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  • A Mag-Amp consists of a saturable reactor (a wire-wrapped saturable core) The "MS" series of amorphous saturable cores provides the stable magnetic performance required by Mag-Amp at an excellent price. — “Amorphous Magnetic Products - Toshiba America Electronic”,
  • Saturable definition, capable of being saturated. See more. — “Saturable | Define Saturable at ”,
  • Anyway - this book describes the basics of a little-known-today >component called the saturable reactor. I have read about saturable reactors in various books on transformer design but never found any that gave any insight into their actual design. — “Re: Saturable reactors?”,
  • Acronym Finder: SA stands for Saturable Absorber Byline: yunus05 Combining a saturable absorber and a gain section in a single semiconductor structure could lead to a new. — “SA - Saturable Absorber”,
  • saturable. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search saturable (comparative more saturable, superlative most saturable). — “saturable - Wiktionary”,
  • RefleKron, offering customized semiconductor saturable absorbers for mode-locked and Q-switched lasers A saturable absorber is an optical component with a certain optical loss, which is reduced at high optical intensities. — “Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology - saturable”, rp-
  • saturable absorption ( ′sachrəbəl ab′sörpshən ) ( optics ) A decrease in the absorption coefficient of certain nonlinear materials at high intensities. — “Saturable absorption: Definition from ”,
  • Saturable absorption is a property of materials where the absorption of light decreases with increasing light intensity. The key parameters for a saturable absorber are its wavelength range (where it absorbs), its dynamic response (how fast it recovers), and its saturation intensity and. — “Saturable absorption - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • An optical inverter (10) that uses a saturable absorber (28) to distinguish between a logical one and a logical zero. A low power laser (18) generates an optical beam that is split into a first beam t. — “Saturable absorber based optical inverter - Patent 6035079”,
  • Definition of saturable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of saturable. Pronunciation of saturable. Translations of saturable. saturable synonyms, saturable antonyms. Information about saturable in the free online English dictionary and. — “saturable - definition of saturable by the Free Online”,
  • Saturable Absorbers for Passively Mode Locked Dye Lasers. Saturable Hybridly Mode Locked Dye Lasers. Saturable Absorber Properties. References ©2006 Exciton. — “Exciton: products”,
  • RSAM-1064-25.4s resonant saturable absorber mirror, λ = 1064 nm, modulation depth ΔR = 90 %, low intensity The resonant saturable absorber mirror (RSAM) is a similar device as a saturable absorber mirror (SAM), but has a larger saturable absorption, a smaller bandwidth and a lower saturation fluence. — “Resonant saturable absorber mirror RSAM-1064-25.4s”,
  • A saturable reactor is really in a sense a special type of Saturable reactors are used to control the flow of alternating current in some circuits. — “Hammond X66 Organ interior pictures page 13”,
  • for a saturable absorber is semiconductor material, which was pioneered by Quantum Well (MQW) structure is embedded, which acts as saturable ab. — “Chapter 8 Semiconductor Saturable Absorbers”,
  • Fig. 4: Test circuit to measure the B-H curve of saturable core model. In the circuit, the values of the core parameters are from the inductor design. Fig. 5: The simulated B-H curve from the saturable core model. — “Help for the Simcoupler Use”,
  • Information for the photonics industry, including news, products, and articles on lasers, fiber optics, optical, and diodes. searching for saturable absorber dye. — “”,
  • How to use saturable in a sentence. Example sentences with the word saturable. saturable example sentences. saturable sentence examples. The resonant nonlinearity is modeled by a degenerate three-level system of saturable absorbers in order to allow for a two-dimensional medium polarization. — “Use saturable in a sentence | saturable sentence examples”,
  • Definition of saturable in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is saturable? Meaning of saturable as a legal term. What does saturable mean in law?. — “saturable legal definition of saturable. saturable synonyms”, legal-
  • Definition of saturable from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of saturable. Pronunciation of saturable. Definition of the word saturable. Origin of the word saturable. — “saturable - Definition of saturable at ”,
  • The 2009-2014 World Outlook for Saturable Core Reactors, Voltage Regulating Transformers, and Other Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial General The 2009 Report on Saturable Core Reactors, Voltage Regulating Transformers, and Other Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial. — “: saturable”,

