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  • Free tool allows teachers to create, edit, and save rubrics online. Offers customizable, subject-based templates as well as access to rubrics created by other teachers. — “RubiStar”, rubistar.4
  • Web 2.O Rubrics. Wiki Rubric Karen Franker's rubric includes criteria for assessing individual and group Wiki contributions. Blog Rubric This rubric by Karen Franker may be used for assessing individual blog entries, including comments on peers' blogs. — “Rubrics for Assessment Online Professional Development - UW”,
  • Learn about Rubrics on . Find info and videos including: How to Create a Rubric, What Is a Diorama Rubric?, How to Build a Computer Rubric and much more. — “Rubrics - ”,
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators offers teacher resources, including categorized lists of sites that are useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. One usable method for teachers is to provide a rubric for student use and for both formative and summative assessment purposes. — “Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Assessment Rubrics”,
  • Among the ancients, according to Columella, Vitruvius, and Pliny, the word rubrica, rubric, signified the red earth used by carpenters to mark on wood the line to follow in cutting it; according to Juvenal the same name was applied to the red. — “CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Rubrics”,
  • We have hundreds of printable rubrics. We also have rubric maker tools that make it simple to create a rubric. — “Rubrics and Rubric Makers”, teach-
  • A rubric can be an explicit description of performance characteristics corresponding to a point on a rating scale. A scoring rubric makes explicit expected qualities of performance on a rating scale or the definition of a single scoring point on a scale. — “RUBRICS”,
  • What a rubric is, why use rubrics, and tips on finding and building rubrics. Evaluating Assessment Tasks with Rubrics: Reliable Rubrics Bring Objectivity to the Scoring Process. — “Rubrics”,
  • "Rubrics are a critical and vital link between assessment and instruction. What are the advantages of using rubrics? Focus teacher instruction. Improve student performance by making teacher expectations clear and by showing students how to meet those expectations. — “T4 - Rubrics - The Answer to "Why Did You Give Me This Grade?"”,
  • Imagine a single piece of software that allows teachers to manage classes, manage students, create rubrics & checklists, collect observations, produce rubric-based reports AND produce digital portfolios . ClassMon has entered the building Understanding Rubrics. — “Rubrics”,
  • The rubric development teams relied on existing campus rubrics when available, other organizational statements on outcomes, experts in the respective fields and faculty feedback from campuses throughout the Each VALUE rubric contains the most common and broadly shared criteria or core. — “Programs | VALUE | VALUE Rubrics”,
  • A rubric is a scoring tool for subjective assessments. It is a set of criteria and Rubrics allow for standardised evaluation according to specified. — “Rubric (academic) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Links to websites and documents with example rubrics. — “Rubric, Rubrics, What is a rubric?,Sample Rubrics, Holistic”,
  • Rubrics are an easy way to grade complicated assignments. Learn why and how to create them. Rubrics are basically a simplified way to grade a complicated assignment. — “Rubrics - How to Make Grading Easier - Rubrics”, 712
  • Rubric: A scoring scale used to assess student performance along a task-specific set of criteria Actually, as is common in rubrics, the author has used shorthand for each criterion to make it fit easily into the table. — “Rubrics (Authentic Assessment Toolbox)”,
  • Rubrics are a powerful tool for supporting learning by guiding learners activities and increasing their understanding of their own learning process. A Rubric for Rubrics - Key levels and criteria to use when assessing rubrics are proposed in this working matrix. It provides a solid orientation to. — “Rubrics”,
  • Assessment Rubrics. A rubric is an authentic assessment tool used to measure students' work. It is a scoring guide that seeks to evaluate a student's performance based on the sum of a full range of criteria rather than a single numerical score. — “Rubrics”,
  • One increasingly popular method is rubrics — a type of scoring guide used to assess more complex, subjective criteria. Rubrics enable an evaluation of student performance in situations that more closely replicate the challenges of real life than isolated tests. — “Room for Rubrics”,
  • A large selection of K-12 Rubrics and Assessment Tools for Teachers including ready made and do-it-yourself rubric generators for student assessment. — “Rubrics For Teachers | K-12 Rubrics and Assessment”, rubrics4
  • Rubrics can help clarify an assignment's goals and greatly reduce the time spent grading and responding to student work. Rubrics typically take the form of a grid: the rows list the criteria the instructor will use to assess performance in class and the columns articulate levels of. — “Rubrics - Teaching Commons”,
  • Use our iRubric toolset with Click-to-Grade Technology to build and share rubrics, or use it in conjunction with our Course Management System to distribute rubrics to students, assess their coursework, and report their performance back to them. — “IRubric - RCampus Wiki”,

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  • [1 of 10] Assessment of Online Discussions - A review of rubrics Transforming Assessment Webinar Series: 23 June 2010 Bobby Elliot (Scottish Qualifications Authority) explored the assessment of online writing in general and the assessment of online discussions in particular. He presented a review of the current literature relating to the assessment of online discussions, and critically evaluates the rubrics currently used to grade student contributions. He concluded by outlining best practice in the construction of such rubrics. This event was hosted by University of Adelaide, Australia and started at 4.30pm CST [duration: 1 hour and 18 minutes - includes post presentation discussion]. See more e-assessment work at
  • Dr. Mathern Common Rubric Scoring August 2010.m4v Dr. Mathern discusses for workshop participants the purpose of using common scoring sessions to look at student work. The content includes discussion value of common scoring including calibration, alignment, honoring teacher professional judgment, and doing role appropriate work.
