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  • The Sailplanes are Stacey Hine (guitar/vocals), Tim Webster (guitar/vocals) and Yola Rodowicz (drums) The Sailplanes moved to Berlin shortly afterwards and played a series of shows there. — “Sailplanes Mild Peril EP”,
  • As in real (human piloted) gliders, R/C sailplanes rely on the same mechanism for gaining and keeping altitude: Thermals and slope lift. Some people think that you can just toss a sailplane into the wind and the plane will just rise, like a kite, into the air. — “R/C Sailplanes”,
  • Links to a wide variety of gliding, soaring, sailplane, and motorgliding related resources on the net. — “Thirty Thousand Feet - Soaring”,
  • SSA Promotes Soaring Safety with New Sailplane Tracker List In recognition of its leading role in promoting soaring safety, the SSA has created the SSA Sailplane Tracker List. — “Soaring Society of America”,
  • Supplier to and supporter of RC soaring enthuiasts. Your one stop shopping place for R/C Sailplanes, Electrics, and Accessories. Northeast Sailplane Products brings you the very best in Sailplane and Electric flight. — “Northeast Sailplane Products”,
  • Blanik America - U.S. Distributor for Blanik, LAK-17, Genesis 2 and L13 Vivat Sailplanes Diana Sailplanes - US Distributor for SZD-55 and SZD-56 Diana. Downing Sailplanes - PW-5 B1 dealer for the U.S. - World Class sailplane at an affordable price. Duster Web - Duster BJ-1B Sailplane - by Cam Martin. — “Soaring Links by Paul Remde - Sailplanes”, cumulus-
  • and for sale at Hobby-. Check out our selection of RC Sailplanes, , and. Sailplanes with a motor and prop fly just like an airplane, where the sailplane is taken up to alititude on its own. — “RC Sailplanes - -”, hobby-
  • ICARE, sailplanes. — “Sailplanes”, icare-
  • This distinguishes them from Vintage Sailplanes, defined as any glider out of production since 1958, or a more recently built glider with appearance, performance and construction characteristics similar or comparable to gliders manufactured before 1958. — “Classic Sailplanes”,
  • Definition of sailplanes in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of sailplanes. Pronunciation of sailplanes. Translations of sailplanes. sailplanes synonyms, sailplanes antonyms. Information about sailplanes in the free online English dictionary and. — “sailplanes - definition of sailplanes by the Free Online”,
  • R/C sailplanes can feature several different tail configurations. The conventional tail is recommended for new hobbyists. Most entry-level sailplanes require a radio with only two channels of. — “”,
  • The Sailplane Directory is now being hosted by basis by Activate Media, a London based new media company, on a non-profit basis and as a service for the gliding community. — “Sailplane Directory - Information resource for sailplane”,
  • Silent Flight Specialists selling world class radio control sailplanes and electrics The guys at The Sailplane Shop look forward to bringing you R/C sailplanes that represent outstanding value and exceptional performance. — “::The Sailplane Shop:: radio control sailplanes”,
  • Home > ARF Kit Versions > Main ARF > RC Sailplanes/Gliders. RC Sailplanes/Gliders. A glider is a type of radio-controlled airplane that normally does not have any form of propulsion. They are able to sustain continuous flight by exploiting the lift produced by slopes and thermals. — “RC Sailplanes/Gliders”,
  • Site for owners and pilots of the Standard Cirrus sailplane. — “Standard-Cirrus Sailplanes”,
  • Pilots representing Canada in the 2003 World Gliding Competition. Reports and pictures of previous world championship in South Africa. — “2003 World Gliding Competition in Leszno Poland (Unofficial”,
  • A glider or sailplane is a type of glider aircraft used in the sport of gliding.[1][2] Some gliders, known as motor gliders are used for gliding and soaring as well, but have engines which can, in some cases, be used for take-off or for extending a flight. — “Glider (sailplane) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Shop for Sailplanes. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Sailplanes - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • We have operated gliders since the 1950's when Garland Pack. purchased Army surplus began operations - and have operated from our field in Eagleville for. — “Home”,

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  • foam sailplane a 102" wingspan sailplane made from BluCor foam
  • Lofotuka Storfly / Large scale sailplane Flying big-model-sailplanes in Lofoten Norway
  • Sky Dancing w/ Sailplanes 1-23-2011 - Lake Elsinore. Hang gliding w/ my sailplane buddies and assorted pilots. Germany version:
  • Big RC sailplane, model air plane show Huge RC airmodel plane show in norway. With sweet and fast and good airplanes RC. motor fast and good gas. good movie. RC airplanes with speed. and speedness.
