without considering its scalability can lead to failed BI deployments. This video describes how WebFOCUS BI is designed from the ground up to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and why that matters.
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability 2008: Chapel Google Tech Talks June 14, 2008 ABSTRACT Chapel: Productive Parallel Programming at Scale Chapel is a new programming language being developed by Cray Inc. as part of the DARPA-led High Productivity Computing Systems Program (HPCS). Chapel strives to increase parallel programmability for supercomputer users by raising the level of abstraction compared to current parallel programming models. Language concepts that support this goal include abstractions for globally distributed data aggregates and anonymized task-based parallelism. Since locality is crucial when computing at large scales, Chapel also supports language concepts for reasoning about architectural locality on the target machine, including control over data placement and affinity between tasks and data. In contrast to previous higher-level parallel languages, Chapel is designed to be a "multi-resolution language", in which users can start by writing very abstract code and then incrementally add more detail until they are as close to the machine as that portion of their code requires. Although Chapel was not specifically designed for datacenter-oriented applications, many of its concepts should also be quite suitable for this domain given the importance of distributed data, concurrency, and affinity. In this talk, I will provide an overview of Chapel, explain how it was designed to help the HPC community, and describe its status. I will also attempt to make ties between its concepts and how they might be useful ...
  • crossed Philanthropic Investments Turned into scalable societal Enterprises: What question to ask? leadership of for-profit enterprises with societal contact present ideas to a mock-panel of investors who offer guidance and perspective on each organization's concern exemplary and capacity to advance the social good.Moderator: Jacqueline Khor, Managing Director, influence superior AdvisorsPresenters:Jawad Aslam, CEO, Ansaar Management CompanyKirsten Tobey, Co-founder and COO, change FoodsAnant Kumar, CEO, LifeSpring HospitalsFelipe Vergara, CEO and Founder, Lumni, Inc.Review Panelists:Matt Bannick, Managing Partner, Omidyar NetworkStuart Davidson, Managing Partner, Labrador VenturesGibson Myers, Partner Emeritus, Mayfield FundView the full program on Livestream: And for more information on the planetary Philanthropy Forum visit the organization's site:
  • Cisco CRS-1 Multi-Chassis System: Superior Scalability Protect your core network investment with the highly scalable and reliable Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS-1) Multi-Chassis System with a capacity of 1.2 to 92 Tbps with the use of up to 72 line card shelves and eight fabric shelves all operating as a single system. It is the industry's only carrier routing system offering continuous system operation, unprecedented service flexibility, and system longevity. Powered by Cisco IOS XR Software, it is designed for always-on operation while scaling system capacity up to 92 Tbps. For more on the Cisco Carrier Routing System
  • Scalable Fluid Simulation using Anisotropic Turbulence Particles, SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 We present a novel, scalable turbulence method that uses a realistic energy model and an efficient particle representation that allows for the accurate and robust simulation of small-scale detail. We compute transport of turbulent energy using a complete two-equation k-epsilon model with accurate production terms that allows us to capture anisotropic turbulence effects, which integrate smoothly into the base flow. We only require a very low grid resolution to resolve the underlying base flow. As we offload complexity from the fluid solver to the particle system, we can control the detail of the simulation easily by adjusting the number of particles, without changing the large scale behavior. In addition, no computations are wasted on areas that are not visible. We demonstrate that due to the design of our algorithm it is highly suitable for massively parallel architectures, and is able to generate detailed turbulent simulations with millions of particles at high framerates.
  • IBM Scalable Web Servers (commercial, 1997) 1997 Commercial plays upon the fear of too much success. Many ads of the time portrayed web services as exploding in growth manyfold in mere minutes or hours. This ad is one, stating that it's too late, they can't upgrade the server since it isn't scalable. The only solution is to hide out from the disaster of too much business. This is one of IBM's eBusiness solutions ads. This promo aired during an October 26th, 1997 showing of X-files. This was season premiere week for Fox, although X-Files did not premiere until the week after.
  • Scalable Game Design Middle school students using the AgentSheets computational thinking tool to create games and learn about computer science. These students have never programmed before. The movies shows them in the third lesson (50 minutes each).
  • Micro-Rendering for Scalable, Parallel Final Gathering Recent approaches to global illumination for dynamic scenes achieve interactive frame-rates by using coarse approximations to geometry, lighting, or both, which limits scene complexity and rendering quality. High-quality global illumination renderings of complex scenes are still limited to methods based on ray tracing. While conceptually simple, these techniques are computationally expensive. We present an efficient and scalable method to compute global illumination solutions at interactive rates for complex and dynamic scenes. It is based on parallel final gathering, running entirely on the GPU. At each final gathering location, we perform \emph{micro-rendering}: we traverse and rasterize a hierarchical point-based scene representation into an importance-warped \emph{micro-buffer}, which allows for BRDF importance sampling. The final reflected radiance is computed at each gathering location using the micro-buffers and is then stored in image-space. We can trade quality for speed by reducing the sampling rate of the gathering locations in conjunction with bilateral upsampling. We demonstrate the applicability of our method to interactive global illumination, the simulation of multiple indirect bounces, as well as final gathering from photon maps.
