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  • Definition of sarcastic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of sarcastic. Pronunciation of sarcastic. Definition of the word sarcastic. Origin of the word sarcastic. — “sarcastic - Definition of sarcastic at ”,
  • an adjective, describing a type of humor. People who are sarcastic usually annoy the hell out of everyone who cant get their jokes. They also piss. — “Urban Dictionary: sarcastic”,
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  • sarcastic adj. Expressing or marked by sarcasm. Given to using sarcasm. [ SARC(ASM) + -astic , as in ENTHUSIASTIC .] sarcastically sarcas ' tically Sarcastic suggests sharp taunting and ridicule that wounds: "a deserved reputation for sarcastic, acerbic and uninhibited polemics" (Burke Marshall). — “sarcastic: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Sarcasm is a wry form of humor. If you are a sarcasm lover and enjoy this particularly biting form of humor, then these sarcastic sayings about life are a must read! Sarcastic Sayings About Life. — “Sarcastic Sayings About Life”,
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  • But other research shows that there are many ways that real speakers signal sarcastic intentions. "Only people can be sarcastic, whereas situations are ironic", notes Diana Boxer, 2002. — “Sarcasm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for sarcastic in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “sarcastic - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
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  • sarcastic, ironic, sardonic, satirical, caustic. CORE MEANING: used to describe remarks that are designed to hurt or mock. sarcastic characterized by words that mean the opposite of what they seem to say and are intended to mock or deride; She cared little for his sarcastic jokes. — “sarcastic definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Deal With a Sarcastic Person. There are sarcastic people in the world, and try as you might, you can't do a thing about it unless it is someone you care about and want to help. — “How to Deal With a Sarcastic Person - wikiHow”,
  • "sarcastic" in Unabridged, v1.0.1, Lexico Publishing Group, 2006. "sarcastic" in Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary © Cambridge University Press 2007. — “sarcastic - Wiktionary”,
  • Sarcastic. Learn about Sarcastic on . Get information and videos on Sarcastic including articles on sarcasm, cynical, wit and more!. — “Sarcastic | Answerbag”,
  • Sarcastic definition, of, pertaining to, or characterized by sarcasm: See more. — “Sarcastic | Define Sarcastic at ”,
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  • "He makes sarcastic comments because he has to call attention to himself all the time. Some people are insecure because they haven't established themselves yet." —Anne Marie Cruz, ESPN, 18 Feb. 2002. — “Sarcastic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • Second Life - Sarcastic Gamer This video is not JUST about Second Life. It's about all those paid avatar games, where you pay for fake stuff. My Xbox live gamer tag - Tiannam AIM- Cheeb Halo Myspace- /tiannams This second life parody by done by Doc Adams. Video made by Tiannam (David Huckvale) -LYRICS- I sit alone in my bathrobe Trying to build a better second life They've got a big old world that I can roam Hell the even let me fly Paid some cash to Linden Lab. Bought a house it's really fab Even, even met an awesome chick I tried to meet her in real life She says she can't, she's got a wife Oh my god I've fallen for a guy named rick Oh this second life Look what stupid crap I've made I wonder why, only my avatar gets laid I should go meet friends or see a play But when the sun comes up tomorrow Here I'll be, Oh here I'll be A real girl friend would be so cool But here I've got a great big pool Oh you've got to come see this When I'm online I'm never sad And if somebody makes me mad I just attack them with a Penis Oh this second life Look what stupid crap I've made I wonder why, only my avatar gets laid I should go meet friends or see a play But when the sun comes up tomorrow Here I'll be, Oh here I'll be I love you too... Rick.
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  • 7 Things to Hate About Me Next time you're just not that into them, try this. Q's! 1. What is the WORST first date you've ever been on? 2. What are some different ways you've let someone down?
  • Harvey Sarcastic Disco video Footage from the last HarveySarcasticDisco party, the "Black *** Edition", September 6, 2008. Video shot and edited by Peter Briggs from Lovebreak. Please visit for more info on upcoming events.
  • How to be sarcastic. The first actor is BRIANERS TO THE FRYING PAN. 2nd actor is Dr.Titties. 3rd actor is Dusy face. The camera holder was ISAAC TO THE PISAAC !
  • Piper the Sarcastic Hope u like
  • Harry Redknapp sarcastic to Journalist After conceding a horrible last second equalising penalty to Leeds, Tottenham are now forced to play an FA Cup replay at Elland Road which is really what Harry didn't want.
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  • Sarcastic - Perfect Isolation A beautiful song from a long gone portuguese band.
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  • Crysis Funny AI Try cheap game servers at:
  • Sarcastic Clapping family Sarcastic Clapping Family of Southhampton
  • Sarcasm at its best, or worst. Oh I know how David feels. I myself have had instances where I forgot to turn down my sarcastic sense of humor and have actually hurt someone's feelings.
