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  • Besides, early Christianity shared apocalyptic currents with the Zealots and with the Essenes apocalyptic messianic expectation; from Hellenistic Judaism it adopted a more extended, sapientially oriented body of Scripture capable of fostering intercultural relations. — “The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the”,
  • Find definitions Find translations Search all dictionaries. Words and phrases matching 51. sapiential book. 52. sapiential books. 53. sapiential eschatology. 54. sapientially. — “Words that match the pattern "sapi*" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Was Jesus an apocalyptic prophet? Meaning, did He believe the end of the world would happen soon after His death? Or did He know that the world would survive another 2007 years? or not he meant he meant what he said to be taken literally (eschatologically) or figuratively (sapientially). — “The Apocalyptic Jesus - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • From the beginning Christian writers regarded themselves as the inheritors of the Old Testament Scriptures, which, in conformity with the position of Saint Paul in this Epistle and elsewhere looked upon them as so much material to be interpreted spiritually and sapientially (1,1 – 24). — “Saint Paul”,
  • (1b) Thom 6:4-5 = POxy654 6:4-5 (2) 1Q: Luke 12:2 = Matt 10:26 (3) Mark 4:22 = Luke 8:17 (a) Thom 5:2 = POxy654 5:2 /5:1/ Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what. — “JESUS Database | 32: Hidden Made Manifest”,
  • a spirituality of meaning and self cultivation in which a sapientially literate laos engages spiritual questions in a way which is informed by historical-critical and social scientific scholarship and which draws on the contributions of all of humanity's spiritual traditions. — “Seeking Wisdom”,
  • Believing is seeing beyond the sign from National Catholic Reporter provided by Find Articles at BNET In these Gospels, Jesus offers himself as bread: sapientially (the bread of his Word) and sacramentally (the bread of Eucharist). — “Believing is seeing beyond the sign | National Catholic”,
  • Hi Rowland, A recently posted article on the JMM website (http://.au/articles/7107.htm) urges browsers to Complete these proverbs. Since I was 1. It is fruitless to attempt to indoctrinate a superannuated canine with sapientially innovative manoeuvres. — “Complete These Proverbs | John Mark Ministries”, .au
  • Sapientially definition, containing, exhibiting, or affording wisdom; characterized by wisdom. See more. — “Sapientially | Define Sapientially at ”,
  • He was welcomed into the Mystical Body of Christ through Faith and the waters of Holy Baptism on Saturday, May 3rd. Augustine, therefore, has been exsufflated, sapientially salted, exorcized, ephphatha-ed, anointed, and. — “The Wallaces: A Catholic Family: May 2008”,
  • which you can use in few cool ways. including word definition lookup, Sapientially. Sapientious. Sapientize. Sapiently. Sapindaceae. Sapindaceous. Sapindales. — “Free Online English Glossary / Dictionary Database: Word”,
  • The remark has a special significance in the novel, but it can be considered as a free-floating epigram and then we all know what it means. the way in which particular topics were sapientially located before they were undertaken. — “Thomas International”,
  • Definition of sapiential in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sapiential. Pronunciation of sapiential. Translations of sapiential. sapiential synonyms, sapiential antonyms. Information about sapiential in the free online English dictionary and sapientially adv. — “sapiential - definition of sapiential by the Free Online”,
  • Overwatch uninfiltrated, autophytically termagantly neither iliocostal unimpawned either pedicel polydermy until interirrigation Monodize -- Beroida pinky are residentiary supercallosal unlivably sapientially bombed, priorly unfrustratable empurple. — “Petrescence Chilotomy Jungermanniales Tetherball Hendecasemic”,
  • does it really compensate? What I see is a beautiful world, which is sapientially made of differences and contrarities. I see everything is made by reason. — “Life is unfair but God is good? - Yahoo! Answers”,
  • 12 letter words beginning with S: sabermetrics, sabulosities, saburrations sapientially. sapindaceous. saponifiable. saprobically. saprobiology. saprolegnias. sapropelites. saprophagous. saprophytism. sarcenchymes. sarcodinians. sarcomatoses. sarcomatosis. sarcophagous. sarcoplasmic. sardonically. — “12 letter S words : 12 letter words beginning with S”,
  • Dear North Park University, I have to come clean. I cheated on you today. That's right, I have broken that most sacred of commandments and studied in another university's library. It's not you, North Park; it's me. Well actually, it In the meantime I will remain most sapientially yours,. — “Intersections: Letter From an Unfaithful Student to her”,
  • Information about English words derived from Latin and Greek sources and English vocabulary words with etymologies plus explanations. and quizzes sapiently, sapientially. In a sapient manner. sapor. 1. A quality perceptible to the sense of taste; flavor. 2. The quality in a substance that affects. — “sap-, sapi- + (Latin: wise, wisdom, to be wise, to have”,
  • Margaret Avison's final poems includes powerful work that moves effortlessly among several modes of expression and layers of meaning reverence for Avison's sapientially attuned verse, which he describes as drawing heavily upon "the Christian narrative, a detailed familiarity with. — “Review: Listening, by Margaret Avison - The Globe and Mail”,
  • eyes, and that the tree was. desirable to make one wise, she took from its fruit and. ate; and she gave also to her. husband with iii) It is sapientially transforming (desirable to acquire. — “Help! I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!”,
  • Centrul Cultural Interetnic Transilvania - Revista Transilvania or from an archetypal background, feeding the imaginary which in this way is sapientially, morally and aesthetically shaped. — “:. Centrul Cultural Interetnic Transilvania - Revista”,
  • managing the entire value web as a venture, including dozens or thousands of individuals and other organizations into a synergistic whole, each part maintaining its identity and ability to lead sapientially, while contributing to the work of the whole and the other parts. — “what is a management center?”,
  • story, as in Wis 10:15–21 as well as the "sapientially inspired mythical pattern of the exordium" (Attridge, sapientially informed didactic context. The intertwining of sapiential and apocalyptic strands is evident in. — “"Wily, Wise, and Worldly:”, sbl-

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  • Evolvenza - General sapiential speech - Il Discorso ... GENERAL SAPIENTIAL SPEECH - With the sentence "General sapiential speech" the guides mean the truths that the initiates of all the times and religions have c...

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