  • Nighttime Story: Learning From Early Success of One Thousand and One Rails Ap... Google Tech Talks July, 17 2008 ABSTRACT Three companies recently collaborated to use DTrace, a powerful open source process introspection tool to find and fix a substantial Rails latency issue. Teams from Joyent and Twitter and DTrace developer Bryan Cantrill from Sun joined forces to spend a day looking in detail at how Ruby processes behave within a Rails production environment. The purpose of the collaboration was to use the dynamic tracing framework to fix a latency issue observed in Twitter. DTrace is one of the components of the open source project OpenSolaris. It is designed for forensic investigation of processes, and as such is perfectly suited for the inspection and monitoring of Ruby processes running Rails applications. During their ***ysis, the joint team discovered that the raising and catching of particular set of exceptions within Rails caused large amounts of CPU time to be consumed generating back-traces hundreds of frames long. Through the detection and removal of these exceptions, the latency of a particular class of Rails request-response cycles was substantially improved. Joyent CTO and co-founder Jason Hoffman is vocal about the benefits of DTrace: We use DTrace all the time in identifying performance issues in our customer's and in our own applications. However, he believes that there is still room for improvement, and that the introspection into Ruby processes that DTrace offers is still not deep enough. Patches for versions 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 of ...
  • Google I/O 2011: Scalable Structured Markup Timothy Jordan Structured markup tells Google and the world what your page is really about. It can help you create a richer experience around content on your site or app while driving greater traffic and engagement. It can also help connect your app with information found on the open web. We'll cover the different types of markup, how Google uses markup, using Webmaster Tools to validate, and automating updates
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability: CARMEN: A Scalable Scienc Google Tech Talks June 14, 2008 ABSTRACT CARMEN is a $9M project building a scalable science cloud. Its focus is on supporting neuroscientists who will use it to store, share and ***yze 100s of TBs of data. Understanding how the brain works is a major scientific challenge which will benefit medicine, biology and computer science. Globally, over 100000 neuroscientists are working on this problem. However, the data that forms the basis for their work is rarely shared even though it is difficult and expensive to produce. The CARMEN project () is addressing these challenges by developing a scalable cloud architecture to enable data sharing, integration, and ***ysis supported by metadata. An expandable range of services are provided in the cloud to extract value from raw and transformed data. This promotes the sharing of ***ysis services as well as data, and allows services to execute close to the data on which they operate. This is essential to avoid having to ship vast quantities (TBs) of data out of the cloud to the user's machine for ***ysis. Internally, the CARMEN cloud is built as a set of Web Services. Through experience of a wide variety of e-scientific projects over the past 8 years, we have identified a core set of generic services that we believe are needed to support science. These services, their scalability issues and novel features are: - Data repository. Most of the primary data is time series signal data. Searching for patterns (such as ...
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability: Lustre File System Google Tech Talks June 23, 2007 ABSTRACT 2007 Google Seattle Conference on Scalability: Lustre File System Speaker: Peter Braam, Cluster File Systems, Inc. Lustre is a scalable open source Linux cluster file system that powers 6 of the top 10 computers in the world. It is resold by HP, SUN, Dell and many other OEM and storage companies, yet produced by a small powerful technology company, Cluster File Systems, Inc. This lecture will explain the Lustre architecture and then focus on how scalability was achieved. We will address many aspects of scalability mostly from the field and some from future requirements, from having 25000 clients in the Red Storm computer to offering exabytes of storage....
  • Portalized Dynamically Scalable Portals Anyone remember that GDC 2005 "The Room" demo by Peter Molyneux? Well, he didn't release the demo. However, given that Portalized is supposed to have the most 1337 portal physics evar, real-time scalable portals were a must. And here they are, in all their glory. Notes: - dual-sided collisions (and thus seeing stuff on both sides of a portal) was disabled: it caused recursion bugs and other things which were not of my top priority to fix. No worries, I'll fix it and include it in the v0.5 release, but I wanted to make this video first. - the portals are dynamically scalable in real-time via C++ or Lua. For example: - this is all shot in the WYSIWYG editor. I'm not showing you any of the v0.5 gameplay ;), I wish to simply showcase the technology. Credits go to Julio Jerez for the awesome free physics engine, and the Ogre3D team for the awesome free and open source rendering engine :D.
  • SABR Scalable Agile Beam Radar The Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR) will be a full performance fire control AESA. SABR will offer all the advantages of an active electronically scanned multi-function array, but at significant cost savings. Designed to support next generation weapons and tactics, the SABR ensures the needed combat advantage over the adversary. More at
  • Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) 100 Megapixel tiled display running SAGE. All images are streamed over 20Gigabit link from remote sites.