  • How to get a guy! 'sarcastic' i had to put sarcastic in the title. hehe. sorry. but yeah, this is a joke, i didnt mean to offend anybody. i was just hyper. cannot blame me. i dont even know why i was that hyper. but yeah. thanks for 2000. there will be a video up soon. to celebrate it! but meanwhile enjoy a vlog. comment because i random commenter gets a shoutout on my twitter. links: the twitter. the formspring: and the dailybooth: peace,
  • *** Drive, sarcastic amish guy compilation funniest guy in the movie...enjoy
  • Pakistani Politicians and Musicians Umer Sharif Sarcastic Pakistani Politicians and Musicians
  • PAX 2010: Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 An interview from DogsDieInHotCars about The Force Unleashed 2
  • Ross's Sarcastic Story Ross and Rachel lock themselves out of their apartment while there baby(Emma) is still inside.
  • Sophie Webster - Funny, Witty & Sarcastic (part 1) mainly scenes from 2009, but more to come =) just somethin I chucked together... I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.
  • Sarcastic Gamer- Bad Game The boys at have made another parody song.
  • Hoops & Yoyo - Sarcastic Wednesday Rotoscoping with Adobe AE I am partially colorblind, excuse for the color
  • Sepultura - Sarcastic Existence From the 1989 album Beneath the Remains Gerne: Thrash Metal Lyrics: Humidity could be felt on the walls Touched with the palm and used to scare They used to sweat, They used to stink Everything swamped and hot But in the corner, Laying on a bed A cold piece, Made to stay alive Trapped within its body It could not think anymore Thoughts of times of sanity The world was isolated Where the sun would salute him And the night was violent Fear and Guilt Invade the corners of the room Pain was felt constantlyThey keep on destroying It could be seen through the window The eye of disgust and scorn When you hear the laugh of a madman That's about to die To suffer alone in disgrace His hate is his own Always hating being alive Sarcastic Existence
  • Sarcastic Kid - True Love Part 1
  • A Sarcastic View of Pattern Flying Why is it that student pilots are being taught to fly traffic patterns that would be too large for even a Boeing 777? AVweb's Paul Bertorelli explores the question in this not-so-gentle but humorous video. Viewer discretion advised.
  • Rob Newman - Sarcastic Ray Rob Newman read English at Cambridge University. He began his comedy career as an impressionist in the late 1980s before gaining fame appearing alongside David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt in the BBC radio and TV programme “The Mary Whitehouse Experience”. With “The Mary Whitehouse Experience”, Newman and Baddiel had become unlikely pin-ups as, in the early 1990s, comedy was being feted as 'the new rock and roll', leading to their own series, Newman and Baddiel in Pieces in 1993.
  • Dilbert: Sarcastic Cat and Coffee Machine Video by Scott Adams Dilbert endures an agency pitch and Wally takes a coffee machine. In Sarcastic Cat, The Designer says, This cat will say something. Then this other cat will say, Yeah, Right. Its like sarcasm. The Boss laughs, HA HA HA! Dilbert says, This explains so much. In Coffee Machine, The Lawyer says, Youre accused of stealing a computer. Well reduce the charge to Lewd conduct with Appliances if youll plead guilty. Dilbert says, That sounds fair. People will understand its just a plea bargain. Wally asks, Would you like a minute alone with Mr. Coffee?
  • Sarcastic Kid - Straight Up Hoe
  • Ajay flirting with sarcastic Kajol - U Me Aur Hum Bollywood.. Anytime, Anywhere!
  • I'm Not Sarcastic Or Anything. Yeah, this isn't like a video or anything. Nah jpmetz isn't in this. This isn't her channel link or anything: Nah I don't have twitter: Or a facebook: Or a MySpace:
  • Sarcastic Fringeheads : Channel Islands : UGENA The Sarcastic Fringehead is a ferocious fish which has a large mouth and aggressive territorial behavior. When two fringeheads have a territorial battle, they wrestle by pressing their huge mouths against each other, as if they were kissing. This allows them to determine which is the larger fish and so dominance is established. Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary http | | http Filmed and Edited by Jeff Litton All images copyright © Jeff Litton, 2009
  • Sarcastic - Chameleon Sarcastic was a great GOTHIC METAL band from Portugal. Hope u like it.
  • E3 2009: Homefront A quick chat with the folks from Kaos about their upcoming game Homefront, a FPS that seems like it might be going up against MAG. Maybe
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  • SARCASTIC - Unreal Live @ Seixal, Portugal 1999 07/10/1999 Largo 1º de Maio, Seixal, Portugal
  • Hoops & Yoyo Sarcastic Wednesday Bring your sarcasm!
  • Captain Sarcastic Director: Peter Peake Client: Unilever Agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge, London
  • Report - 70 Percent Of All Praise Sarcastic Is that compliment real or not? A new report tells you how to know the difference. More coverage at:
  • Andy Murray on Jonathan Ross - Part 1 of 2 Andy Murray on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross which aired on Friday, 6th June 2008. This is the second version of part 1 as the original got muted due to a copyright claim. This version doesn't have the song at the start so it should hopefully be fine.

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