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  • Saturable Reactor First Tests This is my new sophisticated current limiting for my big HV - transformers. It consists of two heavy saturable reactors, which allow an absolutely smooth controll of the current. The maximum power they can process is 20 kVA. It seems to be a good alternative to ballast inductors using mechanical gapped cores, but I still have to check them in real teslacoil operation... Each reactor weights more than 100kg and they can be operated in 230V and 400V mode. For 2-phase 400V operation (for use in my big teslacoil), they allow a stepless regulation of current from 0-50 Amps, and in 230V configuration, the current can be regulated from 0 - 100 Amps. The currentcontrol is done with a DC current of a few Amps, applied to the controll-windings of the reactors, driving them into saturation. The DC current for pushing the reactors comes out of a DC source, which is regulated by a variac. In this video, two 20kV potential transformers are connected in series with the reactors for testing in 230V mode. With 10V / 10 Amps DC I get 20 Amps through the reactors and potential transformers. With other words: With only 100 Watts of DC, I can controll nearly 5000 Watts of AC. With 50 Amps DC, there would be 100 Amps through the PT's, but then they would begin smoking ;-) At the beginning of the video, 230Volts and less then 1 Amp loadcurrent are flowing through the potential transformers on their low voltage side because there is no DC control current flowing, then increasing the DC control ...
  • Big MSGTC - Magnetic spark gap tesla coil Big Spark gap Teslacoil 45cm coil and up to 70cm output without breakout point
  • Alberto Pascual - Morally Diminished Alberto Pascual Morally Diminished , Amazing Records
  • Magnetic Amplifier Magnetic AmplifierA magnetic amplifier is an electromagnetic device for amplifying electrical signals. It controls the saturation degree of a choke by means of small changes of current in the control winding that cause big alterations in the AC winding. A magnetic amplifier consists of a magnetic core and several windings. The magnetic core is built of thin insulated plates made of electric steel. The windings of the magnetic amplifier are situated on the magnetic core. Let's look at the operation principle of the magnetic amplifier in a single-phase E core choke. AC windings 2 and 4 are connected so that the alternating magnetic fluxes (fy and f2) they create in the middle core cancel each other. Winding number 3 is situated on the middle core of the magnetic core. It is connected to a DC power supply and is called the control winding. The AC windings are connected to the consumer's circuit. They are called the operating windings. The DC current in the circuit of the control winding is much weaker than the AC current on the AC windings connected to the consumer's circuit. This is why by using the low power on the control winding (the weak electric signal) we can control the power of the large AC currents in the consumer's circuit (the converted high power signal). Magnetic amplifiers are widely used thanks to the following advantages. They are highly durable and reliable, have a high amplification ratio and are easy to maintain. Magnetic amplifiers have low threshold of ...
  • Singing arc (plasma tweeter) third act!!! A new plasma tweeter, (almost) Hi-Fi and (almost) final version, made of a (very old!!) H15NA50 mosfets half-bridge, drived by a TL494 PWMIC The audio input is the pin 4 (deat time control). The duty-cycle is steady at 50%. Volume and quality are very high, with very low distorsion. Power supply is only at 28 volts @ 1 amp!!! On the video you can see the gate driver transformer, with four wires disconnected: they're the secondaries for the full-bridge (it would be the singing arc fourth act, not tomorrow because I burnt out a lot mosfets and I haven't got others!!!). Enjoy Vivaldi's "Four Season".
  • Flux Gate Magnetometer or Solid state Generator? The output Energy is entirely from the Magnets and does not abide by Faradays Law of Induction, (Faradays Equation predicts 3.45 and output was 8.56 v out). The Flux Gate Magnetometer is by far one of the most interesting devices I have worked on. It takes some understanding on how and why it works. Its a very unusual device that is very much a device of history. This proves moving Magnetic Flux is not as hard as we may think.
  • Biasing Inductor Saturation Displaying the waveform change in my inductor saturation tester as I bias the inductor with an external permanent magnet. Main article here: www.vk2
  • Saturable Reactor 10kVA Test mit Jakobsleiter @ 20kV 500mA Testing of the saturable reactors in 400V mode with 12 of my 20kV potential transformers connected for load. The power in this test is only 10 kVA of possible 20 kVA. The initial current is set to around 16 Amps @ 400V and is rised up to 25 Amps several times with the control-variac on the right. The arcs are very smooth and impressive! Now the reactors are ready for testing in my Medium - Teslacoil with 200BPS Synchronous Spark Gap...
  • UV pulsed laser 355 nm.avi JDSU Nanolaser is composed of a microchip cavity consisting of a layer of Cr+4 YAG saturable absorber embededmonolithically in a YAG:Nd+3 laser crystal pumped with a pulsed laser diode at 808 nm. The output IR pulse at 1062 nm is triplet in 2 BBO non linear crystal to obtain UV pulse at 355 nm. With 500 picosecond and 20 kW peak power at 1000 pps repetition rate. Application : LIDAR,LIBS,Fluorescence, material processing, micro marking MALDI-TOF for Genomics
  • Bifilar pulsed with Saturable Inductors in series
  • Alberto Pascual - Copla saturable - ANT 028
  • Saturable Reactor Desperately needing a random electronic release this weekend, I wound a quick saturable reactor. The cores are high permeability, so they saturate pretty easily. The windings are 30 turns of the brown stuff (saturable winding), on each core. Two cores are stacked and 78 turns of control winding loop around them (the control winding happens to be screened twisted pair, so i get three for one = 234 turns once connected in series). By connecting the windings opposite in series, no AC is induced in the control winding. AC bias is supplied by a single transistor chopper, driven by a function generator. Control winding is driven by a variable current source, which in turn connects to my laptop. Sound isn't too bad, considering it's basically class A. Some day I may have to make a subwoofer amplifier this way. It's great for bass.

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  • “Topic: Magnetic Amplifiers & Saturable Reactors. Author. Post. xylstra Magnetic Amplifiers & Saturable Reactors Does anyone have any unwanted technical design”
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  • “Osborne Transformer is a market leader in the design and manufacture of custom transformers, inductors, and specialty electromagnetic components. Osborne products are designed into world class applications”
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  • “Purchase Generic Methotrexate Online | Cheapest Buy Methotrexate Online Although dramatically all of these 5mg methotrexate abnormalities may occur, if they do stay they may interference saturable attention”
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  • “I need a supplier of saturable absorber dye for an old mode-locked 1064 Nd:YAG ophthalmic ( Alternatively, a glass saturable absorber to replace the dye cell”
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  • “I am brainstorming ways to ballast my pig and i think a saturable reactor will work best. the same inductance that the saturable reactor has when saturated”
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  • “This post originally appeared on Jim's Cleo Blog and is reproduced with permission from its author. the typical SA of choice is a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror, SESAM, (a real SA relying on material”
    — Cutting-edge and Future Saturable Absorbers,

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