  • With paraglider above the sailplanes february 17 2007 was my best flying day in my short paragliding life. Between sailplanes, high and far from problems..
  • Ka-8 1/3 scale RC Sailplane Rendez-vous flight of Ka-8 1/3 scale RC Sailplanes. This Model is ableble at [Thermal Studio] kochi-city,KOCHI JAPAN. Many other videos are here!
  • Canterbury Sailplanes Eaglet Launch The all EPP Canterbury Sailplane Eaglet hand launch.
  • Front Electric Sustainer system for sailplanes First flight with new "Front Electric Sustainer system" FES, you can find more info about FES on www.front-electric-
  • Aeromaster Sailplanes FPV this one is a aeromaster sailplane by aeronaut...big wingspan 100" and has a axi motor for unbelieveble goes almost vertical forever...I am just getting use to it..I will be putting a better camera on it - it's a cheap china one on this flight ...have a beeter fpv setup but that will be later. this vid is about a year old..just starting to put stuff up on the "tube"..
  • Sailplane aerobatics (ASK-21) I often see glider aerobatics from the inside, but thats the first one i see recorded (usually its someone on the ground)...
  • Great Planes Fling Sailplane 2 Meter ARF The Fling 2-Meter ARF is the sailplane you've been waiting for! It has the simplicity and stability of a 2-channel trainer, the performance of a high-end kit and the affordability and assembly ease that all Fling sailplanes offer. Start assembly in the morning, and you can be riding thermals in the afternoon!
  • Minimoa & Ka-8 1/3 RC scale sail planes RC 1/3 scale sail planes are available at [Thermal Studio] Kochi,Japan
  • Scale Sailplane models Aerotow This is my video of model Aerotowing. 40 tows per day - 2 l of fuel used! I wuld like to thank our tow master Marko for the used fuel and his time! Hope you enjoy it! Bye!
  • Full Scale Sailplanes -Torrey Pines Full-scale sailplanes soar the cliffs of Torrey Pines on a gusty day, April 15 2009. Both winch and auto tow launches are shown. The Blanik L23 unfortunately has since been destroyed in a storm.
  • RC sailplane crash A little collection of some crashes... Me and my brother are crashing our home-made sailplanes. In most of the crashes the planes dont take any damage, but we manage to break them anyway!
  • Great Planes Spirit 100 Sailplane ARF Move up from 2-channel, 2-meter sailplanes to the speed and maneuverability of the Spirit 100! Top-quality, almost ready-to-fly construction minimizes assembly time. Ailerons, flaps, and spoilers increase performance potential — for swift, successful thermal chasing and pinpoint landing precision.
  • First flight in a glider sailplane Amazing experience today flying with Geraldine in a sailplane. Now I want to learn and get my license! We did it at in Napa
  • ka8 sailplane short landing festival yvytu 2008 piloto Max Sarubbi
  • Chris Flying Formation Sail Planes Over Tahoe Sail Plane Formation Flying over Lake Tahoe
  • The Sailplanes - Indifference Live at the first Redheaded Stepchild Records launch night, 13th January 2007. THE SAILPLANES: INDIFFERENCE Filmed by JP, from Amy Blue.
  • electric sailplane great rc sailplanes
  • Alatus self launching sailplane, take off
  • Hitler loves sailplanes.wmv another spoof on some not-so-funny footage.
  • RC Sailplanes. Eauze 2009. Part 1.
  • Slingsby T. 51 Dart Sailplane Interesting "old school" sailplane construction. The Dart was originally designed to Standard Class rules and first flew in 1964, winning the 1965 OSTIV prize at the World Championships at South Cerney, England. This notwithstanding, a disappointing competitive performance led to the development of the 17 m. Open Class Dart 17, which had a wood and metal bonded spar in place of the Dart 15's all wood spar. A retractable main gear was added as an option (Dart 17R), and later production examples have an all metal tailplane. In 1965 Dick Georgeson of New Zealand set a world Out & Return record of 730.6 km./ 453.98 miles in a Dart 15. Slingsby History The company was founded in nearby Scarborough as Slingsby Sailplanes by Frederick Nicholas Slingsby, a furniture manufacturer, World War I aviator and gliding enthusiast. Its first aircraft was a German designed Falke which flew in 1931. In 1934 the company moved to Kirbymoorside. In World War II, Slingsby contributed to the production of military gliders with the Slingsby Hengist. Slingsby's last glider, the Slingsby T.65 Vega, ceased production in 1982. The company is now a subsidiary of Cobham plc. Cobham has 3 main groups of companies; FR Aviation, Aerospace Systems (formerly Flight Refuelling Group) and the Chelton Group of companies (of which Slingsby Aviation is a member). Slingsby designs and manufactures composite structures, ranging from large marine structures, such as submarine rudders, to lightweight helmets for ...