  • Teachbad's Care and Feeding of Rubrics A heart-to-heart between admin and teacher about rubrics.
  • Dr Robert Parkins performs selections from Locklair's Rubrics Dr Robert Parkins performs on the Aeolian Organ during The Kathleen Upton Byrns McClendon Organ Dedication Recital in Duke University Chapel on February 8th, 2009. From Rubrics: II. Silence may be kept. IV. Th e peace may be exchanged. V. Th e people respond - Amen! Dan Locklair (b. 1949)
  • Using Rubrics in Angel, part 2 part 2 of 2 LICENSE: Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike) The copyright owner allows distribution and also creation of derivative works of this video, in each case with attribution and under the same or similar license as this license, but prohibits commercial use. For more information about this license, please read:
  • RCampus Rubric Builder #2 - Add rows and columns Customize your rubric by adding or deleting rows and columns using RCampus online rubric building tool.
  • Rubric and Grading Policy Michael MacFarland, English Professor at Lone Star College-North Harris in north Houston, TX, discusses grammar and writing when teaching on-line courses
  • Radar instruction video Copy and Paste rubrics Part 2 This video shows how to Copy and Paste rubrics from Radar and some text from EH to a word processor or email. Devided in two parts, this is part 2. English spoken by Rene Otter from the Netherlands.
  • EDUC 522 Rubrics Presentation
  • Creating Rubrics
  • Rubrics 101: How To Make Grading A Learning Experience Are you constantly explaining to students what you expect on an assignment? Then rubrics may be a tool you could use.This introductory workshop on building and maintaining rubrics will give you the tools to make your grading clearer, more effective, and less time-consuming.
  • Rubric Design using Microsoft Word 2010 pt 2 of 4 Mr. Schneider continues to demonstrate how to custom design your own rubric using Microsoft Word 2010. In this part 2 of 4 Mr.Schneider highlights the table tool and the footer tool.
  • Radar instruction video Copy and Paste rubrics Part 1 This video shows how to Copy and Paste rubrics from Radar and some text from EH to a word processor or email. Devided in two parts, this is part 1. English spoken by Rene Otter from the Netherlands.
  • Grading with rubrics - Rubric Assessment Tutorial on how to create rubrics using iSocrates rubric software and how to evaluate student performance using those rubrics.
  • Scoring rubric Discussion of successful use of grading criteria to self-assess student work in online classes at South University.
  • Social Rubrics A demonstration of the social rubric plugin for Elgg developed by THINK Global School.
  • Online Rubric Generators WEBSITE: Online Rubric Generators
  • Qualitative Rubrics in TurnItIn2
  • Filling out the GCP Activity Assessment rubric TEACHING ENGLISH A screen shot video providing an example of how a GCP activity supervisor is to complete the GCP Activity Assessment Rubric, using teaching English as the example activity.
  • Grading Forms (Rubrics) This tutorial will show you how to create and use grading forms (rubrics) in Blackboard.
  • Writing Rubric for Parents Explanation of the four areas teachers look at in a child's writing.
  • Rubric Design using Microsoft Word 2010 pt. 3 of 4 Mr. Schneider continues to demonstrate the use of Microsoft Word 2010 to design and develop your own rubrics. In this 3rd video of the 4 part series, Mr. Schneider demonstrates the ease of using the new "table design" tools to unify the various page elements with the table itself.
  • Using writing rubrics in the classroom Kansas State University faculty members discuss the pros and cons of using writing rubrics in the classroom.
  • RCampus Rubric Builder #1 - Build a simple rubric Building a simple rubric is quick and easy using RCampus online rubric building tool.
