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  • Safecracker hints and solutions. — “Safecracker solutions”,
  • Welcome to Safecracker. Your job is to crack all the safes in this house. They are built on logical puzzles and lots of trying, so if you enjoy that you are at the right place. This guide will provide you with lots of information on how to crack. — “Safecracker/Walkthrough - GameWiki”,
  • Shop for Safecracker. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Safecracker - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Check out CCC's in-depth Safecracker review for the Nintendo Wii to find out if this game is worth buying, renting, or if you should avoid it altogether. — “Safecracker Review for Nintendo Wii”,
  • GameStop: Buy Safecracker, Dreamcatcher, Nintendo Wii, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots. — “Safecracker for Nintendo Wii | GameStop”,
  • As an expert Safe Cracker, you are retained by the wealthy family of a recently deceased billionaire to locate the will of their late relative, Duncan W. Adams. Welcome to Safecracker, where you play as one of the top safecrackers in the world, "able to get through any lock. — “Safecracker - Free Game Download”, spintop-
  • Safecracker is a Free Games game available from . You can play Safecracker for free or join Club iWin and get Safecracker at exclusive member pricing!. — “Safecracker - Free Games game at iWin”,
  • SafeCracker is an adventure/puzzle game with challenging puzzles. I started playing SafeCracker with much anticipation, since I am a fan of many other. — “UHS: SafeCracker Review”, uhs-
  • The world's largest adventure game webzine. Reviews, walkthroughs and previews of PC and Console titles. Interviews, articles and news on upcoming releases. The newest screenshots, contests and the Just Adventure Virtual Encyclopedia (JAVE). — “Review: Safecracker”,
  • As an expert safecracker, you are hired by the wealthy family of a recently deceased to search his mansion for his last will and testament. Duncan W. Adams was an avid safe collector and an 'eccentric,' to say the least. Adams has hidden the deed. — “Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure on Steam”,
  • safecracker n. One who breaks into safes in order to steal items from them. safecracking safe ' crack ' ing. — “safecracker: Definition from ”,
  • The Addams Family, Indiana Jones, RoadShow, Diner und The Creature from the Black Lagoon Das wahre Pinballvergnügen !. — “DOC-TOP's Pinball Seite”,
  • Read what all the top critics had to say about Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure for Wii at . — “Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure for Wii Reviews”,
  • Learn about Safecracker on . Find info and videos including: Safecracker FAQs, Safecracker Definition, Wii Safecracker Cheats and much more. — “Safecracker - ”,
  • Free Safecracker Game Download! Download & Play Safecracker Game and try more Adventure Games free at Harmonic Flow!. — “Safecracker Game Download | Harmonic Flow”,
  • Safecracker is an excellent puzzle game with a theme based on cracking a whole slew of Originally released in Europe in 1996, Safecracker was the first production by Daydream. — “Safecracker Review and Walkthrough”,
  • Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure for PC - GameSpot offers reviews, previews, cheats, and more. Count on us for all of the latest on the Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Computer Game. — “Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure for PC - GameSpot”,
  • Pictures, documents, manufacturing data, ratings, comments, features, and history for Midway 'Safe Cracker' pinball machine. Safecracker has a playfield which is noticably narrower and shorter than a standard pinball machine. — “Internet Pinball Machine Database: Midway 'Safe Cracker'”,
  • For the video game, see Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure. "Safe-cracker" In observational attacks, the drill hole allows the safecracker to view the internal state of the combination lock. — “Safe-cracking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of safecracker in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of safecracker. Pronunciation of safecracker. Translations of safecracker. safecracker synonyms, safecracker antonyms. Information about safecracker in the free online English. — “safecracker - definition of safecracker by the Free Online”,
  • Safecracker definition, a person who breaks open safes to rob them. 1930–35, Americanism; safe + cracker. —Related forms. safecracking, noun. Unabridged. Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010. Cite This Source. Link To safecracker. safecracker. noun. a thief who. — “Safecracker | Define Safecracker at ”,

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  • Retro Mac Gaming: Safecracker (1996) by Daydream Software Safecracker by Daydream Software, released in 1996. Makes use of QuickTime Virtual Reality technology. This is just the demo version, only has two safes to crack - one is a code combination, the other is a picture puzzle. As far as I know, this game has no relation to the much newer 2008 game by the same name. I'm not sure where to get the full version - I have looked on eBay, etc but haven't been able to find any copies for sale. If anyone knows please contact me.
  • Safe Cracker Pinball Promo Video This is a promo video for the 1996 Bally Pinball Safe Cracker.