  • FOSDEM 2009 Scala - A Scalable Language By Martin Odersky In this talk I'll describe the design principles of the Scala programming language, which has scalability as its primary design objective. Today's software landscape resembles increasingly a tower of Babel: Systems are built using many different languages, combining server-side and client-side languages, scripting and systems programming languages, general and domain specific languages, all glued together with a hefty amount of XML. The advantage of this approach is that each individual language can be tailored to a specific application domain. Its disadvantage is that the necessary amount of cross-language glue can make applications cumbersome to write, deploy, and maintain. An alternative is offered by scalable languages, which can be used for many different applications, ranging from small scripts to very large systems. An important aspect of a scalable language is that it itself is extensible and malleable. It should be possible to define very high-level libraries in it, which act in effect as specialized domain specific languages. The advantages of this approach is that it leads to more regular system designs, gives better static checking, makes applications easier to deploy, and increases their reliability. In this talk I'll describe the design principles of the Scala programming language, which has scalability as its primary design objective. Scala combines lightweight syntax with strong static checking on a Java-compatible platform. It encourages ...
  • The HOTH 2.0 - Best SEO Link Building Service for Agencies & Publishers The HOTH is the first aggressive, scalable, long-term SEO linkbuilding service for Agencies, Publishers and Institutions. It let's you focus on the parts of your business where you create the most value, and relax while we take care of your link-building headache at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Our clients resell The HOTH for 100-700% ROI without blinking an eye. More so, The HOTH is the only link building service that offers enterprise quality, American based support that agencies with picky clients and tight deadlines can depend on. All backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The HOTH currently powers the link building efforts of numerous marketing agencies, publishers and marketers across the world. Industry legend, Eli Aliosi, author of , has called The HOTH "one of the two-best services of its kind" and SEO Maven, Guerilla, co-creator of the Drip Feed Blasts SEO service, has said that with The HOTH delivers double the value of other link building services he's used in the past. We hope that by the end of this video you're convinced that The HOTH is the solution for your linkbuilding needs as well.
  • Supporting Scalable Online Statistical Processing Google Tech Talks April, 28 2008 ABSTRACT Christopher Jermaine - RESEARCH SCIENTIST Query processing for ***ytic, statistical, and exploratory database queries has been an active area of database research and development for nearly two decades. Many experts now consider this problem to be "solved", especially with regard to performance. However, an argument can be made that users and databases have simply reached an uneasy truce with regard to ***ytic processing. If users avoid ad-hoc, exploratory queries that might take days to execute, then of course the database performs just fine. In this talk, I will describe query processing in a database system called DBO that is designed from the ground up to support interactive ***ytic processing. DBO can run database queries from start to finish and produce exact answers in a scalable fashion. However, unlike any existing research or production system, DBO is able to produce statistically meaningful approximate answers at all times throughout query execution. These answers are continuously updated from start to finish, even for "huge" queries requiring arbitrary quantities of temporary secondary storage. Thus, a user can stop execution whenever satisfied with the query accuracy, which may translate to dramatic time savings during exploratory processing. Speaker: Christopher M. Jermaine - Research Scientist Chris Jermaine is an assistant professor in the CISE Department at the University of Florida, where he studies databases ...
  • Edge-blending using Scalable Display's EasyBlend Edge-blending and automatic callibration demo from Scalable Display Technologies
  • Google I/O 2008 - Building Scalable Web Apps with App Engine Building Scalable Web Applications with Google App Engine Brett Slatkin (Google) In this session we'll cover techniques you can use to improve your application's performance when you surpass a simple application size. We'll discuss Python runtime tricks, various types of caching, dynamic module loading, and App Engine Python idioms. We will also cover common strategies for scaling web applications to millions of users.
  • Scalable Internet Architectures - Theo Schlossnagle Theo provides insight into the process of building scalable internet based services.
  • openstack building a free massively scalable cloud computing platform By Soren Hansen A developer's look into Openstack architecture OpenStack is a very new, very popular cloud computing project, backed by Rackspace and NASA. It's all free software (Apache Licensed) and is in production use already. A developer's look into Openstack architecture OpenStack is a very new, very popular cloud computing project, backed by Rackspace and NASA. It's all free software (Apache Licensed) and is in production use already. It's written entirely in Python and uses Twisted, Eventlet, AMQP, SQLAlchemy, WSGI and many other high quality libraries and standards. We'll take a detailed look at the architecture and dive into some of the challenges we've faced building a platform that is supposed to handle millions of gigabytes of data and millions of virtual machines, and how we've dealt with them. There will be time at the end for Q&A about cloud computing in general and Openstack in particular. We'll take a detailed look at the architecture and dive into some of the challenges we've faced building a platform that is supposed to handle millions of gigabytes of data and millions of virtual machines, and how we've dealt with them. There will be time at the end for Q&A about cloud computing in general and Openstack in particular.FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Development European Meeting) is a European event centered around Free and Open Source software development. It is aimed at developers and all interested in the Free and Open Source news in the world. Its goals ...
