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  • Definition of saprobiological in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of saprobiological. Pronunciation of saprobiological. Translations of saprobiological. saprobiological synonyms, saprobiological antonyms. Information about saprobiological in the. — “saprobiological - definition of saprobiological by the Free”,
  • Trophic and Saprobiological Characterization of the Shatsk Lakes Saprobiological Characterization of Water Quality in the Sasyk Reservoir Based on the ***ysis of Macrozoobenthos. — “Hydrobiological Journal '1999, volume 35, issue 1”,
  • The results on the elaborated hydrochemical and saprobiological water examination of the Sister River are The results on the elaborated hydrochemical and saprobiological water examination of the Sister River are. — “klin moscow region: Topics by ”,
  • English Translation for saprobity - German-English Dictionary saprobiological. saprobity. saproby system. saprodontia. saprogenic. saprolite. sapropel. saprophage. saprophages. saprophagous. saprophile. — “ | saprobity | English Dictionary”,
  • 42. saprobiological. 43. saprobiologist. 44. saprobiology. 45. saprobiont. 46. saprobiontic Click Common words and phrases only above! Learn more about wildcard features. Show only matches that are related to this concept:. — “Words that match the pattern "sapr*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • This work has resulted in accumulation of data and publications on hydrological, hydrochemical and saprobiological investigations of the status and changes in various open waters. Estimation of Saprobiological water quality in carp ponds of SR Croatia. — “European inland fisheries advisory commission commission”,
  • ( 1994): Phytoplankton community and saprobiological characteristics of Lake Ludas during the Spring season. This paper deals with the results on examinations of phytoplankton community and saprobiological characteristics of the Lake Ludas, during the period from March to May. — “Tiscia”,
  • The contents of zooplankton of the Tungabhadra river, near Harihar, Karanataka and the saprobiological ***ysis of water quality The zooplankton community ***ysis and saprobiological characteristics of the Tungabhadra River using. — “Suresh et al. The contents of zooplankton of the Tungabhadra”,
  • Saprobiological investigation using plankton is a part of everyday monitoring practice for problems and questions we examined saprobiological and the chemical results, describing water. — “Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies Vol. ***III, No. 2”,
  • Saprobiological. testing based on rotifera showed that the water was oligo- β.mesosaprobic. Saprobiological ***ysis. was done by using standard Pantle-Buck method (Pantle-Buck, 1955) based on qualitative and relative. — “Assessment of the water quality and trends at the Drini”,
  • Saprobiological ***ysis of water of the river Krivaja. Author: M. Cikotić Journal: Medicinski Glasnik Year: DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals, 2010, Lund University Libraries, Head Office. — “Directory of open access journals”,
  • Saprobiological terms characterizing different levels of saprobity were employed to characterize inflowing in a plate together with saprobiological information for each species. — “Water Science & Technology 44:11-12 (2001) 211-214 - J”,
  • Saprobiological definition, the branch of ecology that studies decaying organic matter or environments, esp. saprophytes that derive nourishment in this way. See more. — “Saprobiological | Define Saprobiological at ”,
  • Zoozönologische und Saprobiologische Beiträge zu einer Allgemeinen Regionalen Bachtypologie / Zoocoenological and Saprobiological Contributions Towards a General Regional Typology of Brooks, Ulrich Braukmann, NHBS Environment Bookstore. — “NHBS - Zoozönologische und Saprobiologische Beiträge zu einer”,
  • Non-glaciated Crystalline Alps, Saprobiological Basic Condition = 1,25 Non-glaciated Crystalline Alps, Saprobiological Basic Condition = 1,75. — “List of Annexes”,
  • The saprobiological quality of small rivers in the Daugava basin indicates a significant Similar to the Daugava basin, the saprobiological quality of the Lielupe basin indicates. — “Environmental Indicators in Latvia 2002”,
  • Saprobiological characteristics of ecological state of Yalpug lake-liman by organisms of makrozoobenthos. The saprobiological value of certain elements of lotic biocenoses as indicators under. — “Pomology: Top > Research > Chapter 26501”,
  • We used the combined method of assessment since the overall assessment of quality is made on the basis of basic physical and chemical ***yses, ***yses of heavy metals (Hg, Zn, Cr, Pb, Cd, Ni, Cu), organic micropollutants, microbiological and saprobiological ***yses (saprobic index). — “ARSO | KOS”,
  • S. Georgiev: Saprobiological state of the River Vardar. 10. determination of the relative Janeva, J. I. (1989): Changes in the saprobiological state of the Tscherna river. — “SAPROBIOLOGICAL STATE OF THE RIVER VARDAR–UPPER PART/1987”,

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