  • Game PlayThrough SafeCracker Part 1 - Into the Mansion, first safe Hey guys, i'm back from the shop and i decided to go with a game called SafeCracker. I like puzzle games like that so yeah sue me. It's blind so yeah don't expect me to solve everything the second i get to it. And sometime i have to do stuff off screen cuz its a lot of try and error, you'll see later on. I dont like all the loading time but except that its a pretty good game for its price. Also i've solve every puzzle you'll encounter so far except the safe where the key is needed. So its useless to explain them to me. Its a great game i suggest you get it if you can find it for less then 20bucks. Part 1 : I crack the first safe and open the door to the main hall. Safe 1 : Rotate the circles so the 2 green dots match together with the green arrows, blue with blue and red with red. Door : inside safe 1 you get a code for the door.
  • Safecracker second safe The second safe in the Ssfecracker game. This looks like a telephone.
  • Safecracker first safe This is the first safe from Safecracker, has colored beads.
  • Robotic Safe Cracker This device can successfully crack a Sergent and Greenleaf 8500 lock by trying the minimum number of physically viable combinations. These locks are classified as "manipulation proof" by their manufacturer. More infomation is available at
  • Phantom Mansion Red Safe Cracker QED's walkthrough.
  • Mr. Terrific: Stanley the Safecracker This is an excerpt from the Mr. Terrific episode "Stanley the Safecracker", which aired on February 20, 1967 and starred Stephen Strimpell as Stanley Beamish (aka Mr. Terrific)!
  • SafeCracker : The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure SafeCraker, a great puzzle adventure game with great graphics.
  • NOLF #056 - Safecracker - Scene 6 Safecracker - Scene 6
  • Safecracker twelth safe Connect the electical flow to open this safe.
  • Game Playthrough SafeCracker Part 6 - Money sign puzzle Watch in HQ when available Part 6 : I look around stuff and decide to do the puzzle with the money sign symbol. Dollar Euro Yen and the other one lol. Also this is probably gonna be the last part i upload since nobody gives a *** about this game. I'll get back to tales of Abyss soon. Hint Money symbol puzzle : There can be only one symbol in each column and each row. So total you should have 4 of each different.
  • SafeCracker: The Awakening Two criminal drifters without sympathy get more than they bargained for after kidnapping and holding for ransom the surrogate mother of a powerful and shady man.
  • Game Playthrough SafeCracker Part 7 - Civil War Safe and the Laser safe Watch in HQ when available. Part 7 : We solve the civil war chest in an odd manner and the laser safe which is pretty ... easy ?
  • Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure - Wii Trailer Win FREE GAMES at ! Get your free account at http YOUTUB is your code to earn 5000 extra points when you join today.
  • Safe Cracker pinball game Some pinball action from the Safe Cracker table.
  • Game Walkthrough SafeCracker Part 10 - 5 safes done in one video Watch in HQ when available. Part 10 : Yup now this is more like it. Solving one puzzle after the other. I know it is REALLY tempting to watch everything, but only use my video if you're REALLY Stuck. It takes out the whole point of the game and you will feel cheap after using my answers. So try to figure them out yourself first. Hints : Panel code (medium difficulty) - Shiny digit Paintings (easy) - photo Elevator (easy) - Try and error, dont touch top or bottom light switches (hard unless you use my hint) - All the fuses must be lite on. Water level (easy) - Try and error
  • Game Walkthrough SafeCracker Part 11 - Green light, LaserDoor, safe on table Watch in HQ when available Part 11 : Do 3 more puzzle. The last one in the basement and 2 more on the second floor. Hints : Green Light (easy - medium) - Try and error, you have to skip one dot and go to the next one. Laser door (medium - hard) - Wires are the answer. Safe on the table (medium) - Look around.
  • Safe Cracker - Dave Richardson A real life safe cracker and his crew open safes for home owners, businesses, and even secret government clients.
  • Safecracker Trailer Safecracker Trailer
  • SAFECRACKER - THE ULTIMATE PUZZLE ADVENTURE (Nintendo DS) Trailer for more info please visit -- Are you ready to challenge yourself and play as an expert safecracker? Experience a unique adventure and find a hidden testament locked somewhere in a multitude of safes. You are hired by the wealthy family of a deceased eccentric billionaire to search for the last will of their late relative. He has hidden the deed to his riches in one of the 35 safes scattered in his imposing mansion. The stakes are high and you will need your experience, wits, deductive and puzzle-solving skills to decipher all the clues discovered within this terrific adventure! Unlock the challenging puzzles left by the late safe collector and earn your paycheck! ============= FEATURES ============= A challenging puzzle adventure game with 35 unique safes to crack Explore 40 lavish and intriguing rooms of an extravagant mansion created in beautiful detail Decipher unexpected clues inside each safe that will help you open the others ultimately leading you to the master safe The ultimate challenge for puzzle enthusiasts and wanna-be safecrackers Evolving game map allows players to navigate easily through the mansion accessing various rooms Easy to hard puzzle difficulty to challenge all types of puzzle enthusiasts Non-linear approach to exploration and safecracking -- for more info please visit
  • Game Playthrough SafeCracker Part 8 - Butting on the 5841 safe Watch in HQ when available Part 8 : Dont worry i already found the answer i dont need any help or anything. Just watch and enjoy or skip ahead if you don't care.