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability: Lessons In Building... Google Tech Talks June 23, 2007 ABSTRACT 2007 Google Seattle Conference on Scalability: Lessons In Building Scalable Systems Speaker: Reza Behforooz Since launching Google Talk in the summer of 2005, we have integrated the service with two large existing products: Gmail and orkut. Each of these integrations provided unique scalability challenges as we had to handle a sudden big increase in the number of users. Today, Google Talk supports millions of users and handles billions of packets per day. I will discuss several practical lessons and key insights from our experience that can be used for any project. These lessons will cover both engineering and operational areas. Reza Behforooz is a...
  • Scalable Parallel Programming with CUDA on Manycore GPUs February 27, 2008 lecture by John Nickolls for the Stanford University Computer Systems Colloquium (EE 380). John Nickolls from NVIDIA talks about scalable parallel programming with a new language developed by NVIDIA, CUDA. NVIDIA's programming of their graphics processing unit in parallel allows for the dissection of large data sets into smaller sets, each to be handled by separate processors. This significantly increases the performance and handling of processing intensive application. EE 380 | Computer Systems Colloquium: Stanford Computer Systems Laboratory: Stanford Center for Professional Development: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
  • Campfire One: Introducing Google App Engine (pt. 3) Google Tech Lead Kevin Gibbs walks through the Google App Engine stack: 1) scalable serving infrastructure; 2) python runtime and libraries; 3) SDK; 4) web-based admin console; and 5) scalable datastore. For more info on Google App Engine:
  • Building a Scalable Geospatial Database on top of Apache Cassandra This talk will explore the real world technical challenges we overcame at SimpleGeo while building a spatial database on top of Apache Cassandra. Cassandra offers simple decentralized operations, no single point of failure, and near-linear horizontal scalability. But Cassandra fell far short of providing the sort of sophisticated spatial queries we need. Our challenge was to bridge that gap.
  • Scalable Display Technologies Immersive Vista Desktop SDT's DuoVista software projected onto a 180 degree curved screen. The result is an immersive Vista desktop that is absolutely stunning! The display resolution is about 3800 x 1200! No warping and blending boxes needed! All the work is done on the graphics card of a single PC.
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability: Scalable Wikipedia with E Google Tech Talks June 14, 2008 ABSTRACT IGlobal online services at Amazon, eBay, Myspace, YouTube, or Google serve millions of customers with tens of thousands of servers located throughout the world. At this scale, components fail continuously and it is difficult to maintain a consistent state while hiding failures from the application. Peer-to-peer protocols provide availability by replicating services among peers, but they are mostly limited to write-once/read-many data sharing. To extend them beyond the typical file sharing, the support of fast transactions on distributed hash tables (DHTs) is an important yet missing feature. We will present a distributed key/value store based on a DHT that supports consistent writes. Our system comprises three layers: - a DHT layer for scalable, reliable access to replicated data, - a transaction layer to ensure data consistency in the face of concurrent write operations, - an application layer with an extremely high access rate. For the application layer, we selected a distributed, scalable Wiki with full transaction support. We will show that our Wiki outperforms the public Wikipedia in terms of served page requests per second and we will discuss how the development of the distributed code benefited from the use of Erlang. This is joint work of Zuse Institute Berlin and onScale solutions GmbH. Speaker: Thorsten Schuett, Zuse Institute Berlin Thorsten Schütt is a senior researcher with the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) and a co ...
  • Seattle Conference on Scalability: maidsafe: A New Networki Google Tech Talks June 14, 2008 ABSTRACT This paper presents a significant new way of networking and data handling globally. This data centric network is likely to revolutionise the IT industry in a very positive fashion. Index Terms—security, freedom, privacy, DHT, encryption Introduction This paper describes a method of distributing information in a controlled non-owned grid. The main elements of the system are: - anonymous or self authentication - self healing network (perpetual data) - globally distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - self encryption - duplicate prevention (rather than data de-duplication) The Problems Addressed by this Paper - Privacy of network individuals - Anonymity of browsing and using digital resources - Security of data (both retention and theft prevention) Methodology Taking computers and linking them in a way in which everyone benefits and does not necessarily have to pay any price would be seen as not only acceptable but as a significant benefit. To allow people to add data, whatever it may be, and be assured that their data is secure and perpetual for as long as they want it is not possible today with any reality (as we see from the data loss stories so prevalent in the media). We will discuss in particular: - privacy of network individuals - anonymity of browsing and using digital resources - security of data (both retention and theft prevention) By using some of the this space to store authentication records created by the users ...
  • System Shock Gameplay Here's just a little video from the System Shock demo showing off how well it runs in DOSbox these days. There were some videos of System Shock 2 up here and that game is well known to be trivial to get running in Windows XP, but for whatever reason everyone thinks that you need to go through about a million steps to get this sucker working. Surprise surprise, it only takes minimal configuration and a decent PC :)
  • TYR Tactical Modular Scalable Tailorable Armor vest TYR Tactical, a division of Armor Works, describes their new scalable armor vest which can go from a concealable vest for MPs and PSDs to a full-up IOTV for turret gunners on IED alley.

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  • “It's been well over ten years now since the debut of the graphical web browser and we still don't have an easy way to deliver rich typography using HTML/CSS. With CSS we can size, style, color, kern, show, and hide our text but we can't deliver”
    — Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text,

  • “In addition, a scalable graphics format is introduced for icons and themes. implement applications for the scalable UI, developers must take the”
    Scalable UI - Forum Nokia Wiki,

  • “Our aim is to help you get the most out of your online presence, and IT in general. Using a range of open source solutions, we can offer online and offline systems to help in many areas, for businesses and other organisations, large and small. We”
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  • “http://www.scalable-/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1170 .com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1311. http://www.scalable-/boards/viewtopic”
    — Sitemap of QUP Forum Sitemap, scalable-

  • “If you see the Lattest Atlon XP model 1900 (1.6GHz). You can see that Pentium4 is more scalable. See this on each benchmark, take the Pentium4 1500 & Pentium4 1900 score and substract it. then g”
    — P4 more scalable - CPUs - CPU-Components,

  • “Over the last 6 months or so I have reflected back on my trading and have changed my style a good chunk. I have realized that as part of my development to”
    Scalable Trades | SMB Capital - Day Trading Blog,

  • “ -> Michael J. Radwin -> blog -> ApacheCon: Scalable Internet Architectures 2 ApacheCon: Scalable Internet Architectures 2. Apache | November 19,”
    — ApacheCon: Scalable Internet Architectures 2 (Michael J,

  • “Jazkarta Blog. Home. Scalable Plone hosting with Amazon EC2. November 8, 2010. by natea. At of giving a talk about Scalable Plone hosting with Amazon EC2. In”
    Scalable Plone hosting with Amazon EC2 " Jazkarta Blog,

  • “site of Stex bv: a consulting company in software engineering, we support scalable software designs. Our software engineering philosophy is based on the mantra "technology. people. value."; the three main dimensions that need to be carefully”
    Scalable Design Blog,

  • “Scalable Systems, Part 2: Processes. This blog series discusses scalability from three Scalable Systems, Part 3: Technology. This blog series discusses scalability from three”
    — Ibuildings Blog: > Scalable Systems, Part 2: Processes,

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