  • flight instruction/sailplanes DG505 flight instruction- Aerotow
  • RC Sailplanes. Eauze 2009. Part 2.
  • Sailplane Akro clips from the film/DVD Redline Sky This clip is an excerpt highlight reel from my 2 hour DVD Redline Sky. Shown are famous airshow pilots Manfred Radius and others. You can find out more about & buy this DVD at
  • Sailplanes at Vista View Jamie launches his Space Pro 3.35 sailplane with the winch. Willy flying his E-Paragon. A paraglider comes by. Then both guys land smoothly. Beautiful day.
  • Paragon Electric Powered RC Sailplane Willy bringing his electric Paragon sailplane in for a landing at Vista View after a 1 hour 4 minute flight on a beautiful afternoon.
  • Sailplane flying Thermal Duration Sailplanes
  • Alpenflieger RC vintage sailplane RC model build by my plans. Outlook of this glider represent shapes of the vintage sailplanes as they look before WW2. It is not a scale sailplane, because it is just a result of my imagination... Model is piloted by my son.
  • Schweizer 1-26: Torrey Pines Scale Sailplane Video shot by Ren Dileo of Premier Pilots
  • How to Pilot a Glider or Sailplane : Competition Glider & Sailplane Flying Learn about competition flying for glider pilots in thisfree flying video. Expert: Gene Franklin Contact: Bio: Gene Franklin is a FAA Certified Glider Flight Instructor, and has logged more than 1000 hours as flight instructor since 1974. SEL experience includes over 4000 glider tows. Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff
  • Vitorlázó repülők / Sailplanes Jakabszállás, 2008. 07. 26-27.
  • Slope Soaring Canterbury Sailplanes EPP Foam Gliders Slope Soaring at Pt Cartwright with 3 EPP slope soarers by Canterbury Sailplanes. Song: To The Light by Newton Faulkner
  • Schweizer 1-26: Torrey Pines Scale Sailplane Video shot by Ren Dileo of Premier Pilots
  • RC Sailplanes With High Definition Air to Air Video Cameras What do you call 5 days of getting to the flying site before dawn, 4 hours of HD air to air video and a full moon and a cloudless sunrise. Priceless! All of this in one beautiful video. I would like to thank my co-pilot Derek for all the hours of flying his Radian in the early morning to make this video prossible. Once you try this you will get hooked, it's the most challenging thing you can do flying RC aircraft. Flimed at Black Starr Canyon, Bob Swenson Field, CA. Enjoy! PlaneVidoeArt Productions
  • Cyclone Sailplane - RC Airplane manufacturer: retailer : model no : S006 Wing Span : 1841 mm(72.5 inch) Length : 1092 mm(43 inch) Wing Area : 426 sq in. Airfoil : Eppler-374 Flying Weight : 907 g(32 oz.) Radio : 2 channel, 2 servo, Wingeron, elevator Flying condition : Slope (Package Included B-25 Soft carrying bag) Kit features : High performance sailplane ARC-Ready-To Cover White Gel-coated Fiberglass fuselage Factory built foam balsa wing Wingeron control Hardware included Size 1084.00X220.00X70.00
  • Blanik L-13 sailplane with spoilers open during takeoff tow From the Association president: That is a pretty amazing video. Lucky for us, the pilot realized the spoilers were deployed and closed them to avert an accident. This is the second time in a month one of our more experienced pilots has taken off with the spoilers open. I know, because one of them was me. I let myself get distracted during the take-off checklist, and instead of starting over (like we do on the 757 I fly), I tried to pick up the checklist from where I thought I had left off. Fortunately for me, I recognized my mistake just prior to the tow plane lifting off. The only thing damaged was my ego. I do not know the particulars of the video incident, but I do know our system broke down on my take-off. Primarily and with full responsibility, I failed to properly complete the take-off checklist. But the tow pilot, the Ground Safety Officer, and the wing runner failed to notice the glider's improper configuration. I am not and will not place blame for my incident on anyone but me, but I challenge each of you to take your duties at the field personally. Make it a point of pride to never have an incident happen on your watch if you can at all help it. Tow pilots, check the configuration of the glider before adding power. If the take-off seems sluggish, check for the spoilers being open. (By the way, what would you do as the glider pilot if the tow plane started fishtailing?) Ground Safety Officer, check the proper configuration of the aircraft. Do not give the take ...

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