  • NOLF #057 - Safecracker - Scene 7 Safecracker - Scene 7
  • Safe Cracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Review (Wii) Here is my Safe Cracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure review! Enjoy! :)
  • Safecracker - Nintendo DS Gameplay This is a gameplay of Safecracker on Nintendo DS Made for nds- Follow us on Twitter
  • Safecracker InGame Video (Fraps Test/wSound) Safecracker Ingame Video with Sound
  • JMC Safecracker Show ft Sheek Louch and Styles P In The Building with Sasha Solette at the Reveu Bar in London for JMC's Safe Cracker Album Launch Featuring USA Rappers Sheek Louch and Styles P from D-Block
  • Game Walkthrough SafeCracker Part 13 - Sarah, goldkey, mastermind, oldsafe Watch in HQ when available. Part 13 : 4 more chest done. Call Sarah, the safe who need the goldkey, the mastermind one and the old safe on the first floor. Hints : Call Sarah Safe (Very Easy) - With what do you call someone ? Gold key (very easy) - just put the damn key in XD. Mastermind (medium) - Try and error. I think you have to click on the microphone digit first so it activate. Oldsafe (very easy) - Got it on my first try, you have to spell something with the letters but in no particular order.
  • Safecracker (Wii)
  • Safecracker third safe This is the dollar sign "slider" puzzle.
  • Game Playthrough SafeCracker Part 5 - Sliding Puzzle and ... snake eater ? Watch in HQ when available Part 5 - After 2 hours i solve the dollar sign puzzle... its really hard im sorry you just have to try and figure it by yourselves. And i do the space invader/snake eater puzzle Hint : Sliding puzzle : You can see a picture of the dollar sign with the slashes in the menu, that can help you figure out the real design of the safe. Other then that its try and error Snake eater puzzle : You have to move on the darker square. you can "eat" the one next to you or jump over to the next one. Not really complicated once you've figure out how it works.
  • Game Playthrough SafeCracker Part 9 - Solving the 5841 safe Watch in HQ when available Part 9 : not much to say except that i finally found the answer of the puzzle. Its a pretty tricky one. Oh and btw starting next part, this is gonna be a walkthrough (not a playthrough anymore) so i will solve all the puzzle instead of trying to figure them out.
  • Trashcan Sinatras - The Safecracker Live Safecracker Video
  • Game Walkthrough SafeCracker Part 12 - Racing, pool, fountain, magic square Watch in HQ when available Part 12 : We keep moving on 4 more puzzle done in this video Hints : Racing game safe (Easy) : Try and error Pool table (Very Hard) : Use to snooker rules Fountain (Medium, tricky) : step on the tiles around the fountain. Magic square (Hard) : You have to answer 15 everywhere. I suggest you solve them on a paper first
  • Safecracker fifth safe Cryptic code safe
  • Download Safecracker The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Nintendo DS full game for free Download unlimited Nintendo DS Games for FREE @
  • Safecracker fourth safe This is the fourth safe. Soduko style.
  • Game Playthrough SafeCracker Part 4 - Inside the globe, Oyy sliding puzzle Watch in HQ when available Part 4 : I don't do much in this part but i understand how the menu finally works and found a transistor. I also stumble on the sliding safe of eternia. God that one took me time. Hint : Sliding puzzle : You have to make the shape of a dollar sign with a swirly thing around it
  • Game Playthrough SafeCracker Part 3 - Solving the Electro ball Watch in HQ when available Part 3 - I solve to moving magnet ball or whatever its called and get a 4 pin. I find out where it goes but i'm stuck clueless again. Hint : Electro ball : The only working hole is the bottom right one. Make your way to this one and try to figure it out on your own. Took me 15min. SOLUTION FOR THE ELECTRO BALL SO STOP ASKING ME... REALLY ITS ANNOYING Thank you : UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT UP, RIGHT, DOWN.
  • "Safe Cracker" - Pt. 8: My Pinball Collection (Bally / Williams 1996) Here is PART 8 of My Pinball Collection featuring the Bally / Williams hybrid from 1996, Safe Cracker. Many of you have asked to see more pinball videos. So, here is a quick "close-up" of one particular machine in my collection. I hope you enjoy it and look for future installments coming soon. To see Part 7 ("Whirlwind") click below: For information on my current collection (as well as past-games) check out: **It's an OLD website I created, very basic....but, it has a lot of information in it.**

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