  • Summarization 4 Check for Understanding In this webcast segment, we see a student-teacher conference. As the students work through the process of creating a summary with their learning partners, they receive timely and explicit feedback to assist them with their understanding. The teacher is recording her observations as she meets with the students as part of her ongoing assessment. In this webcast, the teacher, after considering assessment data, curriculum expectations, relevant research, and what she knows about how her students learn best, decides to focus on teaching summarization. She differentiates instruction, engages in on-going assessment, integrates talk, and checks for understanding. This teacher is fully present and active in the teaching learning cycle. As you watch this webcast, think about the teacher's intentional decisions that set her students up for success.
  • SOLO Taxonomy: HOT Define Maps, Self Assessment Rubrics A Hooked on Thinking Video: Maungawhau Primary School teacher Mike Boon describes how he is using SOLO Taxonomy coded HOT Define maps and self assessment rubrics to help his students learn how to learn. Hooked on Thinking www.hooked-on-
  • Waypoint and Interactive Rubrics on the Demo of the Apple iPad used for observation assessment and feedback in an educational setting. Video features Andrew McCann and Michael Jones, both of Waypoint Outcomes.
  • Sharing surveys, rubrics, and item bnks in Flashlght Online The TLT Group's Flashlight Online system is a web 2.0 tool that enables authors to easily share their work with others. For example, authors can easily put on their desktops a dozen folders full of model surveys, rubrics, and item banks from the Flashlight Program. An institution can create rubrics or feedback forms and make them available to all their faculty authors. An instructor teaching a survey methods course can make model surveys available to all students to adapt; or student authors can give peer critiques. The same rights can be used to co-author surveys. This brief "how to" video shows the easy steps to share an online form( eg, survey, rubric), or a folder of online forms, with someone else. flashlight Online is powered by the Skylight Matrix Survey System developed by Washington State University with support from the TLT Group and the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).
  • "The peace may be exchanged." from "Rubrics" by Dan Locklair Played on the Casavant organ at First Presbyterian Church of Odessa, Texas.
  • Using Rubrics in Angel, part 1 part 1 of 2 LICENSE: Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike) The copyright owner allows distribution and also creation of derivative works of this video, in each case with attribution and under the same or similar license as this license, but prohibits commercial use. For more information about this license, please read:
  • Rethinking Writing Rubrics with Maja Wilson Barry Lane interviews Maja Wilson, author of Rethinking Rubrics in Writing Assessment (Heinemann) . She describes how her frustration with writing rubrics lead to her study of their history and new understandings on how to assess student writing off the educational power grid. Start a revolution in your English department by doing a study circle around Maja's book. Learn what real assessment is. Re-thinking rubrics is available at . More ideas and lessons on teaching writing can be found at in the teacher's center.
  • Rubrics "In the Moment" Report Performance Assessment Presentation for EDUC 4433 at Acadia University
  • 2009 Video Fellows - Rubrics The 2009 Video Fellows describe how they developed rubrics to grade video assignments.
  • LiveText Tutorial: How To Work With Rubrics This video describes how faculty and mentor teachers are to work with rubrics in LiveText. If you are having trouble viewing this video check out a higher quality version at:
  • RCampus Rubric Builder #3 - Rearrange rows and columns Quickly and easily rearrange rows and columns with a few mouse clicks using RCampus online rubric building tool.
  • Rubric Design using Microsoft Word 2010 pt.1 of 4 Mr. Schneider demonstrates the ease of custom rubric design using Microsoft office 2010. (May also be used with Word 2007). What do teachers have to gain by making their own rubrics? Watch this video to find out.
  • Rethinking Rubrics: An interview with Maja Wilson Barry Lane interviews Maja Wilson, author of Rethinking Rubrics in Writing Assessment. She describes how her frustration with writing rubrics lead to her study of their history and new understandings on how to assess student writing. Maja's book Rethinking Rubrics in Writing Assessment is published by Heinemann.
  • Rubrics - an Introduction And introduction to the concept of a rubric.LICENSE: Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike) The copyright owner allows distribution and also creation of derivative works of this video, in each case with attribution and under the same or similar license as this license, but prohibits commercial use. For more information about this license, please read:
  • Using Rubrics For SLO Assessments The Scoring Rubric workshop detailed the use of rubrics as an assessment tool and presented considerations and formats for rubric development. The workshop, held on July 12, 2010, was conducted by Kim Anderson, ASLO subcommittee chair and professor at Long Beach City College.
  • Rubrics to Simplify Grading "How to Create and Use Rubrics to Simplify Grading" by Dr. Cindy Steury. Part of the faculty development series for the EXCEL Adult Degree Programs at Huntington University.
  • Teacher Moderation Student/Teacher Conferences Student/teacher conferences provide students with explicit feedback to move their learning forward. They also result in valuable assessment data for